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How to start an ask blog

I already answered this question, but my tips were pretty short so for the 20k I decided to take the time to write all the tips that I learned. So I hope that I will help the new ask blogs!

If you don’t know me, hello I’m Sarah and I started this blog in June/July 2016 when there were only 3 ask blogs and the other 3 were inactive, yep. It’s been now 8 months than I run this blog so hopefully this will help you! (ofc my tips are good for not only bts ask blogs!).

Also it’s just tips and things that I noticed so you don’t have to follow everything!

Warning: very long

1. Chara Design

*Chara design is really important, it’s the first thing that people will see. Since tumblr users scroll down really fast, they need to recognize the member really quickly. So before starting your blog I think you should take your time to sit down and to create the chara design. Try different things and see what is the best for you! A quick way to do it is to mix their personalities with their real life features! But don’t worry, you will surely change your design after a couple of months, but it’s a great beginning to have a design in mind!

*Color palette is also really important. I don’t like to whitewash but do what you want. If you don’t like to whitewash like me I think that this VLIVE  really shows their beautiful skins♥. But again you will change it for sure later, I often change my color palette tbh. It won’t be perfect, and it can’t be perfect so don’t be too pressured by this!

2. AUs (Alternate universe, other professions, ships & OCs)

1. Alternate universe

My ask blog isn’t an AU so I don’t know everything about this. But I’ll try my best to give you all my advices. 

I think that AUs are really funny and really great (for ex witch au etc). And a good way to create one is to ask yourself some really simple questions who will help you to develop this universe and to keep it consistent.
For example: Where are they? Do they like were they live? The mood of the place? Specificities of the place/universe? Do this place affect their appareance? In which way? Do they have the same age? How the universe interacts with them? etc….

2. Other professions

It’s basically the same than 1. but with different questions: Where do they work? With who? Do they work a lot? How are the customers? Do they like their job? How involved are they in this job? Are they good at it? Someone ocasionally helps them? etc…

3. Ships

Ships are part of the AU because in your universe, the ship is canon (which is not the case irl). It’s also the same than 1. and 2.: How is the relationship? Do they have habits? (things they do often etc..), How the members interact with the ship? Things they love about each other? Things they hate? Where do they live? etc…

4. OCs

I only saw a few ask blogs including OCs but they exist so I have to talk about them eheh. (oc x member, doesn’t me it’s a romantic relationship tho)

If you want to create this type of blog, be ready because it’s going to be really difficult. The thing with Ocs is that it will take time to your followers to like your OCs because they don’t know them. You should introduce the OC in your first post: How do they know each other? (member and the oc), Age? Type of relationship? Interactions with the other members? Do they know the other members?  Reasons why the member likes your OC etc…

*obviously you don’t have to answer to all the questions!^^^^

3. The start of your blog & tips

1. Make an introduction! 

It’s basically just a post saying “hello i exist plz send me asks ty”. You can maybe tag other art blogs to bring some of their followers on your blog so you can starts somewhere! If it’s an AU, introduce it a lil bit. Don’t be too pressured by this post. You will hate it later trust me, just draw something cute, introduce the theme of your blog and that’s all!

2. Don’t answer directly to the ask

By that I mean don’t answer in this lil box (?) here

And here’s why:

  • The quality is better when you upload your drawings in the picture post (idk how it’s called??), plus it takes more time to load (at least for me?)
  • But the major reason is because of this:

When someone reblogs an ask, it will cut/hide the pictures a bit. Which is really not good. If you write some texts it might be hided because of this, and the tumblr user will have to click on it to read everything. But the majority won’t click on it. I did this myself, and I’m glad that an anon told me about this! 

So what I do now is that I took a screenshot of the ask, I save it and upload it in the picture post (still don’t know how it’s called ugh).


  • Clarity is key guys! I see a lot of beautiful artworks who aren’t clear, so we don’t understand what’s going on! :^((. Tumblr users scroll down really fast, if they don’t understand something or if they have to take the time to understand it, they will keep scrolling. 
  • So don’t explain all the story in one or two pics (or maybe it’s just really short but wtv). There will have a lot of informations in one pic and it’s not good at all :^((
  • Don’t be afraid to SHOW things. Show what’s going on. Yoongi is watching Jhope’s body roll for 5 minutes on Youtube? In an other picture, zoom on his laptop to make it clear: “yes Yoongi is a J-Hope trash, look at his laptop”. That’s why my comics are 6-9 pictures long. I make sure that everything is understandable. 

4. I don’t get attention, why? :^(

OK this is a really complicated topic, but I get this question pretty often. I won’t talk about the lack of reblogs or anything like that.

In this section I will talk about things ask blogs don’t talk, so here we go.

  • For some reason,people reaaaally don’t talk about this topic in the drawing or writing community (in the kpop fandom). But ayy let’s talk about this: Depending on the member, you will get more or less notes. That’s sad but true. The maknae line is more popular and the hyung line is less popular. So if you choose to create a blog centered on only one member and he’s not really popular, you will get less notes. Be aware of that.
  • Same for ships. Some ships are more popular! And some are less popular.
  • (for this one please don’t be offended ;<;)

After working on this blog for a while, I realized something. Maybe you noticed it, but I don’t answer questions like “what’s your fav color”, “do you like this instrument?, “do you like that?” etc… It’s because…it’s not the most interesting questions in the world. Let’s say you answer and say “blue”. Well yea, the drawing can be amazing, but the content isn’t really interesting. It’s blue, well ok. So if you only answer this kind of asks, there’s chances that people might not be really interested.

Again, I’m not here to tell you how to run your blog! If you like to answer to this, keep going bro!

  • An other thing that I noticed. Comics are always prefered to illustrations. Because it’s a story. The illustration can be amazing, but it’s an illustration. People really enjoy comics because it’s a story and it can be funny, and angsty or idk. My asks are stories. It’s not a direct answer, it’s a story that answer to the question. But again, if you don’t like to make comics, don’t do it :^DDD It’s just something that I realized! 

SO I FINALY FINISHED IT!!! It was long and it took me so much time omg. I hope this will help you♥♥

shameless promos for my sideblogs whose queues are nice and full now: 

@mettaton-archive which also now has a #dressup tag for the mettatons who are in other costumes 

@yorha-no-2-type-b nier automata/ yoko taro works blog 

and I changed my Persona 3 + 5 blog again, it’s @mementos-line now instead orz. I’m only halfway through the game but so far any Persona 5 spoilers are being tagged “P5 spoilers” 

I feel like my main blog is still a huge mess since I haven’t been on my pc much lately but idk what to do about it. How unorganized it feels is partly why I’ve been making so many sideblogs to try and help that but 

I might have to copy @brighteragate and start using a “misc” tag :’D 

I also def think I post too many negative/discourse-y things but I have a hard time with getting anxiety and falling for those kinds of posts orz

Is there anything ya’ll think I post too much about or should post more of/tag better? 

christinecanigula  asked:

rate my never active shitty art blog pls? idk man i have so many drawings of things like DEH and BMC i just never post them so that might make ur rating of me slip a lot

Listen. This blog right here, its a really cool blog.
I love the art I get from you, its all so good and makes me so happy. I have your AU sitting in my ask because I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to post that, but I love it aaaa.
You are super nice to talk to about little details in musicals too! Its awesome because you can’t find a lot of people to talk with about those things.

10/10 a very quality blog.

scrubcubus  asked:

hey jim. i just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for making your self-inserts and clearly and enthusiastically enjoying creating art of them. i'm really embarassed about my own self-inserts even though i make them all the time and you're making me feel like its ok. i really look up to you for that, so seriously thank you so much. you're bringing a lot of happiness into the world, and helping others like me feel the same. (and that fusion comic was so cute a+ adorable)

I’ve actually had a few people tell me something like this and all I can say is I’m really happy if my self inserts made you feel more comfortable making your own.

I’ve probably said this before a million times, but inserting myself into the skele-household (and then making gemsonas for me and Papyrus) has genuinely been very therapeutic for me and is actually something I talk about with my psychiatrist, who WHOLLY SUPPORTS THIS.

I was genuinely worried at first that it might be an unhealthy indulgence (idk why but I’m generally worried about what is and isn’t good for my mental state lmao), but the moment my psych acknowledged it as a good thing that’s helping me, I basically unleashed the self-insert hell upon my gallery lmao.

Art therapy is a thing, and while it’s not traditionally about making self-inserts, my psychiatrist made the connection anyway. It’s expressing yourself, it’s drawing what makes you feel better about yourself, and THAT IS IMPORTANT.

While a lot of my self-improvement stems from all the support and encouragement I get on my ask blog, a HUGE chunk comes from just how much I love drawing myself with the characters that inspired me to become better.

Of course there are self-inserts that are super eye-rolly *cough*Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way*cough* (and might I add I didn’t have to google her name, I just know it by heart because I live for My Immortal memes) and I guess they kinda give a bad name to self-inserts and discourage a lot of people, but then there’s those that were created to help the artist express themselves in a way they couldn’t otherwise, and that genuinely helps some of us recover.

Here’s a story about the first time I actually realised how important this is to me;

I remember the last time I had a REALLY BAD mental day, and it was way back in March. That’s SO LONG AGO I can’t even believe I’m making it so long without such a bad time. I had a few bad mental days since then, but mostly things I could overcome easier than that (there was one that got me pretty low, and that’s actually when I made my gemsonas a thing, with this vent comic), but other than that, I haven’t been in an extremely low place for a very long time.

Anyway what I was gonna say is, on that really, really awful time, what I did was make a vent comic with me and Papyrus and it was really just, me thanking Papyrus for being an inspiration. I never finished it so I can’t show it, but it’s such a simple thing yet it makes me almost tear up every time I look at it because it seems like ~just a self insert~ to some, but to me it’s so much more, because I’m the only one that knows how much this kind of therapy helps ME and how something as fictional as a video game character could help me recover.

Therapeutic self-inserts are good and important and you shouldn’t feel bad for making them. If I wouldn’t experience it myself, I would probably find the idea of it weird, but I know better now. 

I would be such an angry, miserable person without this.

i have this little side blog and idk what to do with it so i might just recap my day here bc that’s helpful for me?? idk we’ll see! i don’t want it to turn into a negative thing but i think i could make it really nice and healthy :-))

My first bullet journal post :) i really like last week’s. I might make a separate blog for this stuff but who knows.
very inspired/motivated by @studytildawn and @nehrdist


ok so recently I haven’t been able to read many Drarry fics (finals start tomorrow ugh) and IM JUST SO ANGRY WITH MYSELF LMAO

and yeah I’m pretty much begging for your help to find the ultimate Drarry fic that’s basically going to be my “love for Drarry shall rebound and/or multiply by infinite” fic

so the only things the fic should include/not include are:

1. HAPPY ENDING (omg pls angst is fine but HARRY AND DRACO MUST END UP TOGETHER or I will sob)

2. no BDSM but smut in general is okay

3. LOTS OF FEELS (the kind that makes me want to throw my PC and scream in happiness)

4. not a muggle AU

5. plotty enough to be very interesting (at least roughly 20k words) and well written

6. written in English

NOTE: whoever can find me the best Drarry fic will get a shoutout + follow + idk anything else you might want (e.g. edits, blog rates, one shots, etc.) bc I am desperate for Drarry!!!!

ALSO PLEASE REBLOG WITH THE LINK TO THE FIC INSTEAD OF SENDING AN ASK (so that other Drarry squadlings can track them as well)


anonymous asked:

This might sound odd but, I like how you draw belly buttons on your guys uvu



YES I DID!! AND I LIKED IT VERY MUCH!! I have fanart sketched for it but idk if i will ever finish it …………………… I have so many things I want to draw right now TAKES A DEEP BREATH

randomblank  asked:

Heh, I wonder if you'd be interested - if enough people were interested - in you reopening this blog commercially. Say, set a price per update (actual story progress update, not just filler). People join a patreon dedicated to it. Month passes, enough money for 2 updates flow in, you draw 2 updates, surplus money passes over to the next month. Would people be interested in funding such a patreon too?

Oh man. You have no idea how flattering and tempting that is. I would be lying if I said I didn’t consider doing something like that in the past to help motivate me and well, gain some money in the process. But I thought about it a lot like a looooot. And I just really don’t see myself doing any sort of pony related material and that includes this blog. So yeah. I’m sorry but I MIGHT REGRET THIS! LIKE WOAH. But yeah- 

BUT HEY! A NEW SEASON OF MLP IS COMING (for what I heard idk) so you know what this means. Shit ton of new fan content! I swear you will forget about LAD right away.

If not. Well, we will always have Paris.

Anyways. This seems like a nice moment to officially end this “chatting with the followers thing” so I’ll be on my way.But first : THANK YOU GUYS! Seriously thank you guys for everything! This blog reached over 26000FUCKINGFOLLOWERS!!! I SWEAR I’LL NEVER MAKE ANYTHING AS SUCCESSFUL AS THIS EVER AGAIN! But you know how this is. One has to move on and everything. I just want to thank you all for the amazing support and love.

I swear this goodbye sounds a bit underwhelming with how important this blog was to me. But I suck with words okay? I’ll make sure to draw a proper goodbye later on. Just bug me about it on my art blog.

See ya around, Blog. I’ll remember you all in therapy.

PS: Sorry for all the spam. LAD hasnt update this much since ever but everything was freaking boring text. How lame is that?

anonymous asked:

idk why i'm doing this but I've been following your blog for about a week now. I just wanted to ask why you like the ruby/sapphire scene so much? what makes it so special to you? It might sound harsh and it might just be my experience (i've had a bad time relationship-wise recently) but I don't see why these two fictional characters designed to be together are so important compared to real life people who find the same kind of thing despite the odds (or those who don't)

They’re so important because of what they represent 

You see, WE know that they are Nonbinary Lesbians, which in itself is just AWESOME because that’s just a whole slew of representation. But to CHILDREN, They see two female identifying characters in a loving and whole relationship and it is shown that its OKAY to be like that.

These children, who may be queer and haven’t properly figured it out yet, are seeing this and seeing that it’s OKAY, they can be like Ruby and Sapphire!! It’s just a very good representation~

For me personally, My biggest goal in life is to become an animator, so I can make something that can give more representation to minorities.Rebecca Sugar is my idol, and I want to create something great like she has.

Also, Ruby and Sapphire are just so. CUTE. I LOVE THEIR RELATIONSHIP DYNAMIC SO MUCH, And the concept that they love eachother so much that they create a new being out of that love and she turns out to be my favorite character is just so GOOD TO ME AHH. Garnet herself just has such delicious character development, she went from this stoic and cold character to one of the most loving beings in existence in such a way it makes sense and ahh I just really love it 

I know they’re fictional, but sometimes that doesn’t matter. To some people, like me at times, cartoons and fictional characters just mean so MUCH. These characters have made us happy when we’re feeling down and have inspired us to be better, and have taught us many different things, its hard NOT TO form some kind of attachment to them! Everyone is entitled to their own emotions and how they feel about certain things and everyone is unique with them~

Now I also know that it’s not for everyone, people have their own personal preferences and I dig that, like I’m not going to fly off the handle if you dont ship my OTP lol that aint cool, so all of you can talk to me about anything, I’m not gonna discourage your ships, im just gonna be over here in my own little area doing my thing and you can go have fun doing your things thats awesome~


I have broken down and made a Marvel sideblog. I have currently fallen into the Sebastian Stan/Bucky Barnes trash heap, and I do not see a light at the end of this tunnel. SO! If you like Marvel/Bucky/Sebastian Stan, give me a follow! I MIGHT try writing things for the Marvel fandom here and there, but I’m not making any promises at this point (cuz idk how good it would be). Since I have limited time with work, my SPN blog will be my #1 priority for the time being, and also because SPN is #1 in my heart. But if you wanna gawk at hot pictures of Sebastian Stan and other Marvel stuffs, click dis link and follow:


Originally posted by dom-cas-and-steve

^ is my excuse for why this blog was made. don’t judge me.

leoni-macaroni  asked:

how can i get more people to see my art? i've posted a lot of my art but i top off at 2-3 notes mostly from random spam blogs and it makes me kinda sad i follow a lot of art blogs hoping some might see my art and be interested in it but idk:/ do i need to tag my stuff better or post more often? try to find something that appeals to an audience? what can i do?

Reach out and interact with people. Join art groups and clubs, post in art forums. Be social.

Being more active with your postings helps.

Drawing things that are popular can bring a lot of traffic. But don’t let yourself become a slave to that, either. Because, ultimately, you have to enjoy drawing, and you can’t if you feel forced to draw things you really have no interest in.

you read it right — it’s been 3 years, guys. on july 27th, 2013, i sat down and gave morgan a home for the very first time; and honestly, back then i never thought she would have survived longer than a week. now look at this: three years later she’s evolved from the ghost girl she was and now has a life, a real life beyond my writing — lovers, friends, family, a whole world that i never would have pictured when i first made her a home. and this is all thanks to you. THANK YOU for sticking with me through a hundred million hiatuses, remade blogs, threads dropped, general shitty behavior that has made me definitely not worthy of all your love — but you’re still here, all of you, and honestly, THANKING YOU is all i can do. i was hoping i could throw together a little giveaway or resource pack, but sadly my days are hectic lately and i’d rather not promise anything i can’t do; so i might do that later in the future, but for now, let me just remind all of you how much i love you and how important you are to me!! so, below is a quick list of blogs i love, plus a longer list of people that are close to me in any way — and because i’m a nerd, i decided to dedicate a song to all of you (a general one for the general bias list, and an individual one for the squad: it might be a song that reminds me of you, of your muse, that might cheer you up, whatever: i hope you enjoy it anyway c:). but that’s enough, let’s get down to business!!


aka people that i follow & generally admire; we might talk, we might rp, we might have plotted and never done anything, we might have never even talked — either way, I love seeing you on my dash & I wish you guys all the best things in this world!! here’s a song for you: a fine frenzy - avalanches!!

@acefidelity@alllost@anxlgesic • @arbhaile@atcmicorgasm@atouchofwinter@beansidhed@bloodandgold@burymeinprettylies@castiisms • @cosmicpurplc@cyberneticc@dagazhagalaz@defenestratio • @deviincta • @dimebet • @diviinator@drunkpumpkiin@elenaishuman • @exhalehunger • @exorcismhymn • @foreiigner • @furandlatinwords@g33kych33ky • @gelenkadarilaros@graedig@guncontrcl@hands-of-red • @insanityprinciple@kingalcohol@iinhumanities@intothewildsea@lacusmors • @ladameperdue@leoduval • @luluwrites • @lureresistant@lycanking • @mcchagirl@mcrtalities • @mcture@merlinsbeard@misdiirection@mordante@oflegendaries@naturetorn@nizshiy • @oncehefty@cverture • @patricida@peraspcra • @pianomxn@residuex • @saltwaterschmooney • @savegod@saverobots@skylarkeen • @smashcd • @softspokenpunk • @smokingoursmiles@soiiledblood • @soliitudo • @southerncomforted@streetrxll@sunshiine • @surovoost@talentforlying • @thequarrelsome@tobeapoem • @tragedyveined@unbiddcn • @ursxla@tentaculii@vasilyevna@vaultfrozen • @virtuedmagic@vorantjack • @wassermander • @weaknessforgallantry • @wildhearted@withconscience@xaedificare@zosoperfect 


aka the coolest writers you’ll ever find on tumblr, these people are not only super talented writers but also amazing, kickass frieds & i’m fucking in love with each and every single one of them. here’s a song for you too: editors - no sound but the wind (u get the depressing song haha u nerds)!!

@aithreachas@detragoedie • @devilsxson@dualismxs@echoedmistakes •  @paiddeath@sauxders • @selfreset • @sixshots • @xstrange 


aka my best bros, my tumblr family, the people who have been there for me through so much crap i still struggle to believe they would willingly stick by my side. i love each and everyone of you so this is a feeble attempt at telling you why ♥

@echoedmistakes (+ @beingobserved) Raqui, my angel, my wifey, my sun and stars; you put up with so much crap from me daily, i don’t know how you do it. i’m so, so goddamn lucky to have you - as a friend (as my BEST friend), as a writing partner, as everything. you’ve given me the greatest otp of my life and more plots than i ever dared dream of, you’ve given me so much joy and love and inspiration all through these years; and you will never truly now how grateful i am ♥ your song is jimmy eat world - sweetness ♥

@hailmaleficentAnah, my love. I don’t think you understand just how much you influenced my experience here — honestly, I don’t think I’d be half the roleplayer I am (as mediocre as I am, but still), without you. You’ve challenged me to write better, to write more, to trust myself and not be scared of the stories I wanna write — you’ve taught me a lot, even being the biggest nerd ever, and I will forever be grateful for this. I love you so, so much, even when we don’t talk that much, just — thank you. your song is editors - the phone book

@devilsxson (+ @santiisimo, @dualismxs) Val, you literal butthole. I’m gonna say this just once: I love you. Because you’ve made it easy to become your friend, because I will forever be in awe of your writing & of your characters, and because despite how many times I’m gonna call you names I think you’re one of the smartest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know and I am so. fucking. grateful you’re my friend okay. even if you suck. a little. a lot. anyway your song is grace slick — theme from the movie manhole, and you can thank me later.

@sunbeamiing (+ @assuredofthis, @mediicait, @starfractures) Becca, I swear to god: you’re proof angels exist. I remember once upon a time I was really intimidated by you because god, that writing — but I amso so glad that ended because damn, I earned such a great friend, one I truly don’t deserve. You’re unbelievably talented and smart, and way too kind for a world as bad as this one — you’re simply amazing, and I hope you’re aware of how lucky I am to be your friend :’/ thank you, I love you ♥ and here’s a song for you too: elisa - fresh air!!

@aholywrathincurred (+ @cxthouse) Ange, my dear one!! I should thank you for a lifetime, I swear. For your kindness, for your support, for a love so unconditional it makes me feel guilty — thank you, honestly, for being my guardian ange(l) way too many times. You’re one of a kind, and I hope everyone is aware of just how precious you are; and how strong you are too, even when you don’t realize it yourself ♥ here, i have a song for you: all-american rejects - the poison!!

@cxrrera (+ @foliojoyous) Joyous, you’re one of those people I can always count on, and I can’t honestly say how grateful I am. Your support has helped me  through so many hard situations and I’m just so, so lucky — I love you so much c: and I think you’re an amazing writer, and over time I’ve grown really fond of you & Sally so just  - idk. I love you. never leave me, please ♥ there’s a song for you too: katie herzig - lost & found!!

@peaceific (+ @goingawry, @tcthemarrow) Anne dear, I am so, so glad I’ve found you c: from the very first moment you’ve been noting but a literal ray of sunshine, and I hope I could give that sunshine back to you to remind you how brilliant, generous and overall amazing you are, always. Trust me, there’s not enough people in the world like you and I’m so, so glad I got my hands on one, honestly ♥ I love you so so much, and I hope you like your song!! the kooks - seaside c:

@pulledfromhell (+ @sempreinfranto, @gemikai, @heartguided, @neharah) Claaaary, my darling — we haven’t talked in so long and I honestly miss you more than I can say, but I still think you’re one of my best friends in here and one that truly leaves me amazed — you’re such a great writer, such a great person, and I treasure our friendship more than you’ll ever know, even if we don’t talk for months. Ilu, and your song is vib gyor - red lights!!

@august-fifth-rps (+ @rah-leigh-m) Hey, D, remember the first time you ever messaged me, yelling in my askbox because you badly wanted to rp? I’m pretty sure that was the moment I fell in love, honestly :’| in that single moment you managed to make me feel like someone worth yelling excitedly at, and I’ll never thank you enough for that. But then again, if I could I’d yell at you all the time: ‘cause you fuckin kick ass and I am so so lucky to be writing with you. ily ♥ aaaand your song is hayley williams - teenagers!!

@theimpalpable Alex, I need to tell you something really, really important: you’re amazing. I don’t care how many times you’re gonna say it back to me, you ARE. I fell in love with your blog the moment I first followed, with so many unbelievably good characters, so many backstories that kept me hooked to the screen, such a beautiful writing that crippled my confidence — and you, the kindest soul I’ve ever met on tumblr. my sticker, who I hope will never ever leave me ♥ I adore you, thank you for just… being yourself, your amazing self. I got a song for you too: sigur ròs - all alright!!

@detragoedie (+ @sugarstcrm, @silencedlcmb, @laughedat) Ambs, dear one; you officially became my friend probably the first day we talked, but boy, am I glad. I know you get self conscious, I know you doubt how important you are to people: but you’re such a magnificent human being, pouring love from every cell of your being, and anyone would be lucky to have you as a friend. and you’re a great, great writer, one I’m honored to be writing with. thank you ♥ here’s your song: damien rice - cannonball!!

@falsifiier (+ @playhousc and a lot of other blogs i lost track of :’|) Devin, you literal cupcake, ou must be one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met on tumblr and one I will never get tired of talking to. You make me super excited whenever I see you, and just, idk — I’m so, so grateful you decided to become my friend. I love you a lot, and I wish you all the best things in this world ♥ and here is your song: the national - vanderlyle crybaby geeks!!

and that’s all folks!! i might have missed someone, and if i did i promise it’s 100% bc i got distracted and got lost among all these amazig people - but i love each and everyone of you, and ipromise without you i wouldn’t have lasted a week on tumblr. thank you babes, may you always feel as loved as you make me feel ♥

Something I quickly doodled in between two other things I’m Doing for @diabolik-misaki 

I don’t know exactly what’s going on But I do know she’s been accused of plagiarism… and I may not know Misa personally or as well as others might But I Can Say Misaki IS NO THIEF based on what I DO KNOW ABOUT HER. I’ve never seen her nor heard of this precious sinbun stealing from anyone. IF ANYTHING SHE SUPPORTS OTHERS WHO HAVE BEEN STOLEN FROM. She is far from a thief! 

Therefore I wanted to make a little doodle of the 
“Misaki Protection Squad” 

The Misa Protection squad Idk i just made it i guess in hope to have people reblog this to show they love you and to show my support and love for your blog. Not that someone has to reblog this to love you if that makes sense? 

This poor sinbun doesn’t deserve this, nor any drama that forces itself in her life. Misa has other things she might be worried about irl. Therefore this added drama and stress is unnecessary. Why you do this haters????  Misaki all I have to say is I support you 110% and if u ever need to talk im here for you hun.

also side note i’m posting to my oc blog cause mt tumblr glitching so i can only reblog to my main right now 

very very quick and short test of my still-in-progress UTAU.

I wanted to use lipsync to see if the voice was fitting the design and so far Im please. He’s still not finished but it’s 2 am and my sis & roommate work tomorrow so i gotta be quiet (I might rerecord all i did today on a slightly lower pitch so I dont have to rely so much on flags to make him sound masculine enough)

also idk if I should post his stuff here or on the Uchuupoids blog (or if i should keep the uchuupoids blog only for uchuupoids stuff)

lot’s of thing I dont know how to thangs

Still thinking about his name too, it will probably got a “lee” in his name as sort of a call back to me (i currently use Arlee for the most part, Arly more rarely lately blah blah blah)

im gay also read this

im gonna put this blog on hiatus for mental health reasons also fjdjjdjjgjgjjfjgg it takes up too much of my time so im not gonna be on for a while but logan might post things? probably not but idk. anyway u can follow my twitter its @/nightcoreremix im on there more often. i dotn want mutuals to unfollow me bc it makes me :,/ paranoid but u can if u rlly want to . thank you thats all pretty much bye. also like this if u read it