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hey mod, any tips on how to react more positively to art that's way better than mine? i'm trying to change my mindset so i can feel inspired instead of inferior but i have no idea where to start :/

it’s hard! and don’t feel bad about that- it’s a natural reaction and a lot of that is because artists are often self deprecating, but the thing I started to do was make little changes to how my brain was saying it; “oh man, this art is so much better than mine…” became “oh man! this art is so good!” and “I wish I could draw art like that…” becomes “hey, I wonder if I could try drawing art like that?”

it might seem silly, just changing the ‘words’ of how you’re seeing things, but if you start to ‘rephrase’ your thoughts more positively, then it becomes genuine and second nature- which helps you not beat yourself up, and prevents you from becoming bitter and envious of other people. You can actually start looking at the wonderful art you’re wanting to emulate, and start to think about how it was made, and what exactly it is about it that makes you love it so much! which helps you both learn and actively want to feed your own style, but it also actually makes you appreciate the artist’s work itself more, so… it’s really hard? Learning not to observe good art with a negative slant on your own in comparison, and everyone has days where they can’t, but if you can then everyone benefits, especially you!

Okay so you two are so clever I’m going to put bitemarks on Lance’s arm. (although the tights sounds wonderfully delicious too, I think I won’t go that far xD ) (and yes Keith has been controlling himself)

Yes, Keith is the fiery lover. <3

Yes, I will draw more to this au because the response I got is overwhelming. Thank you all for the amazing replies, for the lovely words in the tags and for all the messages.

I do have to say surprises will come, some of you might not like it, but I do hope the story will be exciting enough to keep you interested. There are still many details I didn’t figure out or still unsure about but hopefully the plotholes won’t be the size of galaxies. Since I’m not home tomorrow and have to work this Saturday I must again ask you guys to be patient with me.

Thank you all <3

Do you guys ever think about how much World War II fucked up parenting styles?

There was a whole generation of British kids with messed up attachment styles from being sent away from their families to live in the country, and then the holocaust. People who survived the camps and then went on to start families- do you ever stop and think about how much that affected the way those people then parented their kids? A lot of what I hear is of older relatives who tell me that they grew up in super frugal households, never realising until they were grown that they had been saving up in case something like that happened again and they had to make a quick getaway. And just that kind of trauma affects your personality- those parents then might have been super clingy with their children, afraid that they would disappear if they went too far, just like they were separated from their parents. And maybe it hurt some relationships, with kids resenting their parents being strict or overprotective and not stopping to think about the cause. It just sounds like something I wanna do more research on now.

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Do you think Vincent did a good job as a father? Can he be considered a loving father or what kind of a person should we think of Vincent as a whole? I mean we've seen the flashback but for some reason, I still feel like I barely knew who Vincent is, let alone Rachel. So maybe it might clear something up for me haha, but what do you think of those two character currently? I hope the question is not too confusing ^^"

I love Vincent and Rachel so much! Though I don’t think we could say that Vincent was a brilliant father by modern standards, he certainly seemed like a good Victorian dad, albeit a distant father from our POV.

Vincent doesn’t seem to understand his kids that well and I’d suspect he has some empathy issues regardless, considering his job. Then of course Rachel is a lot more loving than Vincent, but that’s to be expected.

But he took his kids out with him and he even let OC in his bed when he was scared, which is pretty good!

Overall, I think they were good parents even if the values they were teaching their kids were a little bit messed up. Anything like that is society’s fault, can’t say I blame Vincent and Rachel for raising their kids as they had been raised themselves.

“I still feel like I barely knew who Vincent is”

Same! But I think this is almost intentional, Yana has said she draws Vincent differently depending on the POV he’s being seen from and it comes across fairly well.

  • Madam Red: romantic yet mysterious Vincent
  • Kelvin: kind and charming Vincent
  • Diederich: snarky, evil and cheeky - Watchdog Vincent
  • OC: loving but stone-faced, hard to read and slightly distant Vincent
  • Alexis: cheeky, intelligent and playful Vincent

Or something like that! Vincent is a pretty mysterious guy, though I tend to consider OC as a worse person than him lol.

i’m so excited,, i’ve been looking into selling my artwork as cellphone charms!! and everything so far is looking good!!

so today i’ve been looking into materials i’m gonna need, and i’ve calculated the costs of the things that i’m going to need. now all i need to do is make designs for them and save up some money on the side to buy things like jump rings and straps !! ((and the charms themselves,, haha))

hopefully this idea turns out!! i’m so happy that i’m able to do this!

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Fandom has every right to “cry”. How would you like it if something you enjoyed (attack on Titan) got cancelled for a long time, if not for good, because of someone doing something terrible?

It’s not just “someone.” It’s the author. THE CREATOR HIMSELF WHO DID SOMETHING DESPICABLE.

And listen to me. I love SnK. I’ve followed this series hard for YEARS now.


But hey, we’re not talking about SnK with this. We’re talking about RK. And just so you know, because you probably don’t recognize me since you sent me this message, I’m not some rando who exists completely separate from RK. I was heavily involved in the RK fandom in the early 2000s. It was a well-loved fandom of mine. I own the manga, and the anime. All of it. Everything. I’m not a casual fan “read it one time maybe.” I’m a “read it many times over, wrote a lot of fanfiction, was a prominent member of a pretty big RK forum" kind of a fan. Hell, me getting into RK way back when and dragging a mere online acquaintance along with me cemented a super close friendship with them that ended with us getting married this year. I was also heavily involved in the RK Resurrection 2k14 here on Tumblr.

I have loved RK well. 

So listen to me when I say that what’s irritating me is the few people from the RK fandom who are crying about how the series is over now. Really? You’re choosing to be upset about that? 

How can you want more content from a creator who lusts after little girls? Who spent money that we gave him by supporting Rurouni Kenshin on exploiting children for financial gain???? Do you want him to produce more material? Would you read it? Buy it? Support him as an author?

It’s okay to be sad and disappointed that it ended so suddenly when you were looking forward to it. It’s a huge letdown to get excited about something, especially something that is nostalgic to you, coming back, only to see if bellyflop for one reason or another. I get that. (When they cancelled the Rose of Versailles movie I was really down, and I never did get my official English release of the manga they promised for 2016.) 

And hey–I’m upset about RK! It meant a lot to me for a long time and still does, even after all of this.

But I don’t care about the series getting cancelled. 

I’m upset that a creator whose works I enjoyed and promoted through fanfiction and meta ended up being outed as a fuckin pedophile. After I gave the ships he supported directly and indirectly the benefit of the doubt for a large chunk of my teenage and adult life. Now I have to suspect ulterior motives in his choosing those specific ages for these characters. Now I have to feel gross about the meta and ships I have liked since I myself was a teenager.

The dude admitted he was attracted to children, okay? He admitted it. He had tapes. He regrets getting caught and outed, and maybe he regrets that his series is getting cancelled on him, but he doesn’t seem to regret the atrocities he’s actually committed. He knew what he was doing the whole goddamn time. He knew it was wrong. I can’t give ONE SHIT about the new stuff being cancelled. I’m too busy feeling betrayed that a big part of my teen years, a series I stuffed my heart into, characters I related to…were created by an evil man who might have had ulterior motives with every single line he drew. 

I think a lot of the fandom feels that way.

And that anger, outrage, and upset should all be directed at the creator, not at the series itself going away. Fuck the series. Fuck it. Death of the Author to extremes never even heard of before if you want to stay in the fandom. It’s your city now. They’re your characters. He doesn’t deserve them.

Why would you want him to put his hands on these characters ever again? Why would this series continuing matter more to you than the real life little girls being exploited in the tapes he had in his possession, that he got off to thinking about and watching?  I think it’s fucking evil that people want to sugarcoat this, make it less bad than it is. It makes me sick that this news breaking has elicited a, “Wow it sure is sad that RK is getting cancelled!” response from some members of the fandom.

What the fuck is wrong with you people? I’m pissed that so many of the headlines read that way and don’t say right in the headline that the creator was arrested for possession of child pornography. Instead they say he was charged with a crime–like he might have been charged for a piddly little misdemeanor!! NO!! HE HAD PORN OF CHILDREN IN HIS POSSESSION. It’s disgusting. He took money that he got from the sale of RK and used it to buy pornography of little children that he watched and got off to. And some of y’all’re upset that the series might be cancelled? IT SHOULD BE. You shouldn’t WANT it to continue, not with THAT MAN AT THE HELM. Continuing the series means supporting him, a man who has already used his earnings from RK to buy this shit. To support this industry.

You honestly and truly have to be able to look at this situation and think about what you’re feeling but direct it properly. You can feel sad and disappointed; those are perfectly valid emotions. But it’s not okay to make this a big sad party about how awful it is that new content is being cancelled. It’s not about that. THAT ISN’T THE PART OF THIS NEWS THAT IS AWFUL. And if it is for you, if that’s your primary reason for being upset about this–that your weeb shit is being cancelled–then you need to have a real good think about why you’re sadder about not getting more content than you are about the fact that the man producing that content is a pedophile who is willing to take advantage of and exploit children by supporting the child porn industry. Like man, I’m sorry that fun is being cancelled but when the person offering you that fun is a pedophile I’d rather not have it anyway. Why don’t you feel that way?

Again…it’s okay to be sad. I think all of us are. But we’re not sad that the series is being cancelled. We’re sad that it’s difficult for us to even look at this beloved old series, one that many of us watched as teens and participated in early fandom for, without feeling gross and weird. And we’re mad that the creator did this. He could have been a decent person and chose not to be.

I spent well over a decade loving this series, writing meta for it, fanfiction, drawing fanart. I shipped the “canon” ships and gave the author the benefit of the doubt. I recommended the series to friends. One of my high school friends met her husband through the RK forum I spent hours every day on in the early 2000s. My two high school friends and I went by RK nicknames for a long time and used them to pass notes because anyone who found them in the trash wouldn’t know who was writing to whom.

I’ve been sitting here for the last hour thinking about people I know because of RK. Hell, @kippielovesyou followed some of my old ‘fic back then! And there was that one guy I knew who got the huge Kenshin tattoo on his arm. I still remember his username. How does he feel about that tattoo now? RK was such a big part of his life at the time he got a goddamn tattoo of it.  We were just blissfully living our lives enjoying RK. And in 2014 during the Tumblr revival rewatch a bunch of us did, we enjoyed it again. We couldn’t have known.

But finding out still has a way of making me feel fuckin’ gross. I know I’m not the only one.

But boy am I glad this man was outed. I want this shit in the light and I want to see people like this purged. I want their lives ruined. I want this man to lose RK in whatever capacity it can be managed. He doesn’t deserve it anymore. 

As far as I’m concerned, it belongs to the people who actually cared about it, now. And we don’t need weekly or monthly updates for that.

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you know, i think if steve were a girl and p*ggy were a boy a lot of ppl wouldn't be so quick to ship st*ggy. like ppl might even read the guy in that scenario as being a creeper. not trying to hate on p*ggy. just saying that steve never really responds to her advances and if their genders were swapped ppl would be much quicker to pick up on that.

Oh absolutely 110% without a doubt. ESPECIALLY the scene where Peg sees Steve being kissed by Natalie Dormer and then when he asks her what she thinks of the shield, proceeds to shoot at him because she’s upset with him. Which fandom seems to think is badass???? Imagine if Steve was Stephanie and Peg was Peter. And Peter saw Stephanie - who is not his girlfriend anyway - being kissed by another man, and then because he felt upset/jealous/angry, he then shot multiple times at Stephanie with no guarantee that the shield would stop the bullets? People would have been mad as FUCK and rightly so.

I really do not care if people are on board with this pairing, like live your life, i got bigger shit to worry about than who ships what. But what is a worry is that people are accepting of behaviours like the one above when it’s a woman doing it to a man, when they’d be outraged if it was a man doing it to a woman. Because those attitudes carry over into actual life and contributes to why so many men don’t feel they can talk about being mistreated by a woman.

birthday | woozi

Happy Birthday Jihoon!

A/N: To the boy who keeps fucking with my bias list asghafs!!

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  • im still messy lolololol
  • i find woozi hot and cute at the same time wut
  • im kind of liking doing this instead of my shitty photo edits.
  • okay so
  • November 22, 1996
  • Lee Jihun
  • composer
  • vocalist
  • cute
  • wonderful eyesmile ahhh
  • (i forgot how this was supposed to go rip me)
  • turns me woozy (heh, i love that word. it means dizzy)
  • jihoon doesn’t like surprises
  • might forget your birthday for a few hours but once he remembers it’s as if he never forgot
  • because he would probs take you somewhere calm and quiet like coffee shops, the seaside, his car lol.
  • or anywhere without his friends
  • would make sure you spend the rest of your day with him.
  • he would urge you to talk about yourself more.
  • and would play the piano, do aegyo, and write a song for you.
  • would walk you home under the bright and starry sky and slips a small simple special gift in your hands.
  • aww
  • anYWAY here’s the real party
  • probably completely forgot about his birthday.
  • the boys would be smiling at him when he wakes up and he scoffs and says,
  • “you all look like perverts.”
  • or something like that
  • no one would tell him it’s his birthday because a plan instantly formed in their weird brains
  • and i guarantee you it’s a mess
  • while woozi’s in the bathroom, someone’s ordering a red and white three layered cake (because 21 layers is not possible)
  • someone prepares the box of Woozi photos that they will be plastering around the room.
  • because woozi day is woozi day.
  • and while he eats breakfast, reading today’s paper. seungcheol who was out “jogging” sneaks in the party materials.
  • soo… they let woozi go to the studio. and once he exits the dorm, they all rush sticking everything around.
  • they panick so much that seungkwan went informal without being detected
  • dk, vernon, and jeonghan uses the chaotic scenario to eat the sweets.
  • then they heard the door creak open.
  • all heads instantly turned to the door, frozen with anticipation
  • it was
  • “i forgot my phone–”
  • woozi stops to see wonwoo on mingyu’s shoulders, seungcheol sticking more pictures of HIS face around, seungkwan hyperventilating, joshua eating a slice of pizza with nutella on top
  • hoshi jumps out of nowhere and pulls a confetti gun’s trigger, and screams at woozi’s face
  • and it’s awkwardly silent.
  • woozi stares
  • hoshi stares
  • seungcheol stares
  • the chocolate drips off Joshua’s pizza
  • jeonghan stares
  • wonwoo jumps off mingyu
  • mingyu stares
  • dino stares
  • seungkwan faints
  • vernon catches him
  • jun stares [at the mirror]
  • the8 stares
  • dk stares
  • “oh. it’s still 10 in the morning, why are you here?”
  • “it-it’s my birthday?” it dawns on woozi
  • joshua grabs his guitar and starts singing the happy birthday song followed by everyone
  • and woozi smiles at the now great half-preparation for his birthday.
  • like it genuinely touches his heart, and he really appreciated it so much that he forgot about “working” at the studio
  • they were all laughing and having fun when someone knocked at the door.
  • it’s the cake guy (lol)
  • everyone happily takes the box from him (s.coups pays)
  • and when they put woozi in the center with the box, they sing happy birthday again as hoshi slowly opens the box.
  • it’s a wedding cake.

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It is rare a person who is able to catch Robert House genuinely off-guard but Lareina Rose was among one of the few -much like her daughter before her- who had mastered the embodiment of sidling up to you the way that heat might. That creeping, insidious sprawl against the nape of your neck, the spread of your brow that nestles rather comfortably before upping the temperature.

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So now that the show directly tacked Kara's trauma, do you think we'll finally get to see more of Alex's? I feel like they just let us see little sneak peeks of that, like her drinking which Kara openly acknowledged in this weeks episode. Or like Alex failing Calc, then we're offered that tiny little could-be explanation by Kenny "she just misses her dad". Also Eliza acknowledging that she would pretend to be okay.

I think we might get some bits and pieces, but at the end of the day the focus of this show is still on how Alex is a part of Kara’s journey, and not the other way around.

That said, I actually found the way they depicted Alex dealing with her own emotional issues perfectly consistent with how she’s dealt with them since the very beginning of Season 1.

Alex is an introvert, and – as we’ve been shown numerous times now – she likes her space when something’s bothering her. She’ll spend time wallowing in her own thoughts, but she also fiddles with them like they’re puzzle pieces coming together, and once she figures them out she’s more or less fine and she moves on.

Eliza gets that. Kara … Kara’s impulse is to want to fix, especially because that’s how she’s been avoiding dealing with her own pain. And that’s partly why Alex got mad at her. She wasn’t anywhere near drunk, mean or otherwise, in that scene in their room – she was just saying things Kara didn’t want to hear, and that Alex had been holding off saying for months.

Re: Alex failing calculus – I actually found the brief “she misses her dad” a sufficient explanation, because we’ve already seen, multiple times, how Alex reacts to mentions of her father and the circumstances surrounding his death. Not only that, we saw clear emotional parallels between flashback!Alex and her current adult self – she’s in the same depressed space, and she’s reacting more or less the same way: by lashing out at the people who push her buttons.

Yeah go ahead and get mad at me for even DARING to be upset that you lost your money because you put your card in your pocket instead of your purse like a human with a functioning brain im not sorry for getting angry, going hungry is more than an “inconvenience” you fucking moron so i have to use the little cash i have to pay for everything once again because youre so incompetent and useless at doing anything resembling parenting i might as well run away and be off on my own like i always wanted

the gang as deep tumblr posts

Pony: why am I not a banana? science please explain.

Soda: I wish I could cry macaroni instead of tears because I would be getting free macaroni and that would make me so happy that I would start crying of happiness and get more macaroni

Darry: adulthood might be full of pain and suffering but at least we never have to do the pacer test again

Steve: we live on a giant floating rock in the middle of an infinite cosmos yet to be discovered and you want me to memorize vocab words wow okay

Two-Bit: fingers are so weird????? like they’re just tiny arms that branch off of our big arms????????? i’m confused??????

Johnny: what if your bellybutton screams every time you put a shirt on because its scared of the dark

Dally: why does sex result in babies why can’t it be pizza

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Help, i'm 20 and i'm a virgin and idk guys are into me and sleep with me and it's cool me too but idk, i feel like i'm not """hot""" enough for sex? I'm not really comfortable with my body, like i dont have a ""hot body"" idk how do you deal with it because that's what's not letting me experience that

Any 👏🏼 body 👏🏼 is 👏🏼 hot 👏🏼 enough 👏🏼 for 👏🏼 sex 👏🏼

Here’s the thing that took me a long time to realize/accept. Certain clothes may make you feel more comfortable or might accentuate the parts of you that you like best, but they don’t truly hide anything. The people that are making advances on you already know, to a certain extent, what they’re getting themselves into. If you’re fat, they know. If you’re skinny, they know. They can tell. And they’re still into you!!!! They still want to have sex with you.

Don’t feel like you have to turn someone down because your body isn’t good enough. 1) it IS good enough, ALWAYS, and 2) the person that’s into you CAN SEE YOU. Yeah, you’re not naked, but they can still see you. Your body isn’t invisible to them. And they WANT YOU.

((And also, once you’re getting things going, it’s not like they’re gonna stop to examine your every “flaw.” People honestly care way less about this once they’re in bed than you may think.))

Get out there with your rockin bod and HAVE YOURSELF SOME SEX BABE!!! Love you.

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I wish I had the motivation to write something like that! (and a friend to do it with)

Honestly, it is NOT easy, writing never it and a lot of people don’t realize that. So please don’t beat yourself up too much, because I struggle with motivation too! 

However, something I’ve noticed is that when I have Silver to help me, I become  a lot more motivated and inspired. We work well together and when I’m feeling down (usually because I believe my writing is really crappy) she boosts my mood. Plus when we’re not sure to write, we can bounce ideas off of each other and it’s SUPER helpful!

Plus it makes the process a lot more fun and less exhausting. So thanks to her for being here with me and helping me on this. <333


Hey there! Lily’s right in that writing is not easy, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be something to enjoy either! Sometimes it’s fun to just write random little scenes or ideas out because you never know where the inspiration will strike and the plot bunnies will run away with you! (Beware the plot bunnies when they start to nibble, they can and will overrun your mind with their fluffiness and their little teeth hurt!! D8 )

It can be hard finding someone to write with, let alone get a good dynamic going. But even then you don’t always have to have someone write with you to make a great story! It’s like I’ve told Lily about this first chapter: we are just doing a rough draft and filling the sandbox with sand. Once we have enough sand, then we can start building sandcastles! But if you really want help from someone or have something but don’t know if it’s good, there are always beta readers! I’ve had some pretty good experiences with beta readers over on Fanfiction.net (some of them were very lovely and beautiful people! X3), and the purpose of a beta reader is for them to read over your work and find ways to help you improve your writing so that your story can be as strong and bold as you wanted it to be! Just be careful with who you get as a beta, because if they do nothing but point out faults and say nothing to help fix what they saw, then it’s time to find someone who will actually give you constructive criticism to build you up–not tear you down. U.U

Not gonna drag this out any longer, but I will leave you (and all you other aspiring/struggling/frustrated writers out there!) with a quote that has helped me see writing as not such a terrible thing to dread: 

Convince yourself that you are working in clay, not marble; on paper, not eternal bronze: Let that first sentence be as stupid as it wishes. –Jacquez Barzun


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Tagging anyone who wants to do it I’m lazy as hell when it comes to tagging people.

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If Starco were to happen, would you be interested in a storyline about Marco thinking on the responsabilities of technically being the next king of Mewni, or would you say that's too serious/way earlier in their lifes to be addressed?

Good question, on one hand I’d love for something like that, since it’d also make for a good moment both in Star and Marco’s characters development, since they’re both scared about the future in their own ways. On the other hand it’d probably feel weird in a TV show like this, and could feel “hamfisted” for a couple that might have been dating for a handful of episodes only, both just 15, as if they wanted to push home an idea of “undying love” too hard. Maybe something more generic, revolving around what Marco is going to do once this year of “exchange student” on Mewni ends?