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*.:。✧*゚。it makes me sad seeing all these messages being sent into rpts about rps being so clicky and then we complain about rps dying when those messages surely aren’t helping. Theres a lot of things you can do as members and admins to easily avoid or fix this problem, I might make a little guide with tips that I’ve seen that work wonders if people would be interested. It really hurts my heart seeing rps being talked down about like this when admins work really hard to do the best they can.


Giraffe Boy gets a Giraffe Mug for his rainy day at the café ♡


a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house


Pros of watching this masterpiece:

  • Stays close to the source material (though im only on the 3rd episode  so)
  • Niel Patrick Harris as Count Olaf
  • Kronk’s actor is Lemony Snickett
  • gives each book 2hrs, unlike the movie which shoves 3 books into an hour forty-five
  • Montgomery Montgomery exists and is a good uncle
  • this is a great series and everyone should experience it
  • netflix made it so no commercials
  • there are jokes bout the no commercials and other meta jabs


  • There are small bits of filler that might take away from the intense mystery, BUT they aren’t bad and explain a bit
  • its 8 hours of content at least so you might not sleep tonight
  • its only goes to the fourth book this season
  • nothing else, my only complaint is that i cant watch it all tonight.

Please go watch the show, I love these books and more people need to experience this story, its delightfully dreadful.

stop saying “holidays” or “winter” when you mean christmas. changing the word doesn’t do anything, it’s just disingenuous and proves that you don’t know what the real problem is. 

the problem isn’t the word, it’s the culture of christian supremacy and the assumption that everyone is and should be okay with christmas being absolutely everywhere, with our non-christian holidays and traditions being lumped in with christmas as an afterthought, with having to beg for scraps and simultaneously pander to christians ourselves for fear of the accusations of a ~war on christmas~!!! 

the problem isn’t the word christmas, and if you’re talking about christmas, by all means please say christmas. but if you’re doing a concert, or a party, or a WHATEVER, stop and consider why everything about it revolves around christmas?

stop and consider why you think throwing the dreidel song onto your playlist takes it from a christmas playlist to a holiday playlist, stop and consider why your “winter” imagery is red and green and reindeer and other things that are inarguably christmas territory, stop and consider why you can’t frame chanukah in any other terms than “jewish christmas” and you have literally no idea what kwanzaa is

and more often than not the answer is because that’s how you were raised, that’s the society into which you were enculturated, that’s everything you’ve ever learned, and now you have to work on unlearning it.

you can’t secularize the season by changing the word, you can’t magically make it not a problem, you just have to think critically and be a little more sensitive to other people’s perspectives.

daily reminder

me at all times: where is hoshi is he smiling is he eating well is he resting is he happy is he warm n cozy is he being showered in love n kindness is everyone laughing at his jokes does he feel safe n secure is he wearing a jacket it’s cold outside i don’t want him catching a cold does he know how much i love him ..


The Ultimate Dean Winchester Pop Culture Compilation!

This boy sure loves his pop culture! I scoured seasons 1-11 for all the references I could find, and came up with over 350 and I am positive I missed a few (hopefully not your favorite). Enjoy!