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No Sleep Till Brooklyn, Part 3

Heartmate Series: Steve Rogers x Reader

Characters: Steve Rogers, Deadpool, Falcon

Warnings: language, violence - Deadpool’s in it guys, it ain’t PG.

A/N: This is my take on the soulmate trope. It’s not necessarily an AU, because technically heartmate is canon in the Marvel world - at least with Wade’s comics.

Summary: You’re a mutant turned mercenary, working with the best merc around - Wade Fucking Wilson aka Deadpool. You are also someone who doesn’t believe in the whole heartmate crap. How could two people solely be made for each other? Steve Rogers is Captain America,  Avenger extraordinaire. Call him old fashion, but he believed in heartmates and knew he had one out there. The two of you cross paths one day and things get set in motion. Can Steve get passed the jaded wall you built or would things just crash and burn? And will Wade Wilson finally learn to put the seat down after taking a piss? Who knows.


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Torn Up (Part 2)

Originally posted by wiillmajohansson

All righty, y’all, as promised, here’s part 2! Again, a couple of disclaimers:  

Since I only have up to about part 11 finished and edited, I’ll be updating twice a week, probably on Wednesdays and Saturdays with a few changes depending on the week, so that I can get ahead

I can’t believe the feedback I’ve been getting?? You guys are fantastic, and I love each and every one of you. Feel free to weigh in with your opinions about how the story is going; I do take constructive criticism (Just please be nice, I’m sensitive)

I also have a question:  does anyone get the joke in my url? Inquiring minds want to know

Warnings: Foul language, rude jokes, and Mitchell Marner as (terribly executed) comic relief. Yikes.

Parts One through Five

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Essays in Existentialism: Doctors

Doctor AU - Clarke works with Peds and Lexa is a career driven heart surgeon. They meet over a case with a sick baby.

“Excuse me, where’s the NICU?” Clarke broke down and asked a nurse after looping back down to the cafeteria once more. She thought it was the second left, but she might have made the fourth right, and she’d ended up in the basement, and she’d ended up in the gift shop, and she’d ended up on psyche. “Thank you.”

The directions were even more complicated, but Clarke was too afraid to ask again so she smiled and started out down the halls, anxiously checking her watch. Her beeper kept buzzing on her hip.

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Prompts: “You said my name in your sleep” and “You’re my soulmate?”

Characters: Elijah Mikaelson x Reader

This was requested by an anon who sent in four prompt requests for Elijah. But since I could not find a way to connect all four I split them up into two different oneshots. The other one is here

Gender: Any    Triggers: None

Four Prompt Starters you can Request from: One - Two - Three - Four

Originally posted by imaginary-desires

“Rebekah, this is ridiculous” you said following her into the house carrying a box of fowl smelling spell ingredients.

“It wont be ridiculous when you know who your soulmate is” she said in a sing song voice.

“Did I hear something about soulmates?” Kol asked entering the room with his two brothers.

“Rebekah has a bizarre notion that Freya can do a spell that allows a person to say the name of their soulmate in their sleep, she insists that we do it” you said setting the box down on the table.

‘It’s not a bizarre notion y/n it’s actually quite simple” Freya said entering the room “Plus it might be fun” she smiled

“What if I don’t want to know who my soulmate is yet?” you asked crossing your arms, earning a shocked look from Rebekah

“Of course you do! Who wouldn’t?” she asked giving Freya an amused look.

“I don’t! What if it’s someone I hate, or someone dead? Then what? I would have to live the rest of my life knowing that I’m doomed to love someone I can’t stand, or someone who will never know? No thanks”

Freya chuckled at you “But what if it’s someone you like, what if it’s someone alive. y/n, it could even be someone who you’ve never met”

“Yeah, then every time I meet someone with their name I’ll have a heart attack thinking they might be ‘the one’“

“Now you’re the one being ridiculous, you’re doing it!” Rebekah said coming over and picking up the box of ingredients.

Giving a look over to the amused brothers you rolled your eyes.

“Why didn’t it work?!” Rebekah said reading over the spell.

You had done the spell on Rebekah and put a sleep spell on her but she didn’t say a name. 

“Maybe they haven’t been born yet?” you suggested

Rebekah looked over at you “Yes! That must be it! But I don’t want to wait that long!” she said immediately sad again.

“Or maybe it only works if you’ve already met them” Freya said guilty as she read through the instructions again “I must have missed that part the first time I read it”

Rebekah sighed “At least that might mean they have actually been born yet…now it’s your turn y/n” she said turning to you.

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anonymous asked:

OMG, what do you think about this situation: Tobirama, Hashirama and Madara are spending time with their o/s ( nothing special, just a normal day ) but suddenly they are going into Labor? ( I don't know if i wrote it correctly... my english is on a "high" level xd) I hope you understood my thought.

lmaoooo I love this, and don’t worry I understood!


•He was the one who did nothing but prepare for his s/o going into labor. For months and months he had plans about getting them to the hospital and making certain that when the time came, there were no last minute complications

•He doesn’t know why, but he always figured that going into labor would be a smooth transition. And for the most part, it might be. Or would be, if Tobirama weren’t so anxious and nervous. His s/o would probably have to yell at him to calm down at some point

•He’s going to rush them to the hospital, maybe a little too hastily. If they try to delay at all, he’s literally screaming at them to hurry the hell up. Even if he knows how birth works, and that it’s not some automatic, instantaneous thing, Tobirama is under the impression that the moment his s/o goes into labor, they’re gonna pop the baby out at any second

•He’s that annoying dad that’s pestering all the nurses and doctors and making sure they’re giving his s/o full attention. Also the one who might end up threatening them if they mess up somehow. He’s just yelling at everybody tbh

•When the time comes for them to actually give birth, Tobirama attempts to calmly support and encourage them, but on the inside, he’s a nervous wreck

•It probably doesn’t help that Hashirama is outside the birthing room poking his head in every 10 seconds like, “Can I meet my niece/nephew now?” and Tobirama’s like Get out!”


•Hashirama is too busy sparkling with excitement to really figure out how he’s going to get his s/o to the hospital. He just stands there like “It’s actually happening, ______! We’re going to have a baby!”

•His s/o definitely has to whip him into shape and make him focus, but Hashirama can’t help it. His attention span is out of control. He looks at the spot on the floor where their water broke and is like “Do you want me to clean this up first?” “No Hashirama let’s go

•He would forget the baby bag at home tbh

•Otherwise, he’s relatively calm and very soothing. He brushes their hair and holds their hand and talks them through the heavy, painful contractions. It’s only when they’re actually in the room pushing to get the baby out that Hashirama gets out of control

•He’s way too excited, and might end up saying some stuff like “I know how much it hurts, ______, but you have to push—” which might piss them off because no, Hashirama. You don’t know how much childbirth hurts. He just wants his baby to come out!! He wants to meet his baby!!!

•Hashirama would have probably made sure beforehand that the doctors and nurses delivering his baby were people that he knew and trusted. It could have been a home birth, now that I think about it? It seems like something they would do back in the founders era. Hashirama might have even encouraged a home birth, just so it was a familiar environment for his s/o to be in, and it would always be great telling his child, “You were literally born in this house, ______. Look, right there in that exact spot. Right there.” 

•By the way, Tobirama is probably there. He might even be one of the people assisting with the birth. He’s yelling at Hashirama to stay focused 70% of the time tbh


•Madara is very calm, very organized, but very punctual. He makes sure his s/o is at the hospital as soon as possible. He doesn’t wait for the contractions to get worse. If they don’t want to leave immediately, he doesn’t care. He will drag them out of the house

•Part of the reason he’s so calm is because Madara prepares himself as soon as their due date comes closer and closer. He’s literally ready to go every second of the day

•He’s always repeating “just breathe” when their contractions are bad. It gets annoying though. Madara is the type who doesn’t bother trying to imagine how painful labor is, and he’s a little ignorant too, so all he can resort to is the breathing technique bullshit. Which is no help at all in the grand scheme

•It’s only when they’re actually at the hospital that the smooth facade breaks. It just hits Madara in full force. He was so absorbed in the process of actually getting them to the hospital and making certain everything was in order that he really didn’t think about the fact that he was going to be a father. His s/o is about to push their baby out, and he’s going to be a father

•It’s then he gets anxious. He’s sweating and flustered and gets irritable, snapping at the doctors, cursing under his breath, especially if his s/o is in a lot of pain. He would probably demand that the doctor use some pain relief jutsu or something. He doesn’t even know if that’s possible, but he demands it anyway

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Maybe some head canons for Reddie finding out their daughter is getting bullied at school? Have a great day\night\evening\afternoon!

Hallie Kaspbrak-Tozier? Bullied at School?
We must not be talking about the same person, anon.
I mean… Let me tell you some facts about Richie and Eddie’s little princess:

  • She never once doubted herself. Ever since she was a toddler, Eddie would remind her daily of how much she is loved, and that she could always talk to her parents about anything, every question is valid, every feeling too
  • Richie? Richie made sure that girl knew her power all along… False modesty is an alien concept to her. Like father, like daughter! Hallie is fierce, she is the prettiest girl in the entire world, she is the cinnamon roll that could actually kill you. Richie said so and she believed him!
  • She became what she grew up hearing she was
  • I don’t mean to say people at school didn’t try to drag her down, of course, they did! 
  • They were envious of her. She is always happy, she gets the best grades, she is kind to strangers no matter what. That’s infuriating for those who don’t know who they are yet, right?
  • So, yeah. Many times people tried to make fun of her because she’s adopted, she’s too skinny, she has gay parents… They even went as far as to impersonate her dad, because he is a TV host, some people would follow her around school, repeating his jokes, trying to twist them into something about her
  • But seriously, though? Impersonating Richie Tozier to Hallie Tozier? She laughs at them! It’s so so bad, it’s always pathetic and funny as hell that they think they can use her dad’s talent against her. She couldn’t be prouder of being who she is
  • Yes, her dad is gay, and he is on TV, and the whole country knows. So what? Her family is loaded! Richie conquered that for them. She could be studying in Europe if she wanted. If she is still at this school is not because she wants these people’s approval. It’s because she likes it here and nobody is going to manipulate her decisions
  • Eddie told Hallie everything there is to know about manipulation, because of her grandmother, and now she can see people’s bullshit coming from miles away
  • Besides, whenever anyone dared to really cross a line, she would tell Eddie as soon as he arrived to pick her up (which he did every single day), and on the next morning, Richie would be calling the principal’s office exposing students left and right
  • Once, at the end of middle school, a group of girls tried to gang up on her after Hallie exposed them; but, don’t forget, Beverly Marsh is Hallie’s godmother. And do you remember Richie and the baseball bat? Yeah. Hallie Kaspbrak-Tozier was taught how to fight since she was 8.
  • She is not the center of attention in High School, simply because she does not want to be, however; some people are just born to be the life of the party, so everyone is constantly (secretly and bitterly or not), waiting for an opportunity to approach her and become her friend
  • It’s like winning the lottery actually, she doesn’t like being surrounded all the time…
  • She gets bored and is always changing cliques to try something new
  • That might sound bad or weird, but just hear me out: When you have been around the Losers for too long, if those unique seven individuals are your family, it sure is quite easy to understand why it’s hard to meet Hallie’s standards… Am I right?
  • ps: Say hello to Hallie!
Nordic chat
  • Denmark: Before we start this important family meeting, I have a question!
  • Norway: Only one?
  • Denmark: There might be additional questions depending on the answer.
  • Finland: Okay, just ask.
  • Denmark: Great.
  • Denmark: Island.
  • Iceland: What?
  • Denmark: Exactly how long have you been a teenager?
  • Iceland: ...
  • Denmark: Because I am starting to wonder when you will hit that angsty phase that all the teenager on TV has.
  • Iceland: ...Exactly how long have you been an idiot?
  • Norway: Since he was born.
  • Sweden: I agree with Nor.

First and foremost, I’d like to apologise for my inactivity. Secondly, today, 26 years ago on February 26th a little girl was born. Her name is Chaerin Lee. She has grown up to be a loud, sexy, outspoken woman who I admire and look up to. She taught me to never cower and always be myself no matter what. She taught me to never listen what other people’s opinions were of me and I am so glad to have been born during the time that she has been alive. She might be nine years older than me, but to me she’s like an older sister and I admire her so much for how far she has come. I’m in full support of her. Happy birthday CL, I love you. Continue to do what you’re doing, and keep your chin up always. I’ll meet you one day and hug you, my love. You deserve only the best and nothing but the best. ❤️
- J

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Marco/Ace - Ace never goes after Whitebeard because Shanks decided that his Captain's son, his Luffy's brother, didn't deserve the self-hatred that he feels. So if Shanks had to adopt him, educate him on the actual truths, and introduce him to the rest of the extended family then so be it. This leads to a very different first meeting to the Whitebeard Pirates.

(it’s not marco/ace, i’m sorry, i just couldn’t get that in just yet in the thing, orz)

“Luffy’s older brother, huh? Didn’t know that Dragon had more kids,” Shanks says watching Ace curiously. They hadn’t even heard about Ace when they had been in Fuusha last and it didn’t make sense for him not to have been there when Luffy lived there safely. “Luffy never mentioned you.”

“He wouldn’t have,” Ace says almost smiling at his sake glass. “I didn’t meet Luffy until after you had left and we’re not related. We just adopted each other, since the old man decided that we were his grandkids.”

“Old man?”

“Garp,” Ace answers. “Garp took me in when I was born, he promised to take care of my mom but she was very good at keeping herself safe, he didn’t find her until it was time to have me and then she died.”

Shanks nods, “I’m sorry that you never got to meet them.”

“I- I don’t like him,” Shanks doesn’t need to ask who that is, it isn’t hard to assume that Ace mean his father. “But my mom, I wish I could have known her. She must have been amazing.”

“What was her name?” Shanks asks. “I knew a lot of people, what seventeen years ago? I might have known her.”

Ace fiddles with his glass, glancing at Shanks for a moment, “Rouge. Portgas D Rouge.”

“No way,” Shanks grins leaning forward. “You’re Rouge’s boy? I knew her, not seventeen years ago, it’s been closer to eighteen, almost nineteen years now, but she use to hang around the Oro Jackson-” He stops frowning because Rouge had stopped by because of Roger. “Before we disbanded.”

“Oh? Why would she do that?” Ace asks eyes glowing and Shanks knows that look. He’s seen that look more times that he can count and he wants to break Garp’s face for one long moment before he reels himself in. “What was that? Deuce, you’re looking out of it.”

“I’m a little dizzy, captain. Shit, I think three of the men passed out, I’ll get them moved off to the side for now.”

Ace shakes his head, turning back to Shanks and blinking slowly, “You okay, Shanks?”

“Fine. I’m, I’m good. Rouge was close to my captain, Gol D Roger. Might have been lovers, but I’m sure she cared about your dad,” Shanks says because he might be Roger’s but he’s too young. Shanks also knows that Rouge would do anything for her son, no matter what it took. “Did you ever meet him?”

“Executed,” Ace says looking uncomfortable. “Before I was born.”

Shanks nods, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s not a big deal, I still don’t like him much.”

“Captain,” Benn says the same way he says what are you doing. Shanks has never been able to do that, but he wants to, “Why are we kidnapping another captain and his crew?”

“Because,” Shanks says taking care to talk Ace into bed, feeling almost guilty about the seastone handcuffs, but knowing that he wouldn’t have been able to keep him otherwise. “

“And why do we want to kidnap Luffy’s older brother? I thought you liked Ace.”

Shanks hums, “Did I ever tell you about my captain, Benn?”

“Roger, Pirate King, disbanding,” Benn summarizes. “Why?”

“Once upon a time, Roger was all but married to a woman who loved him the same way that I love you, and her name was Portgas D Rouge. He looks like her, except for the hair and the eyes, the face is her’s and the freckles. She was amazing and she would do anything to keep her family safe. Even extend her pregnancy so that Roger’s son lived.”

“You think?”

“Ace admitted it. He,” Shanks growls. “He called himself the son of a monster when I got him drunk enough. He’s not, Roger wasn’t a monster. He was childish and uncaring about some things, but he was never a monster. Besides,” He grins at Benn. “He was suppose to be my little brother. I can’t let him leave thinking our father was a monster like that.”

“He won’t thank you for it, at least not at first.”

Shanks shrugs, smoothing Ace’s hair from his face, “I don’t mind. He’s family, I would do anything for him.”

Whitebeard raises an eyebrow as Shank’s ship approaches, but waits for him to arrive, heralded by a wave of Conquer’s Haki.

“Shanks, it’s been a while, brat,” He states by way of greeting, ignoring the way that Marco bristles beside him.

“Newgate!” Shanks waves dragging someone with him from his ship. “Meet my little brother, isn’t he the cutest?”

“I thought your parents died,” Thatch mutters in confusion. “I thought-”

“My,” The kid looks up, face no longer shaded by the large orange cowboy hat on his head. “Parents adopted Shanks. He’s my big brother. I’m Ace.”

“A pleasure,” Whitebeard smiles, because family is important and he’s glad for Shanks to have found someone that will be his own. “I’m Edward Newgate.”

Shanks grins, tugging Ace closer, “He’s been with me the last two years while I trained him up, but I thought he would like to meet some of my friends now that he was strong enough to keep himself safe. Whitebeard and your dad were good friends, for all that they were rivals.”

“You told me that already,” Ace mutters glancing at Whitebeard again.

He’s had many friends, but far fewer rivals, it’s easy to pinpoint who the child must belong to. Not to mention Shanks’ has only even treated one man as his father.

“It’s a pleasure to meet Roger’s son.”

Ace grins, “Shanks says that you and dad use to have the biggest fights and then drink yourselves sick or until Rayleigh dragged him away.”

“I did.”

“D-did you know, that he was sick?” Ace asks. “No one told me that before. That he was dying. I thought he just left my mom, but I, I guess that’s not true, is it?”

Whitebeard hums, “I was never told he was sick, but it was obvious from knowing him. I didn’t know how bad it was, or why he wasn’t getting better, but I do know that Crocus was researching all the time. I’m sorry for your loss.”

Ace swallows, ducking his head, “Thank you.”

“He must be proud of you.”

Fic: Love is a Layered Cake (1/10)

Well, here it is! The GBBO AU that no-one asked for… Well, @rufeepeach​ expressed an interest a while ago - sorry it took so long to appear!

@noora7​ Happy Birthday and enjoy!


Summary: Summer has come, and with it, the Great British Bake-Off. Sheep farmer and spinner Rum Gold is one of ten contestants competing for the crown in the latest show. In addition to navigating the perils of televised baking, ridiculous challenges and his fellow bakers, he also has to contend with his undeniable crush on one of the judges, the beautiful and talented Belle French…

Rated: G


Week One: Cake

In which Gold meets his fellow bakers, takes an instant dislike to more than one, and interacts with the lovely Miss French for the first time.

Also, Jefferson contemplates a banana and does exciting things with pineapples.


“Dad! If you don’t get a move on, you’ll miss your train!”

“Raymond Gold! I know you can hear us! If you can hear a ewe in labour crying in the next field, you can hear us hollering at you from up here!”

Gold glanced up at the farmhouse on the top of the hill, where his son and his aunt were hanging out of the upstairs windows yelling at him, but he made no response. Beside him, Dove chuckled.

“She’ll be threatening to come down here and drag you in by the scruff of your neck in a minute,” the taller man said, his voice matter-of-fact.

“Rum, don’t make me come down there!” Aunt Elvira squawked.

“Told you so,” Dove said. “You’d better make a move, Mr G.”

Gold sighed. “I know, but I really don’t want to. This entire venture was a bad idea.”

“Oh, you won’t think that when you get there. Besides, whatever happens, you’ll get to meet the lovely Miss French in the flesh.”

“Even if the extent of our interaction consists of her telling me my Swiss roll is the worst she’s ever tasted and me just standing there unable to speak.”

Dove raised an eyebrow. “You could have used a better example than Swiss roll, I feel.”

Gold rolled his eyes. “Sometimes you’re as bad as Bae,” he muttered, and he shook his head. “This was a very bad idea.”

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"Repeating" and Kaworu Time Loop

Okay, here’s my own compilation of Kaworu Time Loop evidence.Yes, yes, a lot of us already know the time loop theory, but here’s the case for those that don’t know. I think it’s pretty solid.

First of all, let’s get the obvious out of the way.

Okay, so this is pretty much the backbone of the theory that everybody knows, recognizes, and acknowledges. He says “this time”, and that speaks for itself.


There’s also that scene from 2.0

Kaworu emerges from one of these coffins on the moon. What’s more interesting is that there’s several of them and that some of the previous coffins have already been opened.  


The Rebuilds already tend to parallel to the original, but there’s also this

I really was born to meet you”, he says that as if he’s reflecting on that, confirming that, as if he had said that once before, oh wait:

I might have been born to meet you”

Yeah, I thought so.


Furthermore, we also have Kaworu towards the beginning of the movie after Asuka’s fight.

Once more, technically he’s never actually met Shinji-kun, but he’s so eager. 


The piano scene. Shinji asks how to get better at playing piano.

Well obviously, as Kaworu said, it’s practice, but he elaborates:

I felt that this was very important. This scene itself was very important and iconic in the movie, and of all things Kaworu can say, he elaborates so profoundly (as he does with everything). I don’t think he’s simply talking only about playing piano. Pretty much every single utterance from his mouth throughout the whole movie reveals more and more about his character since he’s so ethereal and mysterious. This speaks leaps and bounds.


We also have some even more solid evidence. There’s a translation of an interview with Akira Ishida (who is Kaworu’s voice actor) which you can read (http://17th-angel.tumblr.com/post/36791631446/akira-ishidas-interview-on-kaworu-from-evangelion-3-0), but Anno told Ishida things about the plot of eva so that he could effectively voice Kaworu’s scenes. Ishida remarked about how he had to keep things secret and such, but he says some pretty interesting things too:

he says “cycles”. Kaworu Time Loop anyone?

Hope this helps people who are out of the know, and this also helps us re-establish some information.


“ god is in his heaven and all is right with the world. “
“ no one can justify life by linking happy moments into a rosary. “
“ as long as one person still lives, it shall be proof eternal that mankind every existed. “
“ humans constantly feel pain in their hearts. because the heart is so sensitive to pain, humans also feel that to live is to suffer. “
“ humans cannot create anything out of nothingness. “
“ after all, humans are not gods. “
“ are you afraid of other people? “
“ if you know pain and hardship, it is easier to be kind to others. “
“ that doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to give up! if you do, i’ll never forgive you as long as i live. “
“ god knows I’m not perfect either. i’ve made tons of stupid mistakes and later i regretted them. and i’ve done it over and over again, thousands of times. a cycle of hollow joy and vicious self-hatred. but even so, every time i learned something about myself. “
“ those who hate themselves cannot love or trust others. “
“ mankind’s greatest fear is mankind itself. “
“ this is the impenetrable wall of jericho. step over this wall and you will be a dead man. “
“ it is simply the duty of the elite to protect the ignorant masses. “
“ i’m so fucked up. “
“ my mind is being eaten away. it’s unraveling my mind. what do i do? it’s defiling my mind! “
“ the interaction of men and women isn’t very logical. “
“ this is your home now. “
“ man fears darkness, and so he scrapes at the edges of it with fire. “
“ you mustn’t run away. “
“ sometimes you need a little wishful thinking just to keep on living. “
“ living alone is fine by me. i’m alone anyway. “
“ never underestimate the human animal to adapt to its environment. “
“ singing brings joy and revitalization to the human soul. “
“ man cannot erase this sadness because all men are fundamentally alone. “
“ the one who deserves to survive is the one who has the will to make it happen. “
“ after all, you are alive, so you will always have the chance to be happy. “
“ you are not the existence which should die. “
“ even though i felt pain, at least i knew my feelings were true. “
“ you’re all you have and you never even learned to like yourself! “
“ humans found a god, and, in their joy, tried to make it theirs. “
“ what’s wrong with running away from reality if it sucks? “
“ all you’re doing is sitting there and waiting for someone else to bring you happiness. “
“ the fate of destruction is also the joy of rebirth. “
“ i am not a doll. “
“ i might have been born just to meet you. “
“ are you afraid you will lose your identity if others leave you? “
“ _____ said he loved me. i loved him too. “
“ i feel sad, but the tears won’t come. “
“ thank you. my life was meaningful because of you. “

askninjacul  asked:

universe-traveller piko: *calls rin* hey, hello, umm... i kinda kidnapped little miku, but it's all for a good reason, you see, i kinda saw sone elemental magic in her, so i thought she might need to train...oh yeah, i kinda explained my life story to her...NOT HOW I WAS BORN but how i came to this universe...(・・;)(^_^;) woops sorry well bye, meet me at my and ninjacul's house!

Rin: But a kidnapping is still a kidnapping. But “elemental powers”? That’s just ridiculous! If Crypton found that out, Miku wouldn’t have been even assigned to a unit; she’d be seen as defective.

The Magic Word

As requested by Anonymous.

Kili x Reader

With the help of this imagine found at @imaginexhobbit

Warnings: Food mention. Dancing.

Word count: 2,989

Three rambunctious boys, born one right after the other, all bearing the family resemblance and, worst yet, all bearing the inherited talent for mischief; you certainly have your hands full trying to keep things from breaking, especially the boys themselves, but when they do, it is difficult trying to resist their adorable little mugs as their bright eyes shine innocently up at you, trying to convince you of their complete and total blamelessness. To date, though, you have yet to surrender to these devious little schemers.

Fili would take no other to watch over his children, the fact of which he had to do little to convince his wife; that you had managed the brattiest Dwarven child to ever reside in Erebor for five years before his parents decided to take him back to the Iron Hills for what they called “some proper discipline” without a complete mental breakdown had truly appealed to them, speaking volumes of your fortitude and determination. In comparison, their three boys were kittens; not a single one has ever tried to rip your hair out or fill your pillows with cutlery from the kitchen or lead you on a wild chase down the face of the mountain following a tantrum. Work with Faran, Varan, and Haran is a veritable holiday in the Shire after him.

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Reign of Fire

Things change ever so slightly when the Dragon Knight Volga meets The Hero several years before Cia’s conquest. While fate might already have been written in stone, what of that which came before then? A simple meeting might lead to something more.

Started off as a small oneshot which grew to another idea. Dunno how I’m going to tackle it, but it’s going to be Volga/Link, and I hope you guys enjoy.

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anonymous asked:

Matsu's s/o is a few months pregnant. What does matsu say to to his unborn child?

Cheesy dad neets are going to be the death of me

Osomatsu: “Hey there kiddo, it’s your dad.  You wouldn’t believe how many people can’t wait see you.  Obviously your parent and I want to see you the most so don’t keep us waiting too long.  I know you’re gonna do great things kid, after all you’re a Matsuno.”

Karamatsu: “My sweet child I can’t wait to show you all the world has to offer.  You are going to make so many friends and wonderful memories and your parent and I will be with you every step of the way.  Everyday your parent and I grow more and more excited to finally meet you.”

Choromatsu: “H-Hi it’s your dad speaking.  I know it’s only been a couple months but every night I can’t stop thinking about what you’re going to look like and what you’re going to be like.  Everyone is so excited to meet you, you wouldn’t believe how many calls from your grandma we get so don’t keep any us anticipating for too long.”

Ichimatsu: (His s/o would have to asleep because he’s embarrassed to say anything in front of them.) Um h-hey, ugh if you were kitten you would have been born by now.  You’re making us wait a really long time but I think it’s going to be worth it in the end.  I might not be the best dad at times but I’ll try my hardest so you don’t become trash like your old man alright?“

Jyushimatsu: “Helloooo I’m your daddy!  I can’t wait to take you on so many adventures, we’re gonna have so much fun together.  I can teach you how to play baseball, and swim, and run really really fast! I can’t wait to meet you so don’t take too long.”

Todomatsu:“Hi it’s your papa!  I just know you are going to be the most adorable baby and the apple of everyone’s eyes.  There are so many things I can’t wait to teach you so don’t spend too much time in there ok?”

Sorry once again for the lack of content guys it’s been hard to do any writing while I’m away from my computer and mobile is pretty shitty. I have written up some stuff in drafts to tidy up when I get home but in the meantime I thought I might finally throw out some shitty clownsona art I did a few weeks ago

I would like you to meet my babies Bo and Jangles. Bo is the little dolly looking girl and Jangles is the big boi, they are a package deal so it’s rare to find them apart from each other

Born from the same clutch as it were (following the lovely @ghost-oakes ideas at coulromimic reproduction) Bo is essentially the runt of the litter, with a stunted form and deadlights making her alot weaker than most of her species. She is still able to shift forms to a degree but her size and physical weakness often make it hard for her to hunt alone

Jangles on the other side of the spectrum suffers from a form of gigantism/acromegaly that has caused his form to grow far beyond normal standards and had caused other related problems in terms of shape shifting and other psychic abilities.

Many if their clutch mates suffered worse deformities and didn’t survive to adulthood, Bo and Jangles managing just barely and that was only due to the symbiotic bond they formed in order to hunt.

Survival has been a struggle but through various methods of trap hunting and Bo’s quick thinking and Jangles strength they are currently doing rather well and occasionally can be spotted out in the more remote woody areas near towns luring in prey to “Bojangles Traveling Circus” though they never stay in one place for long

(I love my babies so much but one thing I have struggled with is coming up with a colour scheme for them, clown colour theory is a hard thing to figure out and if anyone has any ideas I am more than eager to hear them)

The Explanation

Eleventh installment of the Mr. Thrainson, Mr. Oropherion series. (One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen.)

Based on this imagine found over at @imaginexhobbit

Thranduil x Reader

Warnings: Awkwardness. Snarky teenager. Another confession.

Word count: 2,148

What was worse, you couldn’t quite tell yet; that Thranduil had neglected to inform you of a whole human being he had made or that that same human being had invited you in on the grounds that you were both waiting for the same person. He offered you a spot on the cushy couch and a drink; only the former you had accepted.

“So,” he says, narrowing his eyes at you as he settled into a large recliner with a bottle of soda in hand. “How do you know my dad?

“We work together, in a manner of speaking,” you answer.

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