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based on:

and a conversation that I had with @vlukai and @kimyko14 where Shiro shows up in season 5 with the space dog from this headcanon, and confuses the Alteans with this creature the others call a “dog”. 


please forgive the terrible photo quality and inconsistent drawing styles


I hope you don’t mind that it’s a head-bump instead I struggled with trying to draw them hugging for some reason.

Lets hope something like this will happen at some point in the finale, instead of, you know…one of them dying a fiery death that has been foreshadowed an unnecessary amount of times throughout the show. :)))))


Best part of my day 💕..

When daddy’s home and he takes over so I can get a couple more hours of sleep, wash your hair and take a bubble bath 😩❤️. Didn’t wake me up for a thing, handled the boys like a boss! Came downstairs to no chaos and all my men fast asleep. Now I can break out my laptop and get some work done, might start dinner too. 

How has everyone been doing?! Seriously.. I care lol. 

Tales of Miss Fortune(Part 3)

Oh, boi, here comes the smutty crack again. Sorry if there are any mistakes.

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Adrien felt his eyes dry as he stared at the screen of his laptop, while fastly writing a reply to one of his emails. This day had only brought problems. There was a delay with the delivery of Mulberry silk, the model for the May editorial called in sick and they needed a last minute replacement. There had been problems with the director for the new perfume commercial and the concept that the team he refused to work it. And there was the problem with the executive of the Milano branch who was apparently very incompetent and the board of directors there wanted to change him. Adrien sighed, massaging the bridge of his nose. His head was about to burst. It was well in the afternoon and besides that usual croissant in the morning he ate nothing. And he didn’t get too much sleep either because he spent a good part of the night stopping a kidnapping. It was moments like this, when everything was just too much and too overwhelming, when he simply wished to give everything up and just go to the Agreste private island in the Caribbean and spend the whole day drinking cocktails and swimming and then get a full night sleep in his silk sheets while the room smells like jasmine scented candles. And he could use his face masks in peace. He didn’t put a face mask on for about a week now, his skin was dying, damit. Clenching his jaw and remembering he has to be a responsible adult, he was ready to return to the problems at hand when he was gently pulled against the back of his chair. He closed his eyes as his temples were massaged gently, before her hands slipped in his hair, making his ponytail come undone.

“You are going to kill yourself if you keep this up.” Marinette stated while running her fingers through his hair, and making circular motions against his scalp.

“Mhm.” was the only thing he managed to say as he relaxed against her touch.

Marinette’s fingers slid from his hair, along his neck and over his shoulders. And then she began massaging his back. Adrien bit his lip to keep from moaning. It felt so good, the pressure of her hands against his back muscles, making every knot of tension come undone. He wondered if her hands were so warm or it was his body that was warmer than usual. As she moved her hands with practiced ease, Adrien kept trying to keep the purr that was about to ring out. Her fingers pressed against a certain spot on his back and Adrien even brought his thumb to bite into. Anything to keep him from doing something extremely awkward.Godammit, massages weren’t supposed to make you almost orgasm.

“You are a goddess” he groaned, allowing himself to go limp against her hands.

Marinette giggled. “I’ll make sure to put that in my CV.” once she took care of his back, her hands slid up again, rubbing his temples gently. “I’m serious, though. I know you are technically my boss and you can fire me for this, and probably blacklist me from the fashion world forever if you really want, but frankly,” her voice changed from soothing to threatening. “I’m going to kick your ass out of the office at four if you don’t intend to leave it yourself by then.”

By all accounts, he should have been insulted for being spoken to like that. But it felt so good to not have someone kiss his ass for once, that he couldn’t help, but laugh. “Thank you my conscience. I promise we will have a normal schedule today.”

He kept his eyes closed, enjoying Marinette’s little massage, entirely obvious to the self satisfied smirk on her face.

Adrien hated his life. Thanks to Marinette, he actually got home at a decent hour and made himself a nice consistent dinner. But when he was about to draw himself a bath with bubbles and essential oils, he got an alert on his phone. Miss Fortune. Of fucking course. And now, when he stood across from her, he couldn’t help but glare as she smirked cockily at him, a painting held securely under her arm.

“Hello, kitten. You look awfully tense.”

“Thanks to you.” he kept glaring at her. “How about a deal. You put that painting down and we just go home in peace. No fighting this time.”

“Hm.” he hummed tapping her chin. “Depends. Can I bring you to my home instead of the painting?”


She sighed dramatically. “Then it isn’t a deal. This piece will look lovely on my living room wall. Though,” she smiled at him. “You would look even more lovely while I nail you against the wall.”

Chat tried to ignore the blush spreading over his cheeks as he lounged at her. With a fast move, she dodged, the set the painting on the floor carefully. After making sure her catch was out of the way she jumped back at him engaging into hand to hand combat. Honestly, his job would be much easier if she wasn’t such a talker.

“My, my.” she said in an appreciative tone while blocking one of his blows. “I could cut myself on that jaw. And even so, “she sighed dreamily. “I bet it is wonderful to sit on.”

Chat hoped his blush wasn’t to evident. “Trying to distract me with talking won’t work this time.”

She giggled. And the next thing Adrien knew was that he fell on his ass, before being rolled onto his stomach. He tensed as he fet her body slid against his, his hands immobilized. He began to struggle to free himself, but any attempt he might have done, disappeared when she spoke again.

“Oh, I really love this position.” she leaned closer to his ear and whispered. “Say, kitten, do you like pegging?”

Adrien was blushing again. Because she was using dirty tricks on him, not because he may actually really be into pegging. Seriously. His lack of answer seemed to bother Miss Fortune.

“It is not polite to not answer people, you know. But if this is how you want to play, fine.”

She began rolling her hips against his ass at an agonizing speed. Too damn slow. And yet. His body relaxed against her movement, even if his brain screamed at him to fight her, not let her dry hump him. But it felt too good for his body to even want to resist anyhow. And when her hands moved from gripping him to massage his back, Adrien just went putty. Oddly, the massaging seemed somehow familiar, but he couldn’t bring himself to care or try to figure out why. His body needed that. Miss Fortune noticed that as well as she pressed a kiss against the nape of his neck. Adrien bit his lips to the point of bleeding to keep from moaning. He was letting her dry hump him, but he would be damned before he let himself show her that he was enjoying this. The touches became slower and Adrien took a few seconds too much to realize she wasn’t on him anymore. Glancing over his shoulder he saw the painting was gone as well. He groaned.

Fuck Miss Fortune.

Little Do You Know (Pt. 1)


Request: A Wonwoo marriage angst au! With my own twist! This plot has been FOREVER in my head! The title is inspired by the song by Alex and Sierra! Check it out~

Genre/s: Romance, Drama, Angst

Warning/s: Divorce, Mentions of drinking, CLIFFHANGER (please don’t kill me!)

“I remember when you first told me you loved me.” She whispered, feeling him stir behind her. She never turned to face him in their bed. Long ago she stopped wishing he would wrap his arms around her to comfort her— to ease the pain in her heart. “Do you?”

She waited with baited breath for his answer. Anything. Any sign that he still loved her. That she wasn’t an idiot for staying and fighting for what they had left.


That night she stopped fighting. She stopped making it work between the two of them, stopped asking him if he was free so they could go out by themselves. She stopped trying to kill herself with heartache for a man who had fallen out of love with her.

By the end of the week she had lost reason to stay. So, she walked out the door—

And he never came after her.

The airport was crowded— it always was but today it was overly so. She’d heard from a group of people as she passed by that some actor was coming home from filming a variety show overseas. Given her curiosity, she would have gone to check it out herself.

But she was on a different mission that day.

She had someone special to see.

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anonymous asked:

Acchan.. i didn't quite understand what kaneki meant with "i worry that they might disappear again"; who was he reffering to? do you think it was just one person? that he meant it about the time when he was Haise? hide? touka and anteiku? what are your thoughts?

Hey Anon! It’s just my opinion, but I think this scene between Kaneki and Amon…

parallels this scene between Amon and Touka, when Amon told Touka he was scared to go see Akira…

And about the interpretation, for me it comes down to Kaneki being scared to lose his friends from :Re again (after forgetting them when he was Haise), just like it’s a hint that he’d be frightened to see Hide again (since he thought all this time that he killed Hide) because he’d be afraid of losing him one more time.

That’s Kaneki though, he’s completely wrecked on an emotional level, so isolating himself from his friends and not talking with Touka are things that relate to his depressed state of mind and his fear of trying to be happy when he could lose it all again. So, instead of allowing himself to enjoy the current time, he’s simply holding up to “fighting for his friends/the ghoul’s side”:

…which doesn’t help him with his current personal issues. There was one exception to this behavior though and that was…

Akira, because she’s been a constant in his life for the last 4 years, on top of being his mother figure, which is why he seemed so down after she pushed him away even though he rushed to her side when Banjou told him she woke up. 

That’s kinda funny, isn’t it? He was so ready to welcome Akira warmly because he had been so worried the whole time, meanwhile Touka asked him for a talk that apparently still hasn’t happened because he’s probably scared to face her (considering what he said in the last chapter to Takizawa and this chapter to Amon). 

TL;DR I think this scene was Amon trying to understand how Akira was feeling, though it gave us an explanation as to why Kaneki stayd so far away from his friends even if he says he’s fighting for them + it can totally be seen as a hint for Hide coming back (and how Kaneki would feel about it).

It’s just my opinion though :) I hope I answered your question, have a nice weekend!

Missing |2|

Genre: Fluff | Angst
Pairing: Producer!Yoongi X SingleParent!Reader

Summary: Being a single mother in Seoul was hard enough, but after 4 years the missing puzzle pieces of the mystery of the disappearance of the father was finally put together.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 |

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anonymous asked:

So like how pissed are her family going to be once Piper returns out of the blue after years of no contact? Like do her parents know why she’s been gone? Is everyone going to be like lowkey upset with her, or just treat her like she might disappear again again at any minute?

I think her parents and brother know she’s undercover, but they dont know any details beyond that for their own safety. Everyone else (the Agrestes, etc) was just told she’s moving abroad for work. 

why you should read on the jellicoe road by melina marchetta

hi hi hi i’m back with another post sorry if these get annoying (more)

sooooo if you haven’t read a marchetta book yet, what are u doing with ur life basically bc these books are everything to me they changed my life they blessed my crops they cleared my skin or whatever tbh just read them

some more reasons:

  • so taylor markham, protagonist, somehow always thrust into leadership even tho she hates it
  • the book takes place at boarding school btw (it’s boarding school right? i don’t really understand other countries’ school systems)
  • and taylor becomes head of all the house leaders
  • but they all hate her so they want to vote her out except there isn’t a majority
  • ben, the one who votes no, becomes taylor’s number two
  • and raffaela is also kinda taylor’s number two (in her house)
  • anyway there’s this big territory war between the people at the school, the people in town (the townies), and the cadets who visit the area every year
  • (this is a secret war so the teachers can’t know it’s very underground)
  • taylor’s in charge of the school, chaz santangelo is in charge of the townies, and jonah griggs is in charge of the cadets
  • taylor and jonah have a ~history~ to say the least
  • but something happened so now taylor hates jonah
  • which affects their war ofc
  • (but u kno that friends to enemies to lovers is the best trope)
  • anyway the three groups all pretend to hate each other even tho they all love each other and hang out with each other all the time tbh it’s the best
  • also on top of all this taylor’s mother figure kinda, hannah, left without telling taylor which sends her into a depression bc her mother left her and hannah’s the one who picked her up it’s a whole thing
  • there’s also another plotline with five characters from hannah’s manuscript it’s a very important plotline
  • time for some quotes!! first you have:
  • “If you weren’t driving, I’d kiss you senseless,“ I tell him.
    He swerves to the side of the road and stops the car abruptly.
    “Not driving any more.”   
  • “What do you want from me?” he asks.
    What I want from every person in my life, I want to tell him.
  • “hold my hand because i might disappear”
  • and then you have:
  • “don’t you ever touch my car again” … raffy touches the car with her finger in a very dramatic way
  • i can’t find anymore quotes that are really short but trust me there are a lot of cute funny scenes okay

anddddd that’s all for today go read on the jellicoe road by melina marchetta

stay tuned i’m gonna write more about the author’s other books

Little Monster Ch. 1 - Nolan Holloway

Originally posted by vxidism

Being Liam Dunbar’s twin sister was never easy, but it got even harder for Lauren when he became a werewolf and she was still human. When war breaks out in Beacon Hills Lauren finds herself hanging in the balance, trying to protect not only the pack, but the enemy too.

(Inspired by an imagine prompt from the lovely @froygutierreez. And a special thank you to @handprints-on-my-s0ul for listening to me scream about this fic for the past month.)

Warnings: Language.

Words: Just short of 6k.

It was barely autumn, but it had started to get uncomfortably cold at night and the metal bleachers at the lacrosse field were even colder. Despite the temperature, I was bound and determined to watch practice. It was one of the last practices of preseason and Scott’s last day as assistant coach. I was sitting on the bleachers by myself, my brother’s lacrosse hoodie pulled tight around my body as an extra layer of protection from the cold. Liam, however, was not in sight. The rest of the team had already started running drills, but my brother was not with them.

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anonymous asked:

Can I get a Flash imagine with the Reader being Barry's sister and reader went missing after the particle accelerator exploded and Barry tries to find the reader. and can it be a happy ending?

Also, hi im the one who requested the one shot thing with the reader being Barrys sister, i think i forgot to say its his little sister.

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Akai Ito Concept Art


Sasuke’s Eternal Longing


SasuSaku Hiden

Original Art

Just a bunch of artsy stuff for Akai Ito

(App: Art Filter)

I would love to hear your thoughts and asks! :D

I realized that the red string is tied on the wrong finger in some. T_T

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Here’s a bunch of ideas that have been circling around my head:

  • the tin soldier
  • mafia wars
  • atla
  • gundam seed/00
  • SAO
  • fushigi yuugi world
  • dissidia fantasy (CloudxTifa)

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I have a little announcement to my dear followers and Tumblr friends. First of all, Happy New year!!!! I hope everyone is enjoying their year so far. Gomen you guys, but I might disappear for a while for studies (again), maybe it will take a month or two before I update some of my fics, but hopefully I’ll be able to update the Naruto pug chapter before I vanish completely. I’ll still be here but if I stick to my strict schedule and work my hardest, perhaps I won’t be active at all. I’ll probably uninstall my app if it distracts me too much. 

For now it’s Study Time!

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I love you guys!

I’ll be back!

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Love & Peace!

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Mystery Skulls Forever Starter Sentences
  • "You know my love goes on forever."
  • "I'm worried 'bout the future."
  • "I've barely got enough for rent."
  • "You've got me hypnotized."
  • "I'm feeling so obsessed with you."
  • "You left me paralyzed."
  • "Fuck it."
  • "I don't give a damn."
  • "All I need is you."
  • "There's just one thing I need from you."
  • "I'll tell you what i'm gonna do."
  • "You're my fucking fantasy."
  • "All I think about is you."
  • "I don't know what i'm gonna do."
  • "Guess I'm giving up again."
  • "It doesn't matter."
  • "This time I might just disappear."
  • "Fuck it's you I hate the most."
  • "It's like magic."
  • "It took me by surprise."
  • "You've got that something."
  • "Must've been something that I said."
  • "I just want you."
  • "I know I fucked this up."
  • "I'm gonna make it right."
  • "I'm never giving up."
  • "How long have you known about it?"
  • "And what did you tell him?"
  • "I hope it ain't the truth."

anonymous asked:

are you okay? you haven't been online in a while.... hope all is good, sending positive vibes your way!!

Awww, you’re too sweet nonny <3 I’m fine! I had a lot of stuff to deal with IRL, as you might have noticed, and I had a slight mental breakdown because I was overwhelmed. I had to delete the tumblr app to be able to cope. I’m sorry for just disappearing like that & I hope you didn’t worry too much. <3 You can always ask for my discord if you have one! I still have some stuff to deal with IRL but I’m hoping to get back for the James appreciation week next week. :D (and to answer all my messages… oops)

I think your good vibes helped! :D My dog, who I thought I would have to put to sleep, is suddenly back to normal again (he’s still old but he’s doing okay). I survived Christmas with my parents and I decided to take some time to deal with feelings I’ve been trying (but failing) to repress. I actually feel so much better now. I really opened up to my bf about being abused and told him some details, and while I was at it, I talked about my gender dysphoria. We had a good discussion and he’s been incredibly supportive so far. <3 I also discussed being outed with an IRL friend. I didn’t realize how much I needed to talk about it with her, but I feel like a weight’s been lifted from my chest. 

The emperor has no clothes

I smoked a cigarette and read the newspaper

but nothing seems real

when your heart is broken

and nothing makes sense;

I ate my oatmeal cold,

watched some kids playing 

outside my window,

and wondered

when the last time was I laughed.

I wanted to feel sorry for myself,

but there are millions out there starving

and I knew that my pain was a luxury,

most could not even afford.

But when I remembered

how you used to kiss me

in our thin bed of wrinkled sheets and lies,

the way your lips touched my skin so softly 

I felt as if I might disappear,

I wanted to disappear again.

The last time I saw you

your were crying,

but I remember thinking

I wanted was to sleep forever

inside your sad ocean eyes,

but I was a child,

and our story was a fairy tale 

told a long time ago,

and now the coffee is boiling

and the sun is rising higher,

and the landlord is coming for the rent,

and I knew if I called you

to say three magic words,

just the sound of your voice

would crush my heart 

and turn it into bread.

hiiii everyone! i know i disappeared for a while, it’s just my school work hit me like a fucking bus lmao. but i have four weeks off now and am gonna be writing some imagines again! i might disappear again once school starts back up, but i’m gonna try and catch up on as many requests are possible! requests are closed now, but i have a lot in my inbox so expect some more imagines!