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The Mission (Part 4)

So here is part 4 of the mission. Aunt May is my spirit animal, I totally believe she would react like this if Peter had a date. xD Things are starting to get twisted. Both Peter and Y/N are keeping secrets from one another, how will their story continue? I think that part 5 will contain some twist, not sure yet though, but for now enjoy Peter Parker wearing a cooking apron.xD




“You are very observant” I laugh a little, “is it an issue?”

“Uhh…N-no, no problem at all” spiderboy replies nervously. Silence followed, very awkward silence.

“Very, well. So let’s get some business done. Shall we?” Tony Stark tried to break the ice.

Stark asked me questions about every imaginable thing, like from where I came from to my name and what I was doing here. I explained that I was from New York, but grew up under Tibetan influence and was taught the ancient art of sorcery. My name was Master Lhamo, named by the ancient one’s brother, Khar, who turned to the evil side. (Lhamo is known to be the goddess of time and fate in Tibet.) I told them about Khar’s past and how he has been trying to unleash what we call “the darkness”. Khar took most of the monks with him, joining the dark side leaving me being the only one left to have enough power to stop him, I took it as my destiny to prevent the world from this tremendous doom. He has been activating different portals all around the city. New York symbolizes the heart of our universe with the parallel ones, which meant that if the portals of the other dimensions were aligned to ours and the last portal of our universe were activated at the right time, darkness would swallow the world as we know it, killing every living thing.

During the entire interrogation I kept my face hidden under the huge hood, feeling protected. They couldn’t know my identity, not now and ever. But they did not seem to be bothered by it instead they listened to me carefully.

“However, why should we trust you?” spiderguy asked suspiciously

A grin spread on my face “I saved ‘your butt’ today, didn’t I?” The others laugh in response

“Listen, I know there is no reason to trust me, but you’ve seen what these guys are capable of and that was nothing. I came here today to help you guys out. It doesn’t matter how many you are, but if you don’t have anyone that knows how this sort of magic works, you are never going to win. I am here because I need your help too. I want to stop Khar, while I could be doing this alone I don’t think that I could be able to save all the people. At the end I’ll have to be the one ending Khar. Sorcery can only be destroyed by sorcery itself and every time two sorcerers fight with so called holly weapons only one will come alive and nothing else will kill them. Khar and I both are in possession of such a weapon. And I will end him, even, if it means that I die.”

Silence follows. No one says a word. Captain America gets up and so do I.

“We will help you, Lhamo. You can count on us.” He takes my hand and makes me a promise. My heart twists a little. I nod in response.

Soon I left the avenger’s tower and make my way home. As soon as I get to the next building I open a portal and land in my room. Taking my cape off, I’m left wearing my fighting gear. I open another portal that leads me to the temple. A figure is standing there with his back to me. I kneel on one knee.

“mission report” the man said

“they believed every single word” a smirk spreads on my face.


Peter’s POV


Well that was a real life plot twist I’d say. I never thought that the mystery guy would turn out to be a girl. Lying in my bed I thought about my day. I couldn’t fall asleep. My mind kept thinking and thinking. Eventually, thinking about Y/N is the last thing I remember and I drift off.

The sun light coming through the window woke me up. I open my eyes and check the time.


I overslept. I got up and put some clothes on. I ran to the coffee shop around the corner and there she was sitting on a table studying something. She had that little wrinkle on her forehead we she was concentrated, which was kind of cute. I stood there like a total creep for a few seconds starring at her. My heart soon racing. She felt my gaze and looks up, a smile spreading on her beautiful face. My heart skips a beat. Shit. What am I feeling…



Peter as always was late, but soon he arrived and we studied together. We had a blast, but something seemed off today. There was something in the way he looked at me that I felt all weird in my stomach. Must be the sandwich I ate yesterday. Anyway, after everything that happened yesterday, I was exhausted, but hanging out with Peter was just the thing I needed.

“What are you going to do later?”

“Actually, I have no plans for today”

“W-would you like to come over and watch a movie and maybe have some dinner…with me…?” he asks fidgeting

A slow smile spreads on my face. “Peter Parker, are you asking me to hang out as a friend or is this more like a date?” he blushes, his cheeks turning into an intense red. I giggle. He stammers.

“I’d love to come over, Peter” I smile warmly holding his hand. He stares at me in disbelief, which makes me laugh again. “Stop looking at me like that” this time it’s my turn to blush and he chuckles.

“Great, how about you come over at seven?”

After Peter left the café I went home to study a little more. The last few days have been hell with the whole mission thing and recruiting people for Khar all around the world. I haven’t been able to find some time for myself and school, so that’s why I had to catch up with some stuff. However, I didn’t seem to be able to concentrate long. My thoughts kept drifting back to Peter… Lately, we’ve been weird. We are friends, but I’ve been thinking if there might be more between us than just good old friendship and after he ‘kinda’ asked me out today I noticed that he might feel the same thing… Honestly, I do not want to have hope or anything maybe I’m just interpreting too much in it, since I’ve never really had a real friend, which means also no relationship. I’m sure of something though, I do not want to lose Peter… He means too much to me as a person and as a friend. I smile to myself. But when the time comes will I be able to follow Khar blindly, which means leaving Peter behind…My smile vanishes. But I push those thoughts away, it’s a question for my future self…

I start getting ready for my ‘date’. I decided to put a cute dress on since it’s summer and I wanted to make a good impression. Peter has never seen me in a dress before and I haven’t met his aunt yet either. So a dress seems a good choice it makes me look more presentable I guess… It’s in moments like these that I do wish my mom still lived or that I at least had a girlfriend. Anyway, I think that a white dress is really pretty for an occasion like this. I put some make up on and I’m almost done. I decide to put my mom’s necklace on… I’m standing in front of the mirror, but I do not seem to recognize myself. I touch my reflection but never leaving my eyes. I am a different person. I’ve never considered myself as pretty or beautiful, nevertheless, it’s the only word that comes into my mind by looking at myself right now. I smile weakly, what are you doing to me Peter Parker.

I packed by bag and was right about leave my apartment, when a portal opened revealing Khar.

“What the hell…!?”

“Going somewhere Y/N?” he eyes me

“Yes, why?” I stare back at him

“I have a mission for you. We need to recruit someone…tonight”

“I can’t, I am busy. Do it yourself Khar.” I turn around ready to leave him in the hallway, but he moves making no sound and takes my arm. It’s a warning. His grip is firm, almost dangerous.

He laughs in maniacal way. “What are you up to Y/N. You’ve been very distracted recently. Even incompetent. What’s the matter? You know you can talk to me… is it a guy?” an evil grin spreads on his face. Dark eyes meeting mine, I shiver. “we don’t want that something would happen to lover boy right?” he snarls. He lets go of my arm and leaves a bruise there. He opens up a portal and turns around… “I might pay a visit to this boy later, if you won’t cooperate. What’s his name again?… Something with P right?”

My blood freezes I form a fist with my right hand. He knows.

“P… Is it Peter?” He turns slightly to where I am standing and grins.

I want to punch a wall right now. This is not fair. Rage is boiling in me; I can feel how my stomach twists. I inhale deeply, but instead of making my way to Peter’s I turn around and follow Khar through the portal. Tears form in my eyes. I hate my life right now.

“I’ll do whatever you want, Khar. BUT you leave him out of this. Don’t you dare to touch him. You know that I am capable of a lot of nasty stuff and we do not want to meet that side of Y/N, right?”

he frowns slightly and smiles.

I take my phone out and text Peter:

Hey Peter,

I am so sorry, but I can’t come tonight. There was an emergency and I’ll be out of the city for a day or two. I hope you can forgive me. I was really looking forward for tonight. I’m sorry…

My heart breaks slightly while writing the message. Is this the way my life will always be? Is Khar going to control me forever. There is something that tells me that it is, but somehow I do have hope. Hope for a better future for me. Anyway, I need to push these thoughts away. Because there is nothing more dangerous than mixing Y/N’s and Lhamo’s lives up… That’s how I can handle this life. I keep these two persons apart. It’s the only way I can live with what I do for Khar. As Lhamo I only take orders, never question Khar, I just do what I have to do. However, lately I’ve been questioning a lot and Khar has taken notice. My life and Peter’s is in great danger now because of that. I don’t really care about my life, but I do care for Peter. He will not die under my watch, never. I am doing this to keep him safe. Because he will have a future, maybe not with me by his side, but he will live no matter what the cost.


Peter’s POV

I’ve been nervous for the ENTIRE day. As soon as I got home I started preparing everything for tonight. I cleaned the apartment and went for the groceries. Aunt May came home from work and was shocked to see the place clean and that I was trying to cook something.

“Why does it smell like burnt salad in here?”

“ha ha, aunt may, instead of standing there watching me struggle, you could help me out!”

I reply standing in the kitchen wearing a pink cooking apron with hearts. I look R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S.

Aunt May looks like she’s going to faint.

“peter, what are you doing!? Do you have a fever aren’t you feeling well honey?”

She comes into the kitchen checking my forehead and takes a good look at me as if I was a new discovered species.

“Y/N is coming over tonight” I explained looking away.

“YOU ASKED THE GIRL ON A DATE?! OH GOODNESS GREACIOUS! My little boy is getting older!” She leaped of joy. “You know what I’ll cook for you Peter, don’t you worry. She is going to love it! You go and do something else…” she hushed me out of the kitchen.

“But before you take that apron off…” I turn around, a flash blinds me for a second. “You look adorable in that, you should totally try to cook more or just in general wear that apron. Pink is totally your colour”.

“This is embarrassing.” I stated.

Going back into my room I change my clothes and try to relax a little. Y/N would be here soon. I honestly didn’t think she would agree. I wanted to hang with her like a casual hang out, she said it was a date, right? I’m thinking too much again. Shit. I lie down and check my phone. A new message from Y/N.

Hey Peter,

I am so sorry, but I can’t come tonight. There was an emergency and I’ll be out of the city for a day or two. I hope you can forgive me. I was really looking forward for tonight. I’m sorry…

I stare at it for a few minutes. My heart twists a little. She isn’t coming. I kind of like expected it. Maybe she thought about the whole date thing and freaked out… I take my phone and decide to reply.

Hey, I hope everything’s okay… *deletes message*

Hi, it’s okay *deletes message*

I make various attempts to write the right thing, but it’s hopeless everything sounds like shit. I finally decide to just write. A plain and simple “okay”. I press send.

Opening the door of my room I hear aunt May cooking and chanting along some song.

“Aunt May, you don’t need to cook for us anymore. She isn’t coming over.”

She turned around with worried eyes. “What? Why?” she replied worriedly. I showed her the text and lie on the couch. Exhausted and sad.

“I am so naïve. Why would anyone want to date someone like Peter Parker? I am a failure.” I sighed

“That is not true! Stop saying such stupid things!” she interjected, “Maybe it has something to do with a family member or friend… to me she seems genuinely sorry, peter. You should call her”

I look at aunt May, could she be right? Is Y/N in some sort of trouble, maybe something happened and she needs me.

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I’ll Wait With You - Jack Maynard Imagine

Requested by @1dnhhsmk: “can i get an imagine with Jack Maynard where they have been dating for awhile but nothing has happened yet and the boys are picking on him about it and it makes Y/N said but jack cheers her up”

Also: “So I got this idea for a imagine but my writing skills aren’t nearly as good as yours… So y/n’s Jack’s girlfriend and Conor accidentally makes a joke about one of her insecurities when they’re all drunk so Jack gets pissed and punch that FUCKING hOLE in the wall during the fight. Of course you can add and take away stuff, I just really want to know how that hole was born lol”

A/N: Wow this one got so long (WC: 1,439) I actually had to put a “keep reading” in! I really hope you enjoy it!

“Don’t do anything stupid while I’m gone!” You said to Jack and Conor while opening the door to the apartment. You were going to visit your family and while you were only going to be gone for one night, you knew that was plenty of time for things to go very wrong. Not to mention, Josh was in South Africa and he was just about the only other person you trusted to keep the brothers in line.

“We’ll try our best but no promises” Conor told you with a cheeky smile.

You rolled your eyes at him. “I suppose that’s the best I can ask for.”

“Bye Y/N!” Jack said, kissing you on the cheek. “Have a safe trip.”

“Bye!” You said, taking one last look at the apartment before walking out the door, hoping it would still look the same when you got back.

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Andrew and Neil prompt: 5+1 where Andrew stops Neil from getting physically and emotionally hurt and one where Neil takes the blow/hit/kick for Andrew?

I can’t believe I actually get asks holy shit. Idk if this was supposed to be in bullets or what but I’m actually writing this. Quick warning for a homophobic slur at one point. Also, I can’t write, but whatever. After like a week of procrastinating, I finally finish this!

By the end of it, I was just kind of done, so sorry about that.


Andrew’s not surprised when Neil gets into a fight on court.

It’s happened way too many times for him to count, and he doesn’t even move when Neil tries to punch his mark in the throat. He doesn’t really care for whatever the guy said, and he doesn’t try to stop it. He’s halfway across the court, and usually the other person wouldn’t hit back because they knew to not retaliate so they wouldn’t get carded.

The keyword being usually.

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con·flict  [v. kuhn-flikt; n. kon-flikt]

To come into collision or disagreement; be contradictory, at variance, or in opposition; clash:

Encountering a rough patch or disagreement with a friend, or parent is a stressful and rather annoying thing. Whilst most of us try to avoid conflict at ALL costs (including me!) inevitably we all experience it. So, for those who are in mentioned ‘skiff’ this is for you. For those whom know that there is a long road ahead with a certain person, this is for you. For those with a loud mouth this is for you. For those who are in a very precarious corner this is for you.

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mymisstina  asked:

Hi! Your scenarios are amazing, I really love them! could I request one when you and Jackson had a fight. You're on the bridge with open arms to take some fresh air, Jackson thinks you want to jump and tries to save you but falls into the waters?

“You know what ___, I’m sick and tired, it’s all about you, you, you, you and you! Why can’t you stop being such a selfish bitch?” He shouted on top of his lungs and then realized what he actually said.

“I’m done.” You said before you grabbed your purse take your shoes in your hand and leave the shared apartment.

You couldn’t even remember why the whole fight started but the fact that he called you a selfish bitch was enough, instead of making a scene you choose to leave the apartment.

‘If he’s so sick of me then I might as well leave him alone.’

What you didn’t know is that he wanted to say sorry but his ego didn’t let him so he stood there like a statue and when you slammed the door after he punched the wall and made a hole in it.

The hours were passing and Jackson grew more and more worried, never in your live you stayed this long out, alone. Suddenly a dark thought passed Jackson’s mind.

“What if she…” but he didn’t finish the sentence and left the apartment and start searching for you.

Much to his displeasure you left your phone in the apartment so he wasn’t able to track your phone or contact you.

“Think Jackson, think, where does ____ like to go when she’s angry?” He asked himself while tapping his foot.

Suddenly he saw a person with their arms spread open on top of a small bridge, taking a better look he saw that it was a girls and had a dress that was looking a lot like your but he couldn’t see the persons face so he got closer. The wind also helps because he could saw the persons’ face and when he saw that the person was you his whole world stopped, his had a knot in his stomach and started running towards you.

“____! Don’t jump!” He would shout on top of his lungs while running faster when he saw that you start swaying back and forth on your tippy toes.

You barely had time to turn around and saw Jackson running as fast as a bullet with a determinate expression. The moment you took a step back he came right in front of you wand he couldn’t stop himself and fall on the small river.

“Jackson are you ok?” You asked while trying to hold in your laugh.

“Ugh… yea…” he would say while swimming towards the edge of the bridge.

You slowly approached him while laughing and pointing at him, you stomach was hurting as well as your cheeks but every time you would open your eyes and look at him, you started laughing even harder.

“Yea, ha, ha laugh at me because I tried to save you.” He said while taking his thank top off to squeeze the water.

“Save me from what?” You asked finally calming yourself.

“To save you from jumping off the bridge.” He said while taking a step closer to you.

“Idiot, why would I jump off the bridge? I don’t even know how to swim; one and two the water is dirtier than a public toilet.” You said while handing him your cardigan that you had in your purse.

“Maybe because me and my stupid mouth couldn’t shut up.” He said while putting your cardigan on.

It was small for him but it was better than nothing.

“Yes your mouth is bit but I know that I also know that I overdid it, sorry.” You said before you softly pecked him on the lips.

He deepened the kiss showing you how sorry he is, in his own way.

A/N: haha Thank you! I hope that you like it, if not please let me know and I’ll rewrite it! I LOVE YOU TOO! <3 <3 <3