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Ten things I learned about writing from Stephen King
The novelist James Smythe, who has been analysing the work of Stephen King for the Guardian since 2012, on the lessons he has drawn from the master of horror fiction
By James Smythe

Stephen King is an All-Time Great, arguably one of the most popular novelists the world has ever seen. And there’s a good chance that he’s inspired more people to start writing than any other living writer. So, as the Guardian and King’s UK publisher Hodder launch a short story competition – to be judged by the master himself – here are the ten most important lessons to learn from his work.

1. Write whatever the hell you like

King might be best known – or, rather, best regarded – as a writer of horror novels, but really, his back catalogue is crammed with every genre you can think of. There are thrillers (Misery, Gerald’s Game), literary novels (Bag Of Bones, Different Seasons), crime procedurals (Mr Mercedes), apocalypse narratives (The Stand), fantasy (Eyes Of The Dragon, The Dark Tower series) … He’s even written what I think of as being one of the greatest Young Adult novels of all time: The Long Walk. Perhaps the only genre or audience he hasn’t really touched so far is comedy, but most of his work features moments that show his deft touch with humour. It’s clear that King does what he wants, when he wants, and his constant readers – the term he calls his, well, constant readers – will follow him wherever he goes.

2. The scariest thing isn’t necessarily what’s underneath the bed

Horror is a curious thing. What scares one person won’t necessarily scare another. And while there might be moments in his horror novels that tread towards the more conventional ideas of what some find terrifying, for the most part, the truly scary aspects are those that deal with humanity itself. Ghosts drive people to madness, telekinetic girls destroy whole towns with their powers, clowns … well, clowns are just bloody terrifying full stop. But the true crux of King’s ability to scare is finding the thing that his readers are actually worried about, and bringing that to the fore. If you’re writing horror, don’t just think about what goes bump in the night; think about what that bump might drive people to do afterwards.

3. Don’t be scared of transparency

One of my favourite things about King’s short story collections are the little notes about each tale that he puts into the text. The history of them, the context for the idea, how the writing process actually worked. They’re not only invaluable material for aspiring writers – because exactly how many drafts does it take to reach a decent story? King knows! – but they’re also brilliant nuggets of insight into King himself. Some people might think that it’s better off knowing nothing about authors when they read their work, but for King, his heart is on his sleeve. In his latest collection, The Bazaar of Broken Dreams, King gets more in-depth than ever, talking about what inspired the stories in such an honest way that it couldn’t have come from another writer’s pen. Which brings us to …

4. Write what you know. Sort of. Sometimes

Write what you know is the most common writing tip you’ll find anywhere. It’s nonsense, really, because if we all did that we’d end up with terribly boring novels about writers staring out of windows waiting for inspiration to hit. (If you like those, incidentally, head straight for the literary fiction section of your nearest bookshop.) But King understands that experience is something which can be channelled into your work, and should be at every opportunity. Aspects of his life – addiction, teaching, his near-fatal car accident, rock and roll, ageing – have cropped up in his work over and over, in ways that aren’t always obvious, but often help to drive the story. That’s something every writer can use, because it’s through these truths that real emotions can be writ large on the page.

5. Aim big. Or small

King’s written some mammoth books, and they’re often about mammoth things. The Stand takes readers into an apocalypse, with every stage of it laid out on the page until the final fantastical showdown. It deals with a horror that hits a group of characters twice in their lives, showing us how years and years of experience can change people. And The Dark Tower is a seven (or eight, or more, if you count the short stories set in its world) part series that takes in so many different genres of writing it’s dizzying. When he needs to, King aims really big, and sometimes that’s what you have to do to tell a story. At the other end of the spectrum, some of King’s most enduring stories – Rita Hayworth & Shawshank Redemption, The Mist – have come from his shorter works. He traps small groups of characters in single locations and lets the story play out how it will. The length of the story you’re telling should dictate the size of the book. Doesn’t matter if it’s forty thousand words or two hundred, King doesn’t waste a word.

6. Write all the time. And write a lot

King’s published – wait for it – 55 novels, 11 collections of stories, 5 non-fiction works, 7 novellas and 9 assorted other pieces (including illustrated works and comic books). That’s over a period of 41 years. That’s an average of two books a year. Which is, I must admit, a pretty giddying amount. That’s years of reading (or rereading, if you’re as foolishly in awe of him as I am). But he’s barely stopped for breath. This year has seen three books published by him, which makes me feel a little ashamed. Still, at my current rate of writing, I might catch up with him sometime next century. And while not every book has found the same critical and commercial success, they’ve all got their fans.

7. Voice is just as important as content

King’s a writer who understands that a story needs to begin before it’s actually told. It begins in the voice of the novel: is it first person, or third? Is it past or present tense? Is it told through multiple narrators, or just the one? He’s a master at understanding exactly why each story is told the way it’s told. Sure, he might dress it up as something simple – the story finding the voice it needs, or vice versa – but through his books you can see that he’s tried pretty much everything, and can see why each voice worked with the story he was telling.

8. And Form is just as important as voice

King isn’t really thought of as an experimental novelist, which is grossly unfair. Some of King’s more daring novels have taken on really interesting forms. Be it The Green Mile’s fragmented, serialised narrative; or the dual publication of The Regulators and Desperation – novels which featured the same characters in very different situations, with unsettling parallels between the stories that unfolded for them; or even Carrie’s mixed-media narrative, with sections of the story told as interview or newspaper extract. All of these novels have played with the way they’re presented on the page to find the perfect medium for telling those stories. Really, the lesson here from King is to not be afraid to play.

9. You don’t have to be yourself

Some of King’s greatest works in the early years of his career weren’t published by King himself. They were in the name of Richard Bachman, his slightly grislier pseudonym. The Long Walk, Thinner, The Running Man – these are books that dealt with a nastier side of things than King did in his properly attributed work. Because, maybe it’s good to have a voice that allows us to let the real darkness out, with no judgments. (And then maybe, as King eventually did in The Dark Half, it’s good to kill that voice on the page … )

10. Read On Writing. Now

This is the most important tip in the list. In 2000, King published On Writing, a book that sits in the halfway space between autobiography and writing manual. It’s full of details about his process, about how he wrote his books, channelled his demons and overcame his challenges. It’s one of the few books about writing that are actually worth their salt, mainly because it understands that it’s about a personal experience, and readers might find that useful. There’s no universal truths when it comes to writing. One person’s process would be a nightmare for somebody else. Some people spend years labouring on nearly perfect first drafts; some people get a first draft written in six weeks, and then spend the next year destroying it and rebuilding it. On Writing tells you how King does it, to help you to find your own. Even if you’re not a fan of his books, it’s invaluable to the in-development writer. Heck, it’s invaluable to all writers.

Top Ten Awesome Fanfics *

* yep, not “all-time favourite”, because I cannot choose in all objectivity only ten fics. This list is a list of ten fics* chosen in my five main fandoms that I love and feel like they should be read, but it could have been ten others … It’s very hard to choose. One day I’ll do a real masterpost fic rec …
* yes, I’ve cheated. There are waaaaay more than just ten fics here … Sorry not sorry.

The lovely @justkeeponthegrass had a brillant idea : to make a collection of our favourite fanfics to show writers just how much we appreciate, respect and admire their work. I personally owe a great deal to fanfic writers, especially in the Merlin fandom, for they helped me get through a very hard period of my life. Fanfic writers have been and are constant companions of my life, whether I’m sad, happy, tired or feeling excited, they always deliver, they are amazing people who do an amazing work just because they like it. I admire the hell out of any of you, and the following ten titles, plus the special and honorable mentions, are me trying to tell you how much you mean. Very, very long post incoming …

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anonymous asked:

dicta do you have any larry fic recs? nothing specific but just any fic that you loved a lot? thank you, your opinion on fics means a lot to me, and i feel like you'd probably know the really good ones!

Oh my gosh anon I love the wording of this ask so much. I’ve been meaning to make a larry rec list for going on a year but it just feels so official/overwhelming? But this, fic I loved a lot??? I can absolutely do that!!! and aaaaah there are SO MANY!!! I am not as organized about larry fic as drarry fic so this is, basically, like, a list of fics that stuck in my brain and/or heart and that are all so so good. SO GOOD! (and tbh there’s a whole other list of stuff that i’d rec but would want to reread before attempting commentary, and I have so many things marked for later and like….yeah….there’s a lot of good fic out there) And really, what better rec is there than “this is a fic that stuck in my brain and/or heart”?? Everyone should read them all!!

an act of faith against the night by @elianefics- M, 65k - It’s a clear path, drawing itself in Harry’s mind – where they began, how they ended up here. It’s not hard to convey all the events that led them to this very moment, with all of their twists and turns, not when Harry has been going through them again and again every night, albeit searching for something else.  “Did you know?” When Harry replies, it’s a question, not an answer. “Did you know, that it would end like this?” [Harry and Louis had never imagined that, when they would finally go back to New York, it would be as spies.] (part two of the landscapes of war series)

  • The war from ‘a prayer for which no words exist’ (recced below!) is over, or at least as over as war can be for the people who were there, which is to say….not all that over, just taking different shape. I have endless love for the way this fic treats that aftermath, the way it shows how deeply and irreversibly harry and Louis were shaped by being fighters, and it is a stunning mix of beautiful prose and important ethical questions. It also does some really fascinating meta work with Simon Cowell, the Azoffs, and the Cordens taking on central roles in the post-war nation-building project. It’s a lot for one fic to do, and this one manages it beautifully, and throws in some more beautiful NYC cityscapes, heartaching and conflicted nostalgia, and taut but unwavering H/L love, you know, just for good measure.

another hazy may by deLILAh - M, 41k - louis is a terrible poet and harry lives in the now and they have six weeks to fall in love but, really, it only takes six seconds. bookshop meets military meets summer romance au ft. marlboros, the backstreet boys, and underrated literary devices.

  • It’s been over a year since I’ve properly read this all the way and I can still see parts of it as vividly as if it had been last night. Harry’s hair, cigarette smoke curling upwards, hardwood floors, the rhythm of Harry’s feet as he runs to stay in shape for the job that will take him away from Louis, the feeling of seconds slipping away, and each of them more precious for being so few in number. This is one of those fics that made me nostalgic for somewhere I’d never been - except who hasn’t felt as though time was moving simultaneously quickly and too slowly, as though there is something precious that could fall apart at any second? And that’s one of many things this fic does beautifully: gives us the universality of their story, and reminding us of our own.

Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart by @conscious–ramblings - M, 19k - Louis and Harry had been childhood best friends, but had been separated by evacuation as the city they grew up in was destroyed around them. Now, twelve years later, they are both back in London, and through chance they meet again. In a time when you can’t admit to being gay, for fear of arrest, admitting to your best friend that you love them seems like an insurmountable obstacle.Featuring boxer Harry and mechanic Louis, much pining, and a lot of post war Britain

  • There’s often a moment in fic where they’re trying to figure out if the other one is gay and/or available, that’s full of a certain kind of tentative hope because there’s some kind of attraction there and what if, what if it was everything they think it might be? This fic takes that to 11 in the most meaningful way, because it’s the 40s, and being gay is a crime, and it’s not a question of whether they’re reading the right signals - neither of them can afford to send any - but of trying to accept that it could never, can never be. Set against absolutely simmering chemistry (the moment Louis first sees Harry in the ring is a thing I’m still not over) and wonderful research and settings (loved the feel of it, the way it all came to life, how present the remnants of the war were as they went about their lives) and fab secondary characters (Niall is a gem, and Liam is so how I think of him, and really everyone was just perfect) and this incredible click where you can feel the ease and understanding between them, feel the sense that they are destined and absolutely belong together…it takes that tension and longing, already at an 11, to a 12, and the ending is cathartic and beautiful and means so much more for knowing how rare and lucky and precious that moment is, and how much they’re willing to risk, and how it’s kinds of risk that are sometimes very specific to being queer in a moment when it’s illegal and how many of them are universal, and how incredible and enormous and moving a thing it is when both kinds of risk pay off.

Don’t Look Down by zarah5 - M, 92k - AU. In which Louis is a solicitor at one of London’s most prestigious law firms and Harry happens to apply for the position as his trainee. And everyone else is around, too.

  • Harry is unbelievably charming here, and it makes total sense that Louis falls for him, and as the story unfolds the clarity and meaningfulness of their connection gets more and more apparent even as Louis is fighting it tooth and nail. But it’s not miscommunication and it’s not self-loathing, it’s that Louis’ reasons are genuinely thoughtful and important (professional ethics!!!!!! With real implications!!!!) and that they’re genuinely in a difficult position and can’t be together without betraying things that mean a lot to both of them, which made me love this version of him even more and root for them that much harder. And I was already rooting for them pretty damn hard. They fit together beautifully from the first, understand each other on so many levels, are drawn together just magically…and then there are these beautiful moments (Venice omg) and heart-wrenching moments (after that dinner and that one morning and then that other one omg) and hold-your-breath moments (what is Louis gonna dooooo) and heart-pounding momebts, and I could not put it down.

Fake you’re full and feel tomorrow by theglitterbee - NC-17, 21k - Louis is a high class prostitute and the best at what he does. Harry is a hard to please 17 year old who wants to give himself completely to another man. [It contains prostitution, d/s, daddy kink, silly banter and two idiots in love.](The one with the text messages.)

  • listen this is gonna sound like a weird rec but bear with me. this fic was one of the first 1d fics I read, and on face is almost entirely made of things i don’t like, and yet, here it is. It did that alchemical thing where it just worked and it did all these things really well - like daddy kink was 100% squick for me before this and it’s still like 80% squick but this fic explained it in such a way that i got it and could understand it and see why it worked for them and what it meant for them and that psychology made it work (and made me get why it was hot? which is pretty massive for something in the squick category). and i was hesitant about their ages but it wound up being (i think not unrealistically) part of a fundamental kind of self-discovery that was part of why things between them felt so critical and important. and i was v skeptical about social media stuff in fic but this one did it so well that i got it and felt like it really enriched the story and showed a particular kind of progress and dynamic in their interactions that needed to be done that way (and wound up being really cool and impressive). and i was nervous about the potential for the dynamics to not work but they are both full people who needed each other in this very specific way and fit together beautifully and it did some of the best stuff kink fics do imo, where the kink reveals something about who they are and what they need and why they work and who they are individually and together, and so here we are, a fic with tags i wouldn’t usually touch, reccing away and considering a reread. this kind of rec can be kind of ~, i know, but the tl;dr is that this fic is so good it overcame every hesitation and left me totally engaged and impressed and invested.

Hold Me Closer by balanceds - NC-17, 36.5k - Louis Tomlinson is one of the most promising dancers of the English National Ballet, on track to become the youngest principal dancer in the company’s history. That is, until forces conspire to significantly complicate his life, including: a surprise ballet, an unfairly attractive guest choreographer, and being pushed into a rivalry with his best mate. Featuring lots of wine, dancing, pining, and a happy ending.

  • I was so surprised when I looked up the word count for this bc I would have sworn it was at least twice as longc there is so much story, and so much development, and so many moments that stick that. Watching Louis come to terms with who he was as a dancer and and person was this beautiful process that was so rewarding to read, and it was unusual and fresh in this way I really want to talk about but really don’t want to spoil. Along the way there is spectacular chemistry, zayn and Louis taking on gay swan lake, so much yearning and despair and happiness and reckoning and growth, an amazing and deeply satisfying Simon moment, and one of those h/l relationships where they make each other strong.

like a boomerang by @youwilll- M, 52k - AU in which Harry gets trapped in a lift, Louis gets stuck in a Wednesday, and it’s always February 2nd. Until it isn’t.

  • This fic is so so utterly charming in like nine different ways. Harry and Louis slot together so beautifully you can practically hear the click, and then they do it again and again and somehow every time feels fresh and important, and through it all the stakes get bigger as Louis contemplates the meaning of their repeated day and all of these deep questions sneak in, and a bit of a mystery, and a bunch of self-discovery, and a bunch of personal growth as Louis learns and thinks, really thinks, about what he needs to do, and realizes how willing he is to do it. It was so perfectly balanced between being gentle and exciting, between destiny and action, between grand gestures and quiet moments, and it settled like a warm blanket and I looked forward to every chapter so much.  And then, at the end…it was one of those stories that made me want to add and place to my travel list because the relevant moments are so well located and satisfying that you just want to be there, and it captured this particular instant - the way it wound sound and smell and how the air would feel and the electricity of it - so vividly. Lovely through and through.

Love Is A Human Right by @conscious–ramblings- M, 41k - The one where Louis has spent years getting over his ex, Harry Styles, and was almost successful. That is until Harry is elected as an MP, and Louis is given the task of getting him to support an Act of Parliament. Through tears and arguments and a heavy dose of LGBTQ+ politics, their lives finally line up. Will Louis be able to forgive? Will they still want the same thing? It’s difficult to let go of five years of hurt, but even more difficult to be close to the love of your life and let them walk away again.

  • This fic is basically everything I want in a fic, but together so amazingly well that I would never be able to put into a prompt because it’s the *how* that makes it so perfect. I mean, politics, check, LGBTQ politics, check, larry, check, vivid settings, check, emotional stakes, check, pining, check, everything, check. But the kicker is the beautiful complexity to all of it, that the story really truly understands the complexity of coming out and why people  do and why they don’t and what it mean and how it works and the ways it plays out in queer communities, and these gay leads aren’t incidentally gay, but engaged in identity and politics in a way that feels true and resonant, and that manages to both say really important things about queer communities and tell a beautiful love story about coming to terms with who you are and what you stand for and how love shapes (but doesn’t always determine, and I love that about this fic too) your priorities. Then add some simmering UST and simmering RST (hot damn i mean really) and viscerally, deliciously painful pining and hilarious side plots (SGIL!! Ziam!! Nick’s guessing games!!) and a background story that had my heart twisting for them from the first and settings that felt so real they were popping back into my head for weeks and just…superb. Superb.

a prayer for which no words exist by @elianefics - M, 65k - “Louis is a few seconds away from blowing up a rather important section of the New York subway when he sees Harry for the first time.” (part one of the landscapes of war series)

  • War!AU in NYC! Another one that I will admit fit my interests beautifully but it’s the execution that makes it work so beautifully. From the second they meet, there’s an urgency and fragility to Harry and Louis’ relationship that is a perfect fit for the politics and the newness of it all. At the same time, their connection is so certain and solid, and whether they’re waking up in the Brooklyn penthouse loft that I am still not over or getting ready to run into battle, their love casts everything else into relief and brings out some of he human consequences to why people fight and what they have to gain or lose, and shows what all they’re risking. Left me breathless in the best ways, and so glad to have gone on this journey.

Pull Me Under by zarah5 - NC-17, 140k - AU. As the first British footballer to come out at the prime of his career,  it helps that Louis Tomlinson is in a long-term, committed  relationship. Even if that relationship is fake. (Featuring Niall as Louis’ favourite teammate, Liam as Louis’ agent, and Zayn as Liam’s boyfriend, who just happens to be good friends with one Harry Styles.)

  • This was the fic that tipped me right over the precipice and properly into the fandom; how could I not rec it? Even if I wasn’t personally attached, how could I not rec it? It’s so bloody beautiful, watching Louis come to terms with the idea of being out, and to take steps towards it, and to see how his interactions with Harry change that and what develops between them. The pacing is amazing, the depiction of internalized homophobia is chest-tightening in the good illustrative moving way, the world is so immersive (like I went to get the link and 20 minutes later I was still reading and totally entranced), and their relationship 100% made my heart sing, in both the big triumphant moments and the little ones.

things have gotten closer to the sun by starseas - M, 49k - it’s strange, making the choice to face his past—it almost feels like he’s heading for the sun straight on, like he’s screaming come on and burn me, i deserve it.-when a solar flare is announced to end the world in twelve days, harry reunites with the people that he used to know better than the back of his own hand.

  • I’m not even entirely sure what to say about this fic that won’t give it away or send people running because here’s the thing: it is heartbreaking. It is worth it. It is sad, yes. It is also exhilarating and beautiful and about why love, platonic and romantic, makes the risks worthwhile, and how we know, viscerally know what is important to us. Real talk pt. 1: read it because I had terrible pms and really needed to cry. Real talk pt. 2: it worked, in that very particular way thar also made me sit and think about who and what is really important and had me sobbing in the best, most cathartic way. That lasting, deep way that’s making my chest a little tight just thinking about it, but that also means that I can smell the snow and feel the frost and see the brilliance of the sun and feel the boys’ love as - more - constant than the sun, and what the heck else could you ask for?

These Inconvenient Fireworks by mdasch and everydayslike - NC-17, 190k - Future AU in which nobody tries out for X Factor but the boys end up finding one other eventually anyway. Louis is a jaded bastard who owns a cat named Duchess and teaches drama to teenagers, Harry is an idealistic aspiring photographer/part-time footy coach, Zayn teaches English lit and wears leather jackets, Liam saves people from burning buildings, and Niall is Niall.

  • this is one of the top ten most affecting things i have ever read in my life. i don’t know how. i don’t know why. i do know that i couldn’t put it down for days and wound up finishing it in a blanket fort on a friend’s couch at 4am, literally doing that feet-kicking thing where you’re so full of feelings you can’t actually physically contain it but have to be quiet and still because the rest of the world is asleep during your emotional revelation. it restored my faith in love and hope. i am still not recovered from the thing on the soccer field at night before the train or the star tattoo or harry taking picture after picture or basically anything about it. clear your calendar if you have to but read this fic and then pls come talk to me about it because like i said i am deeply affected and possibly forever changed.

walk my days on a wire by sunshiner - M, 38.5k - Harry hums, staring at his hands in his lap, and Louis can still feel their smoothness, how solid they were in between his own. “Do you think it’s the same for us? Are we here only because of the likeliness of our jobs? Of our lives?”
“We’re here because we have inventive managers,” Louis says, giving Harry’s leg a little nudge with his knee, but all that’s going around in his head is, I think I’d be in the same spot in every possible universe.  or, when actor Louis Tomlinson used to daydream about dating Harry Styles, this is not what he had in mind.

  • There’s this one moment in Cannes when they kiss and I both really want to talk about it bc it is amazing and really would not dream of talking about bc you have to go read it yourself. So like the summary suggests, they’re in a fake relationship, and they know that that’s what it’s supposed to be, but of course - of course - there’s more to it than that. Like instantly more in this way that you can feel rolling off the screen, that is about sexual chemistry but also a certain kind of very precious fitting together. Watching them see themselves through each others eyes is beautiful, as is seeing how much it means to them to have someone else who understands the pressured of this rarefied, panopticonic world of celebrity, and who loves and validates the ott celeb performer and the human underneath the facade. It’s interesting to read in the context of this fandom, and entirely universal at the same time - who doesn’t want a partner who can love them at their most extreme and most mundane, most accomplished and most afraid, right in the middle of a stadium or right in the middle of taking up the whole damn bed?

whispering of fields half-sown by @elianefics- PG-13, 7k - “And how ironic is it that even now, at the end of all things, Louis’ mere presence makes Harry want to believe that anything is possible again. That the earth isn’t close to collapsing on itself, that the tomorrows are bright and shining and full of promises. Harry hates Louis for giving him something to look forward to when the sky only keeps getting darker. Harry loves Louis for it. ”[All of his boys come back to him in the end, but it’s Louis, Harry has been waiting for all this time.]

  • heartbreaking, lush, moving apocalypse!fic wherein it is absolutely the case that through fire and water and earthquakes and ice, there is one person Harry needs by his side. There’s Liam and Niall and Zayn, too, and what it would mean for all of them to say goodbye, really goodbye, who they all are and what those friendships mean. And Louis. Oh, Louis. My eyes got mysteriously damp in the really good way, and it made me want to sit down and write just to make words like this. The conversation at the end of this stayed with me like whoa, and my chest is getting a little tight thinking about it again. That may make some people want to X it off the list; think twice before you do. This is worth it.

Young & Beautiful by velvetoscar - M, 227.5k - Louis, to his horror, attends an elitist university in which the name Zayn Malik means something, Niall Horan doesn’t stop talking, there are pianos everywhere, and Harry Styles, only son of a drug-addled, clinically insane ex-rocker, has a perfect smile and empty eyes.

  • absolutely beautiful. so vivid i dreamt about it and then went and got a whole bunch of flowers and spent a while wandering around in fancy clothes just because it felt as though i was already living in the story so why not? And how could you not want to be part of this world that is complex and nuanced and subtle and gorgeous (which is not a way i expected to feel about a fic about rich kids btw but this fic makes them so full and the story so engaging that it happened and not only a little). Dimensional characters, wonderful tension, simmering slow burn, complexity, believable and complex psychological motivations,  theme parties, a falcon named cleopatrick, long nights, loaded touches, meaningful subplots, love, resilience. The only possible complaint is it made me want a champagne fountain, and that is not any sort of complaint at all. (lmk if you have a champagne fountain though, it’s been a few weeks and i am really still about wanting to live inside this fic, and also champagne)

#harrypottersummer is back!

Welcome to harrypottersummer 2017! It’s happening! You get a reread! And you get a reread! Everybody gets a reread! 

So, without further ado -

Cancel all your plans for the summer. We’re rereading Harry Potter.

What’s harrypottersummer?

It’s the most beautiful time of year, aka the time where Potterheads get to reread the entire Harry Potter series over the course of one summer - together! harrypottersummer was created last year, everyone who joined in had a blast, so this is round two and the whole thing is on a very good path to become an annual event.

How does it work?

Starting on June 16th, everyone who cares to join will start reading the Harry Potter series all over, first book to last, whilst sharing but their reading progress as well as headcanons, fanart, fanfics, edits, theories, anecdotes and literally anything else you can think of, on any social media platform you can think of using the hashtag #harrypottersummer. Done!

What’s this year’s schedule?

Last year, we went for a book per week, which was nice for those of us who were stuck with little to no wifi for the bigger part of the reread (-points to self-), but was stressful for busier folks. This year, only the first three books will be getting a week each, and every book from Goblet of Fire onward will be getting two! Yay!

  • June 16th - June 22nd 2017: Philosopher’s Stone Week
  • June 23rd - June 29th 2017: Chamber of Secrets Week
  • June 30th - July 6th 2017: Prisoner of Azkaban Week
  • July 7th - July 20th 2017: Goblet of Fire Week
  • July 21st - August 3rd 2017: Order of the Phoenix Week
  • August 4th - August 17th 2017: Half-Blood Prince Week
  • August 18th - August 31st 2017: Deathly Hallows Week

Wait, whaat? Meetup???

Well, yes meetup, assuming it all works out as planned! In honour of September 1st, 2017 also being Epilogue Day, anyone who happens to be in London that day is more than welcome to stop by at King’s Cross station to come and wave our childhood goodbye one last time. Are you ready? I’m not ready. Nope.

Make sure you check this blog for updates on the meetup, as more details will hopefully be available soon. For now, just know that I’ll be there, @ronaldswheezy will be there, come say hi and have a chat and take selfies and get emotional over our childhood. Why not. Might be fun.

How do I participate?

  • Grab your Harry Potter books, cancel your life, and start rereading.
  • Spread your progress like wildfire. This includes any form of social media you choose to participate in. Tumblr! Snapchat! Instagram! YouTube! Twitter! All the things!
  • Get creative. Write fanfics. Make fanart. Make edits. Make playlists. Start cosplaying. Write a song. Build your own Lego Hogwarts. Nothing is off limits.
  • And finally, tag absolutely EVERYTHING with #harrypottersummer. Everything. Even if it’s just a 4am text post that goes ‘do dementors poop?’.

If you’ve got any more questions, the ask box is open! A calendar page with the schedule and an FAQ face and other things are coming up too, as soon as I get around to setting them all up. If you want to message me on my main blog, you find me @stuckwith-harry

Happy harrypottersummer! <3

autisticvelociraptor  asked:

Tumblr mom, what do you think of Harry Potter? One of my old teachers absolutely insists that I read them, and I tried but ended up highlighting every instance of the word "said" in the first half of the first book instead. The whole thing feels poorly written and I don't know how to reconcile that with the sheer number of people who love the series so much. I'm sure the storyline is fine, but the bland writing is so distracting.

For me, personally, Rowling’s writing has not held up well. 

It was great when I was ten and twelve and suddenly reading about magic was cool and not liable to get me shoved into a locker as often, but even by the time the final book came out right before I hit my twenties, it felt…bland isn’t the right word, but rather, meandering. 

The repetition of “said” wasn’t quite such a bad thing (as an editor, I’d rather you used “said” than completely fucked up your narrative dialogue by writing like you’re being bludgeoned to death with a thesaurus at your desk) but I was spotting things that could have been said in four paragraphs with some cleverly inserted narrative exposition, that were being said in entire books chapters that I honestly sort of skimmed through because I felt like I was reading an accompanying anthology companion, rather than the final installment to a book series I had been reading for well over a decade at that point.

A while ago I tried to go back and reread the series, and unlike other favorite childhood authors I had enjoyed, such as Tamora Pierce, it did not hold up well. 

I’ll be in my 50s and 60s still returning to the Tortall and Circle series every summer, but I doubt I’ll make the effort to reread Harry Potter again. Which is a shame because they were a rather large part of my formative years, both with school friends and in online fandom. I still like the idea of the universe and I live for a lot of the really amazing things other people have done with the HP universe, but I have little desire to read anymore of Rowling’s work, personally.

I tried to read her “adult” novel The Casual Vacancy, and while it had really vivid moments, they were just that, moments—like frozen scenes of color in an otherwise muted world I could not get invested in. She also has a habit of over simplifying things to a degree I find irritating. There’s no real nuance to anything, and even when she tries at subtlety it’s a bit like performing a lobotomy with your kitchen silverware—all spoon and very little delicacy.

I may have perhaps been spoiled to her work by being handed Terry Pratchett novels roughly at around the same age, devouring what was then the entire series in the span of one summer like a mad thing possessed and I’ve been reading and rereading those books for the better part of 20 years now, and I’m still finding things I never noticed before. It’s hard to go back to Rowling after something like that. It’s a very simplistic form of writing—which is no bad thing! children need simple stories that tell them the world is not always what it seems and dark and terrible things can and will happen, but so long as there are good people, the darkness can be defeated. Children, and yes even us adults need that reassurance. 

I just happen to think there are better authors out there who are able to reach much deeper emotional depths, with a far greater level of subtlety and skill—some of them are even writers in the Harry Potter fandom, who honestly connect and resonate with me in ways the canon never did. And that’s also sort of the thing to keep in mind with how popular the HP fandom is. The internet was a thing long before Harry Potter first came out, but it was becoming widely available in individual homes around about that time through cheaper dial up and the eventual mainstreaming of broadband. Suddenly fandom spaces were that much easier to be a part of online, and with that came a surge in fan created content (and lawsuits!) and certain popular fandoms positively thrived as a result. I can’t help but feel if HP had come out in the late 80s, it wouldn’t have quite so much the online presence it has now.

So no, it doesn’t surprise me that as a slightly older reader than I was back in 1997, the books don’t quite catch you the way they do younger children. But then I also feel the same way about Tolkein. Dear God I never want to have to read anything written by him again. Love the concept, love the world and the moments of pure shining brilliance and hope it has given me—and the fandom it allowed me to be a part of—but I’ll take Diana Wynne Jones over Tolkein any day, and be far more entertained in the process. 

Actually, that’s not a bad idea. Try Jones, or heck, try Pierce. We might not have the same massive online presence, but we’re devoted, and with good reason :)

anonymous asked:

Hi Sabrecmc, I love your stories and have read them multiple times. I love your characterizations and have spent many hours reading and rereading them. Your stories have been my sanity the last few days since my step dad passed and I have been helping with the fallout with my mom and 15 year old brother. I hate to ask but would you be able to write a short scene about when Rhodey, Tony, and Steve all met for the first time in CN? Thanks either way for the wonderful stories.

I’m so sorry for the loss of your step dad and all that comes with dealing with a death in the family.  It is hard on everyone.  I’m glad if the fics were able to give you a bit of distraction.  Here’s a little CN drabble, which I hope makes you smile:

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devilishgaze  asked:

You mentioned that Yana has a person who helps her making her story historically accurate, right? Well, one of my friends who hates the series has said a few things I want you to clear it up if you can: • in the Green Witch Arc, that tank or whatever didn’t exist back then? • It was mustard gas or something that was used to hurt Sebastian and Ciel in the Green Witch Arc, right? apparently that didn’t exist then either • They didn’t have pistols like Mey-Rin used in Book of Circus

Ahh yes, her name is Ri/ko Mu/ra/ka/mi! I think I once described her job as “checking the historical accuracy of Yana’s works” or something like that in one of my translations (because that’s what a “時代考証” usually does), but now that I think about it, the word “history advisor” might be more accurate in her case! She mainly helps Yana with historical research (collecting data about Victorian England) and provides her with some ideas (e.g. the infamous cricket games):

She also checks the historical accuracy of Kuro to some extent but the thing is that Kuro isn’t and never was a 100% historical manga, but a fantasy manga set in Victorian England AU with demons, shinigamis, TVs, mobile phones, video games (if you’ve forgotten that these things exist in Kuro-verse, then I recommend you to reread vol.1-5), Chanel agenda, Cartier Pasha wrist watch, and full of other anachronisms and parodies (boy bands *cough*).

In one of her old blog posts, she once said:

“[…] From this boarding school arc, Miss Ri/ko Mu/ra/ka/mi who participated in the anime production also joined our [manga] team as our ‘history advisor’. I had her do research on boarding schools (there were barely any material available in Japan) and tell me about them (^o^)
However, everytime [she told me some details about boarding schools] I asked her “I’m sorry, I get that that’s the actual historical event, but do you think I can arrange it [in Kuro-style]?” and thus caused her trouble with my usual nonsense. […]”

So it’s just Yana’s habit style to use historical events & characters (e.g. Jack the Ripper, Campania/Titanic, Arthur Conan Doyle, cricket games, etc) and arrange them in Kuroshitsuji-style! :D

And as for the tank and the mustard gas in the GW arc, that was the whole point of the arc! xD The thing is that *in Kuro-verse* (again, it’s an AU) Germany had *secretly* invented all these weapons way before they were first introduced in actual history (WW1), but they were ALL destroyed by Sebastian. So Germany now needs to recreate them from scratch which will probably take them few years if not decades. So in other words, Sebastian & our Ciel kinda managed to change the course of history (and thus maybe even prevented or at least delayed an outbreak of a potential war)!

Tl;dr: Most anachronisms in Kuro are on purpose and that’s what makes the Kuro-verse so unique and interesting!! :D


Pairing: Reader x Bucky (eventually)
Word Count: 859
Warnings: Angst(?), sexism, swearing

A/N: This new fic series is inspired by this post. I hope you guys like this one!

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

This starts off being set during the events of CA:TWS

Deep in concentration, the office around you melts away. Your eyes were boring into the police report in your hands, reading and rereading your writing to make sure that you hadn’t made a mistake that would let a drug dealer you’d arrested get off. It wasn’t your first arrest of your career, but it was your first as a detective and not a beat cop. You were determined not to let your male dominated precinct have any more reasons to undermine you.

“Y/N? Hello? Anyone home?” Dale Kline’s, your partner, voice breaks through to you,

“What? Sorry,” you mumble, looking up briefly from the report, “What’s up?”

“Chief wants that report now,” he raises his eyebrows as he cocks his heads towards the papers held in your hands,

“Sure,” you slowly nod, knowing very well that you weren’t done with it yet and the police chief was going to have to wait a little longer,

“Hey darl,” one of the many male detective’s call to you, “Can you take this with you? And grab me a coffee on the way back, will ya?”

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Theo Raeken - On My Mind (Part 3)

warnings ; bloodplay(kinda?), biting, oral (male on female), cursing, S M U T

 prompt ; in which theo visits you at your house in hopes of trying to make amends.

 a/n ; it’s finally here!! part 3 of on my mind! sad to be writing the last installment to the vampire!theo series. it was great while it lasted :) thanks to everyone who read it! 

 | part one | part two

 ∆ On My Mind - Ellie Goulding ∆ 

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the lirry kid!fic rec that nobody asked for but i did it anyway

lately there has been a lot of lirry + kids on my dash and that stuff always makes me a bit (a lot) emotional so i decided to make a list of fics where at least one of them is a parental figure of some kind so you all can be emotional with me.

under the cut are 13 fics, sorted by word count, that are my absolute faves when it comes to lirry and kids. (and 4 bonus fics bc i can’t control myself.) with not only a summary but also my thoughts and feelings (that are mostly just incoherent screaming don’t judge me).

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Happy Fanfiction Writers’ Appreciation Day!!!

Even tho I’m probably late haha. And I think I got the name wrong. But meh. The thought’s there. This for all of you writers out there, be it if you’re popular or not.  You should be proud of what you do since you keep us, readers, entertained and satisfy or thirst for scenarios that might not happen in real life. You manage to make another beautiful and original piece each time you put your thoughts into words, and we are lucky enough that you post it so that we could read what you make. I hope you know that you are very much appreciated in this community and in the fandom you write about. 

I’ll be naming a few of the writers that I absolutely love and most of these people are people that i’m still working up the courage to befriend. I may or may not put messages depending whether or not I’m extremely shy to talk about you or if I want to spread my love for you haha. Also all of the writers I’m about to mention are bts writers sooo.

Here it goes:

@inktae aaAAA!! Mari, what do i tell you? Where do i start? you are like my idol here and I love you and all of your works. I have reread everything on your masterlist countless of times and I still manage to feel the same emotions I did when I first read your fics. I’ll be waiting until you would write again hehe. Idk if you’d ever read this but i really want to befriend you but I’m still too shy and try to actually talk to you.

@stuckinthekookiejar I may not have talked to you in a while but I want you to know i absolutely love you and I’m in love with all the angst fics you make. I do not regret talking to you and I’m really sorry for the lack of talking between us haha. As you know, I’m an awkward smol bean.

@underthekookiejar aaAA– QUINIE. I told you that you write really well!!! I’m so proud of you and tell me when we could start on that collab we planned haha. You are an amazing writer and I can’t wait to see more from you.

@perpetually-jungshook Goldilocks was… I absolutely love your fics and How to change a fuqboi was a ride I will never forget. I’m always completely speechless whenever I read what you make haha.






@jjkfire  one of the very first writers that I found here haha. You are an absolutely talented writer and I’ll be waiting for your semi-hiatus to end and I’ll quietly supporting you through it. 




@xforeverweareyoungx I LOVE YOUR TEXTS AND YOUR WORKS. I cried, I squealed and I became addicted to all of the fics you made haha. I love you and please know that you are highly appreciated.

@jeonjagiya Where do I begin? Transference. That series makes me thirst for Hoseok more than I should and oh god, I’m still waiting for the Working Man Bangtan fics. Once they’re made, I’ll probably be screeching haha. You are a very talented writer and I’m glad that you get noticed for your works since your works are too good to not be noticed.








@noona-la-la-la I’m going to die an early age due to all the beautiful and exciting fics you make. Like I think you were the first blog i followed that focused mainly on smut and I do not regret it at all hehe

@btssmutgalore Dee, all the fics you post are a whole new level of smut and I swear i catch myself breathless after finishing each work of yours. My face heats up more than I do normally whenever I read your works and ajsgduygf I just love you and what you do and I’m hoping that I could finally grow the courage to actually talk to you since you sound like a fun person.






@texting-bangtanbts KIM. PLEASE KNOW THAT I STILL LOVE YOU AND I MEANT EVERYTHING THAT I SAID TO YOU. Also your fics and fake texts are just mmmm– I’m still going to stalk your blog on a daily basis and I’ll remember to keep in touch haha.


@avveh Room for dessert got me choking and I love and hate you for that fic. Like jfc why? have? I? not? found? this? before? You make your readers thirstier instead of satisfying their thirst haha. I’ll be waiting ‘til you post again hehe. 


@ellieljade Holy shit have I mentioned that your smuts are legit the first bts smut I have ever read here and i have been thirsty ever since. I love your blog and I have never regretted going to the not-so-pure side bcus of you haha. 




@jiminie-chim-chim95 MOCHI!!!!! Your fics are da bomb. Your fake texts are rlly good and aaAAA I’m so proud of you even if we’re not that close yettt. I love you btw. Hahaha idk if you’ll ever see this but I cant wait to see more promising works from you hehe


and finally, 



can we pretend? if only for tonight.

hearts left bleeding, by Coalitiongirl

Quite Splendid and Terribly Rare

“Ah, Claire.” He spoke impatiently, but with a tinge of affection nonetheless. “You’ve known forever who you are. Do you realize at all how unusual it is to know that?”

“No.” I wiped my nose with the shredding tissue, dabbing carefully to keep it in one piece.

Frank leaned back in his chair, shaking his head as he looked at me.

“No, I suppose not,” he said.[…] “I haven’t got that,” he said quietly at last. “I’m good, all right. At what I do––the teaching, the writing. Bloody splendid sometimes, in fact. And I like it a good bit, enjoy what I do. But the thing is––” He hesitated, then looked at me straight on, hazel-eyed and earnest. “I could do something else, and be as good. Care as much, or as little. I haven’t got that absolute conviction that there’s something in life I’m meant to do––and you have.”

“Is that good?” The edges of my nostrils were sore, and my eyes puffed from crying.

He laughed shortly. “It’s damned inconvenient, Claire. To you and me and Bree, all three. But my God, I do envy you sometimes.”

He reached out for my hand, and after a moment’s hesitation, I let him have it. 

To have that passion for anything”––a small twitch tugged the corner of his mouth––”or anyone. That’s quite splendid, Claire, and quite terribly rare.” He squeezed my hand gently and let it go, turning to reach behind him for one of the books on the shelf beside the table. 

It was one of his references, Woodhill’s Patriots, a series of profiles of the American Founding Fathers. […]

“These were people like that. The ones who cared so terribly much––enough to risk everything, enough to change and do things. Most people aren’t like that, you know. It isn’t that they don’t care, but that they don’t care so greatly.” He took my hand again, this time turning it over. One finger traced the lines that webbed my palm, tickling as it went.

“Is it there, I wonder?” he said, smiling a little. “Are some people destined for a great fate, or to do great things? Or is it only that they’re born somehow with that great passion––and if they find themselves in the right circumstances, then things happen? It’s the sort of thing you wonder, studying history… but there’s no way of telling, really. All we know is what they accomplished. 

“But Claire––” His eyes held a definite note of warning, as he tapped the cover of his book. “They paid for it,” he said. 

–– Voyager by Diana Gabaldon

First off, add this to the list of scenes I really want to see in Season 3.

Second, it can be so easy sometimes to write Frank off based on how his relationship with Claire ended. But as Claire remembers from time to time throughout the books, things with Frank weren’t all bad, just as they weren’t all good. This is one of those scenes where he doesn’t necessarily understand her but he recognizes something in her that is different, even if he can’t name it. He wants to understand but simply doesn’t know how. 

Beyond acknowledging that drive within her to be a healer, he is subtly acknowledging more––the unique nature of her relationship with Jamie. He notes that “To have that passion for anything […] or anyone” is rare. He is perhaps trying to acknowledge the pain that she feels in her loss––even years later––and in the only way he knows how; by not asking her to give up something else she is passionate about, by not forcing her to try and discard another part of herself. Frank does still love her and he can see how much she has changed and I think it pains him to see her broken, especially compared to what she was when they were first married. I think at this point in time (about eight years after her return) he’s accepted that she isn’t going to go back to being that woman on her own but that maybe he thinks medical school and pursuing this particular passion will help her get closer to what she was before. 

That final line can hardly feel anything but ominous. “They paid for it.” There is “a definite note of warning” that suggests Frank fears/believes that Claire might not be done paying for it, though it could also be argued (and Claire might well argue at that point) that losing Jamie had been payment enough. 

There are elements of the conversation as a whole that echo earlier conversations in Voyager and the earlier books, perhaps most notably the concluding pages of the previous chapter and section in which Mary MacNab explains to Jamie that she knows what he had with Claire was true love and that she, “never had that.” There’s, of course, the echoing of the palm reading Mrs. Graham performed back in the very first pages of the series, which Claire herself calls out a few paragraphs later. The line about “I haven’t got that absolute conviction that there’s something in life I’m meant to do––and you have” that brings to mind Jamie and Claire at Lallybroch and the “I was born for you” conversation. 

Strangers ~ Chapter Ten

Not requested

Genre: Angst // Romance (for once) 

Member: Byun Baekhyun & Zhang Yixing

Summary: (of this series) For the past two years, you and Baekhyun have been dating. But for the past six months, he’s treated you like a stranger. Tight schedules and different careers drive the two of you apart from each other. What happens when you decide you’re no longer happy and enough is enough?

Summary: (of this chapter) It’s been about two years since your problems with Baekhyun. Look up at the genre my loves ;)

{Chapter one} {Chapter two} {Chapter three} {Chapter four} {Chapter five} {Chapter six} {Chapter seven} {Chapter eight} {Chapter nine} {Chapter eleven} {Epilogue}

“One thing, one thing. Tell me one thing. It doesn’t have to be her location.”

She sighs. “You did the right thing, giving her another year to be alone. She’s in the States.” she says, slamming the door on him.

One year ago.

Dear Baekhyun,

I was serious about leaving you. We both need to sort out our feelings. Talk it out with Yixing, make up with him. Give me six months to do it. Give me six months to figure stuff out somewhere that isn’t here. If you don’t want to, that’s okay too. Just know I’ll be back when I’m ready.

As Baekhyun rereads the note, he sighs and sets it back down. 

Six months.

He can wait six months.

One year.

He can wait one year.

Three years.

Bring it on, he’d wait an entire lifetime for you.

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Play it again, Jack III: MFMM fics you love to reread

“I just need to read it one more time, Dot.”

Finally I have cut-and-mixed a new installment of fics about the Miss Fisher world that you love to go back to and read! Again, thank you so much to all who sent me fic recommendations, and people that hasn’t – yes, I have one more post to come, so there is still some room for more!

Earlier posts: 

Play it again, Jack I (letter from @quiltingmom)
Play it again, Jack II (mixed recommendations)
The original ask

mokuyoubi, “The Heart Grows Fonder“. Reread by @rubycaspar

When I first discovered MFMM and felt the need to go through every T-rated and higher fic on AO3 to combat the ridiculous UST of the show, this fic was the one I went searching for again when I was done. There are so many things I love about it – the tension, the playfulness, the dream-like quality of the setup (especially if you read the preceding story, “In-Between Days”, first). And it’s everything that I personally was imagining for a smutty Phrack reunion – quick, passionate, desperate, steamy and loving – and so it was exactly what I wanted to read having just finished the series. I absolutely love it and re-read it all the time.

CollingwoodGirl/ @jeneenp,  “Sweltering”. Reread by @omgimsarahtoo

I love @jeneenp’s stories in general, but this one sticks in my head. I love the pure sensory overload of it – the descriptions of the summer heat wave, and Jack sitting at his desk in his shirtsleeves, and the wild heat that rises up between them… and that’s just in the first chapter! Chapter 2 has sassy Jack and humor and seduction, and chapter 3… well, I’ll just say the heat isn’t only in the temperature. Have your fans ready! This was written before series 3 aired, so it picks up where “Unnatural Habits” and “Murder Under the Mistletoe” leave off, with the aborted kiss (thanks, Aunt P) and "If I lock my door, no one could get in” and all of the tension that has built up between our two detectives. This story takes that tension and ratchets it up even higher, deftly weaving in Phrack’s care and cameraderie even as it brings them to a rather explosive peak. It’s just, in my opinion, divine.

mardia, “a lack of pretense”. Reread by @rithebard

I really like how this ends. I won’t say but Jack is drugged and Phryne finds him and takes him home. You have to read the story to understand.

“500 Words: 60. Caustic” by @firesign23. Reread by @kanste

This is another one that hurts soooo good. The whole fight feels so real and leaves me in tears every single time. If you need a pic up, there are also two fix fics for this one: “Balm” by @edeainfj/deedeeinfj and “Ask me again” by YouKnowMeAsJ.

The dress that needed to come back.

@omgimsarahtoo, “A More Lethal Dress“. Reread by @kanste

I think we all remember that beautiful dress Phryne wears to her first dinner with Lin. Sarah did all Lin not-fans a favour to make her wear it for Jack instead. The result is gorgeous, smutty gold. Like always the Sarah’s smut is wonderful. The seduction atmosphere is spot on and sets you in the mood perfectly. I also love the image of past weeks of their relationship, think dinner with kisses and cuddling.

@scruggzi, “The Long Road to Patagonia”. Reread by @zannadubs23

Crossover fic with Doctor Who. I’ve been a big Doctor Who fan for most of my life, so I probably enjoyed this more than is reasonable. Maybe not. It’s really well done with the two story bases perfectly merged. Scruggzi has a great feel for both universes and her Doctor felt genuine and perfectly suited to traveling with our favorite Lady Detective. 

@firesign23, “A Glass Splinter”. Reread by @bumblemama

A fic I reread semi-regularly is “A Glass Splinter”. Last night I read it again, straight through. It’s such a gorgeous story arc, full of the characters we all know and love but with a different starting point. The AU is fully as compelling; but I think because we all know the cases, there is more scope to explore the relationship. It’s a salient reminder of how much they each hold themselves back in the series. And while we are all wishing they hadn’t, there could be truly sad outcomes if they weren’t so reserved.

@edeainfj/ deedeeinfj , “The Fixed Foot”. Reread by @omgimsarahtoo

This story, when it came out, was controversial – it might still be, but I don’t even care. I love it with unrestrained madness, and I go back to it regularly. In it, Jack has agreed that he is willing to have an open relationship with Phryne, and it opens with her taking advantage of that for the first time. It’s painful as he goes through the terror that she won’t really come back to him, that he isn’t enough for her, that the fact that she wants other men means that she doesn’t love him – but it’s redeemed as he begins to understand what those others do for her and how they aren’t a commentary on how he pleases her or how much she loves him. It’s incredibly affirming of their differences and their relationship, and add to that it’s gorgeously written.

Gingham, “Repentance”. Reread by @whopooh

This story envisions a version of their reunion that is in equal measure beautiful and sad. Phryne comes back to Melbourne, not understanding why Jack never came or wrote her while she was in England, just to find out he’s in a very bad spot after a case that went wrong. It is heartbreaking and hopeful, and in a way that makes me want to go back there now and then. One of my favourite scenes is when Phryne finds out that Jack had in fact bought a ticket to England, and that he still carries it around with him in his pocket.

Modern Phryne. Equally discombobulated Jack.

@aljwritesphryne, “The YACI-verse”. Reread by @kanste

The fic series YACI really made me love modern AU’s and it is another feel good fic for me. I love that Phryne is not only a PI but also a social media personality. The use of Twitter/Facebook is fantastic as is the slow development of Phryne’s and Jack’s relationship. There are so many little add-ons to the main story from @aljwritesphryne that give us glimpses into the Phrack life. She did such a fantastic job with the characterisation! In my opinion this is exactly like those two would be if they would live today.

Xfphiles, “Devil in the Light”. Reread by @rithebard

Jack and Phryne are not talking after the death in the race car episode. Phryne is hunting for a missing heiress and finds a white slavery ring. She gets kidnapped and Jack has only one thought in mind. Find her. He almost loses himself doing it. This story really captured me for so many reasons. The loneliness of both of them missing the other. And what Jack went through and would do for Phryne, because he loved her so much. Beautiful. (I love this whole series.)

LemmingDancer, “Perchance to Dream”. Reread by @rithebard

Once again, Jack and Phryne are not talking after the death in the race car episode. This time Jack kidnapped and this time Phryne is desperately hunting for him and realizing just how much she loves him. This is a top favorite of mine. I go back to it again and again. It really gives you how both Jack and Phryne are feeling throughout the story. How they are both dealing with this situation and you feel like you are with them.

@mercurialbianca, “I Ask No Man Pardon”. Reread by @kanste

This one is not a Phrack story but Rosie’s story with a little bit of Phrack. I love the way Bianca wrote Rosie. I have a soft spot for Rosie in the show and I love that EC didn’t go the "nasty Ex” route. The friendship and later sexual attraction between Rosie and Phryne is very well written. I’m not a writer myself but I can imagine it is difficult to write a threesome and make it sexy and loving at the same time. I love the Phrack relationship Bianca wrote (as usual) but by the end Rosie is my star and I’m rooting for her and her new life. (The smut is very hot too).

Soupsouffle, “The Scent of a Lady (Detective)“. Reread by @kanste

Phryne is out of town with Mac and leaves something for Jack to remember her. This is pure Phrack Porn. If you are cold this will make you hot. Soupsouffle manages to create so many wonderful images of our favourite couple and I never looked at tissues the same way again.

Man just having had an Art Experience.

CollingwoodGirl/ @jeneenp, “The Artist and The Muse”. Reread by @kanste

Phryne finds out that Jack sat down for a painting while she was in England. I love the visuals that CollingwoodGirl creates in this one. The trust they are giving each other is very hot for me.

CollingwoodGirl/ @jeneenp, “The Artist and The Muse”. Reread by @geenee27

The first time I read this story it left me stunned, it was that good. The prose is exquisite – my words would just not do it justice. Suffice it to say, the writer paints (pun intended) such a beautiful, erotic and intimate portrait of every inch of Jack (effing) Robinson I am drawn to this work again and again. I love Phryne’s initial reaction to the whole scenario, her curiosity, her doubt, her little jealousy about this other women. And her reaction when she finally finds out the truth:

“Oh Jack.” Her voice sounds faraway with her hand covering her mouth – like she’s caught up in a dream.

Drinking in the eloquence of the charcoal lines, the finesse of the chalk as it casts a glow over the lithe nude figure, her fingers dart forward. She wants to see him through the eyes of this artist, to trace that familiar landscape in a completely unfamiliar way, to imagine herself as the one who rendered the very essence of him.

And Jack’s feelings concerning all that follows. 

He can’t possibly hope to do anything but grin. This is what he loves most about her, he thinks. That he can surprise her – even shock her – without fear of judgment or the reprisal of stony silence.


He fists his free hand into her hair and kisses her, making silent promises with his mouth. In her open-armed acceptance, he has found freedom.

And if the story wasn’t fantastic enough, Collingwoodgirl gives us the gift of finding the actual picture and it is glorious. 

@missingmissfisher, “Never expected”. Reread by @rithebard

Once again I love so many of @missingmissfisher‘s tales but I chose this one. Phryne and Jack go undercover as a married couple, Fern and Archie Jones. They are in England, Jack is there to see Phryne but also to help a friend from Scotland Yard. This is just such a delightful story. Not only do they have fun of being undercover but they get to finally explore their relationship. Love!

Lenore, “New Mutiny”. Reread by @kanste

After an explosion Jack loses is memory and can’t remember anything that happened after the War. I love how the writer manages to keep the characters and the UST of the series while doing a very believable amnesia.

Lenore, “New Mutiny”. Reread by @rithebard

Jack has amnesia he can’t remember anything since the war. Not where he lives, or what he now does, not Hugh Collins and of course not Phryne Fisher. But because of all the horrors he saw in hospitals during the war he does nothing. Just uses his will to make everyone including Phryne think he is fine. Love this story. This is also a favorite. I go back to it over and over. Just to see how Jack’s mind works, how he figures things out and what he really feels toward Phryne. Beautiful.

Lenore, “New Mutiny” (and the podfic of the same) and @rubycaspar, “And you yourself shall keep the key of it”. Reread by @whopooh

I too adore Lenore’s fic and have gone back to it several times. There is something utterly delicious in Jack trying to figure out his relatonship to this strange woman that seems to commandeer his life. Like here:

She leans in closer. "Jack.”

Maybe this is what they are to each other. Maybe all he needs to do is—he reaches for her before the thought has a chance to fully form. He rests his hand against her cheek, just like in the dream, his thumb stroking along her jaw as he presses their mouths together. She comes easily with a soft pleased sound, her body swaying in toward his. But it’s after just the slightest stutter of surprise. He might not even have noticed that if he weren’t so attuned to her.

He draws back in confusion. “I—” It’s clear now that this isn’t how they are, and he has no notion of how to explain himself, apart from offering a confession he has no intention of making.

I also love @rubycaspar‘s take on the amnesia trope, “And you yourself shall keep the key of it”, and even though it isn’t finished yet, I have already found myself rereading it for the tension of Jack trying to figure things out. It has a much sadder lining, as Phryne is aware of what is happening, and it’s beautiful both in the fun and the sad parts.

That’s all for today. And anyone feeling the urge, I’m happy to receive more recommendations!


Disclaimer: My theories are built not just on the Dark Artifices, but from all the previous books as a whole, and will contain SPOILERS if you haven’t read them. These ideas are based solely on book canon.

(edit: This was written before the release of LoS. Some ideas may be a little out of date, but still interesting!)


I have seen this theory out there—I was glad someone else had it too. All the girls in my family have at least one name dedicated to a favorite grandmother, aunt or other female relative. Emma Cordelia and Cordelia Carstairs. The family trees are said to be either incomplete or a bit misleading, and I was thinking James and Cordelia had a daughter that was never listed, and Emma is a descendent of Tessa on a matriarchal side. Emma’s mother’s name was Cordelia too. That would mean she would have as much demon blood as the Blackthorns and Jace.

And everyone is comparing her to Jace. (I hope that Cassandra Clare puts in a scene where the two practice together—I’d really like to see who would be better!) This will come into play in a bit.


He’s up to his feline eyeballs in all of this. He’s the Clave approved warlock to call when you want someone to forget something…

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Dumbledore Guy

Summary: When Emma was born she was marked with, in her opinion, the worst soulmate mark anyone could ever have. People are born marked with the first words their true love would ever say to them, and Emma’s happened to spoil one of the greatest plot twists of all time.

Rating: T (because of Emma’s lovely foul mouth)

Word count: 2,233

Also on: Ao3

a/n: I’ve been working on this for an embarrassingly long amount of time and was super nervous to post it. If there’s enough interest I may add another chapter in Killian’s point of view and maybe a little more about what happens after.

Emma Swan was twenty-eight years old and had yet to meet her soulmate. She may be the only person in the world to be thankful, but when you have a life altering spoiler tattooed in lovely delicate script across your shoulder blade all your life, you tend to be a little resentful.

She was no different than any other poor sap on Earth; born with a tattoo revealing the first words her soulmate would speak to her. However, in her opinion it was by far the shittiest, most embarrassing soulmate marking she’d ever heard of and she didn’t even know what it meant until 1998 at the age of ten.

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jennyspring  asked:

this might be random but i was going through the rebelcaptain tag, my current obsesssion... and since you offered... do you know of good rebelcaptain fics especialy among the newer ones? i mean i was up to date with everything then exam period started and i did not have enough time to find new ones :(

Mehehehe these dorks have ruined my life, let me tell you. I pretty much spend all my time reading everything on ao3 (why can’t I read a “real” book for once?), so here are the ones I have bookmarked for later rereading, because they’re awesome and you should all read them if you haven’t already. I debated how to categorise them, but realised that they’re all basically AU because I can’t handle the canon yet, so I put them under faves, finished and unfinished stories. If you’re not a crazy person with too much free time (like me) you should at least try and take the time to read the faves, because oh man are they amazing. So without further ado, long list is long:


Under the Cover of Darkness (unfinished, T)
Holy shit my bros, I don’t know what we did to deserve this, but I’m gonna take it. If you ever read an Imperial undercover AU, let it be this one. Fuck.

floating, sinking (unfinished, unrated)
Save me, this is such excellent writing. It’s basically post-R1 running through EP IV. (Bonus: if you’re also a Bodhi fan like myself, this is almost required reading, the author gets his voice and character just perfectly. Well, they do that with everyone, really.)

Against the odds (finished,  T)
I have lost my ability to can. This fic did not help me find it.


In another life (T)
Why would you even write this, seriously, fuck you. Don’t read if canon makes you cry. On second thought, actually do read this and try and deal with your feelings afterwards.

Worst Kept Secret In The Rebellion (T-E, series)
Jyn and Cassian are married rebels and it’s awesome.

you were my new home (T)
Extends upon the time Jyn and Cassian spend looking for Saw together, and stamps on my heart in the process.

long way home (G-E, series)
I’m not convinced that the author isn’t trying to murder me with greatness.

Arm’s length (M)
Because angst!fluff is a genre.

Clean shaven (G)
This is really cute though. Also check out the other rebelcaptain stories by this author.

let’s give ‘em something to talk about (T)
Save me from these dorks, I beg you.

Flower Petals On My Pillow (T)
The tattoo parlor and flowershop modern AU you have all been waiting for.

i don’t care if heaven won’t take me back (E)
Jyn does what Jyn wants and the world is all the better for it.

run to me in the rising dawn (unrated)
Jyn’s separation anxiety is going to murder all three of my feelings one of these days.

in the spaces (T-E, series)
This whole thing keeps wrenching my heart apart. Send help. Be prepared to need ice-cream after this.

The Genre Does Not Support This (T)
K2 continues to be his ridiculous self.

A million more deaths (M)
They are, ahem, blowing off steam?

Statistical Likelihood (G)
Prepare to be highly amused and then CRY A LOT.

hold your child as tight as you can (G)


Captains, Rebels & Survivors (T)
The castaways!fic we never knew we needed but definitely did.

pretty scars. (M)
It’s a modern AU with computernerds and complicated feelings, what more could you ask for?

Color my cheeks (E)
This was evidently supposed to be a oneshot sex-pollen thing, but turned into a multichapter thing that I am in love with. It’s sex with confused feelings, basically.

deep inside this ancient heart (T)
Any pregnancy fic for this ship has my immediate approval, and this one happens to be a modern AU as well, soooo…

Cassian Andor’s Guide to Cohabitation (G, series)
If you want to feel happy after being murdered by R1, this is a good contender.

The Words Would Only Rhyme (T)
A Jyn-and-Cassian-are-both-imprisoned-on-Wobani AU that’s in the early stages, but looking really, really good. Also Jyn has visions, and I can totally get on board that train.

Cryptography (T)
Read this now, please.

cut out in little stars (M)
This looks like it’s gonna be reeeaaal good. And it also has the Fake Marriage tag, so there.

Chasing My Own Dreams (T)
Slightly angsty pregnancy fic you should all be reading right now.

Rethg 1&2: My misconceptions

One of the things I love about rethg is that revisiting the books never fails to unearth misconceptions I’ve formed about the world of Panem. I tend to write canon divergent fics, a pursuit that necessitates lots of fact-checking with the series. And even so, every time I reread, I’m always shocked to discover how much I’m assuming or distorting. These might not be a surprise to you, but the first two chapters had lots of details that were a surprise to me:

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ishipallthings  asked:

top 6 non-canon ships and top 6 female characters? also, I'm curious, why do you resent The Proposal? :)


Hahaha, I mostly just resent The Proposal because I think it’s a PERFECT premise, TAILOR MADE FOR ME, with the added bonus of being set in my home state where I have always wanted to see a romcom set, but a lot of the ways the portray Alaska really just didn’t work for me. Why is it so clearly somewhere in the east coast where rich people hang out? Why isn’t anybody wearing Xtratufs? Why are they making a joke of Alaska Native culture and, if I recall correctly, showing literally no Alaska Native people? And wtf is up with Oscar Nunez’s character? I cannot be asked to stomach that. wHY DID THEY DO THAT TO OSCAR NUNEZ????


Anyway: A++++ @ Sandy and Ryan’s delightful chemistry, NO THANKS to everything else. I hope for a better Alaska-set romcom one day.

Top 6 Non-Canon Ships (for this, I decided to go with stuff that is genuinely not canon, as opposed to stuff that was briefly or on some level intended canon before my dreams were dashed, a la Mindy/Jody, Betty/Kate, etc. Sidenote: sobbing for always.)

  1. Rory/Paris (Gilmore Girls) - WIVES IN MY HEART. Equals. Soulmates. Keeping each other on their toes! Driving each other nuts but also being overachieving nerdy kindred spirits! Having the most perfect slow burn relationship development in seasons 1-4, to the point where if they had slipped into shippy town circa season five, it would have honestly felt perfectly natural. I love Rory/Paris with all my soul, and I am so glad that a lot of other people do too.
  2. DeWitt/Dominic (Dollhouse) - Never have I known such exultation at two people technically just standing next to each other in a work setting. The perfect loyalty + tragic betrayal storyline! The intense repression! The stylish outfits! The greatest fandom in the god damned world, in the last glorious years of the livejournal era! It was my heart’s truest and purest fandom experience. I will always be incomplete as a person because they never angrily made out on Adelle’s desk. (But at least Dominic held her at unnecessarily sexy gunpoint on Adelle’s couch.)
  3. Grace/Frankie (Grace and Frankie) - I mean, like, I don’t know, I DON’T KNOW, could season three’s life decisions really have been unwitting????? Was flying off embracing in a rainbow balloon that Grace literally stole from the guy trying to take her out on a date and regifted to Frankie while a song about having bittersweet feelings about your love played in the background something that happened in a platonic way? Only time will tell??? Anyway: season three of Grace and Frankie is literally the most exquisite portrayal of gradually realizing you are inconveniently in love with your best friend who has also been your lifelong nemesis that I have ever seen, and I am very, very glad that there is a fandom that is extremely enthusiastic about this solemn truth. I am kind of scared for season four to come along next year and crush all my dreams. (But what if it DOESN’T?)
  4. Oscar/Andy (The Office) - A very wonderful fun time was had by all (or … by an enthusiastic few?) with this pairing back in ye olde The Office days, after season 5 episode 7 entitled “Business Trip” came along and blew all our minds as we realized that Oscar’s and Andy’s perfect soulmates had been EACH OTHER ALL ALONG. My heart to this day gets super overwhelmed any time they have a brief exchange in an episode, or are perhaps sitting next to each other in a conference room meeting. This show did more good than it did bad overall in my opinion, but perhaps the worst thing it ever did was not realize that Oscar and Andy needed to fall in love and live happily ever after. At least they both ended the series single, and are in my heart of hearts husbands by 2017, no question. Like, maybe they get roped into doing some sort of publicity event for the documentary – maybe Oscar writes his own version of The Audacity of Hope, or Andy writes his own version of Scrappy Little Nobody, and either way they wind up on a book tour! Maybe they make the bonkers decision to collaborate on a memoir about the documentary to boost their careers and then we can imagine the joyous process of Oscar Martinez and Andy Bernard collaborating on a written work! Imagine that Google doc. Imagine how frustrated Oscar would be with all Andy’s font choices. – and at some point they find themselves having another unexpected drunken hotel adventure, and this is the one that ends in the inevitable start of their romantic relationship. And lord, just think of the whole Dunder Mifflin crew coming back together because OSCAR? and ANDY? are GETTING MARRIED?!?!?!? It would frankly be worth making a, like, four episode mini-revival of The Office for. And if Greg Daniels is interested in this idea, he can totes email me any time. p.s. I think we all know that Andy would love the life of being a local politician’s husband.
  5. Remus/Sirius (Harry Potter) - I will always remember so vividly how I felt when I had the Remus/Sirius epiphany as a middle school aged youngin’ (thanks internet!), and the iNTENSE EPIC TRAGEDY OF THEIR LOVE STORY OVERWHELMED ME. Remember that essay on livejournal that intricately broke down every single bit of Remus and Sirius’s interaction to prove that they were in love and Harry just didn’t realize it? That stuff was my god damned Da Vinci Code! (Er, or something. I don’t really remember what actually happens in the Da Vinci Code.) Oh my God, how ardently I shipped it; how weary I was when Sirius died and then Remus/Tonks happened. I somehow didn’t quite grasp that bisexuality existed yet, so I was very disheartened. Now, though?? You can pry my belief that Remus/Sirius was straight up canon from my COLD DEAD HANDS.
  6. Buffy/Faith (BtVS) - Another early pairing in my shipping life that got me to really broaden my shippy horizons beyond mere heterosexuality. Their chemistry was SO INTENSE, and I just had so much fun analyzing the anguish and electricity of their dynamic. I have no idea what happened in the Buffy comics, so I’m just going to envision a post-series Buffy world where they eventually get together and have some peace.
  7. Bonus mention: Christopher Hayden/Jason Stiles (Gilmore Girls) - The happily ever after that I really wish Amy Sherman Palladino could have somehow magically let me throw into the revival. DIGSTOPHER FOR LIFE. They are married in my own personal understanding of Gilmore Girls as a universe. Emily is flabbergasted.
  8. One more bonus mention - Gwen/Morgana (Merlin) - THIS SHOW DID NOT DESERVE THEM OR THEIR LOVE, GOD DAMN IT.

Top 6 Female Characters (without quite as much rambling because this post has become a giant monster)

  1. Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables) - Anne Shirley was, I’m pretty sure, my first hero. I just loved everything and imitated everything about her when I was young, as a little wildly imaginative and romantic weirdo myself. I went back to the series as a young adult and found even more value in it, and have I mentioned how thrilled I am that we have a new incarnation of this girl in Anne with an E???
  2. Jane Eyre (Jane Eyre) - I didn’t really get into Jane Eyre until college, but once I did, it ate my whole life. I just love how fiercely Jane values herself and won’t compromise her principles even though she’s not objectively an extraordinary person and even though she still wrestles with a lot of self doubt and insecurity. I think that is truly a radical message for women even now.
  3. Belle (Beauty and the Beast) - This movie was my childhood everything, and I spent more time pretending to be Belle as a little kid than probably anyone else. MY HERO, for always. I still think “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere / I want it more than I can tell / and for once it might be grand / to have someone understand / I want so much more than they’ve got planned” might be the most poignant words ever (melodically) uttered onscreen.
  4. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) - The true love and most beloved heroine of all my teen years. This has totally become a theme in this post, but having a nerdy bookish unpretty girl right at the center of the action and so essential to Harry’s life was just awesome to me. (And shipping Ron/Hermione was basically the center of my soul as a youth, haha.) I miss her, and really need to do a series reread soon, gosh darnit!
  5. Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls) - My most beloved kiddo; the teenage girl character who super cared about her schoolwork and looked forward to staying home alone and doing laundry. Rory was a quiet old soul and that meant a lot to me when I was younger as a quiet old soul when clearly that just was not a cool thing to be. As I get older I also feel super, super protective of her and all the criticism she gets, so I will always be willing to die on a hill for Rory Leigh Gilmore, by golly. One thing I’ve really come to realize that I value about her as I get older is how hard she is on herself and how much she struggles with wanting to be perfect in everything. I don’t think that’s portrayed super commonly in stories in the way that it is in GG, and it is so achingly relatable to me. YOU’RE GOOD ENOUGH JUST THE WAY YOU ARE, RORY.
  6. Xena (XWP) - I actually prefer Gabrielle a little more in terms of favorite characters from the series itself (because of course I do, she’s a nerdy plucky aspiring writer!), but I just think Xena is such an important character for us to have as a … species? Her role in her own narrative is one that had usually just been reserved for male characters–like, having wielded terrible destructive power and yearning to atone for that somehow is such a traditionally male character type (Angel much?)–and it really moves me to see a woman character wrestle with that. She was fully realized in an unusual way, particularly at the time when the show aired but sorta even now.