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Reader x Klaus Mikaelson


Imagine: Klaus gets super jealous over you and you decide to punish, in a very hot way, him for almost murdering your best friend Stefan.


*smut, so read carefully

Word Count: 1577

“I’m sick of this, Klaus!” You yelled, the anger spreading through your every cell. “You treat me like I’m your property, like I am a fucking toy. Get this into your head: I’m not!”


“Wait, I’m not finished yet! You have no right to hurt my friends because you’re jealous.”

“You have no right to seduce your friends to win a bloody argument!”

The fight he had brought up started a week ago, when you went to a party alongside Elena, Bonnie and Caroline. It was at Whitmore College, you were still settling and getting used to being away from Mystic Falls. And, surely, from your boyfriend as well. The blonde thought it would be a good idea, to get out and have some fun. She did not let you say no to it.

Hours later you were there, the music was loud and people were drunk, an extremely perfect inviroment to unwind a little. Your mind was so heavy, missing Klaus, worrying about Silas… Sometimes you felt like you could not handle this much pressure. That was when Stefan showed up, he wanted to check if everything was okay. You were all alone, since Caroline disappeared with a guy named Jesse and Damon stole Elena away. The younger Salvatore and you ended up talking, which lead to you pouring your heart out to him. Both of you were very good friends and doing that felt good. He placed his arm around your shoulders and you let your head fall against his chest. It was a very bad time to do that, though, because Klaus had just arrived looking for you. He went nuts about it and almost ripped your best friend’s heart out. God, you felt so angry at him. And now, after he spotted you with Michael, a college friend, he started with that crap again.

“I wasn’t seducing anyone! Iwas just talking, like normal people do.”

“You were touching him and smiling. The smile that gets me crazy over you! I can’t picture the idea of you using that smile with other guys, they might fall for you and…”

“Sit!“ You raised an eyebrow and pushed him to your bed. “Now listen to me: I love you and there’s no other man in this world who can make me feel like you do. Got it?”

He grinned and allowed his right hand to rest on your waist.

“God, you’re sexy when you’re all bossy, love.”

“I’m just trying to make you understand, but I honestly think you deserve a punishment for making me so mad.”

“Well, I can’t disagree with you. What do you have in mind to make your powerful boyfriend suffer?”

“First, lie down.” Klaus looked at you, the smirk still on his face. “I said: lie down! Right now!”

You pushed him harshly and he fell on his back, glancing at you with expectation. 

“Now, rule number one: you are not allowed to touch me. Just watch.”

The Mikaelson nodded, agreeing with your terms. You put a soft song to play and started to sway your hips, lightly, looking directly at him. Slowly, you unbuttoned your shirt, rubbing your hands through your body. Finally, you ran out of buttons and showed the black lacy bra you had on. Klaus tightened in the bed, motioning to stand up. You knew he was tempted, but, at the same time, you wanted him to beg. Beg for your sex.

“I remember saying for you lie down! Now I have to tie you up.”


“Shush! Don’t say a word until I say so.”

Your lips hovered over his, your noses brushed each other, but you did not kiss him. He grunted when you backed away, leaving his wrists tied up with your shirt and giggling. His eyes followed your every movement, especially when you took off your skirt, revealing a sexy black thong, matching your bra. Klaus loved to see you wearing lingerie sets and you would not waste an opportunity to drive him over the edge. 

“Y/N, this is not funny! Look how hard you got me!”

“Tsk, your commander did not allowed you to say anything yet.” You slip off from your underpants and gently rubbed it against his nose. “Can you smell my arousal, honey? Oh well, I know you do. Still, be aware that you will not taste it. At least not now.”

“Love, I don’t believe this is a fair game.”

“You agreed to play, though. Live up to your promise and I assure you’ll end up satisfied.”

“Next time we play this, I’m in charge. I’m a bloody alpha, not any mutt you can boss around.”

“Keep talking like that and you’ll end up with no pussy today. And mine is, oh, all juicy.”

You laughed as you heard him growl. Klaus had a short temper and, heck, you enjoyed so much to play with his feelings. Biting your lower lip, you touched your clit, tracing figure eights on it. Your boyfriend’s eyes widened as you sat in front of him, still rubbing the soft nub. The other hand grabbed a boob and you realised you were still wearing a bra. You pushed it down a little, stroking your nipple and letting out girlish moans.

“This feels so fucking good, oh…”

“Y/N, if you don’t sit on my face right now so I can help you with that… Fuck, I don’t know what I’m going to do to you.”

“I guess you already know, sweetie.” You smiled, sticking your wet fingers inside his mouth. “Only you can make me get like this. Look at the sheets, all dirty with my juices…”

“I’m going crazy over here. My dick is so hard for you, babe, help me out a little.”

“Oh, my poor Nik. I’m going to give you treat. Tell me, do you want me to suck your cock or ride it?”

“Is this a trick question?” His blue eyes looked at you so deeply, you almost felt your skin burn. “I want to feel your pretty pussy clenching around my thick cock.”

You sighed, nodding and taking off his trousers and tearing up his shirt, leaving only his blue boxers on. His hard length could be seen miles away and you almost felt sorry for him, it was probably hurting a lot. Klaus’ body was claiming to feel your soft hands and, without hesitation, you went for it, pumping softly his dick and hearing his groans fill the room.

“You’ll be so screwed when this game is over.”

“Is fair when you do it, but no when I’m in charge?” You questioned him, finally sinking down on his dick. The Mikaelson closed his eyes whilst you moaned. "Niklaus Mikaelson, you need boundaries. Someone to put on your place. No Elijah, no Mikael. Me! I’m the one who’s going to set you straight.“

It was the breaking point to the man under you, he tore the shirt locking his wrists and grasped your butt, slapping it and increasing the movements’ velocity. Next morning you could bet you would be sore.

Fuck, Klaus!“ You reached your clit, stroking it.

"You love my cock inside your pretty pink pussy, don’t you?”

You hummed, nodding, unable to answer properly, and digging your nails on his chest. The only sound echoing was of your hips clapping and the strangled noises both of you were making. His large hands cupped your breasts, stroking gently your nipples. You did not think it was possible to feel this amount of pleasure.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck…” You squeaked, heavy breathing and punching his chest. “I’m going to fucking cum around you!”

“Come on, kitten, show me what you got.”

You took a deep breath, the numbing feeling starting to crawl up your body. By this point, it was not about dominating him anymore, you just wanted the tension built up on your stomach released. Klaus angled his hips, finding a sweet spot inside you, which made you huff and grunt.

At last, since your body could not withstand any more of that pressure, you felt your mind levitate. Your toes curled up and you clutched his hair tightly, almost ripping a lock off. Klaus came right afterwards, in hot spurts inside of you and squeezing your waist so strongly you knew it would leave a bruise behind. When the thrilling sensation left, you smiled, satisfied and cuddled on his chest, his unique scent invading your nostrils.

“You’re such a complicated person, Y/N.”

“I am?” You did not look at him, just kept drawing imaginary figures on his chest. 

“Yes, even though that is exactly why I love you.”

“I love you too, sweetheart. However, don’t think that means I’m not angry with for you trying to kill my friends.”

“I’m truly sorry, love, I just… I’m scared one day I might lose you.”

You shook your head, giggling.

“I’m really upset you didn’t realise, by now, you’re stuck with me forever. Well, forever if one day you decide to turn me.”

“That’s up only to you, darling.”

Y/N Y/L/N!” Caroline cried, covering her eyes. “What did we agreed about bringing boys in?”


“Oh, come on!”

“Give us a minute and we’ll fix everything.”

Klaus and you laughed at the blonde, leaving the bed and getting dressed. You sighed, getting lost on your boyfriend putting on his trousers. He raised his eyesight, staring at you and making you blush.

“If you keep looking at me like that, I won’t be able to leave.”

“Urgh! I’m still listening.”

“We’re almost done, Care. Don’t worry.”

One more laugh, one more kiss and he was gone, taking a piece of your heart alongside him.

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Top 5 most attractive anime characters? (one for each anime, don't cheat)

I won’t cheat my love, even if picking one for each it’s gonna be damn hard

1. Rin Matuoka (Free!). My one and only, among all the anime boys, he’ll forever be my favorite. I don’t even know how to describe him, he’s just…perfect (and his ponytail makes my soul leave my body and ascend every single time)

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2. Kuroo Tetsurou (Haikyuu!!). You’ll have to rip the idea that he was made to be the sexiest character of the series from my cold dead hands. He might be a gigantic dork, but his bad boy aura does things to all of us, don’t lie to me. 

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3. Chuuya Nakahara (Bungou Stray Dogs). Listen. L i s t e n. I could talk about Chuuya forever and I’ve been irrationally attracted to him and to his personality from the very first time I saw him. With his androgynous look he’s the definition of “the best of both worlds”, I bet he made almost everyone question their life choices. He’s simply a character like no one else…he’s just Chuuya <3

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4. Seishuu Handa (Barakamon). He is probably the most canonically stunning male character ever designed. He’s so delicate, almost royal in everything he does and in the way he carries himself. He’s the kind of guy you could just sit down and admire how’s like. A walking work of art. 

5. Haruka Tenoh (Sailor Moon). Let’s end this with my very first anime crush. I’m glad that you kept your request gender neutral so I could put here my beloved Haru. No matter how many years have passed, she still makes my heart go !!!!! every time I see her

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- bonus: special mention to one of my favorite heroes, the very much beautiful Todoroki Shouto from Boku No Hero Academia!

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Ask me my top 5 things!

dating Jack Maynard would include:


·       Staying in bed until 2pm

·       Constantly stealing his hoodies, but he doesn’t mind because he loves it on you and it’s an excuse for him to buy more

·       Being snapchat whores together

·       Styling and playing with his hair

·       Accompanying each other to get tattoos. (but not getting matching tattoos)

·       Snapchatting you from his bed about how much he misses you when you’re not together

·       Constantly whining that he doesn’t feel well and needs your hugs

·       His eyes and smile would always light up around you

·       Showing off, but then getting embarrassed about it

·       He just needs your affection

·       Just being pretentious music whores together

·       Going to concerts and festivals together. His arm would be around you while he vlogs/snapchats

·       He would get really annoyed whenever you talked to other guys but he would never admit

·       He would make a conscious effort not to flirt with other girls

·       Getting incredibly drunk on nights’ out

·       Having drunk sex multiple times a night

·       You’d both be extremely hungover the next morning

·       Josh yelling at you to get out of bed

·       Jack never letting go off you when you wake up. Literally all he wants to do is cuddle

·       Being late to everything because you’re either too hungover or lazy

·       Getting caught in the middle of his prank wars with Josh

·       Joe taking care of the both of you #daddysugg

·       He’d find almost any excuse to include you in a video

·       Winking at you when you’re helping him film from behind the camera

·       Lots of editing because he’s constantly making jokes about your sex life

·       The other boys walking away when they film a collab if your around because they can’t handle the sexual tension and jokes

·       Netflix and chill all. the. fucking. time.

·       The buttercreams just love having you around

·       Jack getting upset that his friends steal you from him

·       Make up sex for literally anything and everything

·       He would always make sure you’re taken care of before himself when having sex

·       Lots and lots of cuddles 24/7

A/N: honestly I could go on forever, but I had to stop myself. I might do another one if you guys are interested. Requests still open :)

vernon moodboard for @isinnedforthis
playlist: she sets the city on fire by gavin degraw

hope you like it, let me know if you want anything changed.

the time read 9:03 and after sitting on your bed waiting for vernon to finally show up, you decided to wait outside for him. your parents would kill you if they knew you were going out so late and with a boy but it didn’t matter, nothing else matter except that you had to see your boyfriend.

it might sound a little cliche but you loved him and he loved you, being so young so many people thought that it was just a phase but he was the love of your life and forever that would stay.

“it’s about time! where have you been?” you said to him as you piled into the passenger seat. “sorry, my sister was going to tell my mom if I didn’t promise to do her chores for a month.” he rolled his eyes and you couldn’t help but smile at him. “you ready?” he questioned with a grin and you nodded excitedly.

you drove into the city with the sound of music coming out softly from the radio. he had one hand on the wheel and the other on your thigh and you were telling him about your day with a bright smile. it was times like this that made you most happy, late night drives with the love of your life.

(or soft, warm, angsty and really really beautiful fics that need more attention)

I love you are three words that hang off of Harry’s lips and this time, Harry thinks he may finally let the colors of the words drip off and let Louis see what he means, see everything, and maybe the flowers in Harry’s lungs will allow him to breathe instead of choking him, as if Louis loving him would take the flowers and replace them with his lips, soft and pressing and gentle.

Or, Louis loved art and Harry was a masterpiece.

Louis’s voice was always red, ever-changing red, traveling from shades of cherry red to crimson, passing through deep carmine, a light cerise and a strong red lust.

“Lou, please, sing to me.”

They’re walking down the street and the sun’s setting so everything’s more saturated and the shadows are deeper. The crowds are thinning, everything’s getting quieter, and gelato drips out of their waffle cones and down their hands. Louis’ got nutella. Harry’s got one scoop peanut butter and one scoop strawberry.

“I feel cleaner already,” Harry smiles, despite the fact that he’s a sticky mess and his lips looks numb and painfully red. His curls cling to his skin and he’s got beads of sweat on his upper lip but he always looks so touchable and warm that it doesn’t bother Louis in the slightest.

Sometimes, Harry thinks that Louis’ secretly a nebula. A cloud of energy left after a supernova explosion that’s both enrapturing and beautiful. All glitter and bright colours. Harry’s sure that one day, just like a nebula, Louis will become a star. He just hopes that Louis will keep shining in his sky.

Louis knew. When the flowers didn’t bloom and the snow kept falling; when the cold stayed, when the birds didn’t sing… He knew. He knew his spring boy was hurting, and he knew it was his fault.
Without Louis, Harry only had chaos.

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Spring in Hawkins 🌧

It was a rainy mid-spring afternoon when the kids were all in the Wheeler basement, the boys playing a campaign and El and Max half paying attention. Max looked out the basement window covered in little water driplets, and nudged El whispering, “Look out there El, wouldn’t it be fun if we all went out there for a little bit and played in the rain?” El glanced at Max, confused but also a little intrigued. “I guess,” El shrugged and looked out the window at the gloominess of the outside world. “I have an idea,” Max stood up from her crisscrossed position on the floor and announced out loud, “Sorry to interrupt you boys, but El and I were thinking it might be fun to go outside and play in the rain.” 

“Is she crazy?” Lucas looked around at the boys and then out the window at the drizzling rain outside, but he actually loved the idea. Mike shrugged at Lucas, “I think that’d be super fun, guys, don’t you think? It’s been forever since it rained, and we’re just sitting inside, and this campaign can wait.” Dustin looked at Max with doe eyes, “Yeah, that’d be cool!” Mike looked at El and smiled at her, scrunching his brows a little, his way of asking if she wanted to go. She nodded her head and smiled back, and it was like they had had a conversation of their own. Will stood up and said excitedly, “Let’s get our coats on and go out there!” The rest of the boys began standing up, Dustin stretching a bit since they’d been sitting for about 3 hours. Mike walked over to El with a little skip in his step, “It’s gonna be so pretty out there, El. And the rain is one of my favorite smells. Do you have your coat?” She nodded as the herd climbed the stairs to all get their coats, which were hung up in the coat closet. Karen was baking some lemon pie, from what it smelled like in the kitchen, as the six kids came stampeding into the foyer. “What are you kids up to? It’s pouring out there,” Karen said with a bit of worry in her voice. “We know, mom. We’re all gonna out there for a while, if that’s okay?” Karen squinted her eyes at Mike and with some hesitation said, “Okay, kiddos, but don’t track in too much mud when you decide to come back inside,” she was smiling now, glad the kids were having fun. “Okay, mom!” Mike looked around at the kids waiting to go out. “Everyone have their coats?” They all nodded impatiently and collectively exclaimed, “Let’s go!” 

When Lucas opened the front door, El could smell the moist dirt and trees that surrounded the Wheeler house. “Don’t you love it, El?” Mike closed his eyes and sniffed the air comically, and El nodded and giggled. Mike loved making El laugh more than anything in the whole world. As Lucas, Dustin, Will and Max playfully jumped and splashed in puddles, El and Mike went off on their own underneath a big evergreen tree to the side of the Wheeler house. The branches were high enough off the ground that they could both stand under it semi-comfortably, Mike’s dark mop of hair gently brushing on some damp branches ever so slightly while El was an inch or two below the branches. They looked up into the dewy tree, covered with tiny driplets of water, facing each other and holding hands. One driplet lightly fell onto El’s soft cheek. She wanted to shake the water off her face, but Mike insisted on brushing it off with his thumb instead. El smiled up at Mike and looked deep into his beautiful dark brown eyes and pulled him into a hug. His touch was warm and loving, and his forest green rain coat smelled of laundry soap and old campfire smoke. She took a deep, determined breath. El let go a little and used her powers to raise herself into the air enough to kiss him softly on the lips. El’s head raised a bit more and lightly hit the branches and drips of water came falling on them both. Mike’s freckled cheeks became pink and El giggled as she lowered herself to the ground. They started to hear Lucas, Dustin, Will and Max splashing again as they came back to the real world. Max looked over at the couple and yelled playfully, “Hey lovebirds, get over here so we can all have a puddle splashing contest!” Mike and El simultaneously yelled back, “Okay!” And they looked at each other and started to walk over, hands still intertwined. 

Angst, pt14



The first thing you felt was pressure. You tried to clear the fog in the back of your mind so that you could figure out where the pressure was. It was somewhere. On your body? Your chest felt heavy but that wasn’t the pressure you felt. You flexed your fingers, realizing it was your hand that felt weighed down.

“Y/N?” The voice sounded familiar. But so far away. “Bones, she squeezed my hand.”

From a distance, there was a flurry of noise, like the low hum of bees pollinating a garden in the summer. The pressure in your hand vanished, leaving you grasping weakly at air. Then it came back, warmer, on both sides, like you were being enveloped in a warm cocoon.

You became aware of your breathing, slow and rhythmic, and a new pressure, this one on the inside of you. With your light hand, you reached for your face, only to feel pressure on it as something pulled your hand back.

“She’s coming to, Doctor McCoy.” It sounded so far away.

“Let’s go ahead and extubate, and she how she does on her own.” Doctor McCoy’s was a barely there rumble. A moment, and then you felt your body retch, rejecting something. Extubate. McCoy had said extubate. You were alive.

You pushed against the sedation, like a you were trying to swim to the surface of a too deep pool, but the pull of whatever medication your colleague had given was too much, and you fell back to unconsciousness.


The steady beep of the biobed slowly pervaded your mind, and you noted the pressure still at your hand. You tried to turn your head but you were so weak. You forced your eyes open and blinked against the harsh white of the seclusion room lights.

“Lights -” you croaked.

“Lights at 50%,” a voice supplied when your own trailed off. You struggled to turn your head and met Jim’s intense blue eyes with your own. He looked exhausted. Like he hadn’t slept in days.

“How long?” You managed.
“Shh. Let me get you something to drink,” he released your hand and fumbled with a glass of water, raising the head of the bed at the same time. He placed the straw at your lips and you drank, wetting your mouth. It was like pouring water on dry sand the way the water absorbed into the dry lining of your mouth.

“How long?” Your voice was barely above a whisper, and it hurt to speak.

“Six days,” Jim supplied. “The blade did unbelievable amounts of damage. Bones said there was only one of two organs not harmed. It was coated in some kind of toxin. Took three days to figure out a cure for it. He’ll fill you in, I’m sure, once you’re more clear.”

“You look awful,” you commented, noticing his bloodshot eyes.

“It was pretty touch and go with you,” he admitted. “It’s been a long week. Try to rest, I’ll call Bones.”

You lapsed back to sleep easily, you were so exhausted, the soothing rhythm of the biobed marking your vitals lulling you to sleep. You woke again as McCoy held a tricorder over you.

“Sleeping beauty, I presume?” He smiled. It didn’t reach his eyes. “How do you feel? Pain?”

“Not really. I feel a little disconnected,” you admitted.

“That’s the sedation wearing off,” he provided. You nodded.

“How’s Ti?” You asked. “He lost a lot of blood and he must be so scared.”

Leonard looked down, breaking eye contact with you.

“The toxin did a lot of damage -” he started.

“Jim said you’d synthesized and anti-toxin,” you interrupted. The biobed registered the increase in your heart rate and chirped a sharp warning.

“We did but -” he tried again.

“Don’t,” you interrupted.

“Y/N, I did everything I could,” he started, taking your hand. He finally looked you in the eye, and you saw the strain of the past week on his face, and fresh tears in his eyes.


“I fought for him until we nearly lost you too,” he tried. You shook your head.

“No, Leonard, don’t -” You felt tears filling your eyes.

“Y/N, I’m sorry -”

“Take me to him,” you demanded. Leonard nodded and brought over a wheelchair, helping you rise and pivot into it. He wheeled you to the morgue, and when the doors slid open, you saw Jim sitting beside a small figure laying on a gurney. His shoulders were shaking with silent sobs.

You pushed yourself to your feet, and took an unsteady step toward the gurney. Ti was so pale, and still, nothing like the bright, lively boy you knew him to be. A single sob tore out of your chest and you collapsed at the side of the gurney. Jim jumped up, and knelt beside you, pulling you into his arms.

You heard the door slide shut and knew Leonard had left you together in your grief. You pushed away from Jim and forced yourself, painfully, to your feet. You sat at the edge of the gurney, pulling your beautiful boy into your arms and felt the sobs tear out of you, ripping through you like your soul was being torn into pieces.

Warm arms encircled you, as Jim gathered you and Tiberius into his arms, his tears mingling with your own.

“I’m sorry.” Jim and you spoke at the same time. You tilted your head in confusion.

“I should have been a better father. I should have been a better man.” His voice was raw from crying.

“I never made it easy for you.” You shook your head.

“I can’t make this right,” he whispered, kissing Ti’s head.

“Neither of us can. I’m so sorry, Jim.” You started weeping again, and brushed the soft hair from Ti’s forehead, kissing him. “I’m sorry my sweet boy. Mommy loves you.”

“I love you, Y/N. I never stopped. I can’t change what’s happened, but I promise you -”

“Wait until you aren’t grieving to make promises, Jim. I would promise you the world right now if I thought it might stop the hurt,” you interrupted. He nodded and squeezed you tighter. “Just be the man Ti believed you to be.”


Rucas one shot. Riley is in her first year of college, and is learning the hard way about the freshman fifteen. She bumps into a cute boy at the gym, that just so happens to be Lucas. R-PG

In college, it can be extremely difficult to maintain a healthy diet, get all of your assignments done, stay active, get enough sleep, and a social life. Not everyone can get organized, and some summer the consequences of gaining a lot of weight. After noticing she had gained ten pounds, Riley decided it was time to get her butt in gear. She decided to put on her calendar when she should work out. She figured if she wrote it down, she would be too guilty to not do it.

Riley hated to sweat; she hated feeling drenched and disgusting. Nonetheless, she got her running sneakers on, some other athletic wear, put her hair up, and went to the gym. Most of the athletic students use the athletic gym, but once in a while the meat-heads would go to the normal gym. Riley also hated being around all of the super fit people. She wondered how they did it. How they kept up with their healthy diets, or even how they found the motivation to come every day. The most annoying thing to Riley was that she wanted to use all of the different weight machines, but she had no idea how, and she didn’t want to ask because it would be too embarrassing.

She went into the little cardio room the gym had, laid a mat down, and started doing different stomach and leg exercises. When she was done with that, she went back into the main room. She sat down at one of the weight machines, and read the tiny instructions on the side. She took a big gulp of water, and right as she was about to swallow someone asked her if she needed help. She spat up her water all over herself.

“Well, that’s just great. No matter what I’ll be leaving here soaked.”
“I’m so sorry about that. I work here, and I haven’t seen you around, so I thought I’d see if you needed any assistance.”  

A tall, handsome, dirty-blonde haired boy stood in front of Riley. His name tag said ‘Lucas’. She smiled at him.

“That’s alright, maybe another time. I think I’m just going to walk on the treadmill, I don’t want to over exert myself.”

She walked away. Put her headphones in, and started to jog on one of the treadmills, leaving Lucas standing in his spot.

By the end of her jog, Riley was absolutely soaked with sweat, and she could not wait to hop in the shower. She decided to stretch a little before leaving to make sure her legs did not lock up. Lucas came walking over to her with a little towel.

“Here, looks like you could use this.” She looked at him stunned. How rude could someone be?

“Sorry, that came out wrong. I know I hate the feeling of being drippy after a workout, so I thought a towel might help you out.”

“Oh, thanks. Yeah, I think that’s why I don’t really come here. I hate the feeling of being hot and sweaty. Put me in a pool or a nice shower, and I’m good to go, but sweat is just nasty.”

“I love swimming. There’s no better feeling than diving into a pool, or the ocean once the water is warm in like July. I really like floating there without a care in the world.”

Riley was mesmerized by Lucas. She could not believe a boy was sharing such deep feelings with her. She could listen to him talk forever. 

“Sorry, I’m rambling and you’re probably trying to get out of here.”
“Oh, no it’s okay. I was enjoying the conversation…”

She looked down at her sneakers, and thought about her sweaty her feet were; her socks squishy with hot liquid. 

“Well, I’m sure you’re dying to hop into the shower. Not that I’m thinking about you showering or anything like that, that would be weird. Um..do you have dinner plans? Maybe we could grab a bite together?”

“Yeah, I’d like that. Would you wanna go to the new place downtown?”

“That new Mexican place?”

“Yeah. It’s okay if you don’t like that kind of food-“

“Are you kidding? I’ve been dying to go. Let’s meet out front of there around seven.”

“Works for me, see you then.” 

Riley was about to walk away when she felt a gentle tug on her wrist.

“Wait, um, I should probably get your number. I can let you know when I’m on my way there or whatever.”

“Right, yeah, makes perfect sense.”

The two exchanged phone numbers. The minute Riley was out of the gym, she hurried back to her dorm and went right to the showers. She didn’t even wait for the water to heat up. One of Riley’s favorite things to do was to feel the cold water against her body after doing a sweaty activity. It made her feel like she was standing under a waterfall after hiking for hours. As the water started to heat up, she started laughing to herself. Riley only thought people met at the gym in movies or on TV. Lucas was really cute, and he seemed super nice.
Riley dried off, put some cute clothes on, a little make up and made her way downtown. 

Lucas had texted her, like he said, and told her he was on his way down. The way he was smiling at her when she approached her gave Riley a feeling like no other. He had a gorgeous smile. Butterflies went soaring through her stomach. They hugged softly, and went into the restaurant.
They split a quesadilla, and had some soda. The dinner was full of laughs. Neither of them really wanted the night to end. They walked slowly outside. It was quiet at first; Riley broke the silence.

“That was a lot of fun.” 

“Yeah it was. We should do it again sometime.”

“I’d like that.”

“Where are you living? I could walk you back to your dorm if you want.”

“That would be great! I’m a couple of blocks away.”



“Would it be alright if I held your hand?”

“Of course.” 

Riley could feel her heart beating. Lucas was so sweet to ask first. Riley had a moment of panic when Lucas first grabbed her hand. Because she was so nervous, her hands had gotten rather sweaty, and now that they were outside that turned to clamminess. She jerked her hand away. 

“Sorry, my hand must feel gross.”

“Don’t worry about it. I was nervous too.”

“You were?”

“Sure. It’s not every day you see a girl like you in the gym. You seemed so down to earth, and you really wanted to be there to be healthy, not to just look cute for the meatheads that come in. Not that you didn’t look cute because you did.”

Riley couldn’t help but blush and smile. They held hands all the way back to her dorm. The whole thing felt like a dream. She had never felt so happy. Lucas seemed to be as into her as she was into him. On their walk back they already made plans for when and where they would see each other again.  

“Well, this is me.” 


“Thanks for walking me back.” 

“It’s the least I could do. Would it be alright if I ki-“


The two giggled for a second, and then got serious. Lucas put a hand on one of Riley’s cheeks, and kissed her gently on the mouth. It was the perfect kiss. It wasn’t sloppy or overly wet. She kissed him back, and after a minute or so, they let go of each other.

“Good night Riley.”

“Good night Lucas.”

He walked away with a big smile on her face. Riley walked into her dorm with a big smile on her face. The perfect end, to a perfect day. She couldn’t wait to get sweaty at the gym tomorrow.


He felt the skin give, sliding across the bones of Ian’s wrist. He thought suddenly of the blood vow given at his marriage, the sting of the blade and Claire’s cold wrist pressed to his and the blood slick between them. Ian’s wrist was cold, too, but not from fear. 

He glanced at his own wrist, but there was no trace of a scar, either from vows or fetters; those wounds were fleeting, long-healed. 

“D’ye remember when we gave each other blood for blood?” Ian’s eyes were closed, but he smiled. Jamie’s hand tightened on the bony wrist, a little startled but not truly surprised that Ian had reached into his mind and caught the echo of his thoughts. 

“Aye, of course.” He couldn’t help a small smile of his own, a painful one. 

They’d been eight years old, the two of them. Jamie’s mother and her bairn had died the day before. The house had been full of mourners, his father dazed with shock. They had slipped out, he and Ian, scrambling up the hill behind the house, trying not to look at the fresh-dug grave by the broch. Into the wood, safe under the trees. 

Had slowed then, wandering, come to a stop at last at the top of the high hill, where some old stone building that they called the fort had fallen down long ago. They’d sat on the rubble, wrapped in their plaids against the wind, not talking much. 

“I thought I’d have a new brother,” he’d said suddenly. “But I don’t. It’s just Jenny and me, still.” In the years since, he’d succeeded in forgetting that small pain, the loss of his hoped-for brother, the boy who might have given him back a little of his love for his older brother, Willie, dead of the smallpox. He’d cherished that pain for a little, a flimsy shield against the enormity of knowing his mother gone forever. 

Ian had sat thinking for a bit, then reached into his sporran and got out the wee knife his father had given him on his last birthday. 

“I’ll be your brother,” he’d said, matter-of-fact, and cut across his thumb, hissing a little through his teeth. 

He’d handed the knife to Jamie, who’d cut himself, surprised that it hurt so much, and then they’d pressed their thumbs together and sworn to be brothers always. And had been.

An Echo in the Bone

April 1: tbr
I’m continuing my month and half reread. I started in the middle of March and some how managed to read 8 books. This is the rest of them, not including The Foxhole Court, The Raven King and All the Kings Men (All For The Game series) which I only have in kindle format. There are a couple books that I had preordered that finally arrived so I might squeeze those in too. Very ambitious, I know.

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idk if it's just me, but i love reading stories with jungkook in little space and having his hyungs as caregivers. like, it doesnt even have to be in a sexual way, just any one (or all) of his hyungs taking care of him. i hate how theirs not enough written bc most people see him as more of a dominant type of person. like no, hes just a little boy who wants his hyungs to love him forever and ever. i cant be the only one who thinks this

I just like anything where Jungkook is taken care of like he serves *CRIESSSSS* Aaaaanyways, ignore my dramatics. I’m more into sub space than little space but I’m not really picky as long as he gets cuddles and kisses *MORE CRYING* The thing I love about the concept is that Jungkook really is so eager to please. He craves approval and affection even if he might now show it sometimes. Like during the recent gayo ep, the kid was trying to impress Jimin and the rest of his hyungs with juggling and you could see he wanted praise. I’m sure they love him so so much and he’s a very happy maknae that’s showered with love every day. 

tae vs rap line - cypher pt 4
  • *taehyung texts namjoon*
  • taehyung: "hey i know ur the leader and a great rapper and everything and i love u very much hyung so i was thinking for the fourth cypher we have FOUR people... get it? like it's part FOUR and we have FOUR ppl rapping!! like how cool?! haha so i was thinking that since i did part 3 already, i might as well have a part in the fourth one too yeah? just let me know! i'm flexible with parts, it doesn't have to be too long, just as long as i'm in there you feel? ah i love my hyungs so much."
  • namjoon: "new phone who dis."

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I'm just laughing so SO HARD the IRs thought Ichigo's "tru happines" was in SS, guess what, they might like the boy but also see him as a tool. Ichigo being stuck in SS forever = IR happily ever after? Good luck Rukia with your missing-limbs-sealed-away-husbando.

The IRs have thought a lot of stupid things before that has never been true—like IR being canon and in love lol. 

Originally posted by graveyard-whistler

Lmao. Yeah…they make it hard NOT to laugh at them to be honest. 


Jolyne decides to dye her hair pink at some point, just for the hell of it. So she comes homes with her (Kakyoin) pink hair and Jotaro is standing at the kitchen window drinking coffee. (Keep in mind that Jotaro’s probably not told her about the friend he saved only to lose later on) So she comes into the kitchen to get something to drink or smth idk and Jotaro turns around to greet her but when he sees the color there’s a flash of a face he once knew and he just freezes. His coffee cup shatters across the floor, there’s a lump in his throat and he can’t breathe, and all of a sudden the tears are just flowing down his cheeks. Jolyne sees this all happening and she’s like “dad what’s wrong?” and he just grabs her and pulls her into his chest and he’s hugging her like he’s afraid he’s going to lose her, like she’s going to disappear if he turns his head and she can hear him whispering “i’m sorry” into the top of her head. She’s still confused, but she realizes her dad needs her so she’s hugging him back and he’s still crying and it’s just painful all around.

Later, after he collects himself, he finds her and takes her out for a walk and tells her about the boy he’ll always love, the words he never got to say, and pain that never goes away. He tells her, “don’t EVER take a single moment for granted, because the next moment might be too late; i don’t want you to ever have to suffer with regretting the chance you took too late” and she just, forever holds that advice to her heart.

Also sorry I keep thinking about it and I need someone else to suffer too

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Astro comeback predictions or wishes? :)

oh gosh

well the hair is good. i love the hair. it makes me cry bc my boys growing up (BABY SANHA OMG SUCH A BABE). 

as for concept or music, umm…i’m hoping it’s not too big of a change. i still want something fresh and fun, and i know that might not sell to the kpop audience as well, but what made astro catch my eye was the bright, cheerful personalities i saw in the hide and seek mv. and i know they won’t stay with that concept forever, and i won’t ask them to, but i just want to gradually ease into something more mature, i guess? so for this comeback, nothing too dark or moody, just astro being astro?

also i want it to be a song that makes everyone shook and has them all go, “WHY HAVE I BEEN SLEEPING ON ASTRO???” i just want them to be famous and cool and to do everything they want to do while still ensuring they get plenty of rest and yummy foods (feed my moonbin as much as he wants, dont be stingy on him) and a chance to see their families.

i’ll be happy with anything, though! as long as they’re pleased with their product, so will i!

Poly Kataang?

(Yup this ot3 thing is getting out of hand, I can’t help myself)

I think people just don’t see Aang and Katara as the sort of people who do polyamory (/threesomes). And it’s not that they need to have sex with other people (not at all), but I feel that they actually kinda fit the profile? It’s something they might have liked to try?

(I mean it’s well within the boundaries of what’s suggested by canon, without being canon. Just like Aang could be straight, demi, bi: neither option is out of character.)

Katara and Aang have this relationship where something was kinda there from the start, and it was built upon during the show until they finally got together. But what’s relevant here is that while they were building this relationship, they were also kinda engaging different people (that’s who they are?).

So while he’s absolutely focused on Katara as his SO forever, Aang loves performing for other girls (even boys). In two of the episodes where he’s being the most forward with her, he’s also very much enjoying some attention? By The Headband, he’s already known for some time that he loves her, but he’s still having a fun time with the Fire Nation girls - dancing with them, making them giggle. He surely meant nothing by it, it was nothing major or important, and the next second he’s back to Katara and reassuring her she’s the one for him - “it’s just you and me right now”. Aang has no problem being charming and playful with other people in a somewhat flirty way, while being steadfast in his affection for one person - it could mean nothing, or it could hint at him not being against the idea of a more open kind of relationship.

Same with Katara, in a different way. She has this very tentative relationship with Aang where she’s clearly somewhat interested (actually we know she starts considering him a legit option for a future husband from Book 1 episode 14), but she’s also absolutely ready to connect deeply emotionally and be physically affectionate with every other boy. Again, it’s not necessarily romantic: Katara is a very affectionate and emotionally open person. But it’s a part of her personality - she naturally connects and is willing to build an emotional bond with more than one person at a time, and maybe it could hint at her being open to a less monogamous relationship.

I think people also tend to see them as more “stuck up” or traditional than I imagine them. They’re these adventurous nomadic hippies with a good deal of curiosity for everything, and idk, I think in their group they may be the ones most open to new experiences - by which I mean, in the show, they are often the most eager to step out of their comfort zone, discover new possibilities, meet new people and explore traditions from other cultures. Katara’s always excited to meet strangers (Aang, Jet’s group, Haru, etc.), she wants to know more about them and try out the things they do, in contrast to Sokka’s ever mistrustful and reluctant attitude. It’s Katara who’s always ready to (physically) challenge the status quo everywhere she sees injustice, whereas Sokka had to have his sexism literally beaten out of him, and he still carried with him burdensome ideas of what it meant to be “manly” for the majority of the show. Aang of course is as social and accepting as you can be. So idk, I think that while Sokka or Zuko for example might be at first flabbergasted by the idea of three people being in love and/or having sex together, Katara and Aang might just be curious? (I don’t think they’d be uneasy anyway yk?)

They are both 1) extraverted, friendly and good at managing relationships, 2) good at talking about their feelings and listening to the other’s, 3) very loyal and honest with each other. These should be the most essential qualities to have in order to maintain a healthy poly relationship? They are also both publicly affectionate with each other and very unapologetic about their relationship. They don’t mind being different from everyone else - actually as the only survivor of his people, Aang is different by default? They already have a peculiar lifestyle anyway. But even without taking this into consideration, he’s just the sort of person who thrives on his uniqueness? He’s more than comfortable standing out in almost every situation - he actively tries to stand out. Same thing for Katara, she grew up the only waterbender in her tribe and was being called weird for it, she’s used to being different. They’re both pretty non-conformist without trying.

(It’s also worth noting that we don’t know much about the Air Nomads: “free love” could have been the norm in their culture as far as we know - it’s certainly one of the most likely options.)

Of course, they are several ways to be poly. Personally I just think that if they both had a crush on Zuko some cute/hot person, exploring the possibilities - sharing or even falling in love together - is something they might enjoy?

(Though not before they grow up a bit and become absolutely confident in their relationship (them as a couple), because both Aang and Katara can get jealous pretty easily if they’re insecure about the other’s feelings. It’s not something I can see them trying early on.)

Disclaimer: I of course don’t think them being poly would mean they’re any less devoted to each other. And really, I think most of this is still valid if you prefer to see them as mono - I mean they still love people: I don’t think Katara would be very happy never interacting with anyone apart from her family. And if Aang doesn’t have friends he loves to visit all over the world, he’s not Aang, yk?


dollface: sneak peek of a shoot i heckled the girl, and the girls, and the boy into doing because they looovvveeee meeeeee

meg also dyed her hair too like whoa that’s dedication, and like also, rt man, like rt is the best and so is ah like where else can you be an ex-ex-model and ALSO an assassin/hitwoman at the same time? megs two great loves, murder and modeling, in one awesome job, yell heah

also *wheeze* editign the ig page took forever, and idk i might just make it so shes always updating ig from her phone i dont know yet but like this isnt a real ig page plz like no

Tell Me That I’m Right (AO3)

Summary: Dean reunites with Cas, his ex boyfriend, who he hasn’t seen for years.

“Cas?” Dean’s heart is suddenly pounding in his chest. The Roadhouse is packed tonight but Dean would recognise that face anywhere. It’s the face of Dean’s first and only love.

Dean pushes through the crowd towards the young man who is currently sitting at the bar, an untouched drink in front of him.

“Cas!” he calls again and this time the man does hear him and spins his head around. Dean stops. He feels like all of the air just rushed out of him. It is him. It’s Castiel Novak. Dean’s high school crush turned best friend and lover. Until Cas had one day broke up with him out of the blue for no reason whatsoever and left Lawrence as soon as they had graduated.

Dean hasn’t seen him since. And boy, did he grow up fine. Cas is beautiful. Even that doesn’t justify it. He’s gorgeous, hot, sexy, handsome - Dean could go on forever. And that’s not saying he wasn’t attractive in school.

Dean’s too caught up to realise that Cas is now staring right back at him. And oh, those eyes. Dean will never forget those eyes. He still dreams about them at night occasionally, which usually results in Dean waking up with a hard on and a few tears running down his face.

He never admits it though. It’s an unspoken rule that no one brings up Cas anymore. Nothing could ever fill the hole in his chest. He’d been so happy. His family had too. His Mum, Dad, Sammy and even Bobby couldn’t help but smile whenever Dean talked about Cas at the garage. Dean had thought that this was it. He’d found that one person. But nothing good ever really stays in Dean’s life for too long.

“Dean?” Cas asks, his mouthing hanging slightly open. Dean takes a few more steps forward until he’s right next to Cas.

“Yeah, it’s me.” he breathes out. “How - how are you?” Dean’s eyes are still roaming over every inch of Cas’ face, trying to remember every little detail that he might have forgotten.

“I’m doing well.” Dean notices that Cas’ eyes are flicking all over his face as well. “How are you?”

“Yeah, I’m good. Why - ah - what are you doing here?” Dean asks, shaking his head slightly, still overwhelmed at seeing Cas for the first time in years.

“I actually got a job here.” Dean’s eyes widen and a rush of thoughts go through his head. Dean shakes them away before he can get too hopeful.

“No kidding, that’s fantastic.” Cas nods and before Dean can think about it he’s speaking again. “We should get some coffee some time. Ya know, catch up. I mean it’s been like what…four years. I’m sure you have a lot of exciting stories to tell.”

Dean’s smile falters when Cas looks away from him, back down to his untouched drink.

“Three and a half actually.” It’s so quiet that Dean barely catches it above the loud chatter of the other people in the bar. He’s speechless for a moment.

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