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OK! So.

Due to popular demand, I have broken down the most egregious parts of Stefan’s bullshit speeches to Elena about Delena. I’ve said this all before in different ways so this might be repetitive but you guys asked for it so, lol.

So this is the speech from 5x13

Truth is, ever since the first time I know you’re falling for my brother. I’ve been awaiting for him to screw something up so badly, that you hate him. So I’ve been waiting, and watching him do all these horrible things. And every single time I think that he’s going too far, he’s there for you. Sometimes in ways better than I ever was. So the truth is, after a while I just stopped waiting for him to fail because I liked the person he’d become. And I don’t wanna lose that person.

And every single time I think that he’s going too far, he’s there for you. Sometimes in ways better than I ever was.

OK but where though?

The issue with this quote is that the show doesn’t take into account who the show says Elena is supposed to be.

Because, how is it that Damon is “there” for Elena?

He threatens people she loves to get to her or he explains that he would kill those people to save her, the way he’s there for her is always at the expense of people she cares about and Elena is meant to be a person who loves her friends and family recklessly and passionately, their well-being is supposed to be the most important thing to her

and when she is faced with their deaths or the potential of their deaths, this is what happens:

It’s emotionally traumatizing, it’s emotionally crippling, it’s emotionally scarring, being alive is just one part of an equation, it’s not the entire equation.

The way to be there for Elena is to be there for her loved ones, it’s to make sure that everyone else is safe because then she can be at peace. It‘s clear. When Stefan chooses to save Matt because she told him to

she’s at peace even though she’s dying

she’s supposed to love opportunities to comfort her friends

Stefan facilitating those opportunities and understanding the emotional nourishment they provide is being there for her

Not to mention there are direct instances in which Stefan is there for Elena more than Damon because Damon just doesn’t know what to do.

When Jeremy dies, Damon’s course of action is to turn off her humanity

which leads to Elena killing a waitress, attacking Liz, trying to kill Bonnie and Caroline and Damon can’t clean up his mess

but Stefan can

So the truth is, after a while I just stopped waiting for him to fail because I liked the person he’d become. And I don’t wanna lose that person.

How. Is. Damon. Any. Different. Loving. Elena. Than. When. He. Loved. Katherine?

In fact, in this very episode, Stefan points out that Damon is repeating old behaviour

I mean in this entire episode he is working overtime to make sure that Damon doesn’t do anything stupid because Elena broke up with him

and he FAILS. Damon kidnaps her brother

after he killed her friend

How has he changed exactly? What exactly is so different about him being with Elena than when he was pining for Katherine? In this season we find out he was systemically killing generations of an entire family behind Elena’s back and Elena even says it

And even if Damon did change when he was with Elena (which he didn’t) I don’t think people realize that if Damon actually became a better person because of Elena then he would just BE a better person, like Elena wouldn’t have to be in his life, he would’ve been irrevocably bettered, 5x13 is an entire episode full of contradictions.

The next speech in 6x04:

Believe me, I asked myself that for a very long time. And eventually, I saw it. Damon inspired you. He pushed you to own the darkest parts of yourself. And, when you died, he was the only one that could made you feel alive again. And you made him feel human. You loved Damon for the same reasons that I love Damon. Because in spite of every single thing that he did, we couldn’t live without him. And now, you don’t have to, but I do. So, I’m gonna do it my way. You do it yours.

I’m just going to go straight to the most offensive part of this offensive and idiotic speech.

And, when you died, he was the only one that could made you feel alive again.

Once again, the show is ignoring its own narrative, which it also did in season 4.

That looks pretty alive to me! Not to mention that save for actually having sex, Stefan is really the one who stimulates her in her newfound vampirism, it’s with him that she realizes what she can do and where you actually see physical intimacy enliven her

What do Damon and Elena really do in season 4 for “he makes me feel alive” to become their theme? The sire bond creates all of Elena’s problems, it actually, literally drives her crazy since Elena has to kill Connor because Damon told her to:

and even though Stefan and Jeremy actually got to the root of the problem and stopped the curse, because the sire bond means she is emotionally enslaved to Damon, yes, let’s look at that receipt one more time

he gets most of the credit for doing the least work, she is beholden to him even though that feeling isn’t in her control.

It’s the same thing as Damon saying that Elena has to drink human blood

and then her starving and spiralling because she can’t do anything else

and then telling her she doesn’t have to and she’s excited and grateful to him because that means she doesn’t have to “hurt people anymore”

That feeling of “alive” is manufactured because it’s the sire bond that makes her vampirism a living hell and it’s the sire bond that takes away the situations that make her vampirism a living hell, like someone who starts a fire and then puts the fire out, so Damon essentially controls her experience as a vampire, all the dialogue in the world doesn’t change that, it’s manufactured and contrived which makes that line in Stefan’s speech bullshit.

And eventually, I saw it. Damon inspired you. He pushed you to own the darkest parts of yourself.

This pretty much relates to what I just mentioned above because when did Damon did push Elena to own the darkest parts of herself?

Are we meant to believe that one night of raunchy dancing on a blood high is what got Elena to own the darkest parts of herself? Why. How does that help her grow, how does that help her own anything, all it actually does is reinforce how much she doesn’t want to be that person

If anything, it’s Stefan who helps Elena push her limits and take risks, to do things that require guts

and to confront the darkness of being a vampire and own it by not letting it consume you, that’s what owning something is and Stefan has been helping Elena do that from the jump

what Damon actually does is push Elena to admit she feels something for him

and the show wants to say that’s pushing her to accept darkness since he’s pushing her to realize she cares for a morally questionable man but that isn’t about Elena growing or being inspired, that’s about Damon being loved.

It’s Stefan who inspires Elena because she actually grows from the experiences he provides her

So basically Stefan was talking out of his ass.

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Don't get me wrong, I like you, but the fact that you say you're not worthy, don't know how to draw and that you don't deserve all of the love we give to you is upsetting because that's definitely not true. I wish you could stop that negative behavior you have and start being more grateful of your skills and the support we all give to you. Again, nothing against you, but people acting like that is one of my pet peeves

Don’t get me wrong, anon!! It’s not hate I’m giving to myself! In fact, I kinda like myself quite a bit and I don’t mind what other people might say about me.

I’m just being realistic.

True, I definitely know how to draw and I reach average levels. My comic is interesting, kinda, and I like it more than you guys do [or I would’ve stopped drawing it lol I do this because I love it].

But there are other artists who draw way better than I do, and I’m just saying they need more recognition than I do. My stuff is good, but not good enough for the level I want. Of course, regarding the dub, I just want other series to be in the spotlight [mainly cuz I’m a trashy fangirl, I swoon over lots of things, help me], but also because they’re more original than this comic of mine [ripoff of an AU that’s not even originally mine, anyone?], so it’s only fair that others get more attention first uvu

Did that make any sense? No real self-hate here. My garbage is good garbage ;D

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paladin hc's with an s/o who's really cheery and amiable and fun to be around but they keep slipping really fucked-up true stories from their life and comments about their horrible nightmares into conversations as if it's not a big deal? (i'm so messed up idk how to deal with trauma anymore lmao rip)

A/n: No worries we’re all messed up somehow lol 

(this might be trigger warning! I won’t specify any sort of harm, but it has strong hints towards the matter)


-Shiro loves to be around you. Actually, everyone loves to be around you. He loves to talk about random things with you because you always make it a fun topic. 

-Whilst you guys were walking around the castle, you slipped some words regarding a really bad nightmare. After that, you just continued to talk like nothing happened.

-Shiro stopped walking and looked at you. He was pretty surprised (not to mention a little hurt also). 

-Shiro has had his fair share of nightmares and he didn’t really talk about it. You are the most cheerful person he’s ever known and he doesn’t want you to bottle up anything.

-He’d ask you about what you just said about your nightmare but you’d stare at him as if you didn’t say anything concerning. He’d still try to talk to you though.


-You and Lance were lounging in his room talking about random stuff. Lance was talking and laughing about all of his siblings and how funny they  were.

-He asked about your family and you had no problem sharing some sad information about them. You had kept a straight face through the whole story and you were nonchalantly explaining some horrible things.

-He was extremely bewildered. “____.. are you ok..?”

-You are a really nice and lively person and he would never expect something like that. He’d be genuinely worried for you and he want to talk about anything that’s bothering you.

-He’d ask if you need to talk about anything but even if you deny needing anything he’d still pry because he doesn’t want you to bottle anything up.


-While you and Hunk were in the kitchen, you were sharing some moments you’ve had. He was sharing some funny moments he’s had on Earth and on the castle.

-He had asked you to share some things. When you did, everything you had said was nice but it soon led to you mentioning some nightmares or things that bother you. While talking, you kept your usual bubbly nature as if you didn’t just bring up something super sad.

-Hunk was really confused. I mean, you were really high-spirited and you were always making people happy. “____..? Do you want to talk about anything?”

-You were always oblivious when things like this happen, so he wouldn’t be surprised if you said no. 

-He’d still attempt to talk to you about it even if you insist you’re fine.


-You were in Keith’s room laying around doing nothing but talking. Keith asked you about you family (and siblings if any) on Earth.

-What you had said at first was about happy memories. You had been laughing and talking in an upbeat voice so Keith wouldn’t be expecting whatever you were going to say next. “Well.. Except for this one time..” You started to explain something.

-”____, what’s that supposed to mean? Are you ok? Do you need something?” Keith, like the others, would be super confused. He’s never really had anyone except for you and the team and he didn’t want you sad even if you never expressed it.

-He’d ask you what’s wrong and even when you deny feeling anything less than happy, he’d still pry. 


-You and Pidge were in the control room and she was working on some of her gadgets while you were talking about random things.

-Both of you were laughing and Pidge was saying something funny about a dream she had and you decided to share your dream also. “I’ve had this one dream where..”

-Pidge was pretty surprised to hear about you dream.. well nightmare.

-Pidge would always ask if you’re okay and even if a few days passed, she’d still ask you.

-Some nights, she’d sleep with you. She thinks she sounds a little silly, but she says it might help with your nightmares. 


Anime Expo 2017 Day 3

Psht. Tumblr mobile. Stop eating my posts. 8))) anyways, the evil Rick and Morty cosplay are some followers! I’m so happy I was able to approach you guys for a picture and give you a print! I’ve been so nervous approaching people that I haven’t been able to pass them out as much. ;-; I’m sorry if I missed you lol. Might have been too nervous to approach you.

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hello hello your blog always makes me happy, could you maybe write something about the first time with jk?

Hi! I’m glad it does! <3 

PS: I don’t write smut so don’t expect anything graphic here keke~

First time with Jungkook would be after you two got married. I don’t know, I feel like he’s a “old school” type of guy even though he acts like this cool bad ass guy on stage with those smirks and body rolls (I’ll stop before we get overboard with this lol).

It might not even be on your honeymoon, although it is expected that couples should be doing the deed then lol. It’s probably because the two of you would have such a fun and adventure-filled honeymoon that the both of you would knock out like a light at the hotel room by the end of the day. 

But when it does happen, it would be intimate yet full of sweet giggles. It wouldn’t be too serious, and would be quite natural. Jungkook would take his sweet time worshiping your body, murmuring praises against your skin and making sure that you feel good… Every touch would leave a burning trail on your skin, while every kiss reassures you of his love and passion for you. Jungkook would just be in awe with you and you could feel it the way his heart beats rapidly against his chest and at the way his eyes gazes at you so deeply you thought you might drown in them. 

When the two of you have reached your highs, after care with Kookie would be absolute bliss as it includes warm bubble baths and cuddle sessions in bed (he’d be the big spoon, of course, because Jungkook likes the feeling of holding you close). 

In the morning, you’d wake up first and stare at his sleeping form, caressing his face still under that hazy spell. Little did you know that he was already awake and the arm around your bare waist tightens as he pulls you close, surprising you. 

“Good morning.” He mumbles and gives you a peck. His lips linger for a moment, making you shiver.

“Good morning.” You answer and he gazes at you deeply and with pure adoration that it melts your heart and makes you blush.You spend most of the morning like that, just holding each other and reminiscing the beautiful night you spent together. It would definitely be an unforgettable memory. 

“You’re so beautiful,” he says as his forefinger traces the hickeys marking your neck and collarbones, leaving a trail of heat against your skin that makes you want more… “And all mine.”

His words shot a newfound adrenaline through your body and before you know it, the two of you are a tangle of limbs and sheets on the mattress once more. ;)

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This request is not helping my JK crisis at all. >,<

Reactions Masterlist

- Kaye Allen


A/N: I made this headcanon a little while ago and figured I might write some short little ficlets pertaining to it. Maybe after my studying is over I can sit down and write out an actual fanfiction, but for now I hope you guys like these little snippets because that’s all my brain has the energy for. Let me know if you guys hate this idea lol.

“Sasuke-kun, can we stop for a short break?”

Sakura takes the liberty of sitting down near a tree trunk before Sasuke has a chance to answer. They had been pacing themselves to the next village they planned to rest in for the night, but Sakura’s medical expertise told her that now wasn’t the time to be pushing herself. She rummages through her bag to find her water bottle.

Sasuke turns back towards her. They were only about a half hour away from their destination.

“Can’t you push through for another 30 minutes? We’re almost there.” His tone is gentle, but he’d prefer to get to the village before sundown so that they can secure a room for the night.

“I only need about 20 minutes, Sasuke-kun.”

“Sakura,” he starts, again, gently. “We’re really close. I think it’s best we continue on just for a bit more.”

“Oh,” the fearsome kunoichi states simply. “I didn’t know you were an expert in the negative effects over-exertion and dehydration can have on a developing fetus. My apologies, I didn’t mean to interfere with your plans.” Sakura examines her nails, an air of irritation beginning to surround her.

Sasuke closes his eyes, biting his lower lip and breathing in a bit more deeply than necessary. He exhales slowly before offering a solution.

“Let me carry you then.”

Sakura looks up at him sharply, narrowing her eyes.

“Why, Sasuke-kun? Do I look incapable just because I’m three months pregnant? Do you still believe I’m too incompetent to be accompanying you on your travels?”

He turns away from her this time, bringing his hand up to pinch the bridge of his nose, hoping for something to grant him patience. For the most part, Sakura’s pregnancy had been smooth sailing. The fact that she was one of the best medical ninjas in the world helped, and Sakura had mellowed out quite a bit from the time they had been adolescents.

Still, she was Sakura, and that meant she had her own tendencies to be stubborn. Pregnancy hormones only amplified this when the urge for her to be hard-headed hit her.

“No, Sakura. Let’s take a rest for 10 minutes, then.” He was hoping to get her to compromise here.



“30 minutes.”

“What about 20 minutes?”

“…Alright, I’ll settle for 20 minutes.”

It takes Sasuke a few seconds to realize that she originally wanted to rest for 20 minutes anyway. Internally, he accepts his defeat, sighing. Sakura contentedly enjoys a snack next to him.

It’s then that she notices a crow up in the branches of the tree she sits under. She may be imagining it, but the crow appears to have a certain gleam in his beady black eye, and for reasons she can’t explain, she winks at the bird before it flies away.

Even the birds knew that Uchiha Sakura had no problem getting her way.


- Taeyong is really shy in expressing his emotions

- like he rarely says “I love you” but when he does, it’s only in private and it’s enough to drive you crazy

- he expresses his love for you through hugs and kisses



- He’s also possessive

- like when he sees some guy talking to you or trying to flirt with you he gets really clingy until it leads into a fight with you and the guy

- you guys argue about this in some cases

- he’s just afraid to lose you

- but you still don’t get it why he has to be possessive

- “Dude, you have to trust her.” - Taeil

- “Trust is one of the key factors of a relationship.” - Johnny

- “Trusting is loving. Loving is trusting.” - Jaehyun

- “Hyung, she’s a keeper. Don’t lose her just because of your trust issues.” - Mark

- “Omg hyung, stop. She’s your girl. Case closed.” - Haechan

- he could be a beast when he gets mad… and also in bed. :>>>>

- one time, your ex bf came back and he’s asking you to get back together with him

- Taeyong found out about this in the most unconvinient time –> the time when his scamming and fat-shaming scandal got out and he’s being attacked by hate from the public

- his confidence went even more downhill

- and he got mad ofc because you didn’t tell him about the fact that your ex-bf wants you back

- “I didn’t wanna tell you because you’re gonna be like this!”

- “So it’s my fault now huh?”


- oppa don’t be like that

- it’s so scary

- you can’t read what he’s thinking of doing next

- he’s just staring at you with those intense eyes




- you don’t know whether you’ll melt in warmth or quiver in fear because of his INTENSE STARING

- like dude, staring too much is rude; just say what you wanna say ffs

- “Stop talking to him!“

- “I already did but he just wouldn’t leave me alone!”

- “Liar. You still love him, don’t you?”

- with that, you felt offended

- not because you still love your ex but because Taeyong thinks of it like that - you realized that you and your love for him was never enough

- “Seriously? After all we’ve been through together, you’re gonna tell me that?”

- “After all the sacrifices I’ve made just to be with you… oh god Taeyong… am I not enough?!”

- “Jagiya, that’s not what I meant.”

- You broke down in tears as you look away from him

- you just can’t take seeing him right in front of you

- “Jagiya, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way.”


- you finally look at him

- you tell him: “Let’s just end this Lee Taeyong.”

- and Taeyong’s left eye would just twitch in shock and annoyance

- have you seen his facial expression when he’s annoyed?

- he looks like one of those annoyed anime characters

- well he actually looks like a living anime like wth dude what are your genes made out of? Seriously?

- “What? You’re breaking up with me?”

- then he would laugh sarcastically

- “Fine. I don’t want to see your face ever again. Get the hell out of my face and my life!”

- he would be pointing to the door of their dorm and you get out while crying just as the other members go back into their dorm

- “You guys had a fight again?” - Ten

- “Well what’s new? They are always like that.” - Johnny

- “What happened?” - Jaehyun

- “I was actually expecting them to be making out on the couch as soon as we get here.” - Yuta

- Taeyong would just grumble: “We broke up.”

- “Seriously? Why do all my hyungs get into this kind of situation?” - Mark

- “This is why I don’t want to have a commitment just yet.” - Haechan

- “Yeah shut up Haechan. You’re not helping.” - Mark

- they were a little bit shocked but since they already know that you guys are having a tough time in your relationship, they kind of have expected that something like this would happen.

- 3 months passed but you’re still not over Taeyong

- you still cry about him and your break-up

- you thought that Taeyong had moved on because you can see him smiling and laughing on tv

- but nope

- it’s actually the opposite when he’s off-cam

- he rarely talks to his members except when it’s really important like rehearsals and dates for their performances/fansigns/photoshoots etc.

- when he’s back at the dorms w/ his members he just stays in his room

- when he’s out practicing with them, he would stay behind after their rehearsal

- he dances and dances until his body gives up just like you guys have both given up on your relationship

- even though he doesn’t admit it completely to himself, he knew that the break-up had taken its toll on him

- imagine, you guys had kept your relationship a secret for almost 3 years and then this happens

- yeah ikr it sucks

- you felt guilty for breaking up with him lol even I would feel guilty for breaking the heart of the poor leader of NCT

- Taeyong is life

- Taeyong is ❤

- Taeyong is everything!

- how can you give up on him??????????

- you wanted to talk to him but you’re afraid that he might reject you

- but little did you know that Taeyong wants to do the same too

- he also feels guilty for agreeing with the break-up

- he realized that he could’ve fought for your relationship better


- you guys are so dumb BUT CUTE

- you wanted him back so bad that you just cried

- Taeyong wanted you back as well that he wasn’t able to cook for the past 3 months because he remembers those times when he’d cook for you if you’re hungyry, sad, happy or just simply bored

- Eating different kinds of dishes was yours and Taeyong’s thing

- the other members didn’t have to worry about the food though because Jaehyun’s there to cook for them

- but they were worried for Taeyong because he rarely eats

- then one time, the thing that they have always been afraid off actually happened

- Taeyong collapsed in the middle of their performance

- like his fall was so bad

- he fell right off the stage and lost his consciousness

- they have to stop their performance and rush him to the hospital

- it was due to stress, mainly from his work and lack of proper nutrition like someone feed this child oh god

- and yeah, he broke his leg so the company decided to postpone their promotions

- Ten told you about this

- blinded by your tears, you immediately went to visit him

- but as soon as you got there, he’s sleeping - you kissed his forehead and mumbled, “I love you” to him

- it’s so cute that it broke the other member’s hearts

- they think that their leader deserves to have a healthy and strong relationship with his special someone

- Taeyong opens his beautiful eyes and was like “Oh, you’re here”

- The other guys left, allowing you to have some privacy

- Ten and Yuta were about to eavesdrop but Taeil caught them and pulled them away by their ears

- “You sneaky lil kids! Don’t eavesdrop on them!”

- But also eavesdrops along with them

- Really Taeil?

- Taeyong sits up and you just burst into tears and he’s just like wtf????? stop crying!!!!!!! the members might think i did something to you!!!!!!!! oml!!!!!!!!!!

- you apologize but Taeyong won’t let it go and even put you on a guilt-trip

-you felt even more bad


- but then he just laughs it off and pulls you in for a slow and passionate kiss

- it’s been only 3 months since you guys called it off

- but for both of you, it felt like 3 decades

- and when your lips are clashed against each other, everything just felt right

- “can we try again?”

- “which one? The kiss or our relationship?”

- he smiles cheekily

- “Both.”



"The Wrong Murphy" Tree bros fanfic Update!

For those of you who read my Tree Bros fanfic, “The Wrong Murphy”, I’m happy to announce that chapter 4 is finally done and has been published!

I’m very pleased with how the chapter came out, but I’m a little disappointed with myself since it’s not as long as I was hoping to make it. I’ve been dealing with a lot, and I explain it in further detail in my note on the chapter.

Either way, I hope you guys enjoy this chapter and that you continue reading, leaving comments, and giving feedback with ideas and what not :)

For those of you who haven’t read it yet, I hope you guys wouldn’t mind checking it out sometime. It would really mean a lot ^^ lol

Title: The Wrong Murphy

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10686540/chapters/23664375

Number of chapter so far: 4/?

Ship: Tree bros; ConnorxEvan

Evan Hansen had managed to stop Connor from running away with his letter, but ended up confessing everything to him. His anxiety, his feelings for Zoe, and how he really fell out of that tree over the summer. Connor realizes Evan might actually be the one person who can understand him. However, there’s the issue with the fact that Evan is head over heels for Zoe. Connor is going to show Evan that he fell for the wrong Murphy…

So, while I was at work...

I had a random idea (doing cold storage inventory is great for sudden ideas, tbh, do recommend). I don’t have a lot of time to trawl the fandom tags, so when I reblog something it’s because it crossed my dash. This is almost always art, and almost always already has hundreds if not thousands of notes.

Now, I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t really “do” social reblogs. That’s a quick way of getting into an endless treadmill of reblogging things you might not necessarily be all that into for the sake of not hurting feelings. I don’t like guilt when I’m trying to unwind.

THAT BEING SAID, it’s also true that working hard on something and watching it languish in the dark recesses of Tumblr where no one can see is discouraging as hell. I’ve been there. Days, weeks of work = 8 likes followed by tumbleweeds blowing in the breeze. Likes are nice, but in my anxious brain it twisted into a statement of “Meh,” or, worse still, “I do like it, but I’d be embarrassed to be seen in public with it.” It was enough to convince me that my writing must not be all that good, and I stopped posting much of anything until Undertale came out and I was early and lucky enough to find an audience. 

What I think might be fun this summer is this: if you guys have/know of a fanwork that you think is getting slept on, submit or link it to me, and I’ll reblog it, provided that the creator is cool with it! I have a pretty fair number of followers (for a writer, anyway, lol), so I can provide a little boost of visibility. I already have some things in mind for this, but the more the merrier. I only ask that you submit things that have a sparse amount of notes, as in <100. My own content averages about 40 notes, so that should give you an idea of the scale I’m talking about. That thing you love that’s gathering dust with 5 likes? Submit that shit!

Art, comics, fic, playlists are all fair game, but I’ll be honest and admit I’m most interested in giving some writers a leg up, since they fall through the cracks a lot (and I’m maybe a little biased toward my own tribe). I’ll probably set aside one day a week for this, with a special tag. I’m leaning toward ‘summer of love,’ lol. :V

Sound fun? I think it does. 


I think people are misunderstanding something. I’m taking this way back to season one when a few people thought she was acting out of character for giving Tilda the poison. She wasn’t telling Tilda “go kill the widow” it was more of like if you feel like you don’t want to be apart of the widows plans anymore then here is a poison. If you actually think for the slightest second about killing the widow then you know you don’t want to follow her orders anymore but if you don’t even think about killing her then Tilda wants to stand by the widow.

It wasn’t intended for the widow to ever get killed. Veil knew if she killed a baron people would go after her . I feel like Tilda’s character understood the reason behind the poison also because when MK was there she was questioning the widow a little and Tilda was unsure of herself. Odessa this season is making Tilda even more uncertain about the widow and Veil’s situation with Quinn too.

It wasn’t Veil being OOC but her giving Tilda a choice. Tilda made her decision to stay with the widow but look now she going to start questioning the widow motives. That’s going back to Veil explaining to Tilda the Widow isn’t really all that good. Tilda’s eyes are opening. Even if Veil didn’t give her the poison Tilda would still doubt the widow in the end.

Being boring?

As said before she’s the only doctor. Creates mimics. Can read. She might not be able to fight but she can outsmart people. Can’t expect all the women on the show to be the same.

How can some people honestly say “Oh I like how all the characters are different” and then say “Veil can’t fight she’s boring?”

Question! What’s the difference you like?

And also when I watched a few martial arts films way back the girls the main character liked couldn’t all fight. You’ll see them to the side crying to whoever the main guy is fighting telling them to stop and they weren’t boring to me. Veil doesn’t even whine lol I’m so confused.


OK STORYTIME SO WHEN @fuckleafs AND I WERE IN ARIZONA AND VEGAS we made an instagram that we would only follow players that would possibly be at the awards to see their instagram stories without getting loads in our feed from people we followed so we made it and we couldnt think of any user so we did dylanstromeisarat (yes we know the icon is a raccoon not a rat) and we of course followed dylan lol. so like 5 days after i was on there and dylan posted on his ig story and i saw on my other account but not this account and i was like??? what??? so i called mackenna and we found out that he BLOCKED US AND WE COULDNT STOP LAUGHING

Hitorijime My Hero 1x02 | Jesy's ramblings
  • The opening song is still good ♪
  • Kensuke with bed head *o*
  • Ken, you’re too obvious
  • Kousuke pls. Stop teasing the poor boy
  • “Setagawa’s my brother’s underling.“
  • “You better do it by tomorrow, or else!” Or else what exactly, bitches? o.O
  • “He doesn’t even remember what happened back then.” Uhh…Kensuke? I’m actually pretty sure he does remember…
  • “What?! How did he find out?! I thought I had this totally under wraps!” Dude. It was written all over your face, just like Settie said
  • Wow. The coach has no pupils
  • “I could never hate you.” I’M NOT CRYIN’
  • Damn you no-pupils-coach!!!!
  • Asaya was 100% cursing inside! Look at that face!
  • These girls again…why can’t you just fuck off already? >.<
  • “Ah-hah! So this is how people get phone numbers these days…” LOL
  • “You don’t need to change a bit, Kensuke. You’re cuter this way.” Please get married already. Thanks!
  • Why do pretty boys in anime always get bullied because they apparently “look like a girl”?
  • “Who can really tell how people feel? Especially..someone as dense about other people’s feelings as you.” Wow. The boy is super mad.
  • “It’s almost like…He was talking about somebody specific…” No shit Sherlock
  • “He still doesn’t get it.” Nope. He’s dense.
  • “If you come over to my place, I don’t know what I might do.” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • “You wanted to know, right? The difference between my "like” and your “like”.“ YAS! GIVE IT TO HIM!
  • "I decided while we were apart…that I’d make you mine somehow, no matter what it takes.”
  • “Cut ties with me again…or sleep with me. Which do you choose?” And here are your true colors Asaya~
  • LOL. I knew he wouldn’t be a good guy ;)


Nobody can stop me from watching this! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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OH SHIT YOU GUYS KNOW WHAT WOULD BE AMAZING?? Who would win a melee fight between Wrench with a sledgehammer, and H2O Delirious with a baseball bat? I mean, it's an open-shut case really, but I'd still love to see it.

(Of course, I’m always going to go in assuming I’ll win. We might need to bring out MythBusters for this one.)

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Hello! May I request some fluff and relationship headcanons for Eustass Kid please? Thanks!

Sure thing! And honestly I wasn’t sure how to differentiate between relationship & fluff with him, so I kinda combined the two?? I hope that’s alright!

Eustass Kid Relationship/Fluff:

  • He’s the type of guy who’s really really rough around the edges. Kid really tries to tone it down for you, and likely only you because let’s be real he’s not gonna stop being that way with everyone else lol, but it’s difficult.
  • When the two of you start dating, it probably won’t be easy. He doesn’t seem like the type to want to be vulnerable at all ever. It’ll probably take a long time for him to get that comfortable with you.
  • Sometimes he might make rude or thoughtless comments, but he realizes pretty quickly that he messed up and quietly apologizes. I’d bet that apologies are very difficult for him so you’d have to mean quite a bit to him for Kid to really care enough to apologize.
  • He’ll give you recommendations for songs he thinks you’d like, and listens to the songs you recommend to him as well!
  • Kid pays attention to those songs because he (rightfully) believes that knowing what songs or type of music you like the most will let him get to know you better as a person.
  • One little thing y’all started to do together is sit or lie down in his room and listen to music. Some nights one or both of you fall asleep listening to the music you picked out together.
  • Edogawa: It feels like I might have fallen in love with you! But you like... You did your best just for Karl and all...
  • Poe: Edogawa...
  • Edogawa: And now I can't stop sputtering like an idiot! Or something... Ahhhh... It's nothing... Aahh...
  • Edogawa: [Sobbing] It's fine.. I'm fine..
being with t.o.p would include...

For my girl, @maztherhacker for always making me pretty things, like my series banners. Let me know, though, if you guys want more things like this. I might go back to doing reactions, if that’s something you guys would like. So let me know!

  • Starting off casually dating because you’re both really busy people
  • But, before you know it, you’re including each other in important things and you’re spending a lot of your free time together because you annoy each other less than other people
  • The other Big Bang members calling you their parents cause lol T.O.P’s the oldest
  • Which doesn’t stop Seungri from flirting with you whenever he gets the chance but T.O.P lets him do it cause he’s cute and fluffy and not tall enough for you
  • Insisting you’re too mature for couple items but you probably have matching fancy jewelry cause you’re high class
  • Being able to talk through raising your eyebrows and giving each other looks so you can talk smack about other people without them knowing
  • Not showing a lot of skinship in public but being super cuddly when you’re alone
  • And all the KISSING. On your lips, on your neck, on your shoulders, just a-kissing everywhere~
  • Lots of dinner dates where he brings you somewhere swaggy
  • Hating the word swaggy cause wtf is that
  • Going to all his art shows even if you understand jack shit about art
  • He appreciates you trying, though, and that’s the most important
  • Taking a while before you move in together because you both enjoy your space
  • Knowing he loves you because he lets you rearrange his furniture and he doesn’t complain
  • Random dance parties in the living room where Choom Choom T.O.P comes out
  • Him watching you from across the room cause wow you’re amazing and he loves you
  • Either having really hot rough sex in the evening or sleepy fun sex in the morning
  • There’s no in between
  • T.O.P defying his name and letting you top him
  • Always touching in at least some way while you’re sleeping
  • Always waking up first and having to make him breakfast and he comes downstairs to decide you’re the most amazing thing ever
  • Like they’re just eggs bro, calm down
  • Insisting no matter how much everyone asks that you’re not getting married cause boo conforming to what society wants you to do
  • But then asking one day
  • “Wanna get married?”
  • “Okay.”
  • And registering your marriage without telling anyone
  • Then deciding like five years later to renew your vows and confusing all your friends when you tell them
  • Waiting to have a kid because T.O.P’s worried about being a good father
  • But he immediately turns into a pile of mush for his child and insists you always send him pictures whenever he’s away
  • In return he sends you pictures of Seungri sleeping cause why not
  • Always being that couple who stays together though people wonder why because they don’t understand
  • Growing into that old couple who watches shitty reality television together so they can snark the contestants but you’re secretly super invested in it
  • Waking up one morning and you’re sixty years old and you don’t even know where the time went
  • But T.O.P wakes up and sees you and smiles and you remember

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I feel like the new MyStreet episode was kinda bullshit. They legit made Ein into some asshole when he was some decent guy and they made him creepy. I'm not sure if this is happening because Aarmau or whatever but it seems like it.

I’m gonna tell you something– I never liked Ein. Didn’t trust that emo hair cut.

Tbh I’m happy with the twist LOL and idek with what jason is hinting at, looks like Aaron might be dead dead.

As in his ass ain’t coming back.

Now who’s gonna stop the JD of mystreet.

DBS Episode 82-84

82: Goku fights Space Wilford Brimley for no apparent reason.  Seriously, they wrapped up an exhibition match in the previous episode, and then he just jumped in an called out Goku on general principle, and King of Everything’s like “lol ok”.  Then Goku basically did all the same stuff he did against the last guy he fought, and then Whis’ dad stopped the match because he wanted to save it for the Tournament.  King of Everything: lol ok. 

This is why I don’t understand everyone complaining about the stipulations of the Tournament of Power.  The hype is that the losing universes will get erased from existence, and if you sass the King of Everything or piss him off in any way, he might just destroy your universe early.  But in practice none of that seems to stick.  From what I hear, Universe 9 already got zapped in a later episode (good riddance), but so what?  The King of Everything could restore the entire thing on a whim, just as easily as he started and stopped this Goku/Toppo match.

And that doesn’t bother me at all.  Dragon Ball’s been playing with different reset buttons for decades, after all.  What irritates me is that Toppo spent like five minutes of #81 explaining why he hated Goku for inspiring this tournament, and then he spent the first five minutes of #82 explaining his gripes all over again.  And then the Universe 7 entourage goes back home and agonizes over the situation all over again.  How many times do they need to explain this?  We get it, that’s not the problem.  The problem is that I still don’t believe it.   They can erase all the universes, and I’ll still be looking for a loophole or something, because that’s how this show works.  So talking about universe erasure in the abstract is pointless.

83: Bulla is born, which is cute and all, but what astonishes me is the line where Supreme Kai says there’s only 28 planets with intelligent life in Universe 7.  I seem to remember Jaco tossing out a similar figure at some point, but I assumed this was a joke about how toothless the Galactic Patrol really is.  But if the Supreme Kai’s saying the same thing I have to assume that’s intended to be canon.  

Only it doesn’t make any friggin’ sense.  I’m pretty sure there were more than 28 distinct species in Frieza’s army alone, to say nothing of all the inhabited planets they conquered.  Think about it.  Frieza, all five Ginyus, Zarbon, Dodoria, Cui, Appule, Namole, Sorbet, Tagoma, Shisamii, Malaka, Napple, Blueberry, Planthor, Garana, Chidoru… that gets me up to twenty, and those are just the characters that have names.   There’s plenty of other unique life forms milling about on Frieza’s spaceship crew.  Now maybe some of them originated on the same planet, but I find that a little hard to swallow. 

Then you add in Saiyans, Nameks, Earthlings, Jaco’s race, the Galactic King’s race, Monaka’s race, the people of Yardrat, the Zoon, and that planet Beerus only half-destroyed in the first episode of Super.  And just like that I’m already up to 29.  Granted, many of their homeworlds were destroyed, but Frieza’s domain had at least 79 habitable worlds in it, so something doesn’t add up. 

The more immediate issue is that the gods of Universe 7 are terrible at their jobs if they’re down to 28 planets.  Granted, this is a universe where the power to blow up a planet is frighteningly commonplace, but if there’s that much turnover happening, why is Beerus authorized to just go around blowing up planets at a whim?   You’d think he’d be required to go on hiatus, or turn his attention to destroying genocidal mortals like Frieza and Buu.  Instead he just makes things worse by threatening to blow up the Earth over spilt pudding. 

Worse yet, the Supreme Kai has no real idea how strong anyone is among that small handful of planets.  So for all he knows, there’s a guy twice as strong as Goku cooling his heels on Planet Numnutz, and he’s never gotten noticed because he minds his own business.  That’s great for the future of this franchise, since it means there could still be new adversaries in Goku’s home universe waiting for him after this Tournament wraps up, but it makes Shin and Beerus look like idiots. 

84: With only 40 hours to assemble their team, Goku and Gohan invite Krillin and 18 to join.  For some reason, Gohan has convinced Goku that no one must know about the “losers-die” stipulation, which is dumb because a bunch of people already know and they never shut up about it.   If 18 spends five minutes in the same room with Beerus and Mr. Satan, she’ll find out the truth anyway, and I think we’re past the point of worrying about how that’ll affect her performance.   Besides, all the other universe’s competitors know, so what difference does it make?  At least if 18 knows the truth, she’ll know why all her opponents are focused on taking out Goku. 

Much of this episode is spent justifying Krillin’s value to the team, as if they had some stronger guy on deck and they need to see who makes the cut.  No, that’s not the problem at all.  They’re seriously planning to invite Master Roshi to join, and he’s far weaker than Yamcha, whom they seem to have ignored completely.   You’re taking Krillin whether you want him or not. 

Granted, part of the purpose to an episode like this is to reintroduce Krillin and 18 to the story, but you had a similar situation with the Saiyans storyline from DBZ, where Kami had to assemble and train the Z-Fighters before the Saiyans arrived.  He recruited Yamcha, Tien, Krillin, Chiaotzu, and Yajirobe, not because they were strong enough, but because that was literally the best he could get.  There was no “Hey, let’s have Yajirobe spar with Chiaotzu and the loser can sit this battle out.”  Yajirobe was getting the training whether he was up to the challenge or not, because it was a matter of survival. 

What I don’t understand is why no one’s even talking about bringing Yamcha, Goten, or Trunks along as potential alternates.  Even if Master Roshi is better qualified for this, he could have a heart attack and die for all they know. 

The point is that even if Krillin ended up getting benched, they were always going to bring him along.  Having him do a tune-up is just a waste of time, and I assume these guys will want to get a good night’s sleep in before the big game.