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headcanon BS

Just think of Kylo visiting Reys old ‘home’, looking around. 

Taking the old, dried up flower into his hand and crumble it between his fingers.

Looking at her makeshift bed, at all that seemingly worthless junk but it was all Rey used to have. He picks up one of the mechanic parts and wonders why she might have kept that thing. obviously it wasn’t valuable because in that case she would’ve traded it in for food.

Then he looks at the wall with all the marks and he takes off his glove and softly brushes his finger over the rills, the feelings of hope, despair and loneliness flood him as if they were trapped in each one of those tally marks.

Every single one counting down another day, each night she would carve a mark into the wall, hoping that maybe tomorrow would be the last day of her wait but Kylo feels that deep down inside she knew they won’t come back. But what else did she have to cling on? 

During the day she was busy with surviving but at night, she was alone with her thoughts and her longing and he looks at the bed and knows she would lie awake every night for hours. and the nights were so dark here in the desert, Rey would sometimes put on a light just to make sure that the world around her hasn’t vanished.

Ren can’t bring himself to leave and he is just sitting there on Reys bed, soaking up her essence like a sponge. He knows he is Ben Solo then. 

Kylo Ren has no force-bond with Rey.

a few galaxies away but right at the same time, Rey stands in Bens old ‘room’, looking over shelves of holo-books, miniature droids and old, beige and brown clothing, plushy toys and a bunch of actual paper with childish doodles and drawings on them. Leia had kept everything. “He would draw much.” Leia explains “Maz Kanata had advised Ben to draw what he was dreaming about.”

Leia tells Rey that Ben had often painted dark figures and shadows, landscapes of planets he could have never been on before and something they assumed to be a prisoner in a cell. Back then, they at first thought it was just a childs imagination. Han had joked that Ben could see his future, ending up in jail for smuggling. But Leia had been deeply worried and asked Luke for help.

Rey touches each single toy, brushes her fingers over the various  wear marks, almost feeling as if she was touching Ben. 

Leia shows her a little yellow night light and tells Rey how she had to leave it on for Ben, for he had been afraid of the dark. 

She recalls a little story to almost every object in the room.

Rey notices how Ben must have had more toys and things than Rey could’ve ever dreamt of. What else could be expected for a prince? 

But those were all things that had belonged to a child… where was the rest?

“I have not seen Ben in 20 years.” Leia would silently admit and answer Reys question.

Back then , to her it had been understood that Ben would be trained to become a Jedi. But now Leia feels like an idiot, telling this young woman in front of her that she had sent her only child away.

Rey starts to realize that a family could also be broken and torn. That people like Leia Organa, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker could make mistakes.

They leave the room and the door closes behind them.

Rey should have taken a closer look at the drawings and doodles, though. Some showed the Falcon or Chewbacca and other family members. But others showed certain desert landscapes and something that looked like a scrawly version of Reys AT-AT. and someone in front of a wall full of tally marks. 

At night, Rey would sneak back into Bens old room.

It feels as if every object and even the walls are talking to her and she just sits there, listening for hours on end. Rey then just knows more than ever that Ben Solo is still very much alive. She can feel him through their weird connection.

Stray thoughts on 12.12

It would have been cool to see Dean use the lance… But hey, I can keep dreaming of that Michael!Dean moment I wish for xD

The lance is broken now right… But maybe with the right magic… with the right ENOCHIAN magic (that we so conveniently learnt how to wield two episodes ago by trading a portion of the human soul)… The lance might yet be fixed. 

And even though Dean didn’t use it, him picking up the broken lance at the end of the episode kinda reminded me of this moment back in season 11. 

Such a missed opportunity… The piece of the Ark also ended up being used for something other than it’s original intended purpose as well didn’t it? Kinda like Dean himself when you think about it xD Like the lance Dean was supposed to be used by Michael to kill Lucifer, but it never came about. 

I wonder if Dean kept the Ark, is he just gonna start growing a collection of supernatural weapons that no longer work? Cas still has the First Blade stashed somewhere right?

It is interesting to me though to wonder why Michael would create something with such the express purpose of delivering a slow and painful death to Lucifer, when he was so insistent upon the fact that he didn’t want to kill his brother when he did show up briefly in season 5. The lance clearly wasn’t made to be a quick efficient death, it’s purpose not to deliver a killing blow but to slowly poison an angel (does it target the grace?) until they rot away.

Anyway speaking of glowy things in boxes people look at, anyone else wondering why the Colt glowed like the piece of the Ark did in 11.14? Because when Mary first looked at it I thought they were going to reveal it as another Hand. Perhaps it was just done to create more of a mystery around the Colt… IDK but it did get me wondering for a bit.

With them specifically bringing up the fact that there’s 5 things that the Colt cannot kill again, I’m kinda definitely sure that this is going to come up again, and maybe we’ll get (finally) clarification on what those five things are. So just who are the BMoL trying to kill?

Ooh and has anyone compared Ramiel to the fishing angel (I can’t remember his name) from the beginning of season 10?

southernwanderers  asked:

Who would you hate most to see get traded from the Canes?

I would first say Ron Hainsey. Hainsey just had a two goal night, notching the OT goal and winning us the game. During games, he’s extremely consistent and you never see him make any mistakes. Defensively, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Unfortunately, his age and also his future is a debate. Since he’s in his late 30’s, his career isn’t going up or just starting, as it would for a new draft pick. So on the outside, his age is definitely a huge turn off and might be pushing the team towards trading him.

My second pick would be Sebastian Aho. I think he’s an absolute steal in the draft, and he’s shining on that ice. Trading him would be devastating. I think, similar to how Robbi Fabbri was holding up the Blues, Aho is doing the same with the Canes. He’s such a pusher and his force is noticed immensely.

I’m not really opposed to too many being traded because the fresh young team of prospects, draftees, and farm club players, is amazing. But definitely there are a few who would be challenging to replace!

Ask me more questions :)

Okay I had so much fun drawing that last art trade that I kept doodling in that vein until… um, yeah. So you can all blame @aquastarart for this. 😝

I might scan and clean this all up later, but I can’t yet. :/

Poe has a shiny Rowlet. Orange and white, one of a kind. I picked it because it’s a starter that flys, and is a cute round buddy. 

Finn and his Squirtle fight over Poes jacket. I picked it because it’s armored, like Finn used to be, and it eventually evolves to have giant water cannons on its back (and we know that Finn is proficient with blasters).

Rey has a Torchic because like her it is an adorable creature from a hot place that can and will mess you up if you cross it.

Kylo got Litten for the soul purpose of making a kitty litter gag out of his creepy bucket of ashes. Also because it just LOOKS PERFECT FOR HIM and would probably refuse to be intimidated by anything he does.

I might do more of these with other Star Wars characters! It’s really fun!

If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them. :)

Right now I’m just using starters for the main characters, but I may branch out for side or non movie characters. 

Other side of the coin

90% of the content here is running-related, but since there’s no running going on for now, let’s talk about how I spend most of my time. As much as I’d like to train full-time with no other responsibilities, I gotta pay the bills, and I’ve done that as a software engineer for the last 20 years. If you want to learn a little about what that might be like, read on.

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How to get the Cryolator out of the master locked case in Vault 111 at the beginning of the game*:

  1. Leave the vault and go to Red Rocket
  2. Acquire Dogmeat
  3. Go back to Vault 111 and enter the vault with Dogmeat (note: if you’re having difficulty getting Dogmeat into the vault, don’t have him standing on the elevator with you)
  4. Go to the security cage in the overseer’s office
  5. Talk to Dogmeat. Ask him to fetch and then tell him to look for an item. I had trouble getting this to work at first until I stood near the Overseer’s body. He should find the item and then just pop it out of the case and you can pick it up! 

Once he’s fetched it, Dogmeat will also be carrying 200 rounds of ammo for it, so you can just trade with him for that. If you have any problems, this reddit thread might have answers (is where I went to find out where best to stand). Apparently this exploit also works on other locked containers.

* Would probably recommend doing this as soon as possible as Bethesda will likely patch it out. 


The Roshar Project


“Shin are a curious folk,” he said. “Here, warriors are the lowliest of men—kind of like slaves. Men trade and sell them between houses by way of little stones that signify ownership, and any man who picks up a weapon must join them and be treated the same. The fellow in the fancy robe? He’s a farmer.”