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Super Long AU Compilation

Here’s a really long list of a ton of the more simple/generic AU’s I’ve seen floating around. I made this list for personal reference and figured having so many all in one place might be helpful to others, too. I tried my best to alphabetize but I can’t promise it’s entirely correct. Hope you enjoy!


-1920’s con artist
-1940’s noir
-3DS friends
-6 weeks to live


-A Walk to Remember
-Accidentally falls asleep on stranger
-Accidentally hugging stranger thinking they’re someone else
-Accidentally read their journal
-Accidentally swapped items and have to return it
-Accidentally take each other’s bags
-Action hero
-Airport bar
Alice in Wonderland
-Alternate history
-Ancient Egypt
-Ancient mediterraneans
-Ancient orientals
-Ancient slavs
-Android and human
-Antique shop
-Around the world
-Arranged marriage
-Arthurian era
-Author and fan


-Back in time
-Bank robbers
-Battle of the bands
-Beauty and the Beast
-Childhood friends reunited
-Big Brother
-Blind date
-Boarding school
-Bonnie and Clyde
-Book club
-Borrow payphone money
-Both cosplay same character at con
-Both stood up for blind dates
-Break up
-Bride Wars
-Bucket list


-Camp counselors
-Catfish uncoverer
-Childhood companions
-Civil war (American or otherwise)
-Civilian and agent
-College roommates
-Comic artist and assistant
-Costars in a movie
-Craigslist meetup
-Crashed their car
-Crime spree
-Criminals on the run
-Cruel Intentions
-Cruise ship
-Cyber date


-Death race
-Demon and angel
-Deserted island
-Destructive relationship
-Disneyworld cosplayers
-Doctor and patient
-Doctor Who
-Dog walker
-Drug smugglers
-Drunk calling the wrong person
-Drunk texting a stranger
-During war


-Edwardian era
-Elements (earth, water, fire, air)
-Elizabethan era
-English class
-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
-Eternal winter
-Explorers (any time period)


-Fake family
-Faking It
-Family doctor
-Famous and fan
-Fight Club
-First time
-Flower Shop
-Forbidden romance
-Foreign exchange program
-Fortune cookie
-Fortune teller and customer
-Found their dog
-Found their phone number in a library book
-Friends with benefits
-Futuristic resistance


-Game of life and death
-Game of Thrones
-Game show
-Gay for pay
-Gets into a cab to find someone already in it
-Gets lost at airport
-Girl/guy next door
-Ghibli movie
-Ghost Adventures
-Ghosts in love
-Go to the same support group
-Government spy
-Greek God and Roman counterpart


-Hair stylist/makeup artist and actor/model
-Halloween party
-Haunted house
-Have to take pictures for photography project
-Heaven vs. Hell
-Help moving
-Hidden talents
-High class thieves
-High School
-High School reunion
-High School teachers
-Horseback riding
-Host/hostess and customer
-Hotel staff and guest
-Hotel workers
-Huge blizzard and only one hotel room left
-Hunger Games
-Hush Hush


-Ice cream shop
-Identity theft
-Imaginary friend becomes real
-Immortal and non-immortal
-In Hell
-Indentured servant
-Internet friends


-Jane Austen story
-Jurassic Park
-Just keep running into each other everywhere


-Kindergarten teacher
-Kiss bet


-Lab partners
-Law firm
-Life guard
-Little mermaid/merman
-Looking for Alaska
-Lose virginity bet
-Lost at sea
-Love triangle


-Mailman and person who receives a lot of mail
-Marriage contract
-Med school
-Meet in diner at 2am
-Mental hospital
-Met at Comicon
-Met on Tumblr
-Met through online rpg
-Military school
-Mirror world
-Mistaken identity
-Missed the same flight
-Modern royalty
-Modern Tangled
-Monster hunters
-Mortal Instruments
-Movie rental shop
-Movie star
-Movie theater job
-Murder mystery
-Music bar
-Music conservatory
-Music teacher
-Musician and fan


-New guy/girl
-New Orleans
-New neighbors
-Nightmare on Elm Street
Nuclear apocalypse
-Nurse and patient
Nursing home


-Once Upon a Time
-One’s blind and falls in love with the other’s voice
-On of them is turned into a child
-On opposite sides of a war - POW or spying
-Orchestra player/pianist and concertgoer
-Out walking their dog who starts chasing another person’s dog


-Pacific Rim
-Paired together during an ice breaker
-Pandemic apocalypse
-Partners in crime (literally)
-Partners in dance class
-Past lives
-Patients in mental hospital
-Patients in same hospital ward
-Pen pals
-Personal trainer
-Peter Pan
-Pet runs away and other person finds it
-Phantom of the Opera
-Phone sex worker
-Photographer and model
-Pirate and mermaid
-Poetry class
-Porn star
-Poses nude for art students
-Pretty Little Liars
-Prisoner and guard
-Prisoners/escaped prisoners
-Private detective and client
-Private investigator
-Prohibition era
-Project partners
-Protester and police
-Public demonstrations
-Punk rock



-Reality TV show
-Rebels against the government
-Rich family and servants
-Riding the same bus
-Riding the same bus multiple times
-Roadtrip, serial killer
-Roller derby
-Royalty and servant
-Runaway royalty and confused commoner
-Running late for the same flight


-Sailor and mercreature
-Scavenger hunt
-Screenwriter and director
-Serial killer
-Sex pact
-Sex shop
-Sex shop owner
-Sex tape
-Sex worker
-Seven deadly sins
-Shakespeare play
-Share same layover
-Sharing an umbrella
-Siblings best friend
-Sits next to each other at an orchestra
-Sits next to each other in theater
-Sits next to each other on turbulent flight
-Sitting by same wall plug
-Skipping school
-Sleepwalker in college dorm
-Small town
-Snowball fight, hits passerby
-Snowhite and the Huntsman
-Soldiers on opposing sides
-‘Sorry about stealing your wallet last year, no I wasn’t drunk’
-Soul mates
-Space pirates
-Space travel
-Spartacus -gladiators or freed slaves against the Roman army
-Specialty shop
-Spin the bottle
-Spring break
-Stage magician and audience participant
-Strip club
-Struggling artists
-Student and teacher
-Study abroad
-Stuffed animal becomes a person
-Sucked into a video game
-Suddenly become disabled/handicap
-Suddenly caught in the rain
-Summer job
-Summer school
-Supernatural hunters


-Tailor and customer
-Taken hostage at bank robbery
-Tattoos and piercings
-Tattoo parlor
-Teacher and student
-Ten Inch Hero
-Terminal illness
-The Breakfast Club
-The Labyrinth
-The one that got away
-The Princess Diaries
-The Vow
-Theme park
-Theme park mascots
-Theme park workers
-Therapist and patient
-Therapist and patient in mental institution
-Thieves on the run
-Time traveler
-Train ride
-Trapped in an elevator
-Trapped on a deserted island together
-Treasure hunting
-Tutor and student
-TV host


-Undercover lovers
-Undercover stripper
-Underwear model
-Underworld -vampires vs lycans
-Use someone’s charger
-Use someone’s hotspot


-Veronica Mars
-Virtual world


-Wake up together in Vegas
-What Happens in Vegas
-White House
-Wild West
-Witch trials
-Wizard AU where one accidentally apparates into the wrong house
-World War II
-Writer and editor
-Wrong bag




-Yoga class
-Younger siblings are best friends


-Zombie apocalypse

Fancy A Quiche? :: A Captain Swan Fanfic

Notes:  This is a self beta’d fic because I wanted it to be a surprise for the lovely @bleebug and @lifeinahole27 who came up with this little scenario.  Well, I might have got a bit carried away on the explicit content, but hey, why not :p  Also tagging @wordsmith-storyweaver because i know they were in on it too ;)

I also made the fanart because i do that too.

Overall Summary: Newly married Killian Jones and Emma Swan just spending an evening together after a long day policing Storybrooke.

Rating: E (omg, very E)

Word Count:  6280



Apparently, there were no limits to Killian’s abilities. In the time it had taken Emma to slip off her boots, the creased leather groaning under her grip as she tugged them off her feet, Killian Jones had began his one handed massage of her tired and aching soles. Emma relaxed back into the couch cushions, feeling their huge down envelope her equally tiresome shoulders. She groaned, a long drawn out syllable of pained pleasure, and a smile crept across her face.

“Good?” Killian asked softly as he watched her face contort and then relax with each roll of his thumb. Sitting on his knees on the floor in front of her, Emma felt like a worshipped Goddess.

Emma hummed another long vibrating sound in her throat and nodded. “Good,” she agreed, finally peeling open her eyes to look down at the man who was working magic on the swollen balls of her feet. Killian was casually dressed in some black sweatpants and a dark blue cotton t shirt hugged his upper body. A wisp of his chest hair sprang from the v-shaped neck of the collar, and his shoulders and biceps rippled with every forceful thrust of his massage. “You’re so good to me,” she smiled.

Killian’s blue eyes were shining back at her, his boyish smile full of innocence and sweetness she knew for a fact he did not possess. More often than not, a small gesture, such as a foot rub, turned into something a little more racier. He had a tell and Emma always knew the exact moment he intended to show her exactly how good he was to her.

After Killian has peeled both of her socks off, Emma swapped out her feet, letting Killian lace his ringed fingers between the toes of her neglected foot. The cool metal cooled the fire between her toes and his long, nimble fingers slid across her throbbing sole. “So tense, Swan,” he commented idly, pushing harder against a newly found knot by her ankle.

“Nothing that cannot be fixed by you,” Emma blinked at him, her heavy body barely registering its presence to her as it was replaced with just a tingle from his touch. Even with one hand, Killian never ceased to amaze her.

“Or wine,” Killian countered innocently. He lifted her leg and Emma let him. Killian looked up at her through his long, seductive eyelashes and pressed his lips to the inside of her ankle, the fine bone fitting perfectly into the pout of his lips. Emma stifled a giggle when his whiskers tickled her foot, her entire body shivering as goosebumps spread over her in a wave.

“We have wine?” Emma gasped a little, sure they had finished the last of it a few nights ago.

“Aye,” Killian smoothed his thumb of the skin of her foot and let Emma’s leg fall to his lap. “I procured some of Storybrooke’s finest this afternoon,” he wiggled an eyebrow at her.

“You went shopping?” Emma laughed a little. “Unaided?”

Killian shrugged his broad shoulders and sat back, trying not to feel so offended at her jest. “Henry was busy,” he let his own laugh escape his lips.

Emma’s whole body shook with her laughter and she smoothed a section of her untied hair from her face. “I’m kidding,” She assured him as she sat forward, enclosing him between her jean clad thighs and leaning towards him. Killian’s head rolled back and he smiled up at her when she laid her palm to his whiskery cheek.

“Aye, I know,” he whispered to her, his eyes flickering between her sweet, kissable lips and her darkening green eyes. He loved Emma’s eyes. They were the most vibrant shade of green when she was excited, sparkling like speckled emeralds against the paleness of her skin. When she was aroused they darkened considerable, the hint of a shadow reflecting her lust.

Emma closed the gap between them and sealed his lips with her own, pressing against them so lightly that Killian felt like he was floating. His legs had long since gone numb but he was reluctant to move away from Emma’s side. Emma’s lips skimmed over his and he felt her body relax even more, all of the constriction of stress leaving her entire being.

Killian kissed her back, gently parting his lips and inviting her tongue into his mouth with a moan. Emma read his mind, slowly pushing her tongue into his mouth and massaging his with her own. Killian cupped her face, thumb pressed to the side of her cheek and fingers tangle in her soft, blonde tendrils that threatened to fall across her face. He held them at bay, pulling on them gently in frustration when Emma pulled away for a breath.

Emma’s fingers bunched the material of his t-shirt and she could feel his stiff, curled chest hair tickling at her hand from beneath the collar of his shirt. Emma held him to her, noses pressed side by side and foreheads together, their breathing in sync on every pant. Emma’s entire body tingled, aching and crying out for more of Killian’s touch. But she was starving, having skipped lunch, and if she didn’t stop kissing him they would surely starve.

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Twenty years ago today, the first Harry Potter book hit the shelves.  I didn’t pick it up for another two years, but I could never have guessed when I did so what a life-changing reading choice it was.  I already knew I wanted to be an animator, but Harry Potter gave a focus to my energies, and the compulsion to draw anything I could from the books gave my drawing skills a necessary boost before college.  Putting those drawings online (starting with the one above) made me, weirdly, one of the first Internet fan artists, and the friends I made and the following I gathered from that have been blessings for which I can never be too grateful.  For someone who was such a pariah in middle/high school, it still blows my mind that I’m ‘popular’ in another sphere – what might have happened to me otherwise?  So hard to imagine … And yet, so many people out there have similar ‘there but for the grace of Harry Potter’ stories they could tell.  What an amazing thing to have brought such a catalyst into the world.  Thank you, J.K. Rowling, from the bottom of my heart, for being such a positive force!

anonymous asked:

I see people complaining why Harry never said anything about a solo deal etc. but him being able to make a first move on March 25 of all days and Columbia only adding him to their side today is not a coincidence. What kept Columbia from announcing it when they supposedly made the deal. Or why wasn't he in their documents? I think there was more stuff going on and it's too easy to say Harry could but didn't want to. (Niam's announcements were so different compared to this, including tweets etc.)

@lawyerlarrie and I talked about this offline last week and theorized that it might have something to do with a “non-solicit” agreement, which basically prevents related companies from poaching from each other.

All Sony companies/labels probably have a non-solicit agreement between them, so like, Epic can’t offer Adele, a Columbia artist, a better deal to move to their label since they both are under Sony. 

With Syco, they are a partner company with Sony and Columbia already had 1D on their label, so it got a little fuzzy, but we were thinking maybe Columbia couldn’t officially and formally announce the Harry signing because of that, but it wouldn’t affect Niall and Liam since they didn’t stay with a Sony label.

The theory doesn’t entirely work because the deal was obviously made last summer, even if it was only verbal, which would still be in violation of the spirit of the restriction, if not the letter of it. But at the same time, Rob Stringer - President of Columbia Records - was already tapped to lead Sony Music, so he had a lot of power over the situation and and the company.

So that’s my theory at the moment and now that it’s all “officially official” with Harry I’m hoping some other restrictions might be ending too.

n33rrx  asked:

I'm finally starting a comic I've been planning for 6 years. I have a question. What should I consider if I gather an audience? What's the fine line between what content I put into the story for myself, and when should I appease fans? I hear stories about artists and writers appeasing to fans and the stories turn out too fanservice-y, and the artists/writers regret it.

Always create what you want to see. Then you might be surprised/ delighted/ horrified to discover that others want to see the same thing as well. Creating something for yourself means it will be made with love and passion and that’s what art truly is.

If a character resonates with your fans, and you really like them as well, then don’t hesitate to explore that. But never do it at the expense of what the soul of the project is. I’ve done shows where folks really responded to a character, and so I was interested to delve a little deeper into who that character is with a story or two. But I wouldn’t want that character to take over the show. Otherwise you get URKEL.

At the end of the day, it’s your project. You have a reason you made it. Stay true to that.

I brought out the gold and shiny because everyone in the fandom that I’ve interacted with have nothing but lovely people :) It’s #yoiappreciationday.

Special thanks to @otayuriistheliteralbest for the encouragement and love when I made a watercolored piece inspired by her fic Espressophile.

@victuri-oh-nice has opened up a new world of music in her AUs especially Unsteady (you should read it if you haven’t!) and her art posts have made me want to keep drawing and improving.

@phaytesworld knows some of my rare pairs and has indulged me hahaha! Thank you, Phayte <3 Your rare pair writing is always a joy to read.  And your crack fics are definitely unforgettable. XD You and @francowitch have really been fun to talk with about the rare pairs, among many other things!

@russianfeya and her fic Neon Pink Motorcycle will always have a special place in my heart. <3

@micaelavdb has made me so invested in her mafia AU Shadow People and she gave me my dream of baker boy Beka.

@kiazareni and @yours-julie have broken my heart a bunch of times and also put the pieces together about the same number of times.

@authormagrant, @antarespromise, @jbankai89, @nomanono, @2-weird-4, @justhereforthefanartbean , @onotherflights and @penciltrash - your works have always been wanting me to read more with each update! Keep writing :)

@ellipsesarefun and @madamredwrites - I love that we could talk about YOI and our other fandoms too! I can get super chatty. Thanks for listening! :D

This is really a long list but many artists have made me made me smile with their works: @kawaiilo-ren, @mitty3000, @superspicy, @natsubutart, @yanumii, @hana-tox, @binreiss, @ruiojousama, @deeyosa, @-fe, @saniika, @joelsweet , @husbandmurders, @worldofcopperwings, @neveraines and a whole lot more. This fandom has so many talented people. I think I might have missed out on some but just wanted to let you know you all are so good and make me want to keep drawing! And of course, I have to mention my sister, @5inbinary because she’s actually working on with people in the shitbang xD

This is probably the shortest this can get because the fandom is too big to be contained in one note. There might be another in the coming days, but in a different form :)

Studyblr Introduction

Hi there! 

I have wanted to make a studyblr for a while, so I am finally getting around to it, yay! This is a quick introduction post. **important: the house where I live has no internet connection, so I have to use mobile data a lot, so I might be slow at responding to asks ect. I’ll try to keep some queued posts ready**

About me:

  • My name is Lilly, and I live in Australia. Also, I think I might younger than a lot of you in the studyblr community (I am in early high school)
  • I am an INFP and a Ravenclaw (though there is a bit of Hufflepuff in me)
  • I have a bullet journal, but I recently bought a dotted Moleskine notebook which I’m going to use for a new bujo, which is exciting :D
  • I am fluent in English, but I am learning both Mandarin and Japanese
  • I’m not quite sure what I want to do at the moment, but what I’m thinking about right now is either international relations or film directing (I’m leaning much more to the latter, although I don’t know much about directing, I’m super interested in it)
  • Fun Fact: it literally took me hours to write this post because I was simultaneously watching Back To The Future (1 and 2) and browsing my fandom tumblr (whoops) 
  • I’m Very Tired™, hence my url (often I just want to sleep, I think a lot of people can relate to that)

What I love:

  • Books books books!!!
  • I also love to write (I might maybe perhaps put some small pieces on this tumblr)
  • Music! Honestly too many bands/artists to mention, but three of my faves are Coldplay, Lorde, and Troye Sivan
  • I love animals! We have a dog, cats, and even some horses
  • I also love plants and flowers, I’m planning on getting a ton of pot plants for my room :D
  • I love a lot of movies and TV shows too. (one I’m loving at the moment is The Good Karma Hospital, go check it out)
  • I am a huge fangirl, one of the reasons I made a studyblr is too get way from the distraction of the fandoms. My biggest fandoms are Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Dan and Phil (I have a fandom blog, @its-my-sonic-deuduction I sort of just reblog stuff, not much really)

About this studyblr:

  • I’m lucky enough to not get too much homework, so a lot of my content will be bujo-related (at least for now)
  • I might also post inspiration, *aesthetic* pictures and nice words, maybe some of my own…
  • I’ll track #lillysleepilystudying (I might be a bit slow in responding because previously stated internet problems)
  • I would love to make some new friends, so feel free to contact me about anything (literally anything… I love to listen and talk!)
  • I think that’s about it! I’ll tag a ton of blogs I followed on my old account under the cut but a special mention to @studylustre​ because I love her blog and she was one of the ones that inspired me to make my own studyblr :D 

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ashtraysonfire  asked:

Hey yogii, i always find myself judging someone the second i look at them, i never noticed how conditioned i am until I tried to stop doing that. Any advice?

When you look at a piece of art for the first time, how can you really experience it?

Someone too well versed in art history might try to analyze the context and the meanings portrayed in the paining or sculpture. An artist may get drawn into analyzing the techniques and choices the artist made in the creation of the piece. And a collector might try to estimate the art’s monetary value to see what it is “worth.” 

All of these people may come to different conclusions and have different experiences of the art. Their experience of the art is very much tied into their own mind and habits of perception. 

Whereas someone with a more childlike mind may just let themselves experience the art without any mental commentary. How do the colors strike you? How do the shapes pull or push you? What feeling arises that is unique to the art itself? 

Judgment is a form of projection. It is using your own predefined cataloging system to force something to fit into your world. But experiencing is a form of sensation. You just feel without projecting or judging. In doing so, you are actually giving freedom to that thing to be itself. And as a result, you get closer in touch with the “soul” or the “beingness” of that thing. 

Judgment is useful for things like buying a car or diagnosing a physical disease. But it is not a way to get to know works of art and living beings. It keeps your world small. 

How to break this habit of mind? Practice. You can start by going to museums and experiencing the art there without judgment. Then try to do this with animals and friendly pets. Then try to do it with humans. 

Daily meditation is essential in cultivating this “beginner’s mind.” The book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is a fantastic treatise on how to use your mind without being used by your mind. In doing so, you will find a sense of magic returns to your life and a sense of happiness along with it. 

Namaste :) Much love. 

Health Tip For Artists!

So a few artists I follow have been having some wrist problems lately, at least one of which may be carpal tunnel.  Generally, we think of carpal tunnel as being caused by repetitive wrist motions so artists might think it’s their drawing habits causing it.

It might not be.

I learned this in high school forensics and I guess I thought it was common knowledge for a while, but pay attention to your sleeping position if you think you might be developing wrist issues.  I used to fold up my wrist against my chin for support while trying to fall asleep.  THAT is apparently a major cause of carpal tunnel, which for some reason isn’t listed on Web MD.  As soon as I learned this I made an effort not to lean on the back of my wrist at any point.  It helps to get an ergonomic pillow.  I haven’t had any issues with my wrist since.  The only pain I ever get from drawing is in my fingers from holding them in the same position for too long, and even then all I need to do is take a short break.

If you know any artists that might be having this issue, please pass this along!

How Glass Castings are Born (and how I killed a baby unicorn and accidentally made abstract sculpture in the process)

I’ve made a number of posts which hint at what I do with glass/the sort of art I make, but the process I usually work in - know as casting - is long and confusing. This is a ramble-y/technical post with lots of pictures, so I’m adding a ‘read more’ line so as to not clutter up anyone’s dash too terribly… But I will leave one hovering above that threshold. 

…Meet Frank.

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anonymous asked:

sorry to bother you darksapphire senpai but I read on tora's sideblog that the BD version removed the blushes at the end of ep7 and it's irrational but I'm sad ;A;

Please Anon-kouhai, it’s never a  bother! :)

Omg! I haven’t seen that post, but I assume you mean the blushes during The Kiss, right? But whyyyyy >-<  You’re not being irrational, I get it.

Well, I haven’t seen what it actually looks like (you don’t happen to have a link or a screenshot to share?), but–

Whether it’s this scene here, or afterwards when they lie on the ice, I feel Yuuri at least should be totally blushing. He just performed an extremely difficult FS while on little to no sleep, he should be flushed with exertion at the very least. And afterwards, I LIVE for his delighted flush and widened eyes!

I’ll try not to take offence from Kubo&co (hmmph) that they’ve removed the blushes (or to start wondering whether the creators are trying to hint that it’s not the first kiss). I think they’re removing a lot of blushes on the whole, not just targeting this moment.

I mean, from what I’ve seen, the always-blushing-chicken-nugget Minami has been hit too!

This screenshot from @kukapanda’s blog of some side-by-side comparison scenes of TV and BD shows how much blushing they’ve removed from Minami.

Personally, I think as the creators were going through YOI with the intent to tidy it up and clean up artistic inconsistencies, they probably noticed all the blushing that goes on (it’s an anime!), and when you look at something, not to watch and enjoy it, but to specifically fix and edit, then something like that might seem too much all of a sudden. So… the result was some blushing purge, I guess? :(

But it’s Okay, Anon. I’m sure they’ve made it better as a whole. And of course, we have this new scene: ( gif from kukapanda)

Yuuri and Viktor actually practising together on the ice!! <3

the spring semester is almost done for me!

seeing how this is finals week, i have a lot of projects to work on before i am free for summer vacation. i may be able to get my job back so there might be something to keep me busy for this summer but at least i can try and get back into drawing again! i have a sketch draft made and ready for an art stream!

i swear i read too many comics drawn by my favorite artist ^^; hopefully on sunday i could get a chance to settle in and set up another streaming session with some 90′s-2000′s ish music! it would be awesome to get some people to come by and hang out! i will try and be more active with my art again and work on Growing Up Calamari again!


Have two of our three dogs! the pupper is Max,he new! the second is Piolo and our third is Ding Dong. yes. I know. we named them after filipino artists. I sent them to you cus I figured it might help up brighten your day :)


Originally posted by itadakimasu-letmeeat


i was watching ‘artist problems’ type videos today while workin and a common thread i noticed was that ppl rly dont like when others (usually non-artists) ask to see their sketchbook? there were even a few that said it was invasive and rude and that you shouldn’t ask it unless someone directly offers for you to? 

i thought it was a lil sad that this seems to be the norm because it really can be a beneficial tool. in school a few profs had said along the lines of, ‘think of your sketchbook as your impromptu second portfolio’. that is, its just another way to get ur work in front of someones eyeballs..! and in a much more casual natural way too that might be easier for you to approach than, say, in a formal portfolio review or interview or something like that. (not to mention makes for good practice when those more challenging times come..!) it might be easier for you to talk about your work in that setting of just leafing through your s-book with someone. 

people who aren’t familiar with art may not understand how it is made, so to them you are making a kind of magic! and they are just curious to see your process and how it was done. this is the same for fellow artists too, there is something very appealing about seeing the puzzle pieces come together, how something begins. how you think visually! and you might not necessarily get the chance to show this in a more polished portfolio. i’ve gotten a few commissions from showing my sketchbook, and ive heard of people getting jobs because of theirs.

 i guess my point is, by all means have a sketchbook thats private and personal and you dont show anyone the contents of. but a sketchbook that you feel comfortable showing to others is a real asset ! perhaps when youre out in public you can bring both (if that’s feasible), and if someone asks to see your s-book you can show them the public one? or you can still have control, for instance you dont have to hand over the whole book, you can leaf through the pages you want to show them (maybe have some saved w/ cute bookmark tabs for such an occasion !)  

i hope this might help you to think of The Sketchbook a little differently! self advocating and promotion is so important for the working artist and any little encounter, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, might lead you to your next project..! :~)

My piece for the Ladybug zine! Its an art-nouveau inspired illustration of Marinette with medallions of the previous reincarnations (and the flowers at the bottom are all ladybug-attracting flowers). ^_^ Mucha is one of my favorite artists of all time and when I was in Paris I bought two prints of his illustrations. I’m glad his paintings have made cameos in the series, as well as Klimt’s.  I realized this piece might be too detailed for the size of the zine so you might see more details here (I also failed with dimensions and the drawing is cropped weirdly in the zine sorrrrryyyyyyyy;;;;;) Thanks again @mayhugs for letting me participate. ^_^ I hope I can be part of more zines in the future too.

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I'm thinking of getting into printing charms I make but I don't have the resources to print them myself, do you perhaps know any online ones that do (and/or sell them for you as well? if not, that's fine too)? :O

Nattosoup: Hi there!  You might want to check our tags and archives for ‘charms’ and ‘acrylic charm’- we’ve covered this numerous times!

Kiriska: #suppliers, #acrylic charms, Resources>Where to Get Stuff Made