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Why we don’t answer medical questions online.

Why it’s bad for you:

  • We could be anyone; this is the internet, after all. You believe that anonymous internet medipeeps are doctors, but they may not be. If you don’t know someone’s name and number, can you really trust them with your health? It’s risky to trust information from unnamed and unverified sources.And that includes us!
  • You also don’t know if we have any undeclared interest in particular treatments. I might be telling you to take drug A because I’m actually working for said company.
  • Many medblrs are still medical students or very junior staff. Which means that although we know a lot about many things, we are by no means qualified to take on our own patients and offer health advice without supervision in our day job. And if we can’t do something in real life, we’re not able to do it online either.
  • We don’t get anywhere near enough information to make a decision in most anonymous health-related asks. But we can’t bring you back to ask for more information.
  • When you see your healthcare provider, a lot of things happen. They take a detailed history, including asking lots of questions about things you may not have considered to be related to your problem. It’s much harder for us to ask all the right questions if you send an anonymous ask.
  • They then they examine any body system they think is relevant. This is sometimes enough (for the kind of things we see the GP about), but often they will need to order some blood tests and occasionally further investigations.  There is a lot of information we can only get through seeing and testing you.
  • If your situation is complicated, you’ll still need to see a doctor in real life, who can do the right tests and refer you to the right speciality.And without all of the above, there is a very real chance that we may miss something that shouldn’t be missed.
  • Sometimes the only way you can diagnose something serious is with a very thorough history and examination, and the right investigations. A history may make you suspect something serious, but it never confirms it.
  • If we reassure you that you’re OK because we don’ know the whole story, you will probably put off going to the doctor, where otherwise you may well have decided to attend. This may mean that you get diagnosed and treated later. Which could have serious consequences.
  • Some topics require asking a specialist in that field, and even a trained doctor in another field may not be very helpful. A medical student or a nurse aren’t the same as a cardiologist, who is not the same as an orthopaedic surgeon.
  • Your health is important, and your concerns are real. Therefore you deserve to have the full MOT if you are seriously worried about your body, not just some anonymous person reading a few lines and telling you you’re probably OK (but should go to the doctor anyway). You are not ‘bothering the doctors’ if you get yourself checked out.

Why it’s bad for us Medblrs:

  • By answering a medical question, you’re asking us to take a certain level of responsibility for you. Both ethically and legally.
  • If we mistakenly told you your symptoms weren’t serious, but they actually were and and something bad happened to you, we would blame ourselves. Believe me medics blame themselves a lot.
  • We’re under strict legal frameworks of what we can and can’t do. And most frameworks would suggest that taking responsibility for strangers on the basis of hastily written asks would be a bad idea for all involved.
  • You could sue us because something bad happened to you, even if you neglected to metion loads of relevant symptoms. You probably wouldn’t, but there are lots of people who sue for all sorts of reasons and if we answered enough questions, we’d probably be sued eventually.
  • Bearing in mind that we don’t have to answer asks as part of our degree or job, we’d be on a shaky footing legally when it came to defending our actions. Most of us are not legally covered for it.
  • As students or juniors, we don’t take our own patients. We’re not allowed to take responsibility for the treatment of patients in different departments or under different teams, let alone random anonymous strangers online.
  • Some of us struggle with depresison and anxiety, and the stress of taking on resonsibility for someone’s health and possibly life outside of the legal framework we are comfortable working in can be triggering.
  • Nobody is obligated to work for free; and anyone with experience and training has spent a lot of time and money to get there. Answering medical questions looks suspiciously like work for free. There is a difference between someone volunteering to work for free and free work being foisted on them.
  • When we work in hospital, it’s as part of a team. We have seniors we can double-check with when we’re out of my depth or dealing with something we haven’t seen before.
  • But online we can’t exactly ask our seniors or tutors ‘This random person on Tumblr gave me an incomplete history, but can you advise?’ because they wouldn’t take responsibilty for someone who is not their patient. And that would leave us with nobody to turn to if we had questions. Which would mean worse advise for you.
  • GPs see patients alone, but they’ve had years of training on how to diagnose serious things out in the community, and when tto refer to hospital. They still refer to hospital a lot, because even they can’t find everything out by themselves.

I’m not against senior clinicians (like some of our medblrs) choosing to answer health-related asks; Anyone who is a fully trained clinician to a level deemed competent to take their on patients has every right to use their expertise in their field as they see fit. When done right, it can be useful.

But I feel it can be difficult for junior medblrs to reply to asks, and I’m worried that there’s a pressure for many of them to answer asks that they don’t feel is within their competencies at this point in time. None of you have to answer a single clinical question that relates to the asker’s health; you have a right to say that you are not yet comfortable, or trained, to do it. 

This is not about specific medblrs or specific asks; please don’t feel that you’ve done anything wrong if you’ve asked or answered such a question. I just wanted to make clear that if someone feels they shouldn’t, or can’t answer a question, it is not because they don’t care or don’t respect the person who asked it. If we tell you to see your doctor, we’re not trying to be flippant or lazy.  

(Edited the last paragraph for clarification)

ok but what if they made the seelie court kiss between two other characters so they don’t have that weird clace incest thing? like imagine simon eating the faerie food by mistake instead? i mean it makes sense, we’re talking about simon “clearly i have made some bad decisions” lewis here. then, when the seelie queen tells him that the kiss that will free him is the one he most desires,  clary is like “ugh okay lets get this over with” and the queen says “uhm no honey he doesnt want you.”(except in a more seelie queen-ish way) and the queen points to where jace is standing and jace just kinda gives simon the strangest look (hey, it’ll please the jimon shippers and just having them look at each other wouldn’t really get in the way of clace or sizzy) before moving out of the way because he’s blocking the view of izzy. like they can make this a cute sizzy moment instead with maybe a weird jimon eye sex bit before hand, instead of gross incest. also, it can start some drama with meliorn and simon if he’s still dating izzy when it comes time for this scene

Oohh man.

I don’t understand why tagging n sfw things is so hard for people.

Like, it takes around four seconds, maybe less, and you could be ensuring someone who’s following you gets to keep their job.

Sure, it might be silly to be on Tumblr at a job when you’re following people who post smut an such, but some people do it anyways, and while it’s a bad decision, it isn’t one someone needs to have their life effed over for.

If you can do everything you can to make your followers safer, even by a tiny amount, why wouldn’t you?

Here's What Sebastian Stan Has To Say About The End Credits Of "Ant-Man"
Spoilers for the end-credits of Marvel's Ant-Man, obviously.
By Alanna Bennett, Kaye Toal

“I think [what Bucky was caught in was] more of a vise,” he told BuzzFeed on Sunday. “But it would never happen at his own hand, by his own doing.”

“In terms of that scene in Ant-Man, I’ve seen some of the ideas people have about it and I would just say that whatever you’re seeing on the surface, it’s not as obvious as that.”

“There might be a whole lot more to the scene. I would say someone would probably want to put him in a vise.”

keepsnackin asked:

I have to say that you have been a great inspiration to me as an black artist and that I hope to be a well known illustrator in some way or form such as yourself. I was also wondering what advice you might have for aspiring black artists?

Hey keepsnackin,

Thanks for the kind words. It can get pretty challenging and deceptive trying to be something you rarely see. Your environment and family can be among your first, big obstacles in choosing this lifestyle as a creative so making sure you’re supported by them is key. Surround yourself with like-minded folks trying to do what you’re doing. And if you’re geographically undesirable, the web is a good way in staying connected.

And don’t listen to the naysayers who try to discourage you. Often times when you embark on a path towards your dreams you become a walking reminder of their own insecurities and inaction in life and they will try to project their fears onto you, to slow you down or steer you away. Be yourself and keep at your craft. Life’s too short to live it someone else’s way.

Stay frosty,


I think [what Bucky was caught in was] more of a vise, But it would never happen at his own hand, by his own doing. In terms of that scene in Ant-Man, I’ve seen some of the ideas people have about it and I would just say that whatever you’re seeing on the surface, it’s not as obvious as that. There might be a whole lot more to the scene. I would say someone would probably want to put him in a vise.

Sebastian Stan talking about the end scene credit of Ant-Man


I’ve noticed this trend on my dash where people unfollow someone’s blog when they make a text post.

People run blogs and they aren’t just floating faces on an icon doing this for your entertainment.

When they talk or make a text post about their day they aren’t “annoying” they’re fucking humans realise that and get the fuck over it you soft-boiled babies.


anonymous asked:

Hi! I saw you were taking questions and stuff and also saw you're a Dean girl... awesomeness. Anyways, do you have any favorite Dean moments?

Do I… Do I have any favorite Dean moments? Ahem, well I hope you have a couple hours cause this bitch might get long.

1.) Sleepy Dean. I don’t care how or where just fucking sleepy Dean.

2.) Demon!Dean… cause who didn’t love that sassy, cutie patootie. 

3.) All those little moments when you can see he’s proud of himself, cause he really fucking deserves to feel like that after all the things he gets down on himself about.

4.) Protective!Dean. Need I say more??

5.) Those scenes where he’s just totally oblivious.

6.) Not just sleepy Dean but actually sleeping dean because THIS

Yeah. That one for sure. 

Talk to me about stuff

~Dee (I could go on and on and on but this got long…)

Something I don’t get

I’ve been a member of Tumblr since the beginning. I’ve deleted accounts, changed names, and wandered off now and again - but pretty much I’ve always been here. There’s something I don’t get about Tumblr though…

Why do people send negative comments, asks, or fanmail?

If I don’t agree with something, I move on. If I see a photo I like, I click the heart icon, or comment “great photo”, or if it’s somebody I know a little bit I might write them a fanmail saying they look amazing.

I don’t understand why anybody would question how somebody looks after they have shared their picture, and while I will never react in public, it makes me pretty pissed off with people in general sometimes.

Sometimes you can see somebody is having a hard time, and maybe seeking a little attention - and almost no effort at all is required to tell them they look nice, or to ask how they’re doing, or to just be there.

What am I saying?

Maybe that it seems to me that being nice is much easier than being nasty, so I don’t understand the people who are nasty.

anonymous asked:

I don't have any experience with any job so I was wondering how I could make my resume better without any experience :(

well, if you don’t have any job experience its okay to say that upfront, and depending on the job you’re going for of course; that might even help you. Some employers like to look for “fresh meat” so to speak because they don’t come with any bad habits or baggage people pick up from working for different companies. (i know a lot of retailers like aero, levis or f21think like this) Sometimes fresh meat is easier to train. so don’t ever assume that they’ll look at it as a bad thing.

Even though youve never been employed the best thing you can do with your resume is show that you are someone who is active in any kind of project or clubs.  generally speaking most jobs want someone who is a team player with great communication skills – among other things of course -– so anything that you’ve done thats relevant to that you can list:

you can list your skills, (communication skills, computer skills; any programs you’ve mastered, i.e. Photoshop or even microsoft word)
volunteer work if applicable,
clubs/organizations you were are are involved in school/college (you can list your hs stuff ONLY if you’re closer to hs age imo)  
any school, achievements
even any personal projects you have (i.e. if you’re asking me this on tumblr im assuming you have a blog and if you use the right jargon even that could look decent on a resume)

its also a good idea to google “resume with no work experience” or something like that to see what they look like and give yourself a point of reference

I think my parents went somewhere to **** and now they’re back home being super cute with each other and like having intimate cute little moments like my mom was popping zits on my dad’s back (which she loves to do and hasn’t done in awhile$ and he was like “That hurts, mama” (which I haven'g heard him call her in awhile) and she was just laughing and earlier they threw socks at each other in a playfighting sorta way and I was just looking at them like okay cool this is good and like I think they might be a little tipsy bc they keep calling me the wrong pronouns and name by accident (which I’ll admit is annoying af) and then one corrects the other all immediately in a warm but scolding manner and they’re overcompensating by helping me make my ramen (lol my dad made some chile to throw in it) and like being silly and sweet to me and I am literally too stoned for this. 🌝


just a silly project i started for myself on subeta… pride flag HAs! from left to right: asexual, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, aromantic, and genderqueer. i might do more later, they’re actually quite fun! if you have any suggestions let me know.

EDIT: added a few more - polysexual, demisexual, and agender.

anonymous asked:

You're 21 right? Do you have any art from when you were like 17-18 or like right before you entered college? I'm about to start college this fall for an art degree and I'm worried I'm going to be the worst in the class because I've not had any formal training before... I figured maybe seeing your improvement might make me feel better? Idk.... Sorry

aw geez, AW MAN. oK i guess i’ll dig up my old deviantart

i graduated highschool in 2011, this is stuff from late 2010-2012. so i’d be 17-18, maybe 19

everything under a cut because its embarrassing and also probably a page stretcher

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Horoscopes By Gil Hizon - Week of July 27-August 2, 2015

Gurl! I just ate.

LEO (July 23 – August 22)

There are times when you have to step back and watch your own behavior. This week is one of those times, ‘coz I have to be honest; what you see might make you cringe a bit. Simply put, you’re a little full of yourself. And I mean, usually it’s cute, but now it’s crossed over the gag-me-and-not-in-a-fun-way line. Your birthday is coming up; how about some humble pie instead of cake?


VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

Do you have time for a cocktail, Ms. Career Obsessed Robotic Ice Queen? You have very limited time to make it right with the people you’ve been taking for granted lately. Some of them are mad; others are beginning to not care about being mad (which is worse). Please pencil in these bitches for a much-needed kiki before it’s too late. Isn’t your burthday coming up? Get it together, queen!


LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

This week, you’re in danger of brushing off the little details that you need in order to complete a big-ass project. All this talk of how great the end product will be is masking the fact that, there’s some serious shit to be done if you want to reach your deadline. I admire your optimism that everything is going to work out in the end, but don’t leave the mechanics to destiny, queen. ‘Coz she will cut a bitch.


SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

Blame it on the humidity or whatever drugs you’re on, but your mindset is a little too fucked this week to be starting something new. I don’t care how you handle this mindfuck, whether it’s a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond, a foray into rehab or an attendance at your local bathhouse, just don’t even attempt to begin a new project, unless you want it to end in mayhem and despair. Chill the fuck out until next week.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

There’s no use trying to include other bitches in your great new ideas for adventure. They just won’t get it. No one gets you right now, SAG, and from where I’m standing, it’s a fucking good thing. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get out there, on your own, away from bitches like Janice who’s always trying to discourage you from letting your own freak flag fly. Best to leave bitches like her off the itinerary.


CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

You’re usually a practical bitch who likes to rely on factual evidence instead of speculation. This week, your bullshit radar is picking up on all sorts of shade from your environment. Without any info to back it all up, you can’t help but feel a bit… unnerved. Forget trying to collect concrete data and listen to your gut instinct. It’s a change of pace, I know, but it’s one you must exercise from time to time.


AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

I wouldn’t call your situation this week fucked up. I’d call it, “fogged up,” milady. Thanks to an outpouring of comments from the peanut gallery, it’s harder for you to reach a decision where it really counts. Pair that with Neptune’s influence (she don’t play), it makes you want to collapse in a fetal position until the noises back the fuck off. No worries! You won’t lose any points in laying low for a bit.


PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

You’ve known this bitch for like, forever, right? So when you compare that to the little spat you’re having right now, there is no contest. This bitch is your bitch and you’re hers. You’ve gone through a lot together. She’s like family. Families call each other names, like slut, or douchebag, or asshole, but at the end of the day, they stick up for each other when needed. Think about that before you retaliate on Twitter.


ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

If you’re gonna take on the qualities of Li’l Miss SAGITTARIUS (exuberant, adventurous, talks a heaping lot) this week, then get ready for the one quality that bitch can’t shake: her clumsiness. I’ve never quite analyzed why this bitch falls off or on things, I think it’s just a result of her natural inclination to always go for anything life throws at her without so much as a thought. So if you got the case of the clumsies, then do it like Miss SAG and make every trip and fall look cute.


TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

This is not the week to be relying on the following: (1) getting work done your way, (2) making plans for the weekend, and… (3) bitches who can’t fucking get anything right. And for someone who’s used to being generally grounded in life… well.. it’s hella frustrating. Resisting the shit show will only make things worse. Sway with the winds until conditions improve.


GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)

For someone who likes to pull everyone into his/her spiral of drama, you can’t seem to handle nor understand when another bitch pulls the same trick. This week is not the time for you to go toe-to-toe with another ho. This is the time for you to change your gears a little. By going 180 and making yourself a beacon of stability and dependability, you will come out the bigger person.


CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

Your mind has been on this non-stop vacation for so long, that you’re beginning to lose your edge. All your doubts has been clouded with kumbayahs and que sera seras that it’s beginning to get harder for you to get past other people’s bullshit. If you don’t watch it, gurl, you will get screwed. So please, untether yourself from the throes of intoxicating fake promises and get back on the ground. Or in other words: Lady, get a fucking grip.


(DISCLAIMER for all entries: This is all a shit show!)

For more Horoscopes By Gil Hizon, click here, gurl!

As a means of reviving this blog after my unexpected hiatus (what can I say, I have a lot of logins to remember, haha) I was thinking of opening up writer confessions. A lot of the authors in this fandom are incredibly under appreciated and I thought it might be a good idea to send in some nice confessions. This is a great way to advertise your favourite stories and writers to the rest of the fandom! <3

If you have something nice to say about a writer/story in the Fairy Tail fandom, please do send us a message to this blog. We’ll post it so the writer can see that they’re valued and loved in our community!

If you’ve read a story that has been reblogged here and want to appreciate the writer, do so! Now’s your time to give back to the people who spend hours at a time writing for your enjoyment. :)


so mod jessa and i have been discussing the idea of doing a boat royalty kind of thing, you know like homecoming/prom court but on the boat vs at a school. my town has this summer carnival thing and i keep passing all these signs people put up to vote for them and it’s cute and yeah yeah. ANYWAY, we’re still talking about it and it probably won’t be until the next time we get on the boat, but i was wondering if people were interested in the general idea.

i know you might be concerned thinking about oh no, it’s going to be a popularity contest and none of my characters will even have the chance to get involved beyond voting, but that’s honestly the part that’s making it so we can’t do it immediately. i was thinking maybe we’d allow characters some time to campaign a little. get together with friends, or groups we put together if some people aren’t friends yet, and help them with campaign type stuff. you know, someone who is good with photoshop could dedicate themselves to helping a specific character by making cute little images post asking those to vote for them, things like that, which will help those not interested in competing enjoy the event a bit more.

we’re still discussing the best way to go about every detail, but i think there will be two royals within band members/solo artists and then two within staff. and i say royals because we’re not doing king and queen and the winners can pick whatever title they would like to have. i even found a nice list that includes some gender neutral titles if you’re into that.

so! like/comment on this if you’re interested at all. if no one’s interested, i don’t want to spend a bunch of time on it trying to figure it out, you know? if you have any suggestions for related activities and all of that, feel free to comment, send an ask, or bug me on aim at modshosh. 

i will reblog this later on, so prepare to see this again.

Good Afternoon, St. Brendan’s!

A few announcements for you all.

Firstly, whomever was storing copious bags of ‘Sour Patch Kids’ in the school’s pantry should be alerted to the fact the candy has been discovered and trashed. Might I remind you that you are able to keep dry foods in your own rooms and may even have the opportunity to use a mini-fridge given your room is big enough- namely Dominant students. The kitchen staff are not here to hideaway your snacks, they’re here to provide meals for the school. If any other unaccounted products are found in the kitchens upon next inspection, there will be severe consequences.

Secondly, for this week’s Dominance project, I have set about creating a project I feel will thrill and inspire. We will be looking at the limitations of punishments and, of course, the opposite. To do so, each Dominant has been paired, entirely randomly I might add, with a submissive to demonstrate a punishment. Despite what ‘demonstrate’ may infer, I do not require these punishments to be public at all. The punishments need not be specifically hard nor soft, impact or otherwise, either- they may be however you craft them to be. I do, however, need evidence of discussion, clear consent, clean and safe practice - ‘clean,’ that is, that it went on without serious, dangerous fault, not that I want each punishments to be.. dry - and appropriate aftercare. To ensure this, at the end of the week, two by two, each pairing will stand before the class and share their plans, their limitations, what went well and what didn’t, and the submissive must say their own piece on how effective it was. On top of this, the Dominant must summarize what they have learned. The punishment does not have to be induced by a certain behavior, I might add, it could literally just be a maintenance punishment to consolidate good submission within that submissive overall. Consent and discussion are absolutely key for this to go off without a hitch.

The pairings are as follows:

Headmistress Camila Vega » Miss Leah Landa
Professor Andrew Barrett » Ellie Royce
Master Blaine Anderson » Rachel Berry
Mistress Delphine Robichaux » Nicholas Duval
Professor Gracie Winters » Dylan Wells
Professor Hunter Clarington » Quinn Fabray
Mistress Lauren Zizes » Brittany Pierce
Mistress Marley Rose » Eden Scwarz
Professor Michael Bryar » Mr. Evan Nicholls
Mistress Santana Lopez » Kurt Hummel
Master Sebastian Smythe » Danielle Harper
Professor Shelby Corcoran » Alice Hansen
Professor Vincent Smith » Mason McCarthy

These are in no particular order. Dominants and submissives alike are welcomed to conduct their punishment at any point after dinner today, before a later class on Friday. The class on Friday will be held at four in afternoon, for extra wiggle room. If anyone wishes to complete their punishment within class on Monday or Wednesday, let me know. In addition, if anyone requires a crowd anywhere within school grounds for theirs, please let me know.

Kicking off the punishment parade, Miss Landa and I will be holding our punishment publicly today at dinner time. Attendance is necessary. If you’re not there for the punishment, well.. I suppose you just won’t be fed but you will be punished. I think we all know that Miss Landa has been a rather naughty girl as of late and I’d like to stretch to you this opportunity, to you, St. Brendan’s, as her means of begging for our forgiveness. Upon request, Master Anderson will be caring for her after the show, due to his interest in being her Dominant. I will be around to answer any questions rather than moving off immediately to care for her.

Have a wonderful, wonderful day, St. Brendan’s, and I will see you all at dinner.



The Gourgeist is the leader of the group, though the smaller Pumpkaboo’s see him as a “big brother” of sorts. He’s a huge flirt and a major thief. What they do is, the young Pumpkaboo’s go out and dance to different songs, performing and what now. While they do, some of the others, rarely the Gourgeist unless the prize is big, will go to the crowd while they’re distracted and take what they can. 


(( Btwpicturethemwiththissongplayingit’sperfect ))


starlite240 asked:

Hey Molly, I was wondering if you have any advice on how to get over/recover from someone cheating on you?

Oh yikes this is a tough one. I’ve never been cheated on (at least I don’t think I have) so my advice may not be best but heres my attempt:

I’m not sure if that person still wants to be with you or not or the nature of the situation but this is the time you need to be selfish and think of yourself. Its very hard but you need to be strong and do what’s going to make you happy in the long run. If you’re broken down then its easier for someone to mess with your thoughts and make you believe that staying with them is whats best. 

Be sure to talk to people! I know it might be tempting to lock yourself away but its important to vent and not bottle anything up. Don’t feel guilty about venting either because thats what family and friends are there for. If you feel like you have no one to vent to, I believe there are message boards and other places where people online can talk to you. And if the cheating has really destroyed everything about you then I would suggest seeking help from a psychologist. I know they can be expensive but often times insurance covers it or they can make a payment plan to help. Remember, THERE IS NO SHAME IN GOING TO A PSYCHOLOGIST!!!  For some reason our society like to believe that going in for mental help means weakness but that’s absolutely not true. 

If you’re done and separated from this person, I would suggest find a way to stay busy.Get outside, explore, go biking, go to a park, draw, write out your feelings, go to places that make you happy, do things with friends and family, don’t lock yourself inside. 

The worst part of it all is probably going to be the constant wave of emotions. You might be ok one day and then feeling hopeless the next and then angry the day after. It takes time to begin to heal. Do what you can to stay positive and talk to someone when you aren’t doing well. Stay positive, it won’t be easy but things will get better. Life has a funny way of slamming one door shut while quietly opening another. The best and worst things in life come unexpectedly. 

I hope this helps a little. I would advise talking with more people. I find every person I’ve talked to in a time of need has offered me different advice and it was all equally helpful. Stay strong my friend. <3

I think [what Bucky was caught in was] more of a vise, but it would never happen at his own hand, by his own doing. In terms of that scene in Ant-Man, I’ve seen some of the ideas people have about it and I would just say that whatever you’re seeing on the surface, it’s not as obvious as that. There might be a whole lot more to the scene. I would say someone would probably want to put him in a vise.
—  Sebastian Stan on Ant-Man’s post-credits scene