i might make more of these with other characters if people like it!!

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I just came across those pictures of Tom posing in those white boxer briefs. To this day it still confuses me as to why he agreed to do that, it seemed so out of character for him. Those poses don't exactly scream 'classical trained British actor'. Why do you think he did it?

Oh LORD if I only knew- we might have an actual explanation for the whole summer! Those were ultra super horribly awkward. It was part of a magazine spread of a bunch of actors in their underwear- but the other pics were editorial, sexy, and well-lit. Tom looked like he was in a Holiday Inn waiting for his next john to show up…while constipated.

If I’m honest, I think this is just more evidence that he is a people-pleaser. If the magazine people said “this is what we’re doing and here are your crinkly old grandpa boxers to wear” instead of objecting or making suggestions, he just did what he was told. On top of that, they released them earlier than the other pics, just after the RI rock pics came out, obviously to capitalize on his new found popularity in the tabs, but it only made him look more pathetic and thirsty.

flamebite66  asked:

Omg I just love your character Tyco. He and Angel are so cute together. I want to do some fanart with him. Hand I just realize he's so tall! Is there a bio about him?

Heyyy!! First off, thank you for loving that super old character of mine~ <33

Second, I don’t have a bio/ref for him at the current moment 8c 

He’s in dire need of one, however; I plan on making an official updated character reference sheet for him once school is over and I get my obligations intact. I can’t really afford to do many super nice pieces, as they inhibit time I could spend on commissions, BUT-

He’ll get one, very very soon c:

My take on Female Wes. Based on a old sketch at had in my sketch folder, colored today. 

I have two versions of the outfit actually. This one my friend said it should be and other that’s white. Kept going back and forth on which one. 

Idea basically is on what most people do when genderbending DP universe. Like how Das goes from a football player to a cheerleader. I saw someone make Wes a cheerleader as well and I just thought “ehhhh I don;t think it fits” So based off of a team at my school, who are the dance team. kinda similar to the cheerleaders, they just seem to have more going on. I don;t know. might be bias. Heck they used pom poms also so they are similar. Their colors were black that’s why I put them here.

And just to add the design was heavily influenced by @amethystocean-adr and her generbend take on the characters. They stand out to me the most and I like the design of Danny in it, just seems different and an unique take on his design, so Wes being very similar to him I included this.

no idea if I’ll give my take on the others I just felt like doing Wes, being a lack there of.

Why is it that people can make one billion drawings, animations, posts, and fics about how two male characters canon says are straight are madly in love and everyone is like “thats chill” and I make one post where I include someone who I’ve headcanoned as polyamorous and people send me bullshit??? WHY? Why is it so unacceptable for me to do it? Everyone is okay with destiel, johnlock, and stuff. Everyone’s even okay with ones that have even less proof like Daredevil and Foggy or Captain America and Falcon. But me implying that a character I love might have the same sexuality as me and it’s “isn’t that more fanon than canon I mean… bla bla bla.”

Leave other sexualities the fuck alone. If you can decide that Spiderman is bisexual and Cas is gay other groups can decide that Sherlock is asexual and Finn is polyamorous. Get off my dick.

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I am soooo sorry I am bothering you with this stupid question, but I just started following you blog and I don't know what Nyo! means? And there are a whole other stuff I keep seeing but I don't know what it is... Could you possibly explain? (Btw U R AWESOME!!!) XD

Nyotalia is the same thing as Hetalia except all the characters’ genders are switched. There are canon designs for the main characters, but I’ve seen other people make their own designs.

Nekotalia is Hetalia but all the characters are cats.

2ptalia is a little more complicated. It’s like Hetalia, but all the characters have completely opposite personalities and colour schemes. Essentially, it’s like when you’re playing a video game: there’s 1P (Player 1) and 2P (Player 2). Some people like to think that all the 2p characters are dangerous and/or murderous, others don’t agree. I’m like 90% sure the 2p personalities are all fan-made but I might be wrong.

And yeah, those are the popular AUs.

Infighting in the Supergirl Fandom

The Supergirl fandom is filled with infighting over the femslash ships.  The show is feminist and this behavior of pitting women against women in the fandom makes it seem like no one is watching the same show.

I am thoroughly disgusted.  Folks are using the “but this particular person is fillng the ___ tag with hate and so I must retaliate!” excuse.  This is childish and we need to do better.

Let’s not be homophobic about others’ ships, okay?  You might not understand it, but so what?  Maybe people ship folks with different folks than you BECAUSE THEY ARE DIFFERENT THAN YOU and they IDENTIFY IN SOME WAY WITH THOSE CHARACTERS!

Can we act a little more heroic and compassionate in this fandom please?  Can we be inspired to be more like Supergirl?

Because it’s really refreshing for so many people to have a superhero show with legit queer characters that’s also led by women.  You can’t find that in every fandom, particularly for a show on a network that doesn’t always require paying for basic cable or premium channels.  So let’s look at this fandom for what it is, a REAL safe space for people who can’t always get what they want out of other fandoms, and just play nice?   Is that so hard?

You CAN look at a ship you don’t personally ship and see that the person who is excited by that ship is having fun in a fandom.  It’s not about the ship, but the people BEHIND the ship.

People playing in fandom are having fun.  Given the shit going on in the world, and probably in people’s personal lives, LET PEOPLE HAVE FUN.  So long as no one is doing anything bigoted/illegal, let them be.  We are all in this together.

Is BBC’s Sherlock in Compliance with 21st Century Values??

Disclaimer: I LOVED Sherlock. I believed in TJLC with my whole heart. January was tough for me. Since then I started really thinking about the messages conveyed in the show. 

I would like to weight Sherlock against these test. I need help because I am afraid I am being biased. I tagged people (some I know, some I don’t) whom I thought might have an opinion on this. 

I think the only one of these tests Sherlock might pass is the Phyrne Fisher Test thanks to Molly.

1.   The Bechdel Test

Does the story have a) more than one woman, b) who talk to each other, c) about something other than a man

2.   The Pantomime Test

  • The female character can be swapped with a male character, with little to no edits, and the narrative still makes sense

3.   The Mako Mori Test

  • The show has: a) at least one female character; b) who gets her own narrative arc; c) that is not about supporting a man’s story.

4.   The Phyrne Fisher Test

  • The show has a female character who a) has a traditionally masculine job; b) does not masculinize herself for the sake of the job; c) and is not sexualized in the narrative.

5.   The Delany (Tauriel) Test

  • The show has a woman, a) who has a job/task important to the plot of the story b) and is successful at it.

6.   The Vito Russo Test

  • The show has a character that is identifiably lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender a) who must not be solely or predominantly defined by their sexual orientation or gender identity b) and must be tied into the plot in such a way that their removal would have a significant effect.

7.   Deggans Rule

  • The show has at least two non-white human characters in the main cast a) in a show that’s not about race.

8.   The Oracle Test

  • The show has a disabled character who a) is not there ‘to be fixed’; b) whose narrative does not revolve around the disability; c) does their job while having a disability, not in spite of having a disability.

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On Ordering Commissions and Professional Courtesy 

Obviously this may vary from artist to artist, but these are the things I’ve noticed people misunderstanding/asking about, and how I personally feel about them. 

1. This is literally the artist’s job. Have the courtesy you’d like someone to give you at your place of work.

- Don’t be intimidated by your artist.
- Don’t undervalue your artist.
- 9 times out of 10 your artist is probably excited for more work, so they are probably excited to see your email.
-Treat the experience professionally, even if you know the artist personally, treat it like you would any other transaction.

2. Don’t assume your artist knows anything about what you want your piece to be.

-Even you think that they might because of social circles or because they’ve seen the character/subject before. It is up to you to provide clear references, not on the artist to go hunting for them.
-What makes a good reference: Sometimes people mistake really cool photos for really good references. Honestly, for LARP characters, selfies in bathroom mirrors with even diffused lighting are the best. You want to be able to see all the details of the outfit/face.
-If you want Specific colors, specific styling, or literally anything to look a certain way. Tell your artist straight up. Give some examples. Give hex codes for your colors! You literally cannot have too many reference images. If you like one piece by your artist, include it in your email! It gives your artist a good place to start with in understanding what you want to get out of this.

3. Every commission is a dialogue between two people.

-Your artist wants to work to give you what you want, but you have to be willing to help that along sometimes. The more clear you are with your idea, the better the piece will suit your vision.

4. Pricing.

-Art is expensive.
-Every artist charges differently based on a lot of different factors including training time, skill level, current life needs, past experiences.
-Most commission pricing lists are a base to give a general idea. If you want extra things or more detailing, you are gonna have to pay for it. That’s just business. If something is going to take your artist another two or three hours or DAYS to complete something, then it’s gonna cost more than something they know they can complete in less time than that.
-Even if something looks simple, you don’t always know the work that goes into it.

5. Tips

Generally prices cover materials/time to make the piece, nothing extra. So if you really dig the piece, let your artist know with a little gratuity. Literally nothing makes an artist happier than that little extra that could mean the difference of them just paying their bills or, paying their bills and also getting to enjoy themselves a little.

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Could I rewrite Soleil and forrests s support to make it platonic? The fact that Soleil only likes women until she sees a "cute guy who looks like a girl" is an extremely lesbophobic trope? And her supposedly liking men also is a bad cop out as its other people who throw in "well she also has to like men!!". While her entire character is supposed to be a fetish for men who can get a lesbian into bed with them. TL;DR Soleil being "bi" is a lesbophobic excuse for IS to let her sleep with men.

I don’t think I’d allow that rewrite, no. Let me try to explain why.

Soleil…is a tricky topic. From my understanding of the Japanese version of Fates, Soleil was never any sort of lesbian or bisexual “representation” in the sense we might want to think. Rather, she was a homophobic caricature of a lesbian, based in many ideas and prejudices both pervasive in society, some more specific to Japanese society. It is as you said, a big part of that was to appeal to a fetish of the idea a lesbian can be “turned” in some sense which is disgusting. She was based in ideas that not only are lesbians overbearing and predatory, they also don’t reaaaaly like girls. In Japan relationships between young girls are often viewed as “practice relationships” to prepare for the real legitimate heterosexual relationships, and lesbians just haven’t found the right man yet. 

NoA, thankfully, realized this character was homophobic as hell and sought to remedy the homophobia how they could. They opted not to touch her support options, which I think would have been the best solution, but I can understand why they didn’t. So instead they were left with Soleil’s character having a bunch of S Supports with men. Within that framework I think they did the best they could. They kept her love of girls, but obviously if they wanted to have somewhat decent queer representation they couldn’t make her a lesbian even if they wanted, since M!Corrin’s S Support exists. So they made her someone who really really loves cute things and cute people, mostly girls, but men too, hence her bisexuality being stated by Laslow. Most of the boys she S Supports with aren’t really “cute” in that sense so they made most of them platonic which I approve of. And since they were going the “bisexual girl who loves cuteness” angle it would be inconsistent not to have Forrest’s S be romantic, since he very much fits the bill. 

I understand, since the gay hack actually does mess with the support options, the impulse to reclaim her as a positive example of a lesbian, given her origins in the Japanese game. It would be a sizable act of resistance against homophobia (lesbophobia particularly) which I think this hack in part is. 

And I can also, as a lesbian, understand some discomfort surrounding how the english-language fandom treats her sexuality. Seeing people, especially straight men, forcefully insist on her bisexuality in order to ship her with men (especially those she has platonic S’s with) can be uncomfortable, as it can’t help but summon up associations with the origin of her character as a lesbophobic caricature, as a lesbian who can be “turned”. 

Yet. Yet. In Soleil here we have a canonical (at least in the NA version) bisexual character, a sexuality sorely under- and misrepresented in media, a sexuality often erased, people and characters often reduced to being called “straight” or “gay” without further consideration. I identified as bisexual for years so I have a bit of understanding of how terrible this feels. To many people, her being bisexual is very important to them, and for good reason. And since bisexual is the way the NA game, which the hack is based in, identifies her, I don’t think it’s my place to change or challenge that, especially since I am a lesbian and not a bisexual person facing fears of erasure. 

So in the end, Soleil is very much a character with a complicated origin who means different things to different people. I can’t begrudge people for liking to reclaim her as a positive example of a lesbian, yet I also think bi people are right to cling to her NA canon bisexuality with every ounce of strength they have. IS created a bit of a shitshow here and I think your feelings are valid but so are the feelings of all the bisexual players out there. So no, I won’t allow the rewrite.

Hi guys! :)

I’ve been wanting to get to know more SKAM fans, and I thought it might be a good idea to create a family for people who love the show. The idea is to have a cosy space where we make new friends, have fun together and do all kinds of nice things — for example chatting with each other, watching/analysing episodes, collaborating on SKAM-related projects and much more. Bli med, da!


  • Please follow me if you don’t already 
  • Reblog this post
  • Send me the following information: your name / the country you come from / the three SKAM characters you’d most like to be in the family / your favourite quote from the series (no longer than a short sentence, either in English or in Norwegian)    
  • I’ll do my best to give you one of the characters you want on a first-come-first-served basis  
  • You’ll be put on this network page and messaged privately with more details when I’ve added you 
  • There’s no deadline and no official limit for the amount of sign ups (though I might need to make some adjustments if 20+ people want to join)  

Enjoy and spread the word! :) Tusen takk.

Why people should stop hating Ronaldo: Regarding the upcoming SU episode.

If one has an unrequited enjoyment of a show like THIS, they shouldn’t bash it for one character. God it’s worse than the Lapidot drama. It’s become plain disrespect to Sugar. Making SU plot heavy in the first place destroys ratings, because there’s still a percentage of content targeted at KIDS. Character and plot development are separate, this isn’t filler, and fuck the SU community.

Another reason why this episode might get backlash is because people think it’s an episode on “cultural appropriation”, feminism, or any other political topic. The leak was about how Ronaldo was discriminating against the gems, as he dubs, “Rock People, and how to fight against them, so Steven takes measures to guide him in the right direction and not be, what we call, a bigot. We’ve delved into sexuality already, what more could these dolts want? I swear the community is selfish as fuck. All for an episode based on one character.

I think it will be about how people are afraid of the unknown, things they can’t see or control, and how they cope with it. Am I fine with that? Yes, because I’m not a nitpicking minion gets triggered by approaching subjects like this in animation, where characters are oftentimes EXAGGERATED TO FIT ARCHETYPES PORTRAYED IN REALITY.

- an annoyed friend of mine.

anonymous asked:

My protagonist is vain and pretentious (though actually insecure), and has quite a cruel personality. How would I go about writing her in a way that would not result in the readers hating her? Sorry if this is too vague.

Most people, and therefore most characters, have both good and bad traits. Granted, some people have more or less of one than the other, but even the worst villain in fiction should have some redeeming qualities, assuming the villain is human. 

Because this is your protagonist, you should try even harder to give her some qualities that make her flaws bearable. Her insecurities might help readers feel some sympathy for her, but it won’t quite do enough to make her a likable character. 

Something that I think might help you, and something I think many writers overlook, is this: A character can be disliked by other characters and still be liked by readers. 

The protagonist isn’t only special because the story centers around them; they’re special because they are one of the characters that the readers get to know on a deep, intimate level. The readers get to see a side of the protagonist that no one else gets to see. So while most people view her as vain and pretentious, and cruel, the readers might see that she’s also creative, smart, and independent. 

So let’s recap before I move onto the next point. You have a protagonist who you’ve shown to be cruel to other people, and she appears to take great pride in her appearance, maybe even a little boastful about the things she owns and her perceived superiority. And then, we see something about her life that other people don’t see, and in this it’s revealed that she puts on a facade of pseudo self confidence to cover how she really feels about herself.

Then we might see the bills she’s paying on her own, the painting she’s struggling to complete, and maybe even the roommate that she’s actually super nice to. This is where you show some of her more redeemable qualities, and you attempt to explain the source of her cruel attitude. 

Another way you redeem a character’s less-than-desirable qualities is to show how the events of the story help her improve on them. It could be that something happens to her that makes her realize that she doesn’t need to put on an act to hide her insecurities, or even better, she has an unsettling moment where she sees how her cruelty has affected someone who isn’t that different from her. And then (the best part) she does something to make it right. 

We admire people that can recognize their flaws and attempt to change them. So your character might start off as vain and pretentious and cruel, but she doesn’t have to stay that way. Allow the story events to change her, because readers expect that, even in characters that start off as well-liked, kind-hearted people. 

She can be cruel, but make her more than that. Give her some depth. Show us that there’s more to her than what most people see of her on the surface. 


writing character death in fanficiton - a summarized quick guide

i have been meaning to point out for a while that writing character death is very different when you do it with your own characters (original fiction) from when you do it with other people’s fictional characters. yes, people should get attached to your characters when they read your original fiction and feel something when you kill them, but it’s not the same; those fictional characters are shared by communities that love them, cherish them, talk about them on a daily basis. there is a higher degree of attachment that you need to be aware of when killing, let’s say, your favorite harry potter character, because that might be someone else’s favorite too.

not saying ‘don’t kill them’, but here is a very brief list of three things that you should keep in account:

  1. no death is in vain: even if the character that dies does not have a great impact on the story, make sure their death doesn’t seem ‘random’, or ‘uncalled for.’ death is big for humans. we find denial in every death, especially the death of something (someone) we love. minor deaths don’t have much effect in original fiction – here, they are a world. you may not care for the person that you just killed, but make it look like you do care for the character. the difference is huge.
  2. do your research: you may say ‘but you also do research in original fiction.’ that is true. however, we are in a community where the majority of people’s reading and connection with reading comes through fanfiction. this ties in with the first point: if you kill someone with cancer (i have a lot of opinions on this matter as well, but this is for another post), and are not respectful in the way you do it, you are making a lot of mistakes and wronging a lot of people here: yourself, first, by not extending to the limit of your abilities, wronging those who are actually going through the illness, wronging your character; don’t forget, no death is in vain, and none to be taken lightly.
  3. take advantage of the first two points: this isn’t redundant, and i’ll tell you why now. once you grasp that no death is in vain, and once you’ve done all the research you had to (even for supernatural deaths there is something you can research! mix it up) your character deaths will be what we all want them to be – effective. they will draw an emotional response that is anger/pain/disbelief/etc. at how well you did it, not at why or it was unnecessary. it’s what most of us who reach all the way to character death strive for: to see our readers twist and turn, because we killed someone they loved, and they can’t even be upset about it. because it was a masterpiece.

i hope this was helpful and helps you all out in your fictional murder endeavors.

*Shakes head in hands*

People! … Okay, maybe ‘disgusting’ isn’t the best word for us to be using, because, if Ian and Trevor are both tops, they kind of have to love bottoms (again, we’re still pretending that versatility and variability don’t exist, right?). The connotation of grossness of the other isn’t the point that we’re trying to make, it’s the subliminally misogynistic believed superiority of the individual that’s being implied, and that is clear (yeah, you can fight me on this, but it’s likely that I will have more receipts) in these two characters. … Saying that those of us whom are upset are “ready to be like ‘bottom lives matter’” might actually be a little too on-the-nose (conceding that Mickey is one racist person, not an entire disenfranchised race, do not come at me for being racially insensitive) because of how they continue to mock and destroy Mickey as a character at a systemic level. You are sadly kidding yourself if you don’t see that scene as yet an other latent dig at Mickey Milkovich, or the writing on the wall that it’ll become much less latent in retrospect when Ian leaves Mickey again, because he would rather go back and be with his ‘true love,’ Trevor, even though he will have had to acquire a taste for sex with Trevor, whereas, he and Mickey had naturally been two pieces that always fit perfectly together.

I would like Frozen more if...
  • Elsa doesn’t repeatedly run away from the problems she caused and instead she would actually try her best to solve her problems.
  • If Elsa actually shows signs of having depression/anxiety/other similar mental illness and not having one of the producers say “oh she has depression” after the movie hits the box office
  • Hans has an actual villain song and his villain reveal isn’t executed lazily
  • Elsanna doesn’t exist (ships and incest are different, people!)
  • They make Elsa and Anna a bit different (as in character design; unless you have a twin, it’s impossible to be look exactly alike to your siblings. If you have done research on character design, you might understand this)
  • If the stans understand that Frozen gets hate, like every other piece of entertainment (if they can tell us that we have to accept people praising the movie, then they have to accept the opposite)
  • If the stans don’t treat Hans fans badly (just because someone likes a villain as a character doesn’t mean they’re horrible!)

That’s enough for my anti Frozen ramblings for now. And please, please don’t take it too personally if you disagree.




“Looking at your face like, makes me want to look at it more.”

Wild Powerful Shooting Star

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JRPGs 2016

There’s a lot more than I thought.

Definitely 2016 

In approximate order of bigness

Final Fantasy XV

Definitely 2016. Definitely a big deal. It’s been a long time coming. 

Persona 5

While not as big of a deal as FFXV generally speaking, within communities of people who really care about the genre, there is just as much hype for persona 5. 

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness 

If its anything like its four predecessors, it should be a great adventure.While I think some poor choices were made in the character designs - the male costumes are boring and on the other side of the spectrum Fiore has godawful chequered tits - the game should more than make up for this.  And who knows, if were lucky/unlucky we might get a SO3 level plot twist. 

Kingdom Hearts 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue

A compilation of three things. The exciting part is Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage. This is a short game serving as prologue and tech demo for Kingdom Hearts 3

The bulk of the product is  Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD, the remaster of  Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance for the 3DS. But will they fix the infinite wall jump?

The bit people forget is Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover, a set of cinematics to tell a story that very few people realise is of any importance, based on a browser/mobile game that people outside of japan have yet to play.

One disk, four terrible names, what a bargain!

Would place this higher, but I am aware of my own bias’s.

World of Final Fantasy

Also known as the adventures of FakeRoxas and Girl.

From what I’ve seen it looks very pretty and cute and like it could be fun, appealing to those who miss traditional turn based systems. But no one really asked for it. 

Valkyria Chronicles HD

Another HD remaster. Critically acclaimed tactical war based rpg. 

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir 

Another HD remake of a critically acclaimed game. This ones a 2D side-scrolling action game. 

Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna

Tailor made to appeal to fans of the super old school, while also being very pretty. However no one has really heard of it, and it will probably need a new title for the western release. 

God Eater Resurrection and God Eater 2

Popular in Japan, apparently. 

Nights of Azure 

Already released in Japan and I’ve not heard anything good about this game. I have a general rule which is that I watch the trailer and if it looks like there has been more effort put into boob jiggle than environments I pass. This failed hard. 

Maybe 2016

Tales of Beseria

While the original trailer killed my hype - Velvets design is horrible and everything is trying so hard to be dark- the recent reveals have picked up my spirit and at the end of the day it’s still a tales game.I will buy it and enjoy it and so will a great many others. Confirmed for 2016 for Japan, but no word on a western release window. 

Here is the latest trailer and my analysis

Nier Automata 

Very little is known and there has been talk of a 2016 Japanese release, but all we can know for certain is that it looks extremely cool.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution

TBH, I’m really not qualified to discuss this franchise. People are running into a gunfight with swords for some reason. Oh, and this ones real-time as opposed to turn based like the original series. 


Final Fantasy VII: Remake

Do I need to say anything?

Kingdom Hearts 3

Back to sensible naming conventions. Why does Kingdom Hearts get double the number of pictures of the other games? Because its Kingdom Hearts.

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom 

What did we do to deserve something as pure and sweet and wonderful as Ni No Kuni? We’ll never know. 


Really only included for completions sake. Is it a JRPG? Its an action RPG by a Japanese developer, and looking at it in motion it does seen rather JRPGish (just look at the environments). The Characters buzzcut seems to be a deliberate subversion of tropes. But since its a Xbone exclusive, do any JRPG fans really care. There’s a fair likelihood of it being ported to PC however.


That was a very long list, wasn’t it?  And that’s not even including portable games.Even if only half of these turn out to be good it will still mean one of the best times for JRPG’s in a very long time, and I think this list stands as a wonderful testament to breadth of variety in my favourite genre. 

If I missed anything, feel free to add!                                                                

Having drawn the Organization’s Black Coat more times than I would care to admit, I was struck by some subtle changes in the Unknown’s outfit.

I would assume that most of them are just design updates, such as the ornament, although the Unknown’s looks similar to how Amano draws it in the manga:

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contrary to what people might think, i dont hate starco. like, whatever, its a ship im not into, who cares. nothin wrong with it, just a ship. what bothers me is the way everyone insists its going to be canon/its destiny/them ending up together is inevitable etc and i barely see anything else from the fandom other than people trying to prove it. like, this show has more depth than people give it credit for, we could be talking about theories, doing character analysis that doesnt involve romance, having fun with the side characters, making up headcanons….. also it would be so, so nice to have a cartoon with a boy/girl friendship that doesnt end in romance between the two, that whole trope just stinks of heteronormativity. THAT’S what bugs me.

Attention all people on the autistic spectrum!

I’m an autistic radio DJ at 91.5 WDBK (DJ Hippie, host of That Gosh Darn Hippie Show), and I’m planning out a series of one minute clips for April for Autism Acceptance month that will star all of US! The rules for this are super simple…. All you need to do is make a recording introducing yourself, then share your experiences as an autistic person, info-dump about your special interest, share autistic headcanons for your favourite characters, tell people what you want them to know about actually autistic people, organizations that you like for autism (So people know other places to give besides Autism $peaks), or basically anything you want for 60 seconds (It can go a little over, too, if needed)! Then, send your recording to DJGoshDarnHippie@gmail.com ! You can make more than one, too, if you want (Note: If we get a lot of people for this, though, we might narrow down multiple submissions from the same person)! These clips will play almost like commercials or PSAs in between songs during breaks all throughout the month of April!

The main rule right now is just to not curse and to stay appropriate (This is going on the air, after all! Have to follow FCC rules). I’m hoping to get as many people as possible for this (Which is why I’m starting on this so early) so please spread the word around! If you have any questions, send me an ask, private message, or e-mail. Can’t wait to hear from you! Stay groovy!

Edit: A friend of mine told me that there are non-verbal autistic people who want to be involved, too. If you want a chance to share your experiences/special interest/ect. on the air and you’re nonverbal, you can have someone else read what you want to say on the air, or use a text-to-speech program if you can’t find someone else to help you. Also, if you want, you can send an e-mail with what you want to say and I can read it for you, too. Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention, Tim! Peace and love!

Edit 2: I noticed some people are saying they’re too nervous to speak on the air… For those who are too scared to or maybe even have anxiety, hopefully this will ease your worries a little bit: This won’t be live. Any mistakes or bloopers that you make can be edited out if you want to make it sound perfect (I often have to edit some shows myself for pre-recorded episodes). If that doesn’t help, you can also just send an e-mail with what you want to say and I can read on your behalf if you wish. Stay groovy!

Edit 3: Yes, Self-DXers are allowed!