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my casual suga post just got a bunch of notes recently and people seemed to like it so i thought id draw another one in my own outfit from a couple of days ago bc im Gay And Edgy


I edited a bunch of Asagao Academy sprites into the Wafflecrew, with a campaign version and a student version of each person. :3 All of the student sprites have a little nod to their D&D counterparts. 

The Wafflecrew Club patches come in varying colors because Evelyn and Strix could not come to an agreement, so Diath was eventually just like, “okay, fuck it” and let everyone pick their own color scheme. XD

Don’t delete the caption, pls. <3

I’m going to go and try to look at this in a positive note and might go back to editing videos again since im not really feeling drawing anything,,, for the meantime,,,,,,

Hey kids, this is my attempt at doing something cool for you awesome people. Basically I am going to make character posters (which I’m sure you’ve seen running around on here) for tumblr users and hopefully it will be good. The rules are:

  • must be following this loser
  • must reblog this post (likes are bookmarks)
  • this has to get 30 notes or it never happened

I will be picking a bunch of people to make a set of 4-6 posters for. I’ll probably message you asking about your #aesthetic or just the sort of things you might want as part of your posters. All of the posters will be tagged with ‘user posters’ so you can check them out once I start making them or blacklist if you don’t want to see. 

Anyway that’s all catch y’all later.

Oh Marceline
  • Oh Marceline
  • Pat McHale
  • Adventure Time Demo

I’m not sure if this has been posted already, but thought I might as well throw it online. When I was working on Season 1 of Adventure Time (2009? 2008?) we had to write a montage song for the episode “Evicted!” while Finn and Jake are looking for a new house. Pen wrote a bunch of lyrics, so I brought them home and fine tuned them and put them to music. I recorded a demo that was too long, so i just digitally sped it up to be the right length (which is the recording above).

It was supposed to sound sort of… lame… like sort of… like a lame singer songwriter guy who’s into Dave Matthews but isn’t nearly as talented. That was, like, a thing in the early 2000s… a lot of people played this certain acoustic guitar style, but I don’t know the name for it. Maybe it has tinges of what was called “Emo”? Or… what does Hoobastank sound like? Uhh, I don’t know. Who cares. I’m old now and I don’t remember anything.

In the end I didn’t want to sing the final version, so Pen did the singing in the show. He did more of a Blink 182 style thing. Blink 182? Is that right?

Thoughts on 844

I have a lot to say about this brilliant chapter, and I know this is a little late, however I didn’t have any time over the weekend, so here we go. I was hardly home, so I don’t know if anyone else pointed out these things before, I‘ll just write down some thoughts anyways.

So, obviously, we got an emotional and intense chapter last week and although my heart goes out to Sanji and his impossible courage, I have to say it was just so exciting and dramatic and I absolutely loved it.

In any case, I want to focus on the siblings again here, because as the arc goes on, I find them more and more interesting. I’ve read a few nice posts about Sanji, so I might as well focus a bit more on the siblings here.

So here we got the whole bunch lined up again.

And, as expected, Niji and Yonji look pretty joyous and excited at the prospect of Sanji fighting Luffy. Interesting here is Ichiji, who doesn’t look as pleased anymore as he did in the last chapter. Reiju returned to her usual neutral face, although we can assume what she thinks of the turn of events from what we’ve seen in the past chapter. Judge is watching with interest.

So Ichiji’s displeased face here surprised me, I have to say, since in the last chapter he looked like this:

Unfortunately, we don’t see any more of him in this chapter, except from him as a child where he, maybe out of coincidence or not, is not the one beating up Sanji - it’s just Niji and Yonji.

I don’t necessarily believe in coincidences when it comes to One Piece, so I found it interesting so show a flashback of the brothers beating up Sanji, however Ichiji is just standing by.

He’s the character we’ve seen the least of and learned the least about until now, but I thought it was pretty interesting that he was basically the only one who was clearly and evidently displeased with what was happening, despite his initial reaction.

And this brings me to another point: Niji clapping Sanji’s shoulder.

So people have interpreted Yonji’s and Niji’s reaction as laughing at Sanji who is breaking down in tears after he kicked the living sh*t out of Luffy.

For me personally, it actually looked like the were laughing at Luffy still yelling after Sanji like a madman, and Niji’s deliberate way of touching Sanji shows a new kind of dynamic that has formed after they watched him fight against Luffy. I believe Sanji has risen in their eyes, sort of become “one of them“, and it shows, once again, how easily one can manipulate the brothers.

At least that was my take, that they laughed at Luffy and not Sanji, and emotionally unequipped as they are, didn’t quite notice the tears or Sanji’s distress.

They saw what Sanji did - and immediately accepted him as one of them, which makes me think even more that the brothers didn’t initially have something against Sanji’s human weakness as kid, but against his caring and kind attitude.

However, this leads me to another thing I want to point out in this chapter.

So in Sanji’s flashback we see Niji and Yonji beating him up, Sanji not defending himself, because he wasn’t able to or was too hurt or didn’t want to and Ichiji standing by.

In a slightly macabre way that reflects what Sanji did to Luffy.

He beat the crap out of Luffy, and Luffy didn’t defend himself, Luffy was injured and weakened and Sanji kept going until Luffy was on the ground, hurt and defeated.

In a way, Sanji did the exact same thing what his brothers did to him in his childhood.

I thought those were quite interesting parallels, if intentionally put that way or not.

But Sanji “being like his brothers“ changed the whole dynamic between the siblings, and the reactions are just really intriguing, especially Ichiji’s.

Niji and Yonji congratulating Sanji, seemingly seeing him as one of them now.

Ichiji being clearly displeased for whatever reasons.

Reiju neutral as ever, hiding her thoughts.

In any case, especially Ichiji’s reaction was surprising and I can’t wait to see how this turns out. Perhaps Reiju is not the only one hiding her true feelings from her family?

In any case, this was a magnificent, incredibly dramatic and intense chapter.

And as usual, this is just my humble take. Please no drama and be nice ^^’

Oh, and I hope Luffy doesn’t keep the tooth space. For one, because he looks like Blackbeard and more importantly, feel free to call me shallow, he looks awful with it.

Hmmm I be thinkin. What if somehow Matt and his dad manage to escape from the Galra with a bunch of the other aliens? Maybe they get picked up by some resistance fighters, maybe they escape on their own and form their own resistance. Because screw you Zarkon, you pissed off a pair of humans who are stuck out in space now with no idea how to get home. Might as well become a giant pain in Zarkon’s ass, they ain’t got anything better to do and now they’re free and angry.

But here’s the thing; they don’t know anything about Voltron. News of the paladins hasn’t reached the resistance yet. They’re on the other side of the empire now and who exactly was going to tell them about it before? They have no idea that there’s another force working against Zarkon. As far as either team knows, they’re alone.

But they both happen to have the same mission, which is taking down Zarkon and his empire, so sooner or later they’re going to run into each other.

Imagine the following reunion scenarios:

  • team voltron and the resistance happen to be attacking the same Galra outpost at the same time for the same objectives. Both Pidge and Matt, as the tech-whizes of their respective teams, are sent to raid the outpost’s data archive, and practically run into each other face-first
  • Some or all of team voltron is taken prisoner by the Galra, and Matt happens to be on the resistance team that’s attacking the ship and liberating prisoners. He opens the cell door, and is shocked to find Shiro or Pidge or both inside
  • Matt and his dad don’t know about what happened to Shiro, so they’ve been hunting through the universe for information. It gets back to team voltron that someone suspicious is looking for information on Shiro, and Allura sets up a meeting with info on Shiro as bait because she believes she’s about to catch some of the Galra’s druids. When Matt shows up, Pidge has to frantically stop the other paladins from springing the trap and hurting him
  • After being flung through the corrupted wormhole, Shiro happens to end up on the other side of the universe where a resistance vessel is flying by. The resistance fighters are suspicious, especially when they recognize the Galra tech on Shiro’s arm, but Matt recognizes him and intervenes on his behalf. (and then they share a tearful reunion with hugs and kisses bc I SHIP IT DANGIT)
  • It’s actually Hunk or Lance or Keith that run into Matt and his dad first, but Matt looks so much like Pidge they immediately know who he is. They excitedly tell Matt that Shiro’s okay…ish, and that Pidge is with them, and invite Matt and his dad back to the Castle of Lions
  • Both teams happen to be on a pseudo break on the same neutral planet. They run into each other at an alien bar after Lance has accidentally challenged the resistance leader to a drinking game. Shiro and Matt’s dad end up having to play mediators before a bar brawl breaks out

(I am A-OK with any of these so long as MATT’S OKAY. JUST LET THEM BE OKAY???)


Part 2

so i MAY be working on a comic adaptation of one of the scenes in @taylordraws fic Heartstrings and even tho I told myself I was gonna finish both parts before posting I just………. wanted to post them really bad so here they are despite part 2 only being 40% done whoops

i was trying to get back into the habit of making hand drawn stickers but my markers are so bright?? so i just doodled them and tried to see what eye-watering colors would work with what. also have some tiny space fillers, i felt like drawing hux’s void helmet from to the pure

TS2/TS4 to TS3 Decor People Pt1

Who are all you people!? XD

I saw a post by @firstladyofcasterlyrock and it was frikkin genius, using decor townies on lots, rather than creating a whole bunch of sims and cramming them in households and such.

I only converted a few (there were way too many, and I only needed a few, but I might do more in the future). I tried them out in my game, and it was so sweet that I decided to just upload the file, in case other people wanted them for storytelling as well! ^_^

There are like 16 decor people taken from Leo-sims/Katvip’s Men, Women, and Grannies, keeping the exact same variations, for different ages and races and outfits,so no worries; there’s lots of variation on them!

They’re all found under Sculptures.

I kept the polys roughly the same; about 5000 polys for high and 2500 polys for medium. Still, I wouldn’t recommend going crazy and using too many at once, just in case.

It’s uploaded as a MERGED package file only.

So if you want it, here it is: Simfileshare

Enjoy! :)

anonymous asked:

I just love the style of your latest houses. Where do you get your inspiration?

Thank you, Anon! :) I get my inspiration from everywhere, really. Most of the time I just google what I want to build (such as “new england cottage”) and go through the pics. I’ve saved a ton of pics over the years, so I periodically go through those and look for ones I might want to build. 

I have a post with a little longer explanation here, and a list of sites that I use for inspiration/floor plans here. I would also add @househunting to that list - I’ve been following them on Tumblr for a few months and I’ve already saved a bunch of houses that I like!


I had this whole idea of drawing a whole bunch of haikyuu people in the rain and stuff as part of Ennoshita and Yachi’s design project or something, but then I got lazy and so this is it lol ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Might as well post them since I’m not gonna touch them again~  (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

Okay, I just went through a bunch of old posts and updated some tags (I’m bored at work)

Basically, now a lot more posts have ship tags. This doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily intended to be shippy, but more so that if someone is interested in a ship they can go to that tag and find things that they might interest them even if they’re not specifically romantic.

Going forward this means that I’ll be including those tags as well, but I don’t want the tags to deter people who might like certain characters only as friends. It’s for organization and to help people find what they’re looking for.

Beauty & the Beast Tropes and Reylo Analysis (Part 1)

So I love Beauty and the Beast, and after watching the movie for the upteenth time, I noticed at a bunch of tropes that just screamed Reylo throughout. Smart, brave brunette meets angry brooding monster who’s desperate to keep her because she reminds him of humanity? Where have I seen this love story before?

Not all tropes apply to Kylo Ren or Rey but I was amused of how similar some of them are. There’s already posts on Tumblr about how she looks at him when he takes his mask off, parallels between TFA and Beauty and the Beast etc. I don’t know if anyone else has done a full trope analysis (but w/e) In any case, good work, Disney. You might have just set up one of the most epic romances I’ve seen in years.

All tropes are from tvtropes.org (that place rakes TFA with a fine tooth comb harder than most of the posts I’ve seen on Tumblr and it’s great). Here we go:

“You’re my guest”

This is a given. Kylo Ren is someone we love and love to hate. He’s been psychologically messed up by Snoke since he was a baby and has trouble venting his anger healthily. He killed his dad and overall, yeah he is an asshole in this movie.

He hates showing his adorable baby face in front of Snoke and Hux and he tries to be show his sweet side to Rey (but just comes off as a bit obsessive and he’s probably ruined his chances until their next encounter.)

(We all know how deep Adam Driver’s voice is. It is hot as hell. I’ve noticed that Ren speaks with a softer, higher pitch around Rey than around his dad, Snoke and Hux).

If you look carefully at how Ren walks, he’s hunched over and stomps around, unlike his idol Darth Vader, whose posture demands respect and has a clean marching pattern.

Kylo likes to destroy shit when he’s pissed. This is a given.

Rey speaks to Ren as if she isnt afraid of him and was willing to fight back in a dangerous lightsaber duel even after seeing the damage done to Finn. She’s super sweet otherwise.

THIS IS FCKIN IMPORTANT. I don’t even have to mention the number of dark/light metaphors the movie had, it was brimming with it.

If I find anymore I’ll post it. I’d like to know if you guys noticed any other tropes, it’d be cool to find out :3

Enjoy Him

Here’s another one-shot by the very talented Fem! 

(If you like this, and a whole bunch of other work I’ve posted by Fem here, give her a follow and requests! She’s literally the best person ever)

“Can you do a one-shot where the reader saves Cas from a ring of Holy Fire?”



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