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I was wearing a scarf that kind of clashed with my outfit because it was cold and I didn't have one that matched when Taako came up out of the blue and demanded we swap? So now I have his scarf and it smells like springtime and it matches my scales and my coat but he won't take it back or give me back mine and now I have this thing that looks like starlight and he has my lumpy handmade thing? He keeps wearing it as well?? I might have to make him a better one just to stop him wearing that one.


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I currently started writing the first few chapters of my book which switches between two POVs. My problem is that after switching the POV I always need some time to switch my writing style back to that POV since these people are very different. I tried writing in one POV first because their stories are only occasionally connected but having these holes of time are making it complicated. Do you have any advice how I can write without pausing everytime I have to switch POVs or have some time jump?

One thing you might try is to create a mood board/character aesthetics board for each character. You can do a paper collage, a digital collage, a tumblr gallery, a pinterest board–whatever works. Fill it with images and quotes that remind you of that character. You might even choose a song for each character that you can listen to while you peruse the collage/board. This way, you can spend just a few minutes to get back into the head space of that character.

Alternatively, and what a lot of writers do, is just re-read their last POV chapter, or even the last half of it, before you start writing the next one.

What you’ll find is that as time goes on, the more and more often you make this switch in your story, the easier that transition will be for you. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)


It’s just that you’re about to do something out of the ordinary. And after you do something like that, the everyday look of things might seem to change a little. Things may look different to you than they did before. But don’t let appearances fool you.

                                                                                 There’s always only one reality.

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COME ON GURL! That's true! You drawn really good~!!

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Golly gravy o-o

I mean… it’s just I’ve not seen any improvement within my own art for a few years now. While this might be just me - that’s just how I see my art. 

And for me - I’m a perfectionist. And someday I really want to perfect my style. At least to a point where I can make things other than humans or humanoid creatures. Cause while I’m okay in that, I can’t draw backgrounds, objects, variety of body types, animals, mythical animals, just - a lot of stuff. So I hope to focus on some of that more plus when I start making some smaller comics! 

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I have a huge crush on a girl but I don't know how to flirt or make a move or even if she likes me! Lesbian flirting is so hard!

Oh Gosh!! Just Do What Feels Right Dear…Crushes Can Be Very Scary So Make Sure To Follow Your Gut Feeling And Try Not To Force Anything If You Feel Very Reluctact! Also Remember That She Might Be Worried About The Same Things…Try Not To Think About It As Such A Big Scary Thing, And Just Think About Getting To Know Her And Having A Nice Time Together!

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the thing is, Izuku isn’t just gonna stop at encouraging All Might to live, he’s gonna encourage EVERYONE he saves to live on no matter how tough it gets and i think that’s such an important quality for a hero

YEAH! He has been doing that already - think of Kouta, who was so broody and drawn back before he met Izuku. Think of Shouto with his troubles because of his father and his quirk. Izuku is saving people’s heart and souls and that makes him one of the great heroes in this series, even when he is still inexperienced. He has been a hero all along - Toshinori was just the first to see the glimpses of it and to give it a chance.

5 things

i can’t remember who tagged me, i think it was @jazzmoth

5 Things you’ll find in my bag:

  • receipts going back 5 months
  • doctor visit post-care summaries
  • lip gloss that i never wear because i don’t like the feel of it 
  • a resistance band
  • tiger balm

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • my cello
  • at least 50 precariously stacked books 
  • half-filled notebooks
  • my laptop
  • more tiger balm

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in life:

  • finish music school lmao
  • tour with a string quartet (comprised of musicians that i actually like to spend time with)
  • publish novels 
  • get a day job at a library
  • make people happy

5 things I’m currently into:

  • snk (i know i’m crying also)
  • star wars, slowly working my way through the new EU
  • shostakovich 
  • saucony shoes (i think they might be magic??? i’ve had them for like 5 years and they just get comfier and comfier) 
  • alliteration XD

5 things people may not know about me:

  • my response to these kinds of prompts is to make up bullshit so the extent of my garbage personality remains mysterious. 
  • my middle initial is P and i don’t tell anyone what it stands for because people going through increasingly obscure P names trying to guess the right one is weirdly delightful. 
  • i have a cat named shostakovich that i saved from an amusement park lot when he was just a kitten. (i worked in parking and in the morning traffic inches along while we get everyone processed, and someone was like THEREs A KITTEN UNDER THAT VAN! and he didn’t seem to belong to anyone in the vicinity so i kept him in my sweatshirt until it was time to go home). 
  • i met my husband on an amazon video game forum by making a stupid joke that caught his attention. god this one breaks my mind a bit, if i didn’t go to that forum at that specific time and didn’t have a stupid sense of humor and wasn’t constantly making referential jokes and memes then i might not have met him at all
  • i play trumpet and piano too because my dad started me out when i was 3, but cello was the instrument i chose for myself. 25 years later and i don’t regret it :) 

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and anyone else that wants to do this!

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sorry im not well read up on everything about this stuff yet, but whats an utau??(i just kinda came up with the idea of making one and ive clung to it since i feel like this might be the only thing i wont go 'aaa this is too hard i give up') -vocaloid anon(imma refer to myself as that if you dont mind)

AH so utau is basically a free harder-to-use vocaloid and it’s notable for users being able to make their own utaus! it’s Really hard to get an utau to be as high-quality as a vocaloid of course, you gotta put a lot of work into both the recording and the otoing (which is basically programming each individual sample and there are A Lot Of Samples) but yea yea it’s definitely possible, and ofc u wouldn’t wanna start out big at first anyways so!

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So when are you running for president

I honestly have been tempted to go into politics; but someone like me probably wouldn’t make it far. I have too long a list of things that could be taken as scandalous/or twisted to be scandalous that I’m sure the NSA/CIA/Establishment would have to hang over my head. Even ignoring the fact that they could just, yanno, assassinate me or fabricate anything they wanted.

I mean…the possibility is still out there that I might step into the political realm in some way, maybe when I’m like 35. 

But I think the whole thing is a little childish on their end. Like just make an official statement or why not? I dunno I am huge Joshua Jackson fan and have been since might ducks he is a sweet man and I just… I have issues w her personally. Im all for him being happy but yeah she just rubs me the wrong way and that is all i am saying. I dont want to add to any wank. Norman is lovely and loving… So is Josh…her? Not so much imo

Hooooly cow, the music, colors and everything is working so well together, it’s all making these scenes even better.

I think this show has the greatest music out of all cartoons i’ve watched in the past.




Uh, yeah, but some things are still unclear, why did Lion even come there in the first place, why does he want to protect Steven?

If Steven really keeps him Lion might really come in handy for some missions, he seems to have amazing destruction power.

Lion seems pretty intelligent for an animal, even though sometimes he acts just like a big pink cat.

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When you will get your glasses?


Okay here’s the thing: I went to the doctor on saturday, and they said that I had astigmatism ( Astigmatism is an imperfection in the curvature of your cornea ) but that, oddly enough, I could still see fine :D but just to make sure that I’m not actually forcing my sight, I have to get checked more in deep on april/may again. Still, they said that for now, I don’t need glasses, but depending on what the results say, I might (or not) have to use glasses <3

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If you have time, or haven't done it already, please respond with five things that make you happy when you get this. Then, you can send this to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity! 🌼

Ah, thank you! Sorry this reply is so incredibly late!
I’ve said 5 things in the past here but it doesn’t hurt to come up with 5 more!

  • My cute little dorm fish, Phoenix, Floyd and Florence!
  • The fact my SPE 222 class was cancelled/shorten today!
  • I’ve been writing more recently and it makes me pretty happy.
  • I am going to AZ Pride for the first time, I’m super pumped!
  • And just to say again since I do not think I say it enough some of the people here make me incredibly happy with their messages, questions, replies, etc. People who genuinely like my content puts a smile on my face. :)
Tumblr break?

Okay, guys, I’m doing this.

Confession: I haven’t been doing so well lately, or well, I’ve slowly been getting worse for about a year now, and some of you might have noticed how bad I have been with replying but yeah I haven’t been successful with doing anything about it. While sterek is like my only constant, there’s like one or other thing about tumblr that sometimes makes it even harder. That’s not the case today (or yesterday, and really, I don’t want to leave), but nonetheless tumblr just gives me an excuse to procrastinate and I do enough of that as it is soooo because I have an exam in about 10 days (and haven’t studied at all yet) and I need to finally figure out how to deal with certain things (since my usual methods aren’t fully working) I will be taking a break from tumblr. I’m deleting the app from my phone and I will try to keep myself from checking it on the laptop, or I will restrict myself to one or two blogs, and ao3 because no day can go by without sterek. Maybe I actually get some writing done too.

Trying being the keyword in all this. I don’t know if I’ll actually be able to stay away because tumblr is my only safe space tbh. And if I do, I don’t know for how long.


If anything I hope to move out (because fuck, this place has been killing me for yeeeeears - unfortunately I’ll only be moving a few minutes away lmao, I really don’t know how much that will help, I wish I could start a new life half way across the world but obviously life doesn’t work like that) and pass my exam. That already feels like hoping for too much. But hey, I’m actually actively trying to make a life for myself this time around so that should be good, right? I need to stop thinking about the past and feeling sorry for myself.

Also, I hope to figure out all the doctor’s appointments that I need. (Side note: fuck my teeth and body for all the pain they cause me.)

Anyway, at this point I’m just rambling because obviously I wanna stay hah. I have a queue up, dunno exactly how long it’ll run but oh well. Just to be clear: I WILL BE BACK. I’m riding this sterek ship eternally, no doubt about that. So, no worries.

This post is a mess and I’m sorry xD love you guys and hugs to everyone ❤

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How do the axis celebrate their kids birthday? Do they throw a huge party or?

He tries everything, but the slightly awkward vibe around him just never goes away in these situations. He’s just not a real party-person. But he will try to make everything as it should be (in his eyes) by baking a cake, putting up decoration and so on. Effort 10/10, payoff 5/10, comfortableness 1/10

omG. Sooo much Food, soo much decoration, so many People. I mean, this is his Thing. Effort 10/10, payoff 10/10, comfortableness 11/10

Follows a strict handbook of rules, just like Germany, but he might warm up to the Situation a bit more. He doesn’t like incredibly huge parties, too.
Effort 7/10, payoff 8/10, comfortableness 5/10

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Hi J, I’m an aged out foster-kid, and I’ve been in a pretty good relationship for the past year but lately I’ve been having a little trouble with anxiety and ptsd. My gf knows my history, and she says she understands, but the other day I flinched, like a small bit, when she held out her hand. It was just a reflex, you know? But she lectured me for like 30 mins about not trusting her and what did you think I was going to hit you and when have I ever threatened you etc, and it broke my heart {{

{{ because she’s right, you know, she’s put up with me, and I feel like such a bad gf. But I think it might have made it worse, because now I’m afraid of making her upset again, and I don’t know how to stop flinching when she comes close. And, how do I ask her not to do certain things when in the middle of? Last time I asked she just said ”aww, but I love how you react when I do X.” and did it again.             

Oh my darling, your responses make perfect sense, and you have done absolutely nothing wrong. You are perfect, and you are allowed to have your trauma responses. You are allowed, and you are valid and you are real. You are not a bad girlfriend in the slightest. I wonder if the two of you can come up with a system – when you’re both calm – for when you flinch, for example. Like, if it makes her feel things (which is obviously does), perhaps instead of giving you a lecture, she can walk away from a few moments to calm herself down, or something else to release her feelings that won’t hurt you like this? In terms of stopping certain things, it does not matter if she likes how you react to X. It does not matter at all. You have every right – always, for any and every and no reason – to not ask, but tell, her to stop and to not do something. You have every right to assert what you need, you have every right to have your boundaries respected. I am so proud of you for trying to assert yourself and protect yourself (which, by the way, trauma responses like flinching are), and please remember that you are not alone and you are absolutely perfect. I’m sending you so much love, darling – you deserve everything good, don’t forget that <3 <3 <3