i might never be okay again

I'm Scared

Okay. I have a terrible thought. So, re next two episodes of Rebels are “Trials of the Darksaber” and “Legacy of Mandalore”. And if you pay attention to the mid-season trailer, we don’t see Sabine in any of the clips that take place AFTER those episodes. It really scares me to think that my second favorite character and one half of my OTP might never be seen again. I SWEAR TO GOD FILONI IF SABINE LEAVES THE CREW I’M GONNA RIP YOUR ARMS OUT OF THEIR SOCKETS LIKE A WOOKIE!!!!!

  • What they say: I'm fine
  • What they really mean: Did you see the hurt on Dirk's face after Todd said he never wanted to see him again? He was so hurt that as soon as they traveled back in time, when he saw the arrow pointed at him his only response was "oh". He took the shot looking like a wounded animal, because all he cares about is Todd, he wanted to solve the case but he knew it might mean Todd hating him. I just want his happiness. Dirk deserves so much love and forgiveness and I just want him to be okay.
  • Two women on the show: *stares dreamily at each other*
  • Friend: hey, that looks like it could be a cute new Lesbian OTP for you!
  • Me: ah..I’m not getting my hopes up. One of them might be straight or with someone, maybe not into anyone at all. That or they might be just be a fling, maybe one of them might wind up leaving the show anyways or shot or killed. I mean for all I know they may never talk or look at each other again or fall for someone else randomly. It’s probably not likely the writers even like these two being friends at all! Or the show may get cancelled.
  • Friend: okay wow, that’s some really negative thinking there..you never know, it may work out!
  • Me, a faberry, Clexa, Swan Queen, Willara, Pousoso, sleeping warrior and brittana shipper: *stares into the camera like the office*
Lock the Door

Genre: Smut
Word Count: 3980-ish
In hindsight, maybe you weren’t that sorry for not locking the door.

A/N: Holy fuck, this is some extra shit. Read at your own risk. The Kook thirst is real. I had this half-written for a while, and then I got a request that was quite similar, so I thought I’d finish it. I might have a thing for the way Kook says ‘noona.’ Shit.

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You knew it was a bad habit, not locking the bedroom door. But locking doors inside your own house had never been required before – growing up, it was discouraged (courtesy of living in a one-bathroom house) – and you didn’t really expect anyone to come barging into your bedroom when you lived in your own apartment.

Then again, you hadn’t expected to have seven rowdy boys hanging out in your small living room that evening, and that happened so…

Okay, you should’ve locked the bedroom door.

But you didn’t.

And that was how you ended up scarring Jeon Jungkook for life. Ish.

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BTS Reaction - When you break up cause you think that you might not be good enough

Thank you anon for this request! To all my beautiful people out there, never let anyone make you feel like you are not good enough <3


“And in what twisted world do you think that i would agree on breaking up because of that? You are my everything and more then good enough”

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“Please say that again. It’s my girlfriend you are badmouthing and that is not okay, even if it’s you talking shit about yourself”

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This sweet angel would not know what to do with the words he had just heard from you. “I need you, and you know that! Please don’t leave me and quit talking like that about yourself, cause it’s heartbreaking to hear my everything getting shit for something that’s not true”

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“Good luck breaking up with me, cause it’s not happening. Now tell me who got this bullshit in to your head, cause i have some business with that asshole”

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“I hate that you feel that way. I just wish that you could see yourself through my eyes. Then you would know how much i need you to be able to live”

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He would not have this. He knew that you had been getting some hate from the fans and could only imagine what you thought of yourself after reading all the comments. He would come home with the biggest bouquet of roses since he knew how much you loved them. “The only thing that matters is that we love each other, and don’t let anyone  say anything else”

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“What made you think like that? You are scaring me, so quit saying those stuff. You know deep down inside that it’s not true”

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Prayer request for a friend

I have an online friend who attempted suicide around Thanksgiving. It was really nerve-wracking not hearing anything for awhile, but we eventually got word that they were okay. They’ve been discharged from residential psychiatric care and seem a lot better, but please pray that they might never feel so low as to attempt suicide again.

Okay you know what I love about this damn show, especially this season? Sure, the episodes might be short, but there is not one clip that doesn’t have a purpose to it and isn’t in some way moving the story line along. It isn’t like other shows where there’s a random specific character storyline each week that adds some comedy and then is never talked about again. Even the cute scenes aren’t there just to be cute, they have a PURPOSE to them. All the clips are so perfectly linked together, and in each clip we learn something new about one of the characters, or later figure out how that clip contributed to their character development. EVEN THE DAMN RANDOM LOCKER SCENES ARE IMPORTANT. That’s why every episode seems to feel so BIG, because there’s never just an episode that can get tossed away as one that doesn’t really matter. And THAT is good writing.

Barry Allen- High school crush

Requested by an anon:  Okay… so this might get a little bit confusing. Can you write a Barry Allen x Smart&Kind!Reader where in high school they both like each other, but they never say anything. Iris is best friends with the reader and knows about the reader’s crush. Years later the Reader a scientist at Mercury Labs needs a sample or something from the forensics lab at the CCPD. They meet again and go on a date. You can make up the rest.

811 words

A/N: Thank you for the request. I wrote most of this with @majorstinkybunny in my free hour at school. The end kinda sucks tho. Feel free to request something :)

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okay, but like, i’m 22 and skam has me all nostalgic, missing my teenage years. crying because teens are so pure and i’ll never be one again. i might never fall in love the way i did when i was a teenager.

but for those of you who are actually 16/17 and can relate to skam’s characters? i’m extremely happy for you.

i wish i would’ve seen a show like this when i was 16. i wish there had been such a strong, supportive group of female characters who are friends, who don’t look perfect, and don’t always have the best behaviors either. because they are learning. friends who help other friends to understand, friends who educate each other. they make each other better, because people need people.

i’m tired of those best tv shows of all time lists, in which all we can see are men killing men, or dealing with drugs, or mistreating women. those may be good for entertainment. but shows like skam is what young people need. or, even, what the world needs. i’m so, so, so happy for those of you who are still in their teenage years, and who are watching skam and feeling everything, and learning and falling in love. i’m so jealous and i love y’all so much.

Despite fear.
Despite fitting in.
Despite judgment.
Despite insecurities.
Despite others standards.
Despite a lack of resources.
Despite anything or anyone.

I will never give up on MYSELF!

Do you need a pick me up today, feeling low, feeling insecure?
Please know that we have all felt this way at one point or another, and that you might feel that way again later in life. What is important to remember is that it is OKAY to not be okay, it is alright to have emotions and feelings, even when they don’t make sense. Always be true to yourself, change when you need to, learn & grow…


-Elliott Alexzander

Another Ride - Chapter 9: Breakfast

Chapter 8

Now what?

That’s where they left it.

Now what?

They heard a noise outside the room they had been hidden in which brought them back to reality. They hurried back into the hall, finding it mercifully empty. They made their way back to the chaos and excitement before anyone could realize they were gone.

But then it was too late to say anything else. With everyone around, they both kept quiet. Aside from a couple quick glances and smiles, that conversation might have never happened. And the kiss.

Sharna smiled, unable to stop herself. She was sitting on her couch now. When she got home that night, she fell onto it and didn’t move again. Her mind was racing. And again the lingering question came back to her.

Now what?

Sharna sat up straight and took a deep breath.

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Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 1,559

Warnings: so.much.angst!

A/N: Sequel to In a State. I had the idea for a while and because I have a final tomorrow, I have to procrastinate. Sorry for the angst (but not really). Idea came to me because of cumonbucky who is a fantastic human being for letting me write about this! I might think of writing a 3rd part…depends if y’all want it or not. As always leave comments.

Update: Next part

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A Caryl prediction/prayer.

Look I don’t care what y’all have to say about it.

If the rumor that Morgan doesn’t tell Daryl about the creepy house is true…

On episode 9 is the episode we are 100% sure Daryl will probably know Carol left. Morgan or someone will probably say some dumb shit like “Don’t be upset man!!! She left but she is okay!!!!” and that scene will most likely be a paralel with the scene on season 3 where Carol says “Daryl left? Just like that?”

Daryl will be sad cause he might never see her again even if she is alive.

He said it himself on Still. “Even if she is alive. You will never see her again!”

So that’s why I think episode 9 might be important for us too. Goodbye.

okay guys, take a seat, cause imma tell y’all a story about how it took me over an hour to fight a drake.

i was in the advanced coliseum as lloyd, and i was getting pretty ducking impatient. it was the 400th time that giant fucking dragon knight blew my ass off with it’s non-elemental FAKE FIRE. LIE FIRE. so i got tired of fighting the small fries over and over again, ya know? so i dug through my inventory and found the devil’s arms.

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Binding Tips

Okay so I’m going to do this for afab bros out there because it’s super important.

1) Never. Ever. Sleep with your binder on. When you sleep you breathe more and then your ribs get all tight and just, you need those.
2) Don’t wear your binder for more than 8-10 hours at a time. Your body needs a break.
3) If you’re relaxing, take it off. You don’t know how tired you might be and you might fall asleep and then break your ribs and once again, you need those.
4) Don’t exercise with your binder on. You need to breathe!
5) Don’t wear it when you’re sick. You might already be coughing and sneezing and you don’t need something making it so you can’t breathe either.
6) Get two if you can. They get gross real quick so you might need one for when the other is washing.

I know I probably missed some stuff so I’m sure one of the other mods will add on later. But really, be safe! I know dysphoria sucks but, you need to breathe.



A Thousand Paper Cranes - Part 1

Hey guys~ 

Sorry this part’s soooo short! I’ve been busy with school exams and assignments! But I still wanted to post something~

I’ll try to continue writing over the weekend!

Enjoy this little fluff! For now…

Read the rest of the story here:
Part 1 Part 2

“Okay Mrs Han, push! Push as hard as you can! She’s already crowning! I can see her!” The doctor sitting in front of you exclaimed.

Your gritted your teeth hard and pushed with all your might, beads of sweat forming on your forehead. You glared at Jumin and growled, “This is all your fault! I’m never sleeping with you again!

Jumin chuckled, his dark eyes lighting up with joy. His melodious laughter resounded throughout the operating room. He kissed your forehead, whispering words of love and encouragement into your ears while holding onto your hand.  You were clutching his hand so tightly that they were white, but he didn’t care.  

You were always so beautiful to him. Even now, bare faced, slightly chubby from the pregnancy and covered with sweat, he still thought you were the most beautiful woman he had ever set his eyes on. No words could ever describe how much he loved you. If he could give you the world, he could.

Finally, after hours of labour, your baby girl was born. Her cries were the most amazing thing you have ever heard. Tears of joy silently rolled down your face and Jumin gently wiped them off as you leaned back, completely spent from your efforts.

The nurses handed your daughter to you. You cradled your baby in your arms, marvelling at her beauty. She was your little miracle, a product of love between you and Jumin.

Looking up at Jumin, you asked, “Have you thought of what to name her yet?”

“Yes I have. You always talk about how much you love the night sky, so how about Byul? Let’s name her after the stars.”

“Byul…” The name rolled easily off your tongue. “Byul…” You loved it. Jumin was always thinking of you, always so thoughtful.


The entire RFA burst into the room, holding all sorts of things in their hands. Soon, your room was filled with flowers, balloons and soft toys.

“Where’s the baby! We want to see the baby!” Seven declared in his usual jovial manner. As they each clambered to take a look at your baby, you could hear hilarious remarks coming from them.

“Argh I hate to admit it, but she’s kind of cute. I can’t believe that jerk Jumin has such a cute baby!” Zen muttered softly.

“Erm.. She kind of looks like a prune though.” Yoosung said sheepishly. Of course, you expected Yoosung to say something like that.

“What do you mean she looks like a prune?! She’s so cute! I wanna pinch and bite her squishy cheeks!” Seven exclaimed.

Hearing that, Jumin’s head jerked up, his eyes shooting daggers at Seven. Hey. You leave my daughter alone. You’ve already abused my cat, I will not let you abuse my daughter as well,” he warned.

“What do you mean abuse?! I didn’t abuse Elly! I love her sooooo much!” Seven retorted. Without waiting for Jumin’s reply, he continued excitedly, “Oooo have you named your baby yet? You should name her Elly! Elly no. 2! It’s such a great name!”

“It’s Elizabeth the 3rd. And no we will not name our daughter Elly. Her name is Byul,” Jumin said exasperatedly.

Jaehee shook her head at the childish banter between Seven and her boss. Even after all this time, some things truly never change. She turned towards you and smiled, “Congratulations MC. She’s beautiful. And Byul is a great name too.”

You laid on the bed, blissfully taking in all the chatter around you. At that moment, everything was perfect, your heart filling up with tremendous joy and love for all your friends and your little family.

You couldn’t believe how much your life has changed after joining the RFA. You got to meet a bunch of great friends, and also got to meet the love of your life. Now, with the addition of a new member in the family, you felt like you were the happiest woman in the world, and you couldn’t wait to spend the rest of your life with your little family. 


I miss you.

God, I miss you.

Did you know you’re still my emergency contact? Sorry about that.

I can’t take it when you hold your mouth like that,
I want to devour you, I want to eat you alive

This is going to sound stupid
You know what, never mind.

Hey, I don’t want to get back together but if you
meet me halfway we can fuck in the back of your car.

How about we just both admit we aren’t sorry.

Hey. Thinking of you again. Sorry.

I mean it this time.

Okay, you know what fuck you. I mean,
FUCK you, but also–fuck you. Fuck.
That’s not what I mean.

I almost bought a plane ticket, today.

I was in love with you and I don’t think I ever mentioned.

I was in love with you and I might have mentioned
but you might have thought it was a joke and I just
want to make sure you know that it wasn’t and I
love you even though I’m not supposed to.


Me again.

—  TEXTS I WON’T EVER SEND by Ashe Vernon

Why have I’ve never seen this?


*The only OTP that matters*

anonymous asked:

UF! Sans, UF!Mettaton and UF!Gaster's reaction to their s/o singing while cleaning around the house?

I’m gonna assume the monsters are still sealed underground in this one, if that’s okay! If it isn’t, tell me and I’ll change it! Might get Gaster a bit wrong, it’s just that it’s the first ask I answer that includes him - Mod Feve


He’s never heard you sing before, but he low key liked it. He’ll yell at you to stop, trying to make you think he doesn’t like it. After a few minutes, Sans will (sort of) apologize about yelling at you and will ask you what you were singing, telling you that it doesn’t mean he wants you to sing again. You’ll hear him a few days later humming what you sang earlier, and he’ll deny the fact that he likes the song, even if it’s pretty obvious that he enjoys it.

UF!Mettaton (he lives in the lab with Alphys, right? Let’s go with that.)

 Hearing you sing distracts him from his (gloomy and self-hating) thoughts. He does like it, and he’s scared that if he says anything, you’ll stop. After you finish singing,if he was still in a bad mood, he might comment on how it was a bit off-tune and tell you that you should practice before singing again. If he wasn’t, he might tell you it was nice, but maybe lower your voice because he was scared that Alphys might hear you.


Even if he acts cold and menacing outside of the lab, he’s actually not so bad in private. Once he hears you sing, he’ll walk over to watch you, and if you stop singing, this could go two ways. He could tell you it was nice, and walk away, or he could encourage you to keep going, telling you that it helps him focus, and then walk away. 

“I Hope You’re Satisfied”


Angelica Schuyler x Reader
Words: 919
anon: Can you do an intolerable pt 2? Your are really sweet and amazing btw

aww thanks anon! you’re really sweet and amazing as well!

have i mentioned satisfied is one of my favourite songs in hamilton? probably not. well fun fact, IT IS THE BEST SONG. EVER. NO ONE FIGHT ME ON THIS.

i cry in satisfied more than i cry in stay alive (reprise) oops.  but anyway

requests are open and i love all of you! i think i might write one more request before i go to bed! (it’s nearly 11 and i have an important meeting tomorrow yikes)



You sat at Eliza’s wedding reception with Angelica at your side, who was fiddling with the skirts of her dress.

“My love, it will all be okay. I promise. It’s just one speech and it’ll all be over. You’ll never have to think about him again,” You said, taking Angelica’s hand.

“But even so, he won’t leave my mind. He hasn’t since the moment I met him… you know that. I just…”

“Angie? Are you ready?” Peggy asked, smiling as she bounced up to your table. Angelica dropped your hand almost immediately, nodding quickly.

“O-Of course Peggy. I’ll be there in a second,” Angelica replied, turning to you. “Save my spot?”

You nodded, giving her an encouraging smile. “You’re going to kill it beautiful,” You whispered, blowing a kiss as she walked away.

You watched as Angelica stood in front of the company of Alexander and Eliza, her hands shaking gently. Her eyes landed on you and she relaxed noticeably as one of Alexander’s friends passed her a wine glass, his drunken figure taking the spot next to you where Angelica had previously been sitting.

“To the groom!” Angelica exclaimed, raising her glass towards Alexander.

“Is this seat taken? A wonderful lady such as yourself shouldn’t be alone on such an occasion as this,” He asked, turning to you and smirking. You could smell alcohol on his breath as he spoke, and when you looked into his eyes they were… different. You could tell he was intoxicated.

“To the bride!”

“It is actually,” You replied, turning away from the man. He took your hands, turning you back towards him. The first thing you noticed was dented wedding ring on his hand. You gulped.

“My name is John Laurens. I’m honoured to make the acquaintance of such a woman,” He said, placing a sloppy kiss upon your hands.

“Are you married, Mr Laurens?” You questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“From your sister, who is always by your side!”

“Yes, but I don’t see why that means we can’t have fun. Are you familiar with the area Miss? If you’ve travelled far, I’m sure there’s room at my hotel. I’d be happy to show you around New York…”

“It’s fine. I’m actually staying with the Schuyler’s… and I am currently seeing someone, so I’d appreciate it if you could maybe…”

“To your union…”

John dropped your hands, standing and cupping his hands over his mouth. “To the revolution!” He yelled, chuckling drunkenly. Angelica glanced at the two of you, frowning and hesitating before raising her glass a final time.

“May you always be satisfied,” she finished, taking a sip of her wine as everyone else did the same. She placed the wine down on a table, exiting the hall where the reception had been held. You frowned.

“It really has been… lovely Mr Laurens, but I have some business to attend to elsewhere. Enjoy your evening,” You said quickly, standing and picking up your skirts as your hurried after Angelica.

You found her sitting on the steps of the hall, her head in her hands. You sat down next to her, pulling her into a hug.

“Angie… we talked about this. You didn’t have to make the speech if you didn’t feel ready…”

“But that’s the thing, I thought I was ready. But I looked into his eyes for a split second and I swear I saw my life flash before my eyes… I d-don’t think I can do this anymore…”

“Do what?” You asked quietly, taking her hands in yours and squeezing them.

“Be with you! All we do is sneak around, and when I’m alone all I can think of is his eyes… I can’t stay with you knowing all I can think about is him… my sister’s husband… it’s wrong. All of this is wrong. You do understand, don’t you?”

You took a deep breath, holding your chin high. “O-Of course I understand. I’m going to go to the powder room. You’ll be alright here for a little while, won’t you?” You asked. Angelica nodded.

“I’m so sorry… I thought I could be satisfied…”

You shook your head sadly, standing and going back inside. You sat down at the table where John Laurens was still seated, laughing his head off at something that seemed funny to only him. He turned to you, flashing you a big grin.

“That was some incredibly quick business. Usually when women leave, they don’t come back… you’re different,” John said, giggling quietly. You sighed, looking at the mess of a man that stood in front of you.

He was a soldier. And sure, he was poor, but he was a high ranked soldier. Your family would be proud of you. There was no way in hell they would’ve let you marry Angelica anyway.

“Mr Laurens, I do believe my schedule over the next few nights has cleared up. If you would like, I am willing to come back to your hotel and stay with you for as long as possible,” You said, smiling weakly. John smiled wide.

“It’d be an honour, Miss.”

He stood, taking your hand and pulling you out of your seat. The two of you headed for the door, passing Angelica on the way out.

Angelica frowned at the two of you and for a moment, your eyes met.

“I hope you’re satisfied,” She whispered. Your head dropped as you let the drunken figure of John Laurens drag you to a carriage, taking you away from the love of your life.