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Hey Kayyy could we see what you whole like self looks like? That sounds reaaally creepy, but I'm curious as to how you look.

Sure I guess? I really, really hate my body more than words can really describe, but I’m kind of hoping this maybe helps me not hate myself? I dunno. But, here.

I’m trying to lose some weight, and I’m a little skinnier than here. Hopefully, I’m what you all imagined- I hope I didn’t, like, disappoint ahh^^; ))

Well reading about sdcc has been fun everyone!!!!! Too bad the supergirl cast couldn’t make it!!!!!! So sad there was no panel!!!! Only Katie and David and Odette. So sad!!!!!!!!

I know I’ve been pretty silent these last few days, not that many of you question it or anything lol. I felt like I should say something? Yesterday I was out with my family, but other than that I’ve had a rough week lol. I know many of you don’t care for QL, so I’ll make sure to post a few drabbles that I have in my drafts. I probably won’t get on my laptop today unless it’s after dinner (which is like an hour and a half from the time where I am). So if you wanna slide some requests in my ask box, or even just ask me random questions, that’s fine. It’s more of a recharge day for me. Last night took a lot out of me. So yeah. Love you guys! 💙

salt incoming lmfao but after reading this one time too often apparently I … find the ‘laxus has a gurl harem’ extremely annoying like… mashima… denied one of them (what still shouldn’t keep you from shipping it if you love it of course!!) and made sure to state that laxus girl ships are mere rumors. what that means? at this point only hiro knows. so in hindsight and either because of this salt and/or bc I’m also a lil down rn anyway, I kinda wish we would’ve at least gotten a panel that showed freed and laxus together, too, just to see something.

bc… it’s a little sad… seeing people suddenly be like 'oh lol the three main ships for laxus, which one are you shipping?? and forgetting about… realistically… the only developed laxus ship in the series which is with freed and this one didn’t even get written off as mere rumor, in contrast to all the laxus girl ships, cuz I’m p sure mashima has heard of fraxus/knows that it’s the most popular ship for laxus next to mi//raxus which he literally shot down in this last chapter

Bnha Pacific Rim au where the class 1-A kids slay kaijus for a living.

I feel really bad for the person who had to review my post

Can you imagine someone sitting in an office somewhere scrolling through all these posts to better help their AI and they just… have to come across this post, and just… look at it? For money? As their job? Looking at some screenshots of robot thighs? Like??? Kudos to you review person I’m so sorry

Honestly I just don’t care anymore about posting my art on here

It’s horrible and half of my family sometimes makes fun of me about it

So I don’t care if I just get one or no notes on any artwork

Because I’m just done


🖤 u know when ur never gna look good in any selfie anyway so u just take them in ur pjs??? same🖤

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Weird Human Things


Jaal: Human females seem more… Curvy than their male counterparts..

Ryder: Are you asking why we have breasts?

Jaal: …Perhaps.

Ryder: *Laughs* They’re for feeding babies.

Jaal: What?

Ryder: Our mammary glands produce milk for babies!


Baby teeth

Jaal: Humans have multiple sets of teeth?

Ryder: Well, kind of. We’re born with no teeth, we grow a set of ‘baby’ teeth. Then in childhood all those teeth fall out and our permanent set grow in. It can be painful and bloody.

Jaal: That sounds terrifying. 

Static hair

Jaal: Ryder your hair is floating

Ryder: Oh, yeah that happens sometimes.

Jaal: *confused cat face*…What!?!


Jaal: Ryder! Your colors are changing!

Ryder: It’s just hot Jaal. Humans turn red sometimes.

Jaal: So, this is normal?

Ryder: Kind of. Blushing can signify distress, but It’s usually no big deal.

Jaal: Distress? Are you not well? 

Ryder: I’m fine Jaal, it’s just hot here 

 *Sometime later after certain saucy scenes* 

Jaal: Ryder, Are you in distress?! Your colors! 

Ryder: *Laughs* No Jaal, I’m fine. 


Jaal: Why do some humans have spots while others do not?

Ryder: Spots?…Oh, you mean Freckles.

Jaal: Freckles?

Ryder: Yeah, just genetics. Some human’s just have…spots. *Ryder smiles*

Talk and Walk

Jaal: Why is Liam pacing the ship?

Ryder: He’s on a call Jaal.

Jaal: ??????

Ryder: Oh, human’s like to lap their homes while on calls.

Talking to animals

Pyjak: *squeak*

Ryder: *Squeak!*

Jaal: What are you-

Ryder: Shhh! I’m talking to my child.

Jaal: ?!?!?!


*Liam sprints desperately to the kitchen*

Jaal: What’s going on?

Ryder: *dead serious* He has to stop the microwave before it hits zero or it explodes.


Ryder: *Laughing*

Jaal: an…Idiom?


june 24, 2017 - some fugly bio notes that I will probably rewrite soon because it doesn’t feel useful enough + random photos to make this post look acceptable