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You’re My Light

A request by @siennese. She wanted a version of a christmas Maya where Lucas was involved. This is what came to mind. I hope you like it. 

Riley had just gotten home from her the gift exchange with her friends. When she walked in, she saw her parents and Auggie were curled up on the couch. They were watching Home Alone, but instead of joining them she went straight to her room.

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Monday: You kissed me first, and I guess I thought that would mean something to you.
I guessed wrong. 

Tuesday: We’re just friends. We’re just getting lunch. We’re just watching a movie. Nothing is ever more than a “just” with you. 

Wednesday: I finally know what it’s like to be happy without you. I don’t need you and nothing hurts for a minute. 

Thursday: I learned that being with you anywhere makes everything a thousand times better and a million times more comfortable. I also learned that maybe I do need you after all.

Friday: Everything is fine when I’m with you. Then when I’m not with you, things seem to fall apart. I wish I could spend every moment with you, in your house, feeling like I finally belong somewhere. Feeling like everything will be okay for once.

Saturday: I kissed you at a stoplight and the light turned green. You said that maybe that was a sign, that maybe we’re finally good to go. Now I can’t stop hoping that you’re right, and that the light will never turn red for us. 

Sunday: You kissed me first. I hope you kiss me last, too.
—  This week with you

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correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think its that deep

I personally see it as deep in a different way… like 90% of it (to me) is playing up the fact that they dont really know what a child is, really, and there’s just some part of all of them deep down that can’t really grasp the situation in a human way… honestly i think how far that goes is supposed to be a bit ambiguous and you’re supposed to wonder if they might even be right to some degree 

i hear stuff like steven falling in rose’s scabbard cited as evidence that pearl is abusive or wanted steven to die but i really do see it as something thats highly open to interpretation… She sees him jumping and turns around with this expression

and when he falls she immediately lurches forward and calls out to him, sees that he hasn’t fallen, and disappears. when he gets back up she looks like this

and then, in my opinion most significantly and poignantly, the very ending

they never explain what she’s thinking /really/, the audience is made to interpret from what’s mostly very complex and ambiguous body language and expressions that could go a lot of ways. you can interpret this in equal parts her reflecting on how she hates this kid deep down or realizing she cares for him more than she did her late girlfriend, and either is a valid interpretation based on what we’re given

anyways it bothers me when people use such debatable stuff to try to like, accuse people of agreeing with child abuse, or something


For @sodomymcscurvylegs Reasons why he’s problematic and needs to delete (long post btw)  

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hi i dont really blame you if you dont know this but please dont use the word shota because its actually tied to like pedophilia apparently . a good replacement might be calling a character baby faced

I guess you mean it from my first post (which is still recieving notes please stop)

I’m aware of it’s real meaning now, but the ‘shota’ word I used back then was entirely for ironic reasons (also I thought back then that it’s meaning was ‘short’ or 'young looking’, not 'young’ at all)

TBH I think I’m going to delete it since I deeply hate it, along with my old ass drawings. Sorry if I made ya feel uncomfortable tho

@thescamanderboi it’s abusive and obsessive and based on absolutely no trust or friendly feelings. d canonically petrified h, broke his nose and hid him under his invisibility cloak so he wouldnt be found. h used a spell “for enemies” against him the effects of which he didnt know. h suspected d to be a member of a fascist movement which turned out to be true. d constantly called h’s best friends racist slurs. do u see the problem

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I just wish you could meet a good little once. Not every little is bed is ignored banners or dni or does mix tagging.

i have no intentions of meeting any little, as they creep me out and im a minor so i dont want to associate with kinksters :^)

besides the fact, there being “good” littles out there does not negate the ones who are bad. i dont really know what the point of this message is. like, if i meet a “good” little im going to say “welp, thats it folks! theres one good little out there, im gonna close up shop and delete this blog as its unnecessary now”?

i could meet 3 dozen respectful littles, the bad ones still need to be called out/ppl still need to be warned about them.

not trying to be mean or anything. im not mad, its hard to convey tone over the internet so it might seem that way but im not. im actually genuinely confused as to what the point of this message is/what youre trying to tell me. point is - this blog will be around for as long as i can manage it and i cant think of much that would change that.

bye tumblr

hi so as some of you may have noticed, i have been on hiatus for a month now. and while i was on it i have decided that i really wanted to leave tumblr for good. i have just cleared my queue and now this will be my last post. i mean dont get me wrong i still love d&p and i still watch their videos, im just kind of bored of this website and i knew that it was time to go and grow the f up. i decided that i wont be deleting this blog cause im a v sentimental person and i would prob want to look back in like 3 years and cringe at this blog. (also i might change my mind about leaving lol who knows)

it is insane to think about the fact that there are 21+k of you who are following me. whether you just followed me 2 seconds ago or have been with here since i made this blog, i will always consider you as my friend, especially all of my wonderful mutuals. thank you for reblogging from me, talking to me, fangirling with me, helping me with school shit, answering my dumb questions and messaging me especially when i was feeling upset. this website was my safe place for 2 years and it was such a great community to be a part of. i have learned so many things on here that i would have never understood if i didn’t sign up on this website that one day in 2013. the phandom is such a cute little family, tho we are v far from perfect y’all were so soooo nice to me and made me felt like i belonged. but alas all things must come to an end.

i can’t believe im actually doing this lmao 2 months ago i cant even stop using this website and here i am now. but i learned that change is good and i realised that im pretty much only using this website out of habit more than enjoyment. so if you are still reading this im just gonna leave you with 2 of the main things i have learned from this website that might help you in some way. 1 is to LOVE YOURSELF. it ain’t easy, trust me. this is coming from a person who has a very low self esteem. its a process that takes a v long time to accomplish. but it feels good to be able to look in the mirror and feel good about yourself. it feels good to not blame yourself for every single problem that comes into your life. it feels good to know that you are good enough. good enough to be okay. good enough to have friends who love and support you. good enough to know when someone doesn’t deserve to be in your life. and good enough to live. you are good enough. you are perfect in every single way and you deserve to love yourself. there is no such thing as loving your self “too much”. and lastly, 2 try not to worry too much. now this may sound annoying but i swear not giving fucks feels great. do not give a fuck about what other people think. do not give a fuck about what society and the media is dictating. do not give a fuck whether that one ex of yours is now in a relationship. do not give a fuck about how much more followers that annoying popular girl has compared to you. do not give a fuck about what is going on with other peoples lives. just try to focus more on yourself and how you can improve on your hobbies, talents, studies or whatever it is that is important in your life. trust me you will feel so much better. so yeah this is getting p long im sure there are only a few of you who actually are still reading this boring ass post but if you still want to talk to me you can find me on twitter @/ignoreo so yeah,,, goodbye. 

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idk i guess i ship glados and chell just cause of portal 2 but portal 1 shows like a total different side of glados towards chell and if yr basing it off of that then yeah theres no way theyd be shipped together its a total hate/hate relationship. even in the second one glados is only sympathetic to chell cause she helped her find her conscious and got rid of wheatley so even there its kinda strained like she deleted the part of her that liked her so like... Its Strained

i mean i dont mind ppl shipping it but bro. people NOT shipping glados w/ chell MIGHT BE BECAUSE all glados did in most of both games is ya know. try and kill her

and she was smart enough to  realise there was a better way out than that unlike wheatley