i might delete this

I’ve been playing the Polka Dots a lot yesterday and probably will play more today! Just have to wait for one thing and then I’m ready to post :3 I hope you guys will like them as much as I like them eventually! I have a feeling you don’t right now, but hey, we’ll see :)


Ah-hem. While I may have said that I do prefer male predators, and I’m sure that quite a few other people agree with me…that does NOT GIVE ANYONE THE RIGHT TO SHIT ON FEMALE PREDATORS. I may not always be fond of female predators, but NO ONE has the right to SHIT ON THEM. I NEVER shit on female predators, thank you very much. If I am not fond of one, I simply won’t interact with them, and that’s that, so that there’s no offense! There are many female predators that differ from what is known as the “norm”–and even with female preds that are the “norm,” YOU STILL HAVE NO RIGHT TO SHIT ON THEIR ENTIRE EXISTENCE. No one EVER has the right to shit on someone’s fetish/liking/whatever you wanna call it, to call them worthless. NEVER.

And it’s ALSO NOT RIGHT to group those that are girls, into vore, and are strictly predators in ONE SINGLE GROUP. Just like there are different types of prey, and different types of male predators, there are DIFFERENT TYPES OF FEMALE PREDATORS, and it is NOT RIGHT TO SHIT ON SOMEONE FOR BEING ONE AND CATEGORIZE THEM. Hell, it’s not right to categorize ANYONE IN GENERAL. That is just plain RUDE and DOUCHEY. And what I saw today that spurred this was absolutely DISGUSTING and RUDE and UNCALLED FOR.


Look, vore is already strange enough as it is. Does there REALLY have to be hatred within the vore community as well? We all have things that we like and don’t like in vore–but I won’t go out of my way to completely SHIT ON PEOPLE THAT LIKE THE STUFF THAT I DON’T LIKE, because I KNOW THAT OTHER PEOPLE LIKE IT. And YET AGAIN, IT IS NOT RIGHT TO STEREOTYPE PEOPLE.

*takes in a deep breath* …sorry, guys, I just felt that needed to be said, due to certain things that have happened here.



So as my junior year draws closer, I have come to the conclusion that I will have absolutely no time for role-playing. AP and after school activities will be my first priority, and then second will come rest (because the district decided it would be a lot more nicer to give us seven period and end the school day at 3:15 pm), and so on and so forth. Since junior year is dubbed the hardest for high schoolers, I am putting this blog and my Lenalee blog on a HIATUS. When I get back on- nobody knows. If school decides to take up more of my time, I might just end up deleting these blogs and move on. I can’t constantly keep up with threads, and I’m always up at the earliest hours of the morning doing these things that are unnecessary. So again, I am putting this blog and my Lena blog on hiatus.

I’ve met many great people and made friends that are absolutely amazing. If you guys still wish to keep in contact with me, or just want to geek out over DGM, I’m more than happy to give you my personal/art account here on Tumblr, or my instagram. I’m sorry but I don’t have a Skype and I don’t know how to work with it much. ;u;

Sorry guys. I know some of you are expecting replies from me, but I just can’t do that right now. If time ever allows me, I’ll TRY to get to them, but I’m not making any promises.
(sad) announcement

i might have to delete this blog when school starts :-( it’s become a bit difficult to run this blog without school, so i assume it will be even harder once school starts, and i want to keep my stress at a minimum.
in the meantime, i will continue to run this blog, but i will delete on August 20th. if you have any asks, i will answer them before then.