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The Sun Will Set || Part 9 || BTS Gang AU ||

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A/N: Merry Christmas my bebs! Here is my present to you: part 9!! I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is, the story is about to reach it’s climax. The bad news is, the next chapter (chapter 10) will be the final part of this series. I have absolutely loved writing this story, and I hope you’ve loved reading it. Please, please send me a message to tell me what you liked, disliked, what you think might happen in the end, or to yell at me because I’m leaving you all on a cliffhanger (again). 


Summary: After a series of unfortunate events, you’ve found yourself under the care and protection of your city’s most notorious gang: BTS.

Word Count: 2872

Genre: Angst, Drama, and some Fluff (but mostly Angst)

Warnings: Depictions of death, violence

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 |

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Imagine: Being a part of the BAU but you get kidnapped by the killer you’re hunting and Derek comes saves you. 
A/N I have no idea how I came up with this. I literally just started writing. Not sure how I feel about it. I might delete this

Your fingers are aching. You can’t see out of your right eye since it’s too swollen. 

“You’re doing it wrong!” he yells hitting you across the face. You spit out some blood starting over with the song. You try to follow the notes exactly but he hits you again. 

“I’m following the sheet papers,” you say calmly resting your fingers. 

“It doesn’t sound like when she played it,” he whimpers pointing the gun at you. Your heart is almost beating so hard you’re scared he might hear it. Even though you’ve spent hours training and preparing for a situation like this, nothing can ever prepare you for the real thing. 

“Like who?” you ask softly hoping it’ll make him calm down. 

“Keep playing!” he yells and you quickly start over but it’s never going to be right. He’ll never hear the song played just right again and you know that. But he keeps attempting to find women who can play the song. The next thing that happens is a blur to you. FBI agents storm in and Derek keeps yelling for him to put his gun down. Minutes after you’re being rushed to the hospital and Spencer is right next to you. 

“Where’s Derek?” you ask at one point but you don’t remember the answer. It’s not until two days later when you get discharged. There’s a knock on your door and when you open he’s standing outside looking serious and broody. 

“Hi,” you say and he pulls you in for a hug almost squeezing all air out of you. 

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t be in that hospital,” he whispers inhaling your scent. You know why he couldn’t be there and you don’t blame him. You’re not sure if you could’ve been there if the roles were reversed. 

“But you’re here now,” you say and he pulls back with a little grin. 

“I’ve got you something,” he says holding up a bag. You raise an eyebrow and he nods. Looking into the bag you find your favourite chocolate and ice cream and movie. 

“I’m not leaving your side until you’re completely okay again,” he says and you let him in. He helps you to the couch where you cuddle up with a blanket as he gets everything ready for movie night. 

“Have I told you that I love you?” you ask with a smile watching the love of your life walk around in your apartment as if he’s home. 

“You’ve mentioned it a couple of times.”


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OMG, what do you think about this situation: Tobirama, Hashirama and Madara are spending time with their o/s ( nothing special, just a normal day ) but suddenly they are going into Labor? ( I don't know if i wrote it correctly... my english is on a "high" level xd) I hope you understood my thought.

lmaoooo I love this, and don’t worry I understood!


•He was the one who did nothing but prepare for his s/o going into labor. For months and months he had plans about getting them to the hospital and making certain that when the time came, there were no last minute complications

•He doesn’t know why, but he always figured that going into labor would be a smooth transition. And for the most part, it might be. Or would be, if Tobirama weren’t so anxious and nervous. His s/o would probably have to yell at him to calm down at some point

•He’s going to rush them to the hospital, maybe a little too hastily. If they try to delay at all, he’s literally screaming at them to hurry the hell up. Even if he knows how birth works, and that it’s not some automatic, instantaneous thing, Tobirama is under the impression that the moment his s/o goes into labor, they’re gonna pop the baby out at any second

•He’s that annoying dad that’s pestering all the nurses and doctors and making sure they’re giving his s/o full attention. Also the one who might end up threatening them if they mess up somehow. He’s just yelling at everybody tbh

•When the time comes for them to actually give birth, Tobirama attempts to calmly support and encourage them, but on the inside, he’s a nervous wreck

•It probably doesn’t help that Hashirama is outside the birthing room poking his head in every 10 seconds like, “Can I meet my niece/nephew now?” and Tobirama’s like Get out!”


•Hashirama is too busy sparkling with excitement to really figure out how he’s going to get his s/o to the hospital. He just stands there like “It’s actually happening, ______! We’re going to have a baby!”

•His s/o definitely has to whip him into shape and make him focus, but Hashirama can’t help it. His attention span is out of control. He looks at the spot on the floor where their water broke and is like “Do you want me to clean this up first?” “No Hashirama let’s go

•He would forget the baby bag at home tbh

•Otherwise, he’s relatively calm and very soothing. He brushes their hair and holds their hand and talks them through the heavy, painful contractions. It’s only when they’re actually in the room pushing to get the baby out that Hashirama gets out of control

•He’s way too excited, and might end up saying some stuff like “I know how much it hurts, ______, but you have to push—” which might piss them off because no, Hashirama. You don’t know how much childbirth hurts. He just wants his baby to come out!! He wants to meet his baby!!!

•Hashirama would have probably made sure beforehand that the doctors and nurses delivering his baby were people that he knew and trusted. It could have been a home birth, now that I think about it? It seems like something they would do back in the founders era. Hashirama might have even encouraged a home birth, just so it was a familiar environment for his s/o to be in, and it would always be great telling his child, “You were literally born in this house, ______. Look, right there in that exact spot. Right there.” 

•By the way, Tobirama is probably there. He might even be one of the people assisting with the birth. He’s yelling at Hashirama to stay focused 70% of the time tbh


•Madara is very calm, very organized, but very punctual. He makes sure his s/o is at the hospital as soon as possible. He doesn’t wait for the contractions to get worse. If they don’t want to leave immediately, he doesn’t care. He will drag them out of the house

•Part of the reason he’s so calm is because Madara prepares himself as soon as their due date comes closer and closer. He’s literally ready to go every second of the day

•He’s always repeating “just breathe” when their contractions are bad. It gets annoying though. Madara is the type who doesn’t bother trying to imagine how painful labor is, and he’s a little ignorant too, so all he can resort to is the breathing technique bullshit. Which is no help at all in the grand scheme

•It’s only when they’re actually at the hospital that the smooth facade breaks. It just hits Madara in full force. He was so absorbed in the process of actually getting them to the hospital and making certain everything was in order that he really didn’t think about the fact that he was going to be a father. His s/o is about to push their baby out, and he’s going to be a father

•It’s then he gets anxious. He’s sweating and flustered and gets irritable, snapping at the doctors, cursing under his breath, especially if his s/o is in a lot of pain. He would probably demand that the doctor use some pain relief jutsu or something. He doesn’t even know if that’s possible, but he demands it anyway

Haikyuu!! Headcanons @A Baseball Game! (Part 1: Karasuno)

Hello guys! Here’s my first Headcanon post! I’ll have probably 1 or 2 more parts to add to this for Seijoh/Nekoma/Fukurodani but for now enjoy part one! 


  • Always begging other people to go get him more food so he doesn’t miss any part of the game
  • He almost never succeeds (except when someone is actually making a food run) and even his best puppy eyes don’t work
  • He still somehow manages to eat like everything in the ballpark
  • (He might steal Kenma’s food when he isn’t paying attention)
  • Makes the excited crow noise every time something good happens for their team
  • Repeats the insults yelled by Tanaka, Noya, and Yamamoto whilst jumping around
  • Kags is LITERALLY always pulling him back into his seat
  • Smol sunshine child is always very excited
  • But he’s also the first to pass out on the car rides home


  • Doesn’t really understand why he was forced to come
  • Really wishes he was playing volleyball almost the whole time
  • But the food is good
  • So he kinda eats a lot of ballpark foods
  • Constantly having to deal with Hinata jumping around
  • It only kinda bothers him because Hinata is super cute anyways
  • He practically has to drag Hinata out of the ballpark afterwards because he doesn’t want to leave
  • He pays more attention to Hinata then to the actual game


  • Why is he even here
  • Spends the whole time moping and munching on peanuts and sunflower seeds with Kunimi
  • Cause like what else are they going to do
  • Sometimes he claps
  • Mostly he is just lost
  • He doesn’t really care either way
  • He’s really there for nachos
  • (Still secretly wants team gear because some of it does look cool)


  • An actual angel all the time
  • He’s always so considerate to everyone in the ballpark like why
  • He’s the one to compliment the other team if a player does something cool
  • Yet there are times when his favorite team does something cool and he gets all excited and smiley
  • He tries to hide it but it’s there anyways
  • He’s the only one able to keep up with Oikawa’s cotton candy consumption if he tries
  • But he really doesn’t mostly because he would rather not puke
  • He also steals Tsukki’s nachos when he can


  • A literal dad
  • He’s got the jersey and the baseball hat and the sunglasses to prove it
  • His jersey actually says #1 dad on the back with his favorite team logo on the front
  • (The team got it for him on his birthday)
  • (He kinda loves it a lot)
  • Mostly in charge of food runs because Suga is in charge of everything else
  • Surprisingly has the most baseball knowledge out of anyone
  • He gets really into chants and stuff too


  • Actually literally in charge of everything
  • Like he’s got everyone’s ticket and all the spending money and everything
  • He’s constantly counting heads to make sure everyone is with them
  • He gets really worried they’re gonna lose someone
  • He also likes to be very punctual so he does not miss the opening videos and the first pitch
  • Nobody argues this
  • The last time someone did the glare he gave them almost killed them on the spot


  • One time he caught a foul ball heading straight for Asahi
  • He also once climbed on Asahi’s shoulders to try to get onto the big screen
  • He promptly fell off and tumbled down straight onto Lev
  • Which was then followed up by an appearance on the kiss cam from this position
  • No one has ever seen Noya run faster in his whole life
  • He’s the fan that makes up his own chants
  • (Nobody other than Tanaka and Yamamoto bother to learn them)


  • A quiet observer
  • He lowkey knows everything that’s happening in the game
  • However he wouldn’t be able to tell you if you asked
  • Definitely gets excited but also is constantly afraid a ball is going to hit someone in the head
  • One time he screamed so loud because a foul ball was a few rows ahead of them
  • Needless to say no one on the team is EVER going to let him live that down


  • Spends the entire game yelling for food vendors
  • Spends whatever time he’s not doing that insulting the other team
  • And making weird faces at them to try to distract them
  • He actually will insult his own team if they make mistakes
  • (yes he’s that guy)
  • He is always prepared to catch foul balls with his trusty glove
  • He once dived four rows ahead of them for a foul ball
  • He ended up with no baseball and clothes covered in ketchup and beer


  • One of the few normal ones in the group
  • He walks ahead of them so he can pretend like he doesn’t know any of them
  • He does secretly enjoy laughing at the looks strangers give them as they carry massive amounts of food around
  • At the same time he just wants to watch the game in PEACE GOD DAMN IT
  • He enjoys hanging out with Kindaichi because at least someone understands a need for peace once in awhile
  • (They almost never get this peace)
Speculations On Viktor Nikiforov

Part 1 of ???.    Edit: Part 2 here.

There are lots of varying theories going around concerning Viktor and his motivations. I’ve been wanting to organize my own thoughts, so I figured I might as well get them down and share them.

I’ve seen lots of folks getting behind the idea that Viktor is head-over-heels for Yuuri, as well as plenty figuring that Viktor is a selfish ass who is only using him. My personal opinion lies somewhere in the middle, and I’m here to talk about why.

To get to understanding Viktor’s motives, I’m gonna try to lay out what we already know, and then go into what I feel we can infer from that. (Gonna be kinda long, so going under a cut).

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Jaren + Derrick + the cat needs some help!

Warning - mentions of blood and injuries, but nothing too graphic.

The comm-call wasn’t even much of a call. It was just a quick text message of a location and ‘I could use some help’ from the Cathar. Derrick frowned, but he had a feeling Jaren wouldn’t call if it wasn’t serious. 

Well-armed and wary by nature, the SIS Agent stopped his speeder and slid off at the intersection. It wasn’t a good idea to go yelling in this part of town, but the Cathar was nowhere to be seen. He waited a few minutes, almost convincing himself it might have been a very bad joke.

“Hey, Der,” came a tired voice as a pair of green eyes caught the light in an alley way.

The human nearly jumped, staring a moment as his hand dropped to a weapon. “…Jaren?”

“Yeah, it’s me…”

The eyes came closer and when the street-light finally illuminated the other, Derrick’s eyes went wide. The Cathar was battered and filthy. A hand was pressed over his midsection, but it couldn’t hide a red stain that spread down his leg. Turning his head, Jaren spit a mouthful of blood onto the ground, giving the other a rather grisly grin.

“What the hell happened?” Derrick said, scrambling off the speeder to move toward the other.

“Long story, Der,” Jaren mumbled, eyes starting to roll back. “And I’m…really…tired…”

The human cursed as the other dropped into his arms and he suddenly had to deal with nearly two meters of well-muscled Cathar in his grasp. Staggering a bit, he half-dragged and half-carried Jaren toward his speeder.

“Oh, I am definitely owed a steak for this,” Derrick grunted as he secured the other and climbed aboard. “Definitely.”

Lucky Part 6

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of abuse

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five

I cant believe how long this is, but I’m absolutely loving it! This has become longer than Bad Feeling….this is crazy! Give it a read if you haven’t read it yet. It’ll take you to the last part but I have all the other parts linked on that page.

So I’m sorry about these next couple parts guys….it might not be as bad as I think it is, but y’all have to let me know. Feel free to write me and yell at me. But I hope you guys like it. Love you!!!

You put your bag next to the stairs and turned to Jensen.


“Yeah.” You started walking toward the kitchen, passing by him.

“What’s your poison? I don’t have much, but I’ve got, beer, whiskey, vodka, tequila….”

“Whoa…..” he put his hand up and you turned to him. “I still need to drive home.” he had a huge grin. You starred at him for a moment, smiling.

“True……beer it is then.” you turned to go get your beers. His heart started to race, he could have sworn you looked disappointed. He followed you into the kitchen. When he got in there you were shutting the fridge. You smiled and handed him his beer.

“You should probably text Jared.” he popped off the lid to the bottle and took a swig.

“Oh shit. Yeah…..thank you.” you popped open your beer and threw away the top, then you went back into the living room and sat on the couch, grabbing your phone from the coffee table. Jensen joined you after a minute.

Hey! Made it home safe……..like always. Love you! Get some sleep.

Jensen sat down next to you as you put your phone down. You both smiled.

“Thanks for being my pillow earlier.” He chuckled.

“Yeah, no problem.” You looked at the bottle in your hand. Your phone went off, you reached over and grabbed it.

K Love you. Talk to you later.

You smiled and put your phone back down. You pulled your legs underneath you and sat cross legged on the couch facing Jensen.

“Is he going to bed?”

“I hope so. He looked exhausted.” you took a swig of your beer. You could feel Jensen’s eyes on you. “So, you have any plans this weekend?” you smiled.

“No actually. My parents went on a trip, so their not here. Thankfully I got a lot of my errands done last weekend, so unless something comes up with you guys…….for once in a long time, I have nothing to do.” he paused for a second and then shook his head. “That sounds weird.” you laughed which made him smile.

“Well that’s good though. You deserve a break.” You smiled at each other. “I haven’t heard you mention Ashley lately. Don’t you have to meet up with her?” you took a drink.

“Oh wow….Ashley. No, Ashley and I haven’t been together for awhile now.” Your jaw dropped.

“What! When did that happen? I don’t remember hearing that you guys broke up.”

“Oh man…..it’s been a little bit. I want to say…maybe….a little before I found out you got this job.” he took a drink.

“Wow……it has been awhile. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. It just…….wasn’t right.” you shot him a sad smile and then you both took another drink. “Well what about you? What ever happened to that…..who was it….Sean guy? I only saw him a couple times when you were over at Jared’s. That seems like forever ago.” You chuckled.

“His name was Seth, and yeah….were not together anymore either.” you starred down at your hands holding your bottle. Jensen could sense there was more to that story, just by the way you reacted. You both knew each other to the point that you became great friends and grew very close, but you were also busy, so there really wasn’t time for life stories, so there is still always new things that you find out about each other.

“What happened?” he reluctantly asked. You looked up at him.

“Jared never told you?” He shook his head. “ I’m surprised. I thought he told you everything.” you looked back down to your bottle and started playing with the label.

“Y/N.” he leaned forward and put his bottle on the table, then reached a hand out and placed it on your knee, you looked over at his hand. “I thought you told me everything.” You looked up at him.

“Not back then. I mean, we’ve always been close, but not as close as we are now.” He nodded.

“Your right.” he just starred into your eyes. “So then tell me now.” You bit your bottom lip. You didn’t really want to talk about it, for multiple reasons, but you don’t keep anything from him. So if you don’t tell him, it’ll just make you feel guilty. Yeah, he’ll say he understands, but you know that’s all he be able to think about, and then that’s all you’ll think about…..it’s just a vicious circle. You looked back down at your bottle, playing with the label again.

“It was the first time in my life, that I ever lied to Jared…….”


Jared opened the door after hearing you knock. “Hey guys!” you and Seth smiled as you entered the house.

“Hey man.” Seth extended his hand and shook Jared’s.

“What’s going on?” you stood off to the side as the guys greeted each other.

“Not much, but I need to use the bathroom.” Seth headed further into the house. You both watched him walk away and then looked back at each other.

“Hey sis.” he opened his arms.

“Hey.” you walked up to him and wrapped your arms around his torso. He squeezed you a little too tight and it made you hiss from the pain. He heard you and pulled away to look at you.

“Are you okay?” You looked at him for a minute.

“Yeah…I just…I got this new job, and I've been taking on a lot of the stunts myself to save money. I’m feeling the repercussions.” you chuckled.

“Oh. Well that’s great. But don’t push yourself okay…..that can be really dangerous.” you nodded. You heard Tom and Shep come into the room yelling for you. You took a couple more steps into the house meeting the boys halfway, and bent down in front of them. You reached out and hugged them both. 

Then Jared saw it. About a five inch thick, vertical mark, running diagonally across the right side of your back. It was red and looked like it was starting to bruise. It must of happened no more than a day ago. He couldn't see all of it because your shirt only rode up a little, but he could tell it went up your back a ways.

He cringed a little. No wonder it hurt when he hugged you. He believed your story though. He knows doing your own stunts can leave some decent marks.

End Flashback

You were still starring at your bottle. You felt ashamed and didn’t want to look at Jensen.

“He hit you?” he sounded sad but anger was taking over quickly. You dropped your head more and nodded. Jensen’s eyes widened. He swallowed a lump in his throat that grew within seconds. He felt sick. “What….What did he hit you with? Because that mark that you just described doesn’t sound like a foot or a fist to me.” he was pissed now. You knew he would be. One of the reasons why you didn’t want to say anything.

“A baseball bat.” you said quietly, still not looking at him.

“A what!?” he sat back pulling his hand off your knee. He sat there for a minute, then he got up off the couch and started slowly pacing around the room. Every once in awhile running his hands through his hair or across the back of his neck.

“A baseball bat!? He hit you with a fucking baseball bat!?” he kept pacing. You sighed.

“It was wooden, it wasn’t metal.” He stopped and looked at you, you still didn’t look up from your lap.

“Oh, because that makes it so much better!” he dragged a hand down the front of his face. “Why?”

“What?” you looked up slightly but didn’t make eye contact with him.

“Why? Why did he do it? Did this scumbag even have a reason!?” his voice rose as he went on.

“Jensen……it doesn’t…..” He cut you off.

“Why Y/N!? I really want to know!” You gulped. You still didn’t look at him. You could picture his face perfectly fine in your head.

“Because I was…..I was texting you.” He starred at you for a minute while he processed what you just said.

“He hit you with a bat because you were texting me? Are you serious?”

“He thought I was cheating on him.”

“How!? What were we texting about!?”

“You text me, asking if I was going to be at your party the next day, and that you couldn’t wait to see me.” It was silent, for what seemed like forever.

“Wait…..party?” he thought for a minute, and then it clicked. “He did that the night before Jared threw me that birthday party?” You nodded and you heard him scoff.

“That son of a bitch.” he mumbled through gritted teeth.

“Jensen……” you stood up and slowly started walking over to him. You knew he was pissed, and you wanted to stop this conversation and calm him down. He knows enough, but he cut you off again.

“I was talking with that guy all day…I shook his hand…..the same ones that hurt you!” Here it is, now hes starting to blame himself, like he should have seen it, he should have known and done something about it. He was disgusted. He dropped his head and shook it. “How long did this go on for?”

“Can we not…” He looked up at you.

“How Long!?” he didn’t mean to yell at you, but he knows this much, hes thinking there’s no backing down now.

“About 3 months.” now you dropped your head.

“He kept hurting you for 3 months?” You nodded. He swallowed another lump in his throat. “How, and when, did you leave him?” You made your way back to the couch as you explained.

“It got really bad one night. I just got back from hanging out with you and Jared. He knew where I was when he came home and I wasn’t there. I walked through the door and he came up to me and immediately ripped my stuff out of my hands, throwing it all to the floor. Then he grabbed me, hit me a couple times and then threw me along with my stuff. Somehow I got to my phone and got to my favorite contacts before he hit me again. I reached out and hit wherever I could knowing there’s only three people on there and praying that they’d answer. There’s only Jared, Gen, and……..and you. I ended up hitting Jared, because about ten or so minutes later, he showed up with a couple cops.” He sighed and just stood there for a minute, trying to take all this in. He reached up and rubbed his temples as if he was getting a headache.

“Why hasn’t Jared ever told me about this?” You shook your head.

“I don’t know. He probably thought that you’d find Seth and kill him.” you let out a short dry chuckle.

“Yeah, well he’d be right.” he released a deep sigh. You haven’t really looked at him once during this whole conversation, and even though he understood, it was killing him. He moved around the coffee table and knelt down in between your legs becoming level with you.

“Y/N look at me.” he reached up and grabbed your chin lightly, lifting your head so that he could look you in the eyes. After hearing all this, hes afraid to even touch you. “I’m sorry.”

“Why are you sorry?” you scrunched your eyebrows in confusion.

“I’m sorry for yelling. I’m not mad at you. And I’m so sorry, I wasn’t there when you needed me.”

“I know your not mad at me. And J, it’s not your fault. You didn’t know. Don’t blame yourself for that.” you had a tear slowly slide down your cheek. He reached up, cupped your cheek and wiped it away with his thumb.

Being so comfortable in the moment, you leaned into his touch and closed your eyes. Both of your heart rates went up. You opened your eyes again and he gave you a sad smile. He slowly moved his hand to the back of your neck, your eyes never leaving each others. He pulled you toward him and laid your head on his shoulder. He wanted to kiss you, God did he want to, but, then he thought about Jared, and all the other reasons of why he shouldn’t.

You both sat there like that for awhile, not wanting to move. He was running his hand through your hair, it was so relaxing, and it felt so good to be in his arms. You both slowly pulled away, your cheeks brushed against each other. Before you fully pulled away from each other, Jensen went to kiss you on the cheek, but ended up catching the corner of your mouth. He stiffened and was going to pull away, until something he thought would never happen, happened. You kissed him back.

Part 7

Okay, but what if Matt the Radar Techintion and Kylo weren’t actually the same person they were two different people but everything thinks that they’re the same person. Kylo and Matt have never met so they’ve got no idea why everyone is getting so annoyed with them. Matt would just like to be able to do his job without the general calling him Kylo and yelling at him thank you very much and Kylo can’t understand why the fuck Hux and Phasma keep calling him Matt and asking him about the repair status of radars?? 

Due to their seperate tasks, they are never in the same place at the same time and so Hux/Phasma/Pretty much everyone on the ship just keeps trying to ‘bust’ them but finally when Hux manages to set up a meeting with both of them at the exact same time in the same room (demanding that Kylo leave his mask off for ‘reasons’ so he knows that it’s really Kylo) he and Phasma are waiting to catch Kylo/Matt off gaurd and force them to admit that it’s all a fraud and then Matt and Kylo both show up to the meeting and everyone is so confused? Kylo’s trying to figure out why someone has cloned him, Matt’s trying to figure out if this is why all the stormtroopers are afraid of him and Phasma/Hux are just so confused because they were sure that they were the same person???

It gets even better if you think about it with Kylux being canon at the time, Hux ends up kissing/making out with Matt thinking that he’s Kylo, and Matt’s just so confused because like half of him is totally up for making out with the hot general and the other half is really, really worried about why Hux keeps calling him Kylo.


Request from anon: “Part 4 of ,tired of feeling unloved’ please!” “I need part four already 😭” “Part 4 to tired of feeling unloved pls I don’t mind waiting I just love this story so much 💕🎀👑” “If it’s okay with you can you make a 4th part of 2ND place with Sam cause the series you have going on made me cry. Finals has been stressful so all I need is a good imagine to read. Thank you love ya baby girl ❤”

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


“Y/N?!” Jamie yelled from downstairs. When I hear my little brothers call my name, I start to panic. I jumped out of my bed, speed walking to the railings looking down the stairs, “Jamie? What’s wrong? What happened?” “You might want to come look outside…” I jogged down the stairs and ran into the living room, looking out the windows. “What the fuck?” I go to the front door, opening it walking onto the porch. I looked at all the boys, minus Sam, standing on the sidewalk in a straight line, just staring at my house. I walked down the porch and down the cemented pathway. “What’s going on boys?” “Hey Y/N,” Johnson longed out.

“We just wanted to see how you’ve been. Miss seeing you around, you know?” Hayes said. “So why are you guys just standing outside my house? Why didn’t you doorbell? This is creeping my brothers out..” I awkwardly laughed. I watched them exchanged looks, “This is about Sam, isn’t it?” I started getting mad. They all just gave me sorrowful looks. I scoffed, turning back around and walking back to the house. “Hey Y/N! Come back here!” Nate yells for me, making me stop in my tracks as I turned around, anger tears running down my face. “Why? So you could tell me how INNOCENT Sam is?! How his intentions didn’t seem to be the way it seemed? Right. So I should man up and put the ring back on my fucking finger just so he could stop his freaking fit? But you guys aren’t even going to ask me about how I’m feeling? Or talk about how I’m hurt in all this?” I started pointing at myself as my voice started cracking.

“I FUCKING CALLED OFF A WEDDING. I FUCKING BROKE UP WITH A GUY WHO STOPPED LOVING ME WHEN ALL I EVER DID WAS LOVE HIM! All I needed was for him to FIGHT FOR ME! But he couldn’t even give me that! What I did was best for ME! I was not about to get stood up at my own fucking wedding.” Tears rushing down my face faster. “Not ONCE did I get a phone call or text from any of you… So you all could just leave and leave me alone..” I turned on my toes, walking back inside, with my head held high and my shoulders back.“Y/N, PLEASE, WAIT! You guys are an unstoppable team! You can’t walk away from that!” I hear one of them yell but I just kept walking and closed the door behind me, sliding down the door on my back, breaking down in tears. I hear Jamie and Jonah run to me, grabbing me and hugging me.

It’s been a couple days since I told the boys off and i’ve been trying to not let it get the best of me. “Uhm, can I ask you something?” Jonah started playing with his food. “Hmmm, what’s that baby?” I took a bite of my dinner, “A couple days ago,” He looked up at me, “When you were yelling outside.” “Mhm.” I dropped my fork, and paid attention to him, “I heard you say that all you needed was for him to fight for you?” “Yeah…” “If he fought for you, then…. You would still be with him right now.. Right?” “That’s right.” I fake smiled. “But when I brought him to you the other day at the mall, you just walked away… What if that was him fighting for you?” “It was too late for him to be fighting for me baby..” “Better late than never! Right?” He sounded hopeful. “Sometimes, but that’s not the case for this one. I’m sorry..” “I just want you to be happy.” “I know, I know. Remember, the Y/L/N are unstoppable.” I smiled. 

“Uhm, you got a visitor sister..” Jamie ran into me yelling in the halls. I jog downstairs and open the door abruptly. I stopped breathing for a few seconds, looking at Sam stand in front of the door, holding with a big bouquet of flowers, eyes puffy, face flushed of color, and hair all messy. “Hi…” His voice shaky. “Sam,” “Before you tell me to leave, please, let me say something.” He held his hand on the door preventing me from shutting it. “When you gave me back that ring, everything I loved and my whole human being followed you. I felt empty. When I saw you at the mall, I just- my heart broke when you wanted to get away from me and not even talk to me. When you answered my phone call last week telling Jonah you were tired of feeling unloved, all I could do was blame myself. I’m the reason you are like this. I’m the reason why your heart is broken. Me. I’m the reason. And I am deeply sorry for making you feel unwanted. I don’t, I don’t know what happened.” He started sniffling. 

“I felt like me and you were on a different page in the relationship. You were on page 200 and I was still on 103. That you were too ahead.” “So why did you ask me to marry you if you were behind?” “Because I knew that’s what you wanted!” “If you were behind, WHY SKIP AHEAD TO A NEW CHAPTER WHEN YOU WEREN’T THERE YET!” “I thought if I did it, I would be on page 200 with you!” “It doesn’t work like that Sam! If you just told me, we wouldn’t be in this mess! I wouldn’t have so much hatred for you for breaking my heart!” I started sobbing. “And when I gave you that ring back, I stood outside the house, waiting for you to come after me. But you didn’t.” I started breaking down. “What did you want me to do Y/N? YOU left ME!” “I WANTED YOU TO FIGHT FOR ME! BUT YOU DIDN’T AND THAT SPOKE ENOUGH FOR ME!” “I was told you cried to Kian after you left me. I’m supposed to be the person you run to. ME! I’m supposed to be your person!” “THEN BE MY PERSON SAM!” I cried out. “BE MY FREAKING PERSON!” I felt my heart break into a million pieces. “If you wanted to be my person, you should’ve fucking been there for me the whole time! I ran to one of the only people I talk to outside of the group!” I slammed the door on his face. I stood there sobbing for a minute before walking away. 

Right before I walked away, I heard something outside the door. I paused and listened carefully. I heard a guitar being played. I turn around and slowly open the door, looking at Sam playing the guitar. He keeps playing and starts singing.

You can’t just give up now
There’s still so much to say
Wanna tell you, show you,
What you mean to me without walking away
I know it’s been so rocky,
What kind of struggle today?
But girl you’ve been my sunshine
When all my clouds were gray
This hearts been through tornadoes,
Earthquakes and hurricanes
But my worst disaster is knowing
That it’s me to blame.
Your feelings now are mixed
The more he kept singing, the more I felt my heart break. I started crying in my hand confused on what I want to do and how I feel.
Your heart’s in constant strain
But now I’ll change my ways
‘Cause without you babe I’ll go insane

Can you hear the melody
Can you see the sounds
Enter your body
And travel up and down
Baby don’t be frightened
Let it free your soul
Take my hand, once again
We’re unstoppable

If it’s us against the world, we’ve got it
But sometimes it gets the best of us
If you feel our love would fall, I’ve caught it
Me and you, we will pursue, the impossible, we’re unstoppable now

How many times have we, turned the bad into great
Turned the hate into love
Turned the laughter to pain
Turned the smiles into frowns
We’ve been through the ups and downs
Though it takes a while just to make you smile
Let me tell you now that it’s all worthwhile
And the feeling I get, when I make you cry
Is a feel of regret, I’m s-o-r-r-y
But I’ll stop the pain and change my ways
'Cause without you babe ill go insane

I heard my family walk up behind me and watch Sam sing to me as I kept crying. I saw behind on the lawn the boys standing in a line again, watching us.

Can you hear the melody
Can you see the sounds
Enter your body
And travel up and down
Baby don’t be frightened
Let it free your soul
Take my hand, once again
We’re unstoppable

If it’s us against the world, we’ve got it
But sometimes it gets the best of us
If you feel our love would fall, I’ve caught it
'Cause me and you, we will pursue, the impossible, we’re unstoppable now..

 He puts the guitar down and picks up the bouquet of roses again and takes a step forward towards me. My brothers push me out the door, and in front of Sam. “We are the unstoppable team that everyone wants in a relationship now. I may not be on page 200, but I’m catching up. I’m on page 160 now..” He stuffs his hands in the pocket and takes out a small black velvet box. He opens it, revealing the ring I once wore. I gasped for air while sobbing, not knowing what to do. He gets down on one knee, as I once seen before, “This time, I’m ready. I promise. Y/N,” “Sam,” I whispered. “Will you,” I shut my eyes closed, stopping tears from falling, “Marry me? For real this time?” I look up into the ceiling and at the sky, “Please be right this time…” I whispered to myself, wiping my tears. 

I looked back down at Sam, “Okay..” I softly smiled. “Okay?!” Sam smiled big. “Okay.” He quickly gets up, dropping the flowers and picks me up, twirling around as everyone that was watching, started cheering. He puts me down, putting the ring back on my finger and we kiss. “It will be right this time… I promise..” He wraps his arms around my shoulders, giving me a bear hug as I lied my head on his chest, sinking in comfortability. “We’re unstoppable.” We both said. 

[There will be no continuation to this imagine]


I really, really wanna talk about this scene.
So, as we all know, next OVA will focus on Sora and it’s gonna be called “Soshitsu” (Loss) and I think it’s verrrrry important to focus on this scene.

When the Chosen Children first encounter their Digital partners no one really knows what to do, but Sora was the first one to really react. She yells Yokomon, runs after her, and for a moment she truly believes Yokomon remembers her.

But the reboot worked, and Yokomon doesn’t remember Sora, not at all. And I believe a part of Sora just… broke. I really wanna see the aftermath of this, because I think she might lose this “I WORRY ABOUT EVERYONE BUT ME” façade, and her boys will have to put their differences aside to bring her back.

Who knows, she might even fall again into that dark cave, or run away.

I really think this “Loss” title will run around what Sora, and the rest of the gang lost with the reboot. What is really interesting is to see how strong Piyomon and Sora’s bond is in order to get through all this memory loss and go Mega.

I’m so freaking excited for it.


Randall had spent all morning preparing for this; no school, no clubs, no other plans. Nothing to stop him from running right out of the house and down to the Norwell Wall. It’s a shame even Hershel seemed too busy to join him today, but he can’t go wasting opportunities to examine it up close!

Now, let’s see here.. shovel, chisel, water, food, clothes, and a small stack of notebooks all shoved into a backpack. Should be plenty enough to hold him over! Randall pulled the pack over his shoulders, straightened his glasses, and hurried downstairs. “I’ll be back later!” he yelled, and bounded out the door before he could answer to anyone that might have been listening.

Out he goes with a gleam in his eye and a skip in his step.

All he offered to most people was a quick wave until the got to the part of town that didn’t really count as part of the town. Just the surrounding area. But, he was almost there when something caught his eye and stopped him in his tracks. Or was it someone?

“..Hershel? …Are you green?”

Mending (2.0)  But wait, there’s more.  View now and you’ll get an illustration completely free with your time investment!

~Ford gets some much needed medical (and emotional) care after being publicly tortured…  Nothing explicit aside from some reference to a possibility of how he survived.  (Common fanon one)  No ships. Just fluff and feels and apologies and family bonding and Gideon yelling at Stan for a bit.  
This is written from a neutral standpoint of both brothers having issues that contributed to their feud so if you fall firmly on one side or the other…  be warned you might be angry at this.  Also, this assumes that everyone involved experienced some part of weirdmageddon.

(The first time around, I was sort of just playing with the idea and jotted down the bones of it.  Since then, I decided to flesh it out, clarify some things, and fix a big mistake.  And draw a thing.)

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just think about Maze. deep breaths and think about Maze

literally the only way for me to get through any part of repcomm is by taking deep breaths and repeating to myself “it’s okay, it’s okay, Maze is going to yell at Skirata and it’ll all be fine, just breathe and think about Maze and how he ripped Skirata a new asshole and it was the sickest thing ever”

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“Hmmm…I wonder what upgrades this thing gets…” Asking the important questions, of course!

“If you don’t mind Ouma-kun yelling at you, we can upgrade the ammo to Panta for maximum efficiency. It’ll require a lot of experience gain on your part, though. You might have to do some grinding.”

Japhan Vlog

(If you are going to read this please read to the end or you might get the wrong idea and I am honestly not trying to be mean)
Okay so I totally understand that people should not be assuming that there was one bed and that they should be respectful of their privacy. I ship Phan too like a lot but my first thought was that they could have had another room. PLEASE if you see someone say something about this BE KIND AND POLITELY TELL THEM do not YELL AND BE RUDE ABOUT IT. Part of the reason I say this is because when I first entered the Phandom I didn’t really understand and I would ask a question or simply point something out and other members of the phandom would make me feel like I was the worst person in the world so please ask people politely and respectfully. I am not trying to be rude in this post I am just trying to get my point across. Thank you.

Dear Future Husband / Part 3

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Word Count: 1938

disclaimer: might be a lot of spelling mistakes but I will edit it tonight! I just got it all ready and have to leave the house! :)


A sharp knock at the door pulled you from your work.

“Yea?” You yelled.

“Come over to my place in a half hour.” Chanyeol’s deep voice rumbled through the door, making your roll your eyes. “I mean it.”

You let out a huff, setting your laptop down as you got up to get ready.

Exactly a half hour later you were knocking on Chanyeol’s door. You folded your arms over your chest as you waited, too long, in your opinion, for him to answer the door. You were surprised by the sight you took in as he swung the door open.

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