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Harry Potter Quotes

“You care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death with the pain of it.”
“I DON’T!” Harry Screamed, so loudly he felt his throat might tear, and for a second he wanted to rush at Dumbledore and break him, too; shatter that calm old face, shake him, hurt him, make him feel some tiny part of the horror inside himself.
“Oh, yes, you do,” said Dumbledore, still more calmly. “You have now lost your mother, your father and the closest thing to a parent you have ever known. Of course you care.”

Little Birdie (Joker x Reader)

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Requested by Anon: Can I have a Joker imagine we’re the reader is a girl Robin and the Joker kidnaps her and makes her his new “toy?” Thank you!!

Summary: You’re the adoptive-daughter of Bruce Wayne. Despite your rebellious attitude, you do what you can to appease him and Gotham, even if you have to fight by his side. One night at a party, you’re taken by the Joker and he sees to use you as a weapon. 

A/N: I actually really enjoyed writing this XD I hope you guys like this. I might eventually write a second part to this.

Warnings: Mild suggestive stuffs, torture, electroshock torture.
Pairings: Joker x Reader

“Another party,” you sighed, smoothing out the material of the dark red dress you had put on. You checked your reflection in the mirror and walked away from the mirror, looking out the window at all of the cars that were pulling up in front of the mansion.

You rolled your eyes, crossing your arms over your chest. There were about 10 million other things you would rather be doing than attend another one of Bruce’s parties. If he wasn’t out being Batman, he was holding a ridiculous party as Bruce Wayne. Bruce had made your life better, you wouldn’t deny that. He had adopted you when you were ten, allowing you into his secretive life. You were sure that he never meant for you to stumble across his greatest secret as quickly as you had, you were a really curious kid.

You still remember questioning him on it, although at the time you were more worried about him getting hurt over anything. The Bruce you knew, looked weak, nothing like his alter ego. But you guessed that was just part of the persona. He was definitely willing to answer any questions you had for him, however, he was less inclined to let you join him. It took a whole year of constant begging for him to give in and allow you to be trained.

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End of the year Review: A good year for drama addicts (Part 1)

Another year has passed and with it another batch of dramas! And this year I have decided to make my own end of the year review. To make it more digest I have decided to break this review in several parts, each part covering a subject that has left an impression on me. So let’s get to it!

2016 might be considered a terrible year, the-year-we-do-not-talk-about even, but for drama addicts this year was a great year, an amazing year. The first half of the year may have been a little bit dry in terms of dramas but the second half sure made up for it hence 2016 being considered a good year. I don’t recall a year that offered me so many dramas to watch at the same time. I said it before but I haven’t been on a drama shortage since this past June. Of course, quantity does not usually mean quality – or in our case lovability - yet this year has proven that we could have both.

It all started with the long-awaited drama adaptation of Cheese in the Trap which, despite all the questionable choices made in terms of story, still is a high-quality drama. The cast was stellar and their performance wonderful. The adaptation in terms of characters, their development and even their facial features was on point. The music was perfectly in sync with the drama and the mood. More than anything though, it started as a refreshing story, as a slice-of-life that I could have watched for hours and hours. I confess I still watch it regularly because of how good it is but I know better than to watch further than episode 12.

After the student life, I moved on with Descendants of the Sun promising myself I wouldn’t get emotionally attached this time. I kept my promise intact…for a solid 10 minutes. But what can I say? I am weak to bromance and gorgeous actors. Song Joong Ki swept me off my feet and Jin Goo knocked me out with their looks and adorable relationship. And apparently, I was not the only one to feel that way as the viewers’ ratings went as high as 40% during the drama broadcast. The visuals were to kill for but the story did play a major part in its success. It was my first time watching a K-drama about military life and while it was highly romanticized it was still an eye-opener in term of Korean military. Just like any dramas, Descendants of the Sun had its own flaws, flaws that I gladly overlooked as I was not ready for another drama heartbreak.

Then started a dry period in terms of dramas, at least for me. None of the aired dramas at that point were catching my attention or at least none that I deemed good enough to make it on this review.

The wait wasn’t long thankfully and it’s not one but two dramas that kicked out the 2016 good drama extravaganza! To be honest I started Another Oh Hae Young while I was waiting for Yoon Shi Yoon comeback drama Mirror of the Witch. It turned out to be good surprised and while the ending was slightly confusing it still left a deep impression in me. Particularly, it’s Oh Hae Young and her personality that I found interesting. She was nicely written and broke off the code of the stereotypical female lead, despite living a life that screamed stereotypical female lead life. This drama however wouldn’t have made it on this list if it was not for Oh Hae Young’s parents. They were loving and supporting parents even if they showed it in an unconventional way. And now that I think about it this year has showed several supporting and loving parents.

Fantasy was a recurring theme this year but Mirror of the Witch brought it to a whole new level. The drama perfectly included the magical elements to the sageuk story not just through the dialogues but through the scenery and the characters as well. Despite the plot turning too political sometimes the fantasy and the witch-hunt stayed central to the story. Yoon Si Yoon made me fall for him all over again, and his ability to deliver the smallest emotion with his eyes only will never stop to surprise me. My favorite part though, is how evil Hong Joo was and how much she lost faith in humanity I can say she was my favorite villain of the year (along with Choi Yoo Jin in The K2).

Staying in fantasy, W -Two Worlds, brought another refreshing story using a different view on “two worlds”. I knew I was going to like it since it was coming from Queen In Hyun’s Man writer and it did hit my expectations. Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo were an adorable pair, the concept of jumping in and out of manhwa was great and the idea of changing realities kept me wondering about what was coming next. I do wish they burned the amnesia trope as it completely changed the dynamic of the story and it ended up being complex to understand everything.

One of my biggest surprise this year, The Good Wife. I dropped the American version pretty early-on but the curiosity was too big for me not to try it. Staying loyal to the original version yet making its own, The Good Wife proved once again tvN supremacy in terms of quality dramas. It was quite a surprise as it was different from all the dramas I watched before. It was more mature without falling into the ridicule of makjang dramas. The legal cases were all interesting to watch and the character development well-done. If they ever plan a second season, count me in.

From the courtroom we went to the operation room. There were several medical dramas this year but only two gain my attention, the summer romance Doctors and the true medical drama which ironically is called Romantic Doctor, Master Kim. I said it before and I will say it again, Doctors and the role of Hye Jung were a breakthrough for Park Shin Hye. I am thankful for her choice as it made me see her under a new light. The student/teacher love story brought a lot of talks with many disapproving, yet it did quite the opposite to me. I was drawn to this “forbidden love story” who eventually did not become canon until they both were adults. Doctors only had doctors in the background to be honest but the fluttering romance was good enough for me.

It seems that I was unconsciously looking for a true medical drama this year and found it a little by chance with Romantic Doctor, Master Kim. As I am writing these words the drama is not over yet but I am already considering it one of the best dramas of the year. More focused on the medical aspect with drops of humor and romance, this drama is what I have been looking for in a medical drama: Interesting cases, life and death equally dealt with, character development as doctors and a lot of moral/ethical questions. Add to that a story that keeps me on the edge of my seat each week and an impressive directing style, there is no way I couldn’t like it.

2016 was the first time I watched that many sageuk dramas in such a short period of time, if Mirror of the Witch was my favorite sageuk this year, Love in the Moonlight came close second. It did become way too political for my taste around the end but I loved our Crown Prince falling for our Ra On pretending to be a eunuch. It reminded me of the special drama Splash Splash Love minus the fantasy part. It was my first time watching Park Bo Gum on screen and his charisma almost got me blind. I am definitely looking forward his next project!

The end of the year had nothing to envy to the rest of the year with three dramas showing a lot of promises and fun. The long-awaited Legend of the Blue Sea, which marked both Lee Min Ho and Jung Ji Hyun comeback on screen, delivered an exciting and fluttering story. I knew I was not going to be disappointed with Jung Ji Hyun and You Who Came From the Stars’ writer but I did not expect to like Lee Min Ho that much. It is for me his best role to date and I am religiously following the show.

Facing huge competition but still managing to win the heart of the viewers Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bok Joo is the last surprise of the year. Nothing better than a light and cute love story to end the year. Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk are the sweetest couple this year and I wait for the new episode each week impatiently.

Last but not certainly not least, marking tvN 10th year anniversary and Gong Yoo’s comeback on screen is Goblin! I am rarely disappointed in Kim Eun Sook’s works and this one is no exception.  Her way of writing female characters may be questionable but she is very good when it comes to bromance. Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook bromance is making my Friday and Saturday nights much more exciting and I can’t be thankful enough for that.

I watched over 40 dramas this year and surprisingly only dropped 4. I tried hard to choose my favorite drama of the year but it was a major fail! They were all memorable for so many different reasons. One thing is sure these dramas entertained me all year long and made me feel alive like never before.

New House

Alright this is my birthday gift to you all, and because American Alpha are my heart eyes.  It’s fluffy American Alpha x Reader that turned smutty real fast then ended you know?  You and your boyfriends have moved into a new house and y’all gotta get settled. I might make a second part to this cause it just kinda ends.

Word Count: 1,080

Warnings: Nothing really

Tags: @hardcorewwetrash @caramara3 @roistyles @depressed-girl93 @legacysavage2018 @grungegirlmo @fandomfreak202 @nickysmum1909 @welshwitch5 @redalternativefirefly @ilovesamizaynn 

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“Wow” you whispered mostly to yourself as you walked into your new house with a box in your arms.  You, Jason and Chad had bought a house together and it had gotten bigger since you last saw it “daydreaming babe?” Jason asked with a smile.  “No” you laughed shyly before walking with him towards your bedroom, your eyes widening when you saw the bed.  

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everybody go watch the second years dig themselves into holes with their arguments!  ( ゜ω゜ )ゝ

In other words, this youtube channel has a ton of niconama clips subbed, please check it out!

Late Night Chat (TOP Scenario) - Part 2

Look, I did a thing and finished part two of this (very) improvised and spontaneous scenario ^^ Haha. This second part was written without a draft as well, which was kind of fun, to be honest. I hope you’ll like this second (and final) part of this now two-part series, people. Enjoy~

Summary: A late night chat might finally allow for some progress to happen in your relationship with him. The two of you have obviously never been just friends, so maybe tonight can finally help with making that clear.

[Part 1] [Part 2]

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One thing that's always made me wonder, was Nico's reasoning for not coming out, earlier. Now we know he felt ashamed for himself, and that him being gay, was another way for himself to feel isolated (along with being a child of hades and having lost both his sister and his mother, and being out of time). But you'd think that knowing that he was a demi-God, that they've had all sorts of relationships and sexualities that could legitimize his own. I realise part of the answer is that it's a book1

2for middle-graders, and that making Nico gay was something considered in the second set of books (rather than on the onset of his character). But it makes me wonder where his reasoning might have come from. We know Jason considers it to be because Nico originated from the 1930s, possibly thinking that being gay back then wasn’t as accepted - but that was from Jason. Perhaps, I’m just thinking too much into it anyway. Because I’m sure Nico’s hardships, stress, and anxieties all contributed to it.

It’s a really interesting topic, especially for me, as I can relate to Nico’s situation a little bit. My family is very religious, I could never come out to them unless I want to be disowned and kicked out on the street. But enough about me.

What we have to remember from the books is; Nico didn’t come out willingly. He was forced to come out, which is horrible in itself, but more than that he was forced to admit his feelings for Percy in front of Jason of all people. Someone he’d barely known for a few days, and who didn’t trust him at all. I’m sure in Nico’s mind, Jason could’ve done anything with that information. He could’ve blackmailed him, or told the rest of the demigods. Nico doesn’t trust easily, and I’m fully convinced if he hadn’t have been forced out the closet, he would’ve stayed in there.

The thing is though, Jason didn’t do those things, and in fact, he was extremely supportive and understanding towards Nico. I think that initial response to his sexuality was what really made Nico start to question his upbringing and views that were forced upon him at an early age. Nico had known (of) Jason way back before the quest even started, when Jason was a praetor of New Rome. If golden boy, son of Jupiter, hero of Rome, Jason Grace didn’t think his sexuality was a bad thing, Nico was probably starting to question his whole outlook on the topic. Though of course it wouldn’t just ‘fix’ his problems. 

I think another thing that really helped Nico start to accept himself was his little heart to heart with Hades in BOO. It really is one of my favourite scenes in the whole series, and shows how much Hades does actually care for Nico and Hazel. ‘My children are so rarely happy. I … I would like to see you be an exception.’ I think this was Hades’ way of telling Nico that it was okay, and that he accepts his son’s sexuality. It probably helped Nico a great deal, seeing his Father being so open and honest with him about something he was terrified of.

When he actually did choose to come out, it was to Percy and Annabeth, and I feel like that was a really brave move on his part. Not only did he have romantic feelings towards Percy, he also viewed him as a hero. It must’ve taken a lot of guts to do what Nico did, I know I never could. But saying that, I also think it was a very spontaneous decision on Nico’s part. As if his brain just said ‘fuck it I don’t give a shit anymore’. What I also loved about the scene was the fact Nico didn’t stick around to find out what Percy thought of his sexuality. He didn’t wait for validation from the boy he’d fell so hard for, he just said his piece and walked away.

He didn’t need Percy’s acceptance, he learned how to accept himself instead.

Imagine: Seeing the Batcave for the first time.

     -Being absolutely amazing by the size of it.

     -All the boys taking turns showing you around.

     -”No wait, you gotta come check this out! Look at this huge dinosaur!”

     -”No, come check out my bike, it’s obviously the coolest thing here!”

     -”Umm, I think Titus’s dog house is the best. Cause you know, I made it.”

     -”That thing barely stands up, and Titus himself is too afraid to go in it!” 

     -Bruce watching you very closely, making sure that you’re not getting overwhelmed.

     -The most amazing part are the costumes. For some reason, the idea of having a “Batfamily” is not as overwhelming as anybody might have thought.

     -The momentums are the second best, they’re trophies, only reminding you about how great your family is.

     -Feeling small. Your family can accomplish so many great achievements, and they achieved them before you were ever there. They were so great, yet here you are.

     -You still weren’t as overwhelmed as you thought you would be however. Just a little sad. 

     -Bruce noticing you looking a little down.

     -”What’s wrong?” He’d mutter in your ear.

     -”Just feeling a little small right now.” You whispered back.

     -”Follow me.” 

     -It wasn’t in a corner, it wasn’t shoved away like an afterthought. It was it’s own little sub-room of the cave. Something designed specifically for you.

     -You couldn’t help but tear up just a bit.

     -”I know how often you stay up waiting for us to get home. This way you can keep an ear on the radio and also have a little bit of company. Most times there’s another one of us down here, I’m sure they’d love having you around.”

     -All the boys gathering around, they’re done bickering around and now stood around you.

     -”They all helped. All added in something they knew you’d like.” Okay, now you were crying. Not ugly crying. Almost. Kinda.

     -Taking up the mantle of being “Momma Bat”, also known as the one who stays in the batcave and helps the others out from home.

     -Feeling apart of something a little bigger.

Maybe Soon (Daryl Dixon x Reader)

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Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: Language, hints of sex, mentions of abuse

A/N: Something I wrote a WHILE back and decided to post it here… it has a second part but I want to see what everyone thinks of this one first before I post it.

You growled in frustration, knowing your companion could hear you. You only glanced at him from the corner of your eye. You knew if you glared at him directly you might make his head explode.

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Request #6: Norman Imagine (Smut)

notcrazyjustafan’s request: Can u do a Norman imagine? He & reader share a cab one night in NYC. They are strangers and have been drinking. There’s talking, one thing leads to another. Smut!!!!!! In the cab. She gets out, maybe he says wait, what’s your name. She looks back and disappears. Maybe months go by, he thinking of her a lot. Maybe she shows up with a pal of his. Wanting, needing, craving, submission. More secret smut!!! Too many details, I know. Just an idea. Please make it your own. Thank you

Hey :) I hope this is what you in mind. It basically just smut and doesn’t cover the entire request because it would have been way too long otherwise (it’s already 2440 words :O ). I might do a second part if anyone requests it! 

Goodnight, Mr Reedus

I had been at the bar for over an hour now, trying out all sorts of fancy cocktails before turning to shots when I realised how many calories I was taking in just by drinking. Turning around on my barstool, I immediately felt dizzy and decided that it was time to call it a night.

“I’m going home, Vicky!” I made myself heard over the loud music and hoped my best friend had understood me. The noise and flashing lights were driving me crazy and I really had to get out of there.

“I take you to an Emmy’s after party and you want to leave after three hours?!” She screamed but I knew she wasn’t actually angry and was just making sure I could hear her. While we had been best friends since forever, our different natures had always clashed: She was loud and enjoyed this kind of wild parties. While I wasn’t exactly reserved, this wasn’t my world and I didn’t really feel at ease mingling with celebrities.

“I’m sorry but I have a plane to catch in the morning and I’ll have a terrible headache if I stay any longer.” I felt the need to apologize for leaving the party so abruptly. After all, she had just won an Award for her acting in American Horror Story and I was leaving her before the celebrations even ended.

“It’s okay, (Y/N),” she quickly reassured me, grabbing my shoulders for support and I realized that I didn’t even smell the alcohol in her breath which meant I had drunk far too much as well. “Call me once the plane lands!” She ordered me, her voice authoritative before she took me in a hug and we both stumbled like two drunken fools.

We stayed like that for a long time, enjoying each other’s presence before being apart for a long time. We probably wouldn’t see each other before January because of our respective commitments and it would be hard to be away from her for so long.

It took me a long time to reach the back door and I enjoyed the way the cold New York wind hit my cheeks after having been inside for so long. I could probably have taken the main exit but Vicky had told me that there would be paparazzis and the last thing I wanted was to find my picture in some magazine with people wondering who I was.

I walked to the sidewalk to hail a cab but much to my despair there weren’t any driving by at the moment. Sighing, I went back to the small terrasse that was just outside the back door and decided to smoke a cigarette before going back to see if there were any taxis passing by. It took me way longer than usual to light the cigarette and I was sure that I looked ridiculous, stuggling with the simple gesture of lighting a cigarette.

“Here, let me help you.” Looking up from my cigarette, I was shocked to see that the intruder was way closer than I’d expected. My vision was blurry and I couldn’t quite make out the man’s face but his voice was enough to make me swoon.

He didn’t wait for a reply as he took the lighter from my hand and lit my cigarette. I used this opportunity to watch him up close and I almost coughed on the smoke when I recognized him. It was Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead!

“You okay?” He asked, eyeing me worridly when I stared at him dumbfounded for a few seconds, holding the smoke in my lungs for too long.

“Yeah, yeah,” I lied, coughing and waving my hand dismissively in front of me which made me loose my balance and I ended up falling with my butt on the table behind me. “Just a tiny much to drink,” I explained, using my thumb and index finger to illustrate my words but I wasn’t quite sure I was doing it right because my vision was too blurry.

“You aren’t the only one,” he laughed and I marvelled at his gravelly chortle. He seemed to be looking for a cigarette himself considering the way he was going through the pockets on his jeans unsuccessfully.

Still having my pack in my left hand, I handed him a cigarette and he quickly took it, grinning gratefully and I could see that I was drunk as well. While he didn’t struggle with the lighter like I had done, his movements weren’t exactly graceful and I was happy that even if I was making a fool out of myself in front of him, he probably wouldn’t remember it in the morning.

“You’re an actress?” He wondered, eyeing me carefully up and down which made me feel self-conscious.

“Yeah, yeah,” I agreed, mesmerized by his blue eyes before I finally understood his question. “No, actually I don’t think I am.” I corrected myself, shaking my head a little too forcefully and blurrying my vision even further.

Somehow, Norman thought my confusion was funny because he laughed again in the way way only drunk people do.

“You could be, though,” he said, suddenly becoming very serious and I couldn’t repress a chuckle at his change of behaviour. “You’re very pretty.” His drawl was slurred which only made his compliment cuter.

“You’re very hot too,” I blurted out before realizing what I had just said and covering my mouth with my hand comically.

Suddenly, I saw a yellow car driving by in the distance and I stood up, my legs shaking a bit before gracelessly running to street but I was too late and the cab was already gone. Turning around, I saw that Norman was just behind me, standing on the pavement as he took the last drag of his smoke.

“Oh no, no, no,” I spluttered, walking up to him. “Don’t even think about it, the next cab’s mine,” I stated, touching his chest with my index finger and trying to push him away. I wasn’t using a lot of strength in my drunken state but he still stumbled backwards, grabbing a street sign to catch his balance.

“I have to pick up Mingus in the morning,” he argued but his voice was so difficult to understand I couldn’t even take him seriously.

“I have a plane to catch, so there’s that,” I insisted. He didn’t seem convinced but I didn’t pay attention as I spotted another cab and immediately went to call it over.

Norman saw what I was doing and immediately joined me in the street which made me sigh in mock annoyance. When the cab stopped in front of us, the driver let the passenger’s side window roll down.

“Where to?” He asked and both Norman and I simultaneously yelled our respective destinations which made the driver look at us in confusion before he noticed that we were both drunk and he nodded his head in understanding. “I can drop you both off one after the other.”

Norman and I looked at each other before nodding in agreement and I was sure this silent interaction must have looked funny to any sober person.

“Crosby Street Hotel in SoHo,” I instructed before opening the back door, stepping inside and realizing that we could have given him the instructions through the speaker on the grill that separated the front from the back.

Norman told the driver some address in Chinatown before joining me in the back and closing the door. Considering that we were in the Upper East Side and the usual NYC traffic, I knew the drive would take quite long.

I pointedly ignored the presence next to me and stared out of the left window, enjoying the beautiful view. It was very late or rather extremely early and although Manhattan was never asleep, the streets were considerably quieter now.

“That’s the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum,” Norman explained, leaning over my shoulder as he pointed at a weird looking building but I couldn’t quite focus on the sight. In his movement, Norman had placed his right hand on my upper tight and that was the only thing I could think about.

He must have noticed me stiffen because he slowly started moving his hand inward and my breath caught in my throat. I was still looking out of the window and could now see his reflection behind mine. He was smirking and staring right at me through our mirror image which suddenly made me aware of just how attracted I was to him.

“What exactly are you doing, Mr Reedus?” I purred and remained facing the window, enjoying the display as I confidently covered his hand with mine and used my finger to draw shapes on his skin.

“Exactly what it looks like,” he baited me just as his hand crept under my dress and his thumb brushed over my panties.

I risked a quick glance at the driver but the darkness of the night combined with the grill that separated the back from the front effectively obstructed the view which meant he wouldn’t be able to properly see us either.

This knowledge and the alcohol still flowing strong in my bloodstream gave me a sudden wave of courage and I silently detached my seatbelt without breaking the eye contact through our reflection. I heard him growl when he saw what I was doing and his fingers slid under my panties and started caressing my clit. I was quite embarrassed about being already aroused but I brushed it off when I heard the appreciative sounds coming from Norman’s lips behind my shoulder and I couldn’t repress the moan that escaped mine.

Half-heartedly, I removed Norman’s hand from my folds before turning around to face him. I momentarily got lost in his deep blue eyes which only made Norman’s smirk grow smugger. Deciding to take control, I lifted myself from my seat before straddling him and noticing at once that I wasn’t the only one aroused if the bulge pressing against my crotch was anything to by.

I heard his sharp intake of breath just as his eyes widened at my bold action. I was the one smirking this time, enjoying the quick breathing movements of his chest as my core squirmed against his crotch. Slowly, I let my hand slide down in between our bodies and palm the bulge that stretched the fabric of his trousers.

Leaning forward, I used the tip of my tongue to trace the outline of his jaw until I reached his ear just as I undid the button of his jeans.

“And what exactly do you want to reach with that, Mr Reedus,” I whispered into his ear, drawling out his name.

“I want you to-,” his breath caught in his throat as I undid the zipper of his trousers and the tip of my fingers brushed over his unclad erection. The fact that he was commando made me chuckle against the sensitive skin on his neck where goose bumps were starting to form.

“I want you to ride me,” he admitted, his voice barely a whisper but still confident as he grabbed the back of my neck in his large hand and forced me to face him, showing me that even though I would be the one riding him, he was still the one in control. Without a further thought, I leaned down and kissed him passionately as my hand continued stroking his hard member which only made his grip on my nape tighter.

When the friction between our lower bodies didn’t suffice anymore, I freed his hard-on from the confinement of his trousers. Just as I was starting to notice that I hadn’t thought the details through, Norman’s hands slid under my dress and grabbed the waistband of my panties before forcefully tearing them apart. The elastic fabric slapped against my skin but I ignored the pain as our kiss became fiercer and I felt his warm hands squeeze my ass, positioning me over his hard member.

Without another thought and knowing that time was playing against us, I lowered myself over his erection and couldn’t help a whimper as I felt him fill me from the inside, enjoying the sensation for a moment before I used my legs as leverage and started moving up and down.

A deep growl escaped Norman’s mouth and before I could chastise him, his lips left mine. Instead, he started nibbling at my neck in order to silence the sounds escaping his throat. As I started to ride him faster and harder, I grabbed the headrest for support and was thankful for the fact that I wasn’t facing the front of the car.

At some point, Norman’s hands moved up and seized my hips. He started thrusting upwards, meeting each of my movements as the pleasant feeling in my lower belly grew stronger. I tried hard to remain as silent as possible but it was becoming increasingly difficult as I felt myself getting closer. I knew he was just as close, I could feel the vibrations from his moans on my skin before he suddenly bit down on my neck, throwing me over the edge just as I felt him shake underneath me and his warm semen fill me from the inside.

We remained like that for some time, panting as we slowly caught our breaths. I was still straddling him with his member inside me when I started recognising the emblematic streets of SoHo through the back window. Right as the cab was starting to slow down, I retrieved some folded bank notes I was carrying in my bra for the cab ride since I had no purse with me and placed them in Norman’s hand.

His eyes were still partly closed as I lifted myself from his lap and tucked him back inside his jeans after rearranging my dress. When the cab pulled over in front of my hotel, I opened the door and the cold night air brought Norman back to his senses as his hand started looking for me.

“Goodnight, Mr. Reedus,” I smiled as I stepped out into the street and Norman’s eye met mine. Our recent activities were written all over his face, his satisfied grin and glazed stare giving him away.

“Can I at least have your name?” He asked all of sudden just when I was about to close the door.

The eager look on his face made me chuckle and I shook my head, smiling. I blew him a kiss before closing the door and walking to my hotel without daring to look back.

Requests are still open but I won’t be posting as often in the future as college starts again on Monday :/ Hope you enjoyed! :)

dreamfluxx  asked:

Hey tumblr mom. I haven't really touched my Nano project since I won in November. I tried to write the second draft but it feels like there's too much to be done to make the story work. I don't know how to move forward.

You already did the first draft, and that’s one of the hardest parts. Now it’s time to start tinkering with it and filling in cracks and connecting any dots you might have missed.

Smash it down into chunks and edit bit by bit. Do it linear, or do it in segments, whatever helps you get back into it. Make a song playlist for it if that will help you, spend time getting your head back into that universe, make mood boards. Procrastination isn’t always futile if it gets you back in the game. Good luck!

Consigliere Part III - Kitten and the Don

THIS IS THE FINAL PART of my three-parted series ‘Consigliere’, that is a tribute to the wonderful Undertale AU 'Kitten and The Don’ from @nyublackneko​ and @junkpilestuff​ . If you want to begin with the first part just click HERE or if you have missed the second you can click HERE.

Basically, this AU revolves around a 30-year old Frisk, who is mockingly called 'Kitten’ by their boss Don G. The story you are about to read focuses on one of Frisk’s missions, which is not what it seems to be. Just like their supposed enemy, the 'Golden Flower Gang’, who were actually trying to help and are now about to be interrogated. On the other hand, Frisk is getting more and more involved in the Dreemurr family business, while they try to find out more about their own kidnapping and their past.
Where will all this lead them?
After all, they say, curiosity kills the cat.

Thank you so much, to everyone out there, because you guys are so kind, supportive and patient! ;-;

I dedicate this story, which consumed my soul while I wrote it, to the sweetheart @candiedconstellations​, who helped me so much with this story, continue to inspire me and simply is a wonderful friend!


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I wish seconds teams and development cup weren't frowned upon by some people. It's hard to stay in a sport when established first teams think it's fine to mock second teams and less developed teams purely because they haven't laid their foundations yet, and are competing in tournaments despite the odds. Quidditch is meant to be inclusive, so don't get all snobby when a team celebrates scoring 20-110*

Rogue One things: Part 1

Okay, I just finished watching Rogue One for the second time and I have lots of thoughts, which I will write and post later, but for now just a few things I didn’t notice the first time around (some of this might be wrong, I’m writing from memory):

Right after Eadu, when they’re on the stolen imperial cargo ship, and right before Jyn confronts Cassian, Chirrut briefly takes Jyn’s hand and squeezes it.

At least once (I think?), after a fight, Jyn approaches Chirrut to make sure he’s alright. They don’t say anything and it’s only a short moment, but her expression…

On Scarif, Baze sees the explosion that destroys the cargo ship and kills Bodhi from a distance. Chirrut has just died, but you can see the moment it clicks that *none* of Rogue One will make it out.

When Bodhi is frightened of walking back to the ship because of all the blaster fire going around him, there’s a rebel (can’t remember his name) who sees him trying and covers for him. This rebel dies quickly, but he helped Bodhi make it to the ship. I think it was the same guy who helped Bodhi with the “Pad 5” false alarm thing on Scarif.

When the other Rebels land on the beach, someone shouts “For Jedha!”

There was no forehead kiss for rebelcaptain, BUT that scene where Cassian prevents Jyn from going after an unconscious Krennic, it looks like he’s burying his nose in her hair slightly.

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Question 15 and 17, and 20 (if possible)?

Lets get some NaCl-y on Munday!

  • What is your biggest pet peeve?

- I’m afraid I answered this one already. I don’t have many peeves.

  • Something that you find unforgivable?

- Answered too :)

  • Wild card: The mun discusses any situation/problem they want.

 -  I am salty but I am not as salty I thought. LMAO. I guess my last act of salt would be about people who shit on OC’s. Like I get the fact that there might be some OC’s that make you cringe really hard, especially when you know they never worked on their characters but they are a collection of OC’s I simply cannot fandom to part with because of how EXQUISITE they are? 

Like for instant people who shit on people who ship Canon x OC. First off, you have no right to tell people what they should ship or shouldn’t. Second I seen some of the most beautiful written RP with Canon X OC ships that are 20x BETTER than canon. So unless you are being a bag of dicks because it doesn’t mold to what you want, then you can go shovel it somewhere else that isn’t pleasant!

Funny enough both of my trunks blogs have OC ships, @soarae & @gunsnboots. And with Puck mun I even got FAN ART drawn for their kids and I am a sucker for happy endings. So YEAH, POWER TO CANON X OC!!

Good SHIT.


Hey lovelies!

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@freeandutapritogether and I’s valentines day special is here!!!

Ok, so this is the plan. We will be releasing one story every hour!

So first up will be Ren ft Tokiya in a few minutes!!

Because there a few links in the posts, we will keep you posted on what to do, so make sure you follow those directions! 

Also, both momo and I have made a page on our blogs that will have all the links to the special stories to make it easier:


It will be updated hourly as the stories come out.

Also, Ren will be uploaded soon, as you are reading the first part on my blog, momo will be posting her posts on her blog, that you will be taken too if you pick a particular option in Ren’s story. So you might have to wait a few seconds for the links on Ren’s introduction to work!

My Favorite Recipes

I created pages in my journal for my favorite recipes to bake and cook. I thought that it would be fun to share it with you. 

I  started with a title page with some doodles and stickers. My first page has two recipes; breakfast cookies and roasted butternut squash soup. I included how much the recipes make, how long it takes to make, ingredients, and directions. 

My second page has recipes for chocolate cake and pancakes. You might have noticed that all the recipes have been entirely vegan. I am not a vegan, but I’m trying to cut diary from my diet because it upsets my stomach. 

I have left blank pages for the recipes I forgot to add and for the ones I will discover. 

If you want more information on this part of my journal, message me! 

A Sudden Moment Pt. 2 - One Shot

Request: OMG! I asked for the Raphaelxshadowhunter reader imagine where they kiss after fight and its brilliant. I LOVE IT! I was wondering whenever you would like to do second part, if it isn’t too much to ask for. Like maybe what would happen after that?

Requested by: Anonymous

Words: 1153

~ A/N: Hey! So I kind of hurriedly finished this right now because I realized that I had planned to publish this today! Sorry if it might be a bit inconsistent with the first one, hopefully it isn’t!! Thank you for requesting a part 2, it makes me so happy that you liked the first one :D xxxx ~ 

You were cursing yourself. You should have probably not done that, you really shouldn’t have. You definitely shouldn’t have given Raphael and flirty smile before leaving him either. You should have said something. You should have talked about it. However, the thought that things would get this weird for you didn’t hit you at the time. The adrenaline had filled you and made you bold, provocative.

You should have started your rounds twenty minutes ago and you hadn’t even left the institute. Just the thought of seeing Raphael again made you nervous. What did the kiss make you? What did it mean for you relationship? Would you still fight? Would you become a couple? Would you just stop talking because of awkwardness? The worst part was that since you had made the move you felt as if all responsibility laid on you. This was something you just weren’t ready for.

No matter how much you dreaded going outside, you knew that you had to. The fact that you might have done something to embarrass yourself couldn’t stop you from doing your job. No matter how afraid you were of seeing Raphael you would have to risk it. Saving the mundane from demons and downworlders was more important than your emotions. That was at least what you were telling yourself, your heart was however saying something completely else.

Leaving the institute you hurried through the streets, trying to just get your job done. After a few deep breaths you made your mind focus on your work. The thoughts and fears that were swirling around inside of you were forced out, with a lot of struggle, and you just focused on finding trouble. It was easier than one might think. Just a few alleyways later you had already gotten into a fight with a demon.

Dodging the demon’s attacks and one attack of your own with the sword was what ended the demon. Your sword went right through it’s body and you could then straighten up. Your pulse had risen slightly and you were breathing a little bit harder. However, your victory made you happier. It made you feel more alive. That was always how victory made you feel.

”I have to say, I’m slightly scared but also intrigued”, a voice then called out a little bit farther down the alleyway. Your mind stopped. Without even looking towards the person you knew who it was. Of course you knew who it was. The thing was just that even though you knew that this was Raphael you just wanted to be wrong. You wanted to be wrong so that you didn’t have to face the consequences of your actions.

Instead of answering Raphael you turned back towards the way you had just come. Maybe it wasn’t the best plan to just ignore him, but your mind was going into overdrive and you just had no idea what you would say if you spoke to him. It seemed much more reasonable to just leave and maybe handle it another day. The fact that Raphael could be a pain in the ass who also had vampire speed wasn’t included in this plan of yours, which was why it failed.

”What’s this? Are you nervous around me now?”, he wondered as he had quickly ran and gotten in front of you. His sudden actions made you freeze and you hadn’t been able to avoid looking at him. He was, as usually, dressed nicely and he was smirking with confidence down at you. Before you hadn’t been nervous, just completely awkward and afraid of talking about what had happened between them. That had however changed and just by looking at him you actually did become nervous. This was something you didn’t really want to show him though. That spark that was usually between you, the one that made you fight him, hadn’t entirely disappeared. It would possibly never disappear.

”I’m not nervous”, you huffed out, showing with your face that this was the truth even though it wasn’t. You were staring into his eyes, making sure to not look away or waver even though you just wanted to run away. Raphael seemed to somehow not believe your act which was why he, with his smirk still on his lips, approach you.

”Well, in that case I would really like to pick up where we left of last night”, he said and you almost choked on your own spit. Was he serious? Was he just playing you? His words just made you forget about keeping up your facade and instead you looked at him with shock and a bit of uncertainty, and suddenly all the thoughts you had previously had just started to stream out.

”Okay, so like we need to just take it easy for a second! I mean, even though we did make out yesterday we like said nothing and we didn’t talk about what it meant and I’m just really confused right now. Was it a one time thing? Was it just making out? Are we going to continue just making out? Does it mean something else, do you want it to be something more?” You didn’t sound rushed or nervous, your voice only confirmed that you wanted answers before you and Raphael did anything else. This was, even though you didn’t know it, questions that Raphael also had been pondering.

”I don’t think that we should decide this just from what I think. Even though we’ve always fought and acted rude towards each other I’ve always enjoyed your company. I think that I wouldn’t want it to just be something shallow. If we are going to become something else I would want it to be something real”, Raphael seriously said. Even though he had lived for so many years, telling someone that he had deeper feelings for them would never be easy. With the years Raphael had however learned how to act as if he was completely fine with this.

”Well, I think I feel the same. It would just feel kind of weird to have a friends with benefits kind of relationship. I mean, we could try and see if being something more works out”, you suggested. Truth be told, you didn’t really know how you felt about Raphael but you did want to find out. Even though he was annoying and always seemed to tease you beyond limits, you couldn’t say that you wouldn’t miss him if he disappeared. You had also kissed him after all. Maybe it wouldn’t be too bad exploring the possibility.

”Sounds good. Let’s see what this makes us.”