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Not really fuck anyone, just a weird thing that happened. So I have a friend, let's call him James, who hates when call centers call him. So he always answers an unknown number by shrieking like a pterodactyl or a flippin crow. Anyways, I get a job at a call center. It's whatever. Anyways. Here's how my call just went: Me: *Gives standard speech* Caller: *͏͕̞̪̮̲̘U̩͙̹̳n͈̠͉̞̞̖͖h̜o̡l͔̬͜y̢͓̼̩̲͍̭ ͠s̢̺͔̯̮͕̦c̺͙re̤̫̙e̲̱c҉͎̫h̪in̢̼̼̭͍g͈̦̀*̛͓̹̼ͅ Me: ... "James?" Caller: *panicked* CAW CAW *click*

lmfao I wonder if he’ll stop now that he knows you might be on the other end at any random time. -Abby

my animation teacher keeps using the kiss gif for examples of stuff and he says its his fav he described them as a nice couple

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Two things: 

1.  WHAT!!! HOW did this come up?  Where do you go to school? akdjfkjsf… I’m so confused and also SUPER flattered, but

2.  I literally scribbled that out on a crappy tablet on a tiny screen with even lower standards than usual because it was an April fools post!  Aaaaaaahhhhhhhggghhhh!!! 

BTS 4th army zip magazine “Rolling Paper Time”

To Rap Monster
Jungkook: to Rap Mon-hyung who is sleeping besides me right now, I think you are really good looking.
Jin: Mon-ah, did you know that I took care of all your belongings when we are in-flight? I bet you didn’t know this right?  You might drop things here and there or forgot about where your belongings are but you are still the cool leader / dongsaeng I know.
V: hyung, please stop being so clumsy! stop breaking things!
J-Hope: my friend! Namjoon! Rap Mon! when are we going out to have fried chicken again?
Suga: our leader Rap Mon, namjoon ah, thank you for being our leader.
Jimin: hyung, please stop losing your phone, you are not going to buy a new one again are you? Rap Mon, #1 the coolest on earth when on stage, and also #1 clumsy off stage *laughs*

To Suga
V: our Suga-hyung please stay healthy and don’t get hurt, world’s best angel Min Yoongi!
Jungkook: Suga-hyung! we should go out to have lamb skewers soon! but first thing, it’s time we need to be active go to the gym and lose weight.
Jin: Yoongi-ah, you are forever my roommate. Even if we get married in the future, can we stay together in the same house too?
J-Hope: hyung! thank you for the birthday gift you got me, promise I will buy one for you when it’s your birthday.
Jimin: hyung, I really like it when you smile.
Rap Monster: hyung, you really look like a grandpa nowadays,please be more active don’t just sleep!

To Jin
Rap Monster: although you sometimes act like you have that mental age of 2.6, you are still the hyung I love and respect.
V: can I please have the “debut Jin” back? not this Jin-hyung who throws dad jokes everywhere *laughs*
Jimin: thank you– JM ; you are the funniest among us– JM ; you like to crack dad jokes– JM ; and sometimes pretend to be clumsy–JM but really, thank you, thank you for everything you’ve done.
J-Hope: our beloved Jin-hyung, I really like you hyung! but please act like your age?
Suga: Please act like your age, hyung!
Jungkook: I really like how you always brings a smile on our face, Jin-hyung hwaiting!

To J-Hope
Jimin: To Hobi-hyung who looks 200% cool on stage, my roommate, sometimes who act like an adult and sometimes like a playful teenager, who always go on a shopping spree with me, who always taking care of the members, who is noisy 24/7, please stay healthy and don’t get hurt.
Jungkook: Hobi-hyung who is always bright and cheerful, I’m learning from hyung to compose songs from now on.
Rap Monster: like a horse, like a pro on stage, with really good fashion sense, who is working hard on composing songs, our center Jung Hoseok. The “Seok” I admire the most? Kim Ji-Seok (south korean actor).
Jin: Hope-ah, you are like the guide in my life, you teach me how to perfect my dance moves, but it’s really scary when you cold me, I’m sorry  ಥ_ಥ
V: I really like when you smile, and your cheerful personality. thank you hyung, and I love you.

To Jimin
Jin: Jimin-ah, you are truly an angel and for that, I wrote an acrostic poem just for you.  박: 박씨가문(the Park family) ;  지: 지인짜 멋있는 친구야 (a really cool friend) ;  민:  민윤기 (Min Yoongi).
Suga: Jimin’s biggest charming point is when he works hard, lets stay together forever and I received the gift you bought me, thank you.
J-Hope: our Jimin! the coolest and handsome Jimin! please clean all the clothes you piled up in the room when we get back to the dorm later.
V: please stop doing aegyo because it’s not cute at all. but then why I still find it very cute whenever I see you do aegyo?
Rap Monster: although you can be very annoying sometimes, you are sexy but minus your short height *laughs* , looks really cool when you dance and is working hard as always, our chim chim.
Jungkook: why don’t you ever call me “hyung”? just joking haha. Jimin-hyung who always shines bright, manggae-tteok forever!

To V
Suga: be it video games or music, you can do it really well, hwaiting!
Jin: whatever video games you are playing, can’t you just turn down the volume a little bit?
Jimin: Taehyung my best friend, can you just stop playing video games for a while? Please stop before I throw your computer away.
Rap Monster: it gets really noisy when you are playing video games but I bet you didn’t know this. You may be really oblivious and didn’t realize whats going on around you, but you are still the cute and lovable Kim Taehyung I know.
Jungkook: Hyung, please stop playing video games, you might get hurt and die if you play too much!
J-Hope: you know I always love you, our Taehyungie~ please stop playing games and come practice with me.

To Jungkook
V: Jungkook ah, I’m the hyung, the real hyung here. our Jungkookie, lets play with me.
Rap Monster: can be very dense sometimes, very good looking like came straight out of manga, with 10/10 passion, have big eyes and is muscular, loves wearing white t-shirts a lot, #1 for lower down our group’s average age, Jeon Jungkook. The “guk/kook” I like the most?  된장국! (soybean paste soup)
Jimin: please stop growing up so fast, you are still our baby.
Suga: Jungkook-ah, it seems like you are learning how to compose songs, hwaiting, don’t give up!
J-Hope: Jungkook-ah, lower down your speaker’s volume please! I can even hear even when I’m in my room, you muscle-pig~
Jin: JK! what’s with you and the speakers? lets go out and play with me will you?

TRANS: jimint1013

Ray mini fic, MC forgot her important plushy in their apartment

I thought of this, and I thought it is cute.

*I need fluff okay*

Slight Another story spoilers 

The situation is bad enough, you being at this strange place.

You never thought that testing a game would end up like this.

It was a lot of stress, the worst thing is that you forgot your beloved plushy at your place.

You just can’t sleep with all of this stress going on.

Ray sees that you have a huge lack of sleep.

“I know that you are not free to move and this must be really hard for you, but if there is anything you need please ask me. I will get it for you.”

“I like it here really, but I really just can’t sleep. I know this might sounds childish, but I just can’t sleep without my plushie…”

You know it’s a bit silly, but you miss your plushie.

“I see, I will get it for you then.”

Ray not hesitates for one second.

“Really that would be so sweet of you.” You smile kindly.

Ray is not sure what to say when you are so nice to him.

“No one ever called me sweet.”

“But you are always sweet.”

You give Ray your keys.

Not much later you find a whole amount of plushies on the bed.

It looks like Ray had brought every plushie that you own.

There is even one that you not recognize. It looks brand new.

You smile at it and you send Ray a message to thank him, and to ask him if he bought that plushie for you.

Ray admits it was him.

You find this so sweet and you write him that now you will sleep easily.

A few days later you notice that Ray looks extremely tired.

He always had a hard time sleeping, but lately it just gets worse.

Ray just can’t find any rest.

You try to help him but nothing seems to work.

Then you have a great idea.

While Ray is bringing you food you find a moment to talk to him.

“Ray you should try to use this plushie to sleep. I know it’s old but it always helped me.”

You have your favorite plushie in your hands.

“I could never take something like this from you.”

Ray feels bad that you are always this kind to him.

“Of course you can. I have the one from you to help me, and this one is a true expert in helping to sleep. I ever told it all my secrets too.”

You smile at the fond memories.

Ray feels a bit embarrassed that you use the plushie that he bought for you.

“Do you really think it’s good to entrust it to me ?”

Ray just images that he breaks your plushie.

“Of course, I trust you Ray.”

You smile and give the plushie.

Ray has a hard time believing you.

“ Are you really sure ?”

He looks at the plushie like it’s the most valuable thing he ever held.

“Yes, I am sure. I only want you to promise me one thing.”

You see that Ray could use something like this.

“And that is what ?”

Ray wonders what kind of expectations you have.

“You have to use it every night and you have to trust it.”

You always treated this plushie almost like a friend.

Ray is a bit unsure, but he not wants to disappoint you.

“I can try it.”

Ray keeps looking at the plushie in his hands.

“I have no doubts that you will sleep better now.”

You smile at Ray, and he still has doubts but if you say it will help then you must be right.

He takes the plushie and goes back to his room. Ray treats it like a porcelain doll.

He places the plushie carefully on his bed.

Later when he lays down he just looks at it, imagining how you would sleep with it.

He starts with touching it careful, like he would destroy it with his hands.

He lets his hand run on it’s fur, and he finds this quite relaxing.

Ray passes out and wakes up with the plushie closely pressed to his body.

He never slept this good. He is still not sure if it’s really thanks to the plushie or thanks to your smell on the plushie.

All that matters is that it works.

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Okay but has anyone considered with there now being a date for the big project, that it's a dating sim with the egos? A...spooky dating sim video thing? You have to save whichever ego you go with from whatever monstrosity might be within the mansion and you both need to get out! A video adventure like a date with markiplier but...spookier and with more than just darkiplier and mark, all the egos are there

i would seriously die if it’s another click adventure video

let alone, with the egos as well 👌

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WAIT WAIT WAIT so are you going to reveal their ‘code names’ in the next chapter? Also- I love the Slytherin/Gryffindor friendship!

hi! i’m glad you’re enjoying it :)

haha i’ve gotten a lot of messages about codenames????? it was kinda just a fun thing i added i didn’t intend for people to get so invested

but congrats to those people who read survival is a talent and who follow me here, cause i’ll just tell you the names now! no waiting game for you :)

so i’m adding my love of greek myth to survival is a talent, hence the chimera map. these might change but for now it’s looking like:

harry - achilles

hermione - arachne

ron - herecles

draco - icarus

pansy - medusa

blaise - midas

obvi they make fun of Hermione for already having a greek name, and @ blaise they’re like midas?? really???? and blaise is like yes, i know what i’m doing

Top 10 Most Uncomfortable Math Facts

The only other thing that might surpass the weirdness of physics is the mind-bending, headache-inducing nature of math. So, here’s my top 10 unsettling math facts, along with brief explanations of what they mean.

10: i^2 = -1

Imaginary numbers feel like they shouldn’t exist to begin with. After all, what would it mean to have 4+5i apples? Although they don’t make much sense in the real world, complex numbers are incredibly useful, and pave the way for even stranger math.

9: d/dx e^x = e^x

The function y=e^x is a strange one, because if you plotted the slope as a function of x, you would get y=e^x. Also, if you plotted the area underneath the line as a function of x, you would get y=e^x again! Aside from y=0, this is the only function that is a plot of its own area and slope.

8: 1 + ½ + 1/3 + ¼ + 1/5 + … = ∞ 

Even though each term in the harmonic series gets smaller and smaller, the sum still goes off to infinity. Although this seems counter-intuitive, there’s a simple proof for it. It’s easy to see that the harmonic series is larger than 1 + ½ + ¼ + ¼ + 1/8 + 1/8 + 1/8 + 1/8 + …, which can be written as 1 + ½ + 2/4 + 4/8 + …, or 1 + ½ + ½ + ½ + …, which clearly goes to infinity. Since the harmonic series is larger, it too must tend to infinity.

7: Some infinities are bigger than others

You’d think that there’s nothing bigger than infinity, but this isn’t exactly the case. If you tried to pair off every natural number (1,2,3, …) with an irrational number (sqrt(2), e, π, …), you would find that there would always be some irrational numbers left over. This means that the infinite number of natural numbers is smaller than the infinite number of irrational numbers.

6: The halting problem

Imagine there’s a program H that can check to see if another program will run forever or not. Now let’s say there’s another program P. When P runs, it will use H to check if P will run forever or not. P then takes the result, and does the opposite of what it says. But this means the H didn’t correctly predict what P would do, which is a contradiction! So, H must be an impossible program to start with.

5: Russell’s paradox

Let’s say there’s a barber who only shaves everyone who doesn’t already shave themselves. Does the barber shave himself? If not, then he’s missing one person who doesn’t shave them self, but if so, he breaks his rule. This is the idea behind Russell’s paradox, which opened up a major contradiction in set theory that could only be fixed by changing axioms.

4: Fractal dimensions

Fractals are probably one of the most beautiful parts of math, but they can be very difficult to describe. A main issue is that fractals don’t have a clear number of dimensions. For instance, a Koch curve has zero volume if you tried measuring it using 2 dimensions, but it has an infinite length if you tried using 1 dimension. This isn’t very useful, so we instead use something in between 1 and 2 dimensions. It turns out, a Koch curve has about 1.26 dimensions.

3: e^(iπ) + 1 = 0

Euler’s identity is probably one of the most famous and beautiful math formulas that exist, combining e, i, and π all into a short equality. More generally, the formula is e^(ix) = cos(x) + i sin(x), derived from the series expansion e^x = 1 + x + x^2/2 + x^3/3! +… . Although this might be the most elegant, I wouldn’t say this is the most uncomfortable math fact that exists.

2: i^i is real

Going straight from Euler’s identity, we can quickly prove something even more strange. We know that e^(iπ/2) = cos(π/2) + i sin(π/2) = i, so we can raise each side to the power i to get i^i = e^(i*iπ/2), or e^(-π/2). From this, we can say that i^i ≈ 0.208. Somehow, raising an imaginary number to an imaginary number makes a real number!

1: Gödel’s incompleteness theorems

These two theorems are tied for first, both stating the limitations of math as a whole. The first incompleteness theorem states that there will always be true mathematical statements that can never be proven. This gives mathematicians nightmares, since some facts of math that can never be known for certain, and we have no way of figuring out which ones they are.

The second theorem is even scarier, though, which states that any logical system you create can never be proven to be consistent. This basically means that all of math could be wrong, but the only way to be certain would be to find some contradiction. If math does work, we’ll never know it.

I’m going to tell you something: thoughts are never honest. Emotions are. Do not go around asking for honesty in what people think; much of what they perceive as thinking is empty anyway because it’s thought out again and again and comes out refined and muddy. The ones who know how to feel might have to say to you a couple of interesting things or not and when they do that, you ought to know how to listen. So learn how to listen. You can’t make someone open up about their feelings in case they don’t want to. But you can remain open yourself through listening deeply and completely; they might want to talk about the weather and keep it simple — allow them to feel the simplicity…Emotion pours out directly or indirectly each time people engage themselves in the process of genuine interaction.

Albert Camus, Notebooks 1951-1959

Roman imagine/ Bill Skarsgard.

Imagine: Destiny asks you to find out if Roman is an Upir because you are as well.

Warning: smut implied. Like one curse word.

How did you get yourself in this situation you thought, as you walked to your new high school with Peter. Oh Yeah, you owed Destiny a favour.  She helped figure out who killed your best friend so as payment, you were going to help Peter determine if his friend was really an Upir. As an Upir yourself, it would be easy to tell. You would be drawn to each other. It was some primal thing. Mate with your own kind and dont eat them sort of thing. Upirs smell different to humans so he should be easy to spot. Female Upirs also had the same effect as males. Humans were drawn to you also. Helps you feed I guess. You heard Roman had a way with the ladies so his supernatural abilities might have something to do with that.

‘This is your class schedule, try to blend in Y/N. By that I mean don’t kill anyone and do your homework’. Peter laughed as he handed you the paper.

’ Yeah whatever New Moon. See you at lunch’. You joked back as you gave him a hug goodbye.

Peter watched you walked off down the hall. He started to play when his phone when Roman marched over to him.

'Alright Roman?’ Peter asked confused.

He looked like he was smelling something.

’ You smell wierd. Like really good. Not like your usual gross self. Are you using woman’s perfume of something?’ Roman replied bluntly.

This was defiantly giving Peter the impression that Roman was an Upir, if he could smell you from just a hug.

'I was with a girl earlier. Might be that’. Peter shrugged.

'Maybe’. Roman mumbled.

You were waiting outside of English when you saw the tallest girl you have ever seen stand next to you. She had bandages on her hand and was hunched over a bit. A couple of girls walked past and called the tall girl a freak. Bullying was not happening on your watch.

'What did you just call her?’ You yelled.

You were a predator by nature so you were intimidating for sure. The girls looked at you frightened and mumbled an apology before running off.

'Thank you’. An automated voice replied.

'No problem…’


'Nice to meet you Shelly. I’m Y/N’. You smiled.

Your morning classes passed quickly. You got to know Shelly and had most of the guys staring at you. You liked it here. You went into the cafeteria to find Peter and get some lunch. You noticed he was sat next to a very tall and beautiful guy. You could smell him from across the room. He must be who Peter was on about.

You sat down next to Peter and opasite the Upir.  Peter smiled at you while Roman looked into your eyes intently.

'Roman, this is Y/N. She’s my ummm… cousin’. He lied.

’ Is that smell you? It’s amazing. Like a mixture of chocolate, vanilla and blood’. Roman admired.

'Maybe. Why don’t you find out?’ You flirted.

You held out your wrist as an invitation. Roman grabbed you and pressed his nose to you. He then kissed you gently on your wrist. You felt a spark through your body. He was definitel an Upir. No human has ever had that affect on you. From the look on his face, he felt the same.

'Beautiful’. Was all he said.

Peter looked at you both and felt uncomfortable. Roman was smelling people now… great.

Roman had only known you for about five minutes and he had already fallen for you. You were the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.
He was about to ask you for dinner when his sister approached.

'Hey Shelly. Care to join us?’ You invited.

'No thank you. I was just wondering if you wanted to help me with the English assignment after school?’ She typed.

'Sure thing’. You agreed happily.

’ You know my sister?’ Roman smiled.

No one ever took any interest in his sister. She was always being picked on and didn’t really have any friends because of how she looked. You were really like no other girl he has ever met.

'I didn’t know she was your sister. Small world’. You grinned.

At the end of the school day,  Roman drove you, Peter and Shelly to their place.

'So Y/N, how do you like Hemlock grove?’ Peter asked.

'The people are interesting’ You said as you and Roman made eye contact in his mirror.
 His pupils dilated at this.

What where you doing to him, he thought. No one could do this to him. He hardened under your gaze. You noticed he was adjusting himself in his seat and laughed to yourself.

'So Destiny was right?’ Peter enquired.


 It was about 5PM and you were in Shellys room helping her with work. You were getting uncomportable as you could smell Roman downstairs. He was giving off a distinct feramone and it was getting you hot and bothered.

'Would you exscuse me. I need to ring my cousin. She’s probably wondering where I am’. You told Shelly as you got up and walked out of the room.

You found Roman in his room. He was shirtless and smoking a cigarette. He turned to face you, lust showing in his eyes.

'Hi’. Was all you said.

’ Im going to warn you. If you don’t leave my bedroom in the next 10 seconds, I’m going to fuck you’. He stated bluntly.

You smirked at his response and turned towards the door. He though you were leaving until he heard you lock the door.

'I like the second option sweetheart’ You winked.

Roman basically ran towards you and forcefully kissed you. He waisted no time as he grabbed you ass and lifted you up. You wrapped your legs around him and kissed him with even more force. You bit down on his lip, drawing blood.
He pulled away slightly to look at you. He was about to wipe the blood away with this fingers until you did something unexpectedly. To his surprise, you traced your thumb across his lips. You then put your thumb in your mouth and sucked. It was the hottest thing he had ever seen.

'What can I say. I have a thing for blood.’ You giggled.

Roman looked at you with so much admiration before he returned his lips to yours. You both knew that you were going to have a fun night.

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If I don't wanna have sex with my partner, but they have a big sex drive(?), what do I do? I feel sad and a weight because I can't give them what they want, I don't feel comfortable. I've never had sex before so maybe I could enjoy it, but atm I'm not into it. Should I force myself?

Never force yourself

That’s super dangerous so please don’t put yourself in that situation. If you want to experiment with things to see if there are other sexual things you might be into, good for it, but only if you want. 

You aren’t a weight. They aren’t owed sex. A good partner is there for a ton of different reasons, don’t sell yourself short.

just an observation

this community and the photos on it, they’re not just selling skinny. 

like all good advertising, they’re selling a lifestyle: pretty girls in pretty clothes with pretty lighting and good photographers. i’m guilty of this too, i stick to an aesthetic, i put photos on my blog that fit a certain ‘mood’ or ‘idea’. i don’t think this is inherently a bad thing, but it might be something not everyone realizes is happening. for every single photo you see, there are hundreds that were probably taken.

being skinny won’t automatically make you look like the girls in the pictures. truthfully, not even the girls in the pictures look like the girls in the pictures. it’s okay if you don’t have the same bone structure, it’s okay if you can’t spend two hours to do your makeup and go out to pose for pictures. “candids” are rarely candid - photographers take thousands of photos to get just one and post it somewhere. i’m calling attention to this because quite frankly, i’m tired of knowing that because i don’t dress the same as them, because i don’t “know my angles” and can’t afford hours to get one good shot, i’ll never look like the girls in the photos. thinspo pictures sell a whole *image*, not just the idea of being thin. this is a reminder to anyone on here who needs one, because i think it’s something we don’t talk about enough.

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Can't wait to watch the DT episodes (thank you for asking around - I wouldn't be able to watch them if you hadn't and if people hadn't sent links!) ^^ One thing, though - they don't have subtitles and English isn't my first language. So I'm leaving this ask in case you or somebody else knows where one might get English subtitles for Daytrip of Doom and The Great Dime Chase? (Thanks!)

hey yo can any of you help this good anon pal out (also likewise thank you folks for sending me those links you are the best)

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I LOVE the idea of oblivious!Shitty. He keeps waxing poetic about Jack and Bitty to Lardo, and she can see that it's in a more than friend way (totally poly/open because I love shitty/Lardo) but he's just "there's nothing wrong with bros talking about how cute their bros are, wanting to make out can be a totally platonic thing, come on we've talked about this"

SAME. lardo def has to have the “buddy pls consider you might not be straight” talk with him at some point. when he finally gets his shit together and bits&jack ask him out lardo’s unbearably smug for like a month. 

The Little Mermaid And Her Human Prince | 5

Pairings: Taehyung x reader

Genre: Mermaid!au; angst, fantasy, fairy tale

Words: 3k

Warnings: you might get soft after reading this chapter, have fun

Summary: Your father, the king of the merfolk, has forbid you to come in contact with the humans. But as you see a ship with humans in need of help, you forget his rule and try to help. Unfortunately, you put yourself in danger and got saved by a beautiful human boy. Since the moment you lied your eyes on him, things have changed.

A/N: Hi! Yep, a new chapter, finally! I fell like this chapter is a whole better, than the last ones or maybe it’s because I am so damn tired. I hope that it won’t be confusing, if so tell me! And if you have questions, ask me! I will answer them gladly haha I hop you will enjoy this chapter <3 Have fun! xx

ps: I posted a Moodboard a few days ago. It’s a Moodboard of Taehyung’s castle, I wanted to make a better picture of his home! Check it out here!

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Day’s have passed and the preparations for the arrival of a guest have started. People rushed around, from one room to another to clean the ground for the fifth time, to change the sheets on the walls for the tenth time and so on. It was a mess, really loud. The people working in Taehyung’s castle were in stress, complaining every minute, a few were crying, other’s screaming in anger. You couldn’t understand why they were stressing about someone who wanted to visit the king and his sons and you couldn’t understand why these people had to be so loud. It was hard to find a spot, besides your own room, that was quite, without screaming, complaints and cries. It was also hard to find time with Taehyung alone, it’s been 2 days since you had more than an hour together. He was busy with the preparations and Namjoon explained to you that it was really important.

You watched Taehyung discussing something with Yoongi, the king’s right hand. Yoongi was explaining something to Taehyung, while he was just listening, nodding his head in repeat, his hair bouncing by these moves. You started to miss him, even if you didn’t know Taehyung for a long time, you connected him with his world. There was no human world for you, without Taehyung. He gave you the feeling of protection and home, you felt welcomed by him, he cares for you and always tried to help you and look after you. Even if he was just walking by you, he managed to ask you how you feel, if you needed something or what you were doing, if you had learned something new, despite his busy days. He was so kind to you.
Taehyung noticed you staring at him and his face lit up, sending you a small tired smile, waving you. He had bags under his eyes and he looked like he would fall asleep any second.

You smiled and waved back at the young prince, sitting across the room, who had to let a chuckle out by your waving. Yoongi had noticed that and send you a glare, his eyes filled with annoyance. Your smile immediately died with his glare and Taehyung looked over to Yoongi.
“Focus, here.” He said and continued to explain more stuff but Taehyung turned back to you and send you and apologetic smile with a shrug. Unfortunately, Yoongi had noticed that too and smacked his hand on the wooden table, they were sitting on.
“God dammit, your majesty’s! Pay attention to me, not her! This is important for everyone.” he shouted, veins starting to form on his neck. “And you,” he directed his words now to you, with anger in his voice. “God play somewhere else, leave!” It felt like a shot through your heart. From the first day on you have met, this man was treating you in the worst way possible. He either ignored your or send you deathly stares. You felt a knot forming in your throat, but a pair of hands lead you out of the room. You didn’t notice that Namjoon was also in the room and took care of you. His face was soft, but Taehyung’s features changed from tired to anger.

“Come on, let me introduce you to someone.”
Namjoon led you into the castle’s kitchen. It was a very big room with many weird drawers, weird things were hanging on the walls, in which you could see yourself.
“Are these mirrors?”You pointed at these things, behind you, you heard a soft chuckle.
“No, these are pots, sweety.” A man with hazelnut brown hair, broad shoulders and plump lips were smiling at you. He took your breath away, he was handsome, beautiful. You started to wonder if all humans looked so beautiful, like in Taehyung’s castle, or if there was a specific breed of humans. The same in your world, there are many different breeds of mermaids, such as the sirens, the koi breed and much more.

“Y/n, this is Jin, the one who cooks all the delicious food here in the castle.” Namjoon introduced you to the handsome young man, who was now smiling at Namjoon, his eyes filled with adoration for Namjoon.

“Oh, don’t say that you make me blush!”

“But you like it when people compliment you,” Namjoon answered making Jin smirk devilish.

“I know, but it’s now all about this lovely girl here. Namjoon told me a lot about you and Taehyung.” About me and Taehyung? What was there with me and him?

“You weren’t supposed to mention that!” Namjoon hit Jin’s arm, who looked at him with a shocked face. These two started to fight which made you wonder if these two were in a relationship, they reminded you of a married couple. Their bickering made you laugh to yourself.

You started to look around the room until your eyes stopped that the familiar sight of some brown stuff. There was a full basket of bread standing, alone, without anyone to eat it. Your mouth started to water at the sight of the delicious bread. Namjoon and Jin were still fighting, so you decided to observe the bread from a nearer perspective.

The bread looked weird though, it was much bigger and it had sand around it. The bread you ate on your first day here, had another form. But it still looked delicious and the smell of it was heavenly.  
“Do you want to eat some?” Jin asked you, ignoring Namjoon now. “Patricia told me, that our guest was in love with my bread. I am delighted that you like it, it’s my speciality.”

“Can I really eat some?”You asked him, not really believing him. He nodded his head and you immediately turned back to the bread, taking some of it. You picked small pieces out of your bread and let the taste of it melt on your tongue. You loved the sweet taste of it.
Jin chuckled at your face and saw it as a compliment how you were eating it.
“I see, you really liked it.” He comments and you mumble a yes and Jin started to laugh again.

Two days have passed since you met Jin, ever since you have visited him every morning, watching him cook and make these wonderful bread. Namjoon has also visited Jin in the kitchen and stayed there for an hour or more. It was fun to talk to them, they answered you every question they had. Jin didn’t even question you constant asking once. When you were listening to Jin how he banned Namjoon many times from his kitchen, Taehyung surprisingly entered the kitchen. You haven’t seen him in the last two days and you noticed his tired look on his face but still, he was smiling.

“Y/n! There you are, I searched for you everywhere.” He took a halt before you, his tired eyes looking down on your seated figure. “I planned something for you, but it look’s like you are busy right now.”

“No no, she’s not,” Jin shouts from behind his weird fireplace. “Y/n go join Taehyung on his plan.” You faced Jin, who was smiling and nodding you, encouraging you to go with Taehyung and do whatever he has planned.

Taehyung offered you his hand, which you thankfully took,  the two of you linked arms and Taehyung led you out of the kitchen but you turned around to wave Jin and Namjoon goodbye, the two waving back with smiley and their thumbs up.

“I can see why he likes her so much,” Jin said, watching you and Taehyung leaving the room, arm in arm.
“Yeah, I know,” Namjoon commented, now turning to Jin. “She is a sweet girl and she would be perfect for our young prince.”

“It’s such a shame that he has to marry someone else. They are a great couple, it looks like they were made for each other.” Namjoon chuckled at Jin’s words, who was now glaring at Namjoon and punching him in the arm.
“Stop laughing at me!”

“What? I said nothing, I agree with you. I really hope that a wonder will happen, so that Taehyung can be happy… with her.”

On that day Taehyung wanted to show you his Kingdom. It was the first time, where you would leave his castle and you were excited to see something else, then the many walls of the castle.

Besides the fact, that you would see a new part of Taehyung’s world, you were finally able to see the horse Taehyung had told you about. You never pictured that the animal would be so big, it was beautiful though. Whisker’s was such a loving animal and the way how Taehyung and Whiskers act, you could see that they share a strong bond.

“How is my girl doing today?” He asked her, stroking long shiny mane. “Do you want to touch her, y/n?” Taehyung asked you, this time. “Don’t worry, she won’t bite you.” He took your hand and slowly lead it to Whisker’s head, showing you how to stroke her. After a few seconds, he left your hand, your skin feeling cold where his hand laid a few seconds away.
You were under a spell by Whisker’s beauty, she was so calm and loving.

“She likes you.”

“Does she? How do you know?” You asked him surprised.

“I can tell at the way how she looks at you and how she follows your moves.”

After you spend some time with Whiskers, you and Taehyung made your way to the town. You were sitting in a huge something, which was towed by Whiskers. The way to the town leads to a forest, Taehyung explained to you that these are tree’s, the plants growing on the land. He also explained that these trees are used to build houses, furniture and the carriage, in which you were sitting. The trees were huge, you had to crane your neck to see the end of the trees. Minutes have passed, while you were talking about all the stuff you learned from Jin, you actually arrived at the town, filled with humans walking around the streets. There were so many of them, talking and laughing, just living their life. Never would you have dreamed, that you would see so many humans at once, it actually felt like a dream to here but also so real.

Your day was filled you and Taehyung walking around the town, arms linked in as always. He showed you what houses were, a huge place called market square, where the humans sold their goods and much more. There were so many new things that interested you, such as the carpenter, who made many things out of wood, a florist and the baker. You started to drag Taehyung across the whole market square, excited to learn about all this new staff. After visiting the bakery, where you bought as much bread as you could carry, a small shop at the other end of the market had caught your attention. You saw how humans went out with books in their hands, smiling proudly of their new achievement.

“Is that a library?” You pointed at the shop, already walking to the said spot. Taehyung followed you with a chuckle and answered your question with a yes.
You entered the library and the smell of books hit your nose. It was much smaller than the library in the castle, but it looked so cute, there were so many books lying in every corner of the room and many children and older human’s reading or searching for a book. You put the bread you were carrying into Taehyung’s arms, who already was struggling to carry his own load of bread and made your way to the many shelves, looking at the books. Even if you couldn’t understand what was written in these books, they still fascinated you. As you were going through the many books, you noticed how a small group of children were slowly reading out loud.

“They are learning how to read.” Taehyung appeared behind you with all the bread in his arms. You watched how these children were trying to read the words one by one and after they got one sentence right their eyes lit up and they were smiling proudly. You wanted to accomplish that too, being able to read on your own.

“Can you teach me how to read?” You asked Taehyung, surprising him completely. He was surprised that you wanted to learn reading, it was unusual for a mermaid to read, but for him you were extraordinary.

“Sure, why not?” His answer filled you with joy, you were excited to learn something new and on top of that, you would spend more time with Taehyung.

It was getting late and the two of you left the library, even if you wanted to stay longer but Taehyung had planned some more activities for this day. The two of you were walking around the market, which was now filled with more humans. They even started to play a wonderful sound, which made you sing along with it. Taehyung listened to you singing soft “La-la-la”, your voice was soft and appealing, it captured Taehyung like a spell. He even didn’t notice that the people had noticed, that the prince was in town, together with a beautiful girl. They started to whisper and question, if she is the soon-to-be bride of the young prince, gushing over her beauty and awing what a beautiful pair you two were.

Taehyung had brought you to a small river, that was running through the town. You were sitting in a small boat, while Taehyung paddled with two wooden planks, moving the boat forward. The water in the river was so calm and quiet, no waves, just the paddling song made by Taehyung. You dipped your hand in the water, feeling the cold on your skin again. For a second you felt like you were home, with your family and Hoseok. You missed them so much, it started to hurt. While you were dancing your fingers on the water, Taehyung observed you. The way your fingers moved and the way how sad you looked at the water. He knew how much you missed your home, he could see it and he felt so sorry for you. Even if he wanted you to stay with him, he knew that you have to go back someday, you belonged to the sea. He wished he could turn the time backwards, to the moment where you popped out of the water, where you and he met for the first time, he wished that he would have listened to you so that you and he would have parted your ways, each in their own way. You would still be a happy mermaid, swimming around in the huge ocean but instead, you were here, sad and heartbroken. It broke his heart, too and he promised to himself, that he will do everything to make you happy again.

“Isn’t it a beautiful day?” He asked, trying to distract you from your thoughts so that you could smile again. You looked up with your glossy eyes, the gloaming visible in your huge eyes. Taehyung could only sigh at this sight before him. What should he do now? “Listen, I didn’t forget about my promise. I was busy the last day’s, but I will try to find a way for you to go home.” You felt a lump forming in your throat, it was a beautiful day indeed, you learned new things, saw humans from another perspective and you spend a whole day with Taehyung. Even though he was busy, he still wanted to spend time with you and you appreciated it so much, you were so thankful for him. He was truly a good friend to you. Taehyung leaned in, to brush a strand of your hair away, tucking it behind your ear. His hand was still on your cheek, his face coming nearer to your own. He was staring at your lips, as he started to speak again. “Y/n, I-”

A bell sound interrupted Taehyung, who had pulled back to his seat, he took the paddles back in his hands and swam back to where Whiskers and the carriage were standing.

The ride back to the castle was filled with many stories of Taehyung’s childhood, where he and Jungkook pulled a lot of pranks in the castle. He actually managed to make you smile again with his funny stories and for a split moment, you forgot your homesickness.
When you arrived back at the castle, you noticed that many carriages were standing in the palace’s garden, alongside many people standing in front of the huge doors. You could recognize a few of them, you saw Jungkook, Taehyung’s father, Patricia, Yoongi and Namjoon standing there but there were also a few other people, as well a blonde girl in a purple dress, with her lips and eyes forming a frown. Taehyung’s started to stiffen next to you and you wondered why.

As your carriage came to a halt you and Taehyung deboarded. Taehyung held your hand, to help you down, Taehyung’s father approached the two of you.
“Taehyung look who has finally arrived!” He shouted in a cheerful tone, but his eyes looked sad. You studied everyone’s faces and noticed that they too, were looking sad, but Yoongi and the unknown girl were sending you glares and you couldn’t understand why. Why was everyone sad of the arrival of someone? Shouldn’t it be a happy moment instead of a sad one? Taehyung was still holding your hand and you noticed it, as his grip had started to grow stronger. The unknown girl was folding her arms and slowly turning you, with disgust in her eyes. She was beautiful though, her long blonde hair falling down her shoulders, her eyes formed in an almond shape, her full lips in a thin line and her thin eyebrows knotted in.

“Who is that girl and why is she holding my fiancé’s hand?”
Wait, fiancé?

anonymous asked:

Hallo :) my question is for Sara, but I wasn't sure if I should ask on her personal Tumblr since it is a cosplay question, I apologise if I should have. I want to go as Teddy Lupin for Halloween, and I wondered how you manage to get your hair to stay hidden and lie flat under your Remus wig? I have quite long hair so it might just be too long :/ I hope you all are having a wonderful day/night, and thank you for making such awesome videos ❤

Hi! It’s absolutely fine to ask about that here! 
I’ve solved the ~hair situation~ a few different ways through the years, depending on how long it is (it was once almost down to my waist, but now I keep cutting it shorter every time). First thing, try to get your hands on a wig cap, if your hair is not super long it can hold it in one place pretty ok, maybe with some extra bobby pins. If your hair is super long you can try and braid it, secure it with bobby pins and then put the wig cap over it. This is what I used to do, unfortunately your head might look a bit bigger and kinda lumpy, depending on how the wig looks. I solved that by cutting a fair bit of my hair off. 

Nowadays I use one black wig cap, like in the link, to hold the hair, and then one beige fine meshed one over that to keep it in place. And I always try to straighten my hair before, because somehow that makes it take up less space.

But this is just how I do it! There’s tons of videos and guides if you google something like “put on wig cap”. Good luck with your cosplay!! <3 

merlions  asked:

I keep having the classic problem where I'm bored so I turn on like tv or something but I'm still bored and it makes me so tired I can't do anything but sit and zone out and spiral about how I want to be doing SOMETHING but I just have no energy. do you have any advice on how to break out of the loop?

It might help to have a list of interesting things that you can turn to when you’re bored, instead of just turning on the TV (which is passive) and doing something more active and interesting.

Followers, what do you suggest?


anonymous asked:

I went back to school today in my final year. I'm mtf, but refuse to come out since I go to an all boys school, and the sexism and homophobia is institutionalised not just among the students but some of the staff. I didn't realise how much the dysphoria would hit me after I went back in my suit I hate after a summer of escaping with friends to express myself how I want, and I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas to help me affirm myself while at school so I can escape the dysphoria?

Harper says:

Hi anon!

At school you can do a number of discreet things, although i appreciate there’s the whole locker room situation so some of these might not be applicable on certain days (like wearing underwear you like or wearing bras and stuff), but have a dig through in these transfem specific links and see if you find anything:

General tips

Closeted tips

inayaeza  asked:

Do you, by any chance, know a way to make realistic plant-like life form living at night? I'm building a planet with a really slow cycle, so a night go on for what would be decades on Earth, and I'm not sure if glowing mushroom and co would be enough for my plants.

I assume by the nature of your question that you’re planning on having this plant-like life create energy through photosynthesis, yes? Photosynthesis can occur with other types of light, as well. This paper talks about an specific alternative light which could add to the biodiversity of plants. However, from what I can tell, sunlight is the only way that has been truly life-sustaining in our known world. (Disclaimer: I am not a botanist.)

But–like so many things–when you’re working within the laws of a fictional world, you can do so many things that seem impossible to us. Bioluminesence might not feasibly sustain other plants on Earth, but in your fictional world, your “glowing mushroom” could put out a type of UV light that plants on Earth do not. Perhaps it could be enough to sustain other plants, at least temporarily. 

Consider this, as well: If these plant-like lifeforms evolved on this world to live as they do, then perhaps they have energy conserving or energy producing skills that terrestrial plants do not have. What if they save light like a camel saves water? What if they have evolved an ability to produce energy from other sources? Photosynthesis and

Hope that gives you something to think about.

Happy building!