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Things that were still a thing not so long ago in Finland:

- homosexual acts were a crime that could land you max two years in jail until the year 1971; when you meet a Finnish LGBT member past age 62 this might well have been their reality (boink your dear, serve a year)(I’m calculating approx age based on current age of consent)

- after that it was considered a mental illness until 1981; now we’re thinking about gay people 52 years old and older that lived through this

- discrimination based on sexual orientation was criminalized in 1995, so people born in the 80′s and older had to deal with this

- it was still a criminal offence to “promote homosexuality” until 1999… I was 20 when this was decriminalized 

- the age of consent used to be 18 for homosexual relationships, while it was 16 for heterosexual ones; this was changed to 16 for both in 1999 as well

- discrimination based on gender identity wasn’t a crime until 2005

- before 2009 homosexual parents weren’t allowed to legally adopt their partner’s child

- this year (2017), finally, we’ll have marriage equality!

enby!Kaworu and trans boy!Shinji going shopping and Shinji blushes a lot at his beautiful faefriend who looks beautiful in everything fae wears. They go to an icecream parlor and Kaworu buys one giant expensive icecream for the both of them and accidentally drops it before they can even taste it and the two of them just stare at the icecream before laughing and going to buy some less expensive scoops 


Love is a Do Word- A Kawoshin Mix 

Heart it Races- Architecture in Helsinki |Arms Tonite- Mother Mother|Silhouettes- Of Monsters and Men|I Died So I Could Haunt You- Stars|Venus- Sleeping At Last|All Is Well (Its Only Blood)- Radical Face|Sky Full of Stars- Coldplay|Teardrop- Massive Attack|Venice- The Lighthouse and The Whaler|Wrapped in Piano Strings- Radical Face


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So for the prompts,how about kaworu/shinji #3 or #19(or both ;p)

  • 19:Nymphs and nature spirits AU

Basically headcanons for this oh boy yes: 
Shinji is a human boy (possibly half nymph though he doesn’t know it) and he meets Kaworu, a wind spirit in the forest near his home. His village/town has been attacked by demons and Shinji’s father wants him to join the others to fight against them but Shinji is terrified and doesn’t want to. Kaworu promises to be there with him so he isn’t afraid. 

(Little beginning ficlet cause why not)~*~*~

“Wha- what are you?” Shinji whispered. His eyes were wide as he started up at the sky. The spirit- yes thats what they must be, what else would have hair like clouds and eyes like a Cardinal’s wings?- smiled down at them. “I’m a wind spirit Shinji.” Shinji’s eyes grew wider. 
“You know my name?”
The spirit began to laugh, “Of course I do. Why wouldn’t I? I’ve known who you were for a long time.” 
“Who… who are you?" 
"I’m Kaworu."