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“Role Reversal”
But more like a Family Picture of the Kamiki-Okumura Family. Hahahaha.

//Was plannig to ink this, but my mom is already holding a belt so goodnight!
Imagine if this was a cover of the manga??

Klangst - Don’t Keep it Bottled Up, part 1

Back with another headcanon! I started this a while back, but I’ve been taking forever writing it (thank you for your patience @treasuredbuns!) and I decided to split it up. This headcanon is a result of my need to write some angst after writing so much fluff recently. Though I feel like I still backed out of the angst a little bit…

I apologise for any mistakes and OOCness that might appear/occur. Part 2 is now up, and you will be able to find more headcanons on my headcanon masterpost. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

The paladins continued to use the mind-melding training since it really was a good exercise for them to practice focusing. It helped them to better understand one another and strengthen the bonds between them as they each trusted each other with their thoughts and feelings.

Well, it was supposed to.

After one particularly long day of training, it seemed as if Lance and Keith’s patience with each other had peaked.

“Lance, stop daydreaming we’re trying to train here!”

“Uh, excuuuse me?! I think you’ll find you’re the one who needs to concentrate more! Your projection keeps losing focus!”

“Well, at least mine is sticking to one image, yours keeps changing!”

“Come on, guys, that’s enough! We can’t train if all you can think about is fighting.” Sure enough, just as Shiro said, their images were now completely indiscernible as their minds filled with irritation. Coran had always warned them how the mind-melding never worked well with emotions. However, the two of them didn’t seem to hear his scolding, continuing to bicker with each other. Shiro sighed, knowing now that they could keep this up for a good hour or so. “We’ll stop there for today, I think we all need a rest.”

“And food! I’m starving. Anyone else fancy something to eat?” Hunk asked as he removed the headset.

“Sure, I could do with something!” Pidge replied as she tried to shake some feeling into her dead legs.

“Sounds good. Keith, Lance, are you going to join us?” Neither one replied to Shiro as they stared each other down. Sighing in defeat, Shiro followed Pidge and Hunk out of the training room, hoping that the two of them would finish their squabbling soon.

Lance narrowed his eyes at Keith, a deep scowl on his face. That was it, Keith couldn’t stand it anymore.

“WHAT is your problem with me?!” If possible, Lance’s frown deepened.

“What do you mean?! I think you’ll find that you have just as much a problem with me!”

“What?!” Keith asked incredulously. “I think you’ll find that you are the one who’s been hostile since we first met!”

“-asn’t our first meeting…” The words were so quiet compared to their earlier shouts, that Keith barely caught any of the uttered sentence.


“I said that I can’t see what’s so special about you!” Keith blinked in bewilderment, his mouth opening and closing a few times as he tried to process what Lance said.

“Since when did I ever say I was spe-?”

“You didn’t have to! Everyone else said it enough times!” Keith was well and truly lost. What was Lance on about?! Lance didn’t notice Keith’s anger being replaced by confusion, turning to curiosity as Lance’s projection started becoming clearer again.

“Back at the garrison all I’d hear is how great Keith is! “Passed your flight theory? Well Keith passed his a year early!”, “Keith’s the top of his class again”, “Keith’s such a prodigy, I wonder if he’ll graduate early?”. It didn’t matter what I did, it wasn’t any good. Not whilst you were impressing everyone around you. It was like I was invisible!”

Keith eyes flickered between Lance’s projection of snippets of the garrison, of faces in uniform with scowls bearing down, and Lance’s face. His shouts had become louder and hysterical. Pent up frustrations making his voice crack and his eyes shine with gathering tears. But Keith was still lost. Had they really said so much about him?! He could barely remember the garrison from before Shiro left. He had always strived to catch up to him and afterwards he could only remember how the commanders would scold him. Dismiss him. Had they really held him in such high regard?!

Lance didn’t even pause for breath before he continued. Eyes wild, like Keith had never seen before.

“Even after they expelled you, they couldn’t shut up about you! You didn’t even have to be there for them to rave about your abilities! Meanwhile it took everything I had just to be noticed. To be referred to something other than “not as good as Keith”.” Keith was starting to get worried. He’d never seen Lance so worked up before.


“Even now, all the team knows how talented you are. Allura didn’t even have to know you to know that /you/ should pilot Red! Shiro depends on you, trusts you more than anyone! Yet no one will listen to me, or even consider what I’m saying until someone backs me up!”


“I’m tired of being called stupid!”

“Lance, no one calls you stupid-”

“They don’t need to! It’s obvious they think that!”

“Lance, calm down! You’re not thinking straight! You know we all-”

“No! Don’t you /dare/ speak like you know how I feel! You don’t know what it’s like to /not/ be loved by everyone!” Keith’s mouth, which had opened to retaliate, shut with a snap. His eyes, which had been clear, glossed over. The change was enough to get Lance’s attention. He winced as his head was suddenly filled with emotions which weren’t his own.

Fear and a deep /aching/ sadness. Loneliness. Images flashed before him, so engrossing that Lance couldn’t tell if they were projections or in his mind. The details were lost, only shapes and muffled sounds flickered through the haze. Backs turned; smiles facing away from him; dark places; fear, a young naïve fear, like that of monsters.

There are people, but they aren’t there for him. There are hands, but they don’t hold him. They shove and they sting. They are cold. There is no warmth. There are laughs, but he can’t laugh with them. Mouths hidden behind hands failing to keep the voices from his ears. He knows he doesn’t belong, but there’s nowhere else.

Is there?

Then he’s running. Because there must be a place. Somewhere, anywhere. He just wants someone to hol-

The image was ripped from Lance’s mind and he winced, eye blinking rapidly to adjust to the room. His eyes found the shattered remains of a headset. He watched as the boot raised itself from the wreckage, metal dropping from the sole in ‘ping’s. As his eyes followed the boot, he was reminded as to where he was. Who he was with. What he was doing.

“/I’m/ the one who doesn’t know…?” Keith’s voice was quiet, shaking. Disbelieving. Lance could hear his laboured breathing. Quick, short gulps of air. Keith’s face was stricken. Lance could feel his words weigh as lead in his stomach. He felt sick. And yet he was the one who…

“Keith, I-!” As Lance started, Keith convulsed, finally coming back to himself before he adopted a cold mask. Lance shivered at the look he received. And then Keith was going, taking long, heavy strides which carried him to the door before Lance even registered his movement.

Then he was gone, leaving Lance staring at the door as if he might reappear. He was like that for a few seconds, minutes maybe, then he slumped, all fight gone from him as the situation sunk in. He had never seen Keith’s face so devoid of emotion.

He looked down to the shards of the headset, feeling similar shards digging into his chest. It was like he could see their bond in tatters, scattered at his feet. He hadn’t even realised just how close they’d become, consumed with his jealousy, blinding him to the truth. Until the extent of what he’d lost was laid in front of him. Utterly broken and torn. He’d done that.

He’d always been good at breaking things. He only wished he knew how to fix it. He only hoped it /could/ be fixed. His hands pulled at his hair, the pain grounding.

Why did he always have to mess things up? Oh… great. Even Lance didn’t like himself now.

Aaaand that’s where part 1 ends! Hope you liked it and check out part 2! Again, I’m always happy to chat about Voltron or discuss/create headcanons with people (I’ve been having some great conversations with people recently! You know who you are - thank you!).

Lineart by Raimugurin Otaku a.k.a Nico, an fb friend of mine

ahhh… it has been a while since i last use watercolor instead of the usual marker…. i guess i need to practice more in case my marker got dried, in fact, my marker really do dries fast. watercolor coloring is more time consuming but its cheaper.

Sorry Nico, i used ur lineart instead of drawing one myself

this art done mostly because i lose a bet against him. yeah i might rp as uno…. but i totally dont have good luck like he did! so dont ever make a bet with me anymore! ………*sigh* one more drawing to go…also losing bet with another person….. *stare at @madarashin and pouts*

nico, i hope you’re still around even though i know your account has been deactivated again and again. hope you’re satisfied with this coloring.

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Hey Greer, on mobile so I can't view all the links so sorry about this! Do you do commissions? If so, about how much would they range?

I certainly do! 

so I work in 2 style (horrible drawings & risograph), one of which is speedy/cheap to produce, while the other is a large time/money investment. you can check out examples of both at greerstothers.com

because the drawings are so quick, I can sell them indiscriminately from my store. like, here’s the link to an $11 sketch on a 5x7 card, & here’s the link to get that design uploaded onto clothing, which costs $20.

special sketches that take longer will cost more. like, a small tattoo design will be $35 (which can be deposited into my tip jar) because I’ll redraw it over & over to get it *perfect*, and a scene like the Gay Cat Romance might cost $40-50, because it’s actually a compilation of several smaller drawings (background + cats + text) composited digitally with colour/texture added.

now, onto risograph! because these commissions take away the time I’d spend on personal art, I’m SUPER picky about the subject. any form of paleoart, I’ll do. if it’s an animal I’ve been itching to draw, I might even give a healthy discount (though I won’t go lower than $200). I need more practice drawing humans & urban environments, so atm I’ll do those subjects too. you can email info@greerstothers.com to work out the details


So it’s very, VERY rare for me to take, much less post, straight-on pictures of my face. I think because I feel like I resemble more characters at an angle, whereas straight-on, my features don’t suit very many, and I’m practiced at doing a ¾ turn in just about all my photos. :p Garona might be the exception, though. Big brows and cheekbones. I need more characters with big brows and cheekbones! Ideas? 

RFA+Saeran & V Couples Matching Halloween Costumes

Here I go again. I want fan art for all of these, I need to practice my drawing skills! 

Yoosung and MC as Zelda and Link 

  • He gets to be the hero :’)
  • Even though we’re calling the shots *wink wink, nudge nudge*
  • Video Game themed of course 

Zen and MC as Maverick and Charlie from Top Gun

  • All the dramatic shots he could want
  • Look, some of us already question Zen’s sexuality so this works for me
  • Did you even see the Volley Ball scene? Did you? 

Jaehee and MC as Max and Caroline from 2 Broke Girls

  • Jaehee already has the sass
  • And the ass
  • It’s similar to her work attire so she might feel more comfortable wearing it out

Jumin  and MC as Batman and Catwoman from the DC Universe 

  • It’s perfect, fight me on this one
  • Mr. Trust fund kid will enjoy this way more than you
  • If he lets you leave the house that is

Saeyoung and MC as Han Solo and Princess Leia

  • Before you complain about why 7 gets two pictures, it’s because there’s 2 outfit choices. Duh. 
  • He loves space and he looks great cross dressing
  • I assume with the 2nd outfit everyone demands he put some clothes on
  • Expect us fans, am I right? ヘ( ^o^)ノ\(^o^ )ヘ

Saeran and MC as Sandy and Danny from Grease

  • The boy looks good in black and or leather
  • He would love to see an edgier side to you ;)
  • The hair might be an issue but we’re gonna roll with it

V and MC as Alice and the Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland 

  • That’s right people, I didn’t do a blind theme here
  • Because V is so precious and innocent
  • Him in bunny ears? Kill me, please. 
  • It’s comfortable and cute

I need to go repent for my sins now.

possumpuppy said: to blondie’s fuck friend, what is a hairline?
donovan: your hairline is where the hair on your head meets your forehead and temples. your forehead is the part of your face above your eyebrows. hair, in this situation, means the fine threads made out of keratin growing from your scalp. let me know if ive lost you

soup-place said: I have questions for your characters are they good dudes or spicy ? Huh
donovan: what?
ian: im – im a good dude
jules: i can do both

poptart42 said: What’s Ian’s favorite thing to do in the rare/nonexistent instances where he feels safe?

nerbull said: Hi, @ Donovan, what kind of weather do you like?
donovan: love those huge thunder storms where it feels like the world might be ending. but, more practically, 75 degrees and sunny

Anonymous said: Can we see ians peen again
ians peen is on vacation and is not taking work calls

Anonymous said: Ian, I have a question, do u like jolly ranchers?? If so what flavor?? I like red n blue
ian: im not a fan. they make my teeth feel like theyre going soft. i can say, though, that purple is the worst

fart-czar said: Hey Donovan, Do you have romantic feelings for Ian? Or do you just like him platonically, and occasionally bang for fun?
donovan: we fill each others needs pretty well. thats all i got

parq-stuff said: What are their favorite TV shows /cartoons?
ian watches bob ross & infomercials & cooking shows & like, boxing. or horse racing. mostly to just have some noise & something to watch without having to concentrate. donovan watches bob ross & cooking shows with ian & tries to get him to laugh. he also likes true crime shows. he starts series on netflix but never finishes them. jules watches all the good shit u kno it👍👍👌👌✌

strusork said: How many things has Ian eaten (or atrempted to eat) that he shouldn’t
hes eaten at least one dumpster hotdog. he ate a donut he found in the grass as a dare. once he was walking past an outdoor restaurant patio & there were two half-full glasses of riesling on a table & he drank them & nobody noticed. he ate some questionable carrots, also out of a dumpster, because he thought eating some vegetables would make him feel better, but they didnt

asdclaptrap said: yeah. what’s ian’s relationship with his parents? ive always been curious.
ian is not in communication with his parents and has not been for several years. this is by his design

Prompt: class 77 wakes up and their reactions

A/N I finally wrote this. I don’t know why it took me so long when I just wrote Afterlife Theater on the spot (probably because I’m bitter that Nanami’s the only one dead)

here’s the sequel/reconcilation

Beyond This Point - the sdr2 kids wake up

“The only thing beyond this point is a bright and shining future!”

Brightness. That was the first thing that greeted them when they first woke up from the deepest slumber that lasted for weeks. Or perhaps greeted may not be the right word to describe it. At the final trial, while they were all in the throes of despair, a ray of hope pierced through the darkness. A hope bright enough to outshine the darkness of despair. It was with that brightness that they all decided to vote for the future. And they carried that brightness with them even as they woke up.

But brightness does not exist by itself. Just as there is light, there are also shadows looming over. The hope they had within them was the brightest but at the same time, they carried the darkest of despairs. They were former SHSL Despairs. All of them were. They woke up painfully aware of this fact. A year filled with horrendous acts, all of which done by none other than themselves, all of those memories had suddenly burst forth inside their heads.

They had only been victims of a mutual killing game for the past weeks and now they rediscovered that they themselves were perpetrators of despair.

Whether it was the five of them or the rest of the fifteen of them, they all suffered through the shock of their own sins. It was especially harder for the original five survivors who first woke up. They had just barely accepted the facts during the final trial but to be faced with them with no hope of ever denying this horrendous truth, they had to bear with it and carry on.

Because amidst the despair was hope and not all memories were horrible.

They remembered. They remembered all of the events that happened in the “game”. They remembered how they bonded and trusted each other. They remembered the very few and fleeting moments wherein they were just genuinely happy and enjoying each other’s company. They remembered far more. They remembered their days at Hope’s Peak Academy. They remembered how innocent they were and how much fun they used to have. They remembered how a certain someone had brought hope into their lives.

They remembered Chiaki Nanami. Both of them.

They remembered and they also lived. Unlike her, they were given a second chance to live and even a shot at redemption. And they’d be damned if they don’t honor her sacrifices.

The first one to wake up was not Hinata. In fact, he was the last one to regain consciousness. There was a logical explanation for this and he struggled to hold on to the fleeting dream that he chased after.

“I’m happy… and also proud…” Everything was fading fast and that included Nanami who seemed less solid with every passing second. And yet despite this, her smile was still bright and unfaltering. Hopeful. “Good job on making it this far… Thank you… for protecting everyone…”

“But I didn’t do anything! I couldn’t even protect you!” Hinata shouted as his voice choked on a sob. He tried to reach for her but his hands never quite reached her for some strange reason. It was just that she was within sight but out of reach. And soon, she’d be out of existence. More tears prickled his eyes as he desperately yelled, “I could have saved you but I didn’t!”

“That’s because I… don’t need saving.” She calmly replied with a gentle tone. “From the very beginning… my existence was born to save you and not the other way around…” She gently placed a hand over her chest and smiled softly. “But I’m happy… because you still tried… You’ve already done so much… and that’s more than enough for me… thank you…”

“But that’s not enough! You deserve better!” He objected with all his might. Maybe if he just yelled with all his emotions, she’d be able to stay with him. He knew it was futile though. Just seeing her lose her tangible form was terrifying him because he could practically see her existence being wiped out right in front of him. “Don’t go! Not yet! I… still don’t know what to do! We still need you! I need you!”

“It’s okay… you don’t need to worry… everyone’s with you…” She smiled at him one last time and it was her brightest and warmest yet. She waved him goodbye. “Even… me…”

When Hinata woke up, he was Kamukura and there were tears in his eyes and a hairclip was clenched tightly in one hand.

He blinked the tears away and once his vision cleared, so did everything else. There was no lag time between his awakening and his regaining of his memories. There was no need for an inner turmoil on his part despite waking up with two personalities. He was the helpless Hinata and he was also the emotionless Kamukura at the same time. And somewhere in there was the Hinata of the game who found the courage and strength, and hope to carry on.

He didn’t have time to dwell on the past because he was too busy working on their future. The future they fought and won for.

Five was not a number that he was satisfied with and so he worked out a way to get it up to fifteen. If there was any order as to who woke up first, then it wasn’t intentional. The first one who woke up was Twogami who informed them that he had full memories even if he was skeptical of some of them. Not long after was Teruteru who woke up more terrified than the former. They figured out a pattern from there and welcomed Koizumi when she woke up confused and afraid.

Pekoyama woke up to Kuzuryuu crying over her.

Her gaze immediately softened at the sight of him. “I’ve returned, young master.” She said with a smile she didn’t know she was wearing.

“Idiot. I know you fucking remember! So stop with this master bullshit!” Kuzuryuu scolded her but despite its harshness, it sounded endearing in her ears. “You’re a fucking person and dammit, I’m your friend!” He bawled over when he saw her take in a sharp breath. “And goddammit, don’t ever do anything that stupid again or I swear I’ll kill you!”

She felt the air knock right out of her lungs when he lunged forward and held her in an embrace. It was odd how she was the one who died but he was clinging on to her as if his life depended on it. She let herself cry over the fragile action. Tools don’t cry when they break but she was not a tool. She was a person, a person who was broken far too many times and so for the first time in a long while she allows herself to break in a different way. She broke down. And together, they’d pick up the pieces after.

When Saionji woke up, Koizumi was there to soothe her anguished screams.

“It’s over. It’s alright now. Sshh.” Koizumi whispered in her ear as she held her. Her voice sounded strained from holding back her sobs but the warmth seeped through as Saionji almost melted in her arms. “I’m here now.” And although Saionji cried out like a kid, there was no shame in that, only hurt. She cried and cried until she could only whimper, and then it was Koizumi who cried in her place. And when their tears dried, the faintest flickers of a smile shone on their faces.

Ibuki woke up not long after that and followed by a guilt-ridden Mikan.

“I’m s-sorry! I’m s-so sorry!” Mikan wailed as she knelt as soon as she could and her forehead hit the floor with a loud thump. Unlike everyone else who cried out of sorrow mixed with relief, Mikan cried for forgiveness. “Please, f-forgive me!”

“A second life! What sorcery is this?!” Ibuki had a more energetic reaction upon waking up. She took it all in stride despite the worry that etched her features. “Tsumiki mouse! Enough with the drama bomb. Let’s just reload our save file and be besties again! Ibuki lost an extra life no biggie and Hiyo-yo is fine too, see!” Mikan wanted to protest against that but it was hard to do just that when she was overwhelmed by three girls hugging her. She stopped crying for forgiveness and then just started simply crying. She cried harder when everyone else chipped in to comfort her.

Nidai was the only one who woke up grinning.

“Hahaha! It looks like all worked out well! Good job, everyone!” He laughed, so full of life and the rest couldn’t help but be infected by his good vibes.

“Uwaaah! Old man! You’re finally back!” Owari cried as she tackled him to the ground just as soon as he sat up. “I missed your kickass ass so much! Waaah!” She practically bawled all over him as she held him in a lock. Her arms unconsciously gripped around him tighter at the feeling of warm flesh unlike his cold metallic body from before.

“Excellent grip! It’s good to see you so full of energy!” He praised her as he laughed again, the sound bounced off the walls with much zeal. They don’t dwell much in tears and not even half an hour later, they’re already out in a bout. Unlike everyone else, they talked through their fists and so they poured their feelings into their first match since they woke up. It was a long overdue fight and they fought with the promise of more to come.

Everyone had expected Gundam to have a long-winded speech for when he rose from the dead.

However, before she could even utter a single word, he was fighting for breath first since Sonia had him pinned in his pod. “Oh, Tanaka! You have finally returned to us! I missed you so much! Thank the gods for bringing you back!” She breathed as she squeezed the breath right out of him.

“M-My lady! Nggh… She-cat! Release me… my Dark Queen!” He grunted out his words and it took an audible gasp for Sonia to come to her senses and ease her hold. She had quite the surprising grip despite her misleading appearance. Once he was able to catch his breath again, he smiled triumphantly. “We meet again, dear mortals! I, Tanaka the Forbidden One, have descended into the fiery pits of hell and rose from it again to rule this mortal realm! Bask in the glory of the ressurection of your king who not even death could hold back!”

Sonia barked a laugh as she wiped away her tears at his usual display. It was a tremendous comfort to hear his actual boisterous voice and the deep rumble of his trademark chuckle with her ears rather than with her mind. It was just like him to leave with a dramatic exit and to return with just as much grandeur. She clutched onto his scarf and her heart drummed an extra beat when she felt the steady rise and fall of his chest. He was so full of life now as he tried to live up to his image.

With much tenderness, he reached a hand forward and cupped her face. She leaned towards his touch without hesitation. She couldn’t tell if it was her heart or his which was beating faster and louder. His voice was lowered until a certain softness could be heard in it as he murmured, “I applaud your tenacity, oh queen of darkness. You have fought well and lived accordingly to the will of causality. It gives me joy to see your fighting spirit bursting in flames.”

She cried harder at this and the tears just soaked through his bandages. When she felt the soothing rub of his thumb on her cheek, she was practically bawling over. His other arm snaked to her back where he patted her comfortingly. Sonia vaguely remembered when she sobbed over his trial and when she first woke up but he didn’t. Both were painful memories for her. But this was not painful, at least not in the same sense. This time she cried and she could feel the pain subside with every sob and hiccup. He was too tough to show his tears aside from the scarce few that trickled his cheeks but that’s alright. Yes, it would be alright, they would be alright.

She could feel the rumble in his throat, a sign that he was about to say something, but he was interrupted first. “Alright, alright. He’s alive. We get it. Join the rest of the ressurected club.” Souda said flippantly as he crouched next to his pod. Despite the tone of his voice, tears shone in his eyes and the smile on his face was genuine. “Welcome back, you pretentious bastard.”

“Ah, so the pathetic mortal lives.” Gundam quipped with a smirk.

“Pathetic?” Souda looked absolutely taken aback by the unexpected insult. And so he immediately fell back into old habits. “Dude, look who’s talking! Seriously, you talk like a kid with 8th grade syndrome even though we’re past high school! If anyone’s pathetic here it’s you and your demonic crap!”

“What is a god to an ignorant non-believer? Still all powerful and less benevolent that is. I would choose my words carefully if I were you, foolish mortal.” Gundam retorted haughtily. Souda looked like he was about to burst and Sonia laughed at their usual banter. This was safe and familiar. This was how they used to be. This was how they were supposed to be. This was how they knew that they were going to be alright.

Finally, Komaeda was the last one to wake up.

“Hey! Can you hear me?”

When Komaeda woke up, the first thing that registered his vision was a pair of mismatched eyes staring. “Ahh… Izuru Kamukura?” He asked tentatively. But when his vision cleared somewhat, the blurriness revealed a familiar face. “No, you’re Hajime Hinata, right?”

“They’re both me.” He said as he offered a hand.

“I knew you’d make it to the lowest stratum. I believed in you.” Komaeda replied with a heartfelt smile as he accepted the helping hand.  "How are the others?“

He smiled and as if on cue the doors opened behind him to reveal the rest of their classmates. “You’re the last one out.”

Brightness. That was what he thought when he saw all of his friends right before him. They were all shards of hope shining brightly and overtaking his vision. They were hope bright enough to outshine the darkness of despair. It was with that same brightness that they all decided to vote for the future. No, maybe not exactly the same. They seemed brighter now, radiant even. It was a brilliant brightness full of hope towards the future.

Komaeda couldn’t have been more grateful than to be a part of this hope. He smiled brightly as reunited with them. “Sorry to keep you waiting. I overslept a bit.” They welcomed him back just as brightly in their own unique ways.

And as the whole class set off towards the future, they still carried with them their past.

In the back of their minds, buried not so deep, were precious memories of her. And if they listened closely with their heart, they could still hear her voice encouraging as always. “I’ll never forget about you guys… I’ll be cheering for you guys from now on… from somewhere. ‘Cause… we’re friends, after all.”

They move on. They move forward. They move without looking back because everything they need is already with them, beside them. Beyond this point was the future they worked hard on, her in particular. She’s still with them just unseen with eyes. She’s with them in spirit. And with everyone together and whole again, they take the first step towards the future.

“If you guys carried the burden of both hope and despair, you should even be able to create the future! Come on, let’s go. We’ll make our future together!”

too-many-fandoms666  asked:

GOM + kagami, himuro, and Haizaki hearing their s/o coming out as bisexual to them?

Kagami: He doesn’t really understand what it means at first because he was never the type to be interested in learning about sexuality and such, but once you explain it to him he’d be cool with it. It’s just another part of you, after all.

Kuroko: Might be taken aback but soon relaxes and nods his head. As he grabs your hand and gently pulls you onward, he thinks it definitely explains some things. Don’t worry, Tetsu’s chill.

Kise: What terrible news! Now everyone has a chance to steal you away! As he shrieks around the apartment, you can only smile bitterly. Does he even realize that decision involves you as well?

Aomine: Smirks. Smirks galore. “So you swing both ways, huh? Nice.” Expect to be teased mercillesly but don’t be fooled. Now he’s watchful around the other sexes as well.

Midorima: pulls out his bible. Being more of a conservative person, Midorima might give you some odd looks but won’t actually comment further than the initial //clears throat “Is that so…”.

Murasakibara: “Hm? OK~” That’s it. That’s all you get. He gives you one looks and continues eating. Just don’t do anything about your attractions and it’s fine with him.

Akashi: “Oh? Really now?” he might be well informed, but he’s still someone who was raised strictly. You might need to explain some things to him, but other than that, it’s okay with him. Same as Aomine though, he becomes even more alert to who’s checking you out.

Himuro: He appreciates the fact you told him and thanks you, but doesn’t really have much of a reaction to it. I mean, he and Kagami both were practically raised by Alex. No further comments needed.

Haizaki: “You fucking with me? ‘Cuz I’ve been meaning to ask you about threesom–” as you hit him as hard as you can in the face and sigh, you ponder: What did you actually expect from Haizaki?

anonymous asked:

Hey! Hi i love your writing from the stories i read so far <3! But i was wondering have you heard the song jumin's voice actor sang for star project being "beautiful chaser"? (I feel like it could relate to his feelings) If so, could you do a story were jumin is secretly a singer? And mc and zen find out by going to some concert that another friend or something recommended :D? You dont have to if you dont wanna ;0;

Aw, thank you!!! Also, I haven’t, I’ve only heard Love Song and that ruined my life and I still cry when I think about it asdkfjsklfjasl

But I’d be more than happy to do the request regardless!! I think it’d be interesting to somehow make singing and Jumin’s character correlate, hopefully, I’ll be put it in the way you’re hoping for!!

If you wish for this to be changed in any way please let me know!! This is your request and I want to be able to comply to it as best as I can!! 

This makes me think of Ron Swanson and his secret jazz career ajfksdlfjaslkfsajk

Anyhow, thank you again and have a fantastic day!! Enjoy!


“Has anyone ever told you that you have a great voice?”

Jumin looked to you curiously, eyes wide, a hint of a grin tugging at his lips.

“Where’d that come from?”

“I just heard you singing quietly, it sounded really nice is all.” You complimented. “I liked it.”

He softened, dipping his head thoughtfully.

“Thank you, that’s kind of you to say.”

“Of course,” You beamed, a question emerging in your head. “But what song was that? I don’t think I’ve ever heard it before.”

“It was a song my great grandmother made for my father when he couldn’t sleep, he passed it onto me when I began having restless nights,” He answered. “It stuck in my head after awhile.”

“You had trouble sleeping when you were little?”

“My home life was…unhealthy to say the least,” He crinkled his nose, frowning. “Sleep was more so a luxury than something one would get on a daily basis, I suppose I can still relate to that now.”

“I’m so sorry about that,” You murmured, reaching out to set a comforting hand on his shoulder. “You shouldn’t have to deal with that.”

He warmed at your assurance, simpering lightly.

“Thank you, you have a beautiful heart,” He muttered. “I’m surprised someone like you is in my life.”

“Aw come on, don’t start with that,” You puffed out your cheek indignantly. “I spend time with you because I want to because I think you’re a good person, I really do.”

“You just might be the only person.”

Yet before you could snap back at him with encouragement, he smiled, something like pink speckling his cheeks.

“But that’s more than enough.”

You hadn’t quite realized the emotion behind the words, but they left a warmth budding in your chest all the same.

Not that you’d ever admit it.

But you found that afterward, he began to hum more around your presence, always adoring how you’d sway slightly from side to side.

His voice simply fit.

Truthfully, someone as initially as stern as Jumin never appeared to be someone you’d think to have such a talent.

Yet as you heard it more and more, you couldn’t see him without associating the gentle fond voice.

You hadn’t thought there could be anyone better.

Until Zen called you, with an invitation.

“You heard of this guy?” You listened to Zen over the phone as he drowned you in messages of articles and photos of the ‘mysterious’ sensation. “My fans kept sending me things about this guy, asking if I was secretly him!”

“Are you?”

“If I added singer onto my already amazing resume I don’t think the world could manage it MC,” He laughed. “Let’s be reasonable here.”

“Right of course.”

“What do you think of him?”

“I don’t know anything about him, what about you, got any details?”

“A lot of my fans called him ‘Songbird’ but he doesn’t have any actual stage name. Songbird is the most widely accepted one I think?”

“He didn’t name himself or anything?”

“Nope, apparently the guy doesn’t even talk much-sounds ungrateful if you ask me.”

“Whether or not you talk often doesn’t determine if you’re a good person,” You scoffed. “I thought that was something pretty clear.”

“Well-I know but he’s getting more and more popular by the second! You’d think he’d be a little more grateful!”

“I’m sure he is, you shouldn’t even be making judgments, I mean you don’t really have any face to face first impression with him.”

“But I will!”

“What do you mean?”

“One of my fantastic fans sent a couple tickets with their letter to me, I was thinking we should go and see if the guy can live up to his reputation,” You knew the corners of his lips were turned upwards as he continued. “you in?”

You smirked.

And nodded.


“Sweet! It starts at eight, so I’ll come get you at six or so, traffic’s going to be a killer,” He withheld a groan. “Be sure to sneak in snacks also, you know how deadly concession prices are.”

“Right, right, I got it covered don’t worry.”

“See you then?”


And soon enough, it came.

You met Zen at the concert, surprised to find it in a much smaller space than expected, an easy, comfortable venue, even with the piles of people spilling in. 

“You know, by the way you hyped this up I thought I’d have to reserve a seat a year in advance.” You joked, finding him amongst the line. 

“No, it’s like a secret thing…?” He pursed his lips, trying to figure what exactly to say. “Like…people know about it but they don’t want to over-popularize it, keeps it nice that way for some.” 

“You have high hopes for this?” 

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least kind of excited.” 

You snickered weakly, shrugging modestly. 

“Me too.” 

You were lead inside shortly after, seating yourself in the middle of the venue, tapping your fingertips eagerly against the surface of the table, your gaze darting from side to side as though expecting to find something. 

And yet as something did finally happen, you were stone cold.

And you didn’t dare move. 

You watched as people began to softly cheer and greet the musician as he approached the stage, his features hidden and murky beneath the lights, his hair swept back, only a few strands curling about his gaze that kept low to the ground. 

He wore a dark suit, sleeves rolled up to his elbow, the coat buttoned down the middle. 

He reminded you of someone.


Yet that wasn’t what did it.

What made the puzzle pieces connect in her head was something else entirely.

His voice. 

It had taken a moment, sinking into the words as he began, his words soft and warm.

Just as someone else’s was. 


It was just like his, the only thing different now being the smile tugging at the ends of his lips as though memories were now laced with the song.

The tune he had hummed before you.

And like that, the pieces connected.

And your jaw dropped. 

“Oh my goodness…” You murmured, hovering your hand over your mouth. “I can’t-” 

“What?” Zen twisted to meet you, his brow furrowed. “The guy’s good but what’s the matter with-” 

“I know who it is.” 

Zen somehow managed to choke on air, sputtering into coughs as he jerked up to you. 

“Are you some sort of detective?” 

“It’s Jumin!” You exclaimed, unsure of how exactly you were meant to feel. “It’s Jumin…!” 

“Holy-” He held back a curse, scrambling for his phone. “He’s exposed!” 

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you can’t expect me to not confront him about this!” He cried. “I mean by the look of Jumin you’d think he’d stare at paint drying for fun! What does he think he’s doing being a good singer?” 

“Oh leave him alone,” You scrunched up your nose, snatching up Zen’s phone. “I’ll ask him about it afterward, but if this is something important to him, you shouldn’t harass him about it.” 

“It’s Jumin!” He groaned. “He’s practically a brick this won’t matter to him!” 

“You should know better than to think he actually doesn’t have any emotions.” 

“Fine, sure, whatever,” He let out a heavy sigh, as though an annoyed teenager before you gave him back his phone. “I need a drink, tell ‘Songbird’ I loved the ballad.” 

“Bye Zen.” 

“Bye butterfly!” 

You didn’t see him again that night, but a bit of you thought it might be better that way. 

But there was only one way you’d really know.

And that was from confronting him.

You listened to the rest of the concert, finding yourself only growing more and more enamored with the music, a smile clear on your face each time you’d look up at him.

Even as he finished, you could never quite lower the corners of your mouth.

Nor could you muffle the warmth bubbling in your chest. 

You rushed out after him as he stepped down disappearing down a corridor, only stopping briefly to politely thank some for coming, ducking his sight back down the second it was done. 

But you followed.

You burst after him as he came further down the hall, sneaking further away from others before you reached out and snagged onto his sleeve, holding him in place.

“E-Excuse me what’re you-” 

He stopped dead in his tracks as he twisted to see you, eyes wide like dinner plates in surprise. 



“What’re you…what’re you doing here?”

“Came to hear ‘Songbird’, knew he seemed kind of familiar,” You simpered lightly. “Didn’t know you had this sort of hobby.” 

“Not many people would,” He cocked his head from side to side in consideration. “it’s not exactly something that fits my persona is it?” 

“It doesn’t have to fit what other people think you are.” You replied, offering comfort. “In fact, I think you were really good!” 

He lit up, shortly.

“You did?” 

“Of course! I’ve always thought you were a great singer!” You chuckled weakly. “That’s how I knew it was you in the first place.” 

“Oh…” He flushed, wrapping his palm around the back of his neck meekly. “Thank you, it truly does mean a lot coming from you.” 

“Um…you know the first song I sang?” 

“Yeah, it was that lullaby? What about it?” 

“That was the…the first time I performed that at a concert.” 

“How come?” 

“Well, you know how I felt about it beforehand, it didn’t have the best memories with me…” He confessed. “but when you talked about how nice it was…it made me begin to see it differently, when I thought about it, I thought what gave me the courage to do this in the first place, to do the things that made me happy, and to have a chance to feel human.” 

He grinned.

“And that made me adore the melody.” 

“What made you feel that way?” You raised a curious brow, trying to ignore how your heart threatened to eject from your very chest as it screamed out the answer you longed to hear.

And the answer had been just what you received.


And to say the least, you felt yourself soar.

And a song, being in your heart. 

I’m pretty much already finished this quick piece, but it will probably be posted next month since I still have terumob zine thingy to finish.

Also I have a teru counterpart to mob water boy. But i have some issues with short/blonde hair so… ima post this piece after a little editing with teru. (dont expect much from teru’s though lol I’m still learning how to draw him and might be disappointing T-T sorry)

I think water suits mob very well? so, might do something like this again?

This is my second time drawing waves though, so I might need more practice

anyway yea. next month (or this month if i crack)

NaJ Blueberry however, I do have :D 

Anyways, I don’t have a plan for when I’m going to start honestly - I am practicing tons to be more confident about it though, I promise :3 

Anyways, it’s late here, and I need some sleep xD So goodnight y’all :3 

Where You Belong

A/N: An anon request for a fic where the team and reader are celebrating Spencer getting out of jail. @coveofmemories


It had been about two weeks since Spencer had been released from prison - and he’d finally been reinstated, so today was his first day back at work. “Are we all ready to go?” you asked. Spencer had been your best friend since childhood. When he’d gone to prison, it was like your heart had been ripped out of your chest. You’d loved him all your life, and you’d made a promise to yourself that if he got out, you’d tell him how you felt. 

As you walked into the round table room, you took in the balloons and streamers and various other decorations that Garcia had helped to pick out. Everyone had stayed late last night to decorate the office for his return to work. You’d even gone out and gotten a cake; actually it was more of a donut tower, chocolate frosted with rainbow sprinkles. 

In the middle of the table, just below the donut tower, was a sign that said ‘Welcome Home.’ It was bedazzled in every type of sparkly thing imaginable, courtesy of Garcia of course. Basically, it looked like a rainbow through up on it, which meant it was perfect. After being surrounded by four beige walls for so long, you thought it best to invade his world in color. 

“He’s here,” you said, peeking out of the blinds. There was a tentative smile on his face. His gait was a little iffy, as if he was practically new to the Bureau, but as he stepped further and further into the place he’d called home for the past 12 years, his shoulders relaxed some and he walked toward the conference room. 

The second he opened the door, everyone screamed surprise, and for what felt like the first time in years, he smiled wide. “Thank you, guys,” he said softly. He was about to walk over to everyone to start in a round of hugs, but of course, Garcia stepped forward first. “I’ve missed you so much, Boy Wonder,” she whispered. “But we got you back, and no matter what, we’re going to help you through this. You’re where you belong.”

“I know,” he replied, his eyes welling with tears as he released her and walked around the room. JJ sobbed. Emily stayed the badass she always was, but you could see in her eyes, she’d cry later. Rossi grabbed Spencer’s face in his hands and gave him those Italian fatherly kisses he always gave his kids. Walker and Tara enveloped him a warm embrace and Luke recounted the many times he threatened Shaw’s ass for what he did to Spencer.

Finally, he got to you. “Hey, bestie,” you said through a veil of tears. Jumping up into his arms, you heard a grunt from him as you fucked up his hair. “Sorry, I’ve just really missed you.”

“I’ve missed you, too, Y/N,” he said. “So much.” You felt him sniffle against your ear. Later, when you were alone, you’d tell him. Until then, Spencer turned around and grabbed a donut, shoving it into his mouth with a smile. Apparently, he hadn’t had a donut since he left prison. 

“Oh my god,” he said. His eyes were practically rolling back into his head. 

You snorted and turned to Garcia, gesturing for a donut of your own. “Spence, do you need a moment alone with the donut.”

“I might,” he laughed.

Emily had made sure that the first few hours of their work day were dedicated to easing Spencer back into work. Today would be full of paper work - nothing more. No cases. No bad guys. Just boring paperwork, donuts and a rainbow of streamers and balloons. 

For hours, the group of you did nothing but talk. About the most benign to the heaviest of topics. For the most part though, that heavy topic didn’t include Spencer’s stay in prison. He would talk when he was ready. “How about we all go out for dinner and drinks tonight?” Tara suggested. Luke and Garcia were quick to agree, although the fact that they both agreed at the same time was a source of amusement for them both. 

Spencer looked hesitant at first, but with a little coaxing and a smack to his leg under the table, he relented. “Fine, I’ll go.”

After a ton of celebration and a donut tower later, everyone got to doing paperwork. You decided to show Spencer the ropes when it came to the new paperwork. “This has all changed in three months?” he asked, both confused and overwhelmed. Over the course of the next few hours, you showed him what you could, but so much had changed - more in his own life than anything else. 

“Let’s go get some fresh air,” you said. Quickly, you ran down the stairs and sat down on a bench outside. “Take your time.” You leaned into his arm. “It’s gonna take time. We’re all here for you.”

He nodded. “I know,” he said. “It’s just a lot. Everyone’s got their own lives and I don’t want to interfere, and…”

“Spence,” you said, grabbing his face in your hands, “You’re our friend. We love you. There’s no such thing as interfering. I…” Saying what you wanted to say after all these years was so much easier said than done. Your lifelong friend looked at you quizzically and the words nearly caught in your throat. 

“I don’t want to overwhelm you at all. We’ve been best friends for years. When you went away, and I thought I wasn’t gonna be able to see you again…I..it made me realize some things.”

He pulled you further into him and replied; you could tell by the waver of his voice that he knew what you wanted to say and just wanted you to actually say it. “It made me realize that I never want to live without you. Not just as my best friend. I…I love you, Spence.” You leaned into him and pressed your lips to his. 

When you pulled away, there were tears in his eyes, but a smile on his face. “Maybe we could go on a date? Not tonight, because we’re going out with everyone, but tomorrow? You and me?” he asked. “I love you too. I always have.” He placed his hand on your knee. “For the first time in a while, I feel like my life might actually be on the upswing.”

“I think so too,” you smiled. “Just know that it may not always feel that way. And when it doesn’t we’re all here for the fall.”

some pretty headphones for the ladies

Narnia Character's Hogwarts Houses

Got bored. Decided to sort out some Narnia characters into houses and give explanations.

Lucy Pevensie - Hufflepuff - Lucy FOUND Narnia and if you don’t get that reference… Well… Anyway! She’s loyal to her family, kind and sweet. I know she’s technically Lucy-the-valiant and blah blah but I can’t be the only one who thinks Hufflepuff is more suited to her.

Peter Pevensie - Gryffindor - I feel like this one needs no explanation because it’s fairly self-explanatory. He’s brave, he’s chivalrous etc. He’s a knight and a king, it’s practically the job description.

Susan Pevensie - Ravenclaw - Susan is creditted througout her time in Narnia as the ‘logical’ one. And though I don’t see the logic in her forgetting Narnia and becoming an annoying person… Well… Logic is a Ravenclaw trait.

Edmund Pevensie - Slytherin- Right, you might think I’m putting him in Slytherin because he’s 'evil’ and Slytherin is the 'house of evil’ but no. That is bullcrap. Edmund is basically my favourite character and in the LWW we see his ambition to become a king and then in PC his resourcefulness in using his torch. He’s a king so he has leadership skills and he’s pretty calculating too seeing as he’s a diplomat so yeah of course he’s Slytherin.

Caspian X - Gryffindor - There’s the whole group who think Caspian would be a good Hufflepuff but come on? He’s really head strong like Peter and brave. The reason Caspian and Peter don’t get along is because they’re too much alike in their pride and arrogance so he’s more Gryffindor material. I love Cas though, favourite right after Ed ;)

Eustace Scrubb - Gryffindor - Even before Eustace’s character develops, he is fairly bold and rash. He rushes into things but is a fairly noble person with firm moral standings.

If you have anymore Narnia characters or characters from other fandoms you’d like me to sort, send them through my ask box and I will do reasons why for each one :)

Herbal Alchemy Beyond the Usual

This will be one of those posts that will be slightly controversial, because I’m going to be trying to instruct people. Instructing is a good thing to do, but to do it well, a person must necessarily believe their method of doing things is better than the status quo. And, in this case, I do, for the most part.  There are reasons for this that will be explained.

Lately, I’ve been posting a lot about herbal alchemical experiments and herbs in general. I wanted to offer some recommendations for those who study herbs. It’s almost a plea, because I really don’t like the conventional approach to how they’re studied. The idea here is to break out of the status quo of witchcraft texts and move towards something more solid, because a lot of popular books on herbal magick don’t really offer solid foundations for beginners. Nor do most (but not all) websites. Hence, I felt the need to just come forward with my opinions on this matter.

First off, I recommend newbies ignore a lot of what’s out there, as I’ve said. I could reference some books that I think lead people in the wrong direction, but that strikes me as an incredibly rude thing to do. The problem, though, is that most resources offer no concise information as to why certain herbs have certain associations. In short, they just parrot the associations without backing them up. This is a problem, because it leaves the beginner with no idea why they’re doing what they’re doing. Everything in magick should be done for a reason, and if you don’t know the reason, you’re missing out!

Lets delve a little deeper with examples. A typical book discussing herbal magick these days will list a bunch of herbs and their correspondences. It’ll say that rose is associated with love and mugwort helps with developing psychism. This is all well and good, and is, in fact, traditionally considered true, even, but they never say why. In reality, roses are associated with love due to their appearance in the legend of Venus’s creation, as well as their scent most common colors evoking strong emotions in people throughout history. Mugwort is associated with psychism due to its association with the Moon. This comes from its silvery appearance, which draws to mind the exquisite shades of our dear Moon. The psychism comes in because the Moon reflects the Sun, and the Sun represents truth. Getting at truth is the goal of psychism, so, naturally, mugwort is conducive to doing this due to its Moon-like appearance.

You see? That wasn’t so bad, was it? Indeed, it’s quite fun. It gives the aspirant something to “chew on” rather than memorize. It gives you something to think about, and accept or reject depending on how you react to it. For example, you might decide that mugwort’s color more resembles quicksilver, and thus associate it with the rapidly-flowing forces of Mercury rather than the Moon. You can then use it that way. Or, conversely, you might decide that the above association wholly resonates with you, and use that. It goes far beyond “I need rose petals for my love spell!” and this is the path to more effective magick. It requires significantly more time than just looking up correspondences in a book, but believe me when I say it’s worth it.

A word about astrology, though: it doesn’t have to be part of your practice if you don’t want it in there. It’s true that most conventional associations for the planets stem from astrology (mostly as a result of Culpeper’s work), but you’re free to reject them. You can, if you’d like, spend time getting to know the plant and develop your own associations for it based on the impressions it gives you. You can also look into non-Western traditions and folk traditions regarding these herbs. Just because I chose astrology doesn’t mean that you have to. The point, though, is that you must develop a keen understanding of why you’re using, say, rose or mugwort, and then you’ve got a solid foundation.

I’ve spent quite a few paragraphs emphasizing the need for understanding the why of magick. It’s time I talked a little bit about the why of the why. I’m sure you want to know why I think this method is better, and I’ll tell you. It’s for multiple reasons.

The first, rather mundane reason, is that researching all this herb business gives you insight into other things. I’m getting to the point where I can interpret natal charts with a modicum of accuracy, almost solely because I’ve had the nature of the planets and their Godforms drilled into my head by my herbal research. Similarly, even if you’re working in a non-astrological tradition, you’ll learn all kinds of things by looking into why certain herbs are used. Even if you’re “making up” your own associations for each herb, you’re still learning (about yourself). Mythology, culture, religion, your mind - it’s all in the plants, if you get to know them well enough.

Another reason is that it allows you to develop a spiritual rapport with the plant, even if you’ve just bought the herbs dry. Ideally, we’d all have our own gardens and grow our own herbs, thus being parent to the things that help us with our magick. We would know them intimately. That’s not possible for everyone - it’s not for me. I can’t get anything to grow. Nor can I forage, given how inadequate my area is. Despite this, I do firmly believe I can connect with the egregore of a particular plant, by studying how it functions in tradition. Realize that, regardless of what tradition you’re operating within, these plants have been used for these purposes for hundreds, if not thousands of years. That alone shapes the plant. Humans have a relationship with nature rather than an inert dominion over it. Even if you come up with your own meanings, you’re still dialoging with the plant, and that will super-charge your magick exponentially. At least, compared to how it is when you simply memorize from a list.

I’m not saying your spells won’t work if you learn from the conventional lists in books, but I do firmly believe they won’t be as life-enriching as they could be. Controversial, I know, but I believe it’s true. Why? Well, I’ve been getting some memories floating through my head lately. In the old days when I studied herbs, I never moved past the aforementioned “Peppermint is good for communication! Rose petals for love!” lists of correspondences, so I was essentially flying blind. The spells were functional, but I got nowhere near the results that I’m getting now. There were some incidents of excellent success, but in those cases, I’d, without exception, worked out why the herbs were suited to the purpose at hand on my own.

I was going to have actual citations in this post, since I recently learned that it’s (kind of) possible to have footnotes in a Tumblr post. I decided, though, that it would be more productive to spend some time here listing useful sources. Here are a few. Most of them are biased towards the Western Mystery Tradition and Western astrology in general, because that’s my chosen focus. This may or may not suit you, but there are comparable sources I’ve seen (though not fully read) for other traditions. I’m just mentioning these to get people who are interested in the WMT started. I realize there’s not nearly enough books listed here, but, well, these are the only ones I’ve found thus far that really chew into the herbs and the forces they channel. There are probably others (not to mention websites), but I’ve yet to encounter them, so this is all I can mention. If anyone out there in Tumblr-land knows of any others, or useful websites, please send me information about them!

The Herbal Alchemist’s Handbook, by Karen Harrison is by far the most accessible and enjoyable book on this subject. Each chapter begins with the classic list of correspondences, then goes into detail about the why of it all. And it’s topped off with a small recipe for a simple (in varying forms) for each planet! As is the case with most of these books, it focuses only on the traditional planets, so someone wanting to work with the outer planets will have to look elsewhere. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that understanding the inner planets is crucial and should be undertaken before approaching Neptune and company. My only major qualm with it is that a lot of the correspondences are justified solely by the physical effect the herb has upon the body. While these are mostly in line with other methods of figuring them out, it’s not the whole picture.

A more meaty, but less easily interpreted book is the Weiser Concise Guide to Herbal Magick, by Judith Hawkins-Tillirson. Essentially, the author of this book draws from Crowley almost exclusively, so if you’re squicked by him, you’ll want to give it a pass. Much of the correspondences come directly from 777 and are lucidly described as relating to various paths on the Tree of Life. It’s an education in herbs, yes, but it’s also sort of a sneaky introduction to Kabbalah that can be absorbed organically. Some folks might consider the source suspect, given that some people hate Weiser (because reasons), but you have to realize that this lady cites complete sources for almost everything she writes, to the point where much of the book is explication at heart. Very dispassionate. One downside to using Crowley almost exclusively, though, is that there’s only a few plants discussed for each celestial force, and thus it’s kind of limiting. This can be remedied by consulting other sources, of course, so I still recommend checking this out just for how thorough it is.

I recommend Mixing Essential Oils for Magic, by Sandra Kynes for anyone who is even vaguely interested in compounding oil or alcohol-based potions using essential oils. Rather than being mostly about different correspondences, this book focuses almost exclusively on how to achieve a balance that excites the senses. This is extremely useful, because if you can’t stand the smell of a potion, it loses some of its efficacy, in my opinion, because this sort of cuts into the bond you have with the plants. That’s really why I recommend this book, because it doesn’t go into much detail about the reasons behind the associations, but it’s still quite a gem.

There’s also Real Alchemy, by Robert Allen Bartlett. I’ll be honest - I’m not quite finished reading this book, but I’ve absolutely got to mention it! It’s amazing and mind-blowing. I had grown frustrated and a bit stagnant just mixing herbs based on planetary associations, but this book brought me out of that. It doesn’t just talk about the plants and why they have certain associations. It goes into detail about centuries-old techniques for harnessing their power. The only caveat I have about it at this point is that he says some pretty cringe-worthy things in an attempt to justify using modern methods. For example, he spends three or so paragraphs trying to convince the reader that it’s okay to use Everclear rather than distilling your own alcohol. Kind of a waste of time, in my opinion. The book’s quite useful, though, giving practical advice. One note, though: it requires a pretty complex setup to perform some of the operations in the book. He tries to simplify it, but a lot of it can’t be simplified.

Anyways, thanks for your time, and I hope this didn’t anger (to many) people. We all take a small risk whenever we throw our opinion out there onto the web, but the key is to be able to accept the consequences. I think the way to achieve that is through knowing yourself and your views intimately, and being willing to allow others to test and examine them.

Introduction to Daemonism

What are daemons?

Speaking from a secular perspective - as in, without involving spiritual or religious aspects - daemons are like any other thoughtform but also unique in their own right. Mental constructs, or developed imaginary friends. That is not to demean them, but in my opinion that is what they are.

To create a daemon you should first understand their significance, otherwise you would be creating a regular thoughtform. A daemon is basically your inner voice personified. Thoughtforms such as servitors, characters and imaginary friends tend to be created from scratch, they don’t have to be related or linked to you in any way, but a daemon is thought to ‘branch off’ from the host.

When you find yourself thinking “you could have done that better” or “you should stop working and chill out!” or “he seems suspicious, I don’t trust him” that voice of wisdom, intuition and speculation is thought to be your daemon. A daemon’s sole purpose is to guide the host (the Daemian, or Daemonist as I prefer to call them) and comfort them, encourage or deter them when it is needed. Daemons are also unique in that they balance the host, and they constantly change to suit the host. For example if you’re feeling moody, they might be cheerful. If you’re insecure, they might be encouraging, if you’re excitable, they might be more serious.

Daemonism is a secular practice, however they can complement various beliefs. There are a number of practicing daemonists (though fewer of them nowadays) who believe their daemon is a manifestation of their soul, and has existed since they were born - this closely adheres to the concept illustrated in Pullman’s 'His Dark Materials’. If you believe in guardian angels, or spirit guides/animals, these ideas are easy to incorporate into Daemonism.

anonymous asked:

I have just started to learn Japanese and I think I need more reading practice. Can I use a Japanese manga to practice reading?

Since you mentioned that you have just started learning Japanese, we would not recommend you to use manga for your reading practice. Why? Because most manga contain a lot of kanji without furigana (reading), lots of slang, and complicated grammar structure. So you might (will, actually…) end up confused and depressed. But a manga is a good practice if you have finished learning N3 material though!

What then is a good reading practice for beginner in Japanese?

Most people would say Japanese children books! And this is not wrong, since it is indeed easy to be read. But what children book do you need to buy? Despite the high price, most of the books are very slim, with very little kanjis, and you don’t even know the content until you bought it!

So here’s some specific books we recommend. We think that every beginner Japanese learner need to have atleast 1 of this book.


Can you guess what is this? Yes, it’s a Ghibli movie book!

Here’s the link to get the Ghibli’s books which image you can see below :
Howl’s Moving Castle
Spirited Away


But why, you asked? Here’s the reason:
A. It’s thick and cost almost the same to 10-20 page japanese children book! How thick ? Depending on the story, around 150 - 180+. And that’s not it, it is also a full color book! Filled with best scenes from each movies.

Common 10 - 20 page children books will cost about the same as ghibli movie books due to the illustration cost. But Ghibli use the image from their movies so they are able to press the price.

B. There is a big chance that if you want to learn Japanese, you also like a few Ghibli movies. Reading what you love will give you more motivation. And it also a good book as a collection! Have we mentioned that it is a hard cover? Look at this gorgeous character introduction and famous scene of Spirited away!

C. SIMPLE SENTENCE STRUCTURES (but not too simple for beginner) and KANJI + FURIGANA ! You absolutely need furigana to search the meaning of kanji in dictionary. And that’s not all! The font is big and clear. Have we mentioned that the book is quite large? About F4 size but a bit wider.

There is no reason for not having this book as your beginner’s Japanese reading practice. Be sure to buy the correct one though. They are also provided in English version, which are okay for collection but not okay for Japanese reading practice (lol)…

If you’re not a Ghibli lover and don’t know any of the movie. We would suggest Spirited Away . It’s one of the most famous Ghibli story with a very interesting world and a deep meaning behind it. Click here to check out the movie review and see the trailer.


In summary, if you’re looking for a Japanese book for beginner reading practice, Ghibli’s movie books are perfect!

Here’s the link to get them below:
Tonari no Totoro
Ponyo by the Cliff
Princess Mononoke part 1  
Princess Mononoke part 2 (continuation)
Kiki Delivery Service
Laputa Castle in the sky
The wind rises (Kaze Tachinu)
The Tale of Princess Kaguya
•  Nausicaa part 1
•  Nausicaa part 2 (continuation)


Happy learning! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。