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zander: nes are you feeling okay?? sorry azure got to you

wednesday: yeah i’m fine just a lot tipsy …….i’m so mAD that she pops up in my life just as things go smoothly like it makes me so anGRY. Are u okaY? i saw u drink that third granny smash

zander: hey look she might be an obstacle but i know u will move on past her and be so successful in life u know??

wednesday: you’re so nice……btw can u help me walk these heels suck

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how would rc have something to do with the attack? he may have shown signs of being an 'evil nobleman' at that age, but why would he assist in the killing of his family (or just taking them down, if killing them all wasn't part of the original plan)? he was clearly going to succeed vincent as earl anyway, and he must've known it would upset ciel. i'm not hating on the theory; i'm curious and i want to understand it!

Don’t worry, I definitely understand where you are coming from! As of now the RC mastermind theory is only based on circumstancial evidence and lot of assumptions/headcanons, so it’s not as solid and comprehensive as some other theories we had in the past, like the 2CT which had hard evidence (both verbal and visual)!!

Anyway, the two possible explanations I’ve seen often mentioned in the JP fandom for why RC might have been involved in the attack are

1) “It’s a ritual”: killing the predecessor is obligatory to succeed the Watchdog title (→flaw: RC just turned 10 that day and that would be waaay too early to succeed a tough job like the Queen’s Watchdog)

2) “RC is a super-yandere/psychopath”: RC didn’t want to become the Earl and be separated from OC, wanted to be the only one close to his little brother and therefore tried to get rid of everyone else (→flaw: if he hated to become the Earl so much, why would he protect the Phantomhive ring by even going to the trouble of swallowing it?)

As you can see, both explanations have flaws and are not really convincing, and that’s exactly why I, too, still have doubts about the RC mastermind theory!

But then there’s this scene from Murder arc:

“I had no reason to murder him”

“Ehh, reaaally?”

“The reason for which one person murders another is typically inconceivable to other folk. People will never be able to understand another’s mind, regardless of how much research genius schollars collect on the subject.”

If this is supposed to be some sort of foreshadowing, then maybe the reason why RC might have had something to do with the incident (or killed his parents/stabbed Tanaka if you go with the psychopath theory) is something very unexpected and unimaginable ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

Anyway, this theory has been long around in the JP fandom since about the same time as 2CT (i.e. since 2011), and the fact that a lot of people are still suspicious of RC even after 6 years makes me almost believe that Yana wants us readers to suspect RC. I think she’s placing the hints on purpose, but it’s just that we don’t know whether these hints are indeed leading us to the true culprit of the attack OR they are a red herring and Yana’s just misleading us into believing RC is the culprit. For now, I think both are totally possible! :D


Vincent’s line in the special chapter

“Love is a wonderful thing… but it can aslo give birth to horrific disaster.”

might also be a foreshadowing of why the attack on the Phantomhives happened that day, but idk. Yana loves foreshadowing so every random panel or line could be interpreted as a foreshadowing of something xD

  1. My normal style
  2. Thicker lines, cleaned up a bit, colored lineart
  3. Just the sketch with color underneath the layer rather than atop

Just some very slight differences but maaaannnn, I might have to apologize for your eyes, anon. But trying other differences is making me realize just how much I love my own weird one. I mean, yeah it’s kinda strange with how the lineart looks and there’s this odd merge between foreground and background. But it’s a fun process that I enjoy and kinda made it my own thing. 

Doesn’t mean I won’t stop trying variations in my style! It just means I’d like to keep my work around my normal style for the time being.

I also got a lot of asks with people complimenting my style, and offering their own criticism on what worked for them. Can’t respond to you all atm because I have to head off to class, but thank you!! <3

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You and Bucky were planning on doing a home birth, but since word that Hydra heard the news your baby might have the serum, the whole team really insists that you come to the tower where you will be safe. To make things easier, Bucky gets the room ready like it would be at home; lights dimmed low, soothing music, a small pool filled with warm water, and aroma candles. Even when there's enemies possibly coming, Bucky ensures no stress comes to you while you push

Now I’m just picturing enemies coming into the tower while you’re giving birth ahahahah omg 

Daddy Wednesday™

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I'm friends with this guy who I'm very close with and has a crush on me. People ship us. I can't really just talk to him because seeing people stare at me as I talk to him makes me want to run away. I have a fear of what people think of me. I don't want them to think we are together though we are not. I don't want people to think of that whenever they see me. I'm afraid of their judgement. I don't hear any rumours but it's hard to face others. How do I deal with this?

I know it’s hard to ignore what other people are saying, especially when you’re a kid, but if you like hanging out with this guy, why does it matter if other people think you two should be romantic? They’re not really part of the equation! It might be a good idea to make sure it’s clear to him that you’re not romantically interested just so that things don’t get messy at a later time, but if you want him as a friend, be his friend! Everyone else can mind their own business!

To all the people in the IT fandom I’ve met

thank y’all for being such a lovable person every one of you!! I’ve met such AMAZING people that just for being friendly deserve all the love in the world!!

I’ll be honest, I’ve had some trust issues since some people I used to know and think they were friends backstabbed me in the past and I literally had 2 friends I couldn’t see anymore due to work and college, and since I’m a shy person, approaching someone without freaking out or thing I might be bothering them it’s a living hell 

here I’ve met some awesome people who share the same weirdness I have and who don’t judge me for being either a clownfucker, horror lover, theory maniac, stranger things lover, musical drama queen, EVERYTHING!!!

I just wanna thank you for being here with me, including me in this lovely crazy fandom I adore and making me feel loved and I wanna mention them ‘cause they are a sunshine every one of them!!


@float-me-down WE EVEN LIVE IN A CITY WITH THE SAME NAME! *coughjustanothercountrylolcough* 

@just-a-friendly-trash-can we may not talk but ILY and we all can be trash cans

@daddywisetheclown dude you have the best Pennywise content, and literally every fandom I love YOU ARE A SWEET POTATO WHO DESERVES ALL THE LOVE 

@clownsgobeepbeep we don’t talk either but BOI your blog does make me smile!!! (IactuallywannatalktoyoubutI’msoshyIfreakouteverytime!!) ILY TOO


and to all the people I haven’t met yet I love you all and you deserve the best


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What I don’t understand is why, if you’re at your boyfriend’s event, you have to be separated from him and the cast/crew. If that’s your significant other, then it shouldn’t matter and you shouldn’t have to be separated. It just doesn’t add up. YES, I’m a Gillovny fan, but I have forced myself to look past that and think this thing with PM might actually be real, however this particular instance is making me question that, and I’m honestly not trying to be disrespectful.

I think you and I are at the same place today. I had accepted that she was with him. Maybe “accepted” isn’t the right word, but at least, I believed they were. After last night, I don’t know what to think anymore.
The thing is, after Portofino, I was prepared to see him hanging out in Vancouver, on the set with her. I was prepared to get sightings in London, in Vancouver, wherever. To see him attend her events as her +1. I prepared myself for all this and none of it happened. It feels like it’ll never happen anyway. They’re relationship only exists during events for The Crown / Harper’s Bazaar and it’s always the same thing. They show up at the same party, don’t pose together, barely hang out together and we don’t hear about him ‘til the next event.
If they were together, I would assume they’d have been seen in other occasions. She wouldn’t fly to London only when there’s an event she has to attend to. None of this make sense and yesterday threw me back months ago, pre-Portofino, when I didn’t think they were a thing. I seriously don’t understand this couple at all and there’s something fishy (no pun intended).

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I ship finnrey but I think the brother and sister was deliberate and that rey will end up with Poe or alone. I think the romance Rian wanted to try but said wouldnt fit was between finn and rose. I’m disappointed but I know reylo,s aren’t going to get what they want either so they can laugh it up until dec 15.

I don’t think Poe’s an option at all, romance can’t just be shoved in. Poe and Rey have no scenes, and will probably have like 2 or 3 scenes at most in TLJ. That’s not enough to build up a romance for episode 9. 

I do think that it is possible, White Feminist Kathleen Kennedy will chicken out of making Finnrey canon. She originally wanted a white guy to play Finn and disagree with John Boyega casting, which tells you a lot. She might end up insisting Rey have no romance at all, cause White Feminists really love to believe romance is always a negative thing for a female character. 

Got my 2018 Natsume Yuujinchou anime calendar today.

Putting some of the personal highlights under a read more in case anyone doesn’t want to be spoiled for it. (All the pictures’re about that blurry and have glare. The calendar is slightly rolled from being packaged that way.)

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I’m leaving the Undertale fandom

Let’s just get straight to the point: I’m going through burnout because the only art I do is undertale. I can’t physically will myself to make more and it just feels really exhausting. I want to make art for Pokemon and Steven Universe as well because I’ve been into Pokemon since I was a wee babu and I just think Steven Universe is the most beautiful thing. Of course that means I’ll still make undertale art from time to time BUT it won’t be the focus of my blog.

I understand that 100% of you follow me for undertale content and this might upset some of you but I’m just really done with drawing undertale related stuff. I’ve had it, officially. I’m just so bored of the fandom and want to move on to do new stuff. I feel like I’ll learn new things from drawing new characters and body types and will be able to draw a lot of inspiration from these different things. I want my art to be eclectic (meaning it draws from many pools of inspiration) so I think it would be best for me to try something new.

This probably won’t happen until the New Year but just to warn you, you all are not, y’all are not, y’all ain’t, YAINT seen the last of undertale - I’ll still make some stuff when I get bored of other stuff, I’ll alternate.

just fyi

once I finish some things/make some progress on some stuff….
(if you’re seeing this: you know who you are ;D ) 

I’m going to try to put together some sort of promo for this uhhhh coming holiday weekend and/or Hell  Black Friday

I’ve updated my commission prices But I’ll try to do something clever for the holiday, and UHHHHHH

I’m DEFINITELY going to pack up the inktobers I’ve done (and try to finish the rest) and put those up in my store?

Might try to figure out how to get some omgcp related originals out of my studio and into the hands of folks who might want ‘em.


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I think I read somewhere that they had Evgenia skate on painkillers through NHK and if she doesn’t do the GPF that they might put all their Olympic hopes and bets on Alina. I really hope that’s not the case but I can’t see why someone would let her skate through all that pain only to make it worse :(

Well they were already pushing Alina (69 pcs straight out of juniors is a sign of that) but a clean Zhenya would still win over Zagi at this point. Doing GPF with a fracture would just make things worse: first for her health, because she needs to heal or she will risk making things worse. Going to GPF and keep skating on a fractured foot won’t do anything for her momentum, she doesn’t need it. She has created a margin between her and the others with her consistency in the last two years, and a clean Evgenia would still beat a clean Alina, GPF or not.

From her interview, it seems like she kept skating in spite of her injury because she isn’t sure Russian athletes will be allowed to compete at the Olympics and because she doesn’t know what will happen in the future. At this point I hope they will make her rest, it would be madness to take such risks.

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so my family just moved to a whole new town, and i'm going to have to transfer to a different school district where no one knows me and i was wondering if it would be smart to come out first thing? i'm a trans dude and i'm not too sure about it, but since i'm new i guess it might be easier? i'm just worried that it'll keep me from making friends ;-;

Kii says:

It’s really up to you! None of us know what the environment there is like, so if possible, you should email the school in advance and ask what their trans-related policies are. If the school has a GSA, you can email the person that runs that and ask if you can have the contact info for a current trans student that would be willing to talk to you about being trans in that school.

Here is our coming out page.


Hi to my new ‘followers’ wonderful to have you on board this blog of my art and rpg assets, some for free, some for sale.I will be opening the commission door again soon, if this is something that interests you. As for today here is the latest 'Map tile’, and how many more to go to finish this set. It’s one of the more generic tiles, but there needs to be a mix of the generic and the interesting to make a usable tile set.Roll 20 has in principal ok'ed my art, but I have to do some weird American tax thing for reasons that escape me (as a non American) and it might just be better to make them available on gumroad or the like. I am also looking at patreon again with a hopeful eye, as I am currently generating 0 money and its almost xmas and this makes me sad.  I really suck at the making a buck side of this art thing.

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about mimi, maybe she doesn't always post the most accurate info, but does seem pretty nice but idk much about her. anyway, just in general, i think that we should focus on educating people on their mistakes (like problematic behavior, being cringe), instead of hating on them, because some people really are just making innocent mistakes. (i'm not saying that you're hating on anyone btw, i think you're super respectful and chill about these things :))

ah thank you omg,, i’m glad people finally started openly questioning her posts but i’m worried it might turn into some kind of witch hunt?? like being on the receiving end of hate is awful and so is being laughed at behind your back, so hopefully everything will be resolved peacefully

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more headcanons of beck and sloan!!!!!!!! also how does sloan help beck out with sydney and does it work out??

ask and ye shall receive. 

sloane: take a seat today i’m gonna teach you how to tell if a person likes you

beck: i dont need people to like me, i need them to respect me and the work i do

sloane: oh so you being a blushing fool in front of sydney was in order to earn her respect? because you might need new methods

beck: i was not blushing!

sloane: look, the sooner you stop with the whole sullen and stubborn thing, the sooner you’ll realise that sydney is super into you and you just need to make a damn move

beck: i’m not stubb- you think she’s into me? did she say something??? how could you tell????

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#1 of the writer questions please!

That’s a tough one, because I really love writing my fics. A couple of them are more silly than serious, and some fell a bit flat in my opinion, but they were all a good time for me. I almost picked “you give me something” just because I liked imagining Jedha before the Empire (and I stuffed that story full of almost all my favorite tropes!). But in the end, I think my favorite thing I’ve written so far is “your words are mine to keep,” because that was such a fun style, and I still go back through from time to time and try to neaten it up (make the formatting consistent, fix typos, little adjustments). It was a real challenge, too, because while I had wondered before if Star Wars had social media/networking, I’d never considered what that might look like, or how the Rebellion might use it to their advantage. I loved trying to sort of how to make brief messages into something emotional and personal, and most of all, how to tell a story with plot and danger and people getting hurt in the background without anyone explicitly describing….well, anything. I’ve never had to twist my brain in quite that way before. Plus, it gave me room for SO MANY stupid “tumblr/twitter/instagram…in space!” jokes. Oh man, that was ridiculously fun. 

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Hi I just wanted to tell my opinion on the mi*mi discourse, I've know her since like before she became a big blog, like when she had about 100 subs and she's a really nice person and always was there for me and helped me and she's really sweet, she maybe have reposted stuff but as my knowledge a lot of content creators have done that before because they didn't know how Tumblr worked so I don't really blame them, yeah maybe wanting attention is a thing people do but overall she's a good person

everyone might have different experiences with the same person, and that’s normal,, it doesn’t make your opinions of mimi invalid and neither it makes my impression of her invalid. but it’s nice of you to defend your friend in this kind of discussion. i just don’t want to be a participant in it.. if i did, i would’ve said something sooner