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The Signs as Things That Don't Exist
  • Aries: death
  • Taurus: self-confidence
  • Gemini: the gender binary
  • Cancer: your 13 year old self
  • Leo: fursona? what fursona
  • Virgo: sparkly vampires
  • Libra: chinese dragons
  • Scorpio: civil discourse
  • Sagittarius: robot horses (yet)
  • Capricorn: happy endings
  • Aquarius: nice fuckboys
  • Pisces: dictatorships that don't kind of suck
Weird Human Things


Jaal: Human females seem more… Curvy than their male counterparts..

Ryder: Are you asking why we have breasts?

Jaal: …Perhaps.

Ryder: *Laughs* They’re for feeding babies.

Jaal: What?

Ryder: Our mammary glands produce milk for babies!


Baby teeth

Jaal: Humans have multiple sets of teeth?

Ryder: Well, kind of. We’re born with no teeth, we grow a set of ‘baby’ teeth. Then in childhood all those teeth fall out and our permanent set grow in. It can be painful and bloody.

Jaal: That sounds terrifying. 

Static hair

Jaal: Ryder your hair is floating

Ryder: Oh, yeah that happens sometimes.

Jaal: *confused cat face*…What!?!


Jaal: Ryder! Your colors are changing!

Ryder: It’s just hot Jaal. Humans turn red sometimes.

Jaal: So, this is normal?

Ryder: Kind of. Blushing can signify distress, but It’s usually no big deal.

Jaal: Distress? Are you not well? 

Ryder: I’m fine Jaal, it’s just hot here 

 *Sometime later after certain saucy scenes* 

Jaal: Ryder, Are you in distress?! Your colors! 

Ryder: *Laughs* No Jaal, I’m fine. 


Jaal: Why do some humans have spots while others do not?

Ryder: Spots?…Oh, you mean Freckles.

Jaal: Freckles?

Ryder: Yeah, just genetics. Some human’s just have…spots. *Ryder smiles*

Talk and Walk

Jaal: Why is Liam pacing the ship?

Ryder: He’s on a call Jaal.

Jaal: ??????

Ryder: Oh, human’s like to lap their homes while on calls.

Talking to animals

Pyjak: *squeak*

Ryder: *Squeak!*

Jaal: What are you-

Ryder: Shhh! I’m talking to my child.

Jaal: ?!?!?!


*Liam sprints desperately to the kitchen*

Jaal: What’s going on?

Ryder: *dead serious* He has to stop the microwave before it hits zero or it explodes.


Ryder: *Laughing*

Jaal: an…Idiom?


june 24, 2017 - some fugly bio notes that I will probably rewrite soon because it doesn’t feel useful enough + random photos to make this post look acceptable

[Trans] 170906 Jimin on RM on Serendipity


내가 자랑하려고 했는데 왜 먼저 얘기했어 ㅋㅋㅋ
모니형이 좋은곡 만들어줬어요
많이 들어주세요 ㅎㅎ

What is this

I was going to brag but why’d (he) say it first ke ke ke
Moni-hyung made me a good song
Please listen to it a lot haha

Trans by @bangtoori