i might just shed a tear or two

Mark Me Down as Scared and Horny

Context: My character has a powerful necklace that they keep hidden under their shirt and several scarves. I’d tell you what it does, but my party members might read this. It was warm and muggy one day and everyone began shedding their outer layers (except for the orc brawler, who is only ever wearing pants). I take off two of my three scarves, but leave the last.

Dwarf (NPC): This might seem like a weird question, but… Why are you always wearing those scarves?

Me: I just like scarves.

Me: *total bluff check = 23*

Dwarf: That’s alright. I just don’t want you to overheat.

Orc: Yeah. You’re going to roast.

Me: Perhaps.

Orc: You’re okay with that? Is your scarf obsession really worth it?

Me: I’m sentimental.

Orc: Seriously, what the fuck.

Elf: Just leave him alone! He’s a sensitive young man!

Orc (heavy sarcasm): Well, excuse me if I don’t shed a tear.

Elf: Besides, even if it is something, we’re all allowed to have secrets.

Me (ooc): He gives you a thankful smile.

DM: Which begs the question: What is he hiding from you?

Orc (whispering to the Elf): I just don’t trust him! There’s something sketchy about him.

*everyone succeeds their perception of that exchange but me*

Me (accidentally interrupting): Look. You have every right to travel in the nude, but some of us value our modesty.

Orc (ooc): I want to roll to intimidate.

DM: The massive half orc takes a step towards you and glares down.

Elf (ooc): With his muscular bare chest. Naked by your standards. Nipples fully erect.

*everyone at the table loses it*

Me (ooc): You know what? I’m not even going to roll. I’m intimidated.

DM: He almost makes you question your sexuality.

Sis (ooc): ROLL TO SEDUCE.

Me (ooc): LENA, NO.

Orc: *actually fucking rolls = 15*

DM: You’re not sure if you’re scared or aroused.

Like 3 people in unison: Both.


All Might: Ok, ok, I see what’s happening here!
You’re face to face with a legend, and it’s strange!
You don’t even know what to do!
Your screaming and crying!
Well, it’s ok to shed a tear or two!
Wipe off your eyes, lift up your chin!
Yes, it’s really me, ALL MIGHT breathe it in!
I know it’s a lot: for your eyes to feast!
When you’re staring at the symbol of peace!
What can I say except Its all right now,
For the times I took to the sky!
Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay,
Its all right now!
I’m just an ordinary hero-guy!
Who has two fists that all bad guys dread,
When your sleeping in your bed,
I’ve never fled!
Though I’ve gotten old
I’ve never taken off for a cold,
I’m in peak condition my bro!
Oh, also I fought All for One
It’s all right now!
He cut out my stomach but I didn’t run!
Also the disaster victims I seize
It’s all right now!
As well as preventing many crime sprees!
So what can I say except Its all right now
Because I’m here! To save the day
There’s no need to pray, it’s okay
It’s all right now!
Ha, I guess I’m just doing as Nana would say!
It’s all right now!
It’s all right now!
Alright now to think of it,
Kid, honestly I can go on and on,
I can’t count how many newspapers my face is on!
People who make, the innocent frown
All run for cover when All Mights in town!
A boy who was sinking
About to drown and die
I scooped him out merely hurting my eye!
Smiles in a crescent,
The man of this Anime,
All Might will always be here to save the day!
If you act heroic on a whim,
Then your journeys about to begin!
Look at me kid,
At what I’m about to do,
Young man, you can become a hero too!
Well, anyway let me say It’s all right now,
For it will be your finest hour!
Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay
It’s all right now!
I deem you worthy to inherit my power
Hey, it’s your day to say It’s all right now
Cause under my wing you will fly!
I’m gliding away, away
It’s all right now!
With One for All you just might get by,
It’s all right now!
It’s all right now!
Because I’m here!

EXO REACT: To you crying while watching a sad drama scene

Scene: We’ve probably all been there (if not, that’s alright too). When that scene starts to play and you just can’t contain yourself and that lump in your throat get’s larger and tears fill your eyes. Whilst watching one of your fave dramas a really sad scene appears and you can’t help but start crying because it makes your heart ache.

Suho: Would be crying along with you. But he’d never admit to it.

“What? No I wasn’t crying, something was just in my eye that’s all.”

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Xiumin: He might have shed a tear or two, but when he sees how emotionally worked up the scene had you he wouldn’t think twice about trying to cheer you up.

“Well that was a rollercoaster of emotions, wasn’t it y/n?”

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Lay: He had been asleep. As per lay-usual. But hearing your sniffles would have awoken him and he’d be a little concerned and confused.

“Why’re you crying?”

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Baekhyun: Expect a lot of comforting cuddles. He’d even try to block your view from the TV. Not that you could see much while you cried the entire Pacific Ocean out of your eyes.

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Chen: He doesn’t really care about the emotional depths the scene has submerged you into and he’ll just be cracking up at how easily it made you cry and how cheesy the acting was and just how ridiculously bad he was at consoling you because he really didn’t want to see you cry it just sort of is part of his savage Chen-ness like, he just can’t help but make fun of you.

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Chanyeol: He would be sobbing too, in fact his crying might be so much more intense than yours that you’d have to be the one comforting him.

“I know it was just a drama…but they were so perfect for each other, y/n why did he have to die? What is she going to do now?” 

Lots of post-sniffling and bloated face and puffy eyes.

Originally posted by chanyeolaconda

D.O.: From an actors point of view the plot was freaking ridiculous to him and the death of a character was so not necessary, and hearing you cry would shock him. He might even get a little jealous because you weren’t crying over the fact that he got a particularly nasty paper-cut just a few moments ago while he was reading his new script.

“You’re seriously crying over him? You didn’t seem too concerned when my finger was bleeding to death just now!”

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Kai: He suddenly found himself launched into the freaking Pacific Ocean. But he was prepared. Sort of.

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Sehun: He would have found the scene to be overdramatic to the point where it was funny and when he turned to laugh at it with you and OH -he’d see that you were actually sobbing along because it was so sad and he’d kind of just have this stupid look on his face like what the heck is he supposed to do now cause I mean omg Y/N is crying real tears and here he was laughing and asdjasldjalsfhalskjdlasjdlk.


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NCT Dream Reaction to finding out you’re dating Haechan, but they have a crush on you.

Can you please do NCT Dream’s reaction to finding out you go out with haechan, but they have a crush on you?

Here you go anon! Writing angst for the Dreamies was a struggle because I just want them to be happy, but I’m quite happy with how it came out! I hope you like it :3


Mark had everything planned out. He’d brought you a flower and had written you a lovely note expressing all of his feelings. He walked out of his room ready to go and find you, only to find you already sat on the sofa in the dorm. He stumbled to a stop and just stared at you, feeling super confused but then also really delighted. He cleared his throat, smiling softly, and began to shuffle towards you. But at that moment Haechan appeared and dropped into the seat besides you, throwing his arm around your shoulders and pressing a kiss to your cheek. “Who’s the rose for, hyung?” He’d ask Mark, turning to look at his friend. Mark would swallow quickly and glance around the room, looking for an escape. “Jaehyun,” He’d whisper the first name that came to mind and then he’d just walk out of the room, scrunching the note in his hand as he walked.

He would throw himself into his work and not let himself get too upset, it was just a crush after all and he knew it would be ok. He just kept saying to himself “At least she’s happy with Haechan,” and after several days of non-stop work he did actually feel ok. It was just a crush, after all.


Renjun would get quite upset when Haechan gathered NCT together to tell them he had asked you out, and that the two of you were now dating. He’d be stunned really, just sitting his seat staring at the floor with wide eyes. Should he have asked you sooner? He hadn’t wanted to rush you… Haechan was so happy though, so when he started to speak to Renjun about you, Renjun  would just smile and nod softly. He would try and excuse himself from the conversation, saying he was tired and wanted to take a nap, but in fact he’d go back to his room and play a game, something to keep him distracted. But playing games didn’t distract you that much, so he’d think it through slowly. He might shed a couple of tears, but he is a smart guy so he’d know that it just wasn’t meant to be between the two of you, and that there is still someone out there for him. After that he’d totally be ok being around the two of you.


Jeno always knew he was far too shy to confess to you, so I think he would kinda be ok with you dating Haechan. All he ever wanted was for you to be happy, and he loved Haechan a lot and he knew he could make you happy. He’d get a bit quiet for a while but then he’d come up to you to ask if Haechan makes you happy. He wasn’t trying to start anything, but he wanted to hear it from your lips. Hearing you smile and reply sincerely that, yes, Haechan made you happy, Jeno would be settled. “Then I’m happy for you two.” Your relationship wouldn’t change how Jeno feels about Haechan, they’d still be just as close, he’d just be happy you found the right person for yourself. He would most likely confide in Renjun, so if Renjun ever noticed that Jeno was being unusually quiet around you, he would start doing weird things so that no one noticed Jeno was acting a bit off.


“Haechan? Really, y/n?” Jaemin’s first reaction would be to feel bitter and he would definitely tease you for your choice in Haechan. Jaemin was sort of similar to Haechan, and Jaemin couldn’t understand why you would choose Haechan over him. Over his time knowing you he had thought you two were pretty close, so why you’d end up with Haechan was beyond him. He would tease Haechan a lot about kissing and dating and being romantic, and would try to give him “helpful” tips. But when people started to notice that Jaemin was acting weird he’d quickly correct his behaviour and go back to acting like himself, forcing himself to pretend he’s ok. He’d probably be the person you talk to if you and Haechan ever got into a fight, but Jaemin is a loyal friend and he’d just want the two of you to be happy so he would never take advantage of the situation. Of course he’d eventually get over you, but for a while he would get a bit grumpy whenever people mentioned your relationship. “Why do we always talk about this?”


Chenle would be the most upset but he would try SUPER hard to cover it up. He’d become really extra and goofy, laughing like crazy and talking really loud. He’d very much say stuff like “AW SO CUTE!” “CUTE COUPLE!” He’d make you hold hands or hug and then he’d be like “Someone needs to take a picture of this!” and of course everyone would notice that he was being super weird, even for Chenle. Mark would intervene, telling Haechan to perhaps talk to Chenle about what was bothering him. Chenle would be honest how he feels, saying he wanted you to be happy but that he was still sort of sad that you’d ended up with Haechan. But Chenle would insist that Haechan not worry, and even though Haechan would feel bad he would still date you. Haechan would be more controlled with you around Chenle, and would just act like your friend to keep from hurting Chenle. Chenle would pull away from you for a few weeks just to let himself get over it. Haechan wouldn’t tell you about Chenle’s crush, not wanting you to feel guilty.


Jisung would initially become quite sad. He’d just nod to himself, trying to accept it. But I think he would want to be totally honest with you, knowing if he got out his feelings he would be able to move on. He’d wait till you were alone and then he’d tell you how he was feeling. He wasn’t hoping you’d change your mind about Haechan, he could see you wouldn’t, but he just wanted you to know that he cared for you and he was there for him if you ever need him. Sometimes when you were with Haechan you’d meet Jisung’s eye and he’d just give you a small smile, just to show you that he really was ok. Seeing how happy you and Haechan made each other would make him happy, and he is so kind he’d harbour no bad feelings for either of you. He’s quite young, so he’d eventually move onto another crush and he’d go back to being your silly, cheeky friend.

Thank you for reading! We really hope you like it. We’re open for requests, so go ahead and message us!
Thanks for the request, Anon!
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Walls Could Talk Part 2 || Im Jaebum

Pairing: Jaebum x reader
a bit fluff, angst
Idea: From Halseys powerfull song Walls could talk
*fake texts inserted*

The days went by. You still was hurt, cried alot but unfortunately there wasn’t anyone there for you. All you had, was Im Jaebum. Your ex-boyfriend who cheated on you. And you didn’t even know, how many times he actually did this behind your back.
Of course, he promised never doing something like this but after a few arguments between you two he seemed already weird. Distanced and introverted he acted. You thought, you knew the guy you shared 4 years the bed with.
He even texted you every day from that incident on. How do you dare to do this?, you thought every time you read a new message.   

It’s right. You moved right away after this whole mess happened. By walking in every room, you thought: Did he fucked here another girl?
Even if you loved your apartment, you couldn’t hold back all these pictures in your mind.
But another bad point about all this mess was that you couldn’t move to another city or country. It would have been too nice to be true. Doing your librarian job was your only dream which you could full fill here. And you got good money for it.

After 3 months sleeping in fortunately cheap motels you moved in a shared apartment with another girl you met in the library. The good thing was that she wasn’t there often, and  she was introverted, which was good because you hadn’t answer any   questions then. Talking about living actually on the street wasn’t the best impression you could get.

Even if it hurt you, you couldn’t delete Jaebum’s number. You didn’t know why because it was over but you just wanted to follow his status and profile pic to check if he got a new girlfriend.
But he didn’t change his profile picture even once. It remained as it was 4 months ago now.
Unbelievably 4 months passed by so fast, you thought as you made your way to work.

You had to admit that you thought of Jaebum still every day. Imaging how would things would have gone if you hadn’t caught him. But some when you would have found out.
As always this Friday wasn’t that much trouble at the library so that you could check the news and just hang out at the information area of the building.
‘Got7 moved to a new area in Soeul. Please respect their private comfort zone.’, you read. After that post you saw the district on a picture they moved to. You just glanced at the monitor as you recognized that it was 2 streets away of your apartment.
Shit. So the possibility of meeting again was high, because you knew that Jaebum liked jogging in the neighborhood.

All will be fine, your mind told you. But you still had the feeling of the energy and adrenaline in your veins while you thought of meeting him again. Of course, you was full of anger, even if 2 years   would pass by you still would be. But deep inside you hoped for meeting him, just to take a look at him and melt because of his attractiveness.

You couldn’t sleep this night. All you could was imaging meeting Jaebum again. Bumping in him or just seeing him walking on the other side of the street, like in movies. Smiling about your own stupidy you suddenly heard a knock on your door. Your apartment mate never interrupted you and barely that late at night.
“(Y/N)? I have a letter for you.”,   she said shyly. That was the first sentence after one week from her   mouth, so that you could remember how she actually sounded.
“Where did you found it? Was it in letterbox?”
Immediately she shook her head. “It was right in front the entrance door.” With these words she closed your door behind her. Curious.
You ripped the letter paper and a common handwriting came to your eyes.

First of all: I’m not a stalker. But you still might know that I love jogging in the neighborhood. So i found your address. i don’t want to pressure you, but i would like to talk to you about some stuff. Nothing serious. Just a talk with you and me. please answer this time. i would be okay with a 'no’. i just want to see you again. Your handwriting too. Anything would be okay.

I miss you.


You shed a tear. You couldn’t believe that he still didn’t give up on the relationship of you two. His sense of fighting for you, you recognized   just now. While your brain screamed: No, don’t do it. You will get hurt again., your heart said instead: you still have feelings for him. It’s just a talk.

After reading the letter a million times, your eyes closed because of their heaviness. 

A scream let your eyes open widely. Was it in your dream or did your silent roommate just screamed? More possible was the first opportunity but why were you in a shook status like someone spilled cold water all over your body.
You decided to ignore it and tried to fall asleep again before you heard the loud voice again.

Okay, now you didn’t dream at all., you said to yourself. What if there was a criminal in your apartment? What if he hijacked your roommate in this moment? Too many thoughts came into your mind. Before you could order them, you had a baseball bat in your hand, which was a gift of your father to protect yourself. The only thing that remembered you that your father wasn’t a selfish bastard.
With heavy breathing you slowly opened the door and took a look in the floor. Nobody was there, all you could hear was a quiet voice talking. In anxiety and fear you made your way to the living room. You didn’t recognise that you held your breath while waiting at the door case to jump in the room. “Stop it!”, you simply said, not that powerful as you wanted, but loud enough that the two eye pairs watched you confused.

Now was the moment when you took another breath before you hold it again. These two beautiful eyes stared right into yours and you in his.
“Jaebum.”, you whispered, before you dropped the baseball bat. That was even more shocking than hearing a scream, that made you waking up.
He was about to say something but closed his mouth, which was still beautiful as everything of him.

“How did you get in here?”, you asked with more confidence.
You let your gaze slip over his body and recognized a little bobby pin in his hand. A souvenir of some of his whores, was the first thing you thought. But then you saw the silver ball at the end of it. The one you missed for 4 years. It was the one you lost at the day when you met Jaebum for the first time, and he still had it, which made your heart flutter.

There I go, I’m wastin’ a Saturday, sittin’ at ho-home
Told my new roommate not to let you in
But you’re so damn good with a bobby pin

Big Bang Sees You for the First Time After Their Military Service

Hey guys! I’m not dying as much as I was and I mostly feel better. I’ve been up since like 3:45 or so and I watched the new BTS comeback mv and all the reactions and listened to album and got angry at people talking about the lyrics to Pied Piper and quoting them out of context. Anyway, I try not to express my opinion too much on here but that annoys the hell out of me. As always, if there’s anything that you want to see, please feel free to send me a request! I love writing what you guys want to see! Lets get into this, shall we?


     They see you for the first time after their military service.

1. TOP

     TOP wouldn’t be able to keep his face from scrunching up. He wouldn’t cry but he might come close. He would hug you tightly, burying his face in your shoulder. You would stay like that for a while, neither of you saying anything.

     “I’ll never be gone this long again,” TOP’s words are muffled,” I swear.”

2. Taeyang

     Youngbae would shed a few tears, unable to stop himself. He would want to just stay in his apartment for a day or two just spending time with you. He would want to know everything that happened in your life while he was gone.

     “I missed your, Jagi,” Youngbae’s voice is soft as he holds you close.

3. G-Dragon

     Jiyong would want to be “manly” about the whole thing but he would definitely end up crying…. a lot. He would be clingy for the first month couple of days.He wouldn’t want to go anywhere without you.

     “Jagiya, Youngbae-ah invited us over for lunch,” Jiyong rests his chin on your shoulder,” We should probably get dressed.”

4. Daesung

     Daesung would be the biggest crier, his tears flowing strong as he clings to you. He would want to stay at home as much as possible so any visitors will be coming to your home. He’ll stay close to your side, choosing to enjoy his time with you.

     “I love you, Jagiya,” Daesung’s voice catches a little on those words. 

5. Seungri (This picture is so aesthetic though….)

     Social butterfly Sangria Seungri is back. He wouldn’t necessarily try to show how much he missed you because that might make things worse. Instead, it would almost be like he never left. That two of you would be going out to visit people almost constantly. The only indication of how much he missed you being that you never just sit next to him. You always ended up on his lap somehow.

     “What?” Seungri feigns innocence,” Isn’t it more comfortable to sit here?”

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Please feel free to send me any requests you might have!

Game of Thrones 704


1) Next time I go into the red I’m just going to steal all my neighbour’s gold. EASY!

2) Is anyone else getting Davos/Missandei vibes? Anyone? #missandavos

3) Plus obvs Jon/Dany, Lordy. I thought they might have a quick snog against those amateur cave paintings. Who cares if they’re aunt and nephew or brother or sister or second cousins or whatever? THIS IS GAME OF THRONES. 

4) Arya and Sansa: ‘Hey sis.’ ‘Hey.’ ‘It’s been about five years, but I’m just going to act totally not bothered.’ ‘Whatevs.’ I mean, does anyone else think there could be another tear or two shed during all these Stark reunions? 

5) Bran is like that annoying stoned dude at a party who spouts impenetrable wisdom and doesn’t listen to anything anyone else says. GO TO WARG REHAB, BRAN, because this all-seeing-eye schtick is just CREEPY. Except for him freaking out Petyr by quoting him, haha.


7) DOTHRAKI SQUAD! Those were some savage standing-on-horse moves. It’s like scissors-paper-stones: Unsullied beat Lannisters, Lannisters beat Tyrells, Dothraki beat Lannisters and then a dragon comes and literally toasts everyone to ashes so who cares anyway.

8) Question: how do they all travel around so quickly? Is there a portal? 


10) Everyone knows that armour is inflatable and that therefore Jaime is absolutely fine. Plus he can breathe underwater. Plus Bronn is a mermaid and can save him. Brienne can teleport and do CPR. Bran will video it all on his mind-phone. 

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ship ur mutuals with nct pls <3

is it my….time now………wow

hansol :) - @hansolsdeliciousanus rosie…the one and ONLY. numero UNO hansols gf.

taeil - @1aeil myeon…my angel…taeils wife….the absolute purest and cutest ….. she is the one who rlly deserves to marry him….

taeyong - @fingerstoe i wld die 4 u nd ur funny soul & so wld taeyong And Them’s The Facts. smooch.

yuta - @ttaettaes crackhead nd fatheat nr2. a dreamteam.

johnny - @godnny …p self explanatory if u ask me. johnny messages me everyday gushing abt tara so yeh. they’re married.

kun - @pixiechanyeol listen i rlly WANTED to put u for doyoung but u nd kun r just … too perfect for each other so yeah

ten - @whythefuckaretensfeetsobig i know im just repeating myself at this point but ten! sends! jessi! freaky! messages! on! anon! thats love, babe!

doyoung - i had to go on a hunt to find a doyoung mutual around here which is SHOCKING but i found @doyouta nd stalked her blog for a while nd i forgot how fucken funny she is

jaehyun - jesus there r so many for jaehyun?? @rapgodjae the one and only legend ofc, @5omi autumn is going Wild over jaehyun at least once per day nd lastly @renhyucks wow i didnt even had to type in ur name u were in the suggested blogs to tag this is tumblr giving us a message u should listen

winwin - @lovct winwin deserves The Best Of The Best™ and thats elijah

mark - @99mqrk fathi nd mark??? would be SO cute together…both r so precious my heart is WARM!!

renjun - @peachyrenjun rachel is the cutest nd so is renjun??? wow meant to b

jeno - @lqljn we never…rlly interacted but u? jenos one nd only it’s what he DESERVES

donghyuck - @haechnn emmie??? whom deserves the world nd more??? donghyuck loves u nd wishes u the best for college

jaemin - my two fav jaemin stans on this whole website @lovhyunjin & @jaeminnana tamara nd vivi r so loyal,…might shed a tear here

chenle - @nct-dork both r gonna rule hell soon yall better watch the fuck out she wouldnt even save me a good spot

jisung - i….dont know any jisung stans???? 🤘😔🤘it be like that sometimes

So…about that update

I’ve been super cautious about reblogging stuff because I really like Luna (whether it be Kingsglaive or in FFXV), but I’m just a little shaky about what to say about Noctis and Luna. But after playing the update and seeing other people’s posts on them, I might as well just go along. So I’ll just say snippets and stuff what I think and I hope that others understand.

Gentiana and Lunafreya are pretty cool together.

Originally posted by iures

Yeah, I know that Gentiana becomes Shiva and pushes Lunafreya to her destiny, but the two shed tears and Gentiana was taken by surprise by confidence in her destiny and at such a young age. The added content makes me happy that Gentiana wasn’t some looming shadow that would remind Lunafreya of her destiny all the time, but thought of the young Oracle as a friend.


So I’ll admit I had to screenshot almost everything so I could thoroughly read the stuff. I thought it was great that is was Ardyn who sought out Ifrit and Shiva being the faithful lover she was tried to help but was defeated.

I thought it was great how the Six used to think that sure, humanity is pretty important but we don’t really care and Ifrit is like “Whoa, back up, I’ll just give them some fire and we’re on our way.” Then it reverses and Ifrit ends up harbouring a hate for humans through the starscourge.

It also explains why Shiva’s Diamond Dust move had her kiss the lips of Ifrit make sense.

Noctis and Lunafreya: So much, but left unsaid.

Originally posted by thingsinlifeyoujustdo

I actually really like shipping canon ships, but I’ll admit Noctuna has some ups and downs. The many flaws that typically sum up a lot is that it’s forced (I feel bad for saying that, I apologize) and that during the memorial scene where they kissed didn’t seem genuine either (I read it somewhere???). But I honestly thought that the two of them would turn out rather well with each other!

Yes, they were children and were built upon destiny to meet each other. But maybe Lunafreya’s character of being somewhat flat because of her destiny makes her a needed character.

But the two were at least committed to each other in writing cutesy messages with each other in a notebook.

Okay, so they didn’t have a lot of time and they barely know each other.

This is a stretch and more like a what if. But if Luna interacted with Noctis like she did Nyx everyday from the Leviathan attack, then the two would probably be set enough for the ship to work, maybe even set the marriage off to get to know each other more.

Sorry. Terrible stretch.

But just like in the title, they had so much for each other. Luna was busy with her duty healing and reassuring the public and Noctis is shy, of course there’s things that are invisible to us. I guess we’ll never know if they were a match made in heaven.

But I just think that these two had pure enough feelings that could have developed into a wonderful bond, but too much has been left unsaid for us to figure it out.

Well…ah, those are my thoughts? I mean sorry it’s so long and I know no one would really read this and I have terrible opinions and perspective, but I think we’re all contributing to the added content with different opinions and stuff. I mean it would terribly boring if we all just agreed on the same thing. Thanks for reading all of this if you have!

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in the book Bill worries what might happen if he dies, he thinks two of the Losers might hold the gang together without him, Bev and.... Richie.

i just shed the fattest tear 

I always knew I would make that post someday - I mean, no matter how much the audience may like it, a show can’t go on forever, right? - but yet it feels so WRONG. I’m not ready. Captain Swan was my first OTP for very important to me reasons and I’m really not prepared for what’s coming. I actually expect to break tradition and shed a tear or two.

I’m probably going to be very emotional tonight (emotions may include disappointment in the writing). I have no clue. But just a warning for any followers who might be more lukewarm with this.


(BNHA 97 spoilers under read more)

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Little Livi, and I'm talking between 2-3 years old, recognizing certain things as her dad. Like seeing spider webs and pointing to them and trying her best to say dada or daddy, connecting the two in her tiny learning brain. All three of you coo at her because its adorable that's how she remembers Tito

the first time she does it Tito is just so proud and happy and like?? she’s calling him her dad he’s so emotional he might shed a few happy tears

she grows up not being scared of spiders and instead always gets happy and connects them with tito

moments [choi junhong]

genre: fluff

story type: drabble

word count: 398

summary: you were pretty sure that junhong was only in this relationship for the free food.

pairing: zelo x reader

Requested by Anon

Zelo cuddling?

A/N: Thank you so much for requesting this! I had a lot of fun writing this drabble. Also, I might have shed a tear or two because of B.A.P. (Warning: The gif below has nothing to do with the scenario, Zelo just looks really good in it.)

It took less effort than you thought to pull your boyfriend away from his phone. That was, after you offered to buy him pizza.

Greasy food wouldn’t buy his silence, though.

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Klonnie/Beremy AU: Phantom of the Opera, requested by theoriginalhighbred

Bonnie as Christine Daae, Klaus as Erik (the Phantom of the Opera), and Jeremy as Viscount Raoul de Chagny.

“What is it that I did?” Bonnie demanded, sharp and desperate. “What did I do to deserve this?”

Her words echoed through the cavern, and the multitude of lit candles were flickering, wavering. The skirts of her gown swept along the edge of the lake as she reeled back and forth like some trapped animal.

“The choice is simple, Bonnie.” Klaus’ eyes were wild, any semblance of control seemingly lost along with his mask. “A life of love with me, forever free of loneliness. Or send him to his grave.”

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Luke- Promise Ring

Request- can you please write something about Luke giving you a promise ring on Christmas?

word count- 900+

a/n- sorry it took so long but here it is! i kind of like this so i hope you guys do too.


snowed in over Christmas? that only happens in movies right? nope…this Christmas you had planned to be at home and spend it with your family while Luke was going to go home to be with his, but that all changed when a snow storm hit.  it had been a 4 days and you both were stuck in a hotel with the boys waiting for some of the snow to melt. 

you had to stay in most of the time which mad it hard to finish your Christmas shopping. you had ordered some stuff for Luke that had been sent to your house..but you couldn't get that now. you both had decided to give each other your Christmas gifts after Christmas so you had none of them with you…you weren't even supposed to be here..you decided to surprise him last minuet not imagining you would get stuck in a snow storm that caused all flight to be canceled. 

being stuck in the safety of the hotel was fun…but inconvenient.. the 5 of you decided that you would all take turns going down to the small store in the hotel lobby to get 1 gift for each person..it seemed like a fun idea. since you would be together Christmas morning you guys decided to make the best of it. once you all had your gifts you wrapped them in random things like napkins and plastic bags and placed them under the tree..which was really just Michael's lap top that had a picture of a Christmas tree on the screen.

you took turns opening gifts and laughing at the items inside..Micheal was given a shirt that had to hotels logo on it, candy, toothpaste, and a key chain. the other boys and you opened gifts such as- hat, a few post cards, shampoo, a bag of chips, condoms, ugly swim suit trunks…you know just the random stuff that could be found in a lobby store. they all pretty much tried to get funny things. 

the last gift to open was Luke's gift to you. you weren't expecting much..maybe a magazine or something so you were surprised when he walked away and came back with a small box..you knew from the color i was going to be something very expensive. 

“okay i know we said no gifts..or well no real gifts” Luke said sitting back down next to you. “but i already had this before the storm..so” he awkwardly said giving you the box. you opened it slowly unsure of what you would find..you expected it to be maybe some ear rings. 

when you opened the lid you saw another box in it..a black velvet box containing your gift. you looked up at Luke's face as you held the black box..he smiled and told you to open it. when you did your mouth migt have dropped open. there was a beautiful diamond ring inside…it was a silver band with small diamonds going all the way around. 

“i..Luke..” you tried to talk to him and say thank you but you were speechless to be honest. 

“so i decided you deserved something nice…since you have to put up with me..and them all the time” he said pointing to his friends and you couldn't help but laugh

“and then i can tell you the real reason when we are alone” he whispered in your ears but the boys could hear

“tell her now" Ashton quickly said 

"yeah. why can’t we hear?" Calum said next getting curious 

"because you guys will make fun of me if i say any of the things i want to say” Luke admits making you more then ready to hear what he has to say. the boys all pout and he decided to just do it. 

“fine but we are going over here” Luke says standing up and taking your hand helping you up. he walked with you over to the window and looked back at the boys. they had all slightly moved so they were closer. Luke just shook his head at the ground and looked back at you. 

“okay…so i do think you deserve something nice…but there is more to it” Luke tells you looking away from your eyes…he seems nervous but continues as he removes the ring from the box so he is now just holding it.

“so it a promise ring-” he stops when he hears a small laugh coming from michael. he tries to ignore it and when he starts talking again he is quieter. he takes your hand and slips the ring on your finger. 

“it’s a promise ring…because i want to make some promise to you. i promise to always be here for you…I promise that even though i leave all the time i will always come back…i promise that i will never betray your trust or be unfaithful to you…and i promise that i will love you forever if you let me” Luke tells you with slightly pink cheeks 

“wow…i am so in love with you it hurts” you say as he smiles and you pull him in for a kiss and a hug. 

“well Luke…that was-” Michael started 

“i think i might have shed a tear or two" Calum added..you weren't sure if he was joking or not because his eyes did look a Little glassy 

"just wait till he proposes…how is he going to top that" Ashton says as you and Luke laugh 

"don't worry guys” Luke tells them as he turns his face back towards you “it will be epic” he says as he leans down and kisses your lips again. 

This is part 2 of Youtuber’s aren’t funny, again for @jasparing :)

For once it‘s not Joe who appears half-naked (or naked, that is) in your thumbnail, well done, Caspar

One second in and already this is happening, alright

Can we just appreciate Joe’s face

Caspar: Aawww, buddy, I don’t like seeing you like this

Let’s all shed a tear at this

Look at these two babies <3

Caspar: I don’t like seeing you in pain


But now let’s get to the appropiately named Raucous Bloopers where things get really interesting:

Joe: Can we get through a whole video without you touching me?

I don’t think so, Joe

Joe: You have no idea what is going on underneath the camera

I think I might have a vague idea, but do explain yourself, Joseph

Caspar: Josh is here as well

Joe: Just leave! What are you doing here?!

Um Josh, I think Joe would like to be alone with Caspar…

Josh: You’re so cute when you’re angry

Yes, I think Caspar also finds it very cute

Joe: Piss off

Of course you have to hug Joe now, Caspar, and what a broish bro-hug that is, aye

Uhm excuse me Caspar, but what exactly is your hand doing

Also you just kept petting Joe’s chest for solid 10 seconds



Also how have I never seen before that he had his tongue out, what the actual fuck

Bloody heart eyes

I cannot

I just cannot

Just stahp

Also, of course you have to hold his hand, Joe, because he was hit on the cheek, that makes perfect sense

And now, Ladies and Gents, we have half a minute of Joe piggy-back riding Caspar while Caspar is pretending to be a raptor

Without any kind of context

I’ll just leave this here, uncommented

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EXO's fave Disney movies
  • Tao: Frozen. Gotta keep up with the trends
  • Baekhyun: The Lion King (because he loves singing the opening part of The Circle of Life)
  • Chen: Mulan because he feels a spiritual connect with Mushu
  • Kai: Cinderella. He enjoys twirling with her (don't tell Sehun. He'll laugh)
  • Xiumin: Brave. Yo, sometimes you need to be chill like Merida
  • Chanyeol: Finding Nemo. "Just keep swimming, just k-" "god shut up Chanyeol"
  • Lay: Sleeping Beauty. He sleeps when she sleeps (and a little before that and after that)
  • Kyungsoo: Snow White. "excuse me Baekhyun I am NOT like the dwarfs. I mean, look who's talking"
  • Kris: The Little Mermaid. Sometimes he pretends to be a mermaid. A man can dream
  • Suho: The Emperor's New Groove. Kuzko is his role model although no one can see why
  • Luhan: Beauty and the Beast. Don't tell anyone but he might have shed a tear or two
  • Sehun: Aladdin. He can relate to the genie well.
Honestly, as a portrait artist, who takes notice of features on a daily basis, louis’ always leave me breathless. The way the light hits his cheekbones, the contrast between the sharp edges of his face and those soft half-moon eyebrows, that round nose, the curve of his neck and the hard lines of his collarbones, the dip in his back, the curve of his bum, HIS THIGHS. the delicate ankles. He is just so much all at once, soft and sharp and curvy and elegant and honestly just so beautiful. what i would give to have him in place of any one of the models in figure drawing class.
—  Bella putting in words exactly how I feel about Louis.