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"games like classic Traveller, in which it’s actually possible to die during character creation!" tell me more

(With reference to this post here.)

Sure thing. In a nutshell, after rolling up your attributes (everything in Traveller is randomly generated), your character starts out as an 18-year-old with no skills or resources to speak of, and you have to pick a career path. Early versions of the game assumed that all player characters would be military veterans, so various types of military service were the only options available, while later iterations add post-secondary education, civilian career paths, and even being a “wanderer” (read: space pirate).

Your character’s life is then divided into four-year terms, and you play each term out as a simple minigame to determine what you learned, what you experienced - and yes, whether you survived. As you can imagine, there are lots of random tables. In the earliest versions of the game, blowing your survival roll simply means that your character is dead, so there’s a tension between staying in longer in order to gain more skills, and the risk of blowing a roll and having to start over. Later versions of the game offer a variety of potential consequences for failing a survival roll, including scandal, imprisonment, or simply being horribly maimed.

Here - I’ll walk us through a basic example right now. For reference, I’m using the second Mongoose Publishing edition of the game (there are several) - you can find a bit of prior discussion on that subject here.

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Down With The Flu

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 3,460

Warnings: mentions of vomiting, the flu, things associated with the flu, sam being a total sweetheart, fluff

Prompt: When the reader comes down with the flu, Sam’s right by her side, nursing her back to health even if it means seeing some of the worst sides of the girl he’s been falling for. 

A/N: I finally decided to finish this fic and post it. I wrote this back on New Years when I got sick, so everything in this is what I experienced then. This is also slightly dedicated to @impala-dreamer as she is down with the flu right now. Get well soon Beka and enjoy some Sammy taking care of you. (:

This is is. This is how you were going to die: tossing and turning in bed with what felt like a balloon swelling in your stomach. You were going to die, alone, at three a.m and nobody would discover you until probably late afternoon. You’d be rotting for probably 12 hours before someone found you. You were sure of it.

Between the constant tossing and turning and general uncomfortableness you had managed to doze off for another couple of hours. “Surely,” you thought the second you woke up and everything felt okay, “I’m dead.” And then the upset stomach returned.

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Why do you consistently want Belle to hit BF on the head with Her Handsome Hero?

It’s just a happy mental image for me, especially if Belle does it in the middle of the Black Fairy’s inevitable evil monologue. Double bonus points if Belle has to stand on a little step stool to do it.

Also, they keep showing the book as a symbol of Belle’s Maternal Love and also the Desire To Be a Hero so the book should be used in some way again. Preferably weaponized, as Belle is non-magical and anti-murder so: “CLOSE UP ON: SUB-MACHINE GUN. Belle PICKS IT UP and …” is not going to be one of the Sneak Peaks from an upcoming episode.

Tumblr disclaimer: I don’t actually condone whacking people with books; you might hurt the books.

A Dropped Call

Part of my Special Relationship AU (AO3)

April 29th – 8:15 pm EDT

The beginning riff of The Clash’s “London Calling” echoed through the room, and everyone froze mid-sentence. Steve, hands tangled in a half-tied bowtie, jumped away from the cell phone vibrating against his desk. He swore under his breath and gestured frantically at the still-ringing phone. The members of the National Security Council all shifted away, some more obviously than others, until White House Chief of Staff James Barnes was the closest to the desk.

He glared at Steve, who tried to shrug apologetically, but instead managed to cut off his air supply. He gasped and frantically tried to dislodge the small piece of fabric from around his neck.

Bucky rolled his eyes and snatched the phone off the desk. “President Rogers’ phone, this is his Chief of Staff speaking.”

Steve grimaced and, still coughing, yanked on the silk tie until it ripped, the pieces drifting to the floor. He took a deep, relieved breath, and motioned the rest of the NSC out of the Oval Office.

“Thanks, guys,” he whispered as Bucky pinched the bridge of his nose, phone held slightly away from his ear. “We’ll pick this up after the dinner. This call is just the first of many we’ll have to deal with over the coming days. I’d like a report on the source of the leak—this Miles Lydon kid—on my desk by 7:00 tomorrow morning, as well as a full analysis of media coverage and of the national security implications. See you all tomorrow.”

Once the room was clear, Steve squared his shoulders and reached for the phone. Bucky nodded and said, “Sorry to interrupt, ma’am, but Steve’s now available to talk to you.”

“Oh, now he’s ready to talk to me,” the woman on the other line shouted, and both men winced.

“Here he is.” Bucky shoved the phone into Steve’s hand hurriedly, uninterested in continuing to hear the lecture clearly meant for Steve.

“Hey Peggy.”


Peggy was furious. She had been rudely woken early in the morning when the story broke, and her dark mood had only increased every hour, as she sat through meetings and strategy sessions full of equally angry and sleep-deprived politicians and staffers.

“How dare you,” she hissed into her phone, heels clicking as she paced around her now empty office.

His sigh rattled over the line, followed by the quiet click of a closing door and the shuffle of footsteps. “Listen, Peggy—”

“Spying on your own citizens? Your colleagues and friends? I can’t believe you would do something so stupid!”

“Now wait a minute—” Steve growled, an engine revving in the background.

“What were you thinking? How reckless and irresponsible and hypocritical—”

“Oh, please.” She couldn’t see him, but she could hear Steve rolling his eyes an ocean away. “First of all, don’t act like you’re surprised. We’re doing the exact same thing every other country in the world is doing, including you. Don’t get all high and mighty with me—we just happened to have our programs leaked to the press by a contractor. I inherited the program from my predecessor, as you well know, and no, it wasn’t perfect, but you would have done the exact same thing in my situation. And last time I checked, I’m the President of the United States, and I run my country as I see fit. I don’t report to you, thank you very much.”

Peggy picked up a pen from her desk and threw it at the wall. In her mind, the pen hit him between the eyes. “And monitoring my phone calls and personal correspondence? How do you justify that, Mister President?”

Fabric rustled against leather seats. “I didn’t—it was never—”

She scoffed. “Spare me your sad attempts at bullshit, Rogers. If you stop trying to spin this for a second, you’ll realize why I’d be so upset. Beyond the obvious breach of trust and invasive surveillance.”

The line was silent.

You call me on this phone, Steve. This—this could ruin everything. I could lose my job, my credibility, any shred of respect people have for me around the world. Do you have any idea—I am the second woman to be Prime Minister. Ever.  I could ruin the careers of all future female politicians with this scandal. You know I didn’t want to tell anyone, but now it could come out anyway. Because of a program you refused to dismantle!”

“Everything was classified—”

“Well, fat lot of good that does us, hmm? The existence of the surveillance programs was classified too, right?”

“They don’t record the calls.”

Peggy pinched the bridge of her nose, trying to relieve the pressure growing behind her eyes. She didn’t need a stress migraine on top of the current crisis. “But they do keep a record of the phone numbers and the duration of the conversations. How would it look if I spent two hours on the phone with a Washington, DC, number—one that belongs to the President—almost every night?”

On the other end of the call, she could hear the click of a door latch and the excited cheers of a crowd. There was a soft rustle of fabric—presumably Steve exiting the limo—and he sighed. “What do you want me to say, Peggy? What’s done is done, I can’t—”

There was a loud pop, almost like a car backfiring. Peggy heard Steve gasp, take a choking breath, and then there was a deafening crunch.

Peggy held her breath, trying to hear something, anything, on the other end, but it was silent.

“Steve?” Peggy heard her voice break, but she couldn’t stop. “Steve? Steve!”   

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Travel within District 12

I’ve never been in a car before. Rarely even ridden in wagons. In the Seam, we travel on foot.” - Katniss narrating as they travel to the train.

Wait, wagons? Like Conestoga, Oregon Trail style? With horses? Maybe something like a stagecoach. I don’t think I ever quite picked up on that line before. No cars is easy to digest, but this wagon business is just baffling to me. Caring for horses sounds implausible when people regularly starve, although the fact that Seam folk mostly walk and don’t use wagons could mean maybe only the more food-secure people have the horses.

I think I’ve decided that “wagons” means something like a rickshaw. The well to do might buy a bicycle when they age out of the reaping and then add harnessing gear when they get married. If both people have bikes, then they can get a fancier harness system or trade in one bike for a really nice carriage. Modern human powered vehicles could morph into something that is usable and is called a wagon.

What do you think? Are people tooling around D12 like this: 

Or this: 

(pictures from wikipedia)

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Heyoo so um hows spider jack ~ and are you doing more for that fic or nah because I am like sooo invested ~ love it ❤❤❤

Spider Jack is still in the works a bit buuut… I guess I could just drabble a little something now. (Do excuse the mistakes!)
As for the fic though… I’m not sure which one you’re referring to. (I’ve written a lot of random stuff and I don’t super keep track. I do this for the fun of it.)

Here goes, Anon!

Plus, jennpy asked for this little idea awhile back too so I’ll play with it. XD


“Change me back! Change me back now!”

Rhys held his hand over his mouth as the banana spider - now no bigger than his palm - stomped furiously with all of his feet against the defenseless morning glories. It didn’t provide much of an effect besides causing the flowers to wilt much to his distaste as the arachnid made for a quick escape by leaping onto his caretaker’s shorts.

Jack raised his head to eye the cybernetic man to find him suddenly laughing. The hybrid narrowed his eyes dangerously in response before scaling him underneath his uniform shirt. Rhys yelped with immediately dislike, keeping both arms suspended to keep himself from incidentally squashing the incensed insect.

“J-Jack! Cut it out! I-It’s not my fault you- argh! - got shrunk like- nngh!- th-this! AH!”

The Handsome Spider sprung out from atop Rhys’ collar before taking refuge at his shoulder.

“Oh really? And whose bright idea was it to add the shrooms to my habitat?”

Rhys narrowed his eyes back at the miniature arachnid but ended up smiling anyway. Jack was way too adorable in that form to seriously get mad at… unless he started biting.

“I… Okay, maybe it was a little bit my fault. I had no idea you’d eat them though…”

“I was bored. What did you expect?”

Tilting his head as he observed Jack further, he decided to take a chance in picking the little one up despite how the banana spider proceeded to hiss as Rhys’ robotic hand closed in.

“Are you kidding me, kiddo? Use the other one. You might malfunction and manage to actually crush me.”

“I… Fine,” Rhys conceded with a roll of his eyes before trading arms.

He hadn’t even moved his hand entirely to Jack when the specimen leapt with speed that left him a little uneasy. It seemed the best bet -not- to antagonize the tiny killing machine.

“You know I can’t let you just roam around like this…” Rhys reminded him whereas it was Jack’s turn to roll his eyes with indignant disbelief.

He crossed both pairs of his arms while turning around to show Rhys his bulbous yellow abdomen in a huff.

“I’m perfectly capable of handling myself, pumpkin. I don’t need to be babied by my prey.”


Sensing Rhys’ sudden distaste for his comment, Jack slowly turned to make sure the silence was a bad one. Of course, Rhys wasn’t exactly thrilled to see the spider’s face break out into a manipulative grin.

“I mean… My very -pretty- prey that I would never -actually- devour unless it’s mating related,” Jack corrected with a waggle of his brows, as if that would fix everything, “Better?”

“…I guess. But that just sounded like you’ll eat me after we-”

“Semantics, pumpkin! Now are you going to help me get back to my normal size or what?”

This seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity for the caretaker as he held Jack carefully within his hand. When would he ever get to mess with the spider like this? And he was just so-

“Oh my god. Stop. Stop that face. Stop it now. I demand you wipe that stupid gooey look off your face!”

“But… Jack, you’re so -wittle-.”

“No! NO. We are getting me fixed, right now!”

“But you’re so cute like this!”

Jack readied a sharp hiss but felt it catch within his throat as it was replaced with a excited purr. Rhys had found his immense weak point by gently petting at his abdomen, something that was usually very difficult considering their usual size difference. But here, Rhys was able to get nearly the whole damn thing in a single petting motion.

“I said… You know what?” Jack sighed as he instead nestled himself within Rhys’ warm palm as he relished in the generous pampering, “Maybe… Maybe we can take a moment to relax. Collect our thoughts and what not. You know, calm down.”

“You sure? You seemed pretty set on-”

“Just be quiet and pet me!”

Rhys broke into a warm smile as he could definitely see Jack fading away into what would definitely be a restful nap.

“Sure, Jack. Just a short break. Then we’ll find a way to get you back to normal.”

“Yeah… You better.. cupcake… Zzz…”



Hope you guys enjoy it!

Hello everyone! I’m back again and am eager to make some trades!

What I have to offer:

-Herbs: Lots just ask (Lavender, catnip and bay leaves to name a few)

-Crystals: Again, lots just ask (Clear quartz, small hematite stones for example)

-A few organza bags in various colors

-White tealight candles

-Some glass jars of various shapes and sizes. (I live near a hobby store so I *might* be able to pick some up)

-A few deer bones. I can make these into things as well.

-Bottle Spells

-Wrapped crystal pendants

-Feathers. (Ethically obtained)

-Gemstone beads of all kinds

*If you’re looking for something in particular please ask! I might have it!*
What I’m looking for:


-Crystal spheres or pyraminds

-Anything Egyptian or Kemetic related

-Egyptian art


-Pen Pals! I’m always looking for more Friends!

-Bones/skulls (ethically obtained)

-Essential oils

-Dried Flowers

-Altoid containers (or containers of similar size)

-Gnome figures or other knick knacks!

*I’m open to SO MANY things! If you have something you want to get rid of, please  offer!*

I look forward to making trades with you!

If you have any questions, or want to make a trade please message my Witch Blog @justpaganwitchythings

@villa-kulla said:

My Native American history is patchy as hell but this was making me curious so I was googling how certain famous Native American historical figures learned English, and it usually seemed to be from trading with European settlers. I saw that the Comanche specifically traded horses a lot and supplied a lot to the California Gold Rush, during which Red would have been reeeeeeeally young. So maybe Red’s parents traded horses with lots of settlers and bright little Red picked up English that way,…

I was wondering if it might be linked to the ‘path is different’ idea: is Red being urged out into the white world because he speaks impressive English? ‘I’m hungry’ is surprisingly idiomatic, suggesting that he’s learnt to be fluent from someone; perhaps a captive or someone his camp took in? Did he discover an unusual talent for languages?


So….that happened.  How are we doing!  I for one am freaking out.  Lots of theories coming into play here including one that is very near and dear to my heart.  

My ask box is blowing up and I think we are going to break the record of 70 post Singularity easily.  So bear with me as I go tomorrow.  I will combine where I can and will get to them all.

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Spoilers ahead!

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So the toons picking up on the others' swearing noises is kinda like when people pick up on their friends' native language swearing?

Haha I guess you could think of it like that!

Maybe that’s a better comparison for toons that have very different censorship sounds, or are just from very different places in general. The toons have other sound effects that follow them around, not just for censorship, I would say picking up the cusswords of another language would be more akin to picking up a sound effect where there wasn’t one before. A very big difference. If there was a toon who didn’t have a sound effect for when they tripped and fell, and they had a toon friend who did, they might pick up that sound and that I think is a lot less common than just trading censored words.

I think I would say what I’m trying to describe is just more like picking up your friends more subtle ways of talking. Like if you never used to say something was a “pain in the ass”, and you made a friend who did, you might find yourself saying that a lot more. It’s not a weird thing to say, but maybe it just wasn’t your thing until you started hanging out with that friend.

But I think it’s also slightly biological. It’s definitely neurological, but it’s not a conscious thing. It’s like… The more they hear it and the more normal it becomes the more pieces are put together in their brain until it’s complete in their memory - and that’s when it becomes a noise they can use. It doesn’t take as long as that maybe implies, but basically they don’t really choose to learn it, you know? It just happens if they hear it enough. I hope that makes sense!

The Jack and The Glue

Originally posted by jeonjjkook

You Know the Drill!!

Originally written by @swedteen​ ; All rights go to her, I just had a little fun with her imagine.

The alarm is ringing loudly in my ears as Aris, some boys from Maze A, Theresa, and I are running down the hallway. I only recognize one boy, Thomas, but the others are unknown to me, however since Aris trusts them I suppose I will, too. After all, they want the same thing I do. To get the hell out of here. One of the boys look familiar, his face tickles the back of my mind, almost as if I knew him from before the Maze. I can’t really put my finger on why, but his sandy blonde hair, his honey brown eyes, hell, his entire being seems so familiar. But that’s not my main focus right now. We have to get out of here, but the guards are closing in, and we’re running out of options.

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Drawn for @homestuckartists fan troll/kid day.
I was pretty reluctant to post this, since I’m weird about any sort of fan characters I make. (Original Content OCs and stuff for like, D&D and the like are fine.)
But I figure I might as well.

Heir of Hearts. Even though it’s probably totally stretching what it could do, I interpreted the inheriting of souls to be an inheriting of other selves from other timelines and universes (including things where he’s a troll, blood swapped, or other things entirely.) Usually had him experience their lives through dreams, picking up skills and forming bonds with people he’s never met (or yet to meet) causing a lot of confusion, along with a tendency to make references from movies no one’s ever heard of. Technically it’s a skill that could allow him to become a jack of all trades, except he tends to hyperfocus because his various selves are still him and tend to like the same things best.
As he comes more into himself as an Heir of Hearts, he begins to truly know himself, which is something of an amalgamation of various species and quirks making him a little strange from the perspective of any single one. In general, he’s a pretty loving person who puts the people he has relationships (romantic and platonic alike) with over anything else. He’s also bluntly honest, as lying just creates confusion and problems. Unfortunately, he’s also terrible at explaining things, which leads to more problems.
If he ever through various time/space/whatnot shenanigans ends up on the same world as another of his selves, one will always remain unconscious, dreaming of what the other version is doing. Waking one up will cause the other to immediately pass out, similar to how dream selves work on derse/prospit for most people. This also means that he remembers his deaths pretty vividly.
I actually find the concept of the power set interesting and will probably play with it someday as something original.

Wow this ended up way longer than I was originally intending. I could go on more too, which just goes to show I really shouldn’t let myself talk about OCs, holy shoot. >3>;
(Also a final note, most my OCs tend to be pretty nice, just because it’s easier for me to empathize with in general. @_@ If I post more stuff of them, this might be a pattern, so I’m just gonna call myself on it now before anyone else can. So, there, I guess?)

Peter Pan+Felix Imagine/Who’s it gonna be?

“Can you please do an imagine where you are a supernatural and you went to never land because you got bullied for being different and then Felix and pan have feelings for you and then Felix just randomly kisses you and you are in shock but then ends up with smut??? Thx LY”

Omg love you too doll! and Of course I can(:  Warnings: Smut, bullying, depression

Your alarm woke you up. You look at the clock , 6:30am.

“Ughhhhhh” you groan, school was one of your least favorite things to do.

You hit the dismiss button on your phone, got out of your bed and brushed your teeth.

After you brushed your teeth you went to pick out an outfit, after a good waste of 15 minutes you decided black leggings, boots, and a flannel was your best option.

Just as you start to do your make up your mom walks in.

“Hunny, I have to be at work early today so you’re going to have to walk to school.”

Your head snap backs at her so fast, “WALK?” it’s like almost 3 miles, and I’ll totally miss my first period!”

“Well I’m sorry hunny but I must get to work now, I think I’m getting a promotion!” she says as she walks out of your room.

You roll your eyes, “Great well I have to skip out on the makeup if I want to make it by 2nd period.”

You walk out of your room and walk out of the house, luckily it was perfect outside, not too sunny and not too cold, just right, with that you plugged up and started listening to your favorite songs.


At school you get to your 2nd period, P.E. You roll your eyes once again, you hated getting sweaty, it was terrible.

You went into the girls locker room, this was where it began.

“Haha freak.”

“What is she doing here?”

“Thought the animal protection would’ve came and captured her by now!”

You hear as you walk to your locker, you see, you were, different. You had special powers, that nobody understood, and for that, you were considered different, and people treated you terrible.

You started to undress yourself, trying to be not noticeable, trying to not look anyone in the eye, trying to mind your own business. Just as you got fully dressed and were about to put on your P.E shoes , one of the girls who would constantly talk down on you, took them.

“Hey! Give them back!” you yelled at her, she gave you the death stare. 

“Who the hell do you think you’re talking to?”

“Just give me my shoes back.” you said in a less confident way.

“Or what? You’ll cast some evil spell on me?” all of her friends started to laugh, making you feel so little.

“Why don’t you just leave? Nobody wants you here anyway.” an other girl says.

You start to feel tears , so you just look down.

“What a baby.” She throws your shoes at you. “There!”  It hits your face “Ouch!” everyone laughs at you, you run outside of the girls locker room, without your shoes, and run to the girls bathroom and cry your eyes out. You don’t attend P.E that day.


Lunch time and you were starving. You packed your own lunch like always, and eat alone in the library, you start to read one of your favorite books “Peter Pan.”  It was just amazing story, you liked to imagine that somewhere you could actually be happy, think happy thoughts, go to Neverland, be with Peter, and never ever, grow up.

“Psh, like that will ever happen.” you roll your eyes, but continue to read.

Just then someone *SNATCHED* your book from your hand.

“Oh no.” you say knowing it was one of the girls.

“Really? Peter Pan? Can you be anymore pathetic?”

“Give it back.” you say with tears in your eyes.

“You seriously cry for everything don’t you?” she says.

“Give. It. Back.” with your eyes turning red.

“Whoa look at her eyes!” some guy yelled, all eyes on you now.

“Oh please, you don’t scare me, and here I’ll prove it.” she rips a page from the book.

“Stop!” you push her and grab the book from her.

“You bitch!” she slaps your face, and with that, you loose it.

You hold out your hands, and with all your might you push her, but you push the whole side of the library that she is on, the library windows broke, shattering glass everywhere, books, tables, and chairs,were also flying everywhere.

People where crying, hurt and in pain, you, you were scared for your life,so you ran, you ran for your life.

You ran out of school, you needed some place to go, you couldn’t go back home, so with that, you ran until you couldn’t anymore.


You get to a hiking trail, that was very popular, but luckily for you, it was a Monday, and nobody ever goes on Mondays. You get to the edge of the cliff, and you cry, you cry for what feels like hours. Will this feeling ever go away? Will you ever be excepted?


Going back home, you’re exhausted, surprised that your mom isn’t back home yet, you walk into the house with a note left on the table. 

“Sorry I couldn’t cook dinner for you, going out with a couple friends, there should be left overs in the fridge love ya!” - Mom.

Well that’s just great. You walk to your room, and slip into your pajamas. You watch some tv until you are ready to sleep, you turn off your light and turn on your night light, leave the tv on for you to drown out your thoughts, and start to fall asleep.

*Tap Tap* on your window. 

“What the?” You say. You then lay your head on your pillow, trying ignore what just happen.

*Tap Tap*

Your head shot up. “Okay that was definitely real.”

You got out of your bed, grabbing your old baseball bat for comfort, you walk to your window and you open the curtains, it’s a boy!

You scream and drop the bat. You run to your bed and hide under the covers!

*Knock Knock*  a little louder this time.

“This is it, this is how I die.”

The boy knocks a little louder, you wait almost a minute and look to see if the boy is still there, he is.

“Dammit.” you say.

“Might as well die now, he isn’t going to leave.”

You walk to the window and open it.

“Well it’s about bloody time.” he walks in your room as if it’s his own, sitting on your bed, looking and picking up stuff.

“Uh who are you?” 

“Oh did I forget to introduce myself? I’m Peter, Peter pan.”


After that day you have been on Neverland ever since, you’ve gotten the hang of everything, you know the rules and pretty much everyone here, you loved Neverland, and you wouldn’t trade if for the world.

You wake up to the smell of the soil of Neverland, smiling and stretching out your arms, you get ready for the day, braiding your hair, putting on your clothes, ect.

You walk out to the two boys in your life, Felix and Peter, they were both crazy for you, and you honestly felt the same way about both, it was simply an amazing feeling to have two boys after you, and you already told them that you simply couldn’t choose, ever since that day, they decided to fight for you, but not with swords, with pick up lines.

“Hey love.” Peter says.

“Hi Peter how are you?”

“Better now that you’re here.”

You simply blush.

“Y/n!” I got some flowers for you love!” Felix says.

“Oh my goodness they’re beautiful!.” you say.

Peter rolls his eyes. “Kiss ass.” as he pushed Felix out of your vision.

“I was thinking I can teach you how to hunt today, we need some more meat.” he winks at you

“No Y/n is on kitchen duty so it looks like you’re going to have to take someone else.” Felix says

“Actually boys, I’m not doing anything today, I have to take care of the younger lost boys today, so see you at dinner, bye!”

You loved seeing them upset, it was the cutest thing, their nose would scrunch up, faces would turn red, it was adorable.


That night you decided not to have dinner with everyone, you really needed your beauty sleep, Peter actually had you working along beside him and it was very tiring, and even though today was technically your day off, you still had to deal with little lost boys.

With that you go off and take a nice hot shower, you scrub yourself and he soil of Neverland leaves your body and washes down the drain. You spend about in hour in there, just thinking, singing, and of course just relaxing, you loved times like this where you could just reflect on how far you have come.

You go to your room and start to get dressed, just as you were in your pajamas, you hear a knock on your door, so of course you open it, it was Felix.

“Hey Felix!” you smiled

“Hey Y/n , was I interrupting anything?”

“No actually just was about to go to bed, why?”


“Yeah uh, why do you ask?” you asked a little confused.

“Because.” he says blankly but nervous.

“Because what? You asked

“Because this.”

And before you could ask another question he than kisses your lips, you were shocked for a bit, but you then begin to kiss him back, running your fingers through his dirty blond hair.

He picks you up and takes you to your bed, he then lays you down on your bed, and starts to kiss your neck.

Getting little moans out of you, you start to get more into it by grabbing and pulling his hair.

He then lifts up your top and starts to kiss your breast, roughly and very sexually, you feel his package growing.

“Felix…” as you start to become wet down there.

He then takes off his shirt, exposing his slim but fit body, you run your fingers down his abs, and he starts to take off your bra. Exposing both of your upper parts area, you are both wanting each other more than ever now.

“Don’t keep me waiting.” you moan into his ear.. “I want you now.”

He then quickly takes off his pants and boxers, leaving him fully exposed, you look at his aroused partner and quickly blush, he was packed.

You then take off your pants and underwear, ready for him.

He placed himself at your core, then slowly pushing himself in, making you both moan.

“FELIX” you moan his name as a little louder.

“Ugh Y/n you’re so tight.” Felix says

He starts to push himself in and out of you, at first slowly, the going faster and faster.

You pulled him down to kiss you, he kisses you back, his lips were soft. You loved his lips, even though they had only met yours a couple minutes ago. He slowly pushed his tongue in your mouth, play fighting with your tongue, he won, of course.

You closed your eyes feeling yourself cumming . He then lay his head on yours ready to cum as well, he was moving his hips very messy now and could hardly keep a rhythm. He continued moving his hips till he groaned moaning your name out loudly and pulled out as he cum.

After he came, we sat their silence.

“Felix what the hell did we just do?”

I lean back in my chair and turn on my pc and take a sip of my water as the pc boots up

i close my eyes and sing lowly to myself as the desktop boots up

i open up the web and starts browsing around

after browsing for a bit i lean back in the chair and look up at ceiling

“Ben dear, come downstairs please” i heard yelling from downstairs, just as i had gotten comfortable as well..

i looked at my pc screen and and slowly got off my chair and trudged downstairs

“what ?”

“me and Catherine are going out to the mall”

“Okay ? Do you want me to come along or something?”

“Sorry dear, girls trip only, me and your sister only”

“fair enough…have fun” i said in a upbeat tone

“thank you hon, if i find something for you i might pick it up”

“like what ? you never buy me clothes and i dont think you have ever bought male clothing before”

“thats not true! i got you that…t-shirt that one time”

“it was a women’s V-neck! if you bought me something you’d just buy me a dress or something”

“oh poor you, if i bought you a dress you would love me”

“probably because you spend so much money i would just trade it back the next day and take the money” i grin at her

She pouts and looks at me “thats so rude but whatever”

“im just kidding mom…its fine”

“i know dear”

She smiled and gave me a hug as she left and locked the door behind her

i always kinda liked being home alone, its just so relaxing even if its only for a few hours

i scratched my hair and walked over to the kitchen and got myself a glass of water and began making a couple of sandwhiches

“what to pick…what do we got..ham…cheese…i guess that’ll work…”

i sigh and start making my rather lame sandwich and lies down on the sofa in front of the tv and turn it on

I take a bite of my bread since i cant really call it anything else and start surfing channels just to find something to watch but as usual its the same old boring stuff

Nothing new or interesting, its all just….meh

I take another bite and turn of the tv and grab the laptop lying on the edge of the sofa and turn it on

it takes a couple of minutes for it to turn on but when it does i start playing some music as i close my eyes and just try to focus on the music and nothing else

After just 15 minutes however i started to get kinda annoyed, i’d been listening to the same songs for years, i need to find something new…

i took another bite of my food and started just randomly browsing the web

“hmmm….” i keep on browsing but as usual there is really not much going on but whatever, at least its something i think to myself as i click into Ebay just to see whats for sale

After looking for an hour and coming up short i just put the laptop back and finished up my food and my glass of water and walked back upstairs as i noticed something on the floor

right outside the door to Tina’s bedroom…i mean my moms bedroom was a white pantie…just lying outside

i cringed when i saw it lying there but i opened the door to her room and got out her shoehorn and picked up the pantie with it and put it to wash

But for some reason i just walked back into Tina’s room and lied down on her bed

it was just so amazingly comfy! it was a huge double bed but she sleeps here all alone, i don’t get it but its a nice bed..

i get out my phone from my pocket and check for emails and messages but as usual nothing is new, some spam mail is all

“wow, 50% of all underwear at modern woman….why do i get crap like that sent to me!” i sighed in annoyance and deleted the spam mail and got up from my mom’s bed and walked over to my own room

The cold air in my room from the open window hits me like a brick as i run over and close it and wrap a blanket around myself

“damn it…i hate when i forget to close the window”

i walk over to my chair and sits down as i start up my computer again

it opens up just where i left it, in the middle of some kinda video

i clicked out of it and turned the pc off and walked back downstairs and put on my jacket and walked outside

i locked the door behind me and walked out into the cold white snow

it had snowed like crazy these past days but luckily it looked like it was stopping now

i spent several hours yesterday just shoveling snow away….that was fun

i got out my headset and plugged it to my phone as i slowly started to walk over to the grocery store down the street

“its so cold…” i said shivering even though i was wearing my winter jacket and gloves

it even felt like my hair was turning to ice

i walked over to the store and let out a sigh of relief as i entered the warm store

i picked out some food and something to drink and was just ready to pay as an old man with a cart full of items sneaks in front of me

“Hey…sorry” i say tapping him on the shoulder

“i just got these things…can i go first please?”

he looks at me with those glassy cold eyes and gives me a simple “no” and starts putting stuff on the counter

“damn it” i say lowly to myself as i just stand there waiting

i look around for a bit but nothing catches my eyes that is until someone walks inside the store

i notice her as she walks trough the doors, she has long brown hair, wearing a black coat and a pair of sunglasses…even though it was winter the sun did make all the snow pretty reflective..

But i keep looking at this woman, i have never seen her before in my life but she just walks over to the noticeboards, looks at them for a few minutes then puts up a a piece of paper and leaves the store

“Hey ? Sir ? your wares”

“oh” i snap back into reality and put my stuff on the counter and pays for it then puts them in a bag and walk over to the noticeboard to check what she put on it

i find the note and reads it to myself

“Feeling tired ? lacking ambitions and dreams ? Get a one hour free consultation today!” for some reason i write down the number and walk outside as i spot the woman again standing over by the sidewalk looking at her phone

“thats her…” i say as i walk over to her

“Hey Excuse me” i say looking at her

she turns around and looks at me

“Hey, can i help you ?”

“yeah i saw the notice, you’re some kinda…shrink ?”

“oh, you saw my note ? great! well, sorta, im a kinda…life-coach”

“Right, well…i would like to try it out”

“you would ? im afraid its women only but i guess i could….but…do you really want to try ?”

“sure, it sounds exciting”

“okay then, come to this place today in…one hour ? is that okay?” she says and hands me a small note

“that should be fine…im Ben by the way”

“Ben ?….thats weird but its nice to meet you Ben, im Cynthia” ‘she smiles at me

“but excuse me, i have to take a phone, meet me there in an hour okay?”

i nod as she picks up her phone and starts talking with someone

i start walking back home to drop of my stuff but as soon as i do that i walk right back outside and takes the buss into downtown and start walking over to the place where i was supposed to go

i walk inside the building and up a few stairs and take to the left as i enter into some kinda waiting room, there is no one there except me, not even a secretary

i walk over to an empty chair and sit down

i sit there for about 5 minutes til Cynthia walk out of the room and asks me to follow her

we walk into a nice room with several small fountains over the place

she leads me over to a chair and i sit down and look at her

“So, Ben, Welcome, my name is like said, Cynthia and i am sort of a life coach, i help people figure out their problems and help them move on”

“i thought life coach was some kinda trainer that helped you stay in shape and such?”

she just smiles and looks at me

“but you’re the first guy i’ve had here and since im not really allowed to write in a male name on my machine since i need to use a girl name, do you mind ?”

“huh ? no…i guess not, thats fine”

“okay great, what name do you want me to use?”

i just looked at her kinda confused “how about….Camilla ?`”

“Camilla ? sure” she smiles

“So, then Camilla, why are you here today?”

“uhm…just curiosity really, i saw the note and thought it would be fun”

“well, thats good”

she smiles and walks over to a small table on the other side of the room and grabs two bottles of drinks and hands one to me and takes a sip of one herself

“please take a drink, i’ve made them myself”

“okay” i say and take a taste…it has this weird…strawberry mixed with light coke taste to it…its passable


she nods and looks at me

“so then…”

“How old are you Ben ?”

“im 16…i turn 17 this year”

“oh ? when is your birthday ?”

“15'th may”

“okay” she smiles at me

she looks at me

“so…have you always had brown hair ?”

i look at her kinda taken back by the question

“huh ? yeah…i have, i dont really want to change it…like ever”

“Really ? so you dont want to ever change it ?”

“Nooope, never” i nod to myself as i say it

“so…have you ever used make-up or anything to change your apperance ?”

“what ? no ? im a guy, i dont use make-up”

“thats…not true, my husband uses make-up and alot of guys do”

“….i dont know”

“its true” she smiles at me

“well, even if it is, i think i would hate having it on, especially lipstick!”

“oh ? you dont like lipstick?”

“No, it looks all sticky and i hate having things on my lips, even lip balm”

she giggles gently “okay okay”

“so…how is your relationship with your mother ?”

“its good….she cares more about my older sister though”

“oh ?”

“yeah..she says its just a mother-daughter bond but i don’t know, not that i care that much”

“i see…does she resent you for being a man then ?”

“what ? no, i don’t think so, i honestly don’t think she cares”

“okay” she smiles again and fixes on her glasses

“Do you think she would care more if you were a girl then ?”

“i don’t know, i cant honestly tell, since i’m not a girl so i wouldn’t know”

“i know that but what do you think”

“i don’t know…maybe i guess”

“you think so ?”

“well, yeah i guess when you mention it, she is a feminist and all that, not that its a bad thing but it does feel like she is kinda putting me to the side just because of that”

“well, i am sure she has her reasons..” she says in a distant low voice

i nod slowly and just look at her as she stands up from her chair and looks at me

“let me try something, follow me Ben” she says and walks into another room

i follow her into the new room and looks around, the room is filled with clothes…mostly women’s clothing and a large bed as well as a chair

“what is this ?”

“just a little something i made but lets try this out” she says and walks outside and locks the door behind her

i look at the door with a confused look “Cynthia ? did you look the door ?”

i slowly walk over to it and call her name again “Cynthia ?’

i grabbed the handle and tried opening it up but sure enough, it was locked

’'Hey! open up!”

“Hey!!! open up!!”

i hear nothing on the other side and i walk over to the chair in the middle of the room and sits down and looks around

“what the hell is this crap ? let me out Cynthia!!”

i hear no reply so i just sigh and walk over to the bed and sits down on it and kick my feet against it

“damn it…”

i looked around the room again and i noticed something on the wall right by the door there was a huge TV mounted on the wall

it had a pink tint around it and only played what looks an all female band singing to a huge crowd, i couldn’t make out who it was but i just shrugged

i just sigh as i hear a voice “okay Ben, this room is going to help you…find yourself”

i get up from the bed and looks around and notice a speaker above the door

“let me out Cynthia!”

“not yet but you know why you are here, you are alone and no one else knows you are here, do it now while you have the chance”

“what do you mean ?!” i yell at her

“turn around and look at the bed Ben” she says as the speaker goes silent

i slowly turn around and looks at the bed and notice something

A pair of white panties lying there next to a white dress

“what ?”

“Don’t hide Ben, isn’t this what you want?”

I slowly walk over to the bed and looks at the clothing, the soft white panties and the beautiful dress

“You want me to dress up like a woman ?”

“No, i want you to be yourself”

“Be myself ? what do you mean ?”

she never replies but i keep looking at the panties for a good thirty seconds before i force my eyes away

i don’t know how long time i have been locked in here but…that’s not the issue right now

my issue is that those panties on the bed…they’re begging me to put them on…glide them up my legs…

“ngh…i…i want to put them on…” i say as i undress completely naked and slowly slide the panties up my legs and gently makes sure its in place

luckily my package isn’t that big so it doesn’t look to weird

i sit down on the bed and looks down at my white panties

they do feel kinda nice, just big enough and its a bit tight as well…just perfect

i stand back up and walk over to the mirror buildt into the wardrobe and looks at myself

of course i look utterly ridiculous and i reach my hands down and get ready to pull of the panties as i feel something

i try sliding of the panties but find myself unable to do so as i just walk back to the bed and lies down and looks up at the ceiling as this building feeling inside grows larger and larger

“What…aahhh…” i open my eyes up and scream loudly in pleasure as i can feel my manhood slowly receding back into my body or…rather…being replaced by something else

i slowly slide my finger down my stomach and open up the panties so i can take a look and what do i see but nothing at all

no manhood, nothing

i slowly move my fingers down around there as i feel something

something…entirely new

“oh my god!” i scream as i jump out of the bed and run over to the mirror

“i…i got…my pe….what….am…”

i look at my reflection again as i spot something lying on the floor next to the bed

a pair of white high heels

“high heels” i say quietly to myself and walk over to the shoes and slowly tries putting them on

they are several sizes to small but the more i try to force my feet into them i can see my feet slowly shrinking and slowly but surely fitting the heels just perfectly

i stand up and almost lose my balance and use the bed as support and slowly tries walking one more time

i have a hard time keeping balance but after walking around for a bit it all comes back to me, like its natural

“this is just getting better, i just love these shoes! so adorable!”

another thing i did notice was that my legs had gotten taller as well, i don’t know how much longer i just knew they had

But i knew right there as i stood on the floor looking over at the bed it was time to put on the dress

my heels clicked in the floor as i walked over to it and held it up against me

“…” i walk over to the mirror carrying the dress as i slowly put it on

i put my legs trough it and unzips the back as i lift it up my entire body and zip the zipper on the back all the way up

as with the shoes its to big but either the dress goes bigger or i shrink because in the end it fits perfectly

even my arms and hands turns slender, my fingernails grows longer and my arms turns so smooth and nice

i stand looking at myself as i slowly turn around

“I look…beautiful..”

And then i feel a little shock

“oh my god…what is…what is this…” i say to myself as i keep looking at my reflection in the mirror

for a second i think my eyes deceive me but…no…

“im…im growing breasts ?” i say to myself as i look in the reflection of the mirror to see my chest slowly growing

i can feel it in my entire body as each time they grow they send out this…just amazing feeling i cant describe

i let out a moan as it looks like my breasts stops growing

“oh my god…i…i got breasts…and they look amazing…”

i blush as i gently pokes them with my hands just to be sure i’m not dreaming

“they are real…i got breasts” i say to myself again as i notice my waist looking a lot more feminine even my hips and butt have grown considerably larger

but as i look in the mirror again i start to giggle

“oh my god, i look amazing! just need to fix this weird spot in my face then everything will be fine”

i smile and look around as i spot something in the wardrobe

it’s a huge box with a gold stripe across it

it looks pretty expensive so i walk over to the wardrobe and gets it out then put it on the bed

“what is this now?” i say curiously and open the box

the inside of the box is filled with make-up, perfume, and some brushes

“oh goodness…” i say as i grab the brush and walk back over to the mirror and slowly start brushing my messy brown hair

i slowly start brushing my hair and close my eyes as i hum an old song i haven’t heard in ages

with each stroke of the brush my hair grows longer and longer reaching down to my mid-back in the end

i open my eyes and look at my new hair

“maybe i should dye it…i kinda like brown but…i’m a new person, a new woman, i need to change it…and…” i smile and think back to Tina and Catherine who both have blonde hair

“yeah…blonde, just like my sis and my mom…”

i smile proudly to myself as i walk back over to the box again and get out a pair of instant blonde hair dye and slowly applies it to my hair

i let it sit in my hair for 20 minutes and start looking for something to wash the chemicals away with

i look around and i do notice a sink next to the wardrobe

it’s not really ideal but it works i think to myself as i wash out the chemicals on my hair

After washing it for about 5 minutes i walk back to the mirror to see my now new blonde hair

“it looks perfect! its just what i needed!” i smile to myself

and for some reason unbeknownst to me, my hair is now completely dry even though i washed it just moments ago

i then get out the brush again, a curling iron and a straightener

i grab the chair in the room and place it in front of the mirror as i again start to brush my hair and plug in the straightener

after letting it heat up for about 30 seconds i spray some anti heat spray over my hair and start to straighten it

i start to carefully straighten my hair

the hot straightener barely misses my ears as i glide it down my hair

i look over at the curling iron and decide that its enough to just straighten it

it takes about 15 minutes for me to get happy with the results but once i am i turn of the straightener and glide a finger trough my soft hair

“just amazing” i say to myself as i walk back to the box and look into it

“i guess its finally time for the make-up” i giggle to myself as i get out everything i need and put it next to me

i first put on a primer on my face and use a brush to make sure it gets all over my face

then i get the foundation makes sure it matches my skin and starts to gently apply it, i use a sponge to press it in then end with a buffer gently brushing my face

“hmm…oh yes!” i pick up a blush and gently applies it to my cheeks

after that is done i start working on my eyes and eyebrows

first i get out the eyebrow pencil and starts to draw on my eyebrows making sure both sides looks just the same

i then move onto the mascara and carefully applies it to my eye lashes

i finish it up with some dark eyes shadow just to give the boys a little extra

i then get out some expensive perfume and sprays it around me as i move onto the final thing

a bright red lipstick

i look at it with a weird disgust for some reason, like something is telling me to not put it on

for some reason i cant figure out why it is but after looking at the lipstick for a bit i just shrug it of and start to apply it
i start to apply the bright red lipstick on my lips and gently suck them in once im done i can feel my lips getting bigger and fuller, i then turn around and look at myself in the mirror once again

and back looking at me i see a woman

in a white dress, high heels and the face of a goddess

“i look amazing” i blush as i just look at my own reflection

i giggle and blow a kiss to the mirror but i do notice i look a bit naked

“maybe some jewelry would help” i say to myself and look back into the wardrobe

i pick up some earrings, a gold necklace and a bracelet

i put on the earrings and it looks like my ears are already pierced so they fit right into place

next is the bracelet that i just slide on my arm

then lastly its the necklace

a large silver necklace that matches my dress

i carefully put it around my neck and lock into place

“just perfect…wait ? my voice…” my voice had changed from the typical…old male me and now sounded like a woman’s voice…

i just smile at myself in front of the mirror as my hands move up to my breasts and i gently cup then

i wink at myself in the mirror and giggle again

“thats just what they want, Camilla, me and only me”

“a beautiful goddess in a totally different league but i guess if they are kind i might…entertain them”

i strike a few more poses in front of the mirror again

As i once again pose and look myself in the mirror i let a smile slide across my face

“so…Camilla…what do i want to work as…”

“i got an amazing body and it would be a shame to hide it in some desk job but i don’t want to be seen as a whore or a slut”

“i mean model is obvious but i hate the stress and besides, they don’t hire women like me, they just want some young tramp”

“hmmm…” i look around the room as i notice my old clothes, i walk slowly over to them and kneels down as i pick up my t-shirt with my fingers

“oh dear me, to think i wore something that looks like that….what the hell was i thinking…i look like freaking clown”

i kick the other clothes away with my heels and walk back to the mirror again

“just think Camilla” i said to myself

“maybe working in an office….i don’t know…something about it kinda appeals to me…”

i just shrugged and looked at my reflection as usual

i then hear the sound of a door opening and turns around to see Cynthia walking into the room carrying something under her arm

she smiles and looks at me

“my goodness, that is more like it, isn’t it Camilla ?”

“you have no idea” i say back to her

“i sort of do but lets not talk about that, today is about you”

“so, how are you feeling ?”

“im feeling fine, but…”


“i got all these memories, and they dont feel like me at all! it feels like they belong to someone else instead

’'oh well, that is obvious isn’t it ?”

“No, its not…”

“i guess if you say so” Cynthia smiles at her

“But Camilla, you aren’t entirely done here”

'oh ?“ i ask in a confused yet excited tone

’'follow me” she says as she leaves the room, me following her and stops in her office

it looks pretty standard except one thing

there is a mirror on the wall that shines with an odd light

“there it is”

“there is what ?”

“my mirror, or dream mirror as i call it”

“Anyone who walks trough it will get their perfect life”

i look at the mirror and slowly close my eyes as i imagine my perfect life

“my perfect life…”

“that’s right and trough that door that life waits for you if you want it Camilla”

i look at Cynthia standing there smiling at me and i take a deep breath and nod

“of course i do”

“then enter but once you do, you will gain new memories to fit with your new life and you will forget all about ever being…well, you were always a woman but those bad memories will be gone”

“oh…and one more thing, your family, friends wont remember you once you walk trough it, everyone you know will forget you and you will forget them”

“R-really?….Tina…Catherine…i’m…i’m going to miss them but this is my life and i need to…i need to do this…”

Cynthia smiles and nods “you are a brave woman Camilla, good luck in your new life”

I smile at her as i walk over and give her a nice long hug before i slowly walk towards the mirror

i touch my hand against it as my hand goes trough the mirror

“my new life…” i say to myself as i walk trough it

After i pass trough the mirror everything turns to black around me and i pass out

An unknown time later i wake up standing in a white unfurnished room

my head hurts a bit as new memories start to flood my mind one by one

i get new memories from my childhood all the way up to the woman i am today

A beautiful, confident, smart and woman who knows what she want

i start to think back and i remember my first day at school

i had short blonde hair, i was wearing a skirt and a pink top with the words “princess” on it…my mom was with me the whole day…

i remember eating lunch when this other girl came up to me…before too long we started to play and in the end we turned into pretty good friends

while i thought back on that i remembered my first crush

i was in sixth grade and a new student had just joined the class….his name was Mark

He had blonde hair, was pretty atlethic for a sixth grader and he had this masculine voice…

i kept stalking him all the time but i never had the courage to talk to him

and when i finally did…he said he already had a girlfriend…i remember being sad for weeks…

i sighed and started to think a few years ahead to the school prom

i wore this beautiful dress my mom had ordered….and i had a date! it was…what was his name ?….i think it was…Stan i think…

he wasnt the cutest guy in the class but he was so nice, he always took responsibility and were really grown up for his age…

i remembered we dancing and he kissed me on my lips at the end of the prom….then the next week he moved away…

“why am i thinking about all those things ? oh my god…im getting all nostalgic” i giggled lowly to myself as i remembered one last thing

my start on my adult life

A woman climbing the ladder in this male dominated world

i started out as a lowly secretary…people looked at me all day just because of the dress code

i remember yelling at the boss for being a dick to me, getting him fired

i slowly worked my way up the ladder and in the end, i was the one calling the orders

“thats right…i forgot to check my emails buuuut, i can do that another time”

“Because there is a world right outside my house and its begging me to see it in all its glory”

i smiled to myself as i slowly walked out of the empty room and out of the strange house as i stood on the sidewalk the sun shone down on me

my blonde hair shining in the sun as i looked around and saw the tall skyscrapers around me

“So, its friday, 15.00 and i am free the whole weekend, i think its time to show the world just what this woman can do’'i giggled to myself and started to walk

Okay, I hear your “Keith is going to pilot the Black Lion,” but what if the remaining four Paladins take turns piloting the black lion.

I mean, at first it’s Keith bc Shiro has like bestowed the honor onto him or whatever, but Keith like blows up at someone or tries to fight everything that moves, and since he’s already got a pretty good bond with Red (I mean the lion literally runs to him every time he’s in danger), Lance decides Keith needs to take a little break from leader.

Lance basically kicks Keith out of leadership: “Nuh uh, you had your turn and look where that got us. We just blew up half of a planet bc of you. It might have been uninhabited but it’s still a planet. My turn." 

And that lasts for maybe a week before everyone gets fed up with Lance trying to show up Keith. Then Pidge wants to give it a shot bc why not, and then Hunk finally fulfills his wish of being the head, but they all realize they love their own lions too much to permanently fly the black lion while they search for Shiro.

So they set up a rotation or they pick straws or something. They trade off.

“I get the black lion this week!”

"Hey! You had it the week before!”

“I’ll take next week. I haven’t flown my lion in days and Blue’s getting antsy.”

“I get to be the head the week after then!”

“Shiro picked me to lead Voltron." 

 "And you’re doing a bang up job, Keith.” (Not even sarcasm, either. But that’s Hunk for you.)

“Oh whatever. You and me, Keith. Right here, right now. Winner gets dibs on Black for an extra day.”

Sometimes they even switch lions.

And the lions love it. Obviously they love getting to fly with their own Paladins, but with Black’s paladin missing, they turning the negative into a positive. They take this opportunity to strengthen the bond between their own Paladins, as well as getting to know the other Paladins of Voltron. They’ve never had Paladins like these ones, Paladins who are children, and they are loving every moment of it.

Poor Allura is completely confused at first, having to pilot a different lion every few days or every week, but she’s glad to see that they’re bonding and pushing forward, even with Shiro missing. And in the end, even she takes a turn at piloting the Black Lion, and she does such an amazing job at it, the others just cheer her on.

Oh god, and when they find Shiro.

My friends, it is a mess. They keep calling dibs on the black lion, much to the confusion of recently found space dad. He’s just like, “but that’s my lion?” And the space kids inform him, “nope. We can draw straws again if you want, but we’re still taking turns.”

Shiro ends up going along with it, bc let’s face it. These space kids are too much for space dad to deny and space mom is already in on it. How the hell is Shiro going to say no.

“Next person who sneezes gets to be the head of Voltron!" 

 "That doesn’t even make sense! That’s not how we’re going to pick, Lance!”

And everything is just a wonderful bonding mess.

About Only You that might’ve emotionally compromised a few people…


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Working on costume stuff for Wasteland Weekend! Thrift store was having a half-off sale so I picked up a lot of stuff. It’s all out on the deck being rained on.

Also trying to make jewelry with bottle caps. Goal: make enough to give something to everyone in camp! Might be cool to have some to trade with, too.

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Psst, I'm in mighty need of some of your Parental!RoyEd Headcanons.

((actually on that point I’m taking psych this year and may need to bounce some things offa you dearie. also i am now a research subject for my prof bc she’s really interested in prosopagnosia))

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1. Ok so you know how Ed just kinda gave up, that time fighting Scar? I understand the circumstances were… extreme, to say the least, but something always struck me as weird about the scene. Ed was in shock over his injuries, the loss of his lil sis, etc, but he clearly still had his reasoning skills when he offered to trade his life for his brothers. So, a. he should have realized that Scar was only after State Alchemists and since Al was no longer a threat, the Ishvalan should leave him alone, and b. ED IS THE ONE POWERING THE TRANSMUTATION CIRCLE KEEPING AL’S SOUL BOUND. He might now know he’s keeping his brother alive, but he sure as heck suspects. So why take the risk instead of get up and fight/run?
I think Mustang and prob everyone else picks up on there being a serious problem Ed’s not talking about when the kid doesn’t react to the “teasing” (it wasn’t teasing, in the scenario. they might’ve thought it was, but i’ve been bullied often enough to recognize Ed taking their mocking personally.) But the jab about Ed crying in pain made me realize that was the issue.
So thinking back on the fight: the kid must be covered in bruises, it looked like he messed up his ankle at one point, his automail ports must be killing him in the storm, he prob has shrapnel wounds from all the exploding crap (and these can be as bad as if not worse than bullet wounds, given the right circumstances), and the way he was breathing and holding himself at times made me wonder if he had hurt his ribs. Also he’s prob inhaled so much rain. ON TOP OF THAT, I considered his automail arm - the first EXPLOOOODE attack that didn’t work? Yeah, unless the metal just absorbed all that energy and released it w/out traveling up to Ed’s body (something which my engineer & physicist friends assured me was VERY unlikely), the kid is in a world of pain.
But even ignoring potential severe burns/internal bleeding, when his arm IS destroyed, did you notice how he landed on it? I’m told hitting the stub of an amputated limb is agony beyond words, and if there were metal shards embedded in it?? AND, the wires hanging out? That get ground into the cobblestone? I can’t be certain, but what if they are the wires enmeshed with his flesh & blood body’s nerves? I feel like throwing up just thinking about it jfc sometimes I hate my medical knowledge.
SO YEAH, now imagine Roy and Riza hunting down some automail expert, asking some questions, and realizing just what Scar had done to their kids. I like to think Roy sat down with Ed and apologized for taunting him. He also gives a rundown of his new automail knowledge to the crew, so in the future they know how to spot when Ed’s automail is causing him pain.
Also whenever Scar is mentioned in front of the Hawk & Flame, their righteous wrath and hate is like a palpable aura that sends everyone else running. It’s probably a good thing he didn’t show his face for a while after that fight, bc two very powerful, very vengeful parents would’ve left him a bullet-ridden pile of ash before the Ishvalan could even start to redeem himself.

2. OK that last one got a bit long, whoops. But you remember how Roy taunted Scar away from Ed (where the man had the kid pinned and defenseless), and Scar nearly got him bc rain? The colonel is a chess master and tactical genius. There is NO WAY he forgot it was raining, and his alchemy wouldn’t work. He was just desperately trying to get the crazy mass-murderer away from his kids.

3. And then when Riza saved him by kicking his legs out, her movement was so smooth, and I bet you Al later asked her how often she had needed to do that in the past. The rest of the office cringed in baffled terror at her laughter.

4. Ed and Roy are super young for their positions, and it’s inevitable that others will take issue with that. So the two have an unspoken agreement: whenever Roy becomes aware of people not taking his kid seriously, he’ll approach Ed somewhere with plenty of witnesses (mess hall or whatever idk) with some impossibly hard alchemeic/tactical/etc problems and bc Ed just loves solving things (I wanna see how long it would take him to solve a rubix cube) he’ll dive right in and the two will just brainstorm up a hurricane of vast & varied knowledge, unorthodox methods, and potential solutions. People who see this usually stop challenging Ed’s authority.
And when people try to challenge ROY while Ed’s around, the kid will subtly play up on his crazy, destructive, borderline rebellious behavior. Then he will go report to Mustang while the offending officers are around, and he just plays polite & respectful subordinate. This terrifies everyone who doesn’t know what’s going on (read: anyone not in Mustang’s Squad), because the uncontrollable hurricane of teenage wrath and determination??? willfully submitting to someone??!?!?!??! Honestly a number of people bow to Mustang’s authority only bc they believe him to be the Ed-Whisperer or some crap. The whole Squad finds this hysterical.

5. Ok so that last gif here ? A few adorable points there. Given the sheer noise level I doubt the click of a safety being switched off was what really tipped them off. I always felt Roy just ~sensed~ a threat, maybe the eyes staring at the back of his head. Since Ed is staring directly at him, he can tell the instant Roy’s posture changes- and it also lets him zero in on the threat, apparently in his peripherals, bc his glare at Mr-I-Forgot-his-Name and shift into a defensive stance is WAY too deliberate. But neither Roy nor Ed reacts beyond that bc Roy saw Ed’s directive movement and they both know Riza will have locked onto her target before she even turned bc of it. Just, just the level of trust here left me a gibbering mess screeching at my fma buddies bc trust is my platonic kink.
(also the way Ed tensed when he realized his idiot father was in danger? I’ve been told it matches the stance I take when I go into “there-is-potential-danger-and-I-am-ready-to-tackle-friend-outta-harm’s-way” mode. I laughed for five minutes)

6. When Ed & Winry use the wings to get down into the valley, you just know Roy’s standing there in panicked terror ready to manipulate the air streams if they start to run into trouble.

7. But can you imagine the train ride home after the SSoM debacle? Like the brothers trying to explain everything to their parents/commanding officers (Winry had to go to the other cart for this bc classified)?? And the adults are a mix of “YOU DID W H A T” and “YOU FOUGHT W H O” and “I DON’T KNOW HOW YOU SURVIVED THAT BUT THANK GOD YOU LIVED BC I AM GOING TO KILL YOU MYSELF”

8. Speaking of fighting dangerous ppl, chances are Roy was around for the Slicer Brother case. So when he learns about criminal souls being bound to suits of armor (through Barry the Chopper most likely), he hunts down his boys and gives an impromptu rundown of criminals that would be most likely to have been used in the soul-binding experiments. And when he reaches the Slice Bros, Ed’s just, ‘yeeaaaaaaaah, they’re dead’ . And Roy just slowly stares at him, and Ed panics like ‘it wasn’t ME, I tried to save them!’ and Al’s all ‘BROTHER WHY THEY NEARLY KILLED YOU’
And that’s when Roy flips out like 'YOU *FOUGHT* THEM WTF WAS THIS AT THE LAB WHY WASN’T I INFORMED HOW ARE YOU ALIVE WTFFFFF>’ and Ed just snorts a glares at him 'why do you THINK I was in the hospital, Colonel Idiot’ and Roy needs to take a few minutes to calm down bc he had read the report of his kid’s injuries and Mustang had thought it had been a human-vs-human fight. The thought of his non-armored kid fighting for his life against a tireless, almost invulnerable, experienced, sadistic murderer (he had also read the Slice Bros’ case files. he knew how they liked to play with their prey)??? Ed’s lucky the colonel let him out of his sight after that.

9. You know Mustang and his boys have study sessions in the library, and bc the two flesh humans are comfortable and relaxed there the insomniac and the boy-sleeping-for-two often fall asleep surrounded by the books. Al takes photos as blackmail.

                  Reaver is a business man. No one knows how to handle gold and trade better, in truth. He’s seen the world and the people within it change and adapt over time, so, naturally, he’s picked up on numerous tricks to further himself. Certainly, some of his methods might be a tad unethical, but even in their ridiculousness, he NEVER fails to gain something from it all. No matter what he does, even if it isn’t a part of his original plan, he always gets a little something out of it. In aiding the crown, gold seems to simply flow into Albion– However, a chunk of that gold also happens to magically ‘ flow into his pockets as well. If one ever has issues with money, approaching Reaver might seem like one of the best choices, and he might in fact help dig you out of debt, but the truth is that he is going to gain far mor than you will; putting you in debt with him in the process.

                  Motivated by greed, Reaver is quite driven in pursuing whatever it is that he desires– Siding with him and using him might seem like a total win win situation, but in truth, he isn’t going to help you for you. No, the only reason he ever bothers to help is that he could possibly gain something from it all.

                  If there is money to be gained, one can bet that Reaver is going to somehow be involved.

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Vasileskiy and Bishop might both have been goalies on the same team, but there was no bad blood? If one of them had a success the other would be right there??? Vasilveskiy actually has hugged Bishop and picked him up, as well as kissing his helmet. And Bishop just hasn't looked the same since he got traded to L.A., he doesn't seem happy anymore. I personally think that Bishop and Vasy love each other a lot and that they're a perfect and loving and healthy couple??? My favorite ship tbh

most tandems don’t have bad blood tho but i feel. bish is very cute so i’m all up for shipping him and i have noticed that Vasy is super cute???? and he’s doing so good.