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Carré D'amour- Chapter Three

Summary: Marinette always knew Tikki as the kind redheaded college student who worked part time for her parents at their bakery.Adrien always thought of Plagg as an annoying fellow model and older brother he never had.Neither of them know that Tikki and Plagg are actually immortal superheroes called Ladybug and Chat Noir.

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Richard Rodgers (Broadway part two)

Anthony Ramos x Reader
Words: 788

i really like it when y’all ask for part twos because i feel like the majority of the time i consider writing a part two but then i get the request and i’m like YAY I CAN ACTUALLY DO THIS

it’s currently 9:25 pm and i have two reports due on monday, i have started one of them. rip me.

moving on… i hope you all enjoy this! Requests are open and i will link my masterlist and part one of this story below!

Broadway (part one)


“I am not throwing away my shot, I am not throwing away my shot. I’m just like my country: I’m young, scrappy and hungry and I am not throwing away my-“


You jumped, dropping the broom that you were using to sweep the floor and quickly pulling out your headphones. “How did you get in here?” You asked.

Anthony shrugged. “The door wasn’t locked, it was pretty easy,” He replied, smiling.

“Look, I’m sorry but if you want more coffee, I can’t sell you any. I turned off the machine a while ago,” You stated, picking up the broom that you had dropped and leaning it against the counter.

“Oh, that’s not why I’m here. I wanted to start a good relationship with my new barista, so I figured I would give you a gift,” Anthony stated, smirking slightly.

“Are you trying to bribe me into reopening the machine?” You asked, leaning against the counter and raising your eyebrow. You crossed your arms. “Come on Anthony, I’ve had a long day. Can you stop playing games?”

“No, this is important (Y/N)!” He replied.

Your eyes widened. “How the hell do you know my name?”

“It’s on your name tag,” Anthony replied, moving forward and poking the name tag that was situated on the left side of your chest.

“Oh, um, of course,” You replied, blushing slightly. You fiddled with the name tag absentmindedly, glancing up at him. “So, getting to the point?”

“Oh yeah! I want you to come see the show tonight. And we kinda have to leave now so that I can sneak you in backstage. No one will notice if they’re all getting ready for curtain call,” Anthony stated, grabbing your wrist and tugging you towards the door.

“Anthony! Stop! My boss will kill me if she comes in tomorrow and nothing is clean, I really need this job.”

“Was that A Chorus Line reference?” Anthony asked, checking the time on his phone. You groaned.

“I don’t have time for this, I’ve gotta clean,” You mumbled, grabbing the broom from where it was resting and starting to sweep again.

“Okay, what about I make a deal with you (Y/N)? You come see the show, provide free coffees for the cast daily, and after the show we’ll all come back and help you clean up?”

“Free coffees? Daily? You want seventy dollars’ worth of coffee daily? For free?” You asked in disbelief, continuing to sweep the floor. You opened the door, brushing the dirt out onto the street.

“Okay, so maybe we’ll lose the free coffees, but please? You’ll get everything done really quickly, your boss won’t even realise you took a break,” Anthony said, holding the door open.

“Do you promise we’ll be back to clean up?” You asked, biting your lip.

Anthony nodded. “I swear on my life.”

“Don’t you die twice in two hours?” You asked, grabbing your bag and jacket from behind the counter.

“Oh yeah, that I do. Anyway, you get the point,” Anthony said, smiling at you. You put your jacket on, locking the door after Anthony had walked out. You both started making your way towards the Richard Rodgers theatre.

“So do you invite all your baristas to come see the show you’re in?” You asked, yawning. Anthony chuckled, shaking his head.

“Only you. You’re the first. But I mean, after that incredible coffee, I had to get you to come see my work. You know what I’m saying?” He said, going to the backstage door of the theatre that you had walked past a hundred times before.

“This is where I leave you. But I’m gonna give you my number so we can discuss the plan for afterwards. Otherwise just head back to your work and we’ll be there. Sound like a deal?” He asked, handing you his phone and a ticket. You entered your number into his phone, nodding.

“By the way, I think that maybe the free coffees might be something that we can look into,” You stated, giving Anthony his phone back.

He smiled wide. “Sounds good to me. I’ll see you after the show,” He said, turning to leave.

“Anthony?” You said, grabbing his shoulder. He turned back around, raising his eyebrow. You hugged him tightly. “Thankyou.”

“Don’t mention it. I’ll see you later!” He replied, hugging you back and running up the stairs. You smiled, heading to the front of the theatre and beginning to line up. You were relieved that another day of work had ended well, and you were glad to have made a new friend. You were ecstatic for the night ahead, and you knew that a hard day at work was going to be worth it after tonight.


So, the Hart MMBC was supposed to return at 9 AM EST today. I had everything shot, and edited… until I realized I majorly fucked up.

When reading the results, we had a clear picture of who the public thought was guilty, and was on their way to receive the punishment. But since I’m doing top two guiltiest (even if there is a bit of a gap), I randomized who of the next guiltiest was to get the punishment. HOWEVER, I misread the contestant, and it wasn’t until I went to queue that I realized that the contestant I accused wasn’t supposed to get a talking too. To complicate matters further, the contestants had free time afterwards, so even if I were to switch out the shot for the right contestant, I wouldn’t know how the wrongly accused contestant would’ve acted had they not received the punishment.

I’m writing this around midnight and putting it into the queue. I might just reshoot the episode for peace of mind, since relationship scores are vital to MMBCs, and this slip-up is not good. Additionally, I didn’t quite like how the death played out in this episode, so I might have a chance to redo that too?

I don’t know. Hopefully sleeping on it will reveal an answer. And sorry for the vague nature of this post, but I don’t want to reveal what happened due to this being an MMBC and such. (Hell, if it was a regular BC I don’t think I would’ve revealed this either tbh). But I wanted to give you all a heads up on what’s going on behind the scenes.

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The Chocobros going to a Christmas party with their S/O? Please?

Aw this’ll be cute.

Noctis: You know this party is gonna be one of the casual ones. The last thing Noct wants is to put you through one of his boring princely duties where you have to behave. So he’ll drive you himself to Ignis’ gathering, walk you up with his arm around your shoulder and introduce you to everyone you haven’t already met. He’ll stay close to you for most of the night, make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by all the unrelenting cheer brought on by Prompto, and definitely make sure you always have something nice to drink. Seating will never be a problem because that’s what his lap is for and during dinner, he’ll sit beside you, hold our hand and maybe whisper a few jokes in your ear to make sure you’ll laugh and definitely catch you under the mistletoe at least once. He’ll only leave your side to duck into the bathroom and if he’s sure you’re comfortable and in good hands. 
At the end of the night, he’ll probably end up falling asleep on your shoulder or with his head in your lap. You may or may not be home at the time. Should you fall asleep with him while at Ignis’ home, you’ll have a soft blanket tucked around you to keep you warm.

Prompto: Okay so first things first, you’re gonna be wearing ugly holiday sweaters. They may match, there may be a competition to see who can find the worst but that is definitely Prompto’s thing. Second, Santa hats. You two will arrive maybe a little behind time, possibly carrying last minutes gifts and maybe some sweet treats you’ve bought or made. He may vanish for a moment to make sure everyone is here, but this boy will reappear at your side with a drink before you start to worry. Parties with this ball of sunshine are usually fun and Christmas is no different. He’s a constant cheery presence that may get a little overboard with jokes and goofing off, but he will always keep an eye on you and make sure you’re having a good time.
There will be many kisses beneath mistletoe, silly party hats and if there are party games, you two are gonna kick some ass together. During dinner, there’ll be footsies and a few crackers and afterwards some serious snuggles. I mean serious snuggles in front of the fire because this boy is a sap and wants you to feel adored. 

Gladio: Okay so, you guys are gonna be the hot couple of the party because honestly, it’s Gladio and seriously, it’s you. You’ll arrive on time with an extra bottle of wine and you might get shanghaied into helping Ignis with some of the last minute presentation and food prep. Gladio may or may not help you, depending on how much you pout and wiggle your eyebrows at him. Once you’re free, though, you’ll spend most of the time in his lap or with one of his arms around you. Expect dramatic mistletoe kisses with dips because he can, a little extra wine, and filthy innuendos over food. If you wanna wander off and do your own thing, you’re free, but he’ll keep an eye on you and back you up if any trouble arises. Once the two of you have a bit of alcohol in your systems well… You may get in trouble for making out on the couch like a couple of teens. And by may I mean you will because why wouldn’t you?
You two are the best challengers to Prompto’s team when the party games come out but win or lose, remember: Gladio has an extra present for you and it isn’t under the tree. ;)

Ignis: Okay so for these headcanons, it’s obviously set at his place which means this mother hen will be cooking up a storm in the kitchen beforehand. If the house hasn’t already been decorated to the nines he’ll ask you to help out but once guests arrive it’s no more work for you. Ignis may be spending half his time doing the gracious host thing, but every spare moment he has will be spent on you, making you’re comfortable, refreshed and happy. Surprise kisses on the lips and hands are to be expected, and he’ll gladly sit with you and listen in to whatever conversations you’re having. You’ll sit to his right at the table, your hand in his when you can spare it and afterwards while he tidies up, he’ll reward any help with a sincere and loving kiss. Ignis will hold you beside him during the rest of the festivities and afterwards, take you to bed and… well. Thank the Six the door locks.


Behind the scenes of The Stolen Earth / Journey’s End (Part 3 of 8)

Excerpts from Doctor Who Magazine #398, as reported by Benjamin Cook

Back on set, fumes are pouring from the police box.  Well, they may as well be.  “Someone’s just dropped a humdinger in there,” cringes David.  “I think it’s John, but he’s denying it.”

But Barrowman isn’t fooled.  “It’s you!  You’re farting through the ship, David!  Doctor Poo!”

“He’s in a very naughty mood,” notes Catherine Tate.  “He keeps on doing it.”

Sure enough, five minutes later, David breaks wind again.  This time, John is standing right behind him.  “I didn’t know you were there,” gulps David.  “I am so, so sorry.  That was rancid.”

“My leg is burning,” John tells DWM.  “Make a note.”

“John and I do get slightly competitive,” confesses David, afterwards, “but only when it comes to farting.  I think in every other sense…”  You’re better than him?  “Not at all.  He can high-kick higher than anyone I’ve ever met! No, we’re quite well balanced.  It’s a very ego-free set.  Even people who might come to work with grand egos tend not to bring them to Doctor Who. You can’t get away with it.  We won’t have any of that nonsense here.  To be honest, none of the individuals on set today would be like that anyway. All the people who’ve been regulars are people who I genuinely enjoy spending time with.  To have them all together in one room is such a treat. It’s a bit distracting at times, because it’s a lot of fun, but I hope everyone is having a good time.  I’m having a ball!

Previous parts are available here:  
[ one ] [ two ] [ four ] [ five ] [ six ] [ seven ] [ eight ]
The rest of the behind-the-scenes photosets are available [ here ]

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How long can the Iwatobi&Samezuka boys+Kisumi last in bed, and how many times can they do it in a night?

(oh my)

Makoto: He’s actually more sensitive than he seems, so he wouldn’t be able to last very long until he gets more experienced with sex. The most he’ll do after the first round is maybe a quickie in the morning, but cuddling is most important to him.

Haruka: Due to how inexperienced he is, he can’t last for very long either, especially if he’s looking at his partner while they’re doing it. He’d feel satisfied enough after one round and hold his partner close.

Nagisa: He’s a complete ball of energy in bed and can go at it for hours, but only if his partner really wants to. The more rounds they go for, the more cuddles he gets, after all.

Rei: Rei is embarrassingly sensitive to how teasing his partner is, but he makes up for it by actually being able to go once or twice. He’ll be completely drained and fall asleep right after, though.

Rin: Rin gets really caught up in the heat of the moment and just as passionate as ever, so he turns into a blushing mess at his partner’s hands and comes loose really easily. He can go two or three times if his partner is up for it.

Sousuke: He can probably last the longest out of the boys, which can make for some very slow and gentle love-making if he feels like it. He’d be fine with only doing it once, but he still has a rather high libido and asks if they’re okay with another round.

Nitori: He’s a complete mess in the sheets and would come to his climax so fast his partner might be surprised at how sensitive he is. He would try to insist that he could go for one more round, but he’d already be half-asleep in his partner’s arms while trying to say so.

Seijuurou: He’s definitely no stranger to intimacy, so he’s always energetic and can last quite a while during sex. He has a lot of stamina, too, so he’d only need to cool down for a few minutes before he rolls on top of his partner with a grin again.

Momotarou: If he happens to catch his partner into bed when his hormones are going wild, he can go at it so many times that his partner might get too exhausted and they’d have to stop. But he also reaches his peak pretty fast and cuddles them lots afterwards. 

Shy’s Summary of Devsteam 60

Hi! So, I’m trying a different layout. Ever so slightly different. I most definitely missed stuff, there was quite a lot today. I tried to pull as much as I can. Feel free to ask question! The asks are always open. :D

Next trial isn’t shipping in 17.5. HOWEVER! The boss fight will be there! (I might have misheard)

Archwing - Quality of Life: HUD getting some much needed tweaks, especially for enemy tracking and the minimap. XP tweaks. AFTERBURNER! Approx 4secs of speedy boost, something like 1.5%.

Arcanes: 17.5 gets some Arcane tweaks. Like a new UI, quicker times and it’ll cost 50k Syndicate Standing to purchase the Arcane Distiller.

Monkey King frame? The Chinese version gets it first. Which is September 25th for the Chinese Open Beta. Approx 30days afterwards, it’ll be introduced into the global build. His name is Wukong.

Star Chart: Still in progress.

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