i might make another one if there are more of these delicious moments by the end of the season

Irony and Storytelling: Part 2 - Dany, Jonsa, and the Iron Throne

So. The previous post of this heading was my basic thesis for where I see ASOIAF / GOT heading, and gives a broader overview of my reading of this series and show as 1. deliberately structured on the basis of ironic narrative reversal and 2. deeply invested in the nature of storytelling itself. Now, in this post I want to take a look at how this might play out in terms of specific characters and story arcs - specifically here, the brewing Jon/Dany/Sansa love triangle and where each of them will end up by the finale.

My working theory: Dany will become a villain, and Jon and Sansa will marry each other.

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hi mom !! idk if u do wanna one scenarios/au but if u do, can you please please pleasssssse do wanna one as baristas?

sure!! who is excited for their announced debut heh~

Jisung: is the barista that makes coffee puns and thinks they’re ingenious. “Hey Daniel do you have a LATTE on your mind???” and “I like to ESPRESSO myself~”. He’s always joking around with you when you order and makes your day genuinely brighter because he’s always radiating warmth and happiness. He’s the reason everyone else is happy to be at work. Doodles on the cups and no one has the heart to tell him some of them aren’t that cute, but for some reason yours always has the best Jisung has to offer,,,,artistically.

Sungwoon: works really hard, does the things that most people would complain about like cleaning tables and bathrooms. Yet somehow,,,he manages to stay so bright and positive. Is the guy who smiles at everyone, even when they ignore him. Has a cute habit of humming to himself while cleaning which you comment on saying his voice is cute and for the rest of the day Sungwoon can’t stop dancing and grinning and calling Jaehwan cute and everyone is like what’s gotten into him,,,,

Minhyun: is like half the reason why people come to this cafe. Literally to take pictures and videos of him and be like,,,,,,wow,,,,,,,prince. Nicknamed on twitter as ‘the most handsome face in the cafe industry’, probably has fansites even though he’s just a barista. Does the thing where he apologizes for everything he does, i.e. takes more than 5 seconds to get your change? He apologizes. Has to ask twice for your name? He apologizes. Someone says they ordered hot and not iced, he apologizes and then dwells on his mistake for another hour. He’s just too kindhearted, but once you told him he didn’t have to apologize and that you were happy he was taking his time to count your change and get it right and,,,,Minhyun hasn’t forgot you since.

Seongwoo: keeps trying to get the owner to put weird flavored lattes and coffee on the menu. Is convinced mango, blue berry, pumpkin spice mixed together would taste good. Has very specific opinions on everything on the menu so when people ask what’s good he can talk for a good half hour. But his good looks and good natured personality make him popular among regulars. He knows your order by heart and always teases you about trying something new~

Jaehwan: is in charge of music selection and never, ever gives Jihoon the aux cord. Occasionally slips in an acoustic cover he did but no one minds because his voice is gold. Doesn’t like working the register all that much, but is also not too fond of cleaning duties because if he sees a bug he will flip and Sungwoon will have to come to his rescue. You once asked who was singing the song playing in the cafe and Woojin had pointed to Jaehwan and you told him you were a fan now - his voice captured you! Jaehwan had never felt his heart spin faster than in that moment hehe. 

Daniel: is in charge of the cafe’s resident cat ‘mocha’, as he is in charge of talking to tourists as well because no one else wants to do it. Even though he’s good looking, he gets really shy when people mention it and he hides behind Jisung. Sometimes the other baristas will make him do a cute dance or something to cheer everyone up on breaks and he’s like,,,,,I’m not cute but Jisung is like all the customers we have beg to differ. He caught you petting mocha once and you were like sorry!!!!!! and he was just like,,,,n-no it’s ok,,,,,do you also like cats?

Jihoon: always outside giving out free samples because the owner is like go woo everyone on the street like you woo everyone you ever meet. Decorates his apron with cute, bright pins and patches. Always has the cutest outfits and gets compliments on them so instead of promoting the coffee, he ends up promoting the stores he shops at. Comes back inside the cafe holding bags and Seongwoo asks what they are and Jihoon is like “Presents,,,,that people gave me,,,,,,because they like me?” Jisung somewhere: visuals are everything nowadays huh. You were wearing the same cardigan as Jihoon when you passed by and you were like “Cute, I like your outfit!” and he’d blushed because he wanted to say it back but was too shy. 

Woojin: Jisung’s partner in crime, you thought the puns and jokes were over? They’re not. He has nicknames for regulars and is always getting caught trying to change Jaehwan’s ~acoustic coffee shop tracks~ to something more upbeat and fun. Suggests naming some of the signature drinks after other members, how does Kang Daniel’s Delicious Berry Mojito sound? No? He never assumes people pay attention to him, but you ask where he is on his off day and when Jisung tells him about it Woojin feels so happy that he might hit the roof. 

Jinyoung: looks semi-confused most of the time. Mixes up orders and mumbles when talking so sometimes it is hard with him, but no one really complains because he’s so sweet and pure looking it’s basically impossible to get mad at him. Is the one that suggested they play IOI’s songs and everyone was like “Because of Pinky?” and he got red and was like ,,,,,, anyway,,,,. Keeps asking Daehwi to re-teach him how to make vanilla lattes. You were dancing to yourself to “whatta man” while waiting for your order and you and Jinyoung made eye contact and you both just got shy. 

Daehwi: has the most to say during break room meetings because gossip is everything also did you see what that lady with the dog that comes in everyday was wearing - it was hideous. He’s just putting that out there. But also, is always reminding everyone to have etiquette and manners  - most likely to be voted best son-in-law material by all the mom customers. You mentioned that you really liked his hairstyle ever since he changed it and he was like finally, someone with good taste. But also, he’s thought you were cute ever since you first stopped by (everyone else knows it because he wouldn’t stop mentioning you). 

Guan Lin: loves to taste test everything. The owner is always like come here and taste this and guan lin is on his way over. Kind of on the silent side and sometimes customers ask why he’s glaring at them but Daehwi is like oh don’t worry, he’s just sleepy and spaces out like that. Got caught taking a nap at one of the tables with a newspaper covering his face. All he has to do is laugh and the entire cafe falls in love. Is surprisingly good at making coffee though. You actually sat near him while he was sleeping and when he woke up you whispered that you had him covered - you wouldn’t tell and since then he’s,,,,,really liked you. 

The Truth is Out There [on Netflix]

Characters: CastielXReader ft. Sam and Dean Winchester, Crowley

Word Count: 1600

A/N: One-shot written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing Kari’s Favorite Things Challenge with prompt – The X-Files. Castiel searches for the truth of the human condition on Netflix…with a little help from his friends and a pair of fictional FBI agents who exemplify something it turns out he very much wants to believe. Off-beat humor and saccharine fluff.

The fateful day Sam instructed Castiel how to go about accessing Netflix was the day life in the bunker irrevocably changed. When not assisting with a case, the angel could reliably be found in his room binge watching yet another series, or two. You often tarried at the threshold of his ajar door on the way to bed to appreciate the television illuminated enraptured dopey smile glowing upon his normally austere features.  Frequently you surrendered to the temptation to join him, swiftly drifting to sleep listening not to the television, but to his gentle laughter. He didn’t seem to mind the company, regularly and uncomplainingly obliging the use of his shoulder as a makeshift pillow when your drowsy head rolled sideways. Generally speaking, you were happy he found something to distract him from his myriad of woes and fill his long no-sleep-required angelic nights, not to mention the perfect pretext to spend more downtime with him without drawing unwanted notice and subsequent teasing from Sam and Dean.

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You Don’t Need Tricks

a/n: last night’s episode broke my heart into a thousand pieces so i’m here to offer some festive-themed light fluff to help console everyone.

Summary: The reader invites Shaun over on Halloween for a quiet night in, watching TV and eating sweets. 1.7k words.

You closed the oven door and wiped your hands on your apron. “What do I set the oven to again?” you asked, your finger hovering above the buttons.

“You have to bake them at three-hundred and fifty degrees for thirteen minutes, then let them cool on on the pan for two minutes before transferring them to a wire rack to cool completely,” came a reply from the dining table.

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Blind Date | Alec Martinez

Originally posted by fallenforfleury

Words: 1034

Who: Alec Martinez

Warnings: One curse word

Mentions: None

Requested? Yes and no. I had intended on posting an Alec imagine, then someone requested him + something cute and this happened.

Author’s Note: I actually wrote more to this, but decided to leave it where I did in case anyone wants a second part.

“Just come out with us and meet him!” Your friend had pleaded with you during a recent phone conversation, “what do you have to lose? You’ll get some wine and free food out of it, at least.”

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happy birthday || k. sj

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Summary: “I love you too but I am changing my phone password.”

Pairing: Seokjin x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Fluff

Words: 925

A/N: Request by @trashcanchi !! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! I am so sorry for the late birthday wishes but here is your requested Jin fluff hope you enjoyed it!!

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Elven Love (Chpt 3)

You are found at the edge of Mirkwood by a young elven prince, who takes you in. Years later you and Legolas are good friends, but will it stay that way? When the Winterfest is arriving, you are realizing your feelings for Legolas and things might get complicated. Will your friendship get wracked? Or does love find its way?

Fandom: Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit

Relationship: Legolas Greenleaf x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,748

Chapter 1Chapter 2

Originally posted by molzies-fanfics

                                 Chapter 3: The Grand Feast of Winter                  

The feast was half an hour away of starting, the gown you were supposed to wear still lay spread out on your bed. For some reason you were nervous, which was something you didn’t experience a lot. You realized you had been feeling like that of late, but at the moment you couldn’t stop walking in circles.

Unlike many women who made their own clothing, you had been too busy with training to make time for such thing, so you had it made. A special event like this that drew in the entire Elven community, required a special dress.

It was made of special Elven thread that was woven into a fabric that was light and delicate, but still warm for a chilling winters night. The long sleeves stretched out to reach even your knuckles, the neckline formed into a deep V-neck that was modest enough for a feast like this. A silver line was threaded into it with fine subtlety that formed a curling pattern. Your hair was made into a complicated bread with silver strings through it, who came together on your forehead.    

After thoroughly looking at yourself in the mirror, you had to admit that you looked stunning. It wasn’t often that you took the liberty of wearing beautiful things and now that you did, you were happy with the end result.

A thought crossed your mind that made you worry, Legolas. Would he like it? What a stupid question you thought to yourself, why would you care what he thinks. Sure he’s your friend, but whether or not he would like it you should be content yourself, Y/N. You look fabulous and no one was going to tell you otherwise, not even Legolas.

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anonymous asked:

OMG talking to you about hannigram is a marvelous experience! Okay, next question that might be a little risque: what kind of sex do you think Hannibal would most enjoy with Will. Of course he'd probably like anything that involved sex and Will, but what would he ~prefer? Kinky, vanilla, hard, slow, sensual, crazy...just, how would he sex up that delicious slice of twinky empath???

Anon, Anon, Anon…

There isn’t really a simple one-word answer to this question, because the real answer is, of course: ALL OF THE ABOVE. 

Hannibal is so methodical I think, over the years, he would devote himself to the study of Will’s body and sexuality until he knew how to turn that man inside out *can I just specify, since this is a fannibal I’m talking to, that I don’t mean literally, although he’d probably leap at the chance to do that too* Hannibal isn’t easily bored; he’s a happy duckling, so I don’t think he’d find sex ‘vanilla’ in any variety, 

But he’d just… he’d want to know exactly what Will’s limits and kinks are, so I imagine their sex-life would, over time, at his prompting, (and not because it needs spicing up but just because he’s curious to know what Will would do) become more and more debauched until finally it’s like ‘Will put the marigolds back on I think you left a bead up there.’

[ For further details see: The Sex Speech ]

thanks schwing-daddyfor the coinage. 

But if we’re talking, like, the normal logistics of sex…


How Would Hannigram Do The Do?
{ An Essay With Illustrations }


Well, when all the straight guys I know who have accidentally homo’d have accidentally homo’d, it’s always been hand-jobs and blow-jobs that were the culprit. The deadly gateway drug, if you will. 

So I assume Hannigram would start off the same way - some quiet moment, late night, after the wine and whiskey has flowed a little too freely, one of them makes an off-colour joke, and because they always poke each other the other one has to make an even more off-colour joke back, they end up swapping racy stories, and before you know it Hannibal is asking Will if he’s ever ‘experimented’ and Will is throwing that question right back at him and somehow one thing leads to another and suddenly Hannibal has his hand on Will’s crotch and his tongue in his ear and oh dear never mind I was going to get that reupholstered anyway.

( And presumably from there Hannibal would very-subtly NOT play the guilt card at all but just display very obvious relish and enjoyment of the act so that Will’s beautiful empathy begins to ~*reflect*~ and wonder, just hypothetically, what that would be like - and maybe a bit of guilt seeps in with it, too, since he’s always the one getting off. )


Almost uniquely among ships, the really important question when it comes to hannigram sex is not ‘what’ or ‘how’ but ‘when?

Because if it’s s1, then it’s probably dubcon and angsty unstable Will consumed with guilt that he’s dragging this poor innocent mild-mannered psychiatrist down this rabbit hole with him but doing it anyway because he’s just so sick and so alone

But if it’s season 2…?

Beginning of s2, it would have to be Will displacing his rage and violent urges into sex (and pretending-to-be-bottom!Hannibal adoring it). 

Middle of s2, it would be Will instigating sex, deliberately seducing eager-sub!Hannibal in that way (as well as the murder-way). This is the Will who, as a great thinker pointed out (spoiler: it was me again) likes to maintain hard eye contact when he’s screwing someone:

^ that is a not a man who gets bent over, that is a man who does the bending over.

And end of s2 / possibly s3 so far… it wouldn’t even be fucking it would be ‘making love’, both of them as desperate and passionate and naked during the act. 

Now. Hannibal has an obvious preference for coming at Will sideways or in his blind-spot: literally… physically… figuratively… sexually…


And of course: 

*which is why I presume murderhusband!Will was careful to turn up for his first Murder Husbandry 101 appointment butt-first, as demonstrated in fig. viii*

So I’m inclined to think that, at least in the beginning (while Will is still conflicted about the whole thing), their sexual positions would mirror this, back-to-chest or side-to-chest… 

progressing to a more side-to-chest, with possible switching, once Will has embraced the b[eautiful]romance of their relationship, like:

And then into full-face-to-face romantic missionary style, once Will has hit his rampant slut murder husband stride – and then staying there once he admits to himself that they’ve reached their end-of-s2/current ‘murder husbands is real we’re not fucking we’re making love’ level of intimacy, viz:


Once again, I hope that answered your question Anon.

13 Days of Outlander - Day 12  The Hail Mary

This is one of those episodes that I enjoy thoroughly but have trouble picking out too many favorite bits; they all seem to be concentrated in one or two areas. 

Favorite Location: the camp and Culloden House. So I ended up spending way too much time trying to look up which house this was (Touch House in Stirling Scotland) and where else I might have seen it before but could not for the life of me figure it out (I feel like it was used in some other period drama as a major filming location, some Jane Austen adaptation maybe?). Whether I ever find out where it is I’ve seen the house before or not, it’s exterior catches in my mind every time. 

Favorite Jamie and Claire Moment: Jamie refuses to let Claire give up. The desolation on Claire’s face at the beginning of the episode as they arrive in camp days away from the battle of Culloden is heartbreaking but Jamie refuses to give up and does everything he can to reassure Claire that hope is not lost; giving up when there is still time left for them is simply not an option. 

Honorable Mention: There’s a brief bit of silent communication between Jamie and Claire when they’re helping to settle Colum in that seems to be the inspiration behind Colum’s remarks to Claire about how good their marriage seems to be; I think he knows that while he objected to the match because of Claire’s English blood, he can see that being married to her has made Jamie more JAMMF than he would otherwise be (and therefore an even more appropriate/desirable successor and clan chief).

Favorite “That’s not in the book” Part: Murtagh offers to marry Mary. It’s such a sweet little moment from Murtagh and shows that while he was able to lay vengeance at Mary’s feet in the last episode, nothing can undo what was done to her. The guilt he feels is something he will live with the rest of his life but perhaps doing right by her on a day-to-day basis would help. And we get another call out to how good Claire and Jamie’s marriage is and how that one started. 

Favorite Minor Character: Black Jack Randall, civilian. Every time we’ve seen Black Jack Randall before it has been in the guise of his profession as soldier, officer––even when he was in France to make his appeal to the Duke he wore his military garb. But here he is on leave, he is a civilian, and he is in civilian dress. It’s still him in all his horror, but it’s also a different side to him and I find it fascinating (and uncomfortable as hell).

Favorite Line, Honorable Mention for Favorite Scene: Colum announces a guardian and Dougal’s popularity. It’s been far too long since we’ve seen Colum, Dougal, and Jamie in a room together; the tension is always so deliciously thick when these three share the screen. The shock on Jamie’s face when Colum declares that he wants him to be Hamish’s guardian is nothing compared to the barbs thrown by Dougal’s tongue. But as always, Colum knows precisely what to say to put Dougal in his place: “I am skeptical that my support would be enough to convince the clan to choose you as their chief […] Brother if you were half as popular as you believe yourself to be, then there would be more men here today in this army of yours.”

Favorite Performance, Favorite Scene, Favorite Music Moment, Favorite Costume: Gary Lewis as Colum MacKenzie and Graham McTavish as Dougal MacKenzie as Dougal confronts Colum one last time. There isn’t a single thing about this scene that I don’t love from Colum’s clear exhaustion over the fact his brother won’t let his final moments be peaceful one to Dougal’s interpretations of how Colum’s misfortunes and poor health impacted his own life––a performance that is so nuanced, it’s paradoxically both insightful and blindly selfish.  The swell of music as Dougal realizes Colum has passed––and processes from the sight of the bottle in his hand that it was a suicide––in one of the most effective (however cliché it might also be) uses of music in the episode. As has happened before, I can’t pick just one performance because the performance is ultimately all in the dynamic between the two actors themselves. Lewis doesn’t do as much in the final scene between Colum and Dougal, but he carries his weight in all the rest of his scenes in the episode from the moment he steps into the house and offers condolences to Rupert for the loss of Angus to the favor he begs of Claire. And I can’t help choosing Colum’s fur coat/wrap thing as my favorite costume of the episode; it seems worn, matted, and ill-fitting in such a way as to convey just how ragged Colum himself is having reached the final days of his life. 

Favorite Book to Screen Adaptation: Mary and Black Jack’s wedding. What I love about how all of this was adapted for the screen is the decision to keep Jamie and Black Jack apart, to use Murtagh as a substitute for Jamie as witness. It means we don’t get the “Damn all Randalls” from the book (though we still get something pretty close when Claire tells Jamie about the marriage having taken place), but I think keeping the two of them apart here will make their confrontation on Culloden Moor in Season 3 that much better (this change means they haven’t met since the duel in France). 

Fluffy Fridays—Chapter 104: The Traffic Jam

Fluffy Fridays—Chapter 104: The Traffic Jam

Pairing:  Captain Swan

Rating: T

Summary:  A series of unrelated, fluffy one shots featuring  Killian Jones and Emma Swan and the relationship that makes us all  swoon. Will contain both canon and AU stories. My contribution to  Operation Rainbow Kisses and Unicorn Stickers (aka, my attempt to drown  out the season 4 finale angst with ridiculous levels of fluff.)

Missed the beginning? ( 1) ( 2) ( 3) ( 4) ( 5) (6) ( 7) ( 8) ( 9) ( 10) ( 11) ( 12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22) (23) (24) (25) (26) (27) (28) (29) (30) (31) (32) (33) (34) (35) (36) (37) (38) (39) (40) (41) (42) (43) (44) (45) (46) (47) (48) (49) (50) (51) (52) (53) (54) (55) (56) (57) (58) (59) (60) (61) (62) (63) (64) (65) (66) (67) (68) (69) (70) (71) (72) (73) (74) (75) (76) (77) (78) (79) (80) (81) (82) (83) (84) (85) (86) (87) (88) (89) (90) (91) (92) (93) (94) (95) (96) (97) (98) (99) (100) (101) (102) (103)

Tagging a few people who may be interested: @sailormew4@annaamell@flslp87@emmateo26@fleurreads @doracianstormrose@mermaidswans@bethacaciakay@ultraluckycatnd@allfangirlallthetime@effulgentcolors, @ilovemesomekillianjones@kat2609@brooke-to-broch@missgymgirl @hellomommanerd @galadriel26 @the-lady-of-misthaven@charmingturkeysandwich@jennjenn615 @laschatzi@kimmy46@snowbellewells@iamanneenigma @daxx04 @lapi-lazuli@nickillian @a-rose-for-a-savior @in-spirational @gillie@manic-pixiefangirl @britishguyslover@ginnyjinxedandhanshotritafirst@nofeels@holmes-a-holic@kmomof4 @linda8084


CS Genre: AU

Emma took a deep breath and let it out as she took the on ramp onto the highway, feeling the tightness in her chest finally, finally begin to ease.  It had been an absolute hell of a week.  She’d broken up with Walsh, her boyfriend of several months, who ended up being a world class piece of work.  She’d lost one perp, and another had briefly landed her in the ER with a nasty gash on her forearm when he knifed her.  She normally had an amazingly thick skin; she’d had to, growing up primarily in the foster system.  

But every now and then she just had to get away.

And so it was that this morning she’d packed a bag and headed for the tiny town of Storybrooke, Maine, where her best friend Mary Margaret Nolan lived with her husband David. Though around the same age as she, Mary Margaret and David had always been the closest thing she’d ever had to parents.

Emma felt the tension drain from her shoulders as she thought of the big, homey farm house the Nolans owned, of their adorable little boy, Leo, of their dog Willby, whose antics always made her laugh, of their acres of open farm land.  A visit was exactly what she needed to regain her emotional equilibrium.

In fact, to her surprise, Emma found Storybrooke and it’s easy, small town feel sounding more and more appealing by the moment.  Mary Margaret had been begging her for months to apply for the open sheriff’s deputy position, and after the week she’d had, Emma was seriously considering it.

Wouldn’t exactly a bad thing to be dealing with more routine traffic stops and small town squabbles than the kind of crap she saw on a daily basis on the streets of Boston.

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For This, We Give Thanks

by mldrgrl

summary: For @leiascully‘s Thanks challenge.  Thanksgiving during season 10.

Mulder had forgotten how much of a ghost town a government building was during a holiday.  He didn’t run into that many people to begin with since the majority of his time was spent in the basement anyway, but during a holiday, the hallways were empty and the lobby was a lot quieter.

It was a brisk morning, the first brisk morning of the season and the long walk from home to the commuter bus had frozen his fingers.  The sky was multiple shades of ominous grey and he was pretty sure it would be snowing by lunchtime.  If he was right, he was looking at a long bus ride home.

The day before any holiday was set aside for research and reports.  That had been Scully’s rule from back in the day and it stuck.  Nothing new, just tie up the loose ends and enjoy the time off.  With the one small exception of the Christmas eve he coerced her into a ghost hunt, he honored that rule.

All the years they spent in hiding he’d felt guilty for keeping her from her family on the holidays.  They’d made the best of it and she’d always told him there was nowhere else she’d rather be, but he knew it wasn’t true.  When they were finally able to live a public life again, he could see how happy she was at the holiday dinners at her mother’s house.  That option would no longer be available and he wondered how she felt about it.  Maybe her older brother would be stateside and she’d spend it with his family.  Maybe the reconnection she’d made with her younger brother meant she’d spend it with him.  He just hoped whatever she was doing she’d be happy and that she wouldn’t be alone.

Sure enough, just before noon, Mulder looked up from his computer as Scully sighed and saw there was a thin sheen of snow blanketing the skylight.  She pulled her reading glasses off and got up from her chair to stand with her arms crossed, gazing up at the long, narrow windows.

“We should get out of here,” she said.

He looked at his watch.  “You go,” he said.  “Next bus for me isn’t until three.  Have a happy Thanksgiving.”

She walked over to his desk and gently closed his laptop with the press of her fingers.  He looked up at her from over the top of his reading glasses and raised his brows.

“I’ll drive you home,” she said.  “You can email the report to Skinner later.  He’s not even here, he’s in Cancun.”

“The Skinman’s in Cancun?”

“Come on, Mulder.”  She shrugged her coat on and turned the lamp off on her little desk.

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Originally posted by svuscenarios

I’ve been promising a Mike for practically ever and I have finally kept my word. Apologies for how long this took :)

“For Mike, how about public sex? He’s so straight edge, but his SO is more naughty and convinces him to have sexy time in a public place. I mean, not completely obvious, sex in the street. Like more discreet, but still with a chance of being seen” 
Requested by: @not-my-yacht 

He took your hand as you left the restaurant, smiling down at you as he tucked a piece of hair behind your ear.

“Ready to go home?”

“It’s such a gorgeous evening, Mike, why don’t we walk?”

Nodding his assent, he turned south, your pace slower than usual as you breathed in the scent of spring in New York. It was your favorite season in the city, a time where everything seemed magical and anything seemed possible.

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Cuckoo’s Flight - 3/6

Last time, Gold showed Belle around the library apartment, neglected to call in at Granny’s for the rent, thereby missing Emma, and offered to make Belle something to eat at his house.  Here’s what happened next.

AO3 link

Belle felt a tiny surge of adrenaline as he guided her up the path with a warm hand on the small of her back.  The street was empty of people, no one to see her enter, and again she wondered at how safe she felt in his presence, as though she trusted him.  He let them inside, and she stepped into a wide hallway, the low, heavy tick of a clock the only sound.  Gold turned on the lights, and she blinked, her eyes unused to it.  The interior was a dusky pink colour, with a carved wooden banister, the staircase turning on its way up to the next floor.

She wondered if he lived alone, and almost before the thought had formed, she knew it to be true.  Surprising, that she could recognise the need to be alone in others, having been so starved for contact herself.  Solitude rolled off him in waves, the calm, comfortable loneliness that came from self-imposed isolation.  She imagined that he didn’t have close relationships with anyone and it made her wonder why he had chosen to let her in, even to this small extent.

Gold let her through to the kitchen, and her eyes widened as she looked around.  The room was clean and modern, a table and four chairs next to the kitchen counters, shining appliances ready and waiting to be used.

“Have a seat,” he said.  “I’m going to have a glass of wine.  A proper glass, not that swill they serve at the bar.  Would you like one?”

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mynameispiaivy  asked:

hi!do you have recs for bottom harry and louis,you know them sharing it coz "they've discussed it and it's mutual" fic?..i'm secretly obsessed w/ bottom louis but them sharing it is crazy amazing 😍

Holy fuck ! There’s too much fics! (and so many lack of tags on AO3…) :) So let’s say this my fav, okay ?

- Wear It Like A Crown : AU. As part of a team of fixers hired to handle a gay scandal in Buckingham Palace, Louis expects Prince Harry to be a lot of things—most notably a royally spoilt brat. Never mind that the very same Prince Harry used to star in quite a number of Louis’ teenage fantasies. (141k)

- Bloodline: Louis doesn’t know how to feel when his best friend, Liam, finds out about a brother that he never knew, who was placed for adoption before he was born and is bursting into his life at twenty-four years old. Louis is very wary of the man who might replace him. He has always thought of Liam as his own brother. What if Liam doesn’t need him anymore? What if there’s no room for Louis? After all, blood runs thicker than water. Louis doesn’t like Liam’s new brother and he doesn’t even know him. That’s irrelevant, though. He doesn’t like him. He doesn’t trust him. He doesn’t want him hanging around. He doesn’t want anything to do with him.That is, until he meets him. (177k)

- These Constant Stars Part II (read the first part too) : Another story about punk rockers turned guardian angels. Retold by the punk rocker himself, who sometimes needs saving too. (25k)

- Just For Me : Harry is a supermodel with a fake boyfriend. Louis is the captain and star forward of Manchester United with a fake girlfriend. They should have no problem having a completely platonic lunch between friends.(They do.) (9.5k)

- led by your beating heart : (Or: AU where Harry’s in One Direction, Louis isn’t, and they reconnect over a game of ‘Call or Delete’.) (29k)

- Untangle Me : Louis finds himself out of place in LA, unable to get at an itch that’s been bothering him for years. He supposes back in the early days, home hadn’t been a place. It’d been a person. He’d etched it permanently into his skin for fucks sake. It was always him and Harry. Stuck to each other like super glue. Pulled together by some magnetic force, existing in their own bubble. Everyone could see it, but that was half the problem, wasn’t it?It’s not like Louis can pinpoint the exact moment in time when him and Harry fell out of sync. There wasn’t really one at all. It had been a gradual slip, like the tide wearing away at a sandstone cliff. Chipping the solid foundations until there was nothing left to stop the structure falling to the waves below. It’s not like he spends all of his time sitting around moping over a lost friendship, he’s good at distractions. But LA only seems to accentuate the distance between them. Two separate planets, not even in the same solar system.  Or the one where Harry and Louis finally get it right. (103k)

- One for Luck : The very first time Louis remembers hearing Harry Styles’ deep, deep voice, he’s just won gold at the World Equestrian Games and he’s officially back on Great Britain’s Olympic team. He’s also three sheets to the wind, drunk on victory and champagne, and there’s a gorgeous boy whispering in his ear. Life’s grand.(AU: Louis and Harry are professional riders on the British Olympic team.) 96k

- nobody shines the way you do  : “We might as well just date.”Harry froze in his arms, his body stilled as he slowly lifted his head up at Louis to give him the most confused expression he’d ever worn. Louis literally wanted to fuck him into the next century. “What?” Harry asked. “Are you–.”“No,” Louis said, shaking his head before Harry could go far with that idea and trap Louis into confessing his own feelings. “I mean…like I think I have a plan?”“A plan?” Harry said slowly. “A plan other than me going to Peter’s tomorrow and groveling for hours; maybe even days?”The thought of Harry doing that made Louis’s skin burn, but he schooled his expression well and nodded swiftly. “There will be no groveling. Well, there will be, but not on your end.”orLouis pretends to be Harry’s boyfriend to help him win back his douchebag ex-boyfriend, but things don’t go according to plan. (115k)

- You’re Not Perfect, But I Don’t Care       : Or the one where Harry, Liam, Niall, and Josh are in a punk rock band and Zayn drags Louis along with him to watch them play at a pub. Louis pretty much wants nothing to do with the hooligans. That is before Harry pushes him into a bathroom stall and drops down to his knees in front of him after the gig.Louis is more than persuaded to go back his flat for more.What happens after isn’t what he expected, but then again, Harry isn’t at all what he expected either. (27k)

- taste on my tongue : Louis Tomlinson, second place winner on TXF four years ago, is looking to reinvent his career. Harry Styles is a baker who is desperate for a bakery of his own.Louis doesn’t bake. Or cook. Or know how to use an oven.Take Louis. Take Harry. Add in a heaping cup of sexual tension. Another cup of delicious (and not so delicious) food. A smidgen of competitive spirit. A dash of hopes and dreams. And you get Kitchen Wars, a TV show that promises to be the must-watch event of the fall. (77k)

- Wild And Unruly : Harry is a cowboy sitting on the biggest oil reservoir in Wyoming, and Louis is the paralegal assigned to pressure him into selling his land. (123k)

- The Finish Line (Is A Good Place For Us To Start) : Louis Tomlinson, one-time Formula 1 World Champion, is looking forward to the 2013 season. He’s got Zayn in his garage and Liam in his ear, he’s got Cowell Racing backing him despite former indiscretions, he’s got experience and the best race car out there. Not to mention he’s the only racer they have, after Oliver dropped out late last year.It hasn’t occurred to him that Oliver would have to be replaced by February. That is, until he finds himself at a party celebrating Harry Styles leaving Ferrari for Cowell. Harry hotshot Styles, who broke a record last year and is probably looking to make a big splash. Harry Styles, who is talented and somewhat intimidating. Harry Styles, who left Ferrari for reasons unknown and seems kind of lonely and harmless in person. Lonely, harmless, hot as fuck. Whatever.The first thing Louis does is take him under his wing. From there it’s nine months of slow-burning romance, the past catching up to them, turning into the human puppy pile that is OT5 and a lot of feelings until, of course, reaching the finish line. (121k)

- And Then a Bit : “We’d like to give the fans what they want.” Magee states, placing his hand on the table in front of him and leaning forward. “We want to give them Larry Stylinson.”  Or, take a parallel universe where Louis and Harry were never together, mix in a two year hiatus and an impending comeback, pour in a dash of lost fans, two tablespoons of strong friendship and a Modest! employee with a good idea. Add a squeeze of pretending to be a couple, lots of kisses and a tattoo or two. Stir. Serve: the mother of all publicity stunts.(aka Harry and Louis fake a relationship for publicity. Eventually it becomes a lot less fake and a lot more real.) (158k)

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First Snowfall

This is for my love @an-exotic-writer who wished to experience snow and endulging in hot chocolate, with Yoongi. Happy holidays everyone!

Originally posted by mn-yg

It was as magical as you had always remembered it, the first snowfall of the season. You couldn’t put your finger on it, but there was a marvelous aura surrounding everyone and everything, it was as if time stood still. Whilst the air was becoming colder, the warmth of a steaming cup of hot cocoa felt wonderful in your hands, as your chin was nestled in your palm as you looked out the window.

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With A Side Of Company- Cisco Ramon x Reader

Prompt: The reader is sick at home and Cisco swings by to take care of her.

Words: 1185

Warnings: Reader takes pills (for her cold) 

A/N: I love writing Cisco, he is so beautiful. Happy Readings! 

Y/n’s POV

I wrap the soft blanket around myself and lay down comfortably in my couch. I placed my computer on my lap and log into my Netflix account to watch season 2 of Daredevil. I called Caitlin this morning and told her about my cold and she insisted I stayed at home till I got better.

I heard a faint knock on my door and contemplated on whether I should open it or not.

The knocking got louder and louder so I pause the episode and get up to open the door. I swung the door open ready to lecture whoever it was on how it was rude to continue knocking but my heart skipped a beat when I saw who it was.

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Damon And Elena: In A Hundred Lifetimes, In A Hundred Worlds, In Any Version Of Reality, I’d Find You. I’d Find You And I’d Choose You.

Elena: “If the past is a place without you and me together, then stop living in it.” 6x13

Salvation. That’s all this season is. Just endless salvation.

I still haven’t remotely processed half the revelations we’ve received about Delena thus far (I mean 6x02 and 6x07 alone).

Then ‘The Day I Tried To Live’ happened.

And somehow even my substantial vocabulary is not enough to adequately articulate what was accomplished here.

I did not anticipate that the writers would go this far with Elena’s compulsion. When I said they were using it to tear down every long held misconception about Delena, I didn’t even factor this into the equation.

They just changed the game. Again.

This season is literally one divine revelation after another. It’s like 3x22, 4x23 and 5x16-5x22 on steroids.

It’s fucking brilliant.

Because they aren’t even being subtle about it. They’re not tiptoeing around these issues or playing both sides anymore.

With the triangle well and truly dead, they are dropping nuclear bombs on every argument anyone has ever used against Damon and Elena’s love.

All while maintaining this magnificent married couple dynamic that is steadily pushing Delena closer to an engagement with every episode.

Beginning with, as I’ve dubbed it, food porn: the sequel.



“Ooo. You think we can sneak one before the party?”

“I think Caroline might fry us in the sun.”

“It’s worth the risk.”

“Come here.”

“You know we never talked about… The fact that you kissed me.”

“And you kissed me back? I know. That’s the whole point of kissing, so you don’t have to talk about it.”

“Right, well I just wanted you to know that I’m good with that.”


“Yeah we’re… We’re good. Really good.”

“Is this the talk?”

“Pretty much.”


Sweet Mary, mother of God. As if the sandwich thing was not enough. Or even the pancake thing.

Now we have a cupcake thing.

This food theme is killing me.

It’s so damn domestic it’s messing with my head. They almost seem like human newlyweds. I’d think they were if I didn’t already know they were vampires.

And of course only Damon and Elena could make eating cupcakes fucking sexual as hell.

I cannot believe they did this. That he fed it to her and she was looking him in the eyes while she bit into it. That she moaned aloud at how good it was, her eyes practically rolling back in her head. That he reached over totally nonchalant, all slow and with this delicious sensual purpose, and wiped the frosting off her lip with his thumb.

And then sucked that frosting off his thumb while looking her in the eyes like he wanted to bend her over the kitchen counter.

Damn lusty bastards. Thank god they ended this episode with DEX. The tension here was out of control. I couldn’t have waited any longer.

Clearly they couldn’t either.

“You know we never talked about… The fact that you kissed me.”

“And you kissed me back? I know. That’s the whole point of kissing, so you don’t have to talk about it.”

“Right, well I just wanted you to know that I’m good with that.”


“Yeah we’re… We’re good. Really good.”

“Is this the talk?”

“Pretty much.”


This was ADORABLE. Like when she asked him out to dinner in 6x11 adorable.

It’s something else we never, ever got to see with them the first time around.

This simple, early stages of dating behavior. Like navigating the after effects of the first kiss. Deciding what it means and where you go from there.

Everything happened so disjointedly and chaotically with them before. They followed no logical or expected progression with their firsts. It was part of their charm.

But now that they’ve been given this second chance, they’re approaching this all a little more normally. Without any back and forth or questions of intent. Without sire bonds and doppelgänger bonds and the complication of loving other people.

They are finally being given some breathing room to be a couple without everyone clamoring to destroy them and their happiness.

And damn if it’s not well deserved.

Kai: “A sad attempt at iron welding.”

Elena: “I tried to fix it.”

Kai: “I can’t bring Bonnie back with this.”

Elena: “I thought you were the all powerful leader of the Gemini coven now?”

Kai: “I destroyed this so that it couldn’t be used again.”

Damon: “Well can we use that hunk of junk to send a message at least? It is her birthday.”

Kai: “It is?”

Damon: “Yeah, it’s really sad I mean, little Bon Bon she’s gonna be getting all dressed up for a party no one’s even gonna show up too. I mean I wonder if she even knows that it is her birthday. Or do all the days just blend into one vast sea of misery. I wonder.”

Kai: “One of the crown wheels survived, that’s a positive. Plus I am mega powerful.”

Damon: “Yeah.”

Kai: “What do you wanna say?”

Damon: “Well I mean if Bonnie needs magic to get out we just need to tell her where to find some.”

This scene will wind up underrated in Delena’s history. It will go unnoticed in light of how the episode ended.

And that’s a damn shame. Because this is what I really love about compelled Elena.

Watching her fall in love with Damon. In these quiet, unassuming moments, surrounded by all the crazy that is their lives. And yet in the midst of it all, she’s learning more about him every minute. Learning things that are making her love him. Respect him. Admire him.


It’s also a perfect illustration of how little the compulsion affected of her personality. Despite her missing memories of Damon, she has not changed. She is still the same Elena, with the same yearnings and flaws and expectations.

She still sees the more unorthodox and off-putting aspects of Damon’s personality for what they are.

Part of what makes him so great.

Like his penchant for manipulation. His ability to read a situation or a person and use what he discerns to his advantage. He’s very clever and observant. He sees everything.

He’s also very persuasive. In a way that is entirely unique to him.

And Elena appreciates that about him. She holds those traits of his in a certain esteem, because she recognizes that he uses them in the best interests of his loved ones.

It wasn’t always like that. When she first met him, his manipulative tendencies were used to mess with Stefan, to get his way and to open the tomb Katherine was supposedly in.

But now that he’s evolved so spectacularly into this hero no one ever expected him to be, he uses his once dark impulses and skills to the advantage of others. To help his friends and protect his town and save his girl or his brother.

Which is something else he and Elena have in common. Their ability to emotionally manipulate a person or a situation for the benefit of another person.

It’s an aspect of Elena that her friends often ignored about her when she was human. Because most of the time she only ever utilized it in a positive way.

Still, there were times when she exploited something or someone for less noble reasons. Times that only Damon ever acknowledged.

He’s always known she was capable of the same type of exploitation and mind games that he is. As usual, he recognized that in her long before she ever did in herself. He even called her out on it when she used it against him.

They’ve always been far more alike than anyone ever wanted to admit.

And in this moment, as she watches Damon play Kai just the right way in an effort to get a message to Bonnie, she carries such obvious pride in him. She’s genuinely impressed by his tactics.

Almost as if her soul is recognizing his for what it is.

Twin to her own.

Jeremy: “People don’t just change like that.”

Damon: “People usually don’t merge with their siblings either.”

Kai: “Uh, for the record, I would’ve been fine with any of Luke’s qualities. You know the hair, the whole gay thing. You know maybe not the height actually.”

Jeremy: “You seriously buy this?”

Elena: “Look I’m not saying we have to like him. But if there’s a way for us to tell Bonnie how she can get out-“

Jeremy: “We should trust the guy that changed personalities overnight?”

Kai: “Think of it like Elena in reverse. You know she was human. Pure. Dating the good Salvatore. Then she became an undead blood vacuum, stopped caring about right and wrong, started dating the bad one.”

Elena: “That’s not how it happened.”

Kai: “Hmm, I’m sure I missed a detail or two. But I’m just paraphrasing what Damon told me in the prison world.”

These writers have no chill. Not an ounce.

They’re literally calling out all of Delena’s haters and blatantly telling them that they’re wrong. That they’ve been wrong this entire time.

It’s savage.

And only made even more so by the fact that the confirmed sociopath is the one presenting this argument.

Another reminder from the writers that only crazy people believe it’s as black and white as Kai just made it seem.

“Think of it like Elena in reverse. You know she was human. Pure. Dating the good Salvatore. Then she became an undead blood vacuum, stopped caring about right and wrong, started dating the bad one.”

It’s such an obvious kick in the teeth to the people who’ve tried to bash Delena with this argument that all I want to do is cheer.

As if it was ever this simple. This definable. This black and white.

It wasn’t. Not ever.

Much like the truly nonsensical claim that there is a good Salvatore and a bad one, the idea that vampirism somehow erased Elena’s morals and that it’s the only reason she was able to overlook Damon’s darkness is equally as moronic.

This is not a fucking fairytale. There’s no line in the sand that distinguishes the villains and the heroes.

Everyone on this show is a villain and a hero. They are all good and bad. They’ve all made the right choice, and just as many times they’ve made the wrong one.

They are all killers. And not even for supposedly heroic reasons, like protecting the ones they love.

They’ve killed people in cold blood. Snapped necks, ripped out hearts, sucked innocents dry. Ripped heads off.

They’re monsters. Or they could be viewed that way.

But monsters don’t love. Don’t try to do the good and heroic thing. Don’t bother to acknowledge their humanity. Don’t feel remorse and regret for their mistakes.

So they’re heroes with tainted histories. They’re flawed, not infallible like everyone likes to pretend.

And vampirism is not even the determining factor in that. Because even the humans have blood on their hands.

Even human Elena was put in a position where she had to kill, or plot to kill, to affect a greater outcome. Even she was able to overlook the fact that Stefan tore up the coast with Klaus, wracking up a body count much higher than Damon’s. Even she let go of the fact that Stefan tried to kill her. Twice.

It didn’t erase her feelings for him. It didn’t cause her to turn on him. It didn’t prevent her from forgiving him. Because she’s a compassionate soul. Because her whole personality revolves around looking for the best in even the most damaged people.

Which is why she fell in love with Damon while she was human. Because she saw the good in him, the humanity, when the rest of the world only saw a monster. While everyone consistently labeled him the bad brother, she learned that there was no bad brother. There was just Stefan and Damon, two siblings with violent histories and twisted impulses.

She erased the line in the sand between them long before she ever transitioned.

So this irrational claim that being a vampire somehow tainted her, that it caused her to forget her morals and compassion, that it was the only reason she was able to love Damon means nothing. It was an exercise in stupidity from the start.

The whole damn purpose of Elena Gilbert’s character, of her entire life and story and existence, is her love for other people. Her ability to forgive even the worst, most disturbed people their sins.

She forgave Katherine on her deathbed for gods sake. After Katherine KILLED her little brother. And then tried to kill her the night of her graduation.

Elena’s most admirable trait as a person is her talent for looking at the whole picture. At all of someone instead of just the parts they show publicly.

She knows that evil is not born. That people begin good and human, that it’s the world that warps them into something dark. And that is what allows her to forgive, even those who have wronged her in the most horrific of ways.

She did not CHANGE when she died. If anything she is more compassionate and forgiving than she was before. She is more loving, more understanding.

She’s just learned to temper it. To balance her overwhelming compassion and selflessness with a little more selfishness and self-preservation. She’s no longer a martyr. She no longer makes decisions based on what other people tell her.

She thinks for herself. Which is the change her friends perceived in her after the transition.

She stopped letting them decide for her. She chose who she wanted to be with because it was what she wanted, not because it was expected of her.

She loved who she wanted to love, everyone else be damned.

“You know she was human. Pure. Dating the good Salvatore.”

There is nothing in the world I loathe more than this argument.

What the fuck does this even mean?

Who said humans are any purer than vampires just because they’re human? What kind of logic is that?

Who said that ripping people’s heads off in the heat of bloodlust is a sign of being ‘good’ just because the perpetrator feels terrible about it afterwards and expresses that remorse openly? What makes Stefan’s sins any better or worse than Damon’s? What makes Stefan any more or less of a hero than Damon?

NOTHING. There is no logic to this good brother, bad brother nonsense and never has been.

Just like there’s no logic to this humans are pure and vampires are void of all morals nonsense.

The entire basis of the argument against vampire Elena is that her transition - and her choice to be with Damon - was some kind of proof that she stopped caring about right and wrong. That it was a sign she wasn’t innocent anymore. That she would obviously never love Damon if she was still human because human Elena was ‘pure.’

What a load of absolute bullshit.

Human Elena was not pure. She was not some little dove that was incapable of error and unable to love a monster. The very fact that she EVER loved Stefan after finding out what he was should be proof enough that her purity died a long time ago.

It died when she went off that bridge the first time. And really it was even before that.

Because she was never totally pure. Or she didn’t want to be. She craved the darker pleasures in life from the time she was sixteen.

If Elena was so pure while she was human she would not have had such an issue being with Matt. Her supposed purity implies she should’ve wanted the vanilla, white picket fence life Matt was planning for the two of them at that time.

She didn’t want it. Not any of it. The very idea of it was suffocating her, terrifying her. She had no intention of spending her life as a housewife trapped in Mystic Falls until she died. That life never became her.

Even as a ‘pure’ human sixteen year old girl.

It was that same ‘pure’ girl who fell in love with a vampire not six months after her parents’ accident. Even knowing what he was, what he was capable of, she loved Stefan anyway. Even after discovering the terrible things he’d done over his long life, she still loved him and fought for him.

That is not a sign of purity.

It’s simply a sign of love. Because love - real love - isn’t pure. Especially the no holds barred, out of control way that Elena Gilbert loves.

And that is exactly why she did fall in love with Damon as a human. It wasn’t about being pure or being human or being anything other than herself. A girl who loves with no reservations, a girl who sought a more adventurous life, a girl capable of the same darkness that Damon and Stefan are.

Being a vampire had nothing to do with it. As we’ve all known for years, even if Elena had never transitioned, she still would’ve ended up with Damon eventually, no matter how long it took.

Humanity and purity played no part in it. Just like Damon being the ‘bad’ brother played no part in it.

Falling in love is not about morals. It’s not about right and wrong. It’s an emotion. A connection. You don’t DECIDE that you feel that way, you just do. Even if the person you love has a sordid past.

Elena herself said that when she fell in love with Damon on her birthday it terrified her. Because she didn’t want to feel that way about him. She wasn’t supposed too. But with every new thing she learned about him, with every increasingly more selfless way he exhibited his love and humanity, she couldn’t stop herself from falling for him.

Because it was about HIM. Not about his mistakes or his status as the black sheep or her loyalty to Stefan. It was all about Damon. About the kind of person he was - the person she saw from the beginning underneath all his dark bravado - that made her love him.

As a human. She was human and eighteen and she loved Damon.

And there is nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t make her any less compassionate and moral and loving as a person. It doesn’t mean she changed.

It means she was always going to feel that way. Human or vampire, sired or not sired, compelled or not compelled, Elena Gilbert will ALWAYS love Damon Salvatore.

“That’s not how it happened.”

Even with her absent memories she still knows Kai’s logic is flawed. That she didn’t just wake up one day in love with Damon because she was a vampire.

Because that’s fucking irrational, the idea that changing into a different species would degrade your morality and make you love someone that apparently can’t be loved without said degradation.

As if being morally bankrupt was the only way she could ever love Damon.

As if being a vampire somehow killed all her morality to begin with.

Even though her entire existence as a vampire has been predicated on her morals. Even though she tried to COMMIT SUICIDE because she killed Connor, a vampire hunter who was trying to kill her and her brother. Even though she’s only compelled in the first place because she knew she couldn’t risk attacking innocent people by continuing to take the witch drugs.

But Elena doesn’t care about right and wrong anymore obviously. She’s clearly lost all compassion and reason. Of course she could never love Damon otherwise.

Even though Damon only died because he drove into a goddamn explosion to bring his little brother back from the dead. Real monstrous right? The epitome of selfishness.

Idiots. Just absolute idiots anyone who tries to claim all of this.

Which is exactly why Elena shuts it down, because even compelled she knows it’s all ludicrous.

She knows she assumed the same ridiculous things about Damon and their relationship months before. She couldn’t wrap her mind around loving someone she thought was a monster.

But she’s learned very quickly how misguided that position was. She knows she was wrong. She’s accepted it, admitted it.

She’s seen the real Damon. The hero. The good brother. The loyal friend.

The dedicated boyfriend.

And she knows it would be insane NOT to love him. That only someone void of all morals and compassion could look at him as he is now and believe he was a monster or claim he’s the bad Salvatore.

He’s the best of them all. And she knows it.

She’d defend him to the death if she had too.

“Our suicide bourbon. Bonnie and I made a pact we’d drink this together. That’s what I’m gonna do.”

“To you Bonnie. So is Kai right about me? By turning into a vampire I completely changed?”

“The guy’s a psychopath. Don’t let him get in your head.”

“I’m not. But do you ever think about it, like if I would still be with you if I was human?”

“Okay we’re doing this.”

“It’s just a question Damon.”


“No what?”

“No I don’t think we’d be together if you were still human. You had a choice, you chose Stefan. Human you was on your way home to him. Car went off the bridge. You turned and suddenly I was back in the picture.”

They are leaving no stone unturned. They’re drowning every obstacle in Delena’s path, making absolutely certain the road to their endgame is free and clear, unburdened by all doubt.

I’m just ecstatic.

For those who simply refuse to see it, who even after 6x02 still don’t comprehend how long Elena has been in love with Damon, the writers are setting the record straight.

They are righting every wrong caused by 3x22. Shattering the delusion that human Elena would never have found it in her heart to love Damon, or admit to it.

They’ve spent years trying to maintain the illusion that human Elena’s life and love revolved only around Stefan. That she simply didn’t have it in her to be with Damon then. That she had to be a vampire to make that transition.

And now they’re taking it all back, knowing that we never believed it anyway.

We knew better. After all the sire bond was proof enough that she absolutely did have feelings for him while she was human. That she and Damon had all the potential in the world from the beginning.

Vampirism had nothing to do with it. It did not manufacture her feelings. It simply enhanced what was already there.

What had been there since she was sixteen, silently festering in the deepest caverns of her heart.

The night her parents died, the night she met Damon, set them both on a course they were never going to deviate from. No matter how long it took or how hard the journey was, they were always going to end up together.

It’s the real reason the writers showed us that Damon HAD met her first after that phone call. It’s what they were trying to tell us all along.

That the real love story has always been between her and Damon. A love story that started before her parents ever died, before she ever encountered Stefan.

Before the show even began.

“So is Kai right about me? By turning into a vampire I completely changed?”

This is ingenious. Truly ingenious.

During all of season four Elena was lambasted by everyone she loved (apart from Damon) for becoming a different person after she transitioned. Her oldest friends, her supposed soulmate, her own brother all thought something was wrong with her. That she needed to be fixed.

That she was broken by vampirism. That it erased the things that had made her compassionate and sweet and lovable as a human.

They were wrong. Just so fucking wrong. About all of it.

Which was the whole purpose of Elena’s journey in that season. Recognizing that the changes she experienced after her transition were not the result of the sire bond, of Damon’s influence on her or even of her death on that bridge.

She didn’t change. She matured. She grew up. She stopped living her life based on what other people expected of her. She made more selfish choices to ensure her own happiness. She loved who her heart told her to love, not her head.

She embraced herself. Her own darkness. Her own flaws and weaknesses. Her unorthodox strengths.

She stopped looking at the world in black and white, stopped making decisions predicated on her obligations to others, stopped sacrificing her happiness because of moral or social expectations.

Mired as they were in angst and tragedy, they were all positive changes. But they didn’t make her a different person.

Vampirism only amplified what already existed in her. What she’d only exhibited in secret as a human. What had only been dragged out of her in Damon’s presence.

It didn’t just heighten her emotions. It heightened her personality. Especially the parts of her she’d hidden from her friends, from her brother. From Stefan.

But never from Damon. Even as strangers she never hid from Damon. All her denial about the supposed darker parts of her personality melted away around him from the start. Which, oddly enough, is why they fought so much to begin with.

He was inciting behavior and emotions and thoughts in her that no one else ever had. And it scared her. It thrilled her. It put her off balance.

Until she got more accustomed to it. Until she got so close to him that those behaviors and emotions and thoughts became natural. Instinctual.

So by the time she transitioned, she was already halfway there. She was already coming to familiarize herself with those closeted aspects of her personality.

The transition simply put it into overdrive. And while it may have overwhelmed her some at first, she really wasn’t as surprised as she should’ve been. As she would’ve been if she’d never experienced that kind of darkness before (bloodlust excluded).

Her friends were the ones that were shocked. The ones that just didn’t understand, and refused to accept, the real Elena. The Elena who has always craved passion and adventure and danger. The Elena who loves with her whole heart, no reservations in sight.

The Elena that is asking this very question, because compulsion or not, she hasn’t changed at all.

Erasing Damon did not make her any less of who she became when she died. Everything she embraced about herself with his help did not disappear with the compulsion. She is still passionate, adventurous, and dangerous. She’s still brazen and crazy, with a tendency toward selfishness or manipulation if the situation warrants it.

She is still Elena. Damon’s Elena. The REAL Elena.

And that is the whole damn point of having her hash this out with Damon.

Because she doesn’t remember her own transition properly. She doesn’t remember the last three years of her life properly. Which means she doesn’t remember how Damon was the only one who supported her when she grew into herself after she turned.

She’s basically an objective third party, questioning her own personal history. Looking back at her flawed memory of her past and wondering if the things she’s hearing from Kai are true.

Did she really become a different person? Did she change THAT much? Is she the absolute anti-thesis of her human self? Is she right now, at this very moment, a distorted version of herself just  because she’s a vampire? Is being a vampire the only reason she’s able to be with Damon?

All questions that her and Damon’s naysayers have brought up, both on the show and otherwise. Everyone has wondered these things since 3x22. Even Damon and Elena.

And they’ve all disregarded them for the most part. Because uncompelled Elena stuck to her guns. Even though her changes alienated her friends, killed her romantic relationship with Stefan once and for all, she did not back down. She did not hide from the ways that vampirism changed her. She did not hide from the things Damon made her feel.

She stopped hiding from herself and what she wanted. And she never looked back.

So her friends stopped ignoring what was right in front of them. They stopped looking at her as damaged or different and accepted the new, grown up Elena who loved and chose Damon and not Stefan.

It took time, but it happened. Everyone stopped asking these ridiculous questions.

At least out loud. Internally, they’ve clearly all still wondered. In the darkest corners of his mind, this has obviously plagued Damon for years.

Which is exactly why the writers brought it up now. When uncompelled Elena, the one with all the answers, could not set the record straight. When compelled Elena had to make the determination for herself based on her own unbiased perception of the situation.

And she is unbiased. She has no idea what Damon did for her when she transitioned. Or even before, while she was human. She still isn’t quite in love with him. Her opinion is not tainted by emotion or the influence of her memories or her friends.

The perfect way to tell the morons who continue to hold this viewpoint about Elena and her vampirism just how fucking wrong they’ve been since season four.

“No I don’t think we’d be together if you were still human. You had a choice, you chose Stefan. Human you was on your way home to him. Car went off the bridge. You turned and suddenly I was back in the picture.”

I never thought they’d address this. Certainly not so brazenly.

But they’re nothing if not thorough when it comes to Damon and Elena. They cover everything, even the things we’ve ignored or forgotten over the seasons.

Because they don’t just want Damon and Elena to be happy. They wanted them to earn it. And now that they have they want us to KNOW that they’ve earned it.

By derailing every single allegation that has ever been held against them.

Like the notion that vampirism made Delena happen. That it was the key to their romance, rather than just a tool by which it came about when it did.

Elena’s transition was not the cause of her relationship with Damon. It did nothing but break down the last of her denial about him. It burst the dam of her love for him wide open.

But in order to burst open the dam, there would’ve already had to be something there. She would’ve already had to love him.

And she did. As we learned in 6x02, she”s loved him for even longer than we ever guessed.

Something Damon doesn’t know yet. That she loved him months before she transitioned. That choosing Stefan on that bridge was never an indication that she didn’t love him. If anything it was a sign that she did and was just too scared to embrace it.

Does it matter though, that he doesn’t think she’d love him if she was still human? Does it matter that he doesn’t know?

It does. Because not knowing is maintaining one last stronghold of doubt in his heart. It’s keeping him from accepting how real this has always been between him and Elena.

As he rightly deduced in 2x01 and tried to get her to admit, there has been something going on between them since they met. He knew it back then, before he ever admitted to loving her. He felt what was brewing in their not so platonic friendship. Felt, in fact, that it wasn’t just a friendship at all.

They were always something more.

But the mistake he made after trying to convince her - killing her brother - has kept him from believing what he claimed that night for years. He was never so certain about them as he was when he showed up in her room that night.

And if he’d never killed Jeremy and temporarily alienated Elena he might’ve remained that certain.

That mistake cost him his own personal faith in what he and Elena have. Even though all is forgiven, even though she’s proven time and again how much she loves him, that night has tainted his belief that human Elena would’ve ever chosen him in the same way 3x22 has.

Which is why this whole conversation, this whole episode, is so crucial.

Because it’s time he stops living under that illusion. It’s time Jeremy’s death at this hands and Elena’s choice on that bridge stop casting a dark cloud over what they could’ve had if she’d never transitioned.

He thinks that choice in 3x22 was indicative enough of human Elena’s feelings for him. He’s positive she didn’t love him before she died. He has no evidence from her time as a human - other than their kiss in Denver - that could convince him otherwise.

He clearly is just as in the dark about what happened on her eighteenth birthday as we were.

And Elena can’t tell him any different right now because she doesn’t remember.

But her lost memories are an advantage in this instance. Because important of a moment as her birthday might be, it’s not the only proof that Elena loved him while she was human.

There are thousands of moments that prove that, both before and after 3x01.

Just as there are thousands of moments following Elena’s transition, right up to this very episode that prove she loved him while she was human.

Because it was never about being human.

And Elena knows it.

She doesn’t need her memories to back it up. She feels it now just as she did then.

And after three years, she finally tells him what she should’ve told him a long time ago.

That while he may not have always been her choice on the surface, at the end of it all there really was no choice.

Because every time she didn’t choose him, she wound up circling back to him anyway.

“So Jer’s applying to art school? Might wanna compel him a decent portfolio cause he ain’t that great.”

“Don’t be mean. He needs to move on with his life. And so do I.”

“Not sure I’m a fan of that transition.”

“Look I’ve… I’ve made some huge mistakes in my life. Being with you wasn’t one of them. And yes I had Alaric compel away my love for you. And yes I did love Stefan once. The night I died, Matt was driving me back to him. And yet I found my way back to you. Damon, I somehow always find my way back to you. It doesn’t matter if I have memories or not, it doesn’t matter if I’m a vampire or not.”

“You’re just saying that because you can’t change what you are.”

“No Damon, I don’t care what human me would’ve done. Because she’s not here. I am. And if the past is a place without you and me together, then stop living in it.”

For the love of all things Delena, how did we get here.

How did we get to a place where Elena Gilbert tells Damon Salvatore that being with him wasn’t a mistake.

How did we reach a point where Elena Gilbert tells Damon Salvatore that she’d be with him no matter what she was or what tried to come between them.

How did we achieve this success. A success that surpasses the revelation of when Elena fell in love with Damon.

Because the when doesn’t actually matter. What really matters is that she knows, memories or no memories, that she doesn’t want to live in a time or a place where they weren’t together.

She just wants to be with him. For now and for always. As she wanted months before, when she told him all she saw was a future with him.

This was like a continuation of that beautiful moment in the forest, when she proposed for the second time, confirming that their breakup really had just been a way of securing their happiness down the road.

Now here she stands with no recollection of that moment or any other positive one they shared prior to his return, totally confident that being with him was, and is the right choice.

That it is, in fact, the only choice she ever really had.

“He needs to move on with his life. And so do I.”

“Not sure I’m a fan of that transition.”

I must start with this. For two reasons.

One, because Damon thought for a moment that her profession that she needed to move on with her life meant moving on from him and them. Which is exactly why this conversation was so necessary.

Because he shouldn’t think that. He shouldn’t have doubts and fears like that. Not anymore.

If he knew the truth about her eighteenth birthday he wouldn’t have those fears. But he doesn’t know.

And neither does she. So she had to assuage his remaining uncertainty about them another way.

By showing him that she has let go of everything that threatened to destroy them in the past. That she is ready to move forward with him and leave their baggage behind. For good.

Even though she doesn’t remember all their baggage correctly, she knows there’s boatloads of it. Not the least of which was her choice on that bridge.

A choice that has defined them for too long. That has stuck between them, the only true lingering obstacle in an otherwise (relatively) bump free relationship.

Damon’s death wiped out every roadblock they’d ever had.

Except 3x22. Overcoming that requires something else. Something that was only ever in Elena’s power to give.

Her understanding and subsequent proclamation that every time she tried to make a choice that wasn’t Damon, that choice somehow brought them back together anyway.

Even when he wasn’t her choice, he was still the conclusion. The destination at the end of her every journey. The only stop on the twisted freeway that is her life.

What she finally understands with her unbiased perception of their past, is that there was never a choice. Not between him and Stefan. Not between being human or being a vampire. Not between her compelled and not compelled states of existence.

Because every road she’s ever taken has led her back to Damon.

“Look I’ve… I’ve made some huge mistakes in my life. Being with you wasn’t one of them. And yes I had Alaric compel away my love for you. And yes I did love Stefan once. The night I died, Matt was driving me back to him. And yet I found my way back to you. Damon, I somehow always find my way back to you. It doesn’t matter if I have memories or not, it doesn’t matter if I’m a vampire or not.”

This rivals her speech to him in 4x23. Which has incidentally always been my favorite of her love declarations.

So I suppose it only makes sense that this is a parallel of that scene in front of their fireplace.

When Elena chose Damon after graduation, she made a point of telling him that she wasn’t sorry. For meeting him, for the changes he’d instilled in her, for him making her look at vampirism in a positive light.

For loving him. Even with all they’d been through, she wasn’t sorry that she loved him.

But she also made sure to drive home how real their relationship is. By reminding him, herself and everyone else that he’s not always been the best person. That he’s made terrible mistakes that could’ve cost him her love. That should have - would have - if she were anyone other than Elena.

And she equates the mistakes he’s made in regard to her with the choice she makes: being with him.

She claims it will prove to be her worst decision ever.

Which, of course, is exactly how we knew it wouldn’t be. And it wasn’t.

It was her best. The best choice she ever made.

And even without remembering a single second of their time as a couple, compelled Elena knows that. She gets it. She FEELS it.

He was the right choice, IS the right choice. He isn’t a mistake.

She’s been tiptoeing around him since his resurrection. She’s been tentative because he was a stranger to her.

But the more she’s gotten to know this Damon that she literally brought back from an emotional death - HER Damon - the more she’s come to realize what her uncompelled self did months ago.

She understands why she got in that car and drove into the explosion with him. Why she was so sure he was the only one for her, why she was so in love with him she couldn’t even fathom life without him.

Because what they had was right. Good. Real.

Difficult and complicated and out of control as it was and is, their love is the best thing that ever happened to her.

It’s more or less what she told hallucination Damon in 6x01. That being with him, loving him, had fulfilled her, had given her the life she always wanted.

It’s why she was so distraught that she couldn’t handle living with just the memories.

She needed HIM. Plain and simple.

“And yes I had Alaric compel away my love for you. And yes I did love Stefan once.”

One of their best qualities as individuals and as a couple is that they don’t beat around the bush.

Elena didn’t even try to pretend that they hadn’t had their fair share of challenges. She erased him from her mind. She used to love his brother.

She chose his brother over him on her last night as a human.

But that was another lifetime. Another Elena, who wasn’t ready to accept him and all that he is.

Not this Elena, who even without her memories doesn’t have one iota of romantic love for Stefan in her anymore. She’s so far removed that she puts what they had right where it belongs.

In the past.

She loved Stefan ONCE. A long time ago, before life become too brutal and overwhelming, before tragedy shaped her into the aggressive, sassy, passionate woman she’s grown into.

She loved Stefan before Damon for a reason.

Because loving Stefan ultimately led her to loving Damon. Choosing Stefan time and again led her to Damon.

As she has rightly deduced about their history, her every choice has been ABOUT Damon in some fashion. Whether she was choosing him or not, she oriented her life around Damon from the start. She was never running TO Stefan.

She was running AWAY from Damon.

And the only reason she ran is because deep down, she knew once she gave in there’d be no going back.

She was right.

“The night I died, Matt was driving me back to him. And yet I found my way back to you. Damon, I somehow always find my way back to you.”

I couldn’t have scripted it better. It’s a totally succinct summary of their whole relationship since the night they met.

She always finds her way back to him. Even buried under a mountain of denial as she was when she was human, even sired, even without emotion, even as she was drawn to Stefan by a traveller spell, even as Damon himself tried to create distance between them, they were never able to stay apart for long.

Every time they’ve ever tried to separate, they’ve only ever come crashing back together with the force of a dozen battering rams.

Separation was futile. Distance - emotional, physical, or mental - has done nothing but strengthen their bond over time.

And Elena took the best example ever to illustrate that for Damon.

She chose his brother right before she died. Her last act as a human.

But that choice only sent her directly into Damon’s waiting arms. It killed her relationship with Stefan completely.

Because choosing Stefan was never about Stefan. She chose out of fear. Out of obligation.

Out of pure denial.

It’s exactly what she tried to tell him on that phone call. In her tears and her words was the only explanation we needed for why she turned around and drove back to Stefan.

She wasn’t ready to love Damon, even though she did. She wasn’t ready to be with him, even though she wanted too.

Yet her not being ready only made sure that fate intervened. Her choice to go back to Stefan killed her. Literally.

And her death brought all of her feelings for Damon directly to the surface. Where they would stay, no matter what.

Even if she, say, compelled them out of her mind. Erasing her memories did not erase her love.

Choosing to let him go through the compulsion did not keep her and Damon apart.

Just like choosing Stefan on that bridge did not keep her and Damon apart.

Because nothing CAN keep them apart. They cheated death. Magical emotional bonds and flipped switches. The universe.

Mind control for gods sake. She fucking erased him and she STILL loves him. Still chooses him.

Still found her way back to him.

“Damon I somehow always find my way back to you.”

The story of the Vampire Diaries ladies and gentlemen. It’s a tale of Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert letting each other go over and over again, only to reunite in ever more magnificent ways.

Because their love cannot be undone by absence, distance or time.

In all trials and tribulations, in all tragedy and angst, amidst storms of horror and fear, their love has only increased as the years have gone on. With every mistake either of them have ever made, every choice no matter how right or wrong, they have proven one thing consistently, without fail.

The end of every road for Damon and Elena is each other.

“It doesn’t matter if I have memories or not, it doesn’t matter if I’m a vampire or not.”

Behold. The real purpose of her compulsion.

To show him, to show her, to show us that it doesn’t matter what she is or what her mind tells her.

Her heart just belongs to Damon. That’s it.

As a human, as a vampire, compelled, uncompelled, sired, not sired, with emotions or without them, her soul is entirely entwined with his. They cannot escape it.

They have been bonded, intimately and passionately and without limit, since the night they met on that road. All it took was one conversation, one look, a few flirtatious smiles.

And the deal was done. Just as the location of their first meeting symbolized, their respective journeys in life are each other. Every good or bad thing that has ever happened to them, that they’ve ever done only brought them together. First the night Elena’s parents died, and then again and again and again.

Until they stopped fighting the pull and gave in.

Until they understood that what they have trumps all of their mistakes and all of their attempts to do right by each other.

It was their souls’ way of telling them that not being together is NOT doing right by each other. Every time they’ve let tried to let go the world has only conspired to show them they were doing themselves a great injustice.

They were hiding from something that just wasn’t meant to be denied.

It’s too real, too powerful, too NECESSARY to their very existence.

They’ve always believed the universe was conspiring to sabotage them.

While that might be true, it turns out something has been in their corner all along.


Much like they are all each other needs, they are all their love needed to survive, to overcome.

They didn’t conquer death and fate and mind control with help from anything else. They didn’t need the help.

They just needed each other. And it worked itself out every time.

Because their love is a force superior to the whims of the heavens and the supposed finality of death.

They themselves are superior. They are in a league of their own.

They are, as they have always been, one love to rule them all.

“No Damon, I don’t care what human me would’ve done. Because she’s not here. I am. And if the past is a place without you and me together, then stop living in it.”

Pure, straight poetry. It’s like a love song written just for them and spoken by Elena. It should be set to music.

And it was. ‘Time’ wasn’t playing in the background for kicks.

It was there to strengthen Elena’s whole argument.

Time is not relevant for them. They are a romance built on the imminence of the present, on the promise and unpredictability of the future.

But they shape that present and future themselves. They define it. They rise above it.

Just as they rise above their past. And a bloody past it is. A dark one, filled with personal tragedy, constant pain, nearly unbearable mistakes.

A past where they weren’t always together.

A past Elena wants no part of. If that time in her life doesn’t include Damon, then it means nothing to her. Not anymore.

It’s the means by which they found their way to each other yet again.

But they don’t need to live in it. To let it become their next obstacle.

So she chose Stefan on that bridge. So she erased her love for him.

So Damon died, left her, even though he promised her never would.

So what. They’re still standing here, in their room, as dedicated to each other as ever.

They still found their way back to each other.

Because that’s all that is relevant about their past at this point. Their history has only shown that they were always going to end up here. Not broken and separated, as Damon had so long believed.

Together. They were always going to end up together, no matter how long it took or how bumpy the road was.

And while Damon may be the one who needed to hear these life affirming words, Elena needed to say them even more. To bring them full circle.

To set in motion that legendary shot of them naked in bed together, her touching his arm with something akin to wonder before picking it up and wrapping it around to cuddle closer as he lay sleeping.

With almost too much love brewing in the depths of her eyes.

She didn’t need to say I love you. Her actions said it all.

They said that she meant every word. That he wasn’t a mistake, that even in spite of their complex history she chose him anyway, did so again and will continue to do so. That they always find their way back to each other. That she’s done living in the past because it’s a time when they weren’t together.

The look on her face in that final shot says that in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, she’d find him. She’d find and she choose him.

No matter what tried to stand in their way.

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Do you think it is possible for Sylar to be the father of Claire's twins? I'm dying to know!

In short – YES, I do think it is a possibility.

But I have shipper bias so I’ll state actual logical reasons, lol. Read more because it’s long.

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(Wo)man’s Best Friend

Request: Hi, so I’d like to request something super fluffy… Um could you do Balthazar comforting the reader because her cat has just died and so he gets her a new pet (but like a parakeet or something) and then there are cuddles and hugs and fingers in her hair and forehead kisses…? (It would be really great just because my cat is getting put down later today… So thanks a ton. I’ve also never really requested something before, so am I doing this correctly?)

Pairing: Balthazar x Reader

Wordcount: 708

A/N: This is just fine for formatting- I’m sorry to hear about your cat. I hope this helps. I’ve never written Balthazar before, so I hope this is alright. To my other readers, I still have a queue of drabbles to finish, but I’m in exam season now, so I’ll do my best to get some out.

Your name: submit What is this?

You sniffed noisily in the rumbling silence of your car, trying to hold back a tear. You could do this, you told yourself, gripping the steering wheel a little tighter. You could make it back to the bunker before you let go.

But the wetness at your eyes refused to go away, and you could feel the lump building in your throat. Eventually, when the first of the tears escaped, trickling down your face, you gave up and pulled over and off the road. Forehead to the wheel, you hiccupped out sobs, eyes squeezed tight to try and control-

Bubbles hadn’t deserved to die. And yes, as a hunter you’d seen monsters, people, and animals die. Just the thought of having no purring lump of ginger fur to come home to after a hard hunt… It hit you harder than you’d have thought possible. 

Reaching for a tissue, you encountered something warm- something alive. Instantly you were ready, spare hand grabbing the gun from your waistband and you turned to confront your new passenger.

“You alright, darling?”

A familiar sandy-haired angel was reclining in the seat beside you, usual smile replaced by concern at your red and tear-stained self. “I’m fine,” you insisted, wiping away the tears as best you could with your sleeve. “I’ll be fine.”

The knowing look in Balthazar’s eyes suggested he saw right through you, and he slipped and arm around your shoulder. You leaned into it, letting him pull you closer.

“You see,” he began, and you started as you felt his fingers carding through your hair, “unlike those emotionally stunted Winchesters you hang around with, I can actually tell if there’s something wrong.”

You laughed a little, coughing in an attempt to clear your throat. Balthazar was warm- warmer than any human should be- and his jacket was soft to lean against, so you made yourself comfortable. And, after a moment, Balthazar’s other arm wrapped around your shoulders, holding you more securely to him.

He let you cry until the tears stopped, shhing your occasional attempts at apology.  Then, when you had no more tears to give, he shifted so he could look you in the eyes.

“Why don’t you tell me why you’re crying, darling?” Balthazar asked.

“It’s stupid,” you mumbled, moving to bury your face in his jacket again. But he stopped you, cupping your face in his hands.

“Clearly it isn’t,” he reprimanded you softly.

“Bubbles had to be put down,” You choked out eventually, nearly breaking down afresh. But you swallowed it back. 

“I’m sorry,” Balthazar whispered, and then there was a soft something on your forehead- lips pressing to your head. He murmured soft words- enochian in strings of syllables and barest vibrations-, sounds lost in your hair. “Lets take you home.”

And then you were in your bed, delicious smell of a mug of hot chocolate wafting over from your bedside cabinet. Balthazar was beside you, holding you gently. Trying not to disturb his arms, you rolled over. He smiled and opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, you heard a soft yap and felt the bed dip beneath a new pressure.

Shocked, you sat up. A German shepherd- and a puppy at that- was curled up at the end of your bed. “Y/N,” Balthazar said from behind you, “he’s not a replacement for Bubbles.”

You nodded furiously, gaze fixed on the ball of fluff on your duvet. Curiously- he?- met your eyes and padded over, sniffling your hand for a moment before settling in your lap.

“His name is yours to decide,” Balthazar continued, reaching out to stroke the patch of almost black fur behind the dog’s ears, “and you could, of course, name him after your charming boyfriend.”

“I think his name is Zep,” you decided, gingerly placing your hand on Zep’s flank.

“As in Zepellin? Led Zepellin?”


“Of course.”

You had lost Bubbles, but you were in the arms of your favourite angel and there was a ball of fur snuggling up to you with the sole intent of comforting you- things might not turn out so badly after all. 

But first… how to convince Dean to let you keep a dog and one of his less-favoured angels in the bunker.

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