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At it again! There’s another 20 signed copies of TPoH Volume 1 up for sale! 

Also for those asking YES! There will be a volume 2 coming out later this year when I have eventually finished this present chapter, but it will be published via a different source (I’ll be running a kickstarter for it this time too). It will make distributing them much easier, as the publisher will handle that, but they are a different company based in the US instead of Europe so the books will probably look a little bit different from these A4 babies. If things go really well I might get some of them printed by my previous supplier to have stored at home so I can sign and sell them as a sort of special edition but this is all going to be happening in, like, June so there’s a lot of time to be thinking it over :’D


Here’s part three of The Women Who Shaped Middle Earth (here’s where you can read parts one and two.) A five-part series, I’m looking at all the women who had a significant impact on Tolkien’s world. There’ll be some overlap (for example, Elwing appears in another segment as well), so if you feel I left something out, that might be why, but send me an ask anyway, as I’ll be editing all of this before offering the complete version for download as a .pdf.

This guide, as well as one other guide (to be released later this month) is part of my contribution to Legendarium Ladies April. If you don’t already know about the event, definitely check it out! And if you have any lady-centric questions or issues you’d like to see me make a post for, now’s the time to let me know!

And if you think this is interesting, check out my already completed Atanamili: The Women of the First Age series, which covers all the (mortal) women of the First Age.