i might even love you

Even if you called 6 months later at 3 am, I’d still answer; I’ll always care.
—  Unknown


Here to shake things up

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Lance: (lying down on the floor, smiling)

Pidge: what are you doing?

Lance: stargazing

Pidge: what? But we’re indoo— (looks up at the ceiling, which is covered with pictures of Hunk) oh. (Lies down next to Lance) don’t mind if I do

Lance: (nods)

Keith: (walks in) hey guys what are you doi


( because the world needs more salt && complications. feel free to change up the context or pronouns! )

❛❛ No. No, no, no — you really don’t want me as a soulmate. ❜❜
❛❛ So, you’re the unfortunate soul stuck with me. ❜❜
❛❛ Can we just - forget about this? ❜❜
❛❛ We’re not meant for each other. Trust me. ❜❜
❛❛ You’re my soulmate? Wow - talk about a let-down. ❜❜
❛❛ We were only supposed to be friends. ❜❜
❛❛ Something’s wrong with this shit system. We are not soulmates! ❜❜
❛❛ How is that I love them more, when you’re my soulmate? ❜❜
❛❛ I know how you look at him - even though you’re not his. ❜❜
❛❛ Please, believe me. You are not my soulmate. You can’t be. ❜❜
❛❛ I don’t want a soulmate. ❜❜
❛❛ Find someone else - I don’t need this in my life. ❜❜
❛❛ No way - I can’t have TWO soulmates. ❜❜
❛❛ I’m not very good with commitment, or soulmates, or love. ❜❜
❛❛ Oh - this. This is a joke. Very funny. You can call April Fools now. ❜❜
❛❛ I’m not good enough for you. This is wrong. ❜❜
❛❛ Life is cruel, huh? Pairing us together like this. ❜❜
❛❛ To think we were fated to grow old together makes my stomach turn. ❜❜
❛❛ Why is fate such a bitch? Why are you a bitch? ❜❜
❛❛ This wasn’t supposed to be real. It was a joke. ❜❜
❛❛ I don’t know what’s worse. The fact you love them, or the fact I love you. ❜❜
❛❛ I’m not suddenly trusting you with my heart! Or anything! ❜❜
❛❛ I wish I could clean this mark off with some fate-Windex or something. ❜❜
❛❛ Scary, right? Tied to a person you might not even know. ❜❜
❛❛ I can’t trust you to love me. Not fully. ❜❜
❛❛ We weren’t supposed to fall in love like this. ❜❜
❛❛ I’m going to be frank, && say I have zero attraction to you. So this is a mistake. ❜❜
❛❛ We’re rivals. Not soulmates. We’re supposed to be at each other’s throats. ❜❜
❛❛ Things were better before this stupid mark, & stupid fate. ❜❜
❛❛ I’ve tried. You can’t cut the string. I’ve tried, trust me, I’ve tried. ❜❜
❛❛ This mark. It appeared this morning. I don’t want it - I. Don’t. Want. It. ❜❜    


she’s superhuman laura do you really think she couldn’t hear (x)


Sometimes you just gotta drop everything and draw the ot3. You just gotta.

he tells him in the thick of the sooty-purple night with his hand so soft on the curve of his cheek: 

“i tried to kill myself, before.” 

and isak forgets how to leave his breath out.

forgets to take another in.

lifts his eyes to even’s and looks

he thinks about how even smiles with his whole body in the morning while he picks chocolate-chips out of his croissant, and how he pours isak’s cup of tea before his own. 

how he holds his sketchbook at an angle on the bed of his knees, and curls his fingers round the pencil gripped in his hand.. 

how he wraps woolly scarves so gentle around isak’s neck and ties it deftly before dusting a kiss to the tip of his nose. 

even is so soft, so gentle, so kind.

and isak wonders- he wonders, through the tears clustering between his eyelashes. he wonders– he can’t. 

“i love you,” he whispers, the words a huff of his shoulders, and he’s curling closer to him, dragging even tighter into his body with his hands in fists in his shirt. needs him closer, needs him real, needs him right there in his arms. and the words are shivering out of him, terrified to the core - of this possibility, of this wide-open gaping chasm where even might not have existed any longer, “i love you, you can’t, i love you, i love you so much, even, no-”

even lets isak hold him. 

and he closes his eyes. 

anonymous asked:

Okay so in Batman Beyond there's an episode where Bruce and Terry go see a 'Batman Musical', just imagine that goes on in Gotham and Jason finds out and asks(forces/tricks) the batfam to go.

i’m finally answering this! i had a really rough week, which is why this took a while, but i kept thinking about this prompt and laughing, so thank you for that.

and on that note: are you serious, that’s amazing. i vaguely remember watching batman beyond but i don’t actually remember all that much about it. i’ll need to look this up.

but yes. yes. i want this to be a Thing.

i want to imagine it as something between holy musical b@man! and the ember island players. like. just picture the kind of crazy misinformed shit that these people are tossing into the mix because what’s the truth and what’s the lie, no one knows, they’re going to make a musical about batman and his however many kids/sidekicks anyway

(they people putting on this play are probably college students)

(stephanie has probably dropped by to help with set designs and laughed herself sick in the process)

getting back on track, how does jason find out about it?

there are two ways i think it could happen. one: jason loves lit. we know this. he collected first editions with alfred and bruce when he was a kid. in my personal experience, if you like lit, you almost definitely like theater in some sense as well. at the very least you’ve read plays. 

jason holds his goddamn red hood helmet like he’s hamlet and it’s yorick.

trust me, he likes plays.

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Sometimes i think about how weird it must be for the skam actors, for example now Henrik and Tarjei, not to touch each other anymore. And no, i don’t mean this in a weird “i ship people in real life” way. Not at all. Hear me out.

I just mean that imagine how much time they have spent next to each other. During takes and between takes. How many times they laid next to each other in a scene and they called cut and they just stayed there because they’d go soon again anyway. Just imagine how comfortable you’d start being with a person. Yes, you are playing characters, but it’s still your body that’s laying there. Even when excluding all feelings and thoughts, It’s your body that can feel someone else’s body next to yours.

People always ask about the kissing. About how weird it is and all that. But for me small touches, hugs, hands on thighs and in someone’s hair, is way more personal and intimate than simply a kiss. Because you can kiss a stranger, but you need trust to let someone simply touch you. And these actors and these boys have gotten to the stage where they can in a scene stroke each others hair even if it’s not in the script, or out of the blue kiss each other on the cheek. These boys got so comfortable that they could kiss on live tv, without a warning or a reason. 

Or not without a reason. Skam was the reason. 

And now it’s in the past.


you bet i do and you bet i made it as tooth-rottingly sweet as possible 



  • Please Know That I’m Yours to Keep by pressurerin
    Summary: Hogwarts!au; “Remember how I was making amortentia for my final potions project? Well, Isak ate some. And now…” Even gestured towards the way Isak was currently trying to lick his neck. OR; Even accidentally gives Isak a love potion.

  • I Guess I’m Floating by overestless
    Summary: Living with Isak causes Even to discover some of his habits.

  • all things soft and beautiful and bright by anathema (azirapha1e)
    Summary: Isak should’ve known it was a bad idea from the second he saw the Pinterest recipe, but - Well. He’s never claimed to be any good at saying no to Even.


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classy-sassy-enjolrassy  asked:

What would one have to do to get more dragon Enjolras and Grantaire? I can offer you my second born cuz I think I promised my first born to someone already

[Do not offer me your children, I have a problem with wanting to adopt everything and everyone as it is. But thank you! And here is some more…]

Combeferre is pleased with the attic he rents in one if the bigger houses in the town. He’s lived there for a while now and it suits him perfectly. Mrs Houcheloup is a kind landlady and even though Combeferre is sure she knows about his condition she never feels the need to bring it up. She clearly hasn’t told the neighbours either. “Such a hardworking young man,” he has overheard them saying. He must never take a day off, you only ever see him out and about in the evening.“

There is a knock at his door and Combeferre gets up from his desk with a smile. Living here has been even more pleasant since Enjolras and his parents moved to town. But Combeferre really hadn’t suggested their coming here for selfish reasons. The people in this little seaside town are particularly tolerant of occult species, it’s really a much better environment for his young friend.

“Good evening,” he says, opening the door for Enjolras. “Come in.”

“Likewise and thank you,” Enjolras replies, stepping inside and shrugging off his coat.

“Tea?” Combeferre offers.

“Please,” Enjolras smiles.

Combeferre puts the kettle on and gives him an enquiring look. “You’re looking particularly sun-kissed today.”

“I spend a lot of time outside lately,” Enjolras says happily.

Combeferre smiles. He still misses the sun, but he knows his friend hasn’t been sunbathing. “You spend a lot of time at the beach, you mean,” he says amusedly.

Enjolras makes a huffing sound, but it’s followed immediately by a squeak as a shower of sparks spills from his lips. “Damn!” He blurts, swatting them out of the air before they get the chance to reach the piles of old books Combeferre has lying all around.

Well, that is unusual. Combeferre gives Enjolras a bemused look. “Has that been happening a lot?” he asks curiously.

“I don’t know what’s wrong,” Enjolras says, cheeks burning with embarrassment. “It’s like being fourteen again!” He pulls a face.

“That isn’t that long ago,” Combeferre points out with a grin.

“Shut up,” Enjolras grumbles, but he’s already laughing slightly at himself.

Combeferre laughs affectionately. He is forever grateful that he wasn’t turned at that age. That would  have been an ordeal. Suddenly a thought occurs to him. He puts down Enjolras’ cup of tea and clears his throat. “So you’ve been sparking again, but only recently.”

“Yes,” Enjolras sighs uncomfortably.

“And it happens at random?” Combeferre asks, in as neutral a tone of voice as he can command.

“Mostly when I’m outside luckily,” he replies.

Combeferre’s mouth twitches. “Could I suggest a possible reason?” he asks, trying very hard to keep from smiling.

“Please!” Enjolras says without hesitation. “Your advice usually helps a lot.”

“Let me just test something,” Combeferre says. He reconsiders and adds: “Would you mind standing over the sink while I do?”

Obediently Enjolras comes to stand by the sink, lowering his head a little just in case.

Combeferre leans on the counter thoughtfully, waits for a moment and then says nonchalantly: “So, tell me about Grantaire.”

“What about him?” A veritable shower of sparks lands in the sink. “Oh!” Enjolras gasps and then, turning to Combeferre with a look of mild horror and great embarrassment: “Oh…”

“Well,” Combeferre laughs and he hands Enjolras his tea. He had rather suspected his friend was a little more fond of the selkie than he was letting on, but he hadn’t counted on it having this kind of effect. It makes a certain amount of sense though. Dragon fire is very much tied to emotion and emotions are rather hard to control if you haven’t realised your having them yet. Which, judging from Enjolras face, seems to have been the case here. “Why don’t we go sit outside for a while?” he suggests smilingly. “You don’t have to tell me about Grantaire of course, but I have been told talking often helps to…sort things out.”

Enjolras swallows, cheeks as red as the smattering of scales under his eyes. “Uh, yeah,” he says unsteadily. “Yeah… That sounds good.”

how to care until it hurts. (a nine step program)

1. find comfort in their words and home in their soul.

2. know your limitations and stride past them. reach out and discover what it is you so desperately crave.

3. allow them to reach into your stomach and hang cocoons of brilliantly colored butterflies from your ribs.

4. build your personal style around the scars that decorate your neck and drape across your shoulder blades. they’ll want to see them.

5. be reckless with your heart and careful with theirs. they will never know how much of yourself you have thrown into caring for them.

6. be more honest with them than you have ever been with yourself and try not to think too hard about why these words suddenly slip from your throat as if you ever wanted them to.

7. never tell them how much you care. never tell them the way your heart beats faster when they call you this or tell you that. never let them see how their every action seals your heart in a hard wax shell of love.

8. be in love.

9. never say love.

—  r.g. | how to care until it hurts