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Okay, as I’m a civilized individual, I’m going to control myself and keep calm, but lately it’s been difficult to, since it has become impossible to tak with other Naruto fans unless you two ship the same couples, otherwise you might end up shooting each other. But today I came here to talk about hypocrisy and the lack of originality I’ve been seeing around with one of the most disgusting fandoms in Naruto. 

 NaruHinas are always ready to go around claiming their canon and worshipping The Last as if it was Kishimoto’s work and I came to the conclusion that either they are really blind or are just pretending to be! I don’t even want to imagine these guys taking an text interpretation exam! So they consider this movie so true and as something that officially proves that “Naruto to have loved Hinata all along and was too stupid to realize”. 

 First lets take a look at the first picture, Hinata has a red camellia on her hair and Naruto has one on his roubes. Camellias, in flower language, is a compromise for facing each sacrifice in the name of love. Red camellia is the flame of the heart. 

 Okay, let’s stop here, and then you ask me what’s the matter and what’s so wrong about this picture? 

 The red camellia had already been attributed to SasuNaru on a callendar/official image in which both Sasuke and Naruto are back to back, surrounded by red camellias and holding one in their hands each. A flower that has been attributed to them YEARS before it was given to naruhina. 

 But Naruto is a shounen mangá, it has no yaoi. 

 Naruto is shounen? Say that to whoever did that picture and released as official, it wasn’t me. It was given to us and I find really sad they latter gave it to such a lame bondless couple - note that I don’t consider The Lastimate as official, since even on Naruto Gaiden, Kishimoto ignored the childhood memories Naruto supposedly had of Hinata, as she as “his first everything”.

 The second picture isn’t as close, I mean, Naruto and Hinata are close? Yes, but not the same way as Sasuke and Naruto on the other image, but as you can see, the atmostphere resembles quite a lot (dream like, both floating). 

 As if it wasn’t enough the gestures and objects representing Naruto and Sasuke, they copied the speech as well: 

 On the movie there’s some talk about bearing each other’s feelings untill death, what resembles obviously the chapters 485/486 in which Naruto says he bear Sasuke’s hate and die with him. 

 In other words: to make NH happen, they copied the SNS elements. And don’t even tell me it’s different just because they’re both men, let’s not be hypocrites, many of my male friends who don’t give a frick about yaoi admit the dynamic between Naruto and Sasuke goes far beyond mere friendship and brotherhood. If you think so, though, I’m gonna respect this. 

 “Pierrot, actually, made The Last movie replacing Sasuke with Hinata in every way: they made her a descendent of Kaguya (just like Sasuke and Naruto), made her as Naruto’s first friend, changed her chakra color from blue to purple (as is Sasuke’s), made them both using combined justu (like Naruto did with Sasuke at the war), used camellias on their wedding (as it was already used on an official SN picture) and, to close it with a blast, their first kiss was in front of the Moon. Who is the Moon? Hm.” - fan commentary.

 Want more? Here we go: On the storyboard, Sasuke and Naruto originaly would first meet with Sasuke saving Naruto from bullies and Naruto would look at him blushing thinking to himself “how cool!” (or “how strong!”). 

 "I’ve seen a storyboard in which Kishimoto shows this. Naruto was initially going to be a Sasuke’s fanboy from the beginning, instead of having him as a rival right away, but the editors figured it would be better have them as rivals. Okay, but then Kishimoto fixed this his own way, eh? Because latter on they both admit that they have been secretly admiring each other since they’re kids and, just for the lols, right on their first ever “rival moment” it happens the kiss. In other words: SasukexNaruto was something (platonic or not) planned since the very beginning. It’s just a shame that the editors are using their dynamic to make NaruHina happen. I imagine they must be doing this to “cover up” the SNS and preserve the series without risk of losing readers.“ - fan commentary.

At the beginning of The Last, but also during flashbacks, the same thing happens: Naruto saves Hinata from bullies! What a coincidence, right? Very funny, that’s how she fell in love.

I wanna compliment NH for the originality on which they were made. They’re faker than genjutsu. 

- The camellia picture has an official logo on the right corner; 

- No seal, ‘cause I wasn’t the one who made the montages; 

- Another shitty copy from the NH fandom, a badly edited version of the official cover of a chapter in which Naruto and Sasuke are using necklaces with each other’s face to be a NH/SS fanart.

Guide Me, Fly With Me

jikook | rating: g | prompt #71 | day 6 | insp | ao3

Prompt: “you’re blind and at the airport and you’re really stressed out, hey it turns out we have the same flight, how about u just hold my hand and i can be your eyes, mostly because i feel bad but also because you’re super cute”

Jungkook spots a blind boy in the airport while getting ready for his flight and decides to be a good person.

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HEY, so?? This is kind of wild, but I’ve noticed that quite a few old roleplayer partners of mine have followed this blog! And that’s really awesome, but I figure I should maybe make a post? To make it, idk, known I guess who I am and where my old partners might recognise me from? This isn’t me saying you gotta come talk to me and act like we’re best buddies or anything, just a little howdido and re-introduction, I guess????

So my name is Steph! You might know me for some old muses of mine like:

Jason, an english werewolf, very sweet, handsome, one of my first muses ever on here. His backstory was sad af, involved his mother dying, him going blind as a child, had a shit ton of siblings, etc. etc. He was around for a while, didn’t go through very many changes.

Grace, who??? went through quite a few changes. Her original concept was just a very shy, nervous girl who did a lot of baking and interacted with all sorts of characters. Scrapped her, and she later became a telekinetic who’s powers came from?? i forget where exactly but it gave her headaches all the time and had something to do with her actual brain. she was a huge hippy and lived out in the woods, was a big character for me who i met a lot of people through.

Albas, a smol ice dragon with a SERIOUSLY bad attitude. Like this guy was just angry and bitter all the time, didn’t like other dragons, didn’t like people, basically hated everything. Can’t remember much about his background. He lived in a cave and his hoard consisted of????? can’t remember that either ;lajsdf. He ended up also going through a change where he got a little taller, changed his look, etc. and became slightly less of a dick but was still a grouch. Another muse that I had for a little while, but not nearly as long as Jason or Grace.

EROS,a medical android who was sadly abandoned by his creator after he passed away. EROS was a big sweetheart who literally only wanted to help people, and was equipped with a chip that allowed him to learn how to basically be a human; feel, express, etc.

That’s?? basically it. i’ve had WAY more characters but those are the ones that i think would help people recognise me the most??? And hey, if you do recognise me and want to catch up, please just shoot me a message!!! I would do it myself but i’m an awkward bean and don’t want to like—overstep any boundaries i guess ;laks so!! yeah. wanna hmu, go ahead, if you don’t, that’s okay too!! I hope you’ve all been doing well!

My Study Routine: The Beginning

Just a few things that I do before I actually sit down for my study sessions, thought I might commemorate going past the milestone of 100 followers! Thanks you guys. Here goes:

Study space/ room

  • Clean for 10 min : Basically I just enter either my study or my bedroom and clean for 10 min ish. I try to reorganize my clothes, or remake my bed. In the study I just try to clean the counter off as much as I can. Vaccuuming is also a good idea to do in this time!
  • Pile up the books that are needed for the subject that you’ll be studying first
  • Open curtains, blinds or windows if applicable Unless you are allergic to the air or pollen, fresh air is really helpful to energize yourself.

FOOD (biggest thing of all honestly)
  • Get either an ice-cold OR hot drink. For me, though it may not be applicable to others, I usually need an extreme temperature drink to wake me up and focus.I would really suggest something fizzy, but that is completely up to you!
  • Get a snack for your first break Being a high-schooler and having parents that hover a LOT, I tend to stay in the room I’m in more than go out. For me, it’s easier to have a few snacks nearby when needed so I don’t have to go out more.

  • Keep either your planner or a daily to-do list nearby This really helps me keep track of what I have to do so I don’t get distracted.
  • Sharpen your pencils, refill your mech ones I got really frustrated last year when in the middle of my homework I had to sharpen my pencil or when I ran out of lead.

That’s pretty much it for my pre-study sesh routine. Hopefully this has helped some people- if not, then ah well, I tried.
Flat World - Lost Name

While writing Flat Dreams, there were a lot of scenes and snippes I had in mind that never made it into the fic. A few did as interludes, but most were scrapped. I figured it might be fun to post some as I write them anyway, so here you go. Click here to read all those written so far. 
I’ll use Flat World as a title for bits set before Bill got his powers and took over his dimension; Flat Minds for anything set after that.

(Also, I am open to prompts and stuff because why the hell not. So, if you’ve got any, just drop me an ask!)

There is no worse blind man than the one who doesn’t want to see.


She knows her son won’t be hers to keep the moment she lays her eye on him for the first time.

His frame is still tender, far from hardening and settling, but even now - even as the infant cries and squirms, failing around with stumpy limbs - she can see it’s not like her husband’s at all. The base is far wider, its length matching his other two sides. What she’s looking at is not an Isosceles at all.

It’s an Equilateral.

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