i might make a better version of this someday

How the fuck did we get here?!

I remember finding you on YouTube 4 years ago. A loud, Irish boy playing video games in his room, making himself and other people laugh.

Now look at you, going on tour, doing incredible things for charity, giving more than you have to offer sometimes. I’ve watched you turn into a better version of yourself over the years, always open for suggestions and never afraid of growing. It’s truly inspiring to see.

It’s a journey and I’m aware that every journey has to end someday, but we’re far away from that still and I’m thankful that I can be apart of your journey.

I might not be able to see you on your tours, but I’ll always cheer you on from the other side of the screen, like I’ve done for 4 years and like I will do for the next years to come.

You’ve given me more than I could ever ask for through your videos, words and personality and I’m grateful for that.

You deserve this, Sean. We are so proud of you. @therealjacksepticeye

I picked a pose I don’t remember doing yet. I also wanted to give people a better idea of the range of motion of pallanoph forelimbs. Oh and yes, a dash of perspective practice as well.

I like it enough that I might make a more rendered version of it someday.

I need to start dragging my butt downstairs to my scanner. First world problems.