i might just go on mobile

I’ve wanted to draw this for quite some time and it finally got done. Mainly just a cute EOS with both of her forms: camera and mobile platform as well. It came out pretty well, if you ask me! X3

hey just an early head’s up, i’m going on a road trip out of the country next monday so that means i’ll probably be going on a semi-hiatus for about a week. i MIGHT have wifi access but i’ll mostly be on mobile plus i’ll be pretty busy each day. i’ll make sure to set up some queues tho~

ok that’s all


There’s a ‘Nap Room’ at UA. It looks like All Might uses said Nap Room. He’s drinking something warm. It … it seems like he’s taking care of himself, to a certain extent. (I’m gonna cry)

(Also look how happy Mirio is to see All Might!! What a good boy!!)

(Also Izuku still wears that black sleeve on his scarred arm. One part of me thinks it’s just to cover up the damage, but the other part of me is going ‘MOBILITY AID.’)


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A/N: I don’t really like this but I’ve been so busy and so stuck over the last few days that i needed to write something to get myself out of doing nothing so here we are 

Request: @jugheadoverheels just wanted some Cheronica and i can’t blame them (sorry it’s not great, babe, I might see if I can come up with something better in the next few days for you)

Word Count: 1,639

Warnings: Some pretty dodgy writing but nothing else haha

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lady and the tramp spaghetti scene but sportamayor

ive had this ask in my inbox for WEEKS. ive been waffling between just wiping its sinful existence from the face of the planet forever and adding to the sin and guess which option won out


sportamayor forever

Hey so i put up a little sentence on my bio about taking donations, and its not super urgent but we don’t have any money and i’ve really needed mobility aids for a while - a cane at minimum, but i’d also like to get a wheelchair. i get exhausted easily because of joint, back, and other issues, and my schizophrenia can make movement hard especially when my psychosis intensifies and i start going catatonic.

Getting around is pretty hard on the both of us because of our disabilities, and neither of us can drive so it would also be really reassuring to have some money in case we’re out, cant readily get home, and really need some food or a ride.

there are lots of people struggling worse than us, its not life or death but i can’t work at all and neither can rose for the time being, so if you at all like my art or just wanna help out a disabled fuck i would really appreciate any donations or commissions or pledges (my paypal is toolassistedcrow@gmail.com). Ily all and thank you so much!

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lol i love that a few reblogs is all it takes for Sterek to mobilize for a poll like this, it's so nostalgic

Seriously though today has given me such nostalgia for like… summer 2014 when everyone was so energized and confident and it’s such a great feeling to see us still pulling together and pulling ahead like this.

We’ve come up from 19 to 62% and I am just so proud of us.

And now to close out with the most classic of gifs:

💗 blogrates 💗

Technically I was going to do this when I hit my next goal, but I thought I could do it now. 
I have never done blogrates before, so I might suck at this xD


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Okay, so, either my messages aren't sending are I'm being ignored by my friends, so I'm sending this to a random blog in my feed to test it. Please respond.

sometimes messages just don’t make it because tumblr’s code is absolute garbage. i think i remember seeing a while back that 4 or more dots wouldn’t make it through but 3 or less would?? something to that effect??? if you use a lot of ellipsis it might not go through.

also on a personal level i get a shit load of messages on the daily and most of them i don’t really know what to say to so it could be that you’re getting drowned out?? if that’s not a possibility then maybe they just aren’t checking their messages often? i know on mobile it’s a hassle and a half to remember to regularly check my inbox since i dont get any kind of notification for it :/// im a bad friend lol :///

anywho here’s yr response have a kitty

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I just wanted to ask since I can't access your faq for some reason (it might be my phone fucking up though) do you ever go through the links in your masterlists to check if they work? I'm asking because I've found that most of the older lists' link actually don't work anymore and sending asks for each individual fic would feel too much like harassment, sorry if it's in the faq!

I actually do not think that that question is answered in our faq. (Also, it is most likely not your phone. For some reason, on mobile desktop, the faq does not show up before the ask box. However, there is a link provided under “mobile links”. This also will only work if you are using a browser, and not the app. The app sucks. Guys, I’m serious, the blog will not work properly on the app.)

To answer for you though; yes, we do try and attempt to go through and check older links on older masterlists. I know Gabi worked on fixing links once but I just can’t remember if she did that in the library, on asks, or on masterlists. I also know that both Julianna and I have both taken a more recent crack at working our way through the masterlists. Whenever we check links on a masterlist, we put at the top links last checked this date so that people will know how recently we’ve looked and either fixed things, or crossed out fics that have been deleted.

Unfortunately… we have a lot of masterlists. I think Julie made it through a couple pages, and I made it through a couple of pages, and then we just haven’t gotten back to the project? It takes a lot of time to do each masterlist as well since sometimes we have to go and try and find url changes, but we do try our best, and even if you do send in one broken link at a time in our asks boxe, we are eternally grateful and in no way annoyed! We always answer the ask as well in case someone was trying to read it and that’s how they found out the link was broken :)

- Eliza

Edit: We have 51 pages of Masterlists (masterlist tag), our post per page limit is 15, so that means we have approximately 765 Masterlists :)))

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Just saw the anon ask and your reply about the mating glands and the knife solution - after reading your snippet from the hospital (and waking up just now) I kept thinking about he brochures and can't help but imagine that Prompto wants to prob read them in private - like, one night soon after that they're sleeping in a hotel and Ignis or Noct wake up during the night, the bed next to them empty and there's light under the bathroom door, in which Prompto sits crying silently with the booklets :(

This is basically what I imagine happening. Ignis does accompany Prompto to the clinic and will be trying to gather information (I saw the replies, I’ve just been on mobile all day. ;)) but there’s a lot to go through, on top of everything else going on (they are still road tripping for a reason).

And the workers at the clinic might not be all that inclined to direct what they see as an alpha whose forcibly bonded and is now neglecting/abusing an omega on where he should start. So here’s Prompto, with all his pamphlets and booklets, and when Ignis asks to see them there are some he decides to just…keep to himself. That he needs to be bitten again, regularly, is probably among the things he doesn’t want to share, you know? Not until he understands it better, had time to take it in and deal with that idea on his own. And maybe cries in the bathroom about it.

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Oh my, the end of the last #DatemeBuckyBarnes was totally unexpected ! I wonder how "I'm" going to deal with it now, the man "I" rejected being the best friend of "my" date ! (Out of subject but I think you might haven't had the tags for the Bruises series when I posted it, I had trouble with tags & was on mobile so I couldn't fix it, but I have 8 parts posted so if you still want to read it I can send you the masterlist :) )

Haha, I’m happy you like the twist! I guess we just have to wait and see how all of this pans out. And yesss, please send me the masterlist! I didn’t know you started the series already haha. Thanks, love :)

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#DateMeBuckyBarnes (Part 5) - Bucky/Reader

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hello!! i just wanted to say that i like, really love this blog. as somebody who's demi all around it makes it much easier for me to come to terms with myself. so thank you mod mercy for all of this work you go through! also i uh, idk if you have this person on the list (im a primary mobile user) but i think strawberriglitter might be apbobic? im not too sure, so i'd look into it just in case.

Tysm for the message! I’m super glad you’re finding some solace here. ^^

And as far as I can tell, they support ace and aro people, but reblog and support st/i//mcou//rse, as well as refusing to tag them for someone who was triggered by them. I personally stopped following them on my stim blog, but it’s honestly up to the individual whether or not they want to follow them.

–Mod Mercy

SO like………………….

I think I’m going to open up mutual mains/exclusives. Note: I’ll only go exclusives with characters not in the prequels, or non-SW characters. So like–your Almecs, Ahsokas, Obi-Wans, Padmes, Anakins, I won’t be going for exclusive b/c there’s just too many possibilities. But like your Leias, Lukes, Kanans, Reys, etc, or anything from any other fandom, I’m open to talking exclusives with ! If you wanna go mains, you don’t have to post it anywhere on your blog, but I still want it to be a mutual agreement b/w each other. This means like mun and I are friends and our portrayals click, etc, and they have priority in my replies/memes/drafts/plots etc. Edited: also accepting duplicates of mains.

I had a bad fucking experience with mains/exclusives on another blog, so the second anyone gets nasty, I’m dropping this completely. I’ll take interests now about this? Yah?

padmé amidala naberrie skywalker @libertinedeath
daisy johnson @aftcrshocks
ahsoka tano @kybersung
ahsoka tano @icaryian
obi-wan kenobi @masterofcraft

          kanan jarrus @jaigsight
          sabine wren @weaponexpert


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Have you ever talked about the difference between Ni- and Si- dominants? What are your observations? How does their inferior stand out, particularly when they're healthy, or pretty balanced on N and S?

Hi! I just made a post a few days ago with extensive Ni/Si comparison resources that I recommend you check out as most do talk about those functions as they appear in dominant users (no link because I’m on mobile but it should be within my past few posts).

With regards to balance: that’s really not going to be a thing in healthy Ni or Si doms. They might show proficiency or health in their inferior function, but it will always be their inferior function and nowhere near as strong as their dominant one. The people in whom you’d see sensing/intuition on a similar level are the judging dominant types (EXXJs and IXXPs) who have one of sensing/intuition as their aux and one as their tert.

The inferior functions of Se and Ne in brief:

Ne: when weak will be characterized by anxiety, fear, or resistance towards the future or unknown, tendency to assume the worst possible outcome, or in some cases extreme “throw everything away and start over” mentality (grip).
When more developed the Si dom will use their Ne to consider more unusual outcomes and crave novelty.

Se: when weak will be characterized by discomfort with or a sense of being disconnected with the material world or in the case of the grip, impulsive or reckless pursuit of physical sensation.
When more developed the Ni dom will use Se to assess the present situation more concretely and be more willing to change plans as opportunity arises.

ravengirl94  asked:

Dude, you GIVE ME LIFE. I cannot believe that recommendation you just gave me. I might be hyperventilating right now being included with those other blogs (most of whom I already follow and LOVE and now I'm following the rest too). So in summary: I'm hardcore fangirling over here. Yeah. Alright. Oh, and also I LOVE YOU. *awkward wave* I'll just... Um... Go now. K bye!!

I’m sort of panicking that my last ask came from my marvel account because I was on mobile… so I’m here to bother you again. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can’t really express how much I appreciate all of your support. It seriously means so much to me and I’m just completely blown away. And being mentioned with those other blogs? Holy crap - I admire them so so much and I am super freaking out. Okay. I’m done now. You’re the best. Sorry for bothering you again. (2/2)

No worries, dude! I got them BOTH from the right account. ;)

I’m HAPPY to recommend you because you are the BOMB. I’m not even kidding! I effing love everything you write. I squeal a little when I get a tag.  I’m addicted, dude. There is no way around it. 

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lil preview before i go to bed, i know there’s errors n I’ll fix ‘em tomorrow. still gonna be on just on mobile

I’m really starting to believe David might be the character death. In Mobile he mentions how he fears going as low as his brother did (i.e; suicide), and it seems like a relevant thing to bring up if they had planned to go down that route for his story line. Also, Jason has revealed on Twitter that he will be back in upcoming episodes, but has not revealed in what capacity and just says “my lips are sealed”. Obviously this could just be a case of their not allowed to hint at storylines, but with the death being kept so closely under wraps, I can’t help but think it’s going to be him. What do you guys think?
kiss me

A/N: I haven’t had a chance to go onto my laptop yet, so this is from mobile and the request anon asked for is in the works! Also, I’m not sure, but I think I might make a second part to this? I don’t know yet!

summary: “I need you to kiss me.”

pairing: barry allen x reader


“I need you to kiss me.”

The guy you’d just approached, with brown hair and—now that you were almost completely pressed against him—a pair of gorgeous blue-green eyes, stared at you with his mouth open.

“Uh, what?” he squeaked, leaning away from you slightly. You chanced a glance back to where you noticed your ex walk in with a couple of his buddies.

You leaned into the guy, pressing your half-exposed breasts against his chest. In the dance club lighting, you could just make out the dusting of pink along his cheeks.

“Please,” you said, leaning up and almost shouting so he could hear you. “I’ll owe you big time!”

With a nervous look, he nodded his head and lightly rested his hands on your hips. You stood on your toes, because this guy was ridiculously tall. He leaned his head down toward you and you met him half-way.

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