i might post a loki only set


What if: Fandom AU | Only Lovers Left Alive x Iron Man AU / Frostiron | XIII
Inspired Music: The Orchestral Score from ‘The Great Gatsby’ - Craig ArmstrongUnashamed Desire - Missy Higgins


Tony breathed in slowly as his eyes settled upon his sire, Adam. The vampire had not changed from the last time he had seen him - the recluse artist’s hair was still everywhere (although secretly he liked it that way, he had something to grab onto while they made love), his clothes were the color of the night and his eternal youth did not fade. Will never fade.

“I was only planning to take one bite to eat,” Tony calls out to Adam as the vampire nears, his footsteps slow, like a cat prowling cautiously around something unknown. He raised his arms up in a mockery of surrender.

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