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every westallen scene ever (124/?)


It’s just loose. Like hers. And he has bangs. Long hair and bangs. Long hair and bangs.

Finally, the Crown-Prince-of-the-Fire-Nation-turned-Banished-Prince-of-the-Fire-Nation-and-All-Evil turns to face her when the stairwell door finally shuts with a clang. For a moment, the world is still, the waves are ice, the sun hangs in the sky, and the wind drops out of the air as she forgets how to talk.

He walks toward her with intimidation spilling over every spirit-forsaken piece of clothing he’s wearing. Katara wills herself to back away, or to at least meet him halfway across deck, but not only does her tongue not work, her legs have apparently failed her, as well.

He stops in front of her, doesn’t smile, doesn’t do anything.

Katara barely dares to take in a breath of the salty chilled air. It takes all her effort not to reach up and pull at a strand of his long hair in shock. Something coils in her gut—he’s older, much older, and so is she—and she restrains herself from doing anything at all.

- the last waterbender, chapter 14


Damon Elena AU: River Deep, Ocean Wide by Nightlightbright

She’s a haunted literary agent in NYC and he’s a successful therapist who has closed himself off from life, but she sneaks past all his defenses.

(❄ for maria ❄)