i might have a new spirit animal

Can we be a little less aggressive towards baby witches? (Or witches who just don’t know?)

Yes, I know there are many posts like this already but…it needs to be said. Not everyone has the luxury of what most of us know. If a new witchling makes a mistake, like calling their familiar their ‘spirit animal’, while having no ties in with Native American culture, or blood, don’t be so harsh on them. They might just not know. When I was a very new witch, I made this mistake and had tons of messages about it, although most of them were calm, which is what needs to happen more often. We still live in a time where witchcraft is taught to be feared,ignored, or both. So many people can’t get the right information or find any. 

Now, some people might not agree with me on this part (say anything rude and you’re automatically blocked. I already had to deal with some dicks today and I’m not in the mood lol.) But people literally do not know what a g*psy is. Hell, it took me a while to find out myself. But many people still see the word as a European lady, with a purple silky scarf wrapped around their head while reading a crystal ball. That’s what most people are “taught”. So, they don’t know that it’s actually a slang word. 

But what I’m trying to get at is, everyone makes mistakes. Some people make bigger mistakes then others, it’s a fact of life. But instead of being so angry towards people who don’t know, don’t yell at them or insult them.  That will just hurt everyone, and might make them shy away from witchcraft. Instead, expressing your opinion, or facts, in a calm way is the way to go. Just today someone gave me their opinion is a nice, relaxed way and it was wonderful. That was literally the first time someone has EVER been kind of our differing opinions on Tumblr, and I’ve been on here for about two years. But insulting them and being rude won’t get you anywhere.