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Riverdale x text posts pt.2 !!

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Mass Effect: Andromeda

Jaal x Sara Ryder

Mild spoilers. Doesn’t give anything too big away. Will probably be more impactful if you at least know all of Jaal’s romance and his loyalty mission. Might have bigger spoilers later on.

A 600 year nap and 2.5 million light-years away to find out the answer: are humans and angara genetically compatible?

Warnings: language and mild sexual content. Also, pregnancy. Rated M.

Part II of IV Part I

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Ardyn's Voice (part 3) Train Sequence
Ardyn Izunia/Lucis Caelum Ft. Darin De Paul
 Ardyn's Voice (part 3) Train Sequence

Working on audio files where we have got the pleasure to listen to Ardyn’s voice only. (And in the meantime trying to grab all his lines. If I forgot one, do not hesitate to tell me so and I’ll try to find it/edit it in.)

Now that I know chapter 13 is a long sequence, I have no doubt it will exist out of more than four parts. Chapter 13′s audio file is eight minutes long so far and I haven’t even replayed it yet to see if I missed something >.<’

Henceforth, this is part tree! (part 1) (part 2)
It covers the entire train sequence. Next part will hopefully be Chapter 13 100% I’d hate to cut it cause of Tumblr’s MB limit. (Might even make a full compilation and put it on YT once done.)


When You Don’t Part 3

AN: Man, oh man.. I really thought this wouldn’t get published until this time next week. But my fingers flew and my beta helped me out sooo much. (thanks cuz!) Sadly, this is the end. Please don’t beat me up. I warned you all at the start of this that there were feels ahead.

Pairing: Dean x Reader…ish. 

Word Count: 2,970 (and 90% in one night! *pats self on back*) 

Warnings: Mild cursing. Angst. Feels. Seriously, I cried a little, you might want tissues. 

Part 1  Part 2

Cause I can’t make you love me

If you don’t

You can’t make your heart feel

Something that it won’t

        When you woke, your mouth felt as if it had been stuffed with cotton during sleep, and the throbbing of your pulse inside your head was bad enough to make you groan as you rolled over, blinking slowly. Sam was sitting on the end of one bed, tying up the laces of his boot. When he saw that you were awake, he motioned to the arm of the couch.

      “Morning. Thought you might need that.” Lifting your head, you saw that he’d perched a bottle of water, a granola bar, and some aspirin on the faded but clean arm of the couch.

     Rising slowly seemed to be the best option for you, and you remained quiet as you twisted the cap off, chased the pills with a long drink of the room temperature water, eyes scanning the rest of the room. Sam was watching your movements and answered your question before you could even ask it.

      “Dean’s already gone. Made some excuse about going and talking to the cops again to see if he could get a lead on where we should look for the ghoul.  Do you want to talk about what happened last night after I stepped out?”

      “No. No I don’t.” You rasped, your throat feeling raw, and not just because of the aftereffects of the alcohol. You turned the bottle up again and sipped long and slow from it to try and soothe the ache there, and to stall the conversation between you and Sam. He was apparently a patient man though, hands resting on his thighs, watching you as you capped the water bottle and tore into the granola bar, taking small bites and chewing as slow as humanly possible.

      “Come on, Y/N. Dean won’t say a word about it except to tell me to drop it and leave it alone. Something happened, I can tell.” He looked ready to say something else, but then seemed to think better of it and stood up, grabbing his coat. “There’s a diner across the street. I’m going to get us both some coffee to kill time while we wait for Dean to come back.”

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It’s stupid early, and I’ve been up since 2 something this morning… SO edits it is.

Are ya’ll ready for part 13 of My son, Bringer of storms? it’s called “Everyone’s on twitter. Idjit”

Monday and Wednesday there might not be updates for this series, since I Have blood tests and appointments to get to. But I’ve started part 16, so other then that, it should be posting as usual :).

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Mean Girls, Seventeen edition: Who are the plastics? They’re teen royalty. If Pledis was Ceci Magazine, they would always be on the cover. Plan V + My Angel


supernatural out of context

My Writing

Even though everything I write is tagged, I decided to make a masterlist to make it easier to find stuff. Also, I don’t have actual titles for like any of these, so the “titles” are basically just what each one is about. Some of them might have the same names, but they’re different I promise! Also, my requests are always open, so if you want something written, feel free to send it in!


  • babysitting teddy
  • breaking up
  • before the wedding
  • post sectumsempra // Part Two (headcanons)
  • badass harry // Part Two
  • jealous!draco
  • jealous!draco (headcanon)
  • flustered!draco (headcanon)
  • werewolf!draco (headcanon)
  • draco learning to drive
  • coming out w/ their relationship
  • guilty!draco
  • injured!draco
  • scared of a storm
  • harry wears draco’s tie
  • looking at photos
  • nervous!harry
  • harry doesn’t make enough time for draco
  • instead of sectumsempra
  • jealous!draco
  • harry wants a dog
  • a surprise for harry
  • dragon
  • getting back together
  • jealous!draco
  • harry’s scar hurts again
  • fighting
  • birthday cake
  • safety
  • anniversary of the battle
  • draco wants a cat
  • how harry spends his afternoon
  • first kiss
  • drunk!draco
  • draco is not a morning person
  • draco is rude again
  • sick!harry
  • more fighting
  • harry’s having a bad day
  • harry won’t go out with draco and his friends
  • jealous!harry
  • flustered!harry
  • amortentia
  • you are my sunshine
  • anniversary
  • christmas
  • roommates
  • looking at stars
  • quidditch flirting
  • looking for an apartment
  • jealous!draco
  • stuck in an elevator
  • anxiety
  • the yule ball
  • breaking up and making up
  • scary movies
  • muggle doctor
  • injured!harry
  • cheering harry up
  • privet drive // Part Two
  • heads of houses
  • step-dad!draco
  • friends with the slytherins
  • harry is mean to draco
  • harry’s done trying
  • helping draco
  • weasley sweaters
  • sick!draco
  • draco hurts harry’s feelings
  • triwizard tournament
  • drunk!harry // Part Two // Part Three
  • public displays of affection
  • nightmare
  • grocery shopping
  • draco is a tease
  • christmas kisses
  • slytherin!harry
  • asking draco on a date
  • jealous!harry
  • ron finds out
  • snowing
  • drunk!draco // Part Two
  • comforting draco
  • tired
  • going to the weasleys
  • confessions
  • christmas presents
  • fixing a broken heart
  • draco gets a cell phone
  • cooking
  • kisses in the rain
  • dancing
  • ice skating
  • telling narcissa
  • the daily prophet
  • undesirable (multiple parts)
  • flustered!draco
  • potions partners
  • invisibility cloak
  • comfort
  • reading
  • jealous!draco
  • massage
  • birthday gift
  • drunk!draco
  • clingy!draco
  • crup-sitting
  • eavesdropping 
  • truth or dare
  • sad movies
  • a weird year
  • injured!harry
  • fights
  • mornings
  • bad days
  • skipping work
  • sleepy
  • couple things
  • jealous!draco
  • tutoring
  • overdramatic
  • interrupted by ron
  • fights
  • touch


  • going on a date
  • sick!scorpius
  • christmas time
  • can’t sleep
  • herbology
  • scorpius is upset
  • jealous!scorpius
  • telling their parents
  • fighting and fluff
  • the yule ball
  • jealous!albus (smut)
  • christmas at hogwarts
  • awkward first kiss
  • game night
  • stressed!albus
  • having a bad day
  • christmas party
  • albus is upset
  • scorpius has a nightmare
  • jealous!albus
  • secret relationship
  • double date
  • bullying
  • drunken kiss
  • mornings
  • admitting feelings
  • lunch with the potters (smut)
  • bratty!scorpius
  • hogsmeade
  • books


  • remus can’t get a job
  • sick!sirius
  • after the full moon
  • remus hates potions
  • insecure!remus
  • hogsmeade date (headcanon)
  • remus is acting different
  • new year’s eve
  • jealous!sirius
  • insecure!remus
  • detention
  • remus wants to be more than friends
  • sirius wants to take care of remus
  • azkaban
  • post azkaban
  • christmas
  • harry’s first day at hogwarts
  • awkward first kiss
  • talking about the future
  • injured!remus
  • drunk!remus
  • forgiveness
  • protective!sirius
  • getting together
  • family problems
  • selfish!sirius
  • angry!remus
  • anniversary
  • admitting feelings
  • studying
  • jealous!remus
  • sick!remus
  • drunk!sirius
  • post full moon
  • flustered!remus
  • angry!remus
  • puns
  • pranks
  • sad!remus
  • amortentia
  • skipping detention
  • in the hospital wing
  • sick!harry
  • studying late
  • nervous


  • dean’s drawings
  • ginny and dean break up
  • detention
  • seamus watched football
  • seamus admits his feelings
  • bad day
  • keeping seamus out of trouble
  • embarrassed!dean
  • post-hookup
  • drawings
  • needing attention


  • james won’t talk to teddy
  • injured!james
  • insecure!james
  • sassy!james
  • admitting feelings
  • teddy’s interview goes wrong
  • sick!james
  • a perfect dinner
  • fighting
  • james hates his job


  • crumple-horned snorkacks
  • the yule ball (headcanon)
  • injured!ginny
  • christmas (headcanon)
  • flying


  • sneaking off
  • birthday
  • fights
  • getting back together
  • better than hogsmeade
  • meeting the parents
  • drunk!marcus
  • quidditch practice
  • decisions 
  • storms
  • sick!marcus
  • injured!marcus
  • drunk!oliver


  • scorpius’s nightmare
  • sick!scorpius
  • going to hogwarts
  • advice
  • flying lessons
  • patronus
  • a day off work
All is fair in love and war

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Pairing: Jimin X reader X Taehyung

Fandom: BTS

Request:  Hey, could you do a scenario where y/n likes Taehyung and Jimin likes y/n. First she doesn’t like Jimin but then she likes both of them and y/n doesn’t know who too choose, and she doesn’t want to ruin V and Jimins friendship 

Originally posted by princessyerim95

“You’re literally a cliché. I told you in the first place it was a bad idea to have a guy as your roommate.” Jimin complained.

He wasn’t wrong. A few months ago you were struggling to pay rent so you decided it would be best to put out an ad for a roommate. Lucky for you a guy around your age, who was completely gorgeous, already friends with your friends, and single just happened to be looking for a place as well.

“Well he’s your friend so I thought maybe I wouldn’t be interested but now I can’t help it…Please just help me this once.” You begged.

Jimin grew a smirk on his face and you already knew his plan was bound to cause trouble.

“What if we make a plan to make him jealous? You and me can pretend to be dating and if he shows interest then we call if off and he’s all yours.”

“Jiminie there’s so many things wrong with that. Are you sure you’re not just trying to take me for yourself?” You joked.

He let out a small laugh. “You say that like I couldn’t have you if I wanted. I don’t need to make excuses for that, babe.”

You rolled your eyes at his lame flirting. The idea of dating Jimin was strange and foreign. Sure the two of you knew almost everything about each other and spent all your time together but that was all as just being friends. If something were to develop between you it would just ruin everything and Jimin knew that for sure. He was careful about his feelings towards you and if it meant watching you date other guys than losing you then he would do just that.

“Let’s just try it. It couldn’t make things any worse than they already are Y/N.”

“We do have that thing with the rest of the boys tonight….do you think it will even catch his attention?”

“I promise you. It’s fool proof.” Jimin smiled.

He stuck his pinky out to you as if he was physically trying to promise you that this would work. With one pinky promise and a nod from the both of you, you had agreed on faking dating. Jimin stood up from the couch, grabbing his phone to stash it into his pocket.

“I’ll see you later tonight then, okay?”

You gave him a smile. “Yeah can’t wait.”

As you hear him leaving the house you also hear him talking to someone else. Taehyung must have been back from the gym as you heard them greet each other and realized the absence of your friend. You jumped up from your bed, running over to your dressers for something. If this whole fake dating thing was going to start you had to make it convincing. So, you pulled out one of Jimin’s shirts that he had left and slid it on before walking out to greet your roommate. Taehyung seemed shocked to see you standing in the doorway with only a t-shirt on that barely covered your underwear.

“Jimin I think you-….Oh. Hey Tae.” You said, casually.

He seemed to be at a loss for words. “Uh..Hey…I think Jimin already left.”

You pretended as if this was news to you.

“Damn. I think he left his charger. Oh well, we’re gonna see him later tonight anyway so I’ll just give it to him then.”

“Looks like you already gave it to him..” Taehyung mumbled to quietly for you to hear.

You titled your head innocently at his annoyed expression.

“Nothing. Never mind. How was today? I felt bad you had to get groceries this week.”

Taehyung reached into the fridge to grab a water bottle as you came over to sit at the seat next to the counter top. You shrugged, taking a sip of your own drink.

“It was fine. How was the gym?”

Speaking of the gym. He always looked incredible when he came back, his hair still wet from the shower he must have taken in the locker room, and still wearing his tight workout clothes. He was a walking tease that you knew you couldn’t have and it was actual torture sometimes. Seriously, how can someone always look this good?

“Same as usual. There was this one girl though that approached me today. It was kind of awkward at first but we must have hit it off because she asked me on a date this Friday.”

You choked. “W-wow..That’s great..”

Taehyung shrugged. “I’m not sure about it though. She’s nice and everything but dating sorta sucks when it’s with a complete stranger. I’d rather it be with someone I know.”

“Yeah, I get that. I feel the same way.” You added, trying to persuade him not to.

“Ha. Maybe we should go out then-”

The words you had been dying to hear had just come from his mouth. You slowly raised your lips from your cup, speechless.

“Yeah. We should.”

Hearing the boldness in your tone, he looked up and met your eyes with a smile.

“How about tomorrow night? I’ll pick out the place, I’ll pay for it, and all I need is for you to be there with me. Sound good?”

You leaned your face into your hand, smiling back at him. “It sounds amazing.”

“Good. We should probably get ready for the party though since it’s kind of late. You should wear that one pink shirt of yours. It looks really good on you.”

His compliment made your cheeks feel warm but your happiness completely shut out the nervousness you would have felt otherwise. In your burst of happiness you had completely forgot the pact you had made with Jimin, not even telling him before you went over to Jungkook’s place for his Birthday party. You and Taehyung arrived together, telling Jungkook happy birthday and handing him his gifts.

“I’m gonna head to the bathroom, I’ll be back.” You told Taehyung as you stepped away from the two of them.

Before you could even get far you felt someone’s hands covering your face from behind.

“Guess who?” Jimin smirked.

You reached up, holding his hands.

“Hmm. Jin?”

Jimin moved his hands to show you his pouting expression.


You playfully pushed his arm, laughing. “I already knew it was you.”

Namjoon came over to the both of you, holding a cup in his hands.

“You two seem friendly tonight.”

Jimin’s arm shockingly wrapped around your waist as he pulled you closer. Namjoon scoffed, thinking he must have be right but you stood there remembering what you had forgotten before.

“Yeah I guess you could say that.” Jimin let out in a low tone.

A tone that unknowingly sent a shiver down your spine but not in a bad way. Your eyes trailed down to his hand grabbing at your side and you felt yourself blush. Weirdly enough your mind begins to trail off thinking about his hands in general. How nice they must be to hold, how nice they felt on your waist, and god, who knows what he could do with those fingers-

“Hey Y/N! Jimin! Come over here we’re gonna play truth or dare!” Jungkook shouted from across the room, snapping you out of your trance.

Without even a second to protest you felt your fingers interlocking with Jimin’s as he guided you along to the living room. He sat down on the couch, pulling you into his lap. He sure didn’t mess around even if this all was supposed to be fake. Taehyung sat next to Yoongi, sitting across from you, looking not so happy. You should probably just tell Jimin that it’s off and that this was only going to make Tae want to cancel the date if anything.

“Y/N. Truth or dare?” Jungkook abruptly asked.

“Me? Oh, Truth.”

An arrogant smirk came from the boy as he remembered the bit of gossip that Taehyung had told him earlier.

“Is it true that you came out of your bedroom wearing only Jimin’s shirt after he came to visit?”

The rest of the boys shockingly exclaimed, having no idea of this happening. Your face had already began to turn red as Taehyung’s eyes were fixated on your answer. You wanted to clarify but how were you going to explain to them that it was just to make Tae jealous and that nothing was going to between you and Jimin? Even though this was also new to JImin as well he looked pretty pleased at what he had just heard.

“Yeah…It’s true..” You admitted.

“Holy shit. No way..” Yoongi let out as well as Jin.

Jimin bit his lip, trying to act cocky. You felt his hands roaming on you once more as well as his lips being pressed up against the back of your neck.

“She just can’t seem to keep her hands off of me, so I gave in.”

You clenched your fists, digging your nails into your palms. There was nothing you could do that wouldn’t make you look like an idiot so you avoided even looking over at Taehyung at this point.

“Jimin, Truth or Dare?”


“If you guys really are a thing now, I dare you to prove it by kissing her.”

The rest of the boys were cheering the two of you on but Taehyung stood up, leaving the room. You look back at Jimin.

“There’s no point he already left.” You whispered.

“That’s okay…”

Was all he said before he started to lean in towards you. Feeling pressured you placed your hands on his face while his still held your sides. As only milliseconds went by you finally felt his soft lips now touching yours for the first time. He felt different than imagined and he was actually really good at it. Really good at it. It felt wrong since he was your friend for so long but it also felt as if you were waiting for this moment. Just for a second the thought of Taehyung slipped your mind and you were completely engulfed by the kiss.

By the time he pulled away you already wanted more, looking up at him. Jimin’s lips formed into a small smile that had you melting in your seat. You had to stop yourself from getting too caught up in this when you reminded yourself that it was all fake. The boys had already moved on to the next person and Jimin didn’t seem too caught up in what just happened either. You stood up from his lap. 

“I’ll be right back..” You told him.

Jimin grabbed your hand and you looked back at him.

“Don’t be gone too long.” 

You managed a smile. “Yeah, I won’t.”

Looking around the house you tried to figure out which room Tae must have been hiding in. As you turned the corner you felt yourself run into someone’s chest.

“S-sorry-…Taehyung? Where did you run off to?” You asked, seeing the boy in front of you.

“My phone vibrated in my pocket and I got up to answer it.”

You just nodded, thinking he may be lying. The two of you stood in the quiet hallway without saying a word. Taehyung finally spoke up to break the silence. 

“Did Jimin tell you anything earlier?”

You furrowed you eyebrows in confusion. “What would he have told me?”

“I texted him earlier..it was dumb. I didn’t think you were actually together, I just thought that maybe it was a misunderstanding. No wonder he didn’t reply back.”

“Why? What did you say to him?”

He let out a sigh. “He already knew I had a crush on you so I told him to back off if something was going on between the two of you. I wasn’t trying to get between you if you were already together but I thought I had a chance when you agreed to go out with me.”

The lump in your throat caused you to stay silent, not knowing what to say. Jimin already knew this whole time that Taehyung liked you so there was no reason to pretend for you two to date. It was then you realized his actual feelings for you and why everything felt so real. You had already liked Taehyung this whole time but now you were starting to get confused. Finally, you decided that the truth would probably be the best thing.

“We aren’t together. Jimin and I, I mean.”

Taehyung’s head snapped up and he finally made eye contact with you.

“But earlier and the kiss-?”

You exhaled in frustration. “It was all fake. I mean it was supposed to be in the first place but I didn’t know that Jimin liked me. I thought he was going to help me go on a date with you but you already asked me on my own and I forgot to call it off. I know planning this might make me seem like a weirdo but it was only because I liked you!”

“You were trying to make me jealous?” He asked, sounding unconvinced.


“So you like me then? Just tell Jimin that then. You don’t have to cater to him just because you’re his friend. It’s only going to hurt him worse if you keep doing stuff like this.”

“but I might like him.” You said quietly.

“You what?” 

“I don’t know, okay? This really sucks because I know you’re friends and we all hang out all the time and if I pick one of you it will ruin everything! I shouldn’t have even said anything or did any of this in the first place. It’s my fault…”

“Yeah it kind of is. What the hell were you thinking?” 

“I just wanted to be with you! I didn’t want to see you go out for dates anymore, talk about other girls to me, or see you bringing home someone else. I’m sorry that was so selfish of me!”

He scoffed. 

“It’s only selfish because you want both of us!”

Someone knocked on the room door and when you both turned around you saw Jimin in the doorway.

“Is everything okay?”

Taehyung clenched his fists.

“Don’t play innocent! God, I don’t even want to deal with this anymore. I’ll see you at home Y/N.” 

You watched as he stormed out of the room, pushing past Jimin. Ultimately you felt yourself tearing up. You did it. You ruined it. 

Jimin hesitantly walked over to you. When he tried to put his arm around you, you pushed him away.

“Don’t….I’m not playing this game anymore, Jimin. It’s over…He already told me you already knew.” You mumbled.

“And you told him you couldn’t be with him because you liked me.” 

“I’m serious! I’m not picking between the both of you! He’s right. What the hell was I thinking? This is literally a shit show that I started. I’m not ruining things between you two. Just don’t contact me anymore..”

Jimin flinched, not expecting you to yell at him. 

You ran out of the room, pulling your phone out. Your fingers dialed a friend’s number. 

“Hey, Can I spend the night with you? I need to find a new apartment.”


I made backgrounds this time! Hated making them with every fiber of my being (vectoring is a pain) but it was definitely worth it.

Also, I’m experimenting a bit with panels in accordance with Tumblr’s image display size dimensions and I kinda like the result. I might do the rest of my comics in this format.

Fun fact: I actually finished half of the sketching for this comic before I started the first Starco comic I posted. 

Part 2

Gonna write out some of my Ninjago headcanons:

- Kai is always warm, he never gets cold no matter what the weather is. His emotions also change his body temperature

- When Kai is mad his body gets too hot to touch

- Jay shocks anyone he touches unintentionally. It has lead him to avoid physical contact because people always get angry when he shocks them

- Zane goes on walks by himself in beautiful locations all around ninjago so that Pixal can see them since she no longer has a body of her own

- Cole asks Zane for cooking lessons. They meet occasionally when there isn’t trouble in ninjago. The rest of the group taste tests the dishes

- Lloyd usually doesn’t get much sleep during the night. Most of the time its because of nightmares, but other times he just lays in bed for hours and can’t fall asleep for no apparent reason. This leaves him with dark circles under his eyes

- Some nights if Lloyd can’t sleep he will go out and train 

- Jay loves to braid hair. Usually he braids Nya’s or Cole’s because they have the best hair for braiding

- If any of the ninja has an especially bad nightmare they will go into one of the other ninja’s bed and sleep with them. All the ninja are very understanding and know that the life can be frightening at times

- Zane and Jay share a love of birds. Jay is fascinated by the fact that they can fly and Zane just likes birds a lot 

Jungkook One Shot Recs

Since the last fic rec post i made went down pretty well, i thought i may as well make another but this time for one shots. Just a quick disclaimer, this is only a few of the one shots i love (honestly if i listed all of them we’d be here all day). Hope you enjoy! Masterlist

Tinder 2.0 by @tayegi 

Photographs by @helloblamebts

Beneficial by @jiminables

Get Under the Car by @deerguk

The Boyfriend Shirt by @taehyugme

Sweeter than Sugar by @jungkxook

Orange Tulips by @kainks

Blue Orchids by @inktae

Lost Stars by @tahyungs

Killer Kiss by @an-exotic-writer

Officer Jeon by @park-jimeme

It’s a War Zone by @chokemejimin / @the95liner

Faking It - part 2

Paring: Bucky Barnes x reader

Characters: Bucky Barnes, reader

After getting news about a family reunion coming up, the reader decides to set up a plan to make her look like she isn’t as single as she actually is. But when all her candidates can’t go, she’s left with the only person who she least expects to go along with the plan.

Word count: 2.1k

A/N: As requested here is part 2! i went a little overboard on this, but trust me you guys it’s gonna get better! I might add a smut part, cause everyone digs that. If you want to be tagged, ask and I will kindly do so and if I forgot to tag you please tell me. *Gif isn’t mine

Part 1 


Originally posted by ajl-bae

“And remember my Mother loves it when men are absolute gentleman,” You said as you stopped the car in front of your family beach house.

“Y/N, I grew up in the 1900s, I’m probably more of a gentleman that every single one of those men in that house combined,” Bucky insisted as he tugged down his long sleeved gray henly.

Sadness washed over you as you realized that he was trying to conceal his metal arm. It dawned on you, Bucky was probably struggling with himself about this whole situation. For your sake, he went along with the plan and it made your heart swell.

You reached out and stopped his hand, instead you rolled up the sleeves on both of his arms and smiled, “You don’t have to do that.”

“But won’t your family be afraid?” He asked.

You shrugged, “Does it look like I care what they think? We’re dating, well fake dating, and when you’re fake dating, you love that person unconditionally. Even if they have a metal arm.”

He smiled slyly at you. “Then let’s get in there and fake the shit out of this.”

You stepped out of the car and breathed in the Californian air. The sea breeze engulfed your senses and you were suddenly a teenager again. An angsty one, but a teenager nonetheless. Memories of you sitting on the warm sand with the sun beating down on you flooded your mind. You missed it.

“Go in without me, I’ll be there in a bit,” Bucky said.

“What?” You snapped your head in his direction. “We’re supposed to go in together.”

“Trust me,” He added. “Have a little faith in me, doll.”

You groaned, “Just hurry up.”

With a last deep breath, you walked towards the house. You smoothed down your black striped t-shirt dress and made sure your black boots were spotless. The noise was heard even before you got inside. Your family was loud, so it would be a surprise if you got through the night without an argument breaking out. You spoke too soon.

“The pot is mine!” You recognized the voice as your Aunt Nancy.

“Nuh uh!” Your Aunt Betty remarked. “See that dent right there! Susie made is when she dropped it on the floor! Now give it here you old hag.”

Bickering followed quickly and you heard your Mother trying to break the fight between her two sisters. You opened the door, knowing it would be unlocked and stepped inside. All eyes were on you. The entire family was there. Your grandpa was there from your Mother’s side as well as both your grandparents from your dad’s side of the family. Your mother had three siblings. Your Aunt Nancy and Betty were her sisters and Uncle Matt was her brother. Nancy, Betty, and Matt were all married. Nancy has two kids, Betty has five and Matt has one.

Your Dad’s side of the family was much bigger. He has five siblings. Your Uncle Danny, Joel, and Freddy. Aunt Hazel is the second to youngest and the only girl. Uncle Joel is the youngest and constantly getting a new partner. It would be no surprise if he has a new boyfriend or girlfriend by next week. Danny has four kids, Freddy and Hazel both have two. By the looks of it, Aunt Hazel has a third one on the way.

“Y/N!” Your Mother exclaimed in glee. “I can’t believe you were able to make it!” She pulled you into a hug. “It’s been so long.”

“Yeah, well I left California for a reason,” You mumbled and hugged her back.

It’s true. No matter how much you missed your Mother and Father, there was a great reason as to why you left in the first place. It was your aunts. Mostly from your Mother’s side. They were such hypocrites and always had something to day about you.

“Ha! See, I told you she was still single Flor,” Your Aunt Betty told your Mother.

“Oh quiet you,” Your mom shut her up. “It’s alright, I understand.”

Before you could say anything, your sister spoke up.

“Still dressing in black I can see,” She remarked and embraced you.

“Missed you, Erika,” You smiled. “Let me see the rock.”

Erika flashed you her engagement ring that was on her finger. No doubt waiting for the exact moment in which she could show you her new jewelry. After all the greeting and embraces from family that actually missed you, the comments began.

“Did you gain weight?” Aunt Nancy asked.

“Yes, it’s called muscle, something you don’t know about,” You shot back.

“Well, would you look at that? The girl grew a backbone,” Betty laughed. “Yet she couldn’t find a man.”

You were being torn apart by your aunts and you were at that breaking point. Just as you were about to snap at them, a voice form behind saved you.


Everyone turned their attention to Bucky who walked into the house. He held a bouquet of flowers and you silently thanked him. He walked over and planted a long kiss on your lips. You weren’t expecting it, but were quick to melt under his touch.  

When you faced your family once again, they were all gawking at the man that just entered the house. Your Mother smiled widely and you sister seemed to nod in approval.

“James Barnes,” He greeted.

“This is my boyfriend,” You added.

“These are for you Mrs. Y/L/N,” Bucky gave the flowers to your Mother. “I wasn’t sure what flowers you liked so I decided to go with Y/N’s  favorite; asters.”

You didn’t know how he found out that those were your favorite flowers, but at that moment, you didn’t care. He just made himself look like a gentleman, and that’s all you cared about.

Bucky shook hands with all the men of the family and hugged each woman. You couldn’t help but notice Aunt Betty’s glance at his metal arm, you knew immediately that she was going to give you shit about it.

“Let’s eat!” Your father announced.

“So James, where’d you meet Y/N,” Your Mother asks.

“Please, call me Bucky,” He smiled before looking at you. “We met at work.”

“As you all know, I am Tony Stark’s secretary,” You added. “And Steve Rogers happens to be a close friend of mine. He introduced us.”

“You know Captain America?” One of your nephews asked.

You nodded, “Bucky here is his best friend.”

“He and I go way, way back,” He chuckled.

“You sure did have a great life in New York,” Erika stated.

You intertwined your fingers with Bucky’s. It was metal arm, he looked at you, as if surprised that you’d do such a daring move. “It’s great! Mr. Stark gave me an amazing room in his tower.”

“But she hardly sleeps in it cause she’s always with me,” Bucky added before the both of you burst into a light chuckled.

“How long have you been together?” Aunt Hazel asked.

“A little over a year,” He replied.

“A year?” Aunt Nancy spoke up. “You mean you’ve been hiding this hunk for over a year?”

You cringed at her statement. Bucky squeezed your hand. You couldn’t wait til this day was over.

“And remember that tomorrow is the barbecue by the beach!” You mother called as you left the house. “Nice meeting you Bucky.”

“Nice meeting you too Mrs. Y/L/N.”

“That was terrible,” You mumbled.

“Did I do something wrong?” Bucky asked, genuinely concerned.

“Oh, no, you did great. Did you see their faces when you came in?” You laughed.

“What’s the deal with your Aunts?” He continued.

You shook your head, “They’ve always been like that. Now you can see why I left. They’re not the best people.” You handed Bucky your phone that had the Google Maps open. “Tony is letting us stay at one of his houses.”

“How much did you have to pay for him to do that?” He mumbled.

“Nothing at all,” You replied matter-oh-factly.

Honestly, Bucky, you surprise me. You had such good manners,“ You smiled. “Is that how you got your reputation as a certified ladies man?”

He laughed. It was a joy-filled laugh and it made you want to hear it again. You weren’t sure if it was because you hardly heard him laugh, but now that you did, you wanted to make him laugh again just so you can hear him. So you can be the reason for that laughter. For that happiness.

“Your family’s pretty cool,” Bucky said, ignoring your question.

You rolled your eyes, “Did you hear my nieces and nephews?” A migraine blossomed into your head at the simple memory of all the screaming and crying that you endured for the past three hours.

“And you’re gonna have to handle that all day tomorrow as well,” He noted as if reading your mind.

“Yes and no,” You paused and scrunched your nose. “We can go, make an appearance then maybe leave the barbecue and come back to the house. It’ll be fun!”

“Whoa,” Your mouth was agape as you stared up at the grand Stark mansion. The house sat on a hill, overlooking the beach that was far below. You were astonished at the trust Tony had in both you and Bucky to stay in his beautiful home.

“Holy shit,” You heard Bucky whisper next to you.

The inside was even better. Tony’s exquisite taste in home décor shone brightly in the interior of this home. Each item, no doubt was hand-picked by Tony. The vibrant colors blended together perfectly. You rushed towards the closed curtains and pulled them apart. Just as you imagined, the windows had a captivating view of the beach. The windows stretched from floor to ceiling, never missing a single detail of the scene that was before your eyes.

Bucky let out a low whistle, “Stark must’ve paid a fortune for this view.”

“Yeah, probably worth than both of us combined. So try not to break anything.”

The two of you began your search for the bedrooms. You considered the idea to call Tony and ask him for directions, but decided against it since it was already late in New York. You found the kitchen, which is equally as glorious as the house itself. You found his tech room, that you decided to keep shut to indicate that it was off limits. Finally you found the bedroom. Turns out, that was the only bedroom there was.

Bucky scratched the back of his neck, “Well, I can take the couch. It must be comfortable as well, right?”

“Are you sure? I can gladly take the couch,” You intervened.

“Y/N,” He said. “I insist.”

“So big of a house and you’d think that Tony would spare rooms,” You exhaled. “But then again, this home was for him and Pepper.”

“At least each room has a spectacular view,” He gazed out into the stretched out view. The sun was just beginning to set. Orange, red and rosy fingers seemed to streaked across the clouds. The colors reflected off the water, adding an even more profound beauty to it all.

You and Bucky spent the rest of the night sitting on the couch, eating pizza and watching whatever was on the TV. The pizza delivery guy seemed to be a bit bummed out when he only received a five dollar tip. Maybe he thought that you and Bucky were cheapskates, considering the fact that you were ‘living’ in a home as magnificent as this one.

After two movies, two boxes of pizza and several mindless conversation, you and Bucky decided to call it a day. You dug through your bag in search for your sleeping shirt. Realization struck you and you dragged your hand down your face as you groaned loudly. You had left you sleeping shirt back at the facility. How could I fucking forget? You mentally scolded yourself.

“Bucky,” His name fell from your lips as a groan and slumped towards the bathroom.

He stood over the sink. His dark locks were pulled back in a bun to keep them out of his face. He looked up and quirked an eyebrow at your state.

“This is gonna sound a bit strange, but do you have a shirt I can borrow? I left mine at the facility.”

He shook his head, “Oh Y/N, always so forgetful.”

“It wasn’t my fault!” You insisted and followed him out of the bathroom.

He reached into his bag and tossed you one of his shirts. You unfolded it and the letters read ‘Pink Floyd 1972 World Tour.’ You shrugged and decided that it will do.

“Thanks, Buck,” You smiled.

“Your welcome and get some sleep! I don’t want you complaining about how tired you are when we’re about to get ten hours of sleep,” He called.

You tossed him a pillow and blanket before standing up straight and saluting, “Yes sir.”

He rolled his eyes and smiled, “You’re the worst fake girlfriend ever.”

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Making Zenyatta look angry and/or menacing was a real challenge XD I just kept thinking about that strip I saw once where he just smacks some angry eyebrows on his face to look furious.

Another idea came to me for a comic so I might start it after I am done with this one. It would be the sequel for my Holiday special ~


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