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How To Avoid Having A Pile of Dead Webcomics

This also means how to avoid rebooting a comic several times as well. As a former Reboot Queen, I thought I would post this for new webcomic creators or even ones who’ve been at it a while and are just feeling kind of uncertain about their work.

I actually posted this on a forum first, but thought someone here might also find it useful. XP Note that these are not unspoken rules or anything! First and foremost, do what you feel you need to! Everyone learns in their own way.

1: At the beginning, aim shorter. If you’re just getting into webcomics, try some experimental one-shots first. It’s the comics with no end in sight (or an ending waaayyy too out of sight) that are more likely to be left unfinished. If your projects involve characters or plotlines you REALLY want to use again, you can always leave them open-ended to continue them, or just move on to your grand, epic project after getting the hang of things a bit first. XP It’s just better to start out kind of slow and learn your strengths and weaknesses. Or even if you’re not new to comics, this is still a good way to experiment.

2: NEVER start a comic on a sudden inspiration. You want to make an art or some short comics when this happens, cool, but what seems great to you one month may seem kinda lame the next. I mean, sure, we all have moments where we’re not as interested in our comics, but if you pick subjects you truly love, it makes it easier to plow through those downer moments. XP Heck, this advice can go for ANY sort of project.

3: If possible, avoid rebooting old chapters because of amateur art/writing. If you absolutely need to for publishing reasons or to change some plot elements, then do what you must, but doing this can REALLY slow things down. That old art/writing may make your eyes bleed, but remember that most readers really don’t mind and even enjoy seeing an artist grow.

4: Even with a longer series, have an ending in sight. Again, kind of related to tip 1. Basically, unless you’re making a comic strip or slice of life or something, make it possible to reach the end of your comic in your lifetime! Consider trimming unnecessary bulk from your story.

5: Don’t let readers’ opinions sway you! I don’t mean ignore helpful constructive criticism, I mean people who question how a character acts, or say “I hope this doesn’t happen!” or anything that might be making you second guess parts of your story. I actually spazzed out and changed an entire character because people were considering her too ‘Mary Sue’, and a lot of the reboots I made were partially influenced by reader opinions as well! Make the story YOU want to make, don’t worry about your characters being cliched (heck, even if they are), or people having a different opinion of your characters than you expected. Stay the course! XP

Though also remember that it’s okay to have unfinished webcomics. They helped you learn and are still art, so they were worth the effort.^^


Hi y'all, so I’ve been doing make up for years for proms and weddings and engagement photos and such and thought I would offer some tips because I love make up and maybe not everyone knows these! Obvi keep in mind everyone is different and these may not work for you…

- Try Nivea’s Sensitive Post Shave Balm for Men as a primer. A little goes a long way and rub it in until it gets tacky

- There is literally no reason to buy mascara from high end brands and I’m a high end whore. My favorite is the Clump Crusher water resistant

- If you can’t decide between two foundation colors, choose the one that’s lighter. Bronzer can fix that shit quick

- The “buy concealer that is 56 shades too light” trend needs to die. One or two shades is plentyyyyy you don’t wanna look like a reverse raccoon and flash photography only makes it worse

- BAKE your under eyes and if you’re hoeing tbh bake your entire face. Message me if you don’t know what baking is

- Two best foundations I’ve ever used are the Too Faced Born This Way and Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24hr

- Stop applying your make up with your hands ladies pls buy a beauty blender and get it damp

- Take the foundation off your lips once you’ve set it bc if you just put lip product over it it’ll bunch up in the corners of your mouth

- Sigma has great brushes and shed less than any of my high end brushes. I’d definitely recommend splurging and getting a full set of them

- Do not base your purchases off of sellout YouTubers that are getting paid to say everything they’re saying

- Buy a setting spray and spray your eyeshadow brush w it before applying shimmery eye shadows and spray your whole face with it when you’re done

- I see girls on here all the time saying not to wear falsies which I think is absolutely insane but my falsies advice is start with individuals and work up to strips. That’s what I did

- Exfoliate your face and use the Biore black head strips on your nose for smoother make up application

- Don’t leave your lower lash line bare. I see this so much and it’s super weird looking. Do a little eyeshadow and mascara at the least to complete the whole look

- Avoid matte lipstick/liquid lips unless you’re sure your lips are smooth hydrated and snatched otherwise they will look like a butthole in 15 minutes

- W/ eyebrows and make up: less is more girl. ESPECIALLY from a man’s perspective

- If you’re going to put a base shadow down before doing your eyeshadow look (which I’d recommend), avoid putting it anywhere you’ll put shimmer and instead fill that space with a cream eyeshadow or more primer to make that shimmer popppp
- Wash your beauty blender every time you use it or it will grow mold I promise

- Buxom’s lip glosses are the absolute best. They are so high quality, smell good, last FOREVER, and tingle on your lips like mint

- Clean your make up brushes as often as you can (I wish I did more than I do) not only because it’s hygienic but because they will apply SO MUCH BETTER

- If your eyebrows are always rubbing off, invest in a waterproofing liquid to put over them. NYX has a cheap one that really works

- Make sure to go over the line of your falsies with black eyeliner to hide the glue. I don’t care if the glue is “clear” or “black” it’s visible

- If you can’t find a contour color that’s cool toned enough try an eyeshadow!

- Put tons of highlight on your cupid’s bow it’s so cute in my opinion and always gets lots of compliments

- TAKE YOUR MAKE UP OFF EVERY NIGHT. DO NOT SAVE YOUR MAKE UP FOR THE NEXT DAY. Some girls will fight me on this but imo no make up is cuter than gross make up and it’s so bad for your skin

- If your eyes are always watering your shit off get some anti-allergy or anti-dryness (whichever you think you have) eye drops

- You can exfoliate your lips before lipstick application easily with honey and sugar. Do this before putting on foundation and such. If you’re a bougie bitch you can buy scrubs from places like Lush

- I’m convinced that Burts Bees is the only chapstick I’ve ever used that didn’t make me end up needing chapstick more than I did in the first place

- If you don’t have time to wash off your make up then just use a make up wipe! The Kirkland brand ones are my all time faves because they don’t sting my eyes or leave a residue on my face

- Stop over washing your face. It makes it produce more oil to compensate and it could be why you have acne

- You don’t need to pay to get your brows waxed/threaded if you just pluck the spare 2 or 3 brows that grow out of place each day. You’ll keep your shape, save money, and your brows will always look good

- If you don’t use eyeshadow primer please buy some and watch your entire eyeshadow collection transform. If you can’t afford it but have concealer that’s second best and still works well

I could go on forever and might make a part two but I’m tired now. Probably going to make a make up favorites list by product category soon!

Message me with any make up questions ever because I love blabbing about it! Spread the luv and happy face beating!! 💄

-Kinetic Abilities Prompt List B Edition

Benzinakinesis - Control Gases

  • Literally, if you take one step closer I’m filling your side of the room with helium.
  • Sadly, your parents perished in a freak hot air balloon accident. I have no idea what happened.
  • Popping all those lightbulbs by expanding th egass in them looked pretty sweet but now there’s glass everywhere…

Bibliokinesis - Control Books

  • I don’t know how you somehow got into my mega-library, but you’re not getting any of these books back. They belong to me now.
  • You may have flight but I can sit on this Britannica and get where I’m going just fine.
  • There’s a reason why there’s a demand for movies to be made into books. You’re looking at them.

Biokinesis - Control Bodies

  • Nothing says professional cryptid like camouflage, mutations, and death on demand. 
  • It’s like playing an Operation game whenever I try to help somebody. There’s no buzzer though, just them screaming when I accidentally rip a tendon.
  • Sometimes, you just want to make your shitty neighbor into a rat. 

Bio-thermokinesis - Control Body temperature

  • I can’t exactly make a trip to Antarctica feel like summer vacation, but I can make it more tolerable. 
  • No thermal cameras can ever see me. But maybe I should knock out the regular cameras too…
  • Giving someone hyperthermia in a room of ice is torture enough. Have them drown themselves to quench their thirst? Dastardly.

Blennokinesis - Control Filth

  • Don’t think for one minute I wan’t bring back the black death. That’s how serious I’m being.
  • When I removed all the polution, I didn’t think people would be so eagar to make more.
  • This blu cheese is barely aged. Let me spread this mold a little more and it’ll be fit for the party.

Botanokinesis - Control plants

  • The grass are all individuals who get as much voice as trees do. I’m drowning in voices and opinions. I need to make them quiet. 
  • That’s it. I’m making it so any thrown away plant matter gets to people who need it. No more of this ‘not enough’ stuff.
  • My best friend might be a potted plant, but at least they aren’t judgemental like you are.

Brontekinesis - Control thunder

  • I’ll vibrate you so hard your organs burst and don’t even think for one second I’m bluffing.
  • No, I don’t have electricity powers. Isn’t the sound wave part cool enough for you? 
  • I made all my minions deaf before you even arrived. I wanted them to have the upper hand when I make you deaf too.

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Awkward!Professor AU?

“Hey, uh, Potter?” Draco asked, stepping into the classroom.

“Hi, Draco,” Harry answered.  

Why did he have to say Draco? Why did he have to smile like that? Why did his t-shirt have to hug his chest like that? Why am I here? Fuck! Draco start talking! “Uh,” Fuck…

Harry’s smile faded a bit. “Everything okay?”

Draco took a deep breath, “Yeah. I was wondering if you-” wanted to go out to dinner with me…no that’s so generic…would go flying with me…shit it’s freezing outside “-uh, you don’t, you don’t have a class coming in soon do you?”

“I have a healthy respect for Saturdays.  No classes today,” Harry said.

Draco felt heat rise to his face.  He tried to laugh off some of his nervousness. “I was wondering if you…”

“Yeah, that’s where we left off,” Harry said.



stop giving me that gorgeous smile, asshole. “Did you maybe want to, uh, with me…” he’s going to say no, to laugh at me, abort, back-up plan, “Do you want to teach a class with me?” 

Harry’s smile was replaced with what could only be confusion.

Speaking much louder and faster than necessary, Draco started rambling, “I know DADA’s werewolf lectures are coming up, and I thought maybe I could do a joint class with you and we could make the wolfsbane potion but maybe call it by monk’s hood, you know to get rid of the ‘bane’ part, negative connotation and all. I thought you might like to teach about people with lycanthropy instead of creatures that sometimes look monstrous, that sort of thing…”

Harry didn’t say anything for the few seconds Draco could stop talking.

“…I mean, you don’t have to.  I guess it’s a bit of a ‘Granger’ thing to do.  I’ve been thinking about it and if we show them it’s a disease and there are ways to work with it and-” well, I have replaced one catastrophe with another, “you know. Just think about it, I guess.”

“Well, this has been a roller coaster of a conversation,” Harry said. “Yes.  God, yes. I can’t tell you how much this means to me, Draco. That’s- That’s brilliant.”

Merlin help me; that smile again “Okay. Well, I guess we can coordinate lesson plans, co-teach a combined class or something.” leave before you ruin it, Draco. “I guess I’ll see you soon.” Draco turned to leave, counting the seconds before he was back in his rooms to hide in a strange mix of shame and happiness.

“Wait,” Harry said.

“Yes?” Draco said.  He turned back around in time to see Harry run a hand through his too-long, too-messy hair. Merlin, end me now

“You know, after all that,” Harry said, “if you asked me to dinner there’s no way I could say no.”

Top Ten Awesome Fanfics *

* yep, not “all-time favourite”, because I cannot choose in all objectivity only ten fics. This list is a list of ten fics* chosen in my five main fandoms that I love and feel like they should be read, but it could have been ten others … It’s very hard to choose. One day I’ll do a real masterpost fic rec …
* yes, I’ve cheated. There are waaaaay more than just ten fics here … Sorry not sorry.

The lovely @justkeeponthegrass had a brillant idea : to make a collection of our favourite fanfics to show writers just how much we appreciate, respect and admire their work. I personally owe a great deal to fanfic writers, especially in the Merlin fandom, for they helped me get through a very hard period of my life. Fanfic writers have been and are constant companions of my life, whether I’m sad, happy, tired or feeling excited, they always deliver, they are amazing people who do an amazing work just because they like it. I admire the hell out of any of you, and the following ten titles, plus the special and honorable mentions, are me trying to tell you how much you mean. Very, very long post incoming …

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Steve/Tony Fic Recs: Fake/Arranged Marriage

Hiya! This is for the amazing @mushroomhobbit​ - 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR <333 You listed arranged marriage as another one of your favorite tropes, so I thought you’d enjoy this list, even though it’s mostly fake marriage :)

Remember to leave kudos and comments for your hard-working authors!

What Happens In Vegas by sabrecmc (@sabrecmc​): “What the hell, Tony?” Rhodey demanded brusquely. Tony winced and drew the phone away from his ear. “You’ve got cops and Feds all over the hotel. I’m watching you perp walk out of the police station on repeat on CNN. They’re saying you tried to bribe Stern? Fox News has you selling weapons on the black market, and God that picture they’re using is the one from Bali in ’09. You look like shit. They wheeled Stern out and put him in an ambulance, by the way. Got some paparazzi swearing you decked the guy. Now they’ve got ‘copters following it like he’s OJ.”

“Yeah, don’t worry, Sourpatch, I’ve got it covered. Uh, though, I should probably tell you that, purely in the interests of national security and the greater good, I kind of had to fake marry that stripper-gram you sent. Thanks for that, by the way,” Tony added quickly. (WIP)

Sixpence In His Shoe by scifigrl47 (@scifigrl47​): Steve and Tony should really read the fine print on what they’re signing. Then again, some mistakes are not really mistakes. (WIP)

Kings Of Coney Island by Vespasiana: In which Steve is a rising mafia don lacking in panache, Tony is an unethical businessman with a target on his back, and somehow a fake marriage will solve all their problems.Also murder. Murder solves a lot of problems, too. (WIP)

Two Families by Neverever (@captainneverever​): Maria Stark and Sarah Rogers seal their new-found alliance through an arranged marriage for their sons, Tony and Steve. Steve, the heir to Sarah’s mob empire, is doubtful but wants to make his mother happy. But Tony is in denial about the deep deep trouble his family is in and wants no part of this. How will Steve and Tony deal with their unwanted marriage, survive a mob war, and defeat their enemies? And what if they might, possibly find each other attractive and interesting? (WIP)

(say you want me to) stay by goodmorningbeloved (@goodmorningbeloved​):  “I need you to marry me,” Tony blurts over the phone.

Oh no, is Steve’s first thought, and the second is, I knew I shouldn’t have let him blow me in the kitchen five months ago. “All right,” his mouth says for him, and his feet must be thinking ahead too because he’s suddenly out of his chair and crossing the room to open his closet so he can get dressed and go to Tony. (WIP)

Uno and Scotch by tarialdarion (@tari-aldarion​): "Steve didn’t mean to become friends with Tony; it just sort of happened. It seems like one day he was a faceless dealer at Extrema, the next he was getting drunk with a millionaire genius. He knows what caviar tastes like now (he doesn’t like it) and he’s seen the Strip skyline at night from 60 stories up in a penthouse (that he does like). Most importantly, he knows Tony.“ (WIP)

Heart of Steel by Muccamukk (@muccamukk​): Steve wakes up in the mid-twenty first century, the Golden Age of America, and doesn’t like what he finds. Fortunately, Tony has some ideas. (WIP, last updated 2010)

Celestial Navigation by sabrecmc (@sabrecmc​): 18 year old Omega!Tony finds himself Bonded to Captain Steve Rogers. He isn’t happy about it until he is. (A/B/O)

Looking for Heaven by foxxcub: When young Lord Anthony Stark learns Steven Rogers has enlisted in the army, he thinks he’s seen the last of his tiny, headstrong, haughty stable boy. But four years later, Lord Stark gets an unexpected visit from Steve, whose mother has fallen gravely ill and into financial ruin. Even more unexpected, Steve agrees to a shocking proposal: they will marry, giving Steve the necessary funds to save his mother, and Tony the much-needed reprieve from harassing would-be suitors. It is a business arrangement, nothing more. But as time goes on and circumstances arise, Tony begins to learn that keeping his heart away from his husband is easier said than done.

The Billionaire and the Army Captain by Neverever (@captainneverever​):  Facing financial ruin and needing to care for his sick daughter, Steve Rogers agrees to marry Tony Stark, who needs to get married by his 30th birthday to inherit. It’s just a job for Steve until he starts to fall for the enigmatic billionaire.

Not Such a Compromise by Pookaseraph: The death of her brother, Lt. James Barnes, has placed Miss Stephanie Rogers in the difficult position of needing to find a husband to see to it that her and her mother are taken care of. Miss Roger was not built for such a compromise, but perhaps Mr. Anthony Stark will not be such a compromise after all.

If Through a Door by jibrailis: Tony is accused of murder on an alien planet; Steve marries him to bring him home.

Wait & Sea by Lenalena: In which Tony and Steve get sent on an undercover mission aboard a cruise ship to make contact with Hydra. In this AU the military has kept the discovery and defrosting of Captain America a secret, so Steve and Tony have never met before. Yet they are to pose as newlyweds….

Mandatory Fun by Neverever (@captainneverever​): Steve loses a bet to Tony and has to go to Las Vegas for a fun-filled vacation. Or it was fun until people started thinking that they were married.

Steve Rogers Does (Not Do) Marriage Counseling by Neverever (@captainneverever​): Natasha and Clint are kidnapped by HYDRA during a routine mission. Steve and Tony have to go undercover as a married couple at a couples counseling weekend to uncover where they’re being held. Except they had kissed at the SHIELD holiday party the day before and Tony doesn’t want to talk about it. What is Steve going to do?

The Opposite of a Problem by Sineala (@sineala​): "I promise to love, honor, and probably not obey you, and, uh, take you as my totally-unlawfully-wedded husband, in sickness and in health, forsaking all others, until death do us part, or for at least the next seventy-two hours.”

(Or: Tony and Steve get fake-married for the sake of the mission.)

A Budapest Christmas by shetlandowl (@shetlandowl​): A Housesitter AU where Tony moves into Steve’s place, charms his parents, befriends his life-long friends, and repairs the relationships Steve ruined in the aftermath of his own heartbreak. Their relationship is a happy, loving, and supportive one; or, at least it was so until Steve showed up unannounced and was congratulated on a marriage he’d never heard of. (Fluffy sequel!)

To Liars and Saving the World by magicasen (@einheriar​): When Tony’s life is in danger, Steve does the only thing he can do to save his teammate: he makes an honest man out of him. Steve and Tony’s sham marriage is only supposed to be a blip in their history that no one has to know about. But when they’re outed to the press, and with ghosts from his past coming to haunt him, Steve must come to terms with the idea that his own feelings for Tony might not be a lie. (Ults)

Get Money, Get Paid by Missy_dee811 (@viudanegraaa​): Arno, Tony’s sadistic evil brother, usurps control of the Iron Legion with the help of someone close to Tony. Tony’s left reeling. In due time, he and Steve, the leader of the Howling Commandos, form an unlikely partnership. A rival gang, the Guardians, led by the charismatic Peter, threatens the status quo. Seeing no other way to protect Tony, with whom he’s in love, Steve proposes a fake marriage, which Tony accepts. (Ults)

And Let Me Kiss You by allourheroes: The picture is in the paper, big and bold and in everyone’s face. Iron Man. Captain America. In suits and locking lips under a white arch, an officiant behind them. It’s official, then: The world has gone crazy.

We Must Be as Married as Possible to Defeat Our Enemies by shrill_fangirl_screaming: With Natasha at home with a broken leg, it’s up to Steve to tail the bad guy through a crowded city. He might need some stronger cover to make it through…

To Have and To Hold by pucklebastian: In which, due to Asgardian tradition, lots of Asgardian mead, and a serious error in judgement, Steve and Tony end up getting married.

All is Fair (in love and war) by MarvelousMenagerie: Crimson Dynamo is the latest threat to Avengers Academy, and is only willing to surrender under one condition: Tony Stark’s hand in marriage. Steve Rogers doesn’t like that plan and, quick on his feet, thinks of another.

“He’s already married!” Steve shouts. 

Crimson Dynamo recoils. 


“What?!” Tony repeats.

Honesty is the Best Policy by wherethefrickismyblackwidowmovie: Steve and Tony adopt a kid together—as friends. But nothing goes as planned, starting with the fact that 5-year-old Miles Morales has superpowers.

If anyone wants a themed rec list, hit me up in my inbox! Previous rec lists are here.  


July 25, 2014: BI published the email Tom Hiddleston sent to Joss Whedon after he read the Avengers script. This email exchange was published in Joss Whedon: the Biography


I am so excited I can hardly speak.

The first time I read it I grabbed at it like Charlie Bucket snatching for a golden ticket somewhere behind the chocolate in the wrapper of a Wonka Bar. I didn’t know where to start. Like a classic actor I jumped in looking for LOKI on every page, jumping back and forth, reading words in no particular order, utterances imprinting themselves like flash-cuts of newspaper headlines in my mind: “real menace”; “field of obeisance”; “discontented, nothing is enough”; “his smile is nothing but a glimpse of his skull”; “Puny god” …

… Thank you for writing me my Hans Gruber. But a Hans Gruber with super-magic powers. As played by James Mason … It’s high operatic villainy alongside detached throwaway tongue-in-cheek; plus the “real menace” and his closely guarded suitcase of pain. It’s grand and epic and majestic and poetic and lyrical and wicked and rich and badass and might possibly be the most gloriously fun part I’ve ever stared down the barrel of playing. It is just so juicy.

I love how throughout you continue to put Loki on some kind of pedestal of regal magnificence and then consistently tear him down. He gets battered, punched, blasted, side-swiped, roared at, sent tumbling on his back, and every time he gets back up smiling, wickedly, never for a second losing his eloquence, style, wit, self-aggrandisement or grandeur, and you never send him up or deny him his real intelligence…. That he loves to make an entrance; that he has a taste for the grand gesture, the big speech, the spectacle. I might be biased, but I do feel as though you have written me the coolest part.

… But really I’m just sending you a transatlantic shout-out and fist-bump, things that traditionally British actors probably don’t do. It’s epic. 

Josh Whedon’s reply

Tom, this is one of those emails you keep forever. Thanks so much. It’s more articulate (and possibly longer) than the script. I couldn’t be more pleased at your reaction, but I’ll also tell you I’m still working on it … Thank you again. I’m so glad you’re pleased. Absurd fun to ensue.

Best, (including uncharacteristic fist bump), joss. 

Animation... Tips?

Someone asked about this a little while ago (on a tumblr msg), and I’ve been chewing on it.  I want to say first that I’m not an instructor, and I’m not super good at explaining things.  If you want some really good animation resources I highly recommend these two books:

Cartoon Animation - Preston Blair
The Animator’s Survival Kit - Richard Williams

They are both very good (and they’re on amazon for way less than I bought them for!) , but if you can only get one, and you have no animation experience, I suggest the second. It’s absolutely huge and has a very detailed explanations and diagrams for basically everything you could think of, starting from the very basic of animation principles.  

Soooo animation tips? I guess the first and most important thing I learned when I went to school, is that more drawings don’t necessarily make better animations.  I always thought that was basically it.  The difference between beautiful feature films, and not so great Saturday morning cartoons? More drawings.  Right? That might be part of it, that’s what makes it smoother, but it’s not the secret.  The most important parts of making an animation look good are:

1. poses.
2. timing.

In other words, what you draw and how you get there: They should be interesting! Spending time on that is more important than spending time on making lots of frames. 

Now…. I started writing up a bunch of stuff about keyframes, breakdowns, squash and stretch…. and it’s just this giant rabbit hole of explanations.  And I’m sure there are a lot of YouTube videos that already exist and are great for all of those things.  So… short version:  are you making short silly GIFs?  Then you want to see how few frames you can get away with and still have it look okay.  If you put your poses too far apart, they will look like your character is teleporting. If you make them too similar and / or close together, it will be boring.

This is 5 frames:

lil unicorn guy: 5 frames is the minimum for a “boiling line” that looks good (the kind of line style that you see in Ed, Edd n Eddy, for example). The heart and the eye are wobbling around just enough to be interesting, and the tail is the one piece that’s really moving.  If the whole drawing was done with a boiling line, it would probably look better, but that is so much more work and this looks okay!

This is 2 frames:

cutiefly toot toot: the body moves a little bit (but doesn’t change), the wings move a bit more, and the feet don’t move at all, they’re like an anchor.  it’s only two frames! but it looks okay too.

This is 27 frames (but don’t freak out):

hugs wolves: so the bodies don’t move. pink tail: 8 frames.  purple tail: 9 frames. heart: 5 frames.  the moving parts all move a little bit differently in terms of distance and frame count. They don’t start and stop exactly the same time. That variation makes it interesting. But when you break it down, there aren’t actually that many different drawings to it.

TL;DR: Don’t move everything the same amount. Variety is interesting! See how few drawings you can get away with. Or not! If you don’t want to. And most importantly, just make stuff, even if you don’t think it looks good.

Writing Emotional Development

Anonymous asked: “How can I portray a character who is generally closed off slowly opening up? Also what kind of a romantic partner would best fit as the catalyst for that change?”

I think the first thing we need to get into is why the closed off character is the way that they are. It doesn’t need to be the result of some kind of problem or trauma, it can be something that innocuous like severe shyness or that they’re too quick to judge others. 

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Frost (a langst mini fic )

I don’t really know how to describe this AU besides the fact that lance has ice powers and its a bit short ( @moppingleshitoutofyou ) hope you guys like it!

check out some of my other mini fics here

At first, Lance had thought they were beautiful. He wasn’t exactly sure when they got there or even how they got there, all he knew was that they were lovely.

 The first time he noticed them was when he was changing out of his pajamas and saw a sprinkle of blue gracing his stomach in the mirror. Amazed, he had glanced down and stare at the light blue freckles that dusted his stomach, like a sky full of stars. He remembered how they seemed to glint under the soft lighting in his room like jewels. 

He also remembered the pain that came soon afterwards. 

As soon as his fingertips touched the marks, they began to glow harshly and that was when the stinging began. It felt as if someone was stabbing him with a million thumbtacks, which was not a fun feeling. Yelping, Lance immediately stopped touching his stomach, dulling the sting of the marks. For a second Lance thought he was still asleep because when did freckles stab you? He was pretty sure that was not normal. 

“Paladins! You are needed in the control room, immediately! I repeat, you are needed in the control room immediately!” 

Sparing one last look at the blue marks on his skin, Lance quickly pushed away thoughts on the freckles and focused on the task at hand, getting his paladin gear on in two seconds. After all, it was just a little pain right? And it wasn’t like his hand was going to be on his stomach anyway, so what’s the problem?

It only took a week for the freckles to span across his entire abdomen. Which presented a problem as they team didn’t exactly have time to deal with the marks, especially with the big diplomatic mission they were embarking on soon. Not like the marks cared, they just seemed to cause more trouble. 

Ever since he first noticed them, there’s always been this dull sting in the back of his mind, just barely noticeable but always there. Not only that, Lance seemed to be… freezing things now? Of course he wasn’t turning anything to solid ice but if his hand lingered to long in a certain area, tendrils of frost would begin to dance across the surface (The first time that happened freaked him out just a tad). The freckles also began to glow more often, mostly at random times. He would just be chilling on the couch and BAM, his chest was now a light up display (yet another thing that freaked him out). 

The logical decision would be to tell the team, but how could he? Sure the diplomatic mission was a huge deal, but that wasn’t the only reason Lance wasn’t coming clean about the strange things that were happening. This was his chance to prove his worth to his team, that he was more than just Lance-the-jokester or Lance-the-screwup. That he was worthy of being the Blue Paladin and of Blue herself. 

He could live with a little pain and some weird ice magic if it meant he finally had a thing.  

It took a matter of days before the freckles spread to his arms, stopping a few inches short of his wrists. They were currently on the planet Eyena, a relatively peaceful planet that were known for their mines and the valuable ores within them. Lance couldn’t mess up this meeting, this alliance with a species that could help the team immensely. He wasn’t that selfish. 

It wasn’t like the marks would listen to him though. The pain only worsened and suddenly everything he touched with his hands froze. He was forced to wear gloves constantly to hide the power he now had, the delicate loops of blue that now covered them. The pain was constant and even Blue began to worry at this point. However, Lance put up his brave face and pushed through it all, the pain, the ache, the emptiness…

It felt like only hours before Lance could feel the chill of ice spreading across his body, practically crawling up his throat. There was a ringing in his ears now and he somehow managed to freeze the gloves he wore as well. The only good thing was that the meetings were almost over and soon Lance could be back on the castle, away from prying eyes to finally fix whatever was happening. 

Until then, he nodded along with whatever one of the Eyenians were saying, playing his part as the Blue Paladin and knowing he was slowly, finally becoming worthy of actually being the Blue Paladin. 

How minutes had flown by? Lance couldn’t recall what had happened in the past few moments, as he was now in his room back at the castle. It had only been a few minutes right? Lance could feel his breath quickening as he glanced wildly around, how did he get here in just a few minutes? The room seemed to grow colder with each sharp intake he took, the bed beginning to freeze beneath him. Had it been more than just a few minutes? The ringing was now a roaring storm in his ears. It couldn’t have been than just a few? Lance could feel his hands shaking, the marks glowing a bright blue as the ice spread farther, faster around the room. It had been just a few minutes. Maybe two or three? Lance felt like tearing his hair out, he felt so confused at the moment, so out of place, out of time. 

Was it only seconds now? How many seconds had flown by? He knew his room wasn’t always this cold and shiny, and it certainly hadn’t been a second ago. The marks burned harshly, and was that someone calling his name? It couldn’t have been. Because only a second ago he had been fine, he is fine, is he fine?


As soon as I saw the @arktherapeutic post about the ‘chewable’ spinner I bought one lmao

+It felt fairly hard when I first felt it, but the silicone is actually really soft! (At least to me)
+spins *really* smoothly
+Seriously I am drooooling it feels so nice!
+The bumpy textures are ~heavenly~
+The soft silicone doesn’t hurt my hands when I spin it!!
+Chew chew spin chew spin spin chew

-The place with the ball bearing might rust if it gets wet (which makes cleaning the spinner a bit of a struggle)
-I DROPPED IT ON THE PAVEMENT NOW I HAVE TO CLEAN IT (Not really a con I’m just really upset about dropping it)
-Only spins for ~20 seconds (which honestly isn’t a big deal to me)
-After about 5 minutes of chewing part of it was slightly warped. If you’re a mild chewer or bite softly you can avoid this problem. I just happen to be a *really* aggressive chewer
-????????????????? It’s sooo good????? 10/10 would recommend I can’t put it down????????

anonymous asked:

Hello, Bryn! I can't stop thinking about this but I have seen a few posts saying you have to break into a paragraph whenever a character is talking. Does it only have to do when a new character is speaking or does it also applies to a character whom is the same character speaking? Sorry if this doesn't make sense! Thank you in advance! :) have a wonderful day/night! ^^

(Hey nonny! I think #2, 3 and 5 are what you’re thinking of specifically, but I wrote up a full guide so as not to confuse anyone.)

When and where to make a new paragraph, specifically in regards to dialogue.

1. Make a new paragraph if a brand new character speaks. 

You always, always do this. A simple example of this looks like:

“I’m saying something now!” Vasha glared at Dhargey.

She scoffed. “Yeah. I can tell.” 

What happens when there’s more going on here then dialogue and simple tags though? The general rule of thumb is to include the actions, thoughts, descriptions, etc, in the paragraph with the dialogue of the character who’s the subject of those sentences. Example:

“I’m saying something now!” Vasha glared at Dhargey. Damn, she could be such a pain sometimes. He tightened his grip around the armrest, turning his gaze to the front of the tent as the flap stirred. When no one entered, he looked back at her.

She scoffed. “Yeah. I can tell.”   

If actions, thoughts, descriptions, etc, from one character appear in between those of another character it’s advised (though not required) to either create a new paragraph for them or restructure them to make the first character the subject.

Example A:

“I’m saying something now!” Vasha glared at Dhargey. He turned his gaze to the front of the tent as the flap stirred. 

Dhargey tapped her fingers against the wood, before she slamming her hand onto the table in front of him.

Vasha looked back at her.

She scoffed. “Yeah. I can tell.”  

Example B:

“I’m saying something now!” Vasha glared at Dhargey. He turned his gaze to the front of the tent as the flap stirred.The tapping of Dhargey’s fingers against wood made him flinch. She slammed her hand onto the table in front of him, and he looked back at her. “What?!”

She scoffed. “Yeah. I can tell you’re saying something all right.”  

2. You can make one (or more) new paragraphs if the same character speaks two (or more) pieces of dialogue in a row, and it’s a long amount of text, and there’s a change a topic between these two parts of their dialogue.

Whenever you have the same character speak in two consecutive paragraphs, I highly recommend putting a dialogue tag in the second one, because if you’ve been alternating between different characters speaking (taking one new paragraph for each), and then suddenly give a single character two paragraphs it might confuse speedy readers. 


“I’m saying something now!” Vasha glared at Dhargey. Damn, she could be such a pain sometimes. He tightened his grip around the armrest, turning his gaze to the front of the tent as the flap stirred.

The tapping of Dhargey’s fingers against the wood made him flinch. At the slam of her hand onto the table in front of him, and he looked back at her. “What?!” He shouted.

* Note that in this particular case you could have also made a new paragraph for the “What?!” He shouted but it wasn’t absolutely necessary because the sentences about her still have Vasha as their subject. 

3. Make a new paragraph if the same character speaks, but their dialogue is “too long” to fit into one paragraph.

Honestly, what constitutes as “too long” is up to you (or your editor.) In this case though, you always, always leave the quotation off the end of the first paragraph’s dialogue to let people know it’s the same character just talking their chatty heart out.

Vasha glared at Dhargey. “I’m saying something now! I’ve been saying something for a very long time, but you haven’t been listening. I’m practically monologue here. And I’m just going to keep saying all these things for *blah blah blah blah blah for ten more sentences* and keep saying and saying them again.

“And another thing! I think saying things is a great way to talk. So are sign languages. Not writing though. Don’t write things kids. Writing things is just a terrible horrible *blah blah blah* way so don’t do it.” He finished with a huff, crossing his arms.

4. Make a new paragraph if two characters have been interacting without dialogue and then one of them speaks. 

Vasha and Dhargey glared at each other. She snatched up the plate and threw it at him. Catching it, he turned it in the air and slammed it on the table. It shattered into a million pieces.

“I’m saying something,” Vasha snapped. “Right now.”

5. Don’t make a new paragraph if the same character speaks two (or more) pieces of dialogue but the space between the parts of their dialogue contains only speech tags, actions, or thoughts in which the character is the subject (granted there’s no topic changes or extra long amounts of text).

“I’m saying something now!” Vasha glared at Dhargey. “I’ve been saying something for a very long time.” His chest caught and he dropped his scowl to the floor. “I’ve been practically monologue here, but you never listen. You never care.” 

6. Bonus: Don’t include the action of the character who speaks second at the end of the paragraph of the character who speaks first! (Or vice versa.)

At best it’s annoying yet forgivable, but at worst, the reader has no idea who is saying which pieces of dialogue and ends up very confused and angry:

“This is a thing that one of us says!” Vasha and Dhargey glared at each other. She tapped her fingers. 

“I sure is.”

If that was a lot, the key things to remember are:

  • Each character gets their own paragraph to hold their own dialogue, actions, and thoughts. 
  • This is generally a single paragraph. 
  • But if there’s too much to fit into a single paragraph or the topic changes drastically, make a new paragraph.
  • If characters are exchanging actions within a paragraph and then speak afterward, give the dialogue a new paragraph.
  • Any time it’s not obvious who’s speaking, throw in a dialogue tag.
  • Some cases won’t fit neatly into any “rule” and you just have to use your best judgement.

There are a few different ideas as to exactly how and when new paragraphs should occur. If nothing else, the above guidelines work very well for first and third person limited genre fiction in today’s market, and when used right they should give you easily understandable formatting that your editor won’t murder you over. 

I´m seeing people so discouraged thinking they´ll never meet Taylor, and it breaks my heart. I wanted to share my thoughts on this in hope that it might help a little bit. If you´re feeling discouraged about meeting Taylor at the moment, this is message to you: 

First of all, you´re feelings are 100% valid. You´re allowed to be sad and upset. Don´t let anyone tell you otherwise. I just hope that you don´t let that sadness consume you. Because being a Taylor fan should also be about having fun and appreciating Taylor and her music and the joy of being a part of this fandom. And I hope you´re able to make room for that too. Because you deserve that kind of happiness in your life.

Second of all, you do deserve to meet her. Don´t let anyone, including your own mind, tell you otherwise.And just because it hasn´t happened yet, that doesn´t mean it never will. You might believe that, but there´s no way of you knowing that. Taylor has met so many fans already this era, and it has just begun! She´s only human I know, but she´s still doing so so much to meet so many fans. And personally I think that calls for optimism and hope. In optimism, there´s magic!

I also know that it´s impossible to stay hopeful all the time. So on those days where hope is hard to find, I hope it can make you smile knowing that I´m here rooting for you and sending you virtual batch of hope :)

Also, there´s a reason why we call her Shifty Swifty. Taylor sees so much more than we know, and I truly feel like she pops up when we least expect it. You never know what she might have seen or might have planned. And no matter what, Taylor loves you and every single one of us. She loves you for being a great fan, and nothing can take that away. She cares about us so much, just like we care about her, and I think that´s beautiful.

Feel what you feel, try your best to stay hopeful and know that Taylor loves you!

And if you ever need someone to talk to, my inbox is always open :)  Keep on being the wonderful fan and person that you are!

Simple minds

REQUEST: hi !! could u write a really fluffy henry x female reader fic where he kinda confesses to her all blushy and flustered and they go out on their cute first date and she’s really sweet and he’s flustered the whole time but makes a move at the end sorry if that’s too much lol but thank you !!! I really like your blog ! <3

A/N: I am a giant slut for fluff prompts but Henry Bowers is a bitch to write in character for these things. So it might not be as fluffy as you want it. This is part one of two. The second one will have cuter scenes, I promise. [Part 2]

Closely linked by history and similar interests, Vic and Belch have been with Henry through every crush the boy has experienced. With many of them being superficial and almost always fleeting, they’re unsure if they’ve ever seen him genuinely like someone before. If he ever did, he hid it well behind a callous persona; a good chance why his romantic relationships never blossomed into anything more than one-sided disdain.

“The arcade got a new game.”

“I don’t get paid till Friday.”

“Take some kid’s lunch money.”

It’s a scripted conversation. One that varied depending on the news but never progressed past anything that could hold Henry’s interest when you were present. The introduction to Careless Whisper plays stagnant in his mind as watchful eyes follow your every step with a friend by your side. Just looking at you makes his stomach turn and he can’t pinpoint if it due to disgust or infatuation.

“Bowers.” Patrick hits the daze’s blonde in the arm, causing him to be abruptly jarred and defensively jaded.


“We’re skipping next period for the arcade. Let’s go.”

Henry waves off the offer, watching you say your goodbyes to you friend then detouring through the door nearest to where his gang stood. Without much of an explanation, besides a brisk “Go without me.” He ditches them, ducking into the class the two of you shared for that period.

He takes the desk right behind yours and sets the trap. “Shit.”

On cue you turn your body towards him and quip a smile. “Lemme guess, you forgot your homework?”

He smirks. “How didja know?”

“You have a bad habit of ‘forgetting’ it every day you deign to show up.” Strategically placing your purse on his desk, you shuffle through a folder labeled MATH in crazy curly type handwriting and hand him your finish homework.  You find it remarkable how fast he can copy your notes without leaving chicken scratch in his wake. It’s the kind of ability that comes from years of experience in cheating off other students. Not that you were one to judge. Your whole middle school social life was anchored around those who would let you copy their homework. It was only fair you pay you debt to society.

He finishes in record speed and you half expect him to walk out like he’s done so many times in the past that it doesn’t occur to you that you’re staring.

“See somethin’ you like?”

Your eyes widen, slightly embarrassed of being caught, but to answer his question, yeah. Your lips part ever so slightly when you tilt your head a calculated degree. “Did you always that silver earring?” Extending your hand towards the metal jewel, the pads of your fingertips marking their path with goosebumps as they brush against his cheek and neck.

He almost wants to lean into your touch. He almost does, but you pull away too quickly at the sound of heavy footsteps entering the classroom. The telltale steps settles down the class noise signaling that class will begin shortly.

Your teacher, Mr. Allen, opens class with a vague threat about his cheating policies, though he doesn’t mention any names, Henry catches an intended glare behind the rim of his glasses directed at the two of you. He can only assume you see it too as you slouch in your sit, making yourself as small as possible. It doesn’t stop him from handing in his plagiarism, practically daring Mr. Allen to do something about it.

And he does.

The next day you find yourself in detention, accompanied by seven other students, three of them belonging to the Bowers gang, the leader himself included. You take a seat next towards the window, a good two rows away from where the boys sat.

Whispers, too low to be registered by the supervising staff’s hearing aids, come from the gang’s vicinity as Henry laments his girl problems with the only two people that have been by his side from the beginning. Unfortunately, it was very much a blind leading the blind scenario since not a single one of them have had an actual relationship with a girl since elementary.

While your ear drums were far superior to that of your authority, you still can’t quite make out what their saying and though you don’t fault Henry for getting you in this mess, you knew the risks, it irks you that he gets a social club and you’re stuck bored for an hour. Pondering what to do, you find satisfaction in making a paper football with the words ‘whatcha doin’?’ scribbled on the front. You flick it, shielding a soft giggle behind your hand when it bounces off Henry’s head.

Eyebrows raise and he glances back at you, the sun casting a halo glow over your body so much so it hurts to look at you directly. Reading over the note, he writes back on loose leaf notebook paper, crumpling it up and tossing it back at you.

None of your business

Can I make it my business?


Must be some real embarrassing shit

You watch him struggle with his reply; Belch and Victor tussling over the paper with him in a vain attempt to ‘help’ him with a witty come back. It was only a joke but with each passing second it becomes clear that you’ve hit a nerve.

When you receive his note you’re convince they’re joking. Flustered but convince. There was an attempt to scratch out the words FUCK YOU written in his handwriting, not that it surprised you, Henry was never much of a wordsmith. Underneath it however was a more blockish handwriting , one you’ve never seen before.

Wanna go out?

There were two boxes beneath it, one labeled YES and the other FUCK YES. You look over to see Belch and Victor snickering  and pointing with both their hands at their fearless leader who was now nose to the desk and arm curled tightly around his face flushed red from anger and embarrassment. You answer back with a box of your own.

Only if you pay


Henry doesn’t talk much on your date. Whether because of nerves or lack of interest you can’t tell, but he nods at all the right moments in your stories, asking follow up questions that are never too in-depth but prods you to keep the conversation alive.

He takes you to a movie theater that—of no surprise to you, his friends also happen to be at. Belch hands you and Henry tickets he already bought. The quizzically look you gave Belch was enough for Henry to answer on the teen’s behalf, “Don’t worry, he has a job.” His hand moves to the small of your back and guides you into the theater, not allowing you time to overthink it.

The two of you share a large popcorn, Victor having the ingenious idea for Henry to use that as an excuse for you two to touch like in those cliché romantic movies. Not counting on Henry to be so engrossed with the movie he doesn’t even try to make a pass at you. During the second lull in the film, he stretches his arms above his head and you take it as a signal, leaning in ready for the classic sneak-an-arm-around-the-date maneuver, only to feel like an idiot when his arms come back down, crossing over his chest.

This motherfucker.

There was a murder in that theater that day. Your confidence had been shot and Henry Bowers was the culprit to pull the trigger. Not once has he tried anything on you. No cat calls or suggestive remarks or a forceful kiss against your consent—Not that you wanted that but—. You know what he’s like, you’ve seen him at school, on the streets, shouting lewd comments at other women. You know for a fact that he ate out Beverly Marsh in public behind an alleyway the first time they talked. So what’s wrong with you? Where you not pretty enough or was your gut right the first time and all of this was just a horrible joke that’s been taken one step too far?

For the rest of the date you mourn over the blow; talking softer, becoming more aloof and over all distant. And Henry, being the man he is, doesn’t pick up on any of it.

To be fair, he was facing down his own demons. His mind kept drifting off to that moment in class, when you so boldly reached out to touch him. You had only grazed him but he always figured your hands were soft. No amount of moisturizer could ever turn his farm labored hands into what yours were and he was constantly reminded that late at nights under the privy of his sheets.

It takes an astounding amount of self control not to get a hard on just standing next to you, the way you sway your hips or how your low-cut dress exposed the curves of your cleavage. He wanted so badly to fuck you in the alley between the theater and Aladdin’s but you weren’t like the other girls he’s been with. And not in that pseudo better than other girls bullshit way. He’s sure if he actually took the time to know those one time flings and whores he’d find you shared similar traits with all of them. In some bizarre way maybe that’s what attracted him to you, that you were a collection of traits and personalities that made his heart skip a beat with a simple smile.

“Well… this is my house.” You crack a half smile.

“Uh, yeah.”

“I had a good time, we should do it again sometime.”


There is a beat of silence, giving him plenty time to make a move on you.


He looks at you with a weird look on his face. Like he isn’t sure how these dates are supposed to end. Did he expect you to invite him in while your parents were staring from the windows?

“Ok…”  You swallow down you pride and fear and anything else holding you back and using his arm as a balance, place a soft kiss on Henry’s cheek. Then you make a dash for the door, face flush and burning up, you can feel a mist of sweat cover your forehead, yelling out in a broken pitch “Bye!”

The kiss, no matter how chaste, was enough to push him over the edge. A bulge swelling in his pants on the way back home, pressing against the seams, and he reaches down to adjust himself in his jeans. He knew it. Even your lips were soft. Henry could only imagine what other parts of you felt like.

Next time, he thinks. Next time he won’t have to imagine, he’ll know.

An Unexpected Surprise - Part 5

Requested: Yes

Word Count: 2,672

Warnings: A very mean mother

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 6]

Y/N looked at her exposed stomach in the bathroom mirror. She was wearing a sports bra and a pair of gym shorts with the elastic waistband rolled under her growing belly. She was now 7 months pregnant and the summer heat wasn’t helping. She was constantly hot. She walked around with one of those water bottles with a fan, keeping herself cool when she needed it.

As Liam predicted, things didn’t work out between him and Hayden. Hayden didn’t want to be with someone who would constantly put her second, or in this case, third. Plus, she knew how important it was for Liam to be a father to his unborn baby. She decided to break up with him. Liam didn’t fight for her. As much as he liked her and would miss her, his main priority was the baby.

Shortly after, Y/N moved into the spare bedroom across from Liam’s room. He was there for Y/N 24/7. He held her hair back every time she got morning sickness. He went grocery shopping with one of his parents to make sure they wouldn’t buy anything that would make her sick and he always managed to sneak in her latest craving in the shopping cart, which was constantly a pint of her favorite ice cream.

Also, he wouldn’t hesitate to run out in the middle of the night when she was suddenly in the mood for tacos. He would stay up with her and watch random movies on Netflix when she couldn’t sleep. He would make sure to write down all of her appointments with Melissa and Deaton on the calendar in the kitchen. He would walk with her around the neighborhood every morning and evening to make sure she was getting some exercise. Liam made sure he was on top of everything.

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Rafael Barba / Control

Part Two

As requested by anon: 

Prompt: An imagine where Barba jumps to your defense after an opposing attorney makes a crude/inappropriate comment about you. 

Sometimes I start writing something and it comes out waaaay differently than how I thought it would. And this was one of those times. I MIGHT make a second part to this, I’m not so sure. I kind of like where I left this off, but i do have some ideas for a second part. 

Originally posted by reverendjonasnightingale

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The {Soul} Alchemist’s Trap Box 

I’ll preface this by saying two things – 1) I have yet to attempt to create these boxes, and 2) There is a third box – but one I do not intend to share. I do not uphold the Crede, nor fear the wrath of Karma – but the third box would undoubtedly bring down a maelstrom of horror on any who dare use it incorrectly. Hence… why I’m not including it. Tender eyes and what not.

To create these boxes, you will first need a few supplies:

  • (2) Boxes – of equal size would be ideal, but I would not think necessary
  • (1) Divider – as one of the boxes you will be compartmentalizing
  • (3) Separate Colors of Paint (at least) – one of which MUST be black
  • Salt – quite a bit, an entire carton or more, depending on the size of your box
  • Hair and Blood – your own
  • (2-3) Stones – regular, run of the mill stones would be best – larger than a quarter
  • Paintbrushes and whatnot
  • (Optional) Broken Mirror Pieces

Begin, first and foremost by prepping your paint: for which you will need your blood and your hair. Burn the hair and collect the ash, add this to your second color (i.e. not black) – in the photo tutorial, this will be marked in red, You will also need to add your blood to the same paint as your hair. While not necessary, it is strongly recommended that you add the blood. And you’re going to want to add at least a drop or two… or three. Mix thoroughly. While the paint shouldn’t spoil, I would recommend doing this just before the ritual, so everything is still relatively fresh.

Take your first box and paint the interior black – this will act as your Trap Box. It will be the one used as a snare to collect unsavory spirits of many kinds. As for this part, it works just as any trap box would. Lure/command the spirit into the box, wherein it will be trapped, yadda yadaa. You will be using a Trap Sigil in the box – feel free to design your own, for this tutorial, I’ve elected to use this:

Since you’ve painted the inside of the box black (and yes, that is an important step), and added the blood/hair to a second color, use the third (here, white) to paint in your sigil. Shown here is just the flat bottom of the box – if you wanted to use the same symbol, I would make sure to bring the lines up the edges to the mouth – perhaps even continuing them onto the lid.

When the white has been painted and had time to dry, dip your finger into the red paint and mark the center of the sigil. It is now sealed to you.

On top of the box, you will be painting a “lock” sigil, but also using the red as a sort of guide – which I’ll explain later. For this design, the top of the box would feature (the main image above):

(Note: I used a white background, but if I were to make one, I would undoubtedly paint the entire box black – then paint in the sigil with white. Notice, also, that the tridents overlap the hand print. The painting process would go: circles/rings, hand print, trident – for which I have my reasons)

(It would also be at this point that you might affix your broken mirror shards inside the box – making sure not to cover the sigil, but filling in along that inside edges and the inward facing part of the lid would be both interesting to look at and useful for containing the spirit).

For now, this box is complete.

The second box is where things get a little more complicated. As I said, youll need a divider of some sort to section the inner compartment in half. It needs to be sturdy. This is a crucial divide and you would not want any commingling between the compartments! 

Again, I’d suggest painting the inside black, as well as the divider.

This shows the four inner walls of the left compartment. In all honest, it doesn’t matter which side is which – but does matter that the red, hatched circle is on the divider. Feel free to switch sides, just make sure the red is on the divider. For now, disregard the above fingerprint, as this related to the stones, which we’ll discuss later. Do not stamp it. Do, however, paint the above symbols on each “wall,” then fill the compartment with salt.

This, obviously, shows the other half – again, the circle that is not like the rest goes on the divider. Do paint the symbol fixed in the bottom of the box – as well as continue the same symbols (the “starred” circles) onto the inside of the lid, by either doing one on each half or one large one across the entire lid.

At this point, the construction of both boxes is complete. Feel free to decorate the outside of the “Filtration” Box (box #2) however you so desire.

Now this is where things get fun! Take one of your rocks (we’ll be calling this the “Evil” Rock) and stamp the same finger print as you did on the inside of the first box (hence why the fingerprint also appears in the first side of the second box – as this is where it will eventually go!). At this point, you will also want to make a separate (easily repeatable) symbol on the same rock. This symbol will pair it with the “Good” Rock. Of course, now recreate the symbol on the Good Rock.

In essence, what you’re doing is setting up a proverbial circuit. The first box ensnares the spirit – which is then drawn through the coordinating symbol (in this case, your fingerprint) into the first compartment of the corresponding box – the one filled with salt. The circuit continues, of course, with the second symbol on the Evil Rock, which leads through the divider to the Good Rock.

Theoretically, this sort of “filtration” process should cleave the entity into a Dark and Light aspect – (this factors into my beliefs that “evil” does not exist outside of the human perception and is thus a creation of the human psyche – thereby, this process should leech this “evil” from the host spirit and keep it trapped within the first rock, while the “good” – or rather, the purest essence of the spirit is transferred into the “Good” Rock, from whence they should be released.

The same rocks should be usable for quite a few spirits, but as I mentioned, you should free the “purified.”

For information on my personal beliefs in regards to the Trap Box – briefly touching on the Soul and the Spirit and whether or not it (ethically) should be used, see:  (Beliefs Behind the Trap Box) – which basically means read before you try to send me any flack!

Do You have Any Idea?

Tags list: @zeusmyster @mogaruke @emfrodo @assbutt-still-in-hell @spn67-sister @bluewhisperstale @littlewinchester67 @sammysbeanie

Prompt by @winchesters-favorite-girl : Do you have any idea how worried I was?

A/N: ok so this turned out to be WAYYY longer than I thought it would and I’m (sort of?) sorry for how it ended but if you want I might be able to make a second part if you ask for it

Dean jolted as his phone vibrated on the nightstand next to him, startling him awake. He sighed as he threw off the covers, not even trying to be quiet for Y/N on the other bed. For a hunter, she was a pretty damn deep sleeper.

Groggily, he grabbed his phone off the table. He instantly became alert when he read Dad on the caller ID.

“Hello-” Dean started.

“About damn time,” John grumbled. “Been ringing for an hour.”

“Sorry sir-” Dean tried to no avail.

“Whatever.” He heard shuffling on the other end of the line. “Listen, I need you to drop everything and drive to Omaha. Now.”

“I’ll wake Y/N and we’ll be out there in five hours-” Dean had started to get up and move to his sister when John stopped him.


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