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Family: “Firsts”

5/10 to Family aka The One with Domestic Hollstein
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Hollstein
Word Count: 1980

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It’s pretty convenient that Carmilla is home when Jamie takes their first steps. And she’s the one to encourage them. Carmilla is sitting on the couch holding Jamie up with her hands beneath their armpits as they bounce on their legs. You watch from where you’re sitting on the floor as Carmilla babbles some nonsense at Jamie and they giggle at her. You honestly never thought you’d see the day where Carmilla was babbling.

But you suppose there’s a first for everything.

“Carm, can I?” You hold open your arms. Carmilla looks at you and nods before she leans down and says something to Jamie. They look at her with wide eyes.

“You can do it. You understand, right?” Then she turns Jamie around towards you and releases her hold on them.

“Carm, I don’t think—”

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