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Master Fanfiction/One Shots Post:


Just Cute:

Today Your Barista Is…- Nico’s a barista and his coworker Percy decided to have a little fun with the menu sign outside. 

The Overdue Book- After waiting for a book for weeks, Nico decided to track down the idiot who won’t turn it in.

Don’t Throw Books at the Cute Guy- After getting in trouble for throwing a book at an annoying guy in class, Nico finds himself stuttering a somewhat sincere apology.

My Neighbor is a Stripper- After several months of trading smiles with the mysterious neighbor at his apartments, Nico runs into him in a very awkward situation.

Lab Accident- After missing out on a lab in class, Will has to make it up after school with the school’s It Boy and he can’t help how clumsy he is.

Please Save Me from the Train Creep- Will asks a stranger’s help to get a creepy guy on the train to stop staring at him. 

Those Are NOT Mine- After fooling around with his secret boyfriend, an accidental memoir is left behind. 

Cafe Discount, Maybe- The cafe has a Valentine’s Day Discount for couples, so… why not pretend? 

Don’t Flirt With My Boy-FUCK- After a mutual decision to go to a party separately, Nico is trying not to make it obvious he’s jealous when someone flirts with his secret boyfriend.

Drunk Confessions- “We were drunk and confessed love to each other and on the next day everyone congratulate us about getting together and this is awkward because we don’t remember anything”

Who Are Those People- The very hot very mysterious boy living across the hall in his college dorm seems to always have someone new over, and Will is burning with curiosity to know what they do all night.

Oh No, the Landlord’s Hot- Nico makes a petition to lower the rent and is surprised when one resident challenges the sense behind it. (Spoiler alert, it’s the landlord.)

(Mortal) Camp Half-Blood- Camping is never fun, but it could be with a cute camp leader….

The Least You Could Do- After a messy break up, Nico wants to show he can move on and date someone else… even though they might not know it. 

Soccer Injuries- After getting hurt in a soccer game, Nico can’t help but get flustered by the volunteer medic helping him. 

Tacos- New to college, Nico can’t keep a proper diet. Good thing he has a friendly neighbor. 

Just A Little Lost- An art major in the science department… oops. But hey, there’s a very hot neuroscience major willing to help. 

Hello, Are You My Date?- A very attractive boy goes up to Will thinking he’s his blind date. Now Will finds himself in the best date he’s ever had… but his name is Alex now.

Who the Hell Are You?- After taking a break from work, Will returns to see someone else in his spot. Not only is his new worker arrogant and annoying, he’s also flirtatious and… confusing. 



Not Said to Me- Ways You Said “I Love You” Prompt

Just Stay Awake- It was supposed to be their anniversary, not a tragedy. 

A Promise to Myself- *Trigger warning: Cheating* Nico finds some very unnerving messages on Will’s laptop… but Will wouldn’t do that. 

White Horse- *Trigger warning: Cheating* Inspired by several Taylor Swift songs, follow the rise and fall of Nico and Will’s relationship.

The Story of Us- Closure to the story above.

Forever Yours & Forever Mine-  *Trigger warning: violence, abuse (not sexual)* Falling in love with a psychopath could be deadly. This story contains descriptive violence. Reader’s discretion is advised. THIS IS SIMPLY TO GO WITH THE HALLOWEEN THEME. 


Nightmares and Solace- Nico struggles with his trauma and can’t sleep without the help of his new friends in the Apollo cabin, and of course his very sweet boyfriend. 

Flowers and Tattoos- A tattoo artist used to prejudice catches the eye of a kind florist assistant across the street. Now every day he gets to work, there’s a new flower with a new meaning waiting for him. 

A Whisper in the Ear- The Way you said I Love You Prompt 

The “Straight” Roommate- Nico knows he’s straight. And he’s not homophobic…. So why does his roommate’s gay relationship bother him so much?

A Prank Gone Too Far- Will and Nico just wanted to prank their friends into thinking they were dating… they weren’t supposed to believe it. 

About Kit-Kat- Will’s cat keeps disappearing. To Will’s shock and excitement, his cat managed to befriend his favorite author. 

My First Kiss Went a Little Like This- Worried that Nico might not actually like him, Will asks Nico how long it’ll be before he shows a little more affection than just holding hands. 

You’re a Song- After looking on at a few or more dance rehearsals at his performing arts school, Nico finds himself entranced by one specific dancer. 

Everything’s Bigger Better in Texas- New to the state, and new to college, Nico manages to befriend a local that might turn into something more. Who could resist that Texas twang?

The New Kid- There’s a new boy in school and no one seems eager to say hi. Except for Will. 

Sick Days- Nico came down with the flu, and of course his doctor boyfriend is there to nurse him to health. 

Gravity- Based on Twilight’s “imprinting,” Nico, who takes the alpha position on accident, finds himself imprinting on a boy. 

Mix of Angst and Fluff:

I Never Meant to Fall in Love- From the first date to the possible last, Nico and Will never meant to fall in love, and now that they have, they don’t want to let it go either. 

Fireworks- After three little words make Nico panic, he immediately regrets what he did, but has no idea how to fix it. 

Just A One Night Stand- No one ever wants much to do with him. So why would Will be any different? He just didn’t expect to see him the next day….

Roommates and More- After witnessing a traumatizing death at the hospital, Will gains the courage to finally make a move on the roommate he’d been crushing on for months. 

Burn- With inspiration from Hamilton’s soundtrack, this one shot is about Nico and Will building the dream relationship only for a mistake and secret exposed to ruin it. Forgiveness is hard to reach…. Can you imagine?

Soulmate AUs:

Our Handwriting- They weren’t supposed to be the leads in the school play. They weren’t supposed to become friends. Their handwriting however says otherwise. 

The Song In My Head- Will can’t get old Disney songs out of his head, and Nico can’t stop recalling songs he’d never heard before. 


The Big Day- The day Lily is born, the day Will and Nico finally get to hold their little girl. 

A Day at Home- Nico being a stay-at-home dad. 

Just a Joke- Lily comes home crying and neither Will or Nico know why or how to fix it. 

I Saw Mommy Daddy Kissing Santa Claus- Christmas morning, Santa is the enemy for Nico and Will’s daughter. 

Flightless Bird- After losing newborns to an unknown disease, Will can’t help but wonder what he’d do if that was his baby girl with her life on the line. 


(these are literally between 1-4 paragraphs long based on requests.)

Dear Diary                 Temptation / Temptation pt.2

Hot Pepper Improv    Card Games

It’s a Texas Thing       Lazer Tag

IKEA shit                    Domesticity

Gender Norms            Mistletoe

Not Again                    Novels

Hair Braiding               War and Tears



(all of these except OatS have links to the next chapter at the end of the previous chapter)

Nemesis AU (5 parts)- Will made up a boyfriend to get his mom to stop worrying over his single state. But now she wants to meet him.

Carnival AU (4 parts)- After meeting at a carnival, Nico can’t stop thinking of the blond who’d managed to stay in touch after a chance meet. 

What Is This Feeling (5 parts)- Two classroom rivals get paired for an assignment. What else could go wrong?

Secrets of the Sea (11 parts and counting?)- A pirate AU, not sure if I will continue it.

One and the Same (24 parts and counting?)- A fantasy AU in which Nico is a vampire, Will is a werewolf, and neither know about the other. Use the list of links, I wasn’t able to connect them all, there’s too many lol. 

Your Wish Is My Command (7 chapters)- Nico discovers a genie in an old Arab artifact. The last thing he wants to do is make his third wish. 

Inverse!AU (6 parts and counting!)- Nico wakes up to see Bianca looming over him… and to a cabin full of siblings…. and to Will Solace being known as “the creepy Hades kid.” 

The Exception (4 parts)- As someone who doesn’t believe in love, Nico is challenged when he begins experiencing new emotions for a heartbroken boy. 

I Now Pronounce You Will and Nico (7 parts)- Based off I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. 

Fire Meet Gasoline (9 parts)- *Trigger Warning: cheating* After seven years, Nico and Will meet again… through their boyfriends. A little catching up never hurt anybody…. Right?

Warm Me Up (39 parts)- Depression keeps a person from trusting and opening up. It leads to self destructive tendencies. Nico has suffered this for a long time, and no on has been able to understand or make it easier. Until the right person hears his song. Link is to the full index of the story :)

No Vacancy (Ongoing)- After the death of his mother, Will doesn’t think he’ll ever be the same. But the siblings next door show him that maybe, that’s okay. And the boy? Well, Will may not have to be his picture perfect self to catch his eye.


Just Cute:

Despacito- Dancing is not Keith’s thing, but he can’t say no to the very music driven Lance. 


Drunk Mistakes- Lance being drunk leads to a few mishaps and confessions.


Barrio Slums and More (ongoing)- Lance was the special one, the one who made it to college, and Keith was the distant crush. But the summer after freshman year, the year Lance dropped out, shows that there’s more to both than their high school image.



The Lost Poet- Having a boyfriend is hard. Having a boyfriend and a kid is harder. Especially when your kid doesn’t know you like guys. 

Sick of Losing Soulmates

Jughead x Reader 

You and have Jughead have been dating for a while when suddenly he becomes distant, and you discover it’s for more than one reason. This takes place around the time Jughead is living under the stairs. Based on the song by Dodie Clark

Warnings: so many emotions

Word count: 1,980

A/N: I really like building fics off of songs, so I might continue to do it. I wanted this one to be a bit more realistic, so it kind of follows the events of 1 x 07, just with the reader added in. I really tried to make it match the feeling of the song. I wouldn’t say no to any Jughead requests, just send me an ask!

what a strange being you are

god knows where i would be

if you hadn’t found me 

sitting all alone in the dark

You were always the girl that was early, always the girl waiting for her friends to arrive so you could walk with them in the hallways. Archie, Veronica, Betty, and your boyfriend Jughead were your core group of friends. In fact, they seemed to be your only friends.  

It was approaching your one year anniversary with Jughead, actually, and it’s taken you by surprise because time seems to pass faster here, especially with a boy you’ve only fallen deeper in love with every single day. It’s been almost one whole year since you moved to Riverdale and became absolutely smitten with the boy in the beanie. It only took him a week to ask you out, though, going from an enigma to your boyfriend in the span of a few days. 

It was a fairy tale come to life, at least that’s what it seemed like to you. The dark brooding boy soon opened up to you about everything, and you did the same, forming a relationship built on trust. There were late night movies, walks down the river, sly glances and touches when with the group, cute nicknames, and wearing his beanie whenever you weren’t in public. Everyone knew you guys as a couple, “(Y/N) and Jughead against the world” they would say. 

That all seemed to come to a crashing halt about about a month ago. You had noticed him becoming distant, drawing away from you at Pop’s and declining plans to hang out. It was like you barely existed in his world anymore, he seemed to take more of an interest in solving the murder now a days, and you didn’t seem to understand why. In turn, because you haven’t spoken that much you haven’t had the chance to tell him your parents were getting a divorce, and that you and your baby brother were going to live in separate households.

The day before your one year anniversary you walk into school promptly an hour before everyone else. You were always the girl that was early, always the girl that was waiting. 

It was peaceful, in a sense. No one roaming the halls to crash into, the classrooms looking like ghost towns as you pass each one making your way to the stairwell at the end of the hall. You haven’t taken this path in a long time, and you’ve nearly forgotten what this intersection is like when it’s not packed with students. 

You stop to glance into one of the rooms when there’s a sudden creak of hinges behind you. You turn around to see no one else but Jughead, hair tangled and old worn clothes on. He had a towel in his hand along with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

“Jug? What are you doing here?” you ask, trying to piece together the puzzle right before your eyes. In this moment your boyfriend seemed to transform right back into that enigma he had been when you first met. 

“Making use of the schools state-of-the-art-facilities…” he replies unconvincingly, unable to make eye contact. 

“Jug…” you make your way towards him, and he doesn’t object when you move him aside. He was living like Harry Potter, a boy under the staircase. There was a make shift cot with some of his shirts and his backpack, only the bare essentials. 

“Have you been living here?” you ask. The question wasn’t accusatory, but filled with hurt that your boyfriend hadn’t felt like he could come to you about this. He knew that both of your parents loved him, he knew they would take him in, so why hadn’t he talked to you about it?

“Please don’t tell anyone, (Y/N), please.” he pleads, pulling you out of the closet gently by the arm, looking into your eyes. 

“Tell? I wouldn’t tell, Jug.” I assure him, pulling him into a hug. He wraps his arms around me and for some reason I feel as if he needs this moment more than me. I pull away and look him in the eyes, “but why didn’t you tell me?” I ask, daring him to tell me something wasn’t going on.

“It’s not your burden to bare.” he says, “walk me to the showers?” 

“Jug, you’re my boyfriend, you could have stayed with me.” I tell him, saying the words we both knew out loud.

He takes my hand and begins pulling me down the hallway towards the boys locker rooms in the gym. 

“And that’s the exact reason I didn’t tell you.” he says, “I don’t want you to feel responsible for me.” 

You reach the showers and lean in to give him a light peck on the lips before he disappears inside. You realize that if you hadn’t shown up to school early, or been by the staircase, you never would have found out. Jughead wouldn’t have told you. 

While he’s in the shower, you wander back down the hall to the closet under the stairs. You open and close the door, letting the darkness fall around you as you sit on his mattress. 

It’s only when you feel the dampness on your cheeks that you realize you’ve started crying. You grab a hold of one of his sweatshirts and pull it close, crumpling it in your arms to get the most of his scent. You haven’t realized how much you’ve missed his scent, missed him telling you everything, no matter how bad it was.

The door opens sooner than expected and Jughead is staring down at you, now in his jeans and t-shirt.

“I’m going to need that back.” he says with a small smirk, not noticing your tear stained cheeks. You try to avoid sniffling, but whatever made you start to cry hasn’t let you stop.

He ruffles his hair in the makeshift mirror before finally taking notice, and as soon as he does his arms are around you, holding you close. His arms wrap around your waist, pulling you close. Your head rests on his chest as he draws circles with his thumb on your arm. 

“Forsythe Pendleton Jones the third,” you scold, looking up at him. All of your resolve melts as you see him looking back at you, “I’ve missed you.” you whisper.

“I’ve missed you too, princess.” he says. He holds you there until the school bell rings.

what the hell would i be without you?

brave face talk so lightly, hide the truth

“Call my dad.” he says as he passes you, Archie and Betty in the hallway later that day. 

“Of course.” you and Betty respond at the same time.

You and your friends make their way down to the station not soon after. You’ve tried his dad’s cell at least half a dozen times, and his home phone is going straight to voicemail. You’re the first one into see Jug when you get there.

“I didn’t do it, you have to believe me.” he says as soon as you walk in. His hands are clasped tightly together on the desk. His voice is rigid yet calm, and you can tell that he’s doing everything he can to maintain his composure. 

“Of course I believe you, Jug. All the evidence they have is circumstantial.” you say, reaching your hands out to grasp his. You can see the release of tension almost immediately on contact. He lets out a sigh and looks up at you with lost eyes.

“Is my dad here yet?” he asks. He seems desperate, grasping at the idea that his father may have actually showed up for once. If there was one thing that hadn’t changed in the past month, it was how Jug’s father was absolute shit at being a dad. 

“Archie’s dad is here with him, so is Betty.” you break the news, intertwining your fingers with his. He looks down and nods, not saying anything. 

Not soon after, Jughead is released, thanks to Archie’s dad. You walk out of the station hand in hand with him, when you see his father walking up towards you.

In a blink of an eye Jughead has released your hand and is facing off with his father. “He’s my son-” you hear among the chaos, “let me give them a piece of my mind-” You have to take a deep breath and refrain yourself from telling off his dad in front of everyone. Everything stops as Jughead looks his father dead in the eyes, and then back to you. You stand next to him, intertwining your fingers with his. Jug pulls you away before anything else can be said, leading you towards your house.

He doesn’t say a word all the way there, but you can feel his hand shaking in yours, his other hand going to his eyes every few minutes to wipe away what you could only expect were tears. 

“Jug-” you begin, but he stops you with a kiss. It was soft and gentle, with all of the emotion he had been holding in for the past month suddenly placed upon your lips. You let the moment pass in silence, and when he releases your lips you notice his eyes have become red and slightly puffy.

You envelope him in a hug, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him close, his head tucked into the crook of your neck. He’s shaking against you, so you just hold him. You would hold him until the world ends, even if it was falling apart around you. 

You silently pull him inside, walking up the stairs to your bedroom.

You lay down next to each other, falling into position as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Your head on his chest, his hands on your back drawing the circles you love so much. His eyes aren’t as red anymore. You look up to him and give him a small peck on the lips. 

“Don’t leave me.” he whispers against your lips.

“Why would I ever do that?” you ask, smiling softly.

“Because I’ve been lying to you this entire time.” he says, holding you so tight because he feels that if he lets go he might lose you forever. 

“I don’t care, Jug. You’re here now, and I’m not going anywhere.” you tell him, reassuring that you aren’t planning on moving any time soon.

i can finally see you’re as fucked up as me

so how do we win?

Jughead spent the night into your one year anniversary. You couldn’t send him back to the school, and he certainly didn’t seem in a rush to get back to the house. You hadn’t realized how deep his demons had gotten in the past month, and now that you had you weren’t going to let them get any deeper.

“Where were your parents last night?” he asks as you lay there in the morning, a bundle of limbs and the clothes from the night before. His beanie next to him on the pillow, his hair out and wild. His hair without his beanie was so much better, you decided. 

“I guess we both haven’t told each other things.” you admit, “they’re getting a divorce. It’s been pretty bad.” you snuggle in closer, trying to block out the rest of the world.

“Now why didn’t you tell me?” he asks.

“Don’t quote me back to me,” you chuckle, “you seemed pre-occupied, with the murder and everything. Your novel.”

“(Y/N),” he says, shifting the position so that you’re looking in his eyes, “Nothing could ever be more important than you. Ever. From here on out. I promise.” he says firmly, gripping you tight. 

“I promise, Jug.” You repeated, placing a kiss on his lips, cementing that promise for not only your first year, but many years to come. 

Faith | 2

Originally posted by rapnamu

Chapters: [1]

Pairing: Namjoon X Reader

Word Count: 3,569

Genre & Warnings: Fluff & Smut….and ANGST. I’M SORRY. 

Notes: This chapter seems a bit fragmented because it takes place over the period of a year. I wanted to show how good and cute they were together. 

“Where are your pants?”

You glance up from your movie to see Namjoon had let himself in again. This was slowly becoming the norm over the past month that you’d been seeing each other, and you found that it didn’t bother you in the slightest. In fact, you were pretty sure it gave you those warm, tingly, butterfly feelings everyone always went on about. 

“I’m sorry, sir, but in this household, we follow a no pants rule. The only exception is pajamas or if we have to wear pants to leave the apartment.” You pat the empty seat next to you on the couch and watch as he kicks off his shoes and pants before dropping into it, obviously exhausted. 

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AO3 Support

Disclaimer: I’ve been volunteering for the AO3 Support team for about 3 years, and am currently co-chair.  However I’m speaking only for myself, not on behalf of AO3 or anyone else on the team. These are merely suggestions based on my own experience and work patterns!

So you ran into a problem with AO3 or have a question about the site and you need to submit a support request! Great, we’re here to help! However, there are some things you can do to help us help you better. We’ll still answer even if you do none of these things - we answer all the tickets that come in, apart from spam and duplicate tickets from the same user about the same issue - but it’ll be easier if any or all of these points apply.

1. Check the FAQ, the Known Issues page, and the AO3_Status Twitter. It’s possible that the problem you’re experiencing is already known, and maybe even has an answer!

2. Give your issue a clear subject line.  Something like “Receiving error 500 when downloading pdf” or “Unable to log in” is clear and informative.  "Help!“ or "WTF” is not clear, and doesn’t tell us at a glance what the problem is.  Often we will streamline our work by trying to gather similar tickets together and answer them as a batch, and if we can’t tell what a ticket is about from its subject line, it might accidentally get left out of a group of similarly-themed tickets.  (It will still get answered - see above - but the process might not be as efficient.)

3. Provide links when possible.  If you’re having a problem with bookmarking a particular story, give us a link to it.  If you’re trying to reply to a comment but aren’t able to, include a link to the comment.  If you clicked on a certain link and got an error message, let us know the link you were trying to reach.  We will have to write back and ask you for more info if it isn’t clear, and that adds to the time it takes for you to get a solution.

4. Provide details of the problem.  If you got an error, tell us what exactly it said.  If you were trying to search for something and it didn’t work the way you expected, let us know how exactly you were searching. Did you experience the problem once, or repeatedly for the last hour, or every time you try to edit a specific work (but all other works are fine), or only from your phone, not your laptop? Details are very helpful!    

5. Include your username or the email associated with your account if you’re contacting us from an email that isn’t the one attached to your account, or if you aren’t sure which email is attached to your account.  We can’t figure out who you are or look up anything to do with your account if we don’t have one or the other of those pieces of information. (If you don’t want us to know your account for reasons of privacy, on the other hand, feel free to use a different email.)

6. This is a bit more subjective, but - consider the length of time you wait before sending in a support request.  Many problems resolve on their own after a little while.  While you don’t want wait for ages either (I could cry over people who’ve contacted us and said things like “This problem’s been going on for months/years,” especially when there’s a solution that takes 5 seconds…) consider giving whatever it is 15 or 30 minutes to see if it sorts itself out.  

The AO3 Support team is a small group of volunteers dealing with a huge number of tickets (about 1300 a month currently, but the number constantly goes up - when I joined the team 3 years ago it was more like half that amount).  Please bear in mind that we’re also fans like you, who spend our spare time and energy to try and help other users of the site as best as we can.  We do our best to answer as quickly as we can, but sometimes there can be delays for reasons ranging from “we had to contact another committee to make sure we answer correctly” to “we got 80 of these tickets in one day and it’ll take some time to get through all of them” to “some of our team are sick/on holiday/just plain busy this week.”  A small word of thanks and a bit of patience is much appreciated!    

If you have questions, I’m happy to answer if I can, but if it’s a support question, please contact us through the regular channels instead: http://archiveofourown.org/support  

We also have an open house coming up as part of the OTW’s month of 10th anniversary celebrations, on Sunday, September 24th from 14:00-16:00 UTC if you’d like to stop in and talk to various members of the team!    

Birdflash One-Shot

—Robin and Kid Flash do not know each other’s identities and they despise eachother. Dick And Wally both live in Gotham and are lovers. —

“Another failed mission because you too failed to work together.” Batman scolded Kid Flash and Robin. The team was lined up, and had just finished giving a mission report. The mission had failed all because the speedster and Boy Wonder were not able to retrieve the required intel and were caught due to their bickering.

“It’s not my fault he can’t keep up.” Robin retorted.

“You’re the one going all ninja on us and ditching the team!”

“At least I get my job done!”

“Stop arguing, now!” Batman ordered immediately silencing the teens.

“You two just need to get along already.” Artemis complained,“We’re all tired of failing missions because of you two.”

“Because of us two? It’s all because of him! Plus, try getting along with this jerk- it’s impossible.” Kid Flash insulted.

“Wally! That’s mean! Robin is very nice!” M'gann scolded.

Robin smirked,“Thanks, M'gann, but if we want to fix this arguing problem maybe we should just kick Kid Flash out.”

“Kick me out?! You’re too young to be a hero anyways!”

“Is that why I’m more experienced than you?”

“As if! I could beat you up in a second.”

“Hah,” Robin threw his head back in a laugh,“ I would love to see you try!”

“You two,“Batman interrupted,“Follow me.”

The Dark Knight walked down into the hallways of the Mountain, the two teens following close behind as instructed.

“Where are we going?” Kid Flash peeked up.

The Dark Knight didn’t respond until they reached a door, that led to a room that no one really ever went into. Batman turned the small door knob, opening the door for the teens to enter.


“Okay…?” Robin murmured as they both entered.

“What does this have to do with us fighting?” Suddenly the door slammed shut, a lock clicking right after.

“Shit.” Robin furiously twisted door knob to no avail,“Don’t tell me he just did that!”

Kid Flash began to bang on the door with his fists, pushing Robin out of the way,“You can’t keep us in here!”

“You two are to get along and only then will you be released.” Batmans slightly muffled voice was heard behind the door before his footsteps could be heard walking away.

Robin slammed his fist on the wall of the room, infuriated.

“This has to be a nightmare.” Kid Flash sat on the corner of the room, averting his eyes away from the Boy Wonder.

An hour later the two boys had still not spoken a word to one another, obviously still upset. They despised one another and were refusing to even make eye contact. If they did happen do so, they would quickly turn away and let out a sigh of annoyance.

Though after a moment, Robin then let out a frustrated groan,“What time is it?”

“6:46.” Kid Flash mumbled quietly as he looked down at a watch on his wrist that Robin had never noticed before. Though it looked rather similar…. The speedsters eyes widened once he said the time. He had a date with his boyfriend, Dick Grayson, at 7:30.

“Shit, I’m gonna be late…” Robin whispered to himself, yet his quiet tone didn’t stop the speedster from hearing his words.

“Late for what? You have a schedule for when you should annoy people?”

Robin let out a cold laugh,“Ha, funny, but if you must know, I have a date I don’t plan to miss so just stop complaining and let’s just act as if we can tolerate one another so we can get out of here.”

The ginger scoffed,“Don’t tell me what to do. And just so you know, you’re not the only one missing a date.”

Robin lifted an eyebrow,“I pity the soul who agreed to go out with you. She must be desperate.”

Kid Flash rolled his eyes.

“What? You know that I’m right.”

“No, not at all. He and I are very happy together. Though that issue you addressed may be your current relationship with your significant other.”

“Hm, didn’t catch you as gay.”

“What, you have a problem with that?”


“Sure, you’re probably a homophobe too.”

Robin was now the one who was rolling his eyes,“Huh, a gay homophobe? Yeah, that makes sense.”

“Wait, you’re gay?”

“Yeah, was I not clear enough? Perhaps your mind couldn’t comprehend it.”

The small similarity between the two that was just learned seemed to click something small in both of their minds. Something that actually allowed to them keep conversing long enough to not start yelling curse words and insults.

“Jeez, he’s gonna be so pissed that I’m late…” Kid Flash groaned looking down at his watch.

“Just tell him what happened.”

“He doesn’t know my identity.” His mood soured.

Robin seemed to understand,“Yeah, I get it. Trust me…. So, who’s the guy?”

“What, you trying to hook up with him?”

“Did I not just say that I was with someone? I would never, you might, but that’s not me.” Their resentment for one another was still obvious by their tone, but not as much as it has been earlier.

“I don’t feel comfortable telling you his name. You tell me the name of your boyfriend.”

“I asked first!”

“I was born first!”

“Screw you! Here, how about we both say their names on 3?”

“What does it matter to you?”

“I’m a curious guy. Plus, I’m bored. If you haven’t noticed, we’re trapped in here.”


“Perfect. Now… 1….. 2…… 3…..”

The next words that came from both boys mouths were probably the last names they both would have expected to hear.

“Dick Grayson.”

“Wally West.”

Without even thinking, Robin jumped up, slamming Kid Flash against the wall, holding a bat-a-rang to his neck,“How the hell do you know my real name?”

Kid Flash pushed the bat-a-rang away,“Are you kidding me Detective Jr. Don’t act innocent. How do you know mine?!”

“What?” Then suddenly it clicked in the ebonys head and he let out a groan once again as he noticed the watch that the speedster wore,“I… I gave my boyfriend that watch… On our 5-month anniversary…”

“Hey, that’s when I got this! Are you stalking me?!” Kid Flash still had yet to catch on.

“I gave him that exact watch claiming that he needed it because he was always late to everything, even our dates…”

Then it began to make sense to the ginger,“No! No, no, no, no, no! Y-you’re….? but…. he’s so-! And you’re so-! Ugh!” Kid Flash sat down, placing his head in his palms,“I’m going to wake up any second now! 3… 2…1…. Why haven’t I woken up yet?!”

Robin simply placed his head on the wall, thinking about how this all even was possible. Wally, his boyfriend, lived in Gotham. Kid Flash, his enemy, patrolled in Central City. Wouldn’t that imply that he lived in Central? Unless he just took the zeta tubes to go patrol with the Flash. It made logical sense, but never in a million years would Robin had guessed it.

Wally was sweet, kind, and gentle. He was the best thing that Dick could ask for. Kid Flash on the other hand was rude, annoying, and just ignorant. Then again… It made perfect sense if he was tying to cover up his identity.

After several minutes of silence the younger of the two spoke up,“W-Wally….? Is that… really you?”

Kid Flash looked up to see Robin pulling off his mask, revealing his boyfriend as he knew him, Dick Grayson.


Dick let out a dry laugh,“Take off your cowl.” Kid Flash did as he was told, revealing Wally West,“I should have seen it earlier… I just hated you so much…”

Wally was at a loss for words,“Well that makes me feel great…”

“You know what I mean, you hated me too!”

The older teen nodded,“S-so…. Dick…. You’re Rob- but… you’re so nice! And Robins so…. irritating!”

“Um, excuse you, you aren’t exactly a saint as Kid Flash ya know?”

Though the two couldn’t see eachother as their superhero personas at the moment. All they saw was their lover. The person they would do anything for, not the person they had resented for so long. In front of them was no longer their hero personas, but their civilians identities which had spent months bonding and laughing together, eventually falling in love with one another.

Wally stood up and walked to Dick, grabbing his arm,“Guess we’re both gonna be late for our date, huh?”

Dick said nothing as he pulled Wally’s cowl over his face again, staring at the teen he had grown to dislike. He made an expression that made Wally unsure.


Dick didn’t reply.

“Y-you… you don’t think we should break up, right? Just because… I’m Kid Flash… because Dick… I love you… but Robin is…. we can work past this right?”

Dick smiled pulling the ginger into a long sentimental kiss,“Never in my life did I think that I would be kissing Kid Flash.”

Kid Flash let out a laugh, placing his boyfriends mask back over his bright eyes,“And never did I think that I would fall in love with the narcissistic Boy Wonder.”

The two shared another long kiss before they turned towards the locked door. Robin pounded on it while Kid Flash called out,“You can let us out now! We won’t kill each other anymore!”

The team never knew exactly what happened in that room which bonded the two so much, but they didn’t exactly care as long at they weren’t bickering. Well… they actually were really curious and constantly asked about it… but the two lovers weren’t going to make it that easy for them….

Though Robin and Kid Flash were sure pissed as hell when they discovered that Batman and the Flash knew about their identities and all this entire time… They couldn’t have said something earlier?

To commemorate the legacy that María Félix has left behind on her 100th Anniversary, we have gathered one hundred of her best quotes. Which one is your favorite?

1. “I don’t think I’m the Queen Bee… I am the Queen Bee.”

2. “I might be one more woman in your life, but you are one less man in mine.”

3. “I have never judged lesbians and gays. What they do from the waist down it’s their business, not mine.”

4. “Leave the dead in peace, the ones inside can’t get out and the ones that are out don’t want to go in.”

5. “Money doesn’t give you happiness, but it does help calm ones nerves.”

6. “It’s not enough to be pretty, you need to know how to be pretty.”

7. “I am a woman with a heart of a man.”

8. “I have been too busy living my life, that I have not had time to count,” when asked about her age.

9. “My job has been to be attractive.”

10. “My enemies are many and bad; my friends are few and good.”

11. “Don’t give me advice, I can make my own mistakes.”

12. “The stars of today don’t have the star power and actresses of today are disposable, models that don’t even know how to speak.”

13. “An original woman is not someone that doesn’t imitate someone, but the one that nobody can imitate.”

14. “Money is not happiness, but it’s better to cry in a Ferrari.”

15. “Nobody impresses me with a price, but with the results.”

16. “Talking about myself is difficult, to talk about myself is severe, because I am better than what I appear to be..”

17. “People with no ambition never get out of the hole.”

18. “I don’t like help, when I ask for it, you can help me.”

19. “Obviously I have a soul, just because someone as blind as you can’t see it, doesn’t mean I don’t have one.”

20. “Diva is something invented, but I was not fabricated, life made me and made me very well.”

21. “Women will never be like men, even though some men have a women’s heart.”

22. “In life I believe that success is inferior to a celebrity.”

23. “Success can be reached by many people, celebrity touches you and is with you forever.”

24. “Some friends tell me that pearls make people cry. The only pearls that make me cry are the fake ones.”

25. “I only have a bad memory of you, and a great residence.”

26. “You don’t need to be perfect, as long as you don’t make any mistakes.”

27. “The best way to love someone is to accept them how they are, that is what I do with Antoine, it’s not easy, but to only love idiots is easy.”

28. “If all the men were as ugly as you, I would be a lesbian,” she said when a reporter asked if she was a lesbian.

29. “Hair to women is a medium to express ourselves, it’s not true that with black hair women show their arrogance and disdain.”

30. “Beauty gives you everything, but it is not everything.”

31. “You don’t investigate an actress, you invent [something about them].”

32. “To think about existence doesn’t make what doesn’t exist, exist.”

33. “The metro in Mexico City is mine, my husband Alex Berger gave it to me.”

34. “Other’s have seen less and paid more,” was her reply when asked why she left a performance mid-show.

35. “Since the beginning of time, men have taken the best part of the cake.”

36. “Flowers are a bad business, they last for a day and you need to thank them for a month.”

37. “It is fundamental to learn the power of imagination.”

38. “A woman is very complicated and difficult; it is a labyrinth where anybody can get lost easily.”

39. “Nobody seduces me, I seduce them.”

40. “They say that men should have initiative, but in my life I’ve taken it.”

41. “Women like to kiss like men… Do business like men… And to be treated like men, but I don’t think they are correct.”

42. “Women have a place in life and when they try to act like men they look fatal.”

43. “The dirt is very close to the poor.”

44. “All of us should sweep and clean… The same way we clean the city we should clean ourselves because we are very filthy lately.”

45. “Many times I shut my dad’s mouth, why wouldn’t I tell a priest to be quiet,” she said about the time the father was sidetracked talking about the Apostles during her son’s funeral.

46. “Don’t hope for the future, when the present is not safe either.”

47. “Jealousy are the children of love, however they are bastards.”

48. “For many years, Paris and I have a passionate romance.”

49. “The most important word in the dictionary is ‘love.’”

50. “Try to go over me and you will know who I am.”

51. “Stupid people are not the problem, but stupid people that also have initiative.”

52. “Whomever has not suffered from love, doesn’t know how to love.”

53. “A mirror never lies.”

54. “We should only cry for a man three days… On the fourth, you put on heels and new clothes.”

55. “I am not nostalgic and I don’t like to think about the past, but I have unbearable memory.”

56. “I always say what I think and that has caused dislike in me.”

57. “I am not used to lying, not even to defend myself.”

58. “When I was little my mother always said to me, 'First number one than number two.’”

59. “If someone is young inside, that naturally reflects in the exterior beauty.”

60. “My selfishness has consisted in rejecting movies, friendships, marriage proposals that weren’t in my best interest. That is why we need to have cold blood take over our feelings.”

61. “I have never gotten drunk because it looks like I am drunk all the time.”

62. “Better to cause envy than pity.”

63. “Getting married so a man can buy me stockings is horrible.”

64. “Within my battles I don’t mention success because that didn’t cost me anything, although I have fought to not believe it.”

65. “With the lights off, the voice is what touches you.”

66. “I have an infinite admiration for intelligent men.”

67. “From a man I expect flattery, promises, declarations of love. What I don’t expect is for them to shine at my expense.”

68. “My first and only birth was horrible, a true massacre. No human deserves such pain.”

69. “I have never loved someone as much as they have loved me.”

70. “The worst enemy I have conquered was depression because it was inside me. It was a battle between the mind and the heart.”

71. “I can have my desires and capriciousness without affecting anybody, but the desires of a President can ruin a whole country.”

72. “The quality has been lost,” when talking about men now.

73. “I’ve always had a beautiful man’s voice.”

74. “I don’t have a voice [to sing] but I have a good style.”

75. “Stupidity is contagious.”

76. “What do you want me to do? I can’t be ugly.”

77. “If you are just as hated as admired, you are beautiful, get used to it; there are some that are only hated and they die to be admired.”

78. “Fight for a man? Why? There are too many!”

79. “Women don’t know how to drive cars because they are made to drive men.”

80. “I have been a winner everywhere that I go. I have always liked to win and it’s not easy to win in a foreign country.”

81. “If I thought all day about everything that has been said about since I could reason, I would be unhappy.”

82. “The only job that I’ve had had in life has been to learn because I started without knowing anything.”

83. “If you hang with fools, you will be saying foolish things later.”

84. “Everyone wants to know about me, even my enemies.”

85. “This is a man’s world, made for and by men. What surprises me nowadays is that women allow themselves to be abused… Dummies!”

86. “I’ve been very much abused.. mistreated, thrown from the stairs, pinched, everything… but in the movies.”

87. “A ring can’t buy my kisses. I give them when I want.”

88. “I think that he knew he was sick and he wanted to have a great year,” María Félix on Jorge Negrete’s death a year after they married.

89. “I love my country and I’ve wanted to represent it with dignity worldwide.”

90. “With so many interests in life I never get bored. That is my beauty secret, the curiosity and the joy for life.”

91. “I always have a book close by, because reading is the mental gym.”

92. “People console themselves thinking that if are not doing well here, they will have a good time in paradise. I would like for people to enjoy life, just in case there isn’t another.”

93. “A bed is a divine piece of furniture where people can’t hide who they are.”

94. “In movies and in life, to seduce is more important than to be liked.”

95. Negrete once asked her, “Who did you sleep with to get the starring role.” María Félix replied, “You have more time in the business, you should know who you need to sleep with to become a star.”

96. “Beauty is a concept forged by everyone else. They value you or disregard you, they protect you or destroy you.”

97. “Sexy is a man that one wants to make love to when you see him dressed.”

98. “I only have one message for women of my country and the world: I hope you love yourself as much as I loved myself.”

99. “My great satisfaction is to have done everything that I wanted and made them happen, not just in dreams.”

100. “Everyone will remember me being who I am, what I was and what I will be.”

FIC: Tonight, I’ll need you to stay

The last of the big batch of fic requests. That box is always open.


“How could you do this to me?”
“I never want to see you again.”
“I know you, and this isn’t you.”
“I thought I could trust you.”
“You betrayed my trust.”
“I don’t need you.”
“Get away from me.”
There’s one more - “Are you sure about this?” - that will show up in part 2.


Title: Tonight, I’ll need you to stay (from a line in “Run & Go” by Twenty One Pilots)

Part: 1 of…2? Maybe 2. 

Pairing: Tom Holland/Reader, reader/OC

Summary: The reader is in an abusive relationship and needs Tom to help her out of it.

Warnings: Domestic abuse, swearing, angst. 

Also: Brad is an original character. I tried to think of the douchiest name I could.

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We reached 150+ followers, plus today is the day I started Tumblr last year! LET’S CELEBRATE!


- You gotta be following me. Wasn’t gonna make this mandatory but this is for you lovely people who stays on this shit blog. <3

- You enter by either liking or rebloging! Each are only one vote but you can do it multiple times if you want a bigger chance of winning. :O 

I’m going to pick a random number and literally count the notes and pick whatever user I land on. I have no idea how to do it better if you know please help.

I can TRY to do anything but NSFW I’m like a toddler please no and things I am uncomfortable with (I’ll tell you what when you win).

Ends on May 25th, 2017!! 

There is a chance I might add more prizes and winners as time goes on! But I’m lazy so here. 

Thank you so much and have fun! Under the cut will be what I want to accomplish in the next year. Good luck!

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One Hundred Ways to Say ‘I love you’ - 1: “Pull over.  Let me drive for awhile.”

This was the first of many prompts from the @queseraone. She also added ‘because I imagine this being hilarious and full of sass when she refuses, which I tried to stick to when writing this. Thank you for all the prompts - I will get them all done eventually, promise!

Shout out to @justkillingtimewhileiwait for her beta’ing help :)

Thank you to everyone who is reading too! Your feedback on the last one was phenomenal <3 Please let me know what you think again, and if you have any prompts of this list you’d like me to write, just message me!

Jay let out a heavy sigh when he noticed her fighting another yawn, biting on her lips to force it close and inhaling deeply through her nose. The previous time, she had covered it with a hand before turning the radio up to sing along loudly to the tune playing. He knew she was tired, but she was far too stubborn to admit it.

They had spent the long weekend relaxing up on Mackinac Island, deciding to drive as Erin found it more comfortable, with the option to stop whenever needed an added bonus. They hadn’t been in a few years, not since their first wedding anniversary, and they had thought it to be fitting to return for their fifth. Now, they were on their way back, and after doing almost nothing for three days, he knew she must be feeling rather lethargic. He knew he was.

“Erin, that’s the third time you’ve yawned in the last fifteen minutes,” he stated softly as he reached out to turn the radio down again and then laying a hand over hers on the gear stick to slide his fingers between hers before bringing it up to his lips to press a sweet kiss to the back. “Pull over. Let me drive for awhile.”

Arching a brow at him, she smirked teasingly. “You’ve been counting my yawns? Creep.”

“When you’re driving down the interstate near sunset, I’ve gotta. Kinda worried you might swerve off the road,” he shot right back, kissing her hand once more before resting them both on his leg.

“Have I ever crashed a car before?” Erin asked, causing him to frown.

“That’s not the point,” Jay told her exasperatedly.

He felt her squeeze his hand as she shook her head and repeated a bit more forcefully, “Have I or have I not?”

Sighing, he relented and answered, albeit reluctantly and a bit petulantly. “No, you haven’t.”

“And have you ever crashed a car before?” Erin followed up almost immediately. The innocent tone to her words fooled neither one of them and Jay knew he was playing right into her hands.

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Simblr Survival Guide: 10 Tips That (Might) Work

Disclaimer: Take this with a light heart. If you get anything out of it, great. :)

It dawned on me today that I’m approaching my simblr’s 3-year anniversary. Over the past (almost) 3 years, I’ve witnessed many amazing things in this community and have been disheartened by many not-so-amazing things. Either way, I’ve seen numerous simblrs leave the community due to bullying, lack of support, utter disrespect for TOUs, or even simply not finding their place (and maybe even boredom). However, the community continues to grows, and I’m hopeful that it will grow in a positive direction. So, I made this little list to help you get through the tough simblr moments. :)

Tip #1: Have Fun & Be Flexible

More than likely, you decided to start your simblr because you wanted to be a part of or connect with the community. However, your simblr is yours to do as you will. Be creative, tell stories, reblog cc, whatever. Have fun. Also, your simblr style may change over time…just go with it. 

Tip #2: Roll with the Punches…There Will Be Some

Let’s be honest, the community can be very negative sometimes.  You’ll likely come across personal drama, political fallout, and anonymous bullying. Do your best to stand above the negative, laugh when appropriate, and speak up when you must.  Also, if it comes your way: Ignore it. 

Tip #3: Make Friends & Collaborate

Although the likelihood of my meeting anyone in the community is very small, I still think it’s awesome to be connected with so many people who share my interest. I find that this community can be a safe place to share anything: hopes, dreams, fears, sadness, etc. Also, collaborating on a project with someone is a great way to get involved in the community. There are a lot of people who seek collaborations for stories, lookbooks, cc creations, etc.

Tip #4: Make Something…Anything & Share It!

Sharing your creation is another great way to be in the community. It doesn’t matter what really. Perhaps you are great at making cc items or sims, or perhaps you are the Photoshop Action Guru and are willing to share your work. It doesn’t matter–just share it. 

Tip #5: Take Breaks…Often!

Yeah, I said it. Leave the community for a while (take a couple of days, weeks, or months). I’ve done and I do it often. I think it’s one of the reason why I’m still here. It’s easy to burnout in this community for whatever reason.

Tip #6: Tell Your Story (Or In My Case, Try To)

The Sims is a world of storytelling. Your sims tell their story every time you start the game. So, why not share it? And if you are of my mind, then why not create your own stories (independent of gameplay) based on your sims characters? And then bounce back to Tip #3 and collaborate with someone. 

Tip #7: Expand Your Territory (Think of Sim World Domination)

Think that having a simblr is the end all of the sims community? Think again. The community is massive and extends to (I believe) all social media platforms. More importantly, many simmers engage in (what I call) immersive play: creating websites for their sims (shops, agencies, personal pages on Wix, Tistory, etc.), some have Pinterest and Twitter accounts, and even Facebook pages.  

Tip #8: Remember, There are Many Good People In This Community

No matter what negativity you witness or experience, please, remember that that is representative of only a small part of the community. In my opinion, most simblrs are here to have a good time, meet and make friends, share their work, and engage in hardcore cc shopping–not “anonymously” attacking others. Also, reach out to the community for support. You will get it. 

Tips #9 & #10: Be Grateful & Spread Love In the Community

I don’t think I would have continued with my simblr were it not for the massive amounts of support that I get on a daily basis. Remember, every single simblr started at zero, i.e. 0 Followers. Be grateful for your followers. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. Be grateful to ALL cc creators. Because without them, our games would look like a bad day photographing Play-doh with a crap camera. Be grateful to anyone who takes the time to Tag/Message/Ask/Mention you, because it means that they thought of you. 

Spread the positive, ignore the negative, keep creating, dare to share, and do your best to take care of you–after all, it’s just a game, and this is just the internet, not life.


Feel Free to Add Your Tips! :)

Restaurant Dates Are The Worst! (Seb Stan x Reader) - Part 4


Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Word Count: 4.9k

A month later, Sebastian had to leave again. This time it was for the promo of Civil War, the fan conventions and stuff like that. You understood, but you didn’t look forward to seeing him go away again. Life was nice and soft with him around. It was domestic, and it brought a sense of security and warmness to your otherwise lonely and routine life. You wordlessly agreed to spend most of your time together at your apartment, to avoid the paparazzi as best you could. Though the paparazzi weren’t the center of your problem at all, far from it.

Here you sat in your kitchen, fiddling with your fork, counting your peas and letting your food get cold. Two weeks of him gone, and you didn’t know what to do about your problem, you wished he was there. Sebastian would place himself behind you and engulf you in a bear hug of his. Then he would lean down and nuzzle his face in the crook of your neck, alternating between placing kisses in your neck and whispering sweet nothings in your ear all the while you told him about your issues and than he’d turn you around and give you a piece of advise before reminding you that he was there no matter what and that you could count on him if your problem didn’t go away.

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Forget Me Not

A/N: ok so this was longer than I expected and took me awhile. but this is the longest thing i’ve written!!

Word count: 6.9k

Summary: She fell apart that day. An all white day with crowds of adoring friends and family to see them make the most happiest decisions of their lives, to choose to be together. She chose yes. He chose different.

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~Little Miracles~

Pairing/s: Bumbleby

Words: 2,300+

(Feeling bad from my Small Bump fic? Lemme fix it for you x)

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Even the thought of Blake’s little secret made her a little giddy, but it was something she had to keep inside as she waited for Yang to come home. The blonde had been away on another mission with Ruby, and even though this was a common occurrence Blake couldn’t help but miss her. Wearing her wife’s t-shirt might have smelt the same, but it wasn’t as warm without her. 

Somehow, the brawler managed to get back in the early hours of the morning on their anniversary. The Faunus awoke to strong arms wrapped around her, a warm body pressed to her back. Sighing in content, Blake slowly turned around in Yang’s arms, looking at her wife with a small smile. One hand gently resting on Yang’s chest, her free hand tucked a piece of blonde hair behind her ear, chuckling softly as she noticed Yang’s soft snores. Knowing it was almost noon, Blake gently kissed Yang’s cheek. A small groan escaped Yang’s lips, lilac eyes blearily opening to see a smiling Blake.

“Well isn’t this a sight to wake up to?~” she chuckled sleepily, eliciting a light giggle from Blake. Smiling warmly, Yang leaned in and kissed her wife softly, which Blake eagerly returned.

“Happy anniversary,” Yang mumbled, kissing her once again before pulling away and smiling. She sat up in bed, reaching over to her bedside table and pulled out a small box.

“Yang~” she scolded playfully as Yang handed it to her. “You didn’t have to do that.”

“As if I wouldn’t get my beautiful wife something for our anniversary,” Yang mused, kissing Blake’s cheek. The Faunus rolled her eyes playfully, removing the wrapping from the small box and opening it.

“Yang!” the raven haired beauty gasped, a hand covering her mouth. The small box contained a simple drop pendant, the gemstone the colour of fire. “You shouldn’t have.”

“And why not?” Yang asked with a light laugh, gently taking the box from Blake and removing the necklace.

“It must have cost you something ridiculous. You should have used it for more important things like-”

“Nothing is more important than my wife,” she mused softly, fastening the necklace around Blake’s neck, the cold pendant resting an inch or two below her collarbone. Blake sighed, knowing that Yang would not give up, especially when it came to her.

“I love you so much,” she mumbled. Leaning over, she pulled Yang into a hug. The brawler chuckled, pulling the Faunus close, letting the raven haired beauty straddle her. Blake pulled away, smiling down at her wife.

“And now; my present,” Blake mused softly, pulling something out of her back pocket, keeping it hidden. “Close your eyes.”


“Close your eyes~” she chuckled. Begrudgingly, Yang closed her eyes, a small smile on her face. Blake took her free hand and gently grabbed one of Yang’s, palm outscretched. Taking the surprise, she then placed it in Yang’s open hand, curling the blonde’s fingers around it. With a deep breath, Blake removed her hands, setting them in her lap.

“Now you can open.”

Yang obliged, seeing a folded piece of paper in her hand.
“I see you went with the whole 1 year paper thing, huh babe~”

Blake rolled her eyes, a knowing smile on her soft lips. “It’ll make more sense when you unfold it.”

Yang was a little skeptical, but slowly began to unfold it. After a while, she noticed that it seemed to resemble a photograph. Hurriedly, she unfolded it completely and what she saw taking her breath away.
With ‘Blake Xiao Long’ typed up the corner, Yang held something she had been dreaming of for over a year. An ultrasound, showing a little miracle. Written down the bottom in familiar curvy handwriting were the words; “I’m pregnant  x”

“Is this real?” the brawler mumbled, looking up at Blake. The Faunus couldn’t help but giggle, a warm smile on her lips as she nodded. Yang laughed breathily, smiling so big she thought her cheeks would break. Her arms secured themselves around Blake’s waist, rocking back and forth. Tears of joy began to roll down her cheeks, feeling overwhelmed at what had happened.

“Holy shit, I’m so happy,” Yang cried, pulling Blake into a kiss, lips tasting of salt from their tears of joy. Blake smiled softly, eventually pulling away and giggling. Yang shuffled back a little, gentle hands resting on Blake’s stomach.
“I love you so much,” she whispered, kissing her Faunus wife sweetly.
Yang couldn’t help but be a more protective of Blake this time around. Especially, when the four month mark came around, Yang was at Blake’s side every moment of every day. She had made sure to take the time of Blake’s pregnancy away from her missions, wanting to spend every moment with the Faunus. The brawler tried to keep Blake away from any sort of work, even though the Faunus insisted she was still capable of doing things.
Yang jumped softly at the arms around her waist, smiling as she felt Blake’s swollen stomach rest against her back. 

“Blakey, you should be resting,” she mused, mixing the soup she had on the stove.

“I’m pregnant, not porcelain.”

“Well, you’re carrying my child and you’re six months along; sorry if I’d rather you be careful,” Yang chuckled softly. She turned the heat down on the stove, turning around in Blake’s arms. 

“Well hi there~” the blonde joked, hands gently resting on the swollen stomach of her wife. Blake merely rolled her eyes, kissing Yang briefly. Yang couldn’t help but whimper a little as she pulled away, a joking pout on her lips.

“Somebody wants kisses,” Blake mused with a laugh. Yang chuckled along with her, but noted that the spark in Blake’s eyes weren’t as bright as usual.

“You alright Kitten?” the fighter hummed softly, tucking raven hair behind her wife’s ear. Blake sighed softly, shrugging her shoulders.

“It’s nothing to worry about, stupid really,” Blake admitted softly, ears drooping a little. Yang raised her eyebrows in question; after all their time together, Yang always knew something was wrong and she wasn’t letting Blake off the hook until she told her. Knowing that look, Blake sighed, eyes dropping to Yang’s hands resting gently on her stomach.

“It’s just- I feel like I’m being a burden. , I knew being pregnant was going to limit what I could do, but I feel useless. I haven’t been able to go to work or help out around the house or-”

Her little ramble was stopped in its tracks by the sound of Yang giggling. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion, not knowing what Yang found so funny. Before she could ask, Yang picked Blake up, holding her by her thighs. Blake yelped in surprise and her hands clutched at Yang’s shoulders, causing the blonde to laugh before setting her on the kitchen counter. Silently, amber and lilac eyes interlocked, calloused hands trailing light patterns on the top of Blake’s thighs.

“You’re making me the happiest I’ve ever been, and you think you’re being a burden?” Yang mused, her voice at a volume for only her wife to hear. Blake sighed softly, gaze dropping.

“I’m sorry, it was stupid and-”

Yang hushed her, pressing her finger lightly to Blake’s lips.
“You don’t have to be sorry, okay?" 

Reassuring her, Yang gently moved her finger to Blake’s chin, leaning in and kissing her softly, something Blake returned instantly.
With their eyes shut, their lips melded together, the action familiar and comforting. Even though the pair had their fair share of kisses (Yang seemed to have a thing for not getting caught kissing back at Beacon), every time was like the first. The gentle kiss was soon deepened, a gentle meeting of soft lips growing warmer as tongues intertwined. A purr rumbling in Blake’s chest, she drew her wife closer, something Yang instantly obeyed. Blake’s legs drew Yang as close as she could muster while on the counter-top, hands roaming Yang’s muscled back. The simple action caused the blonde to moan softly, lightly sucking on Blake’s bottom lip. Getting a positive reaction from the flustered Faunus, Yang attached her lips to Blake’s jaw, kissing a teasingly slow trail down her neck. The fighter hummed against Blake’s collarbone, carefully moving her necklace out of the way before kissing the soft skin.

"Babe, the soup,” Blake mumbled, before moaning at the feeling of teeth on her skin.

“Fuck the soup,” Yang hummed, hands slowly trailing up Blake’s side before coming back down to rest on Blake’s swollen stomach.

“Why? Because you can’t fuck me?” Blake joked softly, breath hitching as Yang kissed a certain spot, knowing her prior actions would have left a mark. Yang laughed heartily, leaning their foreheads together.

“You won’t be saying that in a few months time~”

The comment caused Blake to laugh, playfully hitting Yang’s arm. The two were content to stay in the silence before hearing a sizzling noise.

“I should probably get the soup,” Yang chuckled, kissing Blake softly before heading back to the stove top, taking the soup off the heat and stirring it once more.

“Babe,” Blake whined a little. “I can’t get down.” The confused brawler turned to see Blake still on the counter-top, pouting a little as she was unable to move. Yang 'awe’d a little out loud, before moving back to her wife and helping her down from the counter.

“Damn, I love you,” Yang mused quietly, knowing that Blake was the source of her happiness.

And three months later, Yang indeed was the happiest she had ever been.
But also the most terrified.

Blake’s water broke two weeks early, causing the pair to rush to the hospital with Ruby and Weiss not far behind. They took Blake into a room as soon as they got there, but the nurses wouldn’t let Yang in, not bothering to tell her why.
A jittery Yang paced the hallway of the waiting room for three hours, flinching at every little noise she heard from the room and twisting her gold wedding ring nervously. Weiss and Ruby did their best to calm the fighter’s nerves but know much couldn’t have been done anyway; Yang was never able to sit still when she was scared, even in Beacon.

All three perked up after hearing a commotion from the room, unable to make out any words but noticing a growing volume. Eventually, one line echoed throughout the waiting room.

“Don’t give me that medical bullshit, this baby is not being born without my wife in the room!”

After the initial shock, Yang quickly ran into the room, the nurses clearing the way. Blake already seemed exhausted, ears folded flat, lips chapped and sweat dotting her forehead. The fighter immediately rushed to her side, taking her hand and kissing her knuckles.

“How ya’ feeling Kitten?” she asked quietly, nervously brushing raven hair behind her ear.

“It hurts like a bitch,” Blake admitted quietly, clutching her wife’s hand. After hearing a whimper from her wife’s lips, Yang’s heart twinged. She had heard from Jaune that seeing the one you love in labour was a rollercoaster of emotions, and Yang was strapped in with no way out. There was no doubt in the fact that Yang wanted to have a family with Blake, but Yang had always hated seeing Blake in pain.

“I know darling, I know,” she hushed quietly, clutching Blake’s hand just as tightly, gently cupping Blake’s cheek with the other. “But it’ll all be over soon, I promise you, okay?”

The doctor then informed Blake that it was soon time to start pushing, something Blake met with a weak yet determined nod.
The process was long and arduous, the noise of the commotion filling the room and there was no doubt that Ruby and Weiss would be able to hear from the waiting room. Every cry, wail or scream that left Blake’s lips caused Yang’s heart to twinge, knowing all she could do was smooth back and kiss raven hair and let the Faunus squeeze her hand to the point of discolouration.
Blake was utterly and completely exhausted, and the pain was unlike she had ever felt before or ever wanted to feel again. She tried with all her might to ignore it, listening to the words of encouragement of her wife and the nurses.

Eventually, a cry of life was heard.

Blake collasped back against the bed, Yang immediately checking if she was alright. And then she heard that cry again. Still half in disbelief, Yang cut the umbilical cord with the pair of scissors the nurse had offered her, before their baby was wrapped in a blanket and handed to Yang.

“Oh Dust,” she mumbled quietly, holding their little miracle in her arms. Letting out a noise that was halfway between a laugh and a sob, Yang turned to Blake with glassy eyes.

“You did it Blakey, I’m so proud of you,” she whispered, a tear of joy running down her cheek. Arms gently outstretched, Blake smiled up at Yang, who gently placed their newborn daughter into Blake’s gentle embrace. Yang wrapped an arm around Blake, looking down in awe at their child.

“Yang, look,” Blake mumbled softly. “She has your eyes.”
Sure enough, the baby’s eyes were open just enough to see lilac eyes, holding small flecks of gold if you looked closely enough. Yang couldn’t help but tear up a little more at that before spotting something that made her smile.

“She has something from you too.”

Folded down, almost hidden within black tufts of hair, were two cat ears. Blake’s heart stopped, gently patting the ears, causing their daughter to purr quietly. She wasn’t quite sure how to feel about it. Of course she was happy her daughter took after her in some way, but would she discriminated? Would she be ashamed? Would-

“And I’ll love her as much as I love you.”

Smiling softly, Blake looked up at Yang. The brawler wiped away any trace of tears on Blake’s cheeks, before kissing her softly. The two looked down at their newborn daughter, Yang dotting a kiss on her forehead.

“Hey there baby girl. God you’re so beautiful; you definitely take after your mother~” Yang mused, eliciting a light laugh from Blake.
“Welcome to the world Mireille.”


(A/N: You guys get a double whammy cos I was on holiday for a week without internet. Also, the name 'Mireille’ means miracle so i thought it was pretty fitting.)

The Secrets between You & I Chapter 1 (Calum Hood Teen Spy Fanfic)

Senior year. Only 4 and half more months were left clinging onto your high school life and then it was bye bye child’s play, and hello to college. And if you looked back, you’d like to think that you did a pretty good job in high school. Honors classes, clubs, community service, yearbook. Not to mention your “leftover” group of friends were the very people who helped define you. The sideline kids, as you’ve come to think of it. A sprinkle of honors, a dash of athletes, a touch of bandies, a dose of colorful, alt kids, a pinch of theater lovers, basically a tossed salad of the school’s infamous cliques. Now, a beautiful melting pot of people you’ve come to love.

It was also a typical second Friday of the month. Where the group’s jock, Calum, aka your neighbor and best friend since the goofball moved in when you were both 8 and attending the prestigious private school in Sydney, was hosting yet another pool party in this warm January weather. His parents made it very aware to the group of twelve 17 & 18 year olds that “our home is your home.” It was the typical gathering that you were use to: Swimming and grilling. Every now and then, Luke would pull out his guitar and everyone will try to make up a song together. Right before Michael pulled Valerie into the pool and nearly splashing said guitar.

Your POV

“So, Y/N,” Mali, Calum’s older sister who had just finished college almost a year ago sat down next to me with a beer bottle in her hand, “Have you decided which school you’re going to yet?”

“Mali,” Calum groaned rolling his eyes, “Can you bring up an even more boring topic?”

She scoffed at him and threw a nearby beach ball in his direction.

I laughed at his comment before replying to her, “Actually, I got a letter after school today from University of Melbourne. They have a great Marine Bio program, but I also got into Queensland. I’m still weighing my options.”

“That sounds great,” she exclaimed before quieting down, “Don’t tell Calum, but he really hopes you choose Queensland. He’s got a full ride, you know? He’ll be playing varsity football for them at the beginning of the quarter.”

“Really?” I said very surprised, “Calum’s made it very clear to a few of us that he’ll be taking a break.”

“Don’t believe everything he says, Y/N,” she said taking a swig, “He might be my brother, but he’s very much still stupid. And a boy.”


“I knew I’d find you up here.”

You jumped slightly at the voice coming from the inside of your bedroom window. You turned around to see Calum climbing out to sit on the roof with you.

“Your mum let me in,” he placed his elbows around his knees and grabbed his right wrist with his left hand to lock him into place.

“Can you believe senior year is almost over?” I sighed looking over at his profile before looking back down to my fingers.

“Well, we still have 4 months left,” he shrugged, “Can’t get rid of me that easily.”

I chuckled, “Mali told me that you got into Queensland.”

His jaw tightened and joked, “Don’t be so surprised.”

“I think you should go,” I spoke up.

He looked over at me and gave me a crooked grin, “What happened to all of our light conversations and funny inside jokes? We sound like boring adults, talking about the future and shit.”

I shrugged, “I just want to make sure that you’re going to be okay. We’ve been in almost every class since the 4th year. You’re my best friend Calum, I have the right to care, you know?”

He pressed his lips into a line before pushing them out into a pop sound, “Well, I’ve got another month to decide. But…in the mean time. I’ve got something for you.”

“Aww. Now I’m going to feel shitty. I’ve got nothing for you,” I chuckled.

He reached in his hoodie pocket before clearing his throat, “Y/N Y/L/N, you have been my best friend since I moved in to this suburban neighborhood. You have tricked me numerous times to stay apart of your crazy life. And although you may be a pain in the ass sometimes, you’ve still helped me when I got my first car at the golden age of 17, you’ve helped me obtain a high school girlfriend, a feat no awkward 15 year old boy could’ve done himself, you danced with me at that dreadful 9th year dance, and you gave me my first kiss at the carefree age of 10. In honor of our 10 year best friend anniversary, I present to you this symbol of the beginning of our friendship, Dot.”

He brought his hands out from behind him and sitting in the middle of his palms was a frumpled stuffed animal, a cute tan colored pup with brown, floppy ears.

My eyes grew big and I snatched it out of his hand, “DOT! Oh my gosh! You still have him?!”

“Of course,” he beamed, “When the starlord defeated the evil galactic gorgon, I had to take a prize back to my best friend and battle star ship pilot. Sorry it took 10 years, by the way. You would think that NASA had this whole, speed of light traveling thing down by now.”

“You’re awesome, Cal,” I gave him a wholehearted smile, “I can’t believe you still had him. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” he gave me a lazy smile.

“Now, I feel really shitty about not getting you anything,” my shoulders slumped, “I’m a terrible best friend.”

He nodded, “The shittiest of the shittiest.”

We both laughed at the same time, before quieting down.

“But there is something you can do to make it up,” he said swaying his long torso back and forth.

I raised my eyebrow at him, “What’s in that perverted mind of your’s, Hood?”

He smirked, “Go to Prom with me.”

I raised my eyebrow even more, “Is that how you’re going to ask me?”

“If anything you should be asking me,” he shrugged with a cocky smile on his face, “I got you Dot. You should get me a Prom date, but you already know that I will say no to every girl besides you.”

I shrugged and played it cool, “I guess we could go together.”

“Good,” he nodded, “Anyways, everyone in the group is asking each other, so you were unfortunately the only option left for me.”

I sighed jokingly, “What a shame. I would’ve loved to go with Ash.”

“Same,” he nodded before we both broke out in laughter.

The honk of a car snapped us from our fit of laughter. We both looked down to see a car stopped in front of my house. Ashton stuck his head out from the driver’s side and suddenly Luke popped out from the passenger’s side and Michael came up from the sunroof.

“Cal!” Ashton shouted, “You ready?”

“Yeah,” he gave them a thumbs up before turning towards my window and grabbing his duffle bag that he had dropped before stepping out. He tossed the duffle bag down my roof before turning towards the trellis leaning on the side of the house.

“What are you guys doing?” I asked him before he could escape, “It’s way pass midnight.”

“Early senior prank,” Calum said calmly.

“Last time I checked I was a senior,” I said standing up with Dot in my hand.

“Y/N,” Calum started, “You know, we’d get in a shit ton of trouble if we get caught?”

“It’ll be the last hoorah,” I shrugged.

He squeezed his lips together, “You’ve got a lot riding on you, Y/N. I think you should stay.”

I retaliated, “You’ve got a lot riding on you too.”

He raised his thick brow, “Ah, but I can live with myself after I T.P. the principal’s house.”

I sighed, “Fine. Have fun. Tell the guys I said, hi. And be safe, you idiot. If you need me to bail you out, you know where to reach me.”

He gave me a big smile, “Thanks, bestie!”

I watched him climb down the viney trellis before grabbing his black duffle bag and jogging to the car. I watched the car take off down the street of the family neighborhood before it disappeared into the night.

Morning Musume ‘16 BLT “Beautiful Lady 100″ Interview 2/4

Iikubo Haruna


‘94 11 7. Hometown Tokyo. Scorpio. Blood Type O.


It’s the 19th Anniversary of BLT launching, how did Iikubo-san feel when you were 19?

“It was a delicate year where I was not a child or an adult, so at the time I wanted to quickly become 20 years old. Now, I occasionally think that I want to go back to the time of being a student, but I wonder if returning to my teens would be good. I want to fully enjoy my 20s.”

Do you have an memories of BLT?

“We were having our photos taken by Shinoyama Kishin-san, I have a lasting memory of when everyone was jumping. But when I look back at that photo it’s embarrassing. Because it was before I had started having a sense of beauty aesthetic, my facial features were complete~y different (laughs).”

The group also, is constantly changing.

“The other day on “Music Station” we were called on for “amazing JPOP choreography”, we showed off “Ai no Gundan”; being called on for that sort of thing makes me very happy, in order to get called on again for that kind of theme, I’d like to head towards a higher degree of perfection.”

With the fall tours title “MY VISION”, does Iikubo-san have a vision for the future of the group?

“I am thankful for this desire to want to become the world’s best known idols. Now, Japan’s idol culture is being spread throughout the world, and wouldn’t it be good if Morning Musume was standing at the forefront of this? Also, I’d like to go to countries that don’t know of Japan’s idol culture yet. Without words, I think we can deliver a performance of song and dance.”

TV I’m Into: “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” Part 4 is being broadcast, and I watch it every week.

Ishida Ayumi


‘97 1 7. Hometown Miyagi. Capricorn. Blood Type O.


Finally your fall tour has begun.

“I love concerts of course, when I stand on the stage I’ve come to realize “This is fun, I’m alive”. Recently, the fans have increasingly told me “You really look like you’re laughing and having fun”, it makes me very happy for my feelings to be communicated, so for this tour I want those who come to see me to enjoy watching us.”

Is it more enjoyable now because you overcame something?

“I have experienced many sad things such as members graduating, so I’ve come to feel “I have to enjoy this with all of my might,”. At concerts on the day of a graduation announcement, a lonely atmosphere flows through for a moment, and I see the member’s fans looking down; we also all feel the pain. But, I think that it’s an idol’s role to cheer up people like that, isn’t it important to think about ‘how can I make that person smile?’”

When you became ‘16, were there changes in the group?

“Suzuki (Kanon)-san graduated just a few months in but, it felt like the group really changed. There wasn’t anyone saying “do it” but we collectively, naturally checked everyone’s singing and dancing. All of the members feelings became the same, it made me happy as it felt we had become one. We had become connected through team work, I think that it will be nice as we go through with this time’s tour.

TV I’m Into: “Its New Chuubou!” I also appeared on it, I want to show off my speciality cuisine!

Sato Masaki


‘99 5 7. Hometown Hokkaido. Taurus. Blood Type A.


The fall tour has already began, are you enjoying the tour?

“Out of my work I especially like concerts, so I enjoy it with all of my heart! Each song is precious; I hope it reaches a lot of people. I want to gradually transmit them, I want our group to become known to Madonna and Justin Bieber. I’d like it if people came to say things like “Morning Musume is amazing!” and “That group has fun songs,”. In order for that to happen. I’ll be doing my best!”

Sato-san, are you enjoying the music yourself?

“Even if I’m going through something bad music will keep me alive. I think that people are able to be happy with music, therefore, I want everyone to get a taste of Morning Musume’s music and be in a happy mood.”

To go that far with a big presence, if there’s music you’ll be happy!

“That is what I really think. I also can’t say it very well but, if you’re listening to music, it will raise your mood.”

With the fall tours title “MY VISION”, does Sato-san have a vision for the future of the group?

“Honestly, right now is still a blank page. But, in front of my eyes it’s taking the form of striking peanuts*, it has the feeling of pursuing a course. Therefore, we can’t lose our way. I think that we are believing and walking towards a brighter future. I want everyone to move forward while singing happily. Please definitely come and enjoy this tour!”

*I don’t know if this is like…an idiom or something, but that is what she said. Translating what Maa-chan says is always a bit of a struggle ^^;;

and my heart went (boom) pt. 2

Summary: “This,” Katara says, “is the part of the quirky romcom where the heartbroken but plucky heroine takes on New York and meets the love of her life.” And she says it with such conviction that Zuko doesn’t have the heart to point out that they’re not in New York or a quirky romcom.

Notes: For @officialzutaramonth​ 2016, Day 3. Modern AU. Yes, I stole the title from Hamilton. It seems appropriate since people make poor life choices in this fic too.

Rating: PG-16/M for cussing, sexual content, underage alcohol consumption (by US standards), and mentions of abuse.

Part: One

“The Boulder does not want fights in his club.” Katara squares up her shoulders and juts out her jaw as she tries—and honestly kind of fails—to imitate the musclebound bouncer of Four Nations. “The Boulder throws you out of the club until the New Year!”

Zuko rolls his eyes and laughs. Under his arm, her shoulders slump back to her normal slouch. Bumping his hip against her side, he says, “You’re hilarious. We could find a comedy club.”

Honestly, he kind of figures they’ll head home. Or at least to the flat he shares with Sokka. Which is home. They’ll watch shitty sci-fi movies and she’ll drink at least half the soda in their fridge and he’ll end up with her feet on his lap at some point. On movie two or three, Katara’ll crash for the night. Zuko’ll finish the movie. Then he’ll pick her up, and fumble his way into Sokka’s room, and tuck her in. And it’ll be the best night he’s had in weeks.

Only then Katara bumps his thigh with her hip. “You’re ridiculous. Comedy clubs aren’t how the story goes.”

Can’t help it. He raises his eyebrow—the only one he’s got—and dares to ask, “What story, exactly?”

“This,” Katara says, “is the part of the quirky romcom where the heartbroken but plucky heroine takes on New York and meets the love of her life.” And she says it with such conviction that Zuko doesn’t have the heart to point out that they’re not in New York or a quirky romcom.

“Okay,” he says. “So where does that leave us?”

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Gone Bad

Part 1 :  

Yeah you’re a problem child

Been grounded your whole life

So now you run wild 

“Claire…I really want to help I do. But I haven’t spoken to her in so long I doubt she’ll listen”, Val pleaded rubbing a hand across his face uncomfortably. They hadn’t exactly ended on good terms. He’d got caught up in the moment and kissed her  back when she was 16, but instead of being shocked or appalled she kissed him back.

And instead of being a man about the situation he disappeared from her life completely.  In fact, he was sure the last thing Zendaya said to him was “I hate you”. 

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anonymous asked:

How do you feel about the speculation of XY being Ash's final series? With the anime hitting its 20th anniversary by the end of this generation, could this be the series where Ash finally wins a league and goes on to the Champion league? I remember people saying the same thing back when DP was airing due to the Elite 4 foreshadowing and Cynthia's comments, but I think its something the writers might try again. Serena's crush on Ash also feels like endgame material for the most part, I dunno.

Yeah, I saw those theories floating about and… meh. There will always be something that totally hints towards the end of Ash’s journey, and it will all be so “convincing” and so “inevitable” that when the news of Ash’s staying reaches us, it will almost feel like… yeah, what’s that nice word hip kids use these days? “Trolling”. Betrayal.

Speculation would’ve been rampant towards the end of OS if a poster with the AG cast hadn’t been leaked way too early by accident. The 10th anniversary comes and goes, and so does the 15th. DP showed Ash at his strongest - they’re obviously building up his departure! BW is a throwback to the OS - perfect way to wrap everything up! People are grasping at straws by now.

I mean, I don’t really get what Serena’s crush has to do with Ash’s journey? I like Amour, but what are people expecting Ash to do in the incredibly unlikely case that he 1) not only returns her feelings, but 2) also tells her and the two become an “item” (or whatever the equivalent for ten-year-olds is called…)? That Ash goes all, “Well, that’s it! I’ve now got everything I wanted in my life, it’s time to settle down and never set a foot outside again! My goal of becoming a Pokémon Master? Oh, that’s nothing compared to the incredible comfort of home life. Now, excuse me while I go peel potatoes and polish the statue of my wife-to-be”?

Tbh, I don’t really listen to these supposed arguments pro Ash’s departures any more. Personally, I feel like the “implications” in XY (if you can call them that) so far are very weak and are nothing compared to the stunts they pulled in late-Battle Frontier:

Staff, months before DP begins: *shows silhouette of Dawn* This is the main character!
Fandom: omg ash?
*AG190 summary reveals Ash is going to be offered a position as Frontier Brain*
Fandom: …OMG?!
Three weeks before DP: AG190 airs, Ash turns down the offer, posters with Ash/Dawn/Paul and Ash/Dawn/Brock are revealed

Or even worse, late-DP:

Staff, months before BW begins: *shows silhouettes of Iris and Cilan* These will be important people in the new series!
Fandom: …Ash?
Staff: (loooong silence)
Staff (9937274 years later): Next week, there’ll be a sneak peek with the NEW MAIN CHARACTER (yes, they actually said that)
Fandom: omfg it’s gonna happen it’s gonna happen it’s-
Staff: It’s… Ash! With a redesign! LOL!

People start watching the show fully aware that the boy with black hair and his Pikachu are the main characters and that they’re going to get the lion’s share of screentime. And if they started watching any later than 2002, they got involved knowing it’s not going to change.

Ash is going to leave eventually, but he’s not going to get replaced. He will leave when the anime as a whole is wrapped up or cancelled. After Ash, there will be no long-running Pokémon anime ever again. There will only be OVAs or mini-series to promote the latest set of games, if at all.

Do I know all these things for certain? No, of course not. But I think my bet is quite a bit more secure than that of those who’d been willing to eat their foot if Ash wasn’t gonna leave after DP.

Will the main anime end after XY? I suppose it’s not impossible, but on the other hand, I don’t see why they should do it now, while the games are still selling well and the anime itself is also still popular. ‘sides, if you’re going to conclude the story of a main character that stretched over 20 real-life years, you better start building it up right when the series starts and not halfway through or, God forbid, a few episodes before - you might be able to do that with characters that only lasted one series, but not Ash. And by “building up” I don’t mean feeble excuses like “the heroine has a crush on him”. The hints need to be on DP level at the very least.

Yellow Diamonds in the Light - Complete (Ch.10/10)

Klaine, 2300 words this chapter/33k total, A03
Dystopian future AU.
Read from the beginning here.

Summary:  When political extremists come to power, racism, homophobia, and hatred become accepted as part of day to day life.  This is the climate that Blaine and Kurt are forced to grow up in.  A dystopian future AU.

Tw for minor character death (not Kurt or Blaine) and violence (ch. 1), racism, homophobia, hate, extremist right-wing politics, xenophobia.


For their one-year wedding anniversary, they decide on a romantic dinner at one of their favorite cozy restaurants.  They had toyed with eating in, just the two of them, but in the end the symbolism of going out together, as husbands, to publicly celebrate their legal, government-approved union, won out.  Especially when Kurt promised to make Blaine breakfast in bed the next day.

The move to Toronto had gone relatively smoothly, all things considered.  The night before the actual trip Kurt had thought he might have to drug Blaine to get him to relax enough to go to sleep, he was so nervous about going through Customs the next day.  But his paperwork was accepted with nothing more dangerous than a sneer and a scoff, and then they were through, out of the U.S. and into a country where having immigrant parents wasn’t a crime, and being able to love who you wish was taken for granted.

To say they like living in Toronto doesn’t even begin to cover it.  As far as Kurt is concerned, no place could possibly be more fabulous.  His high-end woodworking business is growing steadily, with assistance from Gita’s far-reaching contacts, and a collaborative partnership with one of the artists in Toronto he had corresponded with previously.  

Blaine takes to their new life like a fish to water.  It’s as if he has emerged from the restrictive cocoon of fear that surrounded him when they lived in the states, and is now an entirely new being.  He’s joyful, and creative, and full of an energy that is giddy and contagious.  Of course, he’s not completely different – he still loves Kurt endlessly, and now with a reckless abandon that makes Kurt feel like the luckiest guy in the world.

Kurt wonders, sometimes, why they didn’t leave the U.S. sooner.  He asks his dad during one of their weekly Skype calls.

“It crossed my mind,” Burt says, “back when we left town to go stay with Trudy, when you guys were young.  But at some level, I guess I really couldn’t believe that our country had turned into this horrible place.  Even after everything I had seen, with Trump, and the Citizens movement, and all the hate.  I thought this was a good country – we already fought for civil rights, and freedom, and democracy.  I guess I just kept hoping things would turn around.”  Burt looks down, rubs his face with his hand.  “I’m sorry I didn’t figure it out sooner.”

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