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So with the NHL not going to the 2018 Olympics, here’s what we, as fans, have to look forward to:

1. Top draft picks might look into the NCAA through the 2017-18 season, at least through the Games.
2. Players currently in the KHL, who may have been contemplating a jump to the NHL, might now put those plans on hold.
3. Fringe players on expiring NHL contracts could make the move over to another league, like the Swiss League.
4. The 2020 lockout might as well be written into the rule book, because I can’t see it not happening.

But, you know, some of the owners are happy. So we really shouldn’t complain.

BTS as Yanderes

You’ve heard of Yandere GOT7, now get ready for Yandere BTS !

So we have been getting alot of love on the yandere reaction so we got two more requests for a BTS ver. so we hope you guys enjoy :-) !

Writer’s Note: Now if you haven’t read the GOT7 ver, or don’t know what a Yandere is. It is a person whom is obsessed with the main character. They often always seem to show their S/O pure love, and affection, making them and their happiness the first priority. But don’t be fooled by their first impression, because if you cross their loved one, or even come close to looking their way or talking to them, they will go from 0 to 100 quickly and can sometimes become violent or deranged towards the one coming between them and the one they love. 

PS*This one might be a little more violent than the last one so WARNING

Jin: The Shining Prince Type; Being the most poplar out of everyone around, people would always be flaunting him, showering him in gifts, and affection, but he could care less. Because the only attention he craved was yours. While other’s eyes were on him, his were constantly on you. He would keep his distance, but watch you from afar not wanting to draw attention to you,because he hated the thought of someone else looking in your direction. Instead he would gain you affection and love by buying you the most expensive and extravagant of gifts anonymously, until he found the right opportunity to steal you away. 

    “She’s like a Goddess that only deserves nothing but the most best.” 

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In Yandere Mode; No no no. He just couldn’t stand it whenever he saw other men go up to talk to you, he just would not accept it whenever others tried to steal you away from him. If he saw someone in the act of picking you up he would send someone to go after that person to bring them back to him, where he would them show them a lesson on how they should never let their eyes wander where ever they please.

    “I saw you trying to steal away my most precious jewel. There is no place for thieves, like you in this world.”

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Namjoon: The Older Brother Type; He would do anything to make you happy,anything. He would sacrifice everything for you just to see you smile, even if it meant sacrificing himself; As long as you were happy, he was happy. He never wanted you to do things on your own, if you were carrying something heavy he would pick up the object in one arm and you in the other heaving you over his shoulder. The favorite part of everyday was seeing that beautiful smile of yours so he always made sure to do some sort of crazy act for you,no matter how silly or embarrassing it was for him, just to see that smile, that he always kept etched in him mind the rest of the day.

    “Don’t worry Y/N, as long as I’m around, I’m always going to sure that smile never falls from your face.” 

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In Yandere Mode; If someone were to make you cry he would become angry real quick. He hated seeing you frown and would immediatly throw his hands on the person who caused you such pain. Afterwards he would become regretful, not wanting to ever show you that side of him. He hated when you were exposed to violence and would get angry at himself for doing so in front of you, pleading for your forgiveness.

    “I’m so sorry Y/N, I didn’t mean to hurt him….It just makes me crazy whenever I can’t protect you in time, please forgive me…”

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Yoongi: The Dangerous Type; Though other people were afraid to come within feet of his cold and icy presence, you protested. Around you he was gentle, sweet and soft. He always made sure that you had gotten enough sleep, enough to eat, and enough affection to know that you were loved. Though around others he seemed somewhat closed off, to you he was different. He always listened to everything you had to say, If you needed something he was there to provide. He catered to you, and only you. To him you were his world, you were all that he knew,and you were all that he needed in life. Even though there were times that you were slightly creeped out whenever he noted to you that you belonged to him and only him, you would both laugh it off as if it were some joke.

    “Y/N, You can have all of me if I can have all of you. Without you here, I think I would just waste away…”

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In Yandere Mode; You have never seen him in his violent tendencies, he would never dare show you that side of him because to him you were that of a delicate doll that must always stay pure, he couldn’t have that pretty dress of yours stained in blood. If he saw someone trying to get your attention, he would simply follow them home, to then and only then make them tremble in fear to their knees,he would tower over them making sure that he was the last thing that they saw.

      “Sorry did that hurt? Don’t worry the pain only lasts a while.”

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Hoseok: The Innocent yet Submissive Type; If it was one thing that this boy loved, it was you and more of you. He was drunk of you yet wanted more. He appeared shy and giddy whenever he was around you. He was a cheerful ball of sunshine so you never did expect that this sweetie could be obsessive ,let alone towards you, but he was. Whereever you were, he would spend half the day running around everywhere trying to find you, and spend the rest of the day clinging onto you, full of smiles. He wanted to be with you 24/7

     “Ahhhh there you are my silly Y/N, I got worried that you had run off or someone had taken you and that would not have been good, no mam it would not have!~”

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In Yandere Mode; Oh man! You should have never started flirting with that guy from earlier ! Hoseok would see everything, from whenever the mysterious man held opened the door for you to the coffee shop, to him leaning his hand on your lower back, to him giving you his number. He watched it all closely while waiting for you to bring over the hot drinks. Whenever you finally arrived smiling and holding up his coffee he would throw it to the side and then would grab your arm puling you close to him, sliding his hand down the back pocket of your jeans where you put the mans number in and would hold you there for a second menacingly pulling his hand out with the crumpled up paper tossing it to the side. 

     “I will not be made a fool of Y/N, Don’t make me punish you, Now be a good girl for me.” 

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Jimin: The Romantic Type; You were the most beautiful thing that he ever laid his eyes on.so he wanted to treasure you forever. You would receive an abundant amount of love, and compliments from him.He would invite you out to lunch or dinner and would always present you with a box of chocolates saying he wanted you to have something that was just as sweet as you, or a rose,telling you just how much it reminded him of your beauty. He would always want to touch you, weather it be a slight brush of the hand or whenever he tucked a strand of hair behind your ear,letting his fingers finger on your face. Though he would get unpure thoughts of you sometimes, he always seemed to control them and himself around you.

    “Y/N you just get more stunning each time I see you, ahhh the things you do to me.”

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In Yandere Mode: Whenever he saw someone go up to you, he would not hesitate to , like RapMon, throw his hands, literally. He hated seeing others flaunting over you, though it did make him feel lucky to have someone as desirable like you in his life, he could not stand the fact of someone else having your heart. He would immediately become violent, even if in front of you. When he was done he would drop the victim from his hands and turn to you giving you a heartwarming smile.

    “I’m sorry you had to see that my love, but I’m not going to let someone steal you away from me. What kind of man is that?”

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Taehyung: The Overprotective and Kind Type; No matter where you went,there was Taehyung always at your side at your every command. Whatever you needed he was there to make sure that you were secure. He hated being away from you for long periods of time. If you two were apart he will text you every milisecond, making sure that you were okay, and that you had eaten or gotten proper rest, of course he never scolded you because you were the one person he could never be or stay mad at. He loved the idea of being surrounded in you and memos of you. He could never stand being without you.

    “Y/N you really do make days better for me, without you, there is no purpose for me, so please take care of yourself, and let me take care of you too.” 

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In Yandere Mode: He would become depressed shutting down if he didn’t hear back from you. He would sit, isolated in the dark as thoughts from the previous day and conversations swirled around in his head as he tried to think of the last thing he said that made you want to ignore him. The words and comfort of others just made him more angry, he didn’t give a damn about what others thought or said. He wanted you, no, he needed you.

    “Dammit Y/N ! Whatever I said or did I’m sorry ! Just please text me back or I think I might go insane! “

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Jungkook: The Possessive and Cold Type: One thing he wanted you to know was that you were his, and only his. Around others he appeared cold and distant, but around you he seemed just as cold yet you had all his attention. Whenever you complimented him or got him small gifts for holidays, he would simply roll his eyes and shake his head not uttering a word, and sometimes you were thankful for that, because whenever he did speak, he was sour and bitter.He would secretly turn around and store away the gift you gave him along with the many other mementos he had of you, including a small butterfly hairclip that fell out of your hair last week,another gift he received from you two birthdays ago and a pencil that you had let him borrow.  In all honestly he loved you more than life, itself but never wanted to admit it in fear of loving you so much where you would break. 

    “Thanks Y/N I guess…..But really I’m fine, just take care of your health stupid..”

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In Yandere Mode: When another guy was around you,bullying you he would immediately become aggressive. Throwing the other person off of you and stomping their face in. When you started to scream for him to stop and pulled him off he would just embrace you tightly, never wanting to let go, as he sobbed over you.

   “I never want to let you go Y/N… you’re mine! What if he would’ve hurt you any further and I lost you?! I would never forgive myself!” 

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Hope you like this one! :-)

All GIFS credited to rightful owners!

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Call Me Thomas Pt. 5

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Pairings: Thomas Jefferson x Soulamte!Reader

Previously: {1} {2} {3} {4}

Summary: Thomas has asked Y/N to accompany him to Monticello.

Warnings: Just so much fluff

Word Count: 1,684

A/N: It almost hurts me a little to say this, but this is going to be the last part of the ‘Call Me Thomas’ series. Thank you for all of the wonderful messages and encouragement for me to finally finish a series that I started. I am glad that you all have enjoyed it as much as I have, and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

If someone had told you a month ago that you were going to end up in a carriage with Thomas Jefferson, stuffed into a ridiculous dress, and then told you that you were going to be content with it, happy even, you would have laughed in their faces.

But here you were, on the way to his family’ estate, and you weren’t even frustrated with the little flowers that Peggy had stuck in your braid that morning. You tried to ignore the fact that your soulmate was taking you to his home. He wasn’t meeting you at your house or a local theater, he was taking you to the place that he loved more than anywhere else in the whole world (besides in the opinion of one Alexander Hamilton, who insisted that he could love nothing more than his beloved France).

The ride was long, and although you insisted that you wouldn’t mind going on horseback, Thomas insisted that the ride in the carriage was a must for anyone visiting Virginia for the first time. The usually lengthy ride was even longer, after Thomas insisted that you stop to take in all of the sites.

You smiled faintly, thinking about the first time that the mountains came into view. He took your hand, standing silently with you as the sun had barely began to show over the mountain’s peaks in the distance. His thumb had been absentmindedly stroking the back of your head, the two of you content to take in his home’s natural splendor in silence. Unfortunately, that had been the last moment of silence that you had experienced, unless Thomas was asleep.

The closer that you go to his estate, the more that he began to fidget and chatter away. You could tell that he was nervous, but the idea of him being nervous only made you feel more unsure about yourself.

You returned your attention to the book that Thomas had given you at the beginning of your journey.

“I know that the journey can be long and tiring, and more so than that, it can get boring if all you have to look at is fields for miles and miles.” He slipped a book into your hands before shooing the footman away and helping you into his carriage.

Regardless of his good intentions, you had barely been able to make it more than halfway into the book. You found yourself getting drawn into the rolling fields that were sprawled out in front of you in all directions. You tore your gaze away from the scenery outside for long enough to notice a small smile play at his lips while he gazed across the carriage.

You had expected him to look away, but he met your eyes with his own, holding your gaze. The staring quickly became a game, neither of you refusing to look away. Even when the carriage came to a stop, and the footman opened the door announcing that you had arrived. The anticipation was killing you. Thomas obviously had a leg up on you, already knowing what his home looked like.

Without a second thought, you brought your hands up to clap right in front of his face, causing him to flinch back and blink rapidly a few times.

“Ha, I won!” You laughed, hopping out of the carriage. But your hilarity was cut short as you took in Thomas Jefferson’s not so humble abode. The house… the house was amazing, everything that you had expected it to be. But the grounds.

You had never seen anything like it. You had grown up in the city, far away from any wide open spaces that weren’t constantly crawling with people. Here, there was empty land as far as the eye could see.

You loved it.

“I promise that you will have all of the time in the world later, but I thought that you might want to change first.”

“Hmm?” As unladylike as it was, you had barely been listening to Thomas, instead choosing to let your eyes search the horizon in search of an end to the seemingly limitless space.

“I want you to always be comfortable here.” Thomas said, allowing you to take his arm as he lead you into his house. “I know that you packed mostly dresses, but I had a selection of pants and blouses be delivered so that you may choose to wear them whenever you would prefer.” You gasped, your eyes widening as he opened the door to a bedroom and motioned to a large chest at the foot of the bed.

You couldn’t help it, your legs carrying you over to the chest, almost without permission. You threw open the lid to find exactly what Thomas had promised. Pants and shirts in a wonderful array of colors. You met his eyes, and when he saw that you had no words, he mercifully gave you a smile and retreated from the room. “I will be just outside when you are ready.”

You knew that he loved you- he had accepted the bond, hadn’t he? But this level of kindness was something that many women never experienced, even after finding a soul mate. You were close to crying, but shook your head and resolved to make it through this day without dissolving into tears.

You donned a pair of trousers and felt significantly better, making your way down the hallway and finding Thomas pacing in front of the house. “Thomas?”

He immediately stopped in his tracks, moving his hands to rest behind his back and offering you a too sincere smile. “I thought that I could show you my favorite spot, since you were so kind to show me yours.”

You were so shocked when Thomas took your hand and led you down a path in silence, that you simply chose to take in your soulmate’s beautiful grounds, and save the questions for later.

He led you to a beautiful little babbling brook, and after taking a moment, seemed to decided that this was the place for… whatever it was that you were doing out here. Thomas had made you walk all of this way, and you still did not know what you were supposed to be doing.

“Y/N- I have been thinking about this for a while. And I want you to know that you are not expected to answer me a certain way. I want you to speak from your heart. But know that if you do not allow me to speak from mine, I might go just a little insane.”

You spent a moment trying to find an appropriate way to respond, and after it occurred to you that you didn’t have one, you simply bit your tongue and nodded. Thomas wasn’t making much sense, but better he ramble than torture you with his silence.

“I want you to first know how much I love you. I haven’t said those words to you, Y/N, and it is not because I do not feel them. I have been trying to find a time that did not make me seem like a love struck fool, and I have been unsuccessful up until this point, because a love struck fool is simply what I am, and what I hope to be for the rest of my life.”

Your heart was pounding in your chest. What was he going on about?

“I love you Y/N. I love you with all of my heart, and with every fiber of my being. I have wanted to ask you this since the first night that your damned stomach lit up, but I wanted to do it here. Everything important in my life seems to have happened in Monticello, and asking my soulmate to marry me was not something that I was going to let happen anywhere else.”

You were going to stop breathing. He wanted to marry you.

“I know that we are soulmates, but I have found myself falling for you, in ways that I never could have imagined. I smile when you insult me, I wait for the next time that you make fun of my coat or the fact that I am wildly overdressed. I look forward to the next time that I can see you smile, to make you smile. And I am very much hoping that you will allow me to look forward to making you my wife.”

You were crying. You hadn’t realized it at first, but Thomas’ thumb brushed away a tear, and suddenly, you were aware of every emotion coursing through your body all at one. Thomas reached into his pocket, cupping his hand around the most important question of his lie.

“So, Y/N, will you allow me to take on the challenge of making you happy for every single day for the rest of your life?” he opened his palm to reveal a simple band with a few diamonds clustered together. It was not what you had expected from Thomas, perhaps the gaudiest person that you knew. It was simple and elegant. In a word, it was perfect.

You were a mess of tears and emotions, but every single one of them making it’s way through your body was screaming one word at you. “Yes.” You had wanted to scream it, but you could barely manage more than a whisper. You had failed to make it through the day without tears, but you weren’t going to let it leave before you got a husband.

“Yes?” he asked, taking both of your hands in his free one.

“Yes,” you said, this time your voice sounded more resolute, more sure of itself. Of course I will marry you, you sappy dolt!” you laughed, almost disbelieving that you had to spell it out for him.

And as Thomas Jefferson slid a ring onto your finger, you couldn’t help but think about how much you had denied that this was possible- happiness with a man that you had despised before you had ever met him. But, as his lips found their way to yours, you were thanking God that it was.

i just keep sobbing and saying “its all gone” to myself over and over and i cant breathe and i think i might be going insane i need encouragement any i just feel so hopeless right now

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I'm gonna go insane, hide Chase or I might just k̠̫̥͍̩̟ͦ̋͋ͅi̛͍̗̝̼̇̄̐͌l̟̼̣̥̠̮̥ͣ̍́l̦̹̻ͬͥ ̥̩͉̝̮̣̬̔ͬͧ͋ͤĥ̪̜͙̤͇̗̐ͯͤ̋̀̂i̗̬͊̆ͮm̀ͤ ̣̈́͒̆̀͌̃m̷̥ͣy̠͍̥̦̟͎͎̔̌ͨ̿̀s̯̬̲͔̗ͭ͠ẹ̪͎͙̪̅l̒̂f͐̽̾ͭ̊́.̹̆͋ͨ͆̉ͦ͌



can’t get enough.


Okay, so I don’t have friends to play the Division with (please play with me I’m so alone) so all the times I’ve played Survival I’ve played by myself, and I’ve extracted from the Dark Zone by myself.

It is soooo fucking stressful though.

Like to me, the Dark Zone during normal play is intense enough. Now you’re telling me that I have to deal with enemy mobs AND other players AND the freezing cold AND have no gear whatsoever?

I remember being so terrified during my first (completely blind without reading the rules, by the way) run in Survival that I didn’t even leave my first hideout for ten whole minutes because I was just so afraid of the outside.

So much fucking fun though. Definitely one of the best game modes of any game in the universe and if it went into Destiny 2?

I would cry tears of joy.


Hanbin is worrying about you.

“Have you eat? Don’t skip meal just because I can’t feed you. I know that you miss me a loooooottt, i miss you too. But now pl–”

You smiled, “I’ve ate. It’s okay, missing you is just a small part of loving you.”

Looking at your smile, Hanbin bite his lower lip. “You know sometimes I wonder, what did I do to deserve someone like you. Someone who’s very pretty in the inside. I might sound crazy right now but I think I can’t live without you y/n…”

“It’s alright Hanbin-ah. Don’t concern yourself with something that isn’t worth it to be concerned about. Just go back to work, I’m okay.”

“YOU WORTH MY CONCERN AND YOU EVEN WORTH MY LIFE. What do you want me to bring for home tonight?”

“Are you going to my house?”

“I could run and escape from here just to meet you and feel you inside my hug. You know I love you that much.”

You giggled, he loves it so much. “Don’t do that. I might go insane.”

“Let’s watch some dramas while cuddling. Just buy your favourite ice cream, I’ll be okay.”

“See you tonight baby girl. Stay safe, call me if you miss me.” He smiled while looking at your eyes.

“I love you too Hanbinnie, keep working hard. I love you. I love you.”

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how about haizaki, hanamiya, aomine and kyoutani being insecure as to why their kindhearted and gentle girlfriend choose to date them sinc they`re (especially haizaki and hanamiya) "bad boys" or more rough than other guys. but they`re too head over heels/whipped to ever let her go despite their insecurities xD

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  Soo idk if any of you even read these things, but this as it says, this is important, because i, Admin Sasha, is thinking on adding Diamond No Ace as one of the fandoms we write for! I only just started watching, so it might take awhile before i officially open requests for DnA (currently on epsidoe 20 i cri). But for now i’d like to know what you guys think?Also female pronouns ahead

Aomine: Losing bothered him. The sun’s heat when he sleeps on the rooftop bothered him. But nothing has ever bothered him, nothing ever shook his heart more than the nagging thought that bothered him ever since he saw you tend to his teammates after their lost against Seirin. You’re not the team’s manager, you’re not even close to the team members other than Aomine and Momoi.

Then he saw you genuinely encourage each individual with a smile on your face, bringing contagious small smiles on their faces. Aomine never felt so lucky to have you, someone tender and caring, warm like a mother’s embrace, yet at the same time he’s never felt so self conscious.

What’s his talent compared to you? Strip that away from him, and he’s nothing but a pretentious asshole who knows nothing but basketball and intimidating his opponents. And he wonders, what kind of miracle would go for someone like him.

“I’m not going to let you go you know” you know he meant that metaphorically, but does he have to do it while suffocating the life out of you too? “And god damn it, please, don’t let go too”

You weren’t sure what brought him to think of this. But it’s best not to question when his emotions are laid bare before you, in silence you embraced him, an embrace much intense than the ones you gave to his teammates. After all, he did say the word please, which is something you’ve never dreamed of hearing.

“You big baby, what makes you think i’ll be able to let go?”

Haizaki: He was unusually quiet, and didn’t even react to your sexual comments. Which only happens when something’s wrong. It was hard to tell exactly what’s wrong, his eyes would go distant and he’d make up lame excuses about how he needs to be somewhere else whenever you asked.

“What’s going on?” you firmly asked

Haizaki flinched. What. The. Hell.

This man, who brought fear in his opponent’s eyes with his cruel style of playing, flinched at the sound of your dainty, feminine voice. What had you done to him?

“Do you ever stop and think, that i’m a bad guy?”

Anyone who came across him would think so.

“Sometimes i wonder, what is this gorgeous chick doing with a corrupted guy like me. I mean, you’re not even bad in bed, you could’ve chosen anyone you want, and heck you’d leave them wanting more. So what the heck are you doing with me? Was it fear that drove you to agree to my confession?”

Haizaki allowed your small hand to grip at the collar of his clothes, and look into your eyes with a burning curiosity, but somewhere hiding behind it, pain.

“I don’t know”

He didn’t know what to make of that answer.

“But all i do know now, is someone has to keep you on a leash, and if that person was someone else other than me, i think i might just go insane. Somehow i just knew, that even if you were trouble, you belong with me”

His shoulders shook, and his chest rumbled, followed by a loud laugh from relief. The skies as if cleared up once more, as the old Haizaki came back and pulled you to sit on his lap.

“There’s my possessive little girl, didn’t know you had it in you, you’re getting me so turned on right now”

Okay, sometimes, his sex drive drove you nuts, but, like you said, if he were to say these things to anyone else, you might have to decapitate someone.

Hanamiya: “You should leave while you can” his tone indicates a strong suggestion for you to take. But with Hanamiya, you were never sure if he was being sincere with his words, or if some twisted ending would follow.

“Was it because of what Furuhashi said? When he compared how you treat me in this relationship, to how i treat you?” he wanted to laugh and deny you with a roll of his tongue. The pitter patter of raindrops, and your spot on answer, swallowed the forced out laughter.

He was left with you staring at him.

And he wanted you to stop, stop before those eyes melts the steel cage inside him. “Tch, like i even listened to him” you didn’t believe him, god, how did he let himself become so vulnerable around you, that you noticed what a broken man he truly was.


He basks in the sweet melody of your voice calling out his name, a siren’s call, so alluring yet cruel to the prey. Your hands slid up to his face, and cupped his cheek with your one hand.

“I know”

He hated long speeches, people tend to over exaggerate their feelings through an abundance of complicated words that no one ever bothered listening to. You were different. You know him. Which was silly, because he barely know in which direction does his hair grow, but you know. And even if you answered wrong, he’ll believe you.

It all got mixed up along the way, instead of trapping you in his web, you also trapped him in yours. Maybe, this is what’s called love. Even with two words, spoken with bleary eyes and breath that smells of coffee, he seemed to feel much better, no longer questioning his self worth.

He believed you.

Kyoutani: If his title wasn’t enough to give you a warning on what kind of person he is, then you must either be idiotically brave, or someone who he came to fell for. For you, it was the latter.

He never focused much on the prospect of being in a relationship, but now that he’s in one, he wished he would’ve read the rules or even prepare himself first for what’s about to come. Oddly enough, even with all the mental exhaustion, the smile on your face always gets him through the day. Maybe, even causing him to smile too.

Because he didn’t and couldn’t read the rules of entering a romantic relationship    if only someone were to invent one    he found himself lost, because for some unknown reason he began to doubt himself more and more the deeper this relationship gets. And the more he thinks about it, the more his doubts make sense.

You deserved someone better, heck, anyone other than him. You would get along with everyone easily, and people would find it easy to fall for you if they would. Iwaizumi seemed like a much better boyfriend, albeit awkward and shy around girls, he’s responsible, caring, supportive, and something he wished he could be, he was unpredictable, and a ‘Mad Dog’. What would parents say if their girlfriend brought home this delinquent, compared to a responsible, sensible man?

He did not respect the ace for nothing after all. The more he watched you converse and laugh along with his teammates    whom you’ve known in a shorter amount of time than him yet somehow got along better with    the more he begins to see the error in your judgement. You could’ve been happier if you chose different. If only he was a better person.

“Kenta-kun!” his name rings in his ear, and he stopped in his trail to wait for you.

He wanted to tell you to leave him and be with someone better, he really did, but he sees you smile, smile only for him, and complain about your day with a comical expression on your face, something he never saw you do with anyone else but him, then he knows that even though he wasn’t the best, to you, he is.

“Eh?” you made a surprise gasp when he suddenly clutched your hand in his.

“Is something wrong?”

He shook his head, at the corner of his eyes he could see Oikawa cooing at the two of you while Iwaizumi kept him on his spot.

“Nothing, just, glad you’re here”

You were surprised, but you didn’t complain, and for the rest of the walk it was silent.

“You were feeling doubtful about yourself again?” Kyoutani made a choking noise from astonishment, and when he looks down at your face, smiling at him, he told you the truth with a nod.

“You always have that weird expression on when you’re starting to doubt yourself”

He looks down to the ground, ashamed of being caught.

“But it’s okay”

He glanced at you.

“Sometimes, i feel doubtful of myself too, if i was worthy enough for you, if i-” the gruff man pulled you in for a side hug, which had you gaping in surprise once more.


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Addicted to you (Luke smut)


Tree months. Tree fucking months since they had exchanged their last words. Since they broke up. Since she told him she wanted to move on. Why? The girl never told him. She just “did’t want this anymore”. The words leaving her mouth tearing his heart into a million pieces. It hurt like being stabbed with a dagger. He did not care showing his weakness, she already knew how much he loved her, how much he cared, how much he needed  her. She told Luke that they could stay friends but all he could think was the pain he felt in his chest. He did not want to be friends with her, he just wanted her. He wanted to have her, feel her. That was no longer possible though. She did care of course, she did love him. With all her heart, which belonged to the blond haired boy with those ocean blue eyes. She was just scared, afraid that she loved him way to much for his liking. She was blinded with love and could not see through him, how he felt for her. She thought that Luke would get tired of her someday and leave her. Leave her for someone better and with more confidence. She could not stand the idea of him breaking up with her, so that is why she did it herself. 

Luke was now out of her house, waiting for her to open the door. Impatiently he was playing with this lip ring he recently got, wanting to change his looks a little bit. He was nervous and his breathing was unstable, he wanted to see her and talk to her but he was also afraid that she would just act like nothing had happened between them, like everything was perfect. Even though she told him to stay friends, they never saw each other since that night. The night she shattered him. He could not stand it anymore though. He was not able of getting her out of his mind. He tried and tried but nothing came out of it, it was no longer worth trying. 

“Luke?” Her soft voice making him turn around and forget whatever he was thinking about. She was standing right in front of him, in his Ramones T-shirt he’d given her and her sweatpants. She seemed quite shorter than the last time he’d seen her. Probably he was the one who got a few inches taller. Her soft brown locks wet. Obviously she’d just had a bath. She was still so small and beautiful but unfortunately not his. He missed her so much. He wanted her back. Back in his dull and boring life. He’d admitted to his self that he could not live without her. Not anymore. He could not stand the pain.

“Hi” he breathed looking at her intensively. His eyes glued on her wide ones trying to steady his breathing. She just looked at him understanding that it was for him as hard as it was for her. His blue orbs still on hers. 

“Luke, wha- what are you, um, doing here?” She was struggling to keep calm and talk to him but she was so distracted from looking at him. His now broad shoulders, his new hairstyle, his new piercing, his familiar blue eyes that she loved and missed so much. 

“I can’t. I just can’t do this anymore. I-I tried so hard but you’re stuck in my head. It’s been three fucking months for God’s sake and I can’t stop thinking about you.” He paused for a moment so he could breathe. She was trying so hard to listen to him and take his words in. She already knew that breaking up with him was a mistake but never did she think that he had not forgotten her by now. “What did I do? Just tell me cause I might be going insane. I don’t know what else to do or think of. I’m just lost without you. You can’t do this to me. Jesus I’m addicted to you and it hurts so much not being able to be with you, near you. The guys think I should visit a doctor or something. Everyone thinks I’m fucked up. And I know I am too. I just- I don’t understand. I can’t.”

His eyes by now were glassy and his breath was hitched. It was cold outside, though was dressed in just his Nirvana T-shirt and his black skinny jeans. She was watching him in awe not understanding the reason why he could not move on with his own life. Not that she was capable of doing such thing. She was still so in love with him. Depressed. Lost. But he was always the strong one. The one that never got emotional over things like that. He was Luke. Yet, there he was at her front door pleading and holding his tears back. It was the moment that she regretted every word she’d said to him that day. 

Without a word she wrapped her arms around his neck tightly and buried her face in the crook of his neck inhaling his scent. The scent she’d missed so much. He was there with her and he made her realize that he was the only person who’s ever loved her that much.

Luke, after a few seconds, wrapped his own arms around her waist pulling her closer to him, feeling her warmth and realizing how cold he was. “Luke, I’m sorry.” She whispered now trying to hold her own tears from escaping. She could not let him go now. Not again. Not ever. She was determined to keep him and never leave him. “God you’re freezing.” She said still keeping her tone low not wanting to ruin their comfortable silence. He just pulled her even closer -if that was possible- in response. She just backed a little and cupped his face in her small -comparing to his- hands pulling it close to hers so that it was only a few inches away. His cool breath fanning her lips and his eyes traveling from her sparkling ones down to them. Then back to her eyes. He repeated the action a few times before leaning and brushing his lips to hers slightly. Her, being no longer able to wait she closed the small gap and crashed her lips to his, holding still for a little until he started moving his needy ones against hers, exhaling relieved.

The next he knew she was pulling him in her house, closing the door by pushing him against it. She’d missed him so much and that was making her needy and aggressive. So hungry for him. He was driving her crazy.

His hands running down her sides as his lips worked with hers. The kiss was heated and ignition was bursting as they kissed slowly. He deepened the kiss by turning her and pushing her against the door this time. Her tongue teasing his lip ring earning a slight moan from him. With that she pushed it inside his mouth finding all the spots that drove min crazy. Her hands run through his blond hair tugging hungrily at the ends. She wanted him so bad. His one hand traveled down cupping smoothly the curve of her bum. She gasped making him smile against her lips. He loved to know that he still had this kind of effect on her. Like he always did. 

“God I want you so bad.” He mumbled against her lips starting to trail kisses down her jaw, then her neck finding quickly her weak spot. He started sucking gently but soon his teeth were biting the spot, then using his tongue to sooth the sensitive skin. She whimpered at the feeling.

“Then have me." 


Soon they were stumbling into the house never leaving each other’s lips. By now his T-shirt was somewhere on the floor, his skin burning under her touch. Once they were in her bedroom he pulled at the hem of his T-shirt taking it off of her. "Nice T-shirt.” he mumbled smiling.

“Thanks.” She blushed realizing it belonged to him.

She looked at him. The moonlight illuminating his face making him look almost perfect. She trailed her hands down his naked torso admiring until she reached his jeans, the elastic of his boxers visible as it was uncovered. She reached the button and slowly undid it, her fingers trembling. Not being able to wait anymore she quickly pushed the pants down leaving him only in his boxers. He was flawless to her. He was what she needed and so much more. His hands traveled at the back of her thighs lifting her so she could wrap her legs around his waist. He walked to the bed and laid her down on it softly while hovering her. He positioned his self between her covered legs and started kissing from her neck to the valley between her breasts. He was leaving kisses all the way down her body until he reached her sweat pants. He hooked his fingers in them and pulled them down with her underwear making her shiver as he trailed them down her legs. Once they were off he brought his face just above her heat seeing how badly she wanted him. He exhaled heavily making her gasp as she felt his breath fan where she really needed him. 

He brought his body to hover her again and hooked his arm under lifting her bit so he pull the covers above them. She wrapped her arms around his neck bringing one on his nape an the other to trail his soft hair. He brought his hands to the back of her bra unclasping it. Within seconds it was on the floor. 

His fingers ran down her stomach to her core grazing her folds softly and making her whimper. “Luke please.” Her voice weak. She could not bear it. She was on fire and she needed him to do something. Anything. 

He started rubbing her painfully slow. His skillful fingers feeling perfect against her earning a moan from her. She brought her lips to his so she could stop herself from screaming as he increased the pressure and pace. Her hands reached at his boxers hooking her fingers in them and pulling slightly down making his breathing become heavier. Without warning she pulled them down and pushed half way with her feet. She could feel him against her while he was still rubbing there with his long fingers. She slowly felt his touch withdraw. She broke their kiss and looked into his blue eyes nodding.

He rested his forehead against hers and closed his eyes. “Don’t ever leave me again.” He whispered and reopened his eyes slowly pushing inside of her not giving her the chance to speak as she gasped for air. His absence noticeable. He could feel how tight she was. He smiled realizing that he was her first and her last as well. He was now fully inside her giving her time to adjust. Her eyes closed and her lips slightly parted as he was observing her beauty. “So beautiful.” His whisper barely audible. A moan escaped her throat as he’d unintentionally moved his hips against hers. Her eyes opened looking straight into his as she bucked her hips for some more friction. He took one of her hands and held it right above her head, on the pillow and finally he started moving in a slow pace. One of her legs was lifted and placed on his hip taking her from a new angle now touching a spot inside her that drove her crazy. He would always manage to find it. Her head rolled back and her moans started to increase. He began leaving wet open-mouthed kisses on her neck and chest making her moans even louder. She thrust upwards to meet his hips once again and earning a heavy moan from him as well. He hid his face in the crook of her neck groaning as she purposely clenched around him. His raspy voice vibrating against her skin. His hand never leaving hers, holding it even more tightly now. Her nails were scratching down his back, digging into the skin leaving marks.

“Luke, I–” she breathed heavily.

“Shh baby you’re safe with me.” He felt like he had to let her know. He wanted her to know how much she meant to him. She was everything he had. “God I love you so much.” Luke said while panting. With that she could no longer hold it. She let go. The euphoric feeling taking over her. His thrusts slowed down a little bit but he went even deeper as he was about to hit his high too. 

“Luke, baby let go for me.” She whispered in his ear weakly while stroking his hair softly trying to calm him down. He groaned heavily against her chest biting down on the skin making her whimper as his warmth filled her.

He rested his head on her chest, still inside her trying to catch his breath. His eyes closed, her fingers still caressed his soft hair. He suddenly pushed up his body slipping out of her making both of them whimper. Luke stared at the girl intensively trying to figure out what just happened. Before he could say a word he was on his back with her straddling his waist. Her hands rested on his chest which was now rising up and falling down in a steady pace. She looked at him as he sat up wrapping his arms around her and grabbing the duvet that had just fallen down her body. Her legs each side of his body and her arms wrapped around his neck. 

“I’ll never, ever leave you again.” She stated and looked deeply into his eyes making him smile. His dimple was visible. With that she kissed him again starting their second time which was not going to be the last one of the night.


holly fuck. this is my first smut ever. worked hard on it so please don’t be hard on me bc i’m sensitive. hemmings destroyed my life. K BYE :-)

Guys. I just thought of something. And I know this is completely irrelevant to the main plot and that I’m going on an extreme tangent here, so please bear with me, but I just realized that since sexual orientation didn’t change for any of the characters in the alternate universe, and only their personalities did, if AU!Raj seemed to express jealousy when AU!Alec showed interest in AU!Magnus and granted him access to the party…

Does that mean in real life Raj is also gay?

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