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One thing about fluency that seems obvious but isn’t, is that your proficiency in a language does also depend on your mood, confidence, and energy level. There are times when my brain just can’t handle the additional workload of translating things or operating in a different language because I’m sick, or out of it, or even just hungry. Sometimes it depends on stress and fatigue.

Ideally you’re in a position to take breaks, but it’s really easy to get bogged down by mental exhaustion. It’s also really frustrating because physically, I can get super motivated and ready to go, but mentally drained.

I guess in other words, sometimes you just have bad days. Or bad hours. You kind of have to get good at understanding what your body wants and needs to do things long-term, or you might end up coasting between bursts of inspiration

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Can I ask for more information on soulmates in agingheart? I mean how does it work, how does one find one? How rare is it...I mean just more information would be nice

“So how does this human soulmate thing work?” Ahsoka questioned, watching Anakin work on his speeder.

The blond sighed a bit, rubbing a bit of grease over his neck. “Okay, look, just ask me the things you’re actually wondering about and I’ll answer as best I can. I’m no expert, like I said the chances of actually finding them are one in a million.” He loosened a bolt to get to the filters.

Ahsoka considered that. “Okay, do you have one?”

“I might.” Anakin paused a bit. “But not everyone does so its hard to tell.” He shrugged.

“How can you tell?” Ahsoka leaned forward, watching Anakin pull out the filter and handing him the new one.

“That’s just it, you can’t. The older one of the duo usually stops aging when you meet though, so that’s the biggest clue. But what if you’re the same age? Then its impossible.” Anakin sighed a bit. “Anyhow, there’s only one sure way.”

Raising her brows at the humans, Ahsoka waited only for Anakin to focus on the filter. “…Well what’s that way?” She finally prompted.

“Huh? Oh!” Anakin sat up, licking his lips nervously. “Well… supposedly when soulmates… kiss… something’s suppose to happen. I only got holonet stories to go on here Ahsoka since they’re so rare but its…” He twitched his hand. “Its like touching a live wire they say, you feel them in you, in your heart, soul and mind. It almost sounds like they form some kind of bond from the moment they kiss.” He sighed and rested his hands on his knees.

Rubbing her chin at that, Ahsoka mused. “Well that would explain why the Jedi order allows them, Force willed bonds are sacred, no one would attempt to break them.” She hummed.

As Ahsoka mused, Anakin hesitated.

“…There is one more way to know if you have a soulmate.” He finally said.

“Oh?” She questioned chirpily before blinking at his face. “Skyguy?”

Grimacing, Anakin sighed. “The… most sure way to know… is if they die. When a soulmate dies, they take a part of you with them. They are half your soul so when they die, they take that part with them and if you never meet them… it can leave you hollow and broken. Some say certain Sith’s of old were created that way. Jedi who never meet their soulmates and therefor… Fell, desperate and trying to bring them back.” He shrugged.

Ahsoka stared at him with wide eyes.

“…Yeah.” He wrinkled his nose and sighed. “Its why Obi-Wan should tell the person who’s his. Even if they are in love already and happy.” He settled back to work on the speeder.

“…Has to hurt him though. I mean I know master Obi-Wan is a good Jedi but he’s not without emotions. Having your soulmate already in love can’t be easy.” She mused to herself. “Hey how old is he now?” The teen blinked.

Anakin shrugged. “Not sure, from what I can tell he seems to be in his late twenties or early thirties, why?”

Kicking her legs back and forth, Ahsoka shrugged. “Just wondering if we know his soulmate.”

Anakin blinked at that, lifting his head a bit and catching both his own and Ahsoka’s reflection in the speeders canopy.

He hadn’t considered that…

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RE Secret Sessions 1989 vs. reputation: it might have to do with the fact Taylor's not talking about music elsewhere (or even being seen really). With 1989, fans who didn't get picked could still watch/read an interview of her talking about her music/song inspirations/etc. or even just see pics of her & I think that went a long way to not making fans feel neglected/unimportant to her. But now unless you get picked for a session you get none of that & even the sessioners are being more secretive.

but the thing about not getting any of “that” is everyone WILL! when the album comes out! there are just people who know first. that doesnt excuse some SSers that are basically just taunting everyone whether they mean to or not but these are all things that everyone will find out eventually so there’s no reason to feel like it’s this ‘i’ll never know because i wasnt there’ situation.

Spoons and spirits

This has been a topic I’ve been meaning to write about for a while as a disabled spirit companion. 

If you’re anything like me, you know that it’s difficult to get through everyday things let alone metaphysical things.  Thankfully, I have amazing understanding companions.  But what can you do on your human side of the situation?

  • Acknowledge. 
    • You’re having a bad time, you let your human friends know, right?  Let your spirit ones know too.  Keep them updated.  They might just help you out more than expected
  • Chill
    • Literally just do nothing with them.  Invite them to hang with you while you read, browse tumblr whatever.  Chances are, they’re totally cool with this
  • Company
    • Keep your day available to them.  And by that I mean, if they want to, have them go about your day with you.  Go to school, grocery shopping.  Class is rarely dull with spirits commenting on things. 
  • Bedtime
    • At the end of the day, you’re probably pretty fuckin tired.  Have your join you on the bed, if you’re comfortable.  This is around the time where I astral with them and just spend some down time with them.
  • Small stuff
    • Say good morning or good night.  Things you’d tell your roommate or parents.  Just tell them how your day was, bitch, vent.  Just talk.  Best part about this is you don’t have to do it verbally. 

Relax.  Spirits have their own lives and they know we do too.  It’s okay to not be able to focus on them all the time.  And if you wanna stay connected, try some of these or add your own.

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It's might just be my imagination, but I think that you may ship The Host and Dr. Iplier.

Nah, I don’t do any shippy stuff with the Egos. In my head they’re all like this weird family of brothers. I mean I ship Doc and Host super hard platonically. I feel like they’d have such a cute friendship! But not romantically.

Plus, just myself as a writer, I find that I don’t write romance well? Like, I can do it, but I don’t like it. I’ve always felt pressured to write it in the past just because romance is such a big part of writing typically, and it always felt super forced and weird (go figure, because I’ve never been in a healthy romantic relationship, so what do I know?). It makes me happier to write super strong, quirky friendships (which I do know a lot about, yay!), so that’s what I’m gunna do!

lets do aesthetics again.

what i need:

  • details about you
    • if you’re black/white/asian/etc.
    • hair color and eyes
    • gender/sex
    • sexuality
    • any specific beauty marks
    • anything about you
  • personality traits
    • loving, dog lover, materialistic
  • hobbies
    • dance, guaitiar, baking, etc.
  • things you like
    • puppies, food, reading
  • theme
    • autumn, royal, winter, etc.
  • your @ so i can tag you
  • the boy/girl you want

things to keep in mind:

  • it needs to be long. take up the whole space
  • if you send doubles, tell me who you are.
  • i have shit wifi, they wont be posted asap.
  • i might not do everyone or take them all
  • keep it within the spider-man/marvel universe pls.

Forrest: “You’re the one who wanted me to reconnect with them and be there for my children! We both agreed that the wedding was probably the best place to gather everyone together in a friendly setting to get things sorted!”

Eva: “Did it ever occur to you that I might not have been ready for that? It still hurts to know that there are other parts of you that I can’t have. I -”

Forrest: “Doll, I don’t know what more I can do to prove to you that you’re the only person I’ve ever loved. I have apologised for my mistakes over and over again but it never seems to be good enough. What’s it going to take for you to see that I’m completely dedicated to you and our family?!”

Eva: “I…I don’t think you can. I…I need to go, Forrest. I can’t do this…”

BTS Reacts to You Being Scared of a Bug/Mouse

Hey guys! I know it’s been a few days…. I’ve been home for break and I’ve been a bit distracted. My grandma asked me to take care of the house because she’s been at the hospital every night due to an ill family member. As always, if there’s anything that you want to see, please feel free to send me any requests you might have! I love writing what you guys want to see! Lets get into this, shall we?


     Anonymous:  Could you do BTS and GOT7 reacting to you getting scared by a bug/mouse? Love the blog!

1. Jin

     Jin is probably freaking out as well. Much like the clip we all know and love, Jin might try to make a run for it. The only thing stopping him would be that you’re freaking out too. If it’s a bug, he’ll grab a paper towel and pick it up, moving it outside. If it’s a mouse, he’ll just chase it off and then call and exterminator.

2. Suga

     Suga will have a different reaction based on whether it’s a bug or a mouse. If it’s a bug, Suga has no fucks to give. He’ll kill the bug and just look at you with a ‘bitch, really?“ face. On the other hand, if it’s a mouse, he’ll be completely unsure of what to do. After a moment or two, he’ll probably just walk toward it to see what happens.

3. J-Hope

     J-Hope is flipping shit. It doesn’t matter what it is, he is not going near it. Someone else will probably have to come and take care of it for the two of you because J-Hope is definitely not moving until it’s dead or leaves. If you’re looking for a strong man planning to kill bugs, you might want to ask American J-Hope because Korean J-Hope says no. (Couldn’t resist XD)

4. Rapmon

     Rapmon just rolls his eyes and kills the bug. On the other hand, he just ignores the mouse, waiting for it to leave on its own. If it really starts to bother him, he may set up traps or get an exterminator to get rid of it. He’s not the type to freak out.

5. Jimin

     Jimin is internally freaking out, but considering his he’s the type to want to have the strong boyfriend image so he’ll take care of it. If it’s a bug, he’ll ill it, even if he’s freaking out about it. If it’s a mouse, he’ll be super dramatic about it, acting like he’s squaring off with his worse nemesis. It’ll make you giggle a little and feel a little better.

6. V

     V’s reaction will vary. He will either A, not care at all, or be, flip shit. With the bug, he’s more likely not to care, just walking over and killing it. With a mouse, he might be a little confused more then anything. He’s probably quietly asking it why it suddenly appeared in your kitchen. He’ll quietly chase it off and then give you a very confused look.

7. Jungkook

     Jungkook is excited that he was given even more ammo to tease you with. He is not bothered at all, instead choosing to either kill the bug or chase off the mouse. You’re definitely never going to hear the end of this because he will never let you live it down that he had to "save” you. You have been warned.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Please feel free to send me any requests you might have!

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Hey Serra there’s a thing that’s been bothering me for a while. When teen girls come out as bi/ just liking other girls regardless of sexuality, they seem to be mocked for it. Like it’s ‘become a stereotype’ and I just don’t understand why it’s been made into a negative thing. People claim so many girls are coming out ‘just to fit the trend’ and it just doesn’t sit right with me. It’s super frustrating too because it made me feel like maybe I wasn’t bi, and it might affect younger girls worse :/

It’s biphobia mixed with a good dose of misogyny and homophobia, mostly. Every one of us who belong to somewhere in the LGBT+ spectrum have their own individual struggles, even biphobia comes in different flavors. Bi girls get told they’re faking it, bi guys get told they’re actually gay and “halfway out the closet”, etc. The best, and perhaps healthiest, thing we can do is educating people around us, protecting ourselves from being exposed to bigotry in a way we can’t handle, and trust ourselves, feelings and experiences. They don’t know you, you know you.

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How are your wrists?

They’re doing better now at least! Though I still have a bit of trouble handling finer lineart drawings (since those ones require some heavy straining on my hand). I might only do commissions involving my sketches for the next batch to give it some more time to heal.

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-sliiiiiiiides on in- i uh.. i heard that you accept asks for echotale!sans? if i may, could i maybe request how he'd be with a s/o who kinda just.. they squeak when they're flustered or something startles them?? they don't mean to, it kinda just... happens. and they refuse to acknowledge that it might be cute in any way. hhhhhsor ry this is stupidly self indulgent and feel free to ignore it if you don't wanna do it/don't have the time ;w;)b

I gotchu fam ;3

Echotale!Sans aka G

When he learns about this, he is definitely going to use it against you. He’ll purposefully catch you off-guard and kisses your cheek out of nowhere, wrap his arm over your shoulders and pull you against him in public, hug you from behind when you least expect it, all that. He doesn’t necessarily comment on it, either. If you ask him, he’ll just tell you “i think it’s cute.” And when you deny it, he simply chuckles. “sure, kitten.” Then he kisses you again. There’s no way you can convince him it’s not cute.

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Rumor has it some people at the Secret Sessions have been leaking stuff and stealing from her houses and being very shitty towards other fans. They're like 1% of all the amazing people who went to the SS but you know how it goes, sometimes those are the loudest voices... My question is, do you think Taylor would cancel future Secret Sessions in light of some people acting the way they are and putting in jeopardy the rollout she has planned?

you know i think that one might be inclined to think that way initially. like, here i am doing this super nice amazing thing and people arent following the rules or being cool about it etc it just isnt worth it. and it is i am sure very hurtful and feels disrespectful.

but at the same time, do you let a few bad seeds ruin it for the whole bunch? i think it’s clear it’s something she enjoys doing - connecting with fans and sharing her music with them intimately. i dont think she would be doing them if it wasnt something she liked to do. 

so ultimately i think one would probably weigh both of those things out when considering the future. like far-off future.

But to answer your last question, no i do not think she would cancel anything planned in the near future.

Tom Petty is my Everything right now

🎶She’s gonna listen to her heart; it’s gonna tell her what to do; she might need a lotta lovin’ but she don’t need you🎶

🎶I need to know, I need to know; If you think you’re gotta leave then you better say so; I need to know, I need to know; cause I don’t know how long I can hold on; if you’re making me wait, if you’re leadin’ me on; I need to know🎶

🎶Baby baby baby, don’t do me like that🎶

🎶Should have known right then it was too good to last; It’s such a drag when you live in the past🎶

🎶The waiting is the hardest part🎶

🎶You got lucky, babe, when I found you 🎶

🎶I don’t feel you anymore; you darken my door; whatever you’re looking for; don’t come around here no more 🎶

Sigh. So many greats. And all written for me, in this moment, apparently.

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I can only wonder if the people who are threatened really just don't think he deserves it. I wonder just how much all the subtle degradation of Louis that has gone on for years has affected these people. That they think that what he's getting now is appropriate while the others get so, so much. Like he's not worth going above and beyond for :(

Hi anon :) 

I don’t doubt that it has influenced people. Of course it has. That’s psychology, and subconsciously a lot of people will have bought into the narrative to some extent. Because that’s what we were supposed to do. 

It might be another reason for the radical, extreme marginalization of Louis we’re seeing now. Because it didn’t go as planned. We are still here. 


saythename_17 Instagram update


When first saw Jeonghan I thought that was Jun. Then I thought he was Joshua but I saw Jeonghan’s name on the bottom left and I was like BDNJEJDJ THAT’S JEONGHAN.

Wonwo. Oh. My God. The joke about him being emo is dead but gosh this concept might suit him.

Hoshi out here looking like a fashionista. Ooo this might be his era.


We’ll have to wait for the other photos the the rest of the members to what look like. It’s good that they’re experimenting concepts.

What do you think of this concept/era?

When Lost

Dean is eleven and on the ground behind a car. The air smells like gasoline, and the asphalt is hard on his knees and hot on his palms. Calm footsteps approach, far too self-assured for his liking so he lowers to his stomach to roll beneath the vehicle, heart like a dog beating against its cage.

He thinks he’s in the clear when a hand wraps around his ankle and yanks him out.

He stares up at the dark figure, backlit by the bright sun, and beams.

“You found me, Cas.”

“I always do,” his best friend squeaks.

“I’m going to find you, Dean.” Cas’ voice cracks—they’re well into puberty now—and Dean stifles a snort. “I always do. Might as well give me back my CD.”

Dean molds to the tree as best he can. Cas doesn’t have a snowball’s chance; Dean knows these woods like the back of his hand.

When he sneaks a peek again, Cas isn’t there.

From behind, a hand falls on his shoulder, grip scorching and tight. He doesn’t check; knows it’s Cas.

“Dean,” Cas shouts over the noise of rain, getting out of his truck. They’re barely twenty-two, but Cas already sounds like a man. “You weren’t at the hospital.”

The rain threatens to drown the world. Dean wishes it would.

“I know about Sam… Dean, I’m sorry.”

Cas approaches him at the center of the crossroads, and pulls him into a hug. Dean can’t find comfort in it.

“Come back, alright? You shouldn’t be out here on your own.” Cas tugs him towards the car, then stops. “Why are your hands dirty?”

Dean spends a lifetime shackled to no particular thing, suspended and on display for whoever— what ever is keen on picking up a scalpel or a knife. He spends another lifetime picking up scalpels and knives. What’s he becoming?

The touch on his shoulder sears hotter than hellfire, burns more than his lungs when he wakes up with six feet of dirt above him. He digs, hoping it’s in the right direction.

A hand wraps around his wrist and yanks him the rest of the way out.

Cas smiles at him, soft and knowing, says, “There you are.”


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When I get really mad and lose my temper, I start punching the wall, destroying things, or hitting myself. Do you have any tips to avoid meltdowns or to redirect my anger? I'm afraid that when I lose my temper around other people I'll hurt them. I've done that a couple times in the past, when my parents try to restrain me when I'm mad. I'm really afraid of losing control when I'm mad. I don't know if it has to do with ADHD, but maybe it has something to do with emotional regulation and impulse?

You’re right, it is probably related to emotional regulation and impulsivity. We have an anger tag. I think someone has said in the past that anger management classes actually helped them, so you might look into those.

Followers, do you have any suggestions?


This is a small PSA to say please DO NOT be afraid of submitting your own fanfic. You are the one who put time and effort into planning it and you deserve to promite it. It’s what we’re here for! We want to recognise and reward the work that goes into writing fanfiction at no benefit to yourselves (I mean, it’d be cool if it paid though.)

However, if you’re scared, just talk to us off anon and we’ll post it for you. I know some people have mentioned in the past they feel like they don’t deserve it. Trust me, you DO. There is a negative point behind this post though.

Some of you are sending asks for fics you’ve lost, that are in fact your own fic. We know this because of IP’s, style of writing, accidentally asking off-anon etc. You might notice this doesn’t work - we ignore them first and prioritise other asks. But you don’t need to do this! It takes up our time that could be spent finding actual lost fics and besides, you can submit them anonymously! So no one will ever know it’s you. 😏

As I said, we believe every fic deserves recognition (provided it’s not, like, evil) and you don’t need to be excessive to get your fics the attention they deserve. Just be upfront and honest!

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Hi! I hope you’re having a great day! I had a quick question, when you were setting up your stores or websites to sell your fanart, did you need to get legal permission to do so or not? I’m interested in setting up my own store/website but I’m worried that I might get into trouble with posting my fan art so I wanted to ask what did you do in order to be able to sell your work. Thank you and have a great day!

I hope you’re having a great day too! ^ ^

And wowie, not so quick answer to that question!

So I am unfortunately the wrong artist to ask about online stores, as I’m in the exact same boat as you and have never set one up myself. Any prints I’ve ever made, I’ve given away for free or for exchange of services. I’d like to though, soon! (I’ve said for the past several years, hopefully it actually happens this time LOL) but I have no personal experience to advise you with ^ ^;

But regarding selling fanart, I have some info on that. It’s always been a very legal grayzone. Tons of people do it, but it’s technically not legal, and in selling you have to be aware of this. The exact laws and the way license holders of the original official media may react varies by country and sometimes even the type of product you’re selling. In Japan, it’s sort of a look-the-other-way gray zone, though official companies are fully aware of and take advantage of the marketing provided by derivative works (and also often sell merchandise right along side fan works at events like Comiket).

I feel like if the work you’re making fanart off of is very small/indie/not produced by a major company/the creator is on a personal level with fans, you could ask if they have policies regarding fanart (especially if they’re so minor to the extent it may be mistaken for original art). While it’s not a fandom I’m personally familiar with, the fandom that immediately comes to mind is Homestuck, which has specific policies against selling fanart. It’s certainly not a minor fandom, but also not the same as a huge company licensed work if you feel me. If the original license holder has explicitly stated policies like this one, it’s best to respect them.

Beyond that, it’s really up to what you personally are comfortable with, and I think it’s always important to be asking yourself what that is. It’s a question I’ve asked myself for a long time, even as I’ve considered, backed out of, and reconsidered selling fanmerch.

While these don’t at all have to be your reasons, I’ve figured that I’m personally comfortable with the idea of selling merchandise so long as my primary reason is that I want to create a physical copy of my unique work for myself, and that selling the others for profit is to make up the margin for the production and time/labor costs of creating the work. I also intentionally want to create things that will never be produced by and therefore answers a different kind of demand that cannot be satisfied by official works, such as obscure AUs,  rare/unusual ships, and original costume design. I also never intend to mass produce or make huge profit off of any of my hypothetical future fanworks, all of which will be sold only to the limited audience of those on my social media/possibly convention, and in extremely limited quantities that will not be available for long. I also consider Patreon to be a general “support for the act of me continuing to create art and developing my skills,” rather than the selling of actual products.

Does any of this make it any more legal? No, and it’s important to always remember that and to respect the wishes of the original creators.

Hope this answer helped somewhat ^ ^;