i might get a new job!

Well, this is a blog so I might as well treat it like one.

This last year has contained more than its fair share of milestones. In no particular order: I got a full time job offer, injured myself, recovered, graduated college, left the east coast, navigated heartbreak, got my wisdom teeth pulled out… you get the deal. Point is, it’s been a big year. And the next few months to come are going to be even crazier. 

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psa for the yoi fandom: russian names & how to use them

Russian guides: masterpost | patronyms | terms of affection | answered asks

I’m going to start by swearing this isn’t me just complaining but a general resource for the Yuri on Ice fandom because I’ve noticed some mistakes in the naming conventions used among the fandom and want to help correct them. Especially in how the fandom treats diminutives. I absolutely love seeing the huge amount of interest in Russian diminutives, etc. in fanart and fics and hopefully this breakdown will help continue that trend and interest and even spur some more ideas in fandom content.

So let’s go through some important details below the cut!

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Because April's tomorrow...

• Autism Speaks doesn’t help any autistic person and only 4% of their funds go to supporting families. Most of it goes to funding scientific research into prenatal testing and a “cure” for autism.

• Autistic people do not want cured in any way. I’ve had a few neurotypicals tell me there should be a cure and that I won’t even get a job or have any of my hopes and dreams achieved because I’m autistic. But I know that isn’t true.

• We’re not all clever in maths (in fact, I can’t do maths for the sake of me) and we’re not ALL into trains, computers, science and so on as our “special interests”. Excuse me, but my special interest’s They Might Be Giants! Haha, what else did you think it was?

• The puzzle piece is a terrible symbol and should never be used. It’s juvenile, and resembles that autism is a “puzzling” condition. It’s only ever puzzling when you’re new to it. It’s never puzzling if you know what it is, and especially if you know enough to want to cure it.

• ALSO: the colour blue literally suggests autism is a “boy’s condition”. Hello, I’m a girl with autism. I’m no different.

• Autistic people have feelings and emotions of all sorts too. Don’t bully us and expect to get away with it. Don’t say we’re all asexual. Don’t say we’re all clinically depressed. Don’t make fun of our meltdowns or whatever else. We all convey emotions in a different way, and that’s important to know.

Autistic and allistic people alike, please feel free to reblog this. It’s that daft time of the year again where everything will go wrong and allistics will wind up with those wrong opinions again.

Locked Away

By reddit user Pippinacious

Six months. That’s how long almost half of the new hire last when they become social workers. Some will tell you it’s the pay, others will tell you it’s the stress, still others will complain about poor training or case overload or the broken system. But that’s all bullshit. The reason they quit is always the same; the kids.

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Real Estate Revenge

(TL;DR at bottom)

I’ve been a real estate broker in Chicago for nearly 20 years. I started at a very small independent brokerage. It was my first week there when the broker/owner gave me a lead. He was older and wasn’t in very good health, so he passed a lot of his leads to his agents.

One of the broker’s friends passed away and the friend’s son wanted to sell the house. I call the son who tells me he’s known the broker for 30-plus years and how close their families were. He seems like a really nice guy. I go over and check out the house. I work up a gorgeous comparative market analysis. I have other brokers check my numbers (I was new and wanted to do a perfect job for my new client). I rehearse my presentation, have my stuff professionally printed, prepare for any possible questions, have responses ready for objections, and I head out.

I dazzle this guy with my presentation. He likes the $135,000 list price I recommended. He’s fine with the commission. He has no objections, but he asks me to give him 2 months to clean out the house, give his siblings a chance to go through everything and then repaint.

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Secrets Never Last

Requested by: @theanimationgeek

Could you do a Jughead Jones x reader imagine where the reader is the quiet girl who knows a bit more about the Blossom murder than she’ll admit and has a crush on Jughead so he starts out acting like he likes her to get info but ends up really caring about her?

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: You moved to Riverdale a week before the murder of Jason Blossom. You were shocked when the incident happened, making you intrigued to find out who killed him. You had many secrets that nobody knew, one being that you had a crush on Jughead since the day you arrived, and that you knew way more about the murder than anyone, even Jughead himself.

Warnings: Like a few swear words, tiny fight, the truth about Jason Blossom.

Word Count: 2,705

A/N: This was really fun to write, I personally love writing Jughead imagines because his character is so unique to work with. Hope you enjoy! :)

Originally posted by dylanobrienbaby

Driving into the small town of Riverdale it seemed like it was warm and cozy, but yet held many secrets that could destroy it in seconds.

Your dad had gotten his job transferred to this little town, therefore, making you all move and get a ‘fresh start’ as some might say.

That is exactly what you needed too, back in your old town you weren’t exactly the favorite, so moving here and getting a chance to be someone new, you took it.

When you arrived in front of your new home you couldn’t believe it, it was huge compared to what you used to live in.

You were too caught up staring at your house in awe when you felt someone tap your shoulder.

You jumped, startled and turned around quickly, coming face to face with a blonde haired girl and a red haired guy.

You blinked a few times before clearing your throat nervously, you never were that great with being social, you considered yourself introverted, not one to make friends as others normally would.

You shifted in place a few times before the blonde haired girl spoke up.

“I couldn’t help but notice you just moved here, my mother made you guys some welcome to the neighborhood cookies.” She smiled, handing you them, which you nicely took.

You gave a small smile, mumbling a quiet ‘thank you’ which made the blondes’ smile bigger.

“I’m Betty by the way, and this is Archie.” Betty smiled, as did Archie, making you smile back.

“I’m Y/N, nice to meet you too.” You spoke quietly, moving a piece of hair behind your ear nervously.

Archie invited you to join them to hangout while your family unpacked, you were hesitant at first but they talked you into going with them.

From that day on you got close with the two, slowly joining their group of friends, which included a girl named Veronica, a guy named Kevin, and a mysterious guy named Jughead.

You slowly bonded with all of them, you were the quietest out of all of them in the group, but they didn’t mind and neither did you.

Everything was fine, you finally had that 'fresh start’, that is until July 4th, the day Jason Blossom went missing.

Everything changed after that.

The group was slowly crumbling apart, everyone was trying to figure out what happened to Jason, and that is why you slowly drifted away.

You did know what happened to him.

Being the quiet girl has its advantages, one being that you were actually really close with the Southside Serpents.

None of your friends knew that however, you kept it a secret, not wanting them to know you weren’t just a girl who went to Riverside High School.

You liked having a dark side that nobody knew about, it made you feel powerful in a way, something you never felt back home.

One night after Jason’s disappearance you decided to sneak out, you wanted to live your 'double life.’

What you didn’t expect when you got there however was to find out the truth about Jason Blossom, the truth that he was actually murdered, and who did it.

From that day on you were constantly on edge around your friends, not wanting to slip up and mention something that could lead them to finding out.

You were a part of the Southside family now, and everyone knows you don’t give up anything about one another.

At school the next day, you were on edge, you tried to play it off as nothing but your friends could definitely tell something was wrong.

“Y/N are you okay?“ Betty asked you, making you snap out of your thoughts.

"Yeah. Fine.” You muttered, biting your nails nervously.

Betty gave you an unconvinced look, but let it go, continuing to go over possible suspects of Jason’s death with Archie and Veronica.

Jughead however kept watching you, noticing your actions and that you were clearly lying.

You felt your phone vibrate in your pocket, making you jump slightly.

You pulled it out, reading it and immediately standing up and grabbing your stuff, rushing out of the room.

They all gave a look at one another, confused by your sudden outburst and leaving randomly.

Jughead took this as an opportunity to follow you, his curiosity on full speed.

He watched as you rushed into a secluded area, quickly calling someone on the phone and harshly whisper yelling into it.

Once he could tell you had hung up on the phone, he took this as his chance to get some unanswered questions answered.

You were about to leave the room when Jughead walked in, making you freeze in place.

“You know for a while I’ve been wondering about you, maybe it was because you were a new face to town or because you had a different approach towards things, but now.. now I’m wondering if you’re just like everyone else.” Jughead spoke bitterly, closing the door behind him so it was just now you two together.

You shifted uncomfortably, knowing you were in a bad situation and there was no way out.

“I think you know more than your letting on.” Jughead pointed at you accusingly, making you tense up.

“Why would I know anymore than you?” You retorted, crossing your arms.

Jughead let out a sarcastic laugh, giving you goosebumps.

“Because Y/N I’ve been observing you for the past few days, before Jason’s death you were calm and caring, but now.. now you’re constantly on edge and cold.” He tapped his fingers on a desk, watching you for a reaction.

Maybe you had been a bit different since you found out the truth, but who wouldn’t?

“Look Jughead, this is a waste of time, I need to go.” You muttered, rolling your eyes slightly.

This only made Jughead smirk, proving his point.

“Who were you on the phone with Y/N?” He asked bluntly, catching you off guard.

How were you supposed to tell him you were on the phone with his dad?

“A friend from my old hometown.” You lied, not making eye contact with him.

“Why is it that I just don’t believe you?” He walked up to you, his hand on his chin.

“Wish I could tell you.” You muttered, looking at him then at the clock.

“You know Y/N, secrets never last, they always end up coming out whether you want them to or not.” He looked at you challengingly, making your nerves become more intense.

“Look Jughead I have to get to class, we can talk about this some other time.” You pushed past him quickly, rushing out the door, only making his suspicion grow.

After the incident in the class room you became a lot more hesitant to where you made phone calls.

Jughead and you had grown closer ever since then too, you both slowly began to hang out more.

This only made your crush on him grow even more, you couldn’t help but not to like him.

Over the next few days you slowly rejoined the group, they were eager to have you back and catch you up on the new leads they had on Jason’s killer.

You did your best to not spill anything you knew, as hard as it was.

You were walking with Jughead in the hallway one day to The Blue and Gold newspaper room, your shoulders occasionally brushing together.

It wouldn’t be an understatement if you didn’t say that this brought you and Jughead a lot closer together.

Now when you were with him you’d see him smile more and joke around a bit rather than him being serious and uptight all the time.

You both walked into the room, “Great! You’re both here!” Betty exclaimed happily, making Jughead roll his eyes with a smile and you laugh quietly.

Betty had always had a thing for writing, as did Jughead, which is exactly why we were here now, writing for The Blue and Gold newspaper.

“Y/N can you do me a favor and go see what’s taking Veronica so long, she was supposed to be here ten minutes ago.” Betty questioned, looking through her stack of papers.

“Sure thing, where would she be right now?” You questioned, making Betty stop and think for a moment.

“Probably the gym.” She spoke aloud, nodding and went back to searching through her papers.

You nodded and went off to search for Veronica, you went and checked the gym, not finding her there you checked a few other places.

You finally gave up and started back, you were about to walk in when you heard your name.

“Look you just need to get her to tell you what she knows, she trusts you now Juggie.” Betty whispered, her arms crossed.

“I know I said I’d do this, but that was before I really started liking her Betty.” Jughead sighed, rubbing his face angrily.

“Jug, she knows something and we need to know what it is.” Betty spoke bluntly, making Jughead roll his eyes.

“I can’t keep lying to her Betty, Y/N and I have gotten close and I don’t want to ruin what I have with her.” He crossed his arms, making Betty sigh in annoyance.

Jughead was about to speak again when you walked into the room, an emotionless expression on your face.

They both looked up at you, a look of fear written on their faces.

“I didn’t find Veronica.” You spat bitterly, turning to walk out of the room, but Jughead caught your arm.

“Y/N please let me explain.” He held both your arms gently in his hands, a sorrow expression on his face.

“What’s to explain? That you were pretending to like me so you could find out what I knew?” You choked out, a tear slipping down your cheek.

Jughead gently wiped the tear away with his thumb, “Y/N it’s not like that.” He tried to explain.

“Isn’t it though?” You jerked your arms away, another tear falling down your face.

“You all were using me, I bet you don’t even want to be friends with me!” You yelled, backing away from the both of them.

“As for you,” You pointed at Jughead, your heart crumbling “I really started to trust you, hell, I was going to tell you how I really felt, but now.. it really doesn’t matter does it?” You questioned, letting out a sarcastic laugh.

You looked at the both of them, a shocked look on their faces, making you shake your head and rush out of the room.

You decided to ditch the rest of school that day, heading to Pop’s diner, sitting in your favorite booth.

You kept getting phone calls and text messages from Jughead and Betty, but you ignored them.

You knew you were being hypocritical since you did know information about Jason, but you couldn’t help but feel betrayed.

You sat in that booth for what felt like hours, you must’ve fallen asleep for a few hours, because when you awoke Jughead was sitting in front of you.

You jumped, startled, you weren’t expecting anyone to be sitting there, let alone Jughead.

“How did you find me?” You muttered, sipping your cup of water.

“It wasn’t that hard, I just knew where to look first.” He replied casually, a small smile on his face.

You nodded slowly, not caring at all.

“What are you doing here Jughead? Here to fake like me to get information?” You spat out bitterly, leaning back against the booth.

He sighed, pulling his beanie off his head and running his fingers through his hair messily.

You couldn’t help but look over his features, he looked even better without his beanie on.

You were too caught up in observing his looks when you made eye contact with  him, a small smirk on his face knowing he busted you.

You gave a small smile, a light blush on your cheeks.

“Listen Y/N, I know you think I only hung out with you to find out information, which I did at first, but the more time I spent with you.. I really started to like you..” He rubbed the back of his neck, before looking at you once more.

You nodded slowly, not once looking away from him, you wanted to hear this, all of it.

“After all the time we’ve spent together, I’ve really grown to care about you.. I like you Y/N.” He smiled, making your insides flutter.

You smiled back, moving your hair behind your ears.

You took a deep breath, clearing your throat before looking back at him.

“I’ve liked you since I moved here, I was just too shy to admit it.” You spoke quietly, taking a sip of your water again.

You glanced at Jughead who was smirking to himself, making you choke on your water slightly.

Jughead laughed making your cheeks red.

“I told you secrets never last, I was going to find out what you were hiding eventually.” He grinned, making you tense a bit.

“If that’s true.. then I need to tell you something..” You ran your fingers through your hair nervously.

You were going against everything the Southside stood for, but this was Jughead, he needed to know.

You motioned him to come closer, taking a deep breath before whispering, “I know who killed Jason Blossom.”

That night things changed, Jughead was right, secrets never do last, and they always come out when you least expect it.

“Flat out” - h.s. Part 6

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5



The air was humid as you jogged up the steps in your white sneakers, kicking the door open with the nudge of your hip as you held the box in your hands. Harry groaned when the door opened and you merely smiled at him, quickly closing it behind you.

“Do you know why I invest in air conditioning, Y/N?” Harry asked, running his hands through his sweaty and damp hair. “It’s to keep the inside cool. And with you opening windows and keeping the door open all the time, that’s kind of hard to do.”

You rolled your eyes and placed the heap of boxes on the counter as Harry watched you. You were dressed much cuter and more casual than you had in the past with school, and Harry realized that it was because you could breathe again. You had no one to impress. You’d gotten a job. And now was just that transition phase before you moved on with your life.

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clockworkmegrim  asked:

Ok so I work at an aquarium and it's my job to help the guests become less afraid of the animals. Am I anthropomorphizing if I say something like "when you touch the urchin, you learn about it, and when it touches you with its tube feet it learns about you in return. You're new to each other and it's touching you so much because it wants to know more about you, not hurt you"? This helped the kids stop worrying that the urchin would "sting" them, but I'm worried I might have messed up.

I think that you did a great job! You’re not equating them to fingers or anything that’s more anthropomorphic - you’re giving them information that the tube feet touching them is how they get information about the world, similar to how they use their fingers to learn about the urchin.

It’s all in the context of what you convey with little bits of anthropomorphism. Especially with kids, it becomes about how you frame what you’re trying to communicate. When I used to work touch tanks, I would sometimes talk about urchins ‘wearing hats’ to explain to little kids why seaweed (and occasionally rather disgruntled snails) were stuck on them. The concept of holding onto other objects with tube feet for camouflage was a little bit obscure for them, but we could talk about how sometimes you don’t recognize your mom at a distance if she’s got a new hat on and then draw the analogy to how predators might not recognize an urchin because of the new weird shape attached to their outline. The nuance was not to tell the kids the urchins wore hats, but to talk about how things on top of them could change what they look like similar to what happens when people wear hats.

Batfamily jobs as adults

Bruce: We all know this one.

Kate Kane: I feel like she is busy as it is with Batwoman. In her free time though, I see her being a big support for LGBTQ. Volunteering at the different organizations to help them. 

Dick: Police officer. I know he was that in Pre 52 era, but it fits him so well.

Barbara: She has had a few different ones. I like the librarian one the most and feel like that works for her. Of course doing computer work for the police as a side job.

Jason Todd: English teacher. Also like English teacher at the public schools maybe in the Narrows. He would be the teacher who actually cares about his students and wants them to succeed and get a better life after school. He might also teach self defense classes after school.

Tim: So he was working at WE Pre 52, I could see him being good at business. I feel like he would best be suited for the design department or IT. Anything to do with technology.

Duke: I feel like he would start a new line of social workers in Gotham. A department focused on helping children whose family has been affected by crimes committed by the rogues. If not then a detective. 

Cass: Professional ballerina for the Gotham City ballet or an instructor at the community center. Maybe teaching marital arts classes or self defense classes.

Stephanie: Doctor or nurse. Most likely working in the free clinics in Gotham. The ones she would have gone to as a child.

Damian: Veterinarian. He cares a lot about animals and for him would be very rewarding.  

Harper: Electric engineering. She has the skills and can create amazing items that can help others.

anonymous asked:

I'll be honest with you, I never liked Touken, and I still really don't have a preference for it. But this chapter was executed very well, it has a nostalgic feel to it and I see so much deeper then just "hey let's have sex" in it.

Personally, I agree with this as well. Touken is still a ship which has their issues and them having sex doesn’t magically resolve this nor does it resolve Kaneki and Touka’s personal issues. I really loved the way Ishida wrote the scene and how he conveyed the heaviness of their emotions and how deep their bond is. Was it a rash decision which might not be the best thing ever? On Kaneki and Touka’s parts maybe. But I think Ishida did a good job with it. He made it clear that what the two of them were seeking is some kind of mutual comfort and I’m glad they got it. Because I think this act allows them to reach new depths for their relationship and at this point Kaneki needs as much support as he can get. This wasn’t fanservice kind of sex. Ishida made it clear that there was more. I mean, people could disagree but for me, when I read the chapter, I could really feel the rawness of the emotions between them. 

Hide and Seek (F)

Originally posted by jypnior

PART OF PROJECT: Welcome Back, Wang!  (highly recommend you guys to join!)

PROMPT: “She’s hiding behind the sofa.” & “I’m telling you. I’m haunted.”

Reader (you) x Jackson ft the members of GOT7

Word Count: 1072

Warnings: none :)

notes: hey guys! this is for project: welcome back wang that a few members from got7snet and i will be participating. @the-princejinyoung and i worked together and chose prompts for this scenario as part of the project. she chose my prompts and i chose hers! go follow her guys, she writes amazing things and her prompt will be out tonight! i think i chose pretty good prompts for her and i’m excited to read what she’s got! anyways, happy reading everyone! take care! -admin

You decided to hang out with your boyfriend and his members for the day, giving them the happy virus they needed after a long comeback schedule. You brought food over, which was enough for them to eat for the rest of the week, and even cooked them a huge meal in appreciation that they’ve worked hard. You’ve heard from his members that Jackson had been boasting about your cookings and now they finally get to taste it. Jackson always liked showing you off to other people because he wanted everyone to know how great and wonderful his girlfriend was. Of course, you weren’t complaining because you’ve done the same to your friends. Who can blame you? You are dating a handsome star who’s known for his husky voice and his humor.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do one where harry is your husband and is oblivious to the fact that your "friends" Mistreat you and you just don't say anything because they're the only friends you have left And harry finds out one day and it's a lot of loving from him Pleaaaaase I'm dying to read something like this

I’m so sorry this took forever and I think it might be a piece of shit? I hope you like it though!


“True Friend”


You were sitting on the corner of the couch, surrounded by your friends who were supposed to be over for a movie night. After moving in with Harry and starting a new job, it had been pretty difficult to get to know new people. He had encouraged you to start hanging out with some girls from work so you weren’t so lonely when he was gone for the day, so you’d invited them out for dinner one night and things had progressed from there. But not necessarily in a good way.

You had always been paranoid that people didn’t like you. The slightest glare or sarcastic comment had you worrying that there was just something about you people had a problem with. However, this was different; these girls pretended they wanted to hang out when all they really cared about was belittling you. You weren’t sure if you really hadn’t caught on until recently, or if you were just in denial the whole time.

“Let’s just save the movie for another night and head to the bar!” One of them suggested, and the others cheered in agreement. Your heart sank, because you’d put a lot of planning into that movie night and hoped it would help change their minds and show them that you were just as ‘cool’ as they were.

You tried to protest, but it seemed that once the idea of getting drunk off their asses was in their minds, they weren’t going to be able to let it go.

“I mean, we can just go without you. It’s not like you’ll be much fun, since you’re in a ‘committed’ relationship and everything. I mean, you usually don’t get much attention from guys anyway.”

The way they all giggled after the last comment made you wonder what else had been said about you behind your back. As much as you didn’t want to let it affect you, their words stung. You were in an even worse mood now than you had been before, and you definitely didn’t want to spend any more time around them, so you halfheartedly told them to head out without you. They were out the door within minutes, leaving you alone to pick up the empty soda cans and rethink your idea of ordering pizza for dinner.

It wasn’t long before Harry came home, and he tentatively walked down the hallway expecting to see a big group of girls giggling on the couch. Instead, he found you curled up in a blanket alone while he tossed his keys onto the kitchen table.

“Where is everyone?”

You put on the most realistic smile you could manage, and turned around to meet his confused gaze.

“They decided to head to a bar.”

“You didn’t want to go?”

You shrugged nonchalantly, trying not to let on that anything was wrong.

“I’m just tired, that’s all. I wasn’t in the mood for drinking tonight.” You lied. You weren’t in the mood for drinking, that was true, but only because you got the feeling they didn’t want you to go anyway. Your time at the bar most likely would’ve been filled with their nasty comments, and you probably would’ve been forced to stand alone while they danced with anyone they could get their hands on.

Harry sat down next to you and cautiously placed his hand on your leg, studying the look on your face. He could tell you weren’t happy, but he didn’t really consider the fact that your 'friends’ were the reason you had seemed a little off lately. He’d believed you when you insisted that you were just stressed and overwhelmed after the move.

“Are you sure everything’s okay?” He asked.

You nodded convincingly and looked into his caring eyes. You knew you wouldn’t be able to resist breaking down if you stayed close to him much longer, so you quickly stood up off the couch before tears could well up and made your way to the kitchen before you spoke again.

“I was planning to get pizza for everyone, do you want me to order some for just us?”

He gave his approval and you were quick to dial the phone number before Harry could ask you what was wrong again. By the time you were off the phone, though, he was standing in front of you with his hands on his hips.

“Are you gonna tell me what’s going on?” He prodded. He had a serious expression on his face, but you knew by the look in his eyes that he was genuinely concerned.

“Baby, I’m fine. Just bummed I didn’t get to watch that movie.” You joked, managing a small laugh as you turned back to him and smiled.

You knew he wasn’t entirely convinced, but he could tell that you didn’t want him to press it any further. If something was really wrong, he was confident that you’d tell him whenever you were ready.

“We can still watch the movie.” He suggested quietly, not waiting for an answer before he went to spread some blankets and comfier pillows over the couch.

You managed to watch the entire movie without being distracted by the situation from earlier, but the ringtone of your phone made the bitter feeling come back again. You answered the phone as cheerfully as you could, not totally surprised when you recognized the slurred voices of the girls you were trying to forget about.

You managed to decipher their speech enough to know that they needed a ride home, and of course they hadn’t hesitated to call you and use you as their chauffer.

“I’ve gotta go pick them up, they’re wasted.” You sighed, pushing your blanket aside as you unhappily unraveled yourself from Harry’s arms.

“Do you want me to go with you?”

You quickly shook your head as you slipped on your jacket and shoes, assuring him you’d be fine and it shouldn’t take more than an hour. Truthfully, you were just afraid of what they’d say to you now that the last little sliver of good judgement had been taken away by alcohol, and you didn’t want Harry to know that the only friends you made since moving here weren’t friends at all. It was almost like you failed.

The drive to the bar wasn’t long, and as soon as it came into view you could see the familiar figures standing outside. They clumsily piled into your car, giggling while they all tried to speak at once.

“What are you wearing?” One of them asked from the back seat, and you sighed when you realized you hadn’t changed out of Harry’s shirt and sweatpants before you left. You certainly wouldn’t hear the end of it, but you hoped none of them would remember by the next morning.

“Hey, that’s Harry’s shirt! I’m surprised it fits you! He’s so thin and you’re… not.”
They all erupted in laughter and you tried to take a few deep breaths as you drove off. The entire car ride was filled with their snide comments and them constantly trying to talk over eachother’s slurs.

It seemed like it took hours to drop them all off, but you were on your way home in record time when you finally let some tears fall. You couldn’t believe these were the only people you could call friends. There was nobody else you’d met that seemed remotely interested in talking to you, and you were terrified you’d have to spend the rest of your life with no one else but those girls to spend time with.

You drove around the block a few times while you tried to calm down, but it finally become clear that you had no choice but to tell Harry. It would be much too painful to keep this inside forever, and knowing Harry, he’d probably know exactly what to do.

You unlocked the door, wiping a few tears from your cheeks but deciding you wouldn’t bother trying to hide the fact that you were upset. As you stepped inside, Harry rounded the corner.

“I made some ice cream sundaes if you want to- hey…” He immediately frowned when he saw your tear stained cheeks and sad eyes.

You sniffled as he walked over to you and tilted his head a bit while he waited for you to say something. What he didn’t expect was for you to fling yourself into him, but he was quick to wrap his strong arms around you and hold on tight.
Once your cries and sniffles had quieted down a little, he kept you tightly pressed to him while he looked down at you and spoke.

“What’s wrong?” He asked carefully, afraid to set you off into another round of crying if you tried to explain. By now, he was pretty sure he knew the source of your sadness lately but he didn’t want to push you any farther than you were ready for at the moment. You backed up to look up at him but quickly avoided his gaze.

“I think I need to talk to you about something.”

You could see him tense a little, because you knew it always scared him whenever you acted serious about things like this. You were generally a pretty laid back person, so if there was something you really needed to speak to him about, it usually meant it was a pretty big deal.

He slung his arm around you as he led you to the couch and invited you to sit on his lap. You cuddled into Harry’s chest and his arms held you close to his body, while he rested his cheek on top of your head.

“This is about the girls, isn’t it?” He finally prodded. All he got in response was a teary eyed look from you, and he knew he was right when the wetness threatened to spill down your cheeks again. He stared at you sadly, wiping a few tears that fell before you were ready to speak.

“They’re not my real friends, Harry.” You sniffled, leaning back against him as you watched for a reaction. He nodded slowly, rubbing his hand gently up and down your back.

“You could’ve told me.”

You frowned as you turned to look at him again and saw his eyes filled with complete concern and sadness.

“I know, but I just.. I have no friends, Harry!” You whined, hiding your face in his neck while the emotions seemed to hit you all over again.

If his heart wasn’t broken already, it definitely was now. Obviously he’d meant no harm when he encouraged you to make friends, and he never wanted you to feel down about yourself if things didn’t work out as expected.

“Baby, no, it’s okay. Don’t cry over them.”

He held you tight until you had calmed down again. He didn’t want to ask what was said during the car ride, and he didn’t want to know what else they’d put in your head over the past month. So you both sat in silence for a while until you finally looked up at him.

“I don’t want you hanging around them anymore, okay?”

You normally would’ve argued, but you knew you’d be much happier if you never had to see them outside of work again. Now that the barrier had been broken and Harry knew the truth about them, there was no sense in keeping up the charade that you actually enjoyed their company.

Your comment from a few minutes earlier hadn’t been forgotten; he kept hearing you say “I have no friends” over and over again in his head and it was making his heart hurt.

“And I don’t ever want to hear you say you have no friends, okay?” His voice had the sweetest, most gentle tone possible and when you opened your mouth to speak, he knew exactly what you were going to say. So when it slipped out that you really didn’t have any friends, he had the perfect response.

“You’ve got me.” He argued, pressing his lips to the top of your head.

“I know it’s not the same, but I love all the girly gossip and random stories you tell. And you know I’m always here for advice when you need it and I won’t mind those awful movies you girls watch, because I’ll always enjoy watching them with you. I know I’m your boyfriend and that’s not quite the same as being your friend, but I’m always going to be here for you, angel.”

The end of his rambling had you smiling up at him.

“You’ve always been my best friend, Harry. My true friend.”

trc dudes as mcelroy Boy Quotes™

ronan: he’s a fun-havin’ fun-lookin’ dirty boy. like a really rowdy boy. just a dirty boy. just a rowdy, dirty boy. he’s a true rowdy boy.

adam: my perfect boy. my sweet boy let me show you the world! my sweet boy! MY BOY!

gansey: it’s a beautiful baby boy. there’s a good boy. hey! hey! hey there’s a, now that’s a boy that i could get into! that’s a perfect boy! let me see this perfect boy. justin’s special boy.

kavinsky: garbage boy. garbage boy boy stinkman. 

noah:  nervous little punk boy…

henry: i gotta say you’re starting with a sweet boy. he looks like a sweet boy. MY BEAUTIFUL BOY! oh my sweet boy! sweet boy.


greenmantle: very bad boy.

jesse dittley: VERY strong boy! a thick boy. oho yeah, i bet you can’t knock that boy over with a pail of water.

declan: oh god this is such a good wrestleboy.

matthew: you want a big boy or you want a little boy? a little boooy!

anonymous asked:

Can I request a scenario with RFA + V and Saeran where MC is told that she is being let go from a her job and is upset?

Sure! I’m still trying to get back into things in terms of characterisation but hopefully these are okay!


  • Seeing as he’s still a student, he doesn’t really have much experience with losing jobs
  • So he doesn’t really know what to do to help in that department
  • He focuses on just trying to cheer you up instead
  • He can tell that you’re really upset and he wants to make you feel better
  • LOLOL can wait for another time
  • He tries to cook you some nice food to eat
  • It might not go brilliantly but it’s the thought that counts right?
  • Gets you to watch funny movies with him
  • You’ve helped him a lot of times when he’s been stressed over exams and tests
  • So he wants to do the same for you
  • Offers to go with you as morale support while you find a new job
  • More like he i n s i s t s on going
  • There’s no getting away from him


  • She wants to help in any way that she can
  • Very good at providing comforting words
  • The moment you tell her you’re being let go from your job she’s making you a cup of hot chocolate and is ready to do anything she can to help
  • Supportive girlfriend Jaehee
  • She comforts you at first and tries to get you to feel better
  • Then once you’re feeling less down, she’ll switch to trying to find you somewhere to get a new job
  • She really wants to ask you to work in the cafe with her, but she feels like that would be overstepping her boundaries and keeps quiet about it
  • She does eventually get around to asking however, seeing if you would be interested in helping out, even just as a temporary placement
  • Could you really turn down an offer like that?


  • Aggressive comfort mode has been activated
  • Literally doesn’t stop hugging you for a full 2 hours after you get home from being told you’ve lost your job
  • Since when did he turn into a koala
  • Refuses to let go until you’re feeling at least a little bit less upset
  • Wants to do everything he can to help you find a new job
  • It’s not exactly his field of experience but he just wants to help
  • Offers to get you a part time job in the theater he works at to pass the time
  • Definitely not just so that he gets to see your face more often
  • He wants to make sure you know that it’s not your fault that you lost your job
  • Will not hesitate to trash talk your old employer
  • “You’re better off somewhere else they didn’t treat you in the way you deserve”
  • Tone down the salt please Zen


  • Is he going to try and fix things with money?
  • Yes he’s going to try and fix things with money
  • Immediately offers to try and sue your former employer
  • Jumin no
  • It takes a lot of persuasion to get him to go from Businessman Jumin to Boyfriend Jumin
  • But once he stops trying to throw money in your direction he’s pretty good at dealing with the situation
  • Sits you down and puts Elizabeth on your lap then gives you a motivational talk about how things will turn out okay
  • Makes sure to remind you that he can always get you a place working in C&R if you want
  • Takes you out for a meal to try and take your mind off the situation
  • Makes sure you have access to Elizabeth at all times for comfort purposes


  • He has a similar response to Jumin, just with hacking abilities instead of money
  • “Hey MC I’m going to hack into your old employer’s bank account”
  • Seven that is  i l l e g a l
  • Really salty about it
  • He may even be more angry than you and you’re the one who lost the job
  • Takes you out for a car ride to take your mind off it and help you feel less upset
  • The two of you drive off to the most remote place you can find, going as fast as possible so that you can forget about being upset even if just for a little while
  • He reminds you a lot that he loves you no matter what
  • He wants to help you find a new job
  • But he also enjoys being able to spend more time with you when you’re not working
  • He still offers to hack your former employer every so often


  • He’s honestly the sweetest
  • He’s so understanding about the situation
  • Doesn’t really know much about helping you find a new job
  • So he sticks solely to comforting
  • Takes you on a peaceful walk to the nearest park to distract you
  • He keeps taking photos of you while you’re walking, insisting that he wants to get as many as possible before his eyesight goes completely
  • Lots of hugs and hand holding to try and make you feel better
  • He waits till you’re not feeling as upset before contacting Jumin and asking him if he can help you find a new place to work
  • “Everything is going to turn out okay, MC”


  • He really isn’t the best at picking up when people are upset
  • So when you tell him you lost your job his immediate response is
  • “That’s great, you can spend more time with me now”
  • Someone please save this boy from his lack of social skills
  • He notices pretty fast that what he said probably wasn’t the best response to the situation
  • He walks off and disappears for a bit
  • Then shows up again five minutes later with a tub of ice cream and two spoons
  • He just sort of
  • Wordlessly hands you one of the spoons
  • And pushes the ice cream in your direction
  • The two of you manage to eat the entire tub and fall asleep on the couch with Saeran’s head on your shoulder
  • Saeran denies it ever happened, Seven has photos to prove that it did

Riley: Ever since the day after Cultural Day, when you found out you might have a new ancestry, I started reading about it. Because I love you. And I would always want to know who you are. Merry Christmas, Farkle. Happy Hannekuh. Happy everything.

Smackle: Ever since I’ve known you, you’ve never stopped trying to put yourself back together. I wanted to get you something to let you know that you’ve done a great job, and it’s okay to work on something else.

Zay: “A young lady speaks in a gentle tone and never raises her voice.” Your voice is my favorite thing about you—that’s why i crossed all these things out. That’s why I changed them to the funny things you do that I like. Because I know you’re working on stuff. But I never want you to forget who you are. What makes you wonderful.

Auggie: You gave Maya back to her family. Even though it was hard for you, and you wanted to keep her for yourself. You gave her the gift that would make her truly happy. I don’t have to [tell her]. She already knows.


Reunited - One

A/N: First part of my new Jensen x Reader series. I mean no harm towards Jensen, or his family, this is purely fiction. Thank you to my beautiful beta @thorne93.

Characters: Reader, Jensen, Readers mom, Rose (OFC)

Warnings: None I think. Maybe a swear word or two. Alcohol

Wordcount: 1958

*Not my GIF.*

Originally posted by skyangel22

You were sitting at your favorite coffee shop, waiting for your friend who was running late yet again. You loved her to pieces, but the girl was never on time.

About fifteen minutes later she finally arrived, storming through the doors looking stressed as always. “I’m so sorry, (YN),” she said, slightly out of breath. “I was just leaving my apartment when my mom called. I tried to hurry it along, but…you know how chatty my mom can be,” Rose said while searching her bag. “Fuck, I left my wallet,” she sighed before sitting down on her chair.

“It’s fine,” you assured. “I got you a coffee… although it might be cold now. You like iced coffee right?” you joked.

She sat down across from you as the two of you got caught up. She had just started her new job as night manager of a nice hotel, and you had been swamped lately with your own business, which was good, but it meant that you didn’t get to see her as often as you wanted.

“We need to have a girls night,” she suggested. “I have next friday off, what do you say? I’ll bring wine,” she said suggestively, bouncing her eyebrows.

“Swap wine with rum and you have yourself a deal,” you countered.

“Oh my god!!! I almost forgot,” she exclaimed loudly, making a few people turn and look at you. “Guess who moved back to town?”


Keep reading

Silver Storm (11/11)

This is it Guys! its a shitty ending , and I’m sorry . But I hope you still like it .xoxoxox

Summary: Hydra took you & turned you into their next asset, your abolities matching the Winter Soldiers. The soldier was assigned as your trainer, infront of others he was hard& cold to you ; but alone he let his walls down, you were eachothers only comfort. After the events Of DC, he disappeared.You were told he abandoned you, that he was on the other side now. It’s been years since you’ve seen him, but what happens when he comes bursting through the doors of your facility?

, bold is readers thoughts *

Pairing: Bucky x reader  , reader x avengers

Warnings: swearing, angst,tiny fluff , violence.

                                               Chapter 11 : The End

 Its been about a week since you were released from Ross’s custody. As soon as you returned you told the team of the hydra agent at he prison.  You all agreed that Hydra is going to make a play to get you back soon.  The entire week you’ve felt like a sitting duck, just waiting for Hydra to strike. They know where you are now, and since you cant really leave, its only a matter of time before they decide to show.

     As you lay with Bucky , him asleep next to you , you stare at the ceiling.  You haven’t really slept since you came back, your anxiety taking control of your mind .  This isn’t fair, they shouldn’t have to fight this battle for me.  Hydra wants me, no one should have to risk themselves , It should just be me.   Theres no way Bucky will agree with me on this , but hes wrong.

    You stay with your eyes on the ceiling until the sun starts to peak through the drapes . You shift your gaze to watch as the sun slowly rises. Soon after you feel Bucky stretch awake behind you .  He scoots closer to you , pulling you onto your back. He props himself up on his elbow , pulling your face to his in a kiss.

“ Goodmorning love.” he says as he pulls back from the kiss. You smile, pulling his lips back to yours. He moves his lips from your lips to your neck , his hand moving from  your bare thigh up to your bra clad chest. Your hand pushes his back down as you let out a giggle.

Originally posted by lovershub

You roll yourself on top of him, cupping his face to lean in for an earth shattering kiss. As things start to escalate , your interrupted by his door flying open. You both whip your heads over, seeing who decided to intrude. You’re met with a blushing, but frantic looking Steve.

“ Uh-I- sorry guys. Buck theres an emergency mission, we gotta go ,now.” Steve says as he keeps his gaze to the floor. Bucky groans, lifting you off his lap and tossing you back to your side of the bed.  He grabs his gear, then darts into the bathroom .

“ You’re all going?” you ask, breaking the awkward silence .

“ Yeah, we were alerted to a Hydra base on the outskirts of the city that’s importing high level weapons. ”

Hydra doesn’t have a base anywhere near the city, and it certainly would take longer to create one. It’s got to be a set up, either for them to get to me, or to the team .

“ Its a setup.”  you say ,getting out of bed to throw on a baggy tee and shorts. Bucky emerges from the bathroom, fully suited up .

Originally posted by go-fandom-imagines

“ Why would you say that?“  he asks, checking over his holsters.

” They don’t have a base near new York, its a setup to get to you , or to me. “ you tell him .

” We cant risk taking that chance . If its not a setup ,then these weapons will get out . If it is, well then we’ll handle it . There is a number of procedures set up incase they make a move on you while we aren’t here. There are other agents still in the tower, you’re safe.“ Bucky says, planting a kiss on your forehead.  Oh honey, I’m not worried about me, I’m worried about you guys you dipshit.

Originally posted by lullabydeffi

The boys say goodbye to you , then start towards the hangar. You watch from the window, waiting to see the jet take off.  As soon as you do , you set into action. Theres no way I’m letting them walk into a setup .  

  You run to Buckys closet, searching through until you find the suit Tony made you hanging in the back. It was the same as Natashas, except it was mostly silver.  Real creative Stark. You roll your eyes as you shed your clothes to slide on the suit. Once its on you start attached the holsters the proper areas.  You begin scheming up a plan in your head, then realization kicks in ,  the damn anklet. 

” FRIDAY,  how far is the base from the tower by vehicle and jet.“

” 40 minutes by vehicle, 15 by jet .“  Perfect.

" I need a few things.  Bring up the technology layout of the anklet , and are any of the agents currently here cleared to fly a jet ? "  You ask as you search Buckys drawers for the weapons to fill your holsters.

” There is a few agents cleared to fly. But miss, I don’t suggest-“

” The technology plans please.“ you repeat. A screen appears infront of you , displaying the anklet and all its details. It takes you a minute to dissect, but it seems fairly easy to get off.  Looks like Ross underestimated my intelligence.  You book it down to Tony lab for the required tools to unlatch the anklet from you .

 You find everything you need, carefully going through the steps to get the device off you . As you reach the final step that would free you , FRIDAY warns,

” Miss, Secretary ross has an alarm system wired into the anklet . As soon as you remove it , you have 60 seconds before he is alerted that it has been deactivated. “  Guess he did think  of everything. Fuck.WAIT.

"FRIDAY,  are you saying if the anklet is reattached around an ankle ,the alert wont be sent out ?”

“ That is correct. ” 

“ Call the cleared agents down here immediately. ”

 Within minutes , you have three agents standing infront of you .

“ Which one of you is the most qualified to fly a jet?” you ask

It takes a minute, but the female agent steps forward.

“ Great! Now, I need one of your ankles. ” You nod at the remaining male agents.  They don’t move, causing you to sigh .

“Listen, the team is in danger. Hydra set them up and they are going in blindly, there isn’t time for you to worry about consequences right now. If you’re really worried about that, then I suggest getting a new job because being an agent isn’t for you if you don’t grow a pair and step up right now.” you bark at the men.

Originally posted by elenasgiblert

The one on the left steps forward, lifting his ankle to the labtable next to yours .

You finally unlatch the anklet and lock it onto his ankle. “ Thank you , go right to the common level, ill have FRIDAY give you clearance. Ross might decide to check my location in the tower and it has to look normal. ” He quickly leaves ,following your orders.

“ And you , you are our ears when we are in the sky . Alert us if anything comes up . Now lets go .” You say , leading the female agent out to the hangar. 

You watch as she enters the location , when the jet takes off you return to the back , double checking over your holsters and trying to prepare for whatever you’re about to walk into .

   From above , you can see a few scattered agents knocked unconscience on the roof.  

“ Call for backup, all agents possible asap. ” you command .

You have the agent drop you on the roof of the base, which was actually a creepy, large, abandoned warehouse.  Of fucking course.  You tuck and roll as you hit the roof, dusting yourself off when you stand.You look to see the roof door dented in.    Steve or Bucky must of gotten impatient.   You pull a gun out , arming yourself as you step through the door.  You sprint down the stairs, halfway down  , you hear grunting as you descend, making you move even faster. When you hit the bottom of the stairs, you stop infront of two metal doors.  I wonder whats behind door #1 . You kick in the doors, stepping through. The scene infront of you stops you in your tracks. There is Hydra agents everywhere, and your team is scattered around the spacious warehouse. You see Wanda, clint, and sam slumped on the floor.  NO.  Natasha is restrained and being beaten by agents, while steve and Bucky are in hand to hand combate with agents, and losing. Tony is sat against a wall, his iron man mask missing, and his eye bruised.  Its party Time.

“Honey, I’m home! ” You yell , gaining all the agents attention. The ones holding Natasha throw her body to the floor, and the others throw Steve and Bucky straight into a concrete wall using some sort of giant gun that sent a blue ray at them . 

“ Where is he.” You ask , referring to the agent from the prison.  Agent Smith walks out of the shadows, a sick smile on his face.

“ Looking for me , darling?” he asks .

“ You wanted me, you got me. Now what Smith? Try to revert me back into your weapon?” you question. He steps infront of you , raising his gun to your forehead.

“ Y/n, no!” you hear Bucky weakly cry.

“  It’s such a shame, wasting such a pretty face. I begged them to keep you as  our pet, just a little plaything . Before you even had the serum you were trying to save the soldier.You  tackled some of our agents to stop them when yo usaw them  wiping the winter soldier. Superiors saw something in you ; potential.  We should of known then , that putting you two together would cause issues."   What the hell is he talking about ?  You ignore what he said, assuming its just a memory you haven’t seen yet.

” You’re not going to kill me.“ you challenge.” I’m too valuable. I know all of hydras secrets, and now I know the avengers as well . Your superiors would never throw out a chance like this. “ 

He laughs, lowering his gun .

” You always were quite smart ,Silver.“  You smile, whipping your gun out and aiming it at him.

Originally posted by brooke-davis

” tsk tsk , don’t do anything hasty now. “

” What did you do to them. “ You ask ,nodding your head at Wanda, Sam ,and Clint.

” You arrived sooner than I planned. They are sedated, I was going to use themt to draw you out . Looks like you figured out it was a trap before the mighty avengers did.“

"Yeah well, what can I say. I’m an overachiever.“  Where is backup?   The rest of the agents begin to circle you , severely outnumbering you.

"Oh Silver, the plans we have for you. Welcome home. First thing you’ll do is kill your friends.“ he says through a smile.  What a sick bastard.  

"That’s where you’re wrong.  I’m not doing anything for Hydra, I am not the weapon you created me to be. I’m an even better one now. “ You say ,your hand flies to your waist, grabbing the small shock pellet stark installed in your belt. You launch it behind you , and as soon as it hits the ground it opens; a ring of electricity pulsing out & taking down the agents near it. Only about a third are hit by it, the rest lunge at you .  And here we go . You launch two more pellets, taking out more agents. When the last ones goes off, Smith begins shooting at you . You dodge the bullets, pulling the opposing agents around you infront of you to shield you. You cant block every hit that was coming at you , but none of them were detrimental. You  can deal with a black eye, busted nose and a few bruises.

 "You’re going to have to be better than that agent. “ you yell as you run and duck behind random crates. You see Bucky& Steve beginning to stand,  the serum must have burned through the tranquilizer.

You watch as they shake it off, then they run into the fight.   I’m going to kill him for not believing me when this is over with .  The sound of more footsteps brings your attention back , you see your backup has arrived.  Smith goes to flee, but you sprint after him.  Bucky goes to follow but you yell,

" I have him ,check on the others ! “ you don’t wait for a response, just take off after Smith .  He runs out of the warehouse , towards a motorcycle hidden behind a truck.  What a fucking pussy , he started this.   You lift your gun, shooting out the tires on the bike. He whips around, taking aim at you but you’re already prepared .You  fire at his hand, hitting your target and knocking his gun out of his grip. He yells at the pain, your bullet clipping his hand from the shot. You take another shot, this time blowing out his knee. He falls to the ground as you approach him .You release another shot to his shoulder, then his stomach

Originally posted by stupidteletubbie

."You think you’re free? You’ll never be free.“ he says through gritted teeth . You laugh , bending down and puling his earpiece out. You know there is always atleast one superior listening in on the comms at all times during a mission. You adjust the piece in your ear,

"This is the only warning you will receive, come after me again , and youll lose more than just one warehouse full of agents. I am not your asset, I’m not a weapon for your manipulation anymore .  You wont stop coming for me , I’m not naïve, but dont underestimate me, or my team. “  You rip the piece out of your ear, throwing it to the ground and stomping on it.  You look to Smith , his breathing shallow.

"So what, you’re going to kill me ? Do it Silver. “ he says , almost pleading.

" You dont deserve a quick death , I’m going to enjoy every minute of watching you suffer through this. “ 

More blood begins pooling around him, he whispers "hail hydra” before his breathing comes to stop. You hear footsteps behind you ,you raise your gun and turn. 

" Its just me.” Bucky says. You lower your gun, walking toward him, as you pass you ask

Originally posted by readytocomply

“ Is everyone okay?”

“ Some are still unconscious , but they should be awake soon. No major Damage. ” He follows you in the building and back up to the roof.  You load onto the jet, with your sedated friends, as Shield agents take care of the warehouse & Hydra agents. As you take off , Tony and Steve walk out from the pilots area. Tony pulls you into a hug, thanking you and praising you for how managed to ditch the anklet.  Steve doing the same, slightly scolding you but at the time sounding proud. When they return to the front, Bucky pulls you into his lap. He wraps his arms around your waist, holding you close to him .

“ Thank you for saving our asses.” he mumbles.

“I’m not going to say I told you so , BUT-”  you start.

“ You know they aren’t goin to stop.” he says against your neck . You pull his face to yours, gently placing your lips on his.

Originally posted by bellamyblakesgun

You lean your head against his as you end the kiss.

“ I’m not worried about it right now .When they come, we’ll handle it. ” you look around to your friends that are starting to wake up, adding  “ together.  ”

Originally posted by the-vampire-diaries-gif


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cityofaangels  asked:

I'm a sucker for tattoo shop AUs (Deep in the Heart of Me is my favorite fic EVER), and I can imagine Tony being the manager of a famous shop, and accepting stray artists that want to find a job and are poor/homeless/lost (among which Bucky, Clint and Nat), and just giving them a goal, a home and a future and ARG

Thank you for reminding me of the beauty that is tattoo AUs!!!! I can’t believe I forgot about this to be honest, I used to adore them in almost every fandom, but I haven’t thought of them in ages until I got your ask! I’m unfamiliar with the fic you’ve mentioned–I don’t read a lot of Stony–but I think I’ll give it a try! But for now, let’s get back to this AU.

I really like the idea of Tony being this crazy, loveable owner of a tattoo shop who hires very questionable people under ridiculous circumstances because he’s insane like that. I also headcanon that said questionable people are very protective of their smol boss because of it.

“What the fuck do you want from me?” the stranger snarls disturbingly animalistic.

“Uhm.” Tony stares at the knife—a real knife and definitely not one for the kitchen—and scruffles a tiny step backwards. Backs against a wall before he has the chance to bring a little more distance between himself and Stranger With Knife.

Damn those walls and the stupid people that build them.

He’s going to die here, alone, in an abandoned backstreet. Where nobody will find his body until they’ll have to hold the funeral with a closed coffin. If they’ll ever find his body.

There’s probably a life lesson in here, about how you’re not supposed to follow unknown men a head taller than you and double your weight in muscles into an abandoned backstreet for one. But Tony’s attention is too fixated on the knife to care much about unimportant details like that.

For once, he hysterically thinks, Rhodey won’t be able to scold me for my messed up priorities.

“I won’t ask again!” the man hisses dangerously. He’s got shaggy hair that could do with a cut and a wash, and his eyes flicker with the same restlessness that drew Tony to him initially.

And fine, he probably shouldn’t have followed the guy. He can see how this could be considered “creepy” by people less fluent in Tony-speak than Pepper or Rhodey. Natasha will undoubtedly slap him—gently, because she’s secretly a poisonous snake who’s adopted Tony as this weird, bumbling kitten that will not get killed by anyone but her—for this later. You know, if there is a later.

“I was wondering if you want to work for me,” Tony blurts out because he can’t think of anything else to say. Also because it’s true.

“I’m not fuckin’ work for hire!” the man growls. “I don’t do that shit anymore, so either back the fuck off or I’ll make sure you won’t need anything anymore!”

Alright. Tony decidedly isn’t going to ask what the guy’s going on about. Nope. Absolutely not. That would just be too stupid, even for him.

“What are you talking about?” he asks and promptly wants to knock himself out. At least that might improve his chances to not talk himself into an early death. Clint will not be impressed if he misses is 8 o’clock appointment tomorrow and he has to cover for Tony—neither will the customer. Clint isn’t useful for anything before eleven in the morning.

The man’s eyes—they’re a cold blue that would look a lot prettier if they weren’t levelling a glacial glare at Tony right now—narrow even further, the knife itching ever so slightly closer towards Tony, and nope, not a fan of that development at all.

“Look,” Tony decides to try and deescalate the situation, “You don’t have to answer that. Actually, please don’t answer that, because this sounds too much like one of those I’d tell you but then I’d have to kill you thingies and Natty would not be pleased if you did. You know, kill me. Unless you tell her I called her Natty again. For some reason she really doesn’t like that? But what do I know, women are weird,” he muses with a shrug.

“Right, I was trying to make a point. See, you could just wave your knife around and possibly- probably kill me, which would really suck. Cause I’m not a big fan of being dead before my liver gives out on me and you don’t look like you’ve got another jacket, and blood is a bitch to get out.” Not that it would be much of a loss, with the oversized, worn down thing the man’s wearing. It looks like it’s being held together by stubbornness and nothing else.

He might have said that last part out loud as well, if the guy’s twitch is anything to go by. Tony can’t decide whether that’s a good thing or not.

“Or,” he hastily continues, “you could listen to my gracious proposal, accept it with genuine appreciation and enthusiasm and in two years we’ll both laugh about this moment.” He finishes with a bright smile and a happy clap. Screw Natasha and Pepper, he can be reasonable and mature. He’s not the one waving a butcher knife around after all.

Said knife is slowly lowered by the stranger who tilts his head to one side in a show curiosity. He seems—amused, almost. Or maybe that’s Tony’s screwed perception of reality talking. Clint’s mentioned he has a problem at one point, something about seeing a ravaging monster and cooing over it and wanting to pet it. Which is nonsense, Tony doesn’t want to pet anything. Except maybe the guy’s hair, once it’s been properly cleaned. And that’s not his fault, it looks like it could be fluffy.

“I’m listening,” he drawls, almost like he’s humouring Tony. The joke’s on him though, because Tony is used to being humoured.

“Do you know Stark Tower? What a stupid question, of course you do, but just in case you don’t, it’s the best tattoo studio in the entire country, trust me on that, and it happens to also belong to me. You’d look great with a couple of tattoos by the way, really help round off that assassin-gone-rough vibe you’ve got there, and I’d totally do them for free or maybe not free. Pepper says I’m not supposed to give people things all the time, but you wouldn’t tell on me, right?”

“Anyways, I saw this,” Tony lifts the crumbled paper he’s rescued from the garbage at the café he’s first noticed Mr Tall, Dark and Knifey—and hadn’t that led to a fun conversation with the waitress—and waves it around as if to stress his point, “and you’ve got some real talent with the abstract design there, because this is amazing and I’d want it as a tattoo, wich says something, my taste is fantastic. Also I’m missing a designer because that asshole Wade keeps running off to do one thing or another and I’m not allowed to hire Peter until he’s legal.”

The guy stares at him in bemusement while Tony tries to catch his breath. Admittedly not an uncommon reaction.

“You’re offering me a job?” he asks after a moment in disbelief—and damn, this guy is catching on to Tony-speak real quick, he’s the right choice all right.

“Yup,” Tony nods. He’s thought he’s been fairly obvious.

“You’ve been following me for two subway stations, three bus stops and a couple of dozen street corners to offer me a job because you saw something I’d scribbled down at a café,” the man repeats incredulous.

Tony shrugs. “I didn’t know how to talk to you. Clint says I come on too strong usually.”

“And you thought stalking me would make me feel more at ease?”

“Well, no.” Tony frowns. “Maybe? I wasn’t—but doesn’t prolonged exposure get you used to someone?”

“Prolonged- never mind,” the guy shakes his head. “You’re crazy.”

A pause, then, “I don’t need a job.”

Tony scoffs. “Have you looked at yourself lately?” he asks, mulls over his words for a moment when the man tenses. “Alright, that might have come across as offensive but seriously. I don’t care if you need a job or not, it’s yours if you want it. Just show up sometime next week and tell Natty I hired you and if Clint is there please throw your knife at him, he’s an ass and screams like a banshee.” Tony searches his pockets for a moment before he finds one of his, admittedly worse for wear, business cards and offers it to Mr Death By Blade.

“You’re crazy,” the man states again, but he takes the card.

“Get used to it,” Tony smiles is sunniest smile because take that Clint, he can hire new staff without getting anyone killed.


“Have you ever even held a tattoo gun in your life? It’s not a real gun, for fuck’s sake! Tony!” Clint is heard screaming in exasperation through the studio a couple of days later. “What the fuck where you thinking when you hired Bucky?!”

Tony doesn’t look up from where he’s carefully drawing the worlds’ prettiest butterfly onto a young woman’s shoulder when he yells back, “Who the hell is Bucky?!”


[Bonus: “You’re taking all this surprisingly well,” Bucky comments at one point.

Clint shrugs. Takes a look at one of the designs over the newbie’s shoulder.

“Tony’s as fucked in the head as they come, but he’s a freaking genius at finding the best. If he’s hired you than that’s what you are. He wouldn’t settle for anything less.”

A moment of thoughtful silence follows, before.

“In three weeks, I’m gonna tell you how he hired Tasha.”

“Why in three weeks?”

“Studio rule. If you’ve made it three weeks without killing anyone, you’re part of the team.”

“Inside the studio or in general?”

“…you’re gonna fit right in.”]

I think I’m having way too much fun with this…

Hello, it’s #optomstudies here again with another Sunday Study Tip on university life! This will be a multi-part series that hopefully will give a unique insight, since I can go on and on about university, and I love giving advice and helping others :)


Probably one of the best things about university depending on who you ask. Uni is the time for creating long lasting impressions on your resume and networking for the future. Everything that you do outside class has a very direct effect on your future career, so get moving, even if you personally hate the stuff.

Everything goes on the AHEGS, which stands for the Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement. It’s supplementary to the testamur that you get for completing your degree, and can really make you stand out, especially if you have a lot of club leadership activities! 

Be passionate about something, anything! :) Uni has such a great variety of societies and clubs that you are sure to find something that interests you. Anywhere from the quaint Tea and Coffee Society to something more niche like PonySoc (for lovers of My Little Pony). A word of caution though: It is better to stay involved in one club for your whole degree than involved in several smaller ones for one or two years. I definitely loved my time as an executive member of Giving Sight, since it was something I was passionate about :)

Try to bring your own food to save money since there are usually quite a few easy-to-access microwaves on campus. Campus food is really expensive, like one of those rectangular disposable boxes of fried rice is $10, those Chinese takeaway boxes with the little handle was $9. That’s like $50 a week. And homemade food you can make to your own tastes and is often healthier!

Finding the best study places! There are a lot of places you can find yourself studying hahaha. Here are a few of my favourites :)

  • Empty classroom - somehow these are rare to find when you need them, in fact you usually spend more time searching. And they usually aren’t available for more than an hour or two.
  • Your faculty’s computer lab - my go-to study place is the optometry computer lab. It’s really nice having a place specifically for optometry students. It’s occasionally taken up by a class, but it’s got aircon, great chairs, big monitors and has a lot more hours where it’s completely empty ^__^
  • Another faculty’s study area - yup, crashing business school for those office-level-over-9000 chairs.
  • Obviously, at the library - best when you’re by yourself, difficult when in pairs or groups unless you rent out a study room. Try not to study on those beanbags - they usually just make you fall asleep - and think of the drool! D:
  • On the lawn - subject to windy weather, muddy pants and stray caterpillars. I’m a vampire and have a phobia of bugs so I usually don’t sit outside unless I have to.
  • Numerous benches and chairs - I sits where I fits.

Find a hobby. Some degrees in uni really do give you the luxury of time, and not any time, but time during the day. Honestly the rare days I get off are just amazing in terms of being able to be at home during the hours of the day. There are so many things you might find yourself doing once you’ve done your study for the day :)

Get a part time job or internship that is related to your area of study on your days off. When I was in high school I didn’t have any part time jobs because I kept thinking that I didn’t have enough time to simultaneously sacrifice weekends and achieve good grades. As a recommendation from a senior, I decided to get a part-time job in dispensing since it gives you an advantage over people who don’t have any work experience. Once you have your foot in the proverbial door, opportunities are easier to come by. 

Improve your skill sets and get career advice by going to career expos. Look up job listings that you’re targeting and identify key skills that you don’t have. Ask the careers advisor for tips on your resume, interviews and landing your dream job. Identify exactly what it is that you want to be doing once you graduate, down to the job title. I’m sure there are many students out there who just know that B Science can land them some lab jobs, but they’re not sure what else. 

Once you know the key skills, do readings on them, take relevant courses, see the topics they teach to see if they have textbooks, read them to get a grasp on the content. Make sure you commit to what you decide to learn; employers can easily spot when somebody just learnt basic C++ for an job. Whatever you study, do it properly - no “learn java in 2 hours!” courses, no “business analytics in 2 days!” courses. It might sound difficult, but these are core skills and it’s to demonstrate your interest in a job opportunity or career; you can say that you want a job, but it’s much better to show you want it. 




Because apparently I love self-inflicted pain and dying and being dead so here’s a short piece I wrote about breaking up with Harry. 

Maybe you and Harry have been dating for a while but you two have been keeping it quiet. He hasn’t done any interviews in a while since the band’s break and all, so how were people supposed to know anyway? But he’s due to be back in the center of everything with the eyes of the world taking in any and every detail he might give. And they’re gonna wanna know- is he still on the market? Is Harry Styles, now solo artist and big screen actor, still single and ready to mingle with these models with the long legs and the silky hair and the lot?

You want him to say no. He’s yours and you’re his and you want to be able to acknowledge that outside of your home. I mean, who brushes their teeth next to him, making silly faces in the mirror and bumping hips while trying not to spit out their toothpaste from all the giggling? Who sends him boring texts about the everyday things, like, “don’t forget tomorrow’s rubbish collection day, put the bin out” or, “saw a man walking with his dog and was sad you weren’t next to me to talk about it” and who knows exactly how he takes his tea (just milk, no sugar, thank you) or how he’ll be too polite to order his sandwich without the tomatoes? All of that are things only you have the pleasure of knowing. So you want him to say no, I’m actually not single, I’ve got a lovely girlfriend, thank you very much.

But you also want him to say yes, I’m single. It would protect you from the inevitable questions and stares that follow the news that Harry Styles is completely and wholeheartedly taken. But more importantly, it would protect him from the added stress of having to address yet another topic that he would rather keep private. Because although he’s papped everywhere he goes and his fans know about his every move, he’s rather secretive and likes to keep certain things to himself. You’ve learned that over the years. His exposure to years of unwavering stares from the public conditioned him to always withhold the important things. Revealing someone like you to the world would be too personal and too intimate for him. That’s unprofessional, ‘s not about the music, ’s between you an’ me, he says.

So when his management asks what you two are going to be telling the world in a few weeks when Harry’s back at it with the interviews and the appearances and the works, you have no answer. They try to persuade you for the millionth time to “just tell a few people and we’ll see where it goes from there.” And you panic. Because “from there” is at the top of a hill with a pebble as your foundation, rolling down down down and building a colossal boulder of hateful comments, wild conspiracy theories and downright abusive actions.

You panic. You absolutely panic. And then you panic even more.

You’re worried and guilty for Harry, who’s suddenly more focused on how you’re feeling about this than on his single that’s due for release in days’ time. You’re worried and guilty for his whole team, which consists of real people whose real jobs entail getting correct and consistent information about Harry Styles™. You’re worried and guilty for his fans, who are awaiting new material from their idol but might get a little more than what they bargained for, should you ever be revealed to them.

“Babe, I don’t wanna hide you,” He’s rubbing a knuckle up and down your cheek as you try to control your breathing, his green eyes full of concern and frustration. You two are finally sitting down about this and considering your options, seriously debating on the pros and cons of hiding or laying it out there. He’s ready to tell everyone- you’re not. This hasn’t been easy for anyone.

“I know you don’t, but wouldn’t it be easier to-”

“I don’t want easy, I want you-”

“Well maybe you shouldn’t want me!” You cry out. After twenty minutes of back and forth, you’re finally losing it. You push his hand away from your cheek, standing up and away from him. You can feel your heart thump against your ribcage like a bass drum, so hard you’re surprised it hasn’t burst through your chest. But you’re certain it will soon as you find the courage to say what you’ve been thinking for the past few days. “Maybe you shouldn’t want me,” you repeat.

“What?” Harry’s brows furrow as he follows suit and stands up to move closer to you and tries to hold you again. “Babe, don’t kid with me right now and let’s just-”

“Let’s end this, Harry.”

And just like that he takes a step back and freezes. “You don’t mean tha’.”

You’re staring up at him sadly, nodding your head to indicate, yes, you absolutely mean it. “You don’t need this right now, with the album, and the movie-” and you would’ve said how much it hurts you to break it off if he didn’t grab your arms and smash his lips against yours.

It’s not so much a kiss as it is tight and desperate and a little wet because you realize you’re crying and he’s crying and he’s whispering plea after plea for you to think about this, baby, you don’t mean that, as if you haven’t talked yourself out of doing this a million times.

But you can’t be selfish about this anymore. You’ve had him for longer than you probably deserve, and it’s time to give him back to the fans, the music critics and the rest of the world. You can’t be selfish in letting him continue on with the relationship, giving him the burden of ending it after a few months of scrutiny. You know that it would be much easier for you to break it off now than it would be for him to break it off later down the line, when he realizes, yeah, this isn’t gonna work.

“I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry,” You whisper against his lips. You’re both clinging onto one another, because you’re both finally accepting what’s going to happen and that it’s for the best. “I’ll always love you, you know?” He nods against your forehead and lets out a sob, and you can’t help but cry even more. “I’m so proud of you, baby. And I know your fans are gonna love your album, so just focus on that, yeah?”

“Please don’t leave me,” he pleads one last time, but you both know that this is it. He’s got to be Harry Styles for now, and you couldn’t bear to get in the way of that.


read part 2 here!

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