i might make another one tho

Without spoilers, a brief recollection of things/feelings that happened last night:

  • There were actual kids there! Like 12 and 13 year olds guys! (One of whom I met while standing in line. It was like listening to my brother which was nice considering I was super nervous)
  • Also, There were soooo many people with colored hair. And I don’t mean like natural colors. I’m talking bright Red and pastel colors. It was cool.
  • Also a lot of people were wearing their charity merch (I saw a lot of the baseball tees from when were dealing with “Arubian Cumpf”)
  • Meanwhile I was the only one in a silly homemade T-shirt but do I give a fuck? No, because I worked my ass off and was proud of it
  • That merch line tho…. Also, since i saw other ppl on here asking: Make sure you have $60. That might seem a little steep but trust me on this; you want to have that much for one of the items.
  • Another thing: If you’re short, go for merch AFTER the show if you have general admission. You’re gonna be standing and the tall people WILL take the better spots
  • But seriously, to see those dorks be dorks in front of my eyes… was incredible. You could tell how much blood, sweat, and tears Mark has poured into this tour, into EVERYTHING ABOUT IT.
  • And the sense of community I felt, was something I haven’t felt since my BTR days. To feel that sense of welcoming, that we were all there for the same purpose, and to know that Mark and Ethan and Tyler and Bob and Wade and even Amy and Kathryn were there just as much for all of us…
  • Mark (and just about everyone else) got so emotional at the end, and Mark was even Tearing up (As were audience members)
  • Also, friendly PSA/reminder: There is a point where Amy and Kathryn come into the audience so PLEASE be respectful. I had people screaming for Kathryn to come over around me, and I can only imagine Amy got into similar situations. PLEASE be respectful.
  • Also, Amy’s voice is deeper in person than on camera, which is cool. Also Kathryn is even prettier in person, which was also cool.
  • Thank you thank you thank you @markiplier For giving me such a wonderful night and for pouring your heart and soul into this, and I hope the rest of the tour goes just as well as last night!

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SHINee at a thrift store?? :D

~shinee’s gonna pop some tags~


  • weirdly gravitating towards clothes that don’t even look like they’re from this century 
  • “they’re comfy ok what more do you want from clothes” 
  • finds a pair of (key: ugly) elastic pants (minho: i think my grandma has the same pair) 
  • snaps the waistband a few times
  • these are his now and he’s never taking them off
  • actually pays for them while wearing them 
  • he wears (minho’s) grandma’s clothes
  • he looks incredible 


  • has been in the dressing room for a while 
  • they know he’s still in there bc they can see his sneakers (taemin: hyung you good?? / jong: *mumbling something* / ot4: what
  • can’t even open the door bc his arms are incapacitated so a worker has to open it with a key 
  • the door swings open to reveal kim jonghyun, world-famous kpop singer, national heartthrob, owner of a lambo, mother of taemin, all sorts of tangled up in a sweater with his arms sticking out and his head somewhere swallowed in the fabric 
  • shinee: ………………. / jong: …….. you guys gonna help me or what 
  • everyone snapped a picture (minho: this is going to be my new contact photo for you ahaha what a dumbass) 
  • still BUYS the sweater (jong: it looked good when properly put on ok) 


  • brought his own canvas bag 
  • “my body is ready, let us begin”
  • taemin’s pulling random shit off the hangers saying ooo~ try this giant flamingo-print shirt on
  • but he tied it so it looks good and that was not the reality taemin expected (jong: hey / taemin: you plagiarized my album)  
  • his pile of stuff he wants is v rapidly growing and he’s thinking of all the diy projects he could do 
  • actual sparkly eyes at all his new clothes and possibilities 
  • actively choosing not to question the members’ fashion choices too much bc his stress level will just go up, up, UP (hitchhiking baby)
  • is he just really good at finding good things or does just everything look good on him? (key: both. it’s both `▽´) 


  • buys another pair of track pants to add to his ever-growing collection (”i didn’t have a green one let me live”) 
  • “guys doesn’t this pullover remind you of our suits from dream girl era?” / ot4: haha yeah omg those suits
  • it’s a frankenstein’s monster of patterns and he loves it a lot 
  • he just kept on holding it the entire time they were there, very fiercely defending its honor from taemin’s general assholery (taemin: it’s ugly / minho: your face is ugly)
  • unironically wears it everywhere
  • it makes him easy to spot in a crowd tho 
  • might as well be wearing a neon sign 
  • choi minho, rising fashionista or fashion terrorist? 


  • isn’t really his scene but since he’s here might as well have some fun~
  • every time he talks to a member he’s wearing a different floppy hat but they’re not commenting on it 
  • TvT notice me senpais
  • pulling the most ridiculous things he could find and posing and strutting like he’s on a runway
  • walk, walk, POSE (ot4: *clap clap* / taemin: oh thank you thank you) 
  • sweg 
  • has been steered away from the shoes section bc nope, not today  
  • he’s actually growing kind of attached to this zebra-print jean jacket 
  • he??? bought it??? 
  • @ himself: when are you ever going to wear this / taemin: shrug emoji 
  • found a dope bucket hat
  • minho your sweater is still stupid 

“[…] I met someone. It was an accident, I wasn’t looking for it, it wasn’t on the make, it was a perfect storm. She said one thing, I said another, next thing I knew, I wanted to spend the rest of my life in the middle of that conversation. Now there’s this feeling in my gut she might be the one. She’s completely nuts, in a way that makes me smile, highly neurotic with a great deal of maintenance required. She is you […].”

- Hank Moody, Californication 

Gillovny all the way, motherfuckers 👊😎
Day6: proposing to their long-term girlfriend

Jae: everyone avoids him like the plague bc they know he’s literally a walking vegetable and can’t even process what’s around him- so yeah he’s basically dead scared. Thinks over it so many times that his brain is all fried up, so someone definitely has to give him a little push in order for him to go through with it. Once he’s got everything together, it’s not as hard anymore. He knows you love him, and completely in love with you, so he lets his emotions do all of the talking. He probably does it over a quiet night while you two are cuddling or watching movies.

Sungjin: ok so he’d also be one to over think it, but he’d be 10x more confident than jae just bc there’s no doubts about your feelings for him. He’d for sure want it to be special, and make it a night you won’t forget. He’d make it private tho, just bc he might (will) cry lol no one else needs to see that. He’d set up a nice environment in a quiet restaurant, booking a room just for you two. Might write something and recite it bc he’ll probably forget what he’s trying to say. He’d be in tears halfway through it so you’d have to say yes before another fountain of tears flows out.

Youngk: why do I feel like he’d do it randomly and out of nowhere? Like imagine having a romantic date with him the night before, and he’s spending hours just staring at your face the next morning just bc he can’t sleep for some reason. He feels as though his heart is gonna burst and he can’t quite explain why, so when you wake up, he’s still in a sort of daze, just in awe of you. “Marry me, y/n” and that’d be the end of it. He probably already bought some rings for you guys, as he was planning on giving it to you for your birthday as promise rings, but now it seems like an even better idea.

Wonpil: would need so much consulting and advice from his hyungs, or even his parents. He’s so conflicted and doesn’t know if this is what you might want, or even if it’s what he wants. He’d be a ball of nerves and you’d sense it throughout your whole date as he takes you to where you two first met. The only one who bought an actual engagement ring and is ready to present it to you. As you’re walking together, enjoying each others company, he suddenly stops you and looks you deep in the eye as he lists the things that he loves about you and how you completely changed his life for the better, before getting on his knees and pouring his heart out.

Dowoon: he’d keep it secret from everyone, not really wanting all the attention or the chance to jinx it. But he’d actually try several times, only to end up making himself look like a fool and say he was joking. Only when you’d start to become suspicious, though, that’s when you’ll confront him and he’d spill out all his emotions. He knows he can’t back out now, so he might as well. He’d sit you down and explain why he’s so scared- he hasn’t told his parents, or your parents, do you even want to marry him? What if something goes wrong? What if you’re too young? You’d have to shut him up with a kiss in order for him to actually man up and ask you.

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Irrelevant but Brian’s smile,,,,kms

Red Kryptonite Pt. 2 - Kara Danvers x Reader (Supergirl)

prompt: “Could you do a part 2 to the red kryptonite Kara imagine please maybe when the red kryptonite wears off please thank you” - anon

“Is it possible if you can make a part 2 of Red Kryptonite Kara? I really liked the first one! If possible, can you please make the reader be traumatized on what happened so when Kara went back to normal, reader is still scared of her and Kara hates herself for doing that to reader. Thanks so much!” - anon

- I got a bit carried away and it got a bit long (i might do another bit to this, don’t know what tho!!?) but this was fun i love writing supergirl so much (also a few different fandoms are coming up now so it might start getting varied, feel free to ask for anything you want!!!)

*not my gif*

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It had been a couple of days since you had been attacked and you still felt no better. Running on little or no sleep didn’t help much either. Alex was constantly torn between looking after you and her own sister who was apparently residing at the DEO and going through a tough recovery, according to Alex. You weren’t sure how to feel anymore. You had always trusted Kara with your life but now that she had been the one to endanger your life, you were fairly confused.

You knew that Kara was Supergirl but you usually stayed out of her business at her request, she hoped that if you weren’t associated then you wouldn’t be targeted. Load of use that was as the only person you’ve ever been targeted by was… well, Supergirl.

You sighed and sighed and looked up to check the time, noticing that it was almost time for Alex to be back home for lunch. The noise of the kettle whistling made you jump, having forgot that you had even put it on in the first place. You were desperately trying to get yourself together and you felt like you were almost there, though maybe not mentally, so you had decided that today you would prepare lunch for Alex.

The pasta had just finished cooking when there was a quiet knock on the door, 3 consecutive knocks. It wasn’t much of a secret knock or anything but it reassured you that it was Alex on the other side of the door rather than someone like- someone who would hurt you. You opened the door and welcomed her in, instantly noticing that she had her business face on. This wasn’t going to go well. 

“Y/N, I think you know what I’m going to say.” Alex instantly jumped right in and gave you an earnest look, you knew she was attempting to get you to consider going with her to see Kara. You had managed to avoid facing it so far and you weren’t going to give in just yet.

“Would you like some pasta? I made it.” You offered, ignoring her pleads and instead busying yourself with serving the food up into two bowls.

“Y/N. Please, she’s begging for you. You’re all she asks for.”

“The coffee is still hot as well, I can pour some for you.” You persisted, refusing to meet her eye as you knew that she would just give you that look and you’d be too scared to decline anything she said.

“She won’t do anything, she’s distraught. She won’t eat and she hardly sleeps. She needs you.” Alex stood up, raising her voice slightly and leaning over the table, her elbows resting on the edge with her hands clasped. “Y/N-“

You briefly glanced up at her and immediately caved. However, you were still torn and there was no way you could trust her or be around her right now. “This isn’t fair Alex. I get it, you’re her sister and you want to see her get better but I just- I can’t! Okay?”

“Y/N, she wasn’t Kara. She was hurt, damaged. She wasn’t your Kara.” Alex attempted to explain but it didn’t mean anything to you. You still had to face the same girl that had thrown you off a building for god sake. “It’s this thing called Red Kryptonite and it’s hard to explain but you have to understand-” 

“I don’t know what you want from me!? I don’t understand what she wants from me. You say she’s all torn up about what she’s done? Good! Because she should be.” You shouted, tears springing to your eyes as you finally let out what you had been trying to avoid saying. In all truth, you didn’t know what to do. You loved Kara but not this Supergirl that had hurt you. And you couldn’t just see her as easily as that, could you? “I haven’t been sleeping or eating. I need her, the old her. I’m tired and distraught but I had to get over it and she will too.” You answered, turning around to head to your room.

You thought you would feel so much better shouting that all out, getting it off your chest, but as you sank into your bed you couldn’t help but just feel completely empty. It didn’t help at all. In fact, it made things worse. 

Deep down you still loved Kara with all your heart and to abandon her so easily was making you feel even worse about the whole situation and it got you thinking that maybe going to see her would only do you good. Maybe you could settle a few things, agree on where you would go form here. And if Kara was in as bad of a state as Alex had been claiming then you did want to be there for her.

You slowly opened your door and sniffled a little big, getting Alex’s attention. You properly looked her in the eye and licked your lips. “I should really go, shouldn’t I.” Alex sighed, wrapping her hands around her coffee cup. After finally looking at her – really looking at her – you noticed how tired she was looking and realised just how worn out she must be.

“I can’t make any decisions for you. You know I love you and I just want the best for you. And of course I love Kara, after I managed to accept that what she did wasn’t her at all, and I just want to make everything all right for the two of you again. I’m sorry; I don’t want to force you into something that you can’t do. I understand.” She nodded, giving you a tired smile and signalling for you to go to her with a tilt of her head. You trudged over and she wrapped you in a hug. 

The feeling made you miss your girlfriend even more. Though not biologically related, Alex and Kara were very similar and whilst Alex had been a good stand in for hugs and comfort, you missed your Danvers sibling. You missed her hugs and her comforts - eating potstickers and snuggling in bed. You smiled at the memories before jumping up and getting your coat on. 

“Come on Agent Danvers, we have somewhere to be.” You nudged her, earning a confused glance from her. 

“What? Where?” She swivelled around on her kitchen stool to follow your around the room as you got ready to leave the apartment for the first time in a couple of days. 

“To see Kara.”

On arrival at the DEO, your confidence from earlier had lapsed slightly. Your nerves were once again making you nervous and scared, every movement you saw made you jump and this hadn’t gone unnoticed to Alex who was staying close to you, protecting you.

“This is her hospital room, now it’s up to you. You can go in or you can decide that this is enough for you today. Or I can go in first and stay with you.”

You clenched your teeth and forced yourself to shake your head, you needed to go in there and you alone at this point. “No, that’s okay. I can do it. I have to do it.” You smiled at Alex. “If what you’ve said is anything to go on then in there is my girlfriend, the one that isn’t affected by that krypotine-”

“Kryptonite.” Alex corrected, smiling amusedly. “Go get her tiger.” She gave you a small nudge towards the door. You took a deep breath and wrung your hands out before nodding and pushing the door open.

You didn’t know what you were expecting when you opened the door but this wasn’t it and you immediately relaxed a little but more at the sight of your girlfriend. Who was distinctively your girlfriend. 

“Alex, go away.” She mumbled, her back to you. “Unless you have Y/N I don’t want to talk. I just want to forget what I did. Please make me forget.” Her voice was trembling and it made you feel even worse.

“It’s not Alex.” You said, the speed at which Kara had turned around and sat up to look at you made you involuntarily stumble back, flinching slightly. Your actions made Kara’s face crumple.

“What have I done?” She asked, crawling back onto her bed and bringing her knees in front of her. “I’m so sorry.” Kara dropped her head into her hands and you came to realise how the memories were actually doing the both of you as much harm as the other.

You chewed on your lip for a couple of seconds, deciding on what action to take now. In the end you listened to your heart which was aching to run to Kara and comfort her, kiss her. It was clear she had changed and maybe her actions and words would stay with you for a while but you could forgive easily enough.

You walked up to her and sat next to her before wrapping your arms around her and bringing her into you. She immediately latched on, gripping onto you. The action reminded you of how she had gripped at your hips on that night but you simply gritted your teeth and pushed the thought away, replacing it with new, kinder memories.

“I love you Kara.” You whispered. It was going to be difficult but you were going to try with everything you had to make things better. You were determined everything was going to be okay because you loved her and she loved you.

Francesco Gabbani - Italia 21 (translation and explanation)

So, this song was deleted from YT last week and I was very upset, since it’s one of those older songs from Francesco that made me instantly like him.
I knew that it needed both a translation and a ‘paraphrase’ (like you would with a Latin version in high school LOL) to fully understand it and that took me SO LONG. It was very hard and I believe it’s still not complete yet: there’s something I still don’t get.
But! The most is done and I hope you’ll like it!

This is “Italia 21″ (Italy 21).

I’m not sure if this song was already traslated, I’m just gonna post my version :D
I’m not a professional translator so there might be some mistakes. I just hope to convey the message of the song to non-Italian speakers.

Uno. Pane e vino certo non ci manca
Due. Neanche il sole in quest’Italia santa
Tre. Una penisola col tacco a spillo
Quattro. Tutti parlano, ci manca solamente il grillo

One. We surely don’t lack bread and wine
Two. Nor we lack the sun, in this holy Italy
Three. A peninsula wearing an high heel
Four. Everybody talks, last thing we need is the cricket


- Bread, wine and sun are what Italy is known for in the entire world. So it’s religion, that’s why the ‘holy’ adjective.
- Italy is said to be shaped like a boot. We also call the southern regions in Apulia “tacco” (heel). I believe the “high heel” reference is related to fashion, another thing we are known for worldwide.
- We have a common saying: “Il paese è piccolo, la gente mormora” (it’s a small town, people talk) which means that basically in small communities everyone knows everything and always voices their opinions. Italy is pretty much like a big “small town” and everyone always likes to talk. We’re very good at talking and having all kind of opinions.
- The “grillo” (cricket) reference is what made me instantly fall in love with this song right during the first listening. It’s pure genius.
It has a double meaning: the first is related to the Jiminy Cricket (or Talking Cricket), a character from famous Italian author Carlo Collodi’s book “Pinocchio”. It basically says that since everybody likes to talk already, we really don’t need to hear from the Talking Cricket, known for being Pinocchio’s conscience and dispenser of good advices, but never listened to. The second reference I believe it’s about Beppe Grillo, infamous ex-comedian and now leader of political movement “Movimento Cinque Stelle” (the links lead to Wikipedia, if you’re curious about them).
The most interesting thing is noticing how Francesco made a subtle criticism of this (known for being loud and obnoxious) politician by using a word play and a very ironic and cultured reference.

Cinque. San Gennaro, grazie che ci Sei!
Sette. Senza di te che numeri giocherei?
Otto. La nazione piscia controvento
Nove. Ma noi siamo tutti fieri del Risorgimento

Five. St. Januarius, thanks for exSIXting!
Seven. Without you, which numbers would I bet?
Eight. The nation pisses upwind
Nine. But we are all proud of our Risorgimento


- St. Januarius is a very important saint in the Italian culture, especially in the Neapolitan area. The “number betting” thing is related to another popular tradition (mainly in Naples, I believe) consisting in praying the Saint to suggestions about which numbers to play at the Lottery.
- Number six of this list is the “sei” at the end of the first line. Once again a word play: the word “six” is written and pronounced exactly like the second person singular of the “be” (essere) verb.
- Another saying: “Chi piscia controvento si bagna i pantaloni” (who pisses upwind wets his own pants), which means “never take challenges too big for you”. Related to Italy I believe it may mean that we consider our nation much bigger and more influential than how it actually is and we take challenges way bigger than our real potential. Why is that?
- Because we are conditioned by our long, rich history and heroical past. One example above all might have been Ancient Rome or the Reinaissance period, but Francesco wisely chose the Risorgimento: when Italy was reunited under the same flag and monarchy after a series of wars, battles and campaigns against foreign occupation. Why is that? Maybe once again to be very ironical about Italians being actually proud of being united in one country, since there are still a lot of differences and fights between North and South.

Dieci. Chi svolta il mese con il contagocce
Undici. A chi la polpa e a chi le bucce
Dodici. Per fortuna arriva il 1° maggio
Tredici. Abbiamo tante, tante fave ma non c’è il formaggio

Ten. Those who turn the month in dribs and drabs
Eleven. Some get the pulp and some the peels
Twelve. Luckily, the 1st of May always arrives
Thirteen. We’ve got lots and lots of beans but we haven’t got the cheese


- “Svoltare il mese con il contagocce” (turning the month with the tear dropper) and “a chi la polpa e a chi le bucce” are there to express how the economy has a lot of flaws in Italy, especially in the relation between riches (who has got the “pulp”, the money and wellness) and poors (the ones having difficulties gaining enough to live by, month after month).
- The 1st of May is International Work Day and it’s an holiday. It’s also sometimes used as a “middle point” during the working year.
- Fave e pecorino (broad beans and sheep cheese) is a typical dish of Central Italy and Rome in particular. It’s a 1st of May tradition to eat them together, especially because since it’s an holiday and it’s Spring, people used to go have trips and pic-nics in the countryside, where they bought beans and cheese directly from the farmers. Francesco is using the dish as another way of saying we’ve got the side dish (vegetable or beans), the theories and good words, but we haven’t got the main course (the cheese), what matters.

Quattordici. C’è chi magna e non fa una piega
Quindici. Ma alla fine cosa ce ne frega?
Sedici. Tutti fermi, inizia la partita
Diciassette porta sfiga. Il corno in terra, cazzo! E’ già finita

Fourteen. There’s who eats and doesn’t bat an eye
Fifteen. But in the end who cares?
Sixteen. Everyone stay still, the game is on
Seventeen brings bad luck. The lucky horn on the floor, fuck! It’s already over


- I am having some difficulties pin-pointing where the first sentence is from. It looks like another saying (”magna” is generally the dialect version of “mangia” and it’s mostly associated with Roman dialect) but I’ve never heard anything similar (it might be because I am from Northern Italy, tho). Anyway “non fare una piega” litterally translates to “don’t make a wrinkle” and it’s used both to say that something makes complete sense or that someone has absolute no reaction to something. So basically who eats (presumably those rich people from the previous verse?) doesn’t care about anything/anyone else and/or no one questions it.
- “Cosa ce ne frega” is, imho, the best way to describe the Italian attitude toward problems. It basically means “what do WE care?” with a very personal connotation. How do you solve unsolvable (or very hard) problems? Whatever, who cares anyway… not our business.
- Italians love football and that’s common knowledge. To quote Winston Churchill: “Italians lose wars as if they were football matches, and football matches as if they were wars.” So true, Winston.
- We are also very supertitious. The cornetto is one of the many objects believed to be lucky charms. I have no idea why you have to put it on the ground, tho? (Neapolitans, explain please!). The number 17 is also believed to be very unlucky (that’s why you need a corno to nullify its powers. But while you complete the rituals, you get distracted and the match ends!)

Diciotto. Viva l’Italia col microfono in mano
Diciannove. Canto anch’io che sono un italiano
Venti. Un bel bicchiere di rosso e due pennette
Ventuno. Due cazzeggi all’osteria e un Tressette

(Osteria numero sette! *paraponzi ponzi pò*
Il salame piace a fette
dammela a me, biondina
dammela a me, biondà!)

Eighteen. Long live Italy with a microphone in the hand
Nineteen. I sing I’m an Italian as well
Twenty. One fine glass of red (wine) and some penne
Twentyone. Some messing around at the pub and a round of Tressette

(Pub number seven! *paraponzi ponzi pò*
Salami is good cut in slices
give it to me, pretty blonde girl
give it to me, blondie!)


- Pretty sure the “Italia con il microfono in mano” is a reference to Sanremo, the most famous singing competition in Italy. It may also mean in general everything that has to do with Italian music, tho. Something along the line of “long live Italian music!”, even though his relationship with the industry at the time wasn’t the best and he had struggles surfacing as an artist. Would he ever imagine, at the time, that he would win Sanremo two years in a row? Bless you, Francesco.
- A quote from the famous “L’italiano” song by Toto Cutugno. Just like “Italia 21″ that song too was an attempt to describe Italy and the Italians from within.
Another fun fact: Toto is the last Italian singer who won the Eurovision Song Contest. Is this a lot of foreshadowing or not? (Maybe too much!)
- A glass of wine and pasta. What’s better? Here’s a quick and easy prescription to happiness, by every Italian ever.
- “Cazzeggio” is litterally “a thing done with one’s dick” and means messing around, having fun with friends by basically doing nothing. Tressette is a popular card game in Italy.
- What follows is something we call stornello, a type of folk song which basically has a standard melody and ever changing lyrics. They are usually very funny, irreverent and sexual. “La canzone delle osterie” is famous everywhere and Francesco used it to end the song in the most carefree way.
- He rhymed “sette” with “fette” but I really don’t know how to explain if “salami is good cut in slices” is a sexual reference. Salami can definitely be associated with something sexual (c’mon…) but I have no clue about the rest. I’m an innocent soul XD
- “Give it to me” is DEFINITELY sexual. Especially referred to a pretty blonde girl XD That too is usually part of the standard stornello lyrics ;)

Wow, this took SO LONG.
I hope it helped understand this song in depth, even though something is still obscure even to me, after translating and spending a lot of time looking things up on the internet.
Have fun find other interpretations, maybe? ;)


FUSED GLASS (jasper/amethyst)

[please do not use my art without my permission and without crediting me. do not use my art and designs for monetary gain. feel free to make fanart tho, but please credit and @ me when you post it!]

together they are a hot mess.


under cut there’s 3 things: 1. the reasons they fuse into glass rather than quartz 2. predictions on the relationship between jasper and ame and what’s going to happen with it (the possible amethyst arc?) and 3. just some stuff on the design itself + bonus old versions

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okay so, this was kind of a thing I wasn’t exactly planning to do. Its was more like my Sister asked me to make her a picture of him so she can hang it up on her wall. She REALLY loves Techno haha.

I just realized I completely forgot his ring but that may be a good thing idk.

But yeah this was a thing I made for my sister. You guys have no idea how excited she is to finally see this done. Lol

Techno belongs to @silvurgalaxies


The red butcher and the demon priest

Hidan is a member of a cult who worships a deity called Jashin. The Jashinists believe that it was Jashin who caused the end of the world because of all the sinners. Now they  wander the world and makes human sacrifices to get rid of the last of them and please their god. In return, Jashin has granted them immortality until their work is done.

Kakuzu suffers from an unknown illness that causes his internal organs to rot. To stay alive he slaughters anyone he comes across and steals their organs. His reputation is spreading and people tell stories at night about the red butcher or the red surgeon; a demon who roams the land.

When Kakuzu ran into Hidan and found out that he couldn’t kill him he was impressed. Hidan in turn was impressed when he realized that Kakuzu was the guy he’d heard rumors about and that the rumors were true. Thus a partnership was formed!

Hidan eventually manages to convince Kakuzu that if he joins the Jashinists he won’t have to steal organs anymore to stay alive, Jashin would give him immortality and in exchange Kakuzu just needs to keep up the good work, so to speak. Soon after that, the rumors began to spread that the red surgeon had found a partner, an immortal demon priest who is just as deadly as him.


illustration © attack on titan: lost girls by seko hiroshi

a very merry late christmas to attackthekilljoy! ta-dah, i’m your secret santa. i wasn’t sure what you wanted, so i hope this graphic isn’t too disappointing. i hope you had a great holiday!

Another pic I just finished with MS Paint, this one of Jacksepticeye : )  My friend and I are in the early stages of working on a game and I’ve been starting to make “art” for it, so that’s why there may be a few of these popping up on here from time to time. I won’t put them all up, tho, because that would probably get real old real quick. But I’m gonna put up a few that I’m particularly happy with or think some of you guys might like seeing : ) Any tips are greatly appreciated : )

BTS’s reaction when they fall in love at first sight with a staff member during a schedule

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> lets say that the person they fall in love with is a staff member or a volunteer member at the filming scene

Rap Monster

since he cant approach the person right then, he will try to attract the persons attention to himself somehow by talking or laughing a bit too loudly during the filming and make sure that he has his ‘cool looking guy’ mode on


even tho he is kind of eager to approach the person sooner, he isn’t worried too much about doing it later cuz like, come on, its jin. he had everyone falling for him the moment he walked in


sweg master will be distracted during most of the filming and as soon as they are given a break, he will try to approach the person he fell for, not wanting to waste any more time


like yoongi, he will probably not wait to long until approaching the person. i feel like he will mostly be worried that they might fall for another one of the members so he will make sure, his members are at a good distance just in case


this flower puff is also sometimes one of the more self conscious members so he might try to keep his members away as well. he will patiently wait for the right time and shyly approach the person


even tho he cant approach the person right away, he will quietly stare and admire them from a distance. he will probably be a bit distracted during the filming and his hyungs might tease him a bit when they see that he isnt acting like his usual self


golden will probably try to look all cool and swag during the filming and just like joonie, he will try to attract some attention but later when he wants to approach the person he will be a  super shy and stuff. >will probably tell one of his hyungs about it as soon as he sees the person and that one hyung will tell all the other and this will 16786% result to never ending teasing

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“Awkward Bro-Hug..?”
“Awkward Bro-Hug.”

I didn’t accomplish much today after work, but I did make this!

An anon asked me yesterday if I could do a sincere sibling hug with Stan and Ford- and I did promise you guys all another Relativity Falls edit- and the Reunion Falls one I’ll be making soon! Maybe I’ll start it before I go to bed- and expect more Youtuber AU as well!

The sincere one from Escape from reality had all the Mabel-Jury in the background and would have been such a pain to do- so I went with the awkward sibling hug from episode one-

I kinda like how it came out, but Dipper and Mabel don’t have clothes that show off the shape of their body, so that’s why they might be kinda off…

They’re still real cute tho-

“Pat Pat”