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Ready Steady Part 13

Ok, I feel like I really hurt everyone’s feelings with Part 12… so, here you go. Have some more angst. I might have fixed things?

Summary: Reader has just broken Rob’s heart and spends weeks ignoring him. She focuses on a new career in music, but her plans may be derailed when the unexpected happens.

Word Count: 6061

Warnings: mostly angst, mention of vomit which might be gross, fluff

Note: For the sake of the remainder of the fic, I’m using some old Louden Swain songs and making them new ones. Also, as you can tell, my reader is a singer/songwriter and a country girl at heart… so for her, instead of trying to write my own lyrics, I’m using songs by Miranda Lambert and claiming them as the reader’s own. Hey, this way, you can listen to the actual songs after you read!

In this part, the Reader performs “Things That Break” by Miranda Lambert.

Another Note: There’s a lot of time jumping going on here, I just wanted to get it across that the reader hasn’t seen or spoken to Rob in a couple of months.

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The following weeks were not easy. You had collected your things from Rob’s place and left, holing yourself up in a hotel for a while. You followed through with the restraining order against Chris, knowing that it might be the only thing you could do to get him to leave you alone. You did your part, filing the paperwork, receiving a temporary restraining order for a while, and then having to attend a court date. The hardest part of it all was being in the same room as him. You were forced to relive the past abuse, something that had never really come easy to you. You had enough proof that he was dangerous to you; threatening text messages and a photo of your most recent run in with him, which Rob had insisted on taking after he had seen the bruise. You felt grateful to him for that since you didn’t have anyone to serve as a witness to the past few years of your relationship with Chris.

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Yours (nyxnoct prompt)


This is for @jasperraven so I ended up combining two of yours, so here is #38. “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.” nyxnoct (maybe in the somnus world?) and #59. “I’m yours.” nyxnoct (fluff maybe smut but only if you want to)… well you got the smut so enjoy, asdfghjkl.

Just wanna note that this is like.. Wow, I was so nervous cuz of the smut cuz I just don’t do smut. So please… be nice to me and thanks to the few ppl (you know who you are) who read parts and helped me and encouraged me on my way! Also sorry for any mistakes… I only did a quick grammar check instead of my more through one cuz I was really nervous. I might go back later and fix it up more. XD

If you’d like to read it on A03 you can here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/11306061

Pairing: Nyx/Noct

Contains sex and other such situations so read at your own risk.


It was late, the lights from the city below giving what little light there was in the room as the two watched one another. Nyx had his back to the headboard, slouched to one side and onto his elbow. His free hand carded through pitch black locks, humming lightly as dark pools watched him. The knight paused as pale fingers rose, entwining the long braids around his fingers as icy blue eyes closed in contentment.

“Don’t stop,” nuzzling his face into the older’s chest, Noctis breathed in and chuckled. “You have a nice voice.”

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more klance in skirts bc!! it’s!! important!!


Mchanzo Week- Canon Divergence/AU

In which the hunter falls for the lord of wolves~

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“Yes, he knew what those eyes meant. He’d been a sailor long enough to know eyes like that; eyes with slits for pupils that glowed like the moon.

A gift for my beautiful and talented @samatura because I love her writing! I can’t wait to read more!! 

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Giraffe Boy gets a Giraffe Mug for his rainy day at the café ♡


I realised that A.C.E are terribly underappreciated and decided to fix it.Please go and support them, they really deserve it.




Mostly-vegetarian Sero meets carnivorous Kirishima, loss of trust ensues 

More of the Mononoke!AU Klance lovin’. I forgot this scene where San angrily smashed the crystal dagger into Ashitaka’s chest, but then she noticed that the curse has completely spread across his torso. Ashitaka has such a resolute expression on when he gathered San into his arms and apologized for not being able to save the forest. What a beautiful scene ;_;
by the way, the V on Lance’s shoulder glows blue when he feels an intense emotion. It’s a v.cool idea by my buddy @nut-tastic <3 tq mah bro

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