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In honor of pride month, I designed some pride flag themed robots! Robots are my favorite things to draw, so combining them with something for Pride was something really special to me.
Sorry for the big ol watermark – I plan on making these into stickers in the future!
I might make more as well if people like them, but for now, here’s GayBot, BiBot, PanBot, TransBot and AceBot! :)

*Do not repost, please!*

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Tess being such an awful beard speaks to the limited options HSHQ seems to have these days. Maybe after this they'll just let him be single in the public eye.

No, I don’t think it’s lack of options. There’s a whole catalogue full of VS models that would love to be Harry’s next winter girlfriend (or spring, whatever).

Emmie might be right that this was supposed to happen last summer around the time of Tess’ cookbook coming out and it got delayed and was just an obligation Harry needed to fulfill.

Or maybe they just didn’t end up liking her any more than we did. Who knows?

But finding someone isn’t the issue. All anyone has to do is be seen with him and not be a complete twat about it so that in the future there’s plausible deniability. It’s not hard, and it’s a great career boost - as long as you don’t take Extra to the next level, which is what Tess had a problem with.

Hopefully they’ve all decided that it’s not worth it and they’ll continue with Single!Harry™️ and just let the tabloids write about whoever he stands next to at the next Fleetwood Mac concert or Glenne or Lou or whoever and leave it at that :)

I think he, and we, would be much happier that way.

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What would the Matsus bros do if there s/o was sick? (°_°) (also I love your blog!)

(thank you! <3)

Osomatsu: so like, he puts way more effort into helping his s/o when they’re sick than he does for any of his brothers lol. i can imagine him asking his mama to make soup, and him taking that soup to you when he finds out that you’re sick. he might try to pretend that he made it himself, but let’s be real here okay, Oso is an abhorrent cook and everybody knows it, even Oso knows this, so you know he didn’t make it. but the sentiment is still there and still much appreciated. for the most part, he just doesn’t really leave your side. you have your soup and he’ll just stick with you while you’re bedridden and find ways to keep you entertained and give you company. it’s nice. <3

Karamatsu: remember how in the episode where his brothers are sick, he tries to do like, everything for them? goes into the fucking mountains like an idiot to try and get them fresh water? more or less the same deal here. he’d travel to the ends of the earth to find something that would make you feel better because he cares about you and you deserve the best. the only real difference here is that his s/o would hopefully actually give a shit about him and try to deter him from going all the way up to the mountains and potentially getting hurt or sick just for water. so as to not worry you any further, he just goes out and buys shit for you instead. expensive shit, because Kara cannot be stopped, but at least he cares.

Choromatsu: i think he’d honestly be the most practical. he’d make soup and/or tea for you, he’d have cold soaked towels to put on your head if you have a fever, he’d bring you medicine and remind you how much to take and when, etc. he’s your own personal nurse. he’d even hold your hair for you (if necessary) if you threw up. he would only leave your side if you had to sleep or if he thinks you’ll be alright, but otherwise, he’s still on call 24/7. if you’re feeling particularly awful at 2 a.m., give him a call, and he’ll come. he’ll be sleepy, but he’ll still do what he can.

Ichimatsu: he’s also not a bad caregiver. once again, like in the episode where his bros were sick, he clearly knows what he’s doing and knows how to take good care of you. but unlike with his brothers, maybe he holds off on the humiliation and obedience training lmao. it’s only because he cares about you, not that he’ll admit it. if you were to mention it in any way, he’d just chastise you about how this is convenient for him and he doesn’t want to get sick himself, so shut up and eat your congee. he can be a real tsundere at times, but you and him both know that he cares, a lot.

Jyushimatsu: let’s uh, let’s ignore the whole multiplying himself down to atom-size and entering your bloodstream to fight the virus thing, shall we? instead, i’ll say he does his best to take care of you. he isn’t the best nurse, let’s all be real, but omg he tries. he’s just kinda clumsy and a little too aggressive when trying to treat you, that sometimes one of his brothers might need to actually step in and help this poor baby out. he’s that guy who thinks, “well, a few ounces of medication every four hours is supposed to make you better in a weeks time… sO NATURALLY DRINKING THE WHOLE BOTTLE WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER IN 4 SECONDS OK FUCKIN CHUG S/O.” he’s trying.

Todomatsu: actually gives a fuck about you so he DOESN’T try to light the room on fucking fire, this little shit. however, he’s still a little grossed out and turned away by sick people because he doesn’t want to get sick himself. so he might be a little arm’s length with you, not wanting to get too close. it can come off as rude, but it isn’t that he doesn’t care or anything. he’ll still try to help you if he can, but um. maybe he’ll go sleep in another room or something. and wear a mouth mask and disposable gloves when around you at all times. and burn the bed sheets when you’re healthy again. yeah.

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Lana completely lost her hollwyood/glamour persona/style/look/manners, like everything. This is why I adored her so much. She looks and acts like every other artist now and lets not talk about the people she surrounds herself with... I remember her on the HM era which was so dreamy and she still had that class and talked about the new album, like early 2016. She changed so much in a year.

She’s definitely fitting in more with the mainstream look & sound. I feel like this might be promo/ attention for the record.. I could see her falling out of the spotlight / doing less clubbing w celebs in a couple months.

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Do u get a lot of hate for shipping bakumomo?

Directly towards me, no, I haven’t, but I guess it’s also because I haven’t really posted actual bakumomo art with romantic hints whatsoever; if anything they’re mostly comedic hijinks and more of friendship prompts.

In terms of the actual ship though, I have definitely seen opinions which totally scream “NO” at the thought of them being paired together, haha.

Anyway I think in this world where individuals who find it hard to accept the diversity of other people’s choices exist, any ship will more or less have those “haters” around as long as it has enough attention and popularity.


I feel like I am finally figuring out how to do manly makeup (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

next week I have lots of free time so I will hopefully be able to make the arm and if I am very succesful at the fabric market tomorrow and work doesn’t ask me to take more hours I might even be able to make the entire costume?? but this is probably me overestimating my productivity.

I am dying to take some picture tho so even if I don’t finish all those things I might just put on what I have now and take some pictures for funsies ヽ(´∇`)ノ

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Okay so, I'm a fifteen-year-old girl. I'm pansexual, proud of it. I crossdress as a hobby, mainly for cosplay, but I really like doing it casually too. Lately, however, I've been noticing I feel different while crossdressing. I feel more confident, prouder, and more attractive compared to when I dress in female clothing, where I feel shy, pathetic and unnattractive. I don't know if this means anything about my gender identity, but I really need some help. Sorry if this question is dumb. Thanks.

It could mean something about your identity. Do you cosplay as women too? I’d look at the difference between how you feel cosplaying as women and cosplaying as men.

It might not have anything to do with your gender identity, however. Maybe you just feel presenting in a masculine manner.


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Do you think they'll continue to mess with us about the whole nygmobblepot situation? I want them to get together because they were such a perfect pair they were amazing together. Obviously Oswald still has some feelings for Ed or else he would've had him killed and not just froze, but ed idk I feel like he has some feelings for Oswald now that he isn't blinded by Isabella but idk. I just don't want to see Oswald hurt anymore.

I think the only messing with us with Nygmob they’re going to do has already been done. If they’re going to go forward with it, which I think is definitely possible if fans keep asking for it, then it will happen and I doubt much more teasing will be involved unless it is this time from Ed’s perspective which would be entirely new.

I’m not going to get into it because I know i’ll get pitchforks and screaming rolling into my inbox, but really Oswald wasn’t the only one who suffered. Ed would be hurt too, and honestly he doesn’t deserve more pain either. 


The Disappearance of HatSYNe Miku!

Hi!! As most of you might know, my name is Syn! I’ve run a few blog here and there, probably more in the loz fandom tbh than here, but let’s get on with this!

Basically, I’m leaving on September 1st!

More under the cut!!

I’ve decided to quit tumblr completely, and I think I’ll be retiring from rping as well. I’ve suddenly found a way to go to college, which is super important to me! I’d like to focus on my future for now, and maybe I’ll come back some other day. Honestly, after I do my complete delete, I’ll stay rping on Discord for awhile, but probably within a month after that I’ll stop rping. Honestly there are more reasons to why I’m quitting everything, but this is the least discourse-y reason. You can ask if you’re curious, though!

Anyway, to the things I wanna address before I “disappear”!

First, please friend me on Discord! I’m Panayo #1460!
Or, if we’re friends already, talk to me! Tell me your favorite anime! About your cats or dogs or budgies! The shitty day you had! The wonderful day you’ve had! I’m always happy to talk, and meeting new friends is something i’m always more than happy about. I’ll miss some of you people!! x.x

Second, unfortunately, when I say disappear, I do mean it. My personals, rp blogs, and everything will be deleted. The only URL I’ll ever have is @xingward, which is only gonna feature my webcomic wip updates!

Third, thank you everyone who’s been following me, even the ones I’ve met last month. It means a lot to me since you probably followed me because you’ve have some interest in me!!

Lastly, this post is secretly a giveway, to anyone who has read all the way down to the very bottom down here! I’ll draw your character!! It’ll be very minimal, since i’m not sure how many i’ll be doing, so it might just be a sketch, lineart, or maybe very lightly colored. Either way, if you want something, send me “hatsyne”, and the character you want me to doodle!! This mini giveway will probably end September 1st, or the week before… 

If you add, ,, me on discord,,,, ill totally do more free doodles tbh,,,,

Once again, thank you all!!

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Sirius or Remus? Who do you think is more dominant?

Oh god. How, how, how do I answer this question. To be completely honest, I really think they are equals. Even in my own writing of them, it is constantly switching off. Whether it be one is comforting the other or if they’re in bed, the dynamic is always shifting. I think both enjoy being dominant over the other but also likes it when the other takes control.

But that is not the answer your looking for, so, if I absolutely had to choose, I think I’d say Remus. That might be unexpected, but I think that just makes it all the better. :)

Thanks for the question, this was fun to answer!!

If anyone else has any questions, literally about anything, my inbox is always open! I am on summer break, a.k.a., tumblr is an all consuming force that I can’t get enough of.

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how did u like Jen's show?

I was going to post about it Friday morning while it was still fresh, but then Friday went to hell so here we are. This post is going to contain spoilers for the play, so beware if you’re planning to go see it before the run ends. 

We’ve all seen pictures of the set, but it was really neat in person. I liked the minimalist approach with both the set and the number of actors. It’s just the four of them through the whole thing. I was in the second row of a pretty tiny theatre so I could see a lot of the details. Whoever did that stuff did it really well. 

Overall on my scale of “how much did I like the play” I would put it solidly in the “I’m not mad I spent the money and time to see it” place. Was it great? In my opinion, no. Do I think that if anyone else was playing Stephanie I might have leaned more into “this was not worth the six hours in the car” place? Probably. 

Here’s what I liked: There are some moments that are really, genuinely funny. Jmo has great comedic timing that I don’t think we’ve gotten to see enough of in her TV roles. I’m not familiar with the actors who play the other couple, but they were both great. I maaaaaay have related a bit to Stevie and her general hot mess-ness. 

The play is billed as a dark comedy, and that’s usually my jam, but the thing is, it gets REALLY dark in places. Depressingly dark. On the one hand, Jen shines in those heavy emotional scenes. There is such range to the places Stephanie goes in the play, and she sold it every time. It was heartbreaking to watch some of the later scenes where Stephanie seems genuinely afraid of Jack in his alcoholic rage. 

I liked the overall (I think intended) message of the play that even if your life is seriously off the rails, you can pull it back together. You can find someone who might be just as broken as you, and you can be happy with them. It’s never too late to find that. 

However, there were things I really didn’t care for. The opening scenes was almost like they were all playing caricatures of themselves, and I have to think that was intentional because the play has been running for a while now, and these are all seasoned actors. It also goes away after the first scene. So why the hell did they do that? Was it just an off night, or is that really how it’s meant to read? 

The transition between scenes was beyond jarring. They blasted really loud music that almost always started with percussion. I don’t understand what the point of that was. It snapped me out of the play world every time and into the “jesus that’s loud i need some advil” place instead. 

It had a Mary Sue quality, where Jack is plainly meant to be the hero, that I did not care for one bit, especially when I got the sense that it got reeeeeeeally autobiographical in places. I have no proof, just a hunch that comes from having an addict for a father and an addict for a brother, but I felt like maybe Matthew Perry was airing his demons right then and there. I’m not against using art to fight through your problems, but IDK….it seemed a bit much. Jack does eventually admit he’s an alcoholic and get clean, but he does it, supposedly, for Stephanie, not for himself. I haven’t met an addiction counselor yet who wouldn’t say, you have to do it for yourself or it never lasts. Doing it for a girl or a guy is actually, in my experience and research, dangerous, because the chance of relapse if there’s problems in the relationship or god forbid it ends, is huge. 

And then there’s Stephanie, the high end escort. It’s a job that by all accounts, she enjoys, and affords her a nice lifestyle. Girl charges like $2,500 an hour. This is not sketchy blowjobs in an hourly motel. At no point is she unhappy about the job, and there is no indication she’s faking happy about it. I give Jen credit for portraying Stephanie this way, in control of her sexuality and body. But man oh man, does Jack make her the villain for it AND the play equates his alcoholism to her being an escort. This is the point at which I get on my feminist soap box and say that I find that all terribly misogynistic. Stephanie isn’t forced into sex work, and she doesn’t have some pimp hanging over her head threat upon threat to keep her in the business. It’s a choice she’s making, a job she can walk away from if she chooses, and by Jen’s portrayal, I’d even say Stephanie enjoys her job. But god forbid a woman be confident in her sexuality or have sexual power over men without being a damaged head case….  

The thing that I think irked me the most was that this is supposed to be a play ultimately about hope. “Broken people don’t have to stay broken” is what they seem to be using as the tagline. And there IS a happy ending, but it’s done in such a way that it felt terribly anticlimactic. I didn’t walk out filled with hope for Stephanie and Jack - I walked out thinking Jack is kind of an asshole, and I sort of hope Stephanie kicks his ass to the curb. For how dark it got toward the end, I really think it needed/needs a more definitively happy ending to keep the audience from walking away feeling like they’ve been run over. 

Also, Jen is unfairly beautiful in real life. Just. Yeah. I want her genetics. 

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Why does it seems like only 1 person does most of the work on this blog? There's 4 mods and yet I usually see 1 person answering most of the questions.

((Mod ♠️ here! It might seem like I’m usually the one running the blog and for the most part that is true. I just tend to be on tumblr a lot more often and I tend to draw faster than the other 3 mods. 

Mod 🎲  is currently busy doing a portfolio so they haven’t been able to draw anything for this month. Not to mention we all have our own lives and that there are instances where we might get busy. Our lives don’t revolve around this blog, we have other things we want to/need to do.))

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I feel like I didn't learn that much about islam other than that you don't even drink water when you fast??? How do you not go around with constant headaches then??? But seriously I learned more about Islam by having a friend from a muslim country even though she wasn't a muslim. Like it's weird how little Sana's friends new about her traditions?? I was surprised by how ignorant Noora was this season. It was really weird

its easier than you might think to fast, its not nearly as hard as one might think.

also, back when i used to be a muslim, i didnt really talk about my faith or traditions and stuff with non-muslims either, you just dont really talk about it with non-muslims bc you get the ‘wow that must be hard’ ‘wow that is so restrictive’ and weird looks. which is understandable, bc the traditions and norms of another culture is vastly different from your own. vice versa, it would be the same reaction. thats why the more globalized the world becomes, the less tabu this stuff will hopefully become and the less etnocentric society will become

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In my personal opinion? I don't think the submit your name thing is worth it. I've read enough fics to instantly see (Y/N) as my name (And that includes Y/N, (Name), and just plain ______ lol). Plus, it's more work on your part apparently and you already do this for free!! (Thanks for that btw I love your fics <3)

Thanks for the answer!! I think I might stick to the way I was writing before as well, and maybe I’ll implement this for longer fics? It is a bit of trouble xP
Anyway thank you for your support!! I also like to use [____] because for some reason I always read (y/n) as “yanem” instead of actually putting my name in there xD again thanks!

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Dude. Dude dude dude so a buddy of mine is starting a little blog for aspiring artists and whatsit and all you gotta ask them for details lol But! Do you want in? Just asking haha (they just asked me earlier and I think you might want to join)

sounds fun! I’ll need a few more details to know if I can actually be of use on said blog but jo hit me up with those details!

shoutout to george, fred, and especially ron weasley for realizing that harry was stuck in abusive and unhealthy household and, in spite of the massive trouble they knew they could get in, taking immediate steps to personally see him removed from that environment, something no adult in harry’s life did.

did an art style thing !! ft the Very Special Boy

links to the artists in this are under the cut!

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Alec + jackets/outerwear in 2a