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*FE14 hell is still deep*


Fakehaus -> Matt Peake 

No one knows much about Peake. He is an enigma with a gun and a sky-high body count. A man of few words and a watchful gaze, it seems as if there isn’t a time when he is truly relaxed. While no one knows the exact details of his past, there’s a unspoken knowledge among the rest of Fakehaus that he’s been doing this dirty work full time for quite a while now. A jack-of-all-trades type, Peake handles whatever needs to be done in the group, and does it with an intense speed and quality. To many, he is unemotional and ruthless in his work. 

People don’t see the nights he spends on his knees in church, begging for forgiveness.

Joel / Lawrence / Adam / Spoole / Bruce / James / Elyse / Omar


one of these things is not like the others. one of these things just isn’t the same.


{{ i mean it’s tempting to just keep things the way they were, but it feels kind of strange considering what the canon has shown }}


i made a low poly chibi render of Yoosung✩ from Mystic Messenger!  ✩ months later i finally got the hang of 3d modeling so i hope to do more in the future! this was just a test and i love how cute he turned out :9

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AHHHH I'M SO EXCITED !!!! PART 10!!! I have been dying from anticipation to see what happens!!! Oh by the way how long do you plan on making it?

I’m not sure, to be honest. It might be 20 parts (it depends if I choose to put in the plot twist, then it might turn into a sequel). If you guys want the plot twist (I won’t say what it is, but it’s huge to the plot of the story if I put it in.), I’ll put it in. It all depends on if you guys want me to continue the story. I’m more than willing to, I’d just like feedback to see if it’s worth putting it in. Do you guys want me to add the plot twist when it comes up?


Something I decided to make during my free time in my first week of class that started out from a sketch i did some days ago.

Always wanted to see the mercs in a more cartoony style and always wanted to try one of those 3d bust sculpt thingy but i cant sculpt so i just modeled this.

Turntable Version

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hello i was wondering if u might have some tips that might help me out? my close friend is considering top surgery and i would like to know anyways i can assist with during the recovery process

A person undergoing top Surgery needs to avoid moving the upper body at all cost, they have to rest as much as possible for a duration of 3 weeks ( more or less depending on how the operation went. ). A very good way to assist them is to make grocery for them ( they cannot carry the bags. ) , help them with showers /bath ( depending on the level of intimacy there )  help for lifting anything heavy , pet feeding , washing dishes, general clean up of their house/appartement. 

Some operations goes better than others and people have different healing capacities, but to reduce the chance of scars or complications , moving as little as possible is highly recommended ~ 

Hope that helps! 

- Joshua

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you might not have to use a huge watermark, but if you do start adding them, they could probably be like 8 or 9 font size in the corners of the gifs.

haha i know i just said that because i was annoyed… one day i might just make a gif with a huge watermark in the middle of it out of spite because i love doing things out of spite lmao… but on a more serious note, yeah if i do really decide to add watermarks it’ll probably end up being like you said ^^

Parents: Alright, I just need you to do (any small chore that abled people could do in 20 minutes or less) today.

Me: Yeah, um… Okay. I’ll do my best, but it depends on how I’m feeling. I might not be able to do it

My parents: You should be able to do this, it takes 10 minutes and barely any effort

Me in my head: How about instead of making me feel shitty for not being able to help out more you realize how sick I must feel if your small chore might be too much for me

Me out loud: Yeah, true. I’ll get right on that


i think depending on the interpretation harley could be technically labeled as a psychopath because she experiences psychosis? but! i’m not an expert and like you said people tend to just slap those labels on any violent character to make themselves more comfortable so idk. figured it might be worth mentioning though \o/

i get  what you mean, but from what i’ve learned / read about, psychotic =/= psychopathy, psychosis =/= psychopath. there are psychopaths who have experienced psychosis, so the idea of her possibly being one / allusions to it based on the content of some interpretations might give people that impression, but psychopathy deals more with morals. again, i’m not an expert, but those who endure psychosis are broken from reality ( and can commit a crime based on that ) in a way that isn’t how a psychopath might. one deals more with conscience, one deals with delusion.  there are psychopaths who experience psychosis, you’re right though. but not everyone who experiences psychosis is a psychopath. :*

I barely got to do anything, which I apologize for. Death got to respond to the thing for her son but that’s about all I had time for. Tomorrow’s busy but I’ll be on when I can.

Some character related stuff below the cut, feel free to ignore (it’s not very self positive or exciting, so you should just ignore it lol).

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Hey ! To begin I wanna say that I just love your blog you are just amazingly nice to the queer community. I have a question : I'm in love with a gender-fluid person, we're dating but I knew that person before they told me they were gender-fluid soooo... My sexual attraction is to females, I'm non-binary, does that make me panromantic ? Biromantic ? I just wanna respect their gender ! Thanks for ur answer ;)

Well I suppose that depends on two things love.

Firstly, what do you feel? Do you feel romantically attracted to two genders? Do you feel romantically attracted to every gender? It’s not for me to tell you which kinds of people you feel connected to.

Secondly, how many genders does your partner express? If they express two and you feel romantically attached to both you might call that biromantic. If they express more than that you might consider poly- or panromantic.

I promise you’ll figure it out in time love. I hope this helps you at least start thinking about it.

If any of our followers have advice please share.

~Mod Kai 🐉

necessary charrie updates i should inform ppl of (in case u plot and all):

  • zay is a closed muse romantically. platonic ships tho, i’m all down.
  • aspen is no longer considered homeless/nomadic. she stays at a halfway house/whoever’s house ilyssa decides to “convince” ppl to let her/them stay at and its now at Grown Puppy status
  • kidada is writing a poetry book. (yay!)
  • ona’s enduring an episode so things might get pretty “???”
  • nyhri’s quiet. i’ll inform u all as soon as he talks to me
  • pavati is (getting) clean/focusing on more music, less stripping. (yay x2!)
  • zephyr makes beats/updates her soundcloud when shes bored. depending on who’s being threaded with, shes either totally Chill mom or i’m about to go into Cardiac Arrest mom theres no in between
  • ainette is still the baby in college
  • amrita might get a living verse so ur muses dont have a weird ghost in their lives that may not need to be there
  • ilyssa still wants attention. and affection. and to ruin a boy’s life.
  • jaira hates me but her alternate does not so more threads for her so she can stop hating me maybe
  • tea wants music/poly/love things woot
  • katya isn’t talking to me either for reasons i am unsure of

Yeeeeeah, I’m finally opening up commissions! Little nervous but EY, I’m willing to bite.

  • Prices are negotiable/Can be subject to change depending on the complexity of the request.
  • Solid/simple backgrounds are free! More elaborate ones might need to be discussed, depending over how complex they might be.
  • Payment is via Paypal!
  • I prefer reference over description but if you have no references at hand, it’s all good.
  • Partial nudity is fine but nothing sexual!

I reserve the right to deny anything that makes me uncomfortable, but I’m fine with most of everything so don’t be afraid!

You can contact me for more information here (sobsofthegoblins), @dinkydunce on Skype or at naspoopy@gmail.com

If you have any further questions feel free to ask!

Thank you.