i might delete the first one

i think i'm finally over you. i deleted the pictures i had of you on my phone. maybe one day i’ll stumble on those pictures again and think about how into you i was. i focused too much on wanting you to never realize that i needed to love myself first. maybe then you might hit me back in the future, but i’ll be long gone and away from you.
—  realizations.

Imagine Derek catching Stiles with his hand in the cookie jar, grabbing a handful of cookies with even more in his mouth. Stiles freezes like an animal in headlights and Derek scolds him. Lacking an excuse, Stiles shouts, “I’m pregnant,” and runs off with the jar.

Any other day, Derek wouldn’t have given it a second thought, but taking into consideration a full moon has just passed and ‘conveniently’ was in time with Derek’s heat, Derek starts to worry that it might be true.

In classic Stiles form, it’s not; it was just the first response he had, but because he couldn’t think of anything better he has to put up with a very panicked Derek who’s worried he’s not going to be a good father, crying about how he wants kids but not so soon, etc. And soon those cookies disappear from Derek’s stress eating.


Atomi is swamped with work, so she “hired” some guys to help look after the inbox for awhile.

I’m still working on stuff, but I also wanted to do something fun in between working on commissions and other projects. Nothing too complicated. Just some simple asks here and there.

So! Here’s the rules:
- Your message must be contained in one answer. Your message is not allowed to affect other messages or create a message chain.
- One message per person
- First come first serve! (the limit is 45-50 messages)

The ask event will be closed after the max limit of messages has been met, OR after Tuesday, November 22 at midnight PST.

Messages received after the limit or deadline will be ignored and deleted.

anonymous asked:

Why do we always see Frisk or Chara ? We want some Asriel !

I have a LOT of drawings for him and the sketches are finished– I just need to render them;; the **second one was the one I accidentally overwrite from last year //cries

you know what would be good

a book rec thread

ok? (have people done this before? probably) so, one person starts by saying a book they like. the next person says “if you like that, read [different book]” and then the next person has to do “if you like that, read…” for that book. and it just keeps going

so if i start with Six of Crows, what other book should I read?

Hideous lol


Bunch of sliders were shared today and during couple last days so I might as well throw these in the mix too. For now these’ll be the last ones I’ll post too.

Download sliders

To install just put them in your downloads folder and to uninstall just delete the files. 

One of the sliders is really close to slider Memento released but I decided that it’s different enough to include. For comparison (both are yanked to the end of the slider without any other slider touching the eye shape):

Want more sliders? There’s list of the ones I know exist by now:

Enjoy. :) (edit: fixed the link to crisps&kerosene’s sliders, it apparently broke at some point between writing and posting this >.<)

making the call

lydia decides to be the one to tell stiles that the supernatural are plaguing their lives once again again. (post 6x11)

Lydia laid still on her bed. She was…confused. She knew Scott was going to call him eventually, he had to. Not only was he Stiles’ best friend, but he knew that Stiles would be pissed if he didn’t. Especially when it concerned him so much.

But she didn’t want him anywhere near this. She wanted him on the other side of the country, safe from ghost riders who wanted to steal him from existence. She wanted to hear about how excited he was after another day in the FBI program, not about how he was once again having to strategize about how to take down the next big bad.

He deserves better. She thought idly. 

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“It’s not gay, sharing.”

Except it is. It’s really, really gay.

~Spoilers for Maurice ahead~

Remember this deleted scene from ASIP?


When this first came out (punintended), we suggested some mirroring between the no-homo friends and John and Sherlock’s reluctance to admit their feelings. And that was it.


Last week, I was reading a collection letters between Christopher Isherwood and EM Forster, both gay writers of the 20th century. You might know Forster as the author of Maurice, one of the first openly gay novels with a happy ending. Then, I found this:



And sure enough, here’s a passage from Maurice. It’s a letter from Alec to Maurice; they later become a canonical couple, so the meaning is pretty unambiguous:

Let me share with you once before leaving…. [I] long to talk with one of my arms round you, then place both arms round you and share with you, the above now seems sweeter than I can say. (207)

Tell me seriously that Mark Gatiss, connoisseur of queer historical novels, wasn’t taking advantage of an opportunity to add even more subtext to the first episode. I’d love to see what anyone thinks this could imply in terms of mirroring.

So yes, Gary, sharing is gay.

Tagging the meta crew and some local Maurice experts:

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More ranger Facebook posts. Ok so I would have done more but I’m tired and they’re hard work. The last one I fucked up and forgot to make them reply but cba starting again. The reason they always include Trini is because she’s my fave, I get her personality more and I always stalk beckys insta. Also the first one is fucked so you need to zoom in. Sorry these are really lazy, imma try and do more because I have SO many good pics to use. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!!!💛💛💛ok so I just looks over them again and I’m so sorry but these are so bad and completely fucked, I might delete them

Marshmallowfury is a TERF.

As much as i HATE HATE HATE callout culture. I decided i want to make this post, because the current post on this comes off as very child-like, and i worry that not everyone will take it seriously. 

However, the truth is that like that post says. Marshmallowfury is indeed a terf. I had hoped that maybe this was a misunderstanding, but it was not. 

Their new sideblog is this, https://thefemaleprincecharming.tumblr.com/ (however it may change again later)

They had changed their url.

I had a private discussion with them, however i am not going to reveal the chatlogs publicly, i am not the kind of person to do that. I told them i just wanted a conversation. And i will keep to my word. (But in summary, it generally had them telling me that what i told them was homophobic, even though I have a girlfriend myself. And That trans women aren’t real women.)

Instead of using links like most call out posts do, im going to use screenshots directly from their sideblog, of things they have said, that way the links can’t be deleted or break. I’ll started with the first most popular picture of what started this, and the other images will be under the cut. There might be transphobia under the cut, obviously

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Getting to Know Reiya

AO3 profile


If you’ve been in the Yuri on Ice fandom for a long time now, then I bet you’ve already heard of Reiya. She is the author of the highly acclaimed Rivals series on AO3. The series’ first fic, entitled Until my Feet Bleed and my Heart Aches, is the YOI fic with the most number of kudos and hits.

Reiya ( @kazliin ) even has her own group of dedicated readers, who form a sub-fandom within the YOI fandom. Her blog is proof of that–being comprised of replies to the variety of asks she receives daily, different posts about the Top Ten’s of Yuuri and of Viktor in the Rivals world, reblogs of different fanarts and fanvids about her stories, and a whole lot more.

Any fan of Reiya would take pleasure in scrolling down her blog. From it, they can know some exclusive facts about her writings, like where she gets ideas, which of the two fics in the series was harder for her to write, and others. But with the plenty of asks Reiya answers each week, such facts get buried away in her blog and could never be seen again (unless you’ve decided to devote yourself in searching through each of the pages, which would probably take hours.)

Therefore, this post has been made to compile some of the basic stuff that everyone needs to know about their favorite writer. Learn more about Reiya and her works right under the cut.

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So like, this was the very first Don’t Poop comic I created that I posted everywhere but here. I treat it more like a pilot than anything. It was when I was first figuring out the style of the comic and the characters. Plus the format is shit. I might delete this but I felt like sharing it with you guys. 

Also is it hard to read because of tumblr’s format? It would be really difficult to separate this one into multiple pictures for each panels like the official comics. 

How to Start a Minimalist lifestyle: Decluttering

No you your stuff does not have to be all in black and white. All you need for the first step is DECLUTTER!

Throw out your middle school project that’s collecting dust in your closet. Donate or sell all your used clothes that you don’t use any more and don’t use the excuse “oh I might use it one day” NO! Don’t do it. Get rid of at least 40% of your belongings. Throw away old pens that ran out of ink 10 years ago. Delete pictures in your phone that is not worthy of keeping. Delete contacts you have not talked to in years! Organize your paper work and throw away old receipts and only keep the important document. Minimalize your makeup. Throw away expired makeup. If you don’t remember when you bought it, throw it away. Don’t buy anything you don’t need at the grocery store. Make lists before you go shopping! 

You have to let go of your belongings. Most of it is irrelevant! Do you really need that picture of a cat on your phone? No! You will forget about everything being gone anyways. You wont even notice!!

6 june 2017

soooo i made a thing… its sketchy and not great but i did it in one sitting and ive never done anything like it, so counts for experience i guess

figured id post since im probably never going to go back to it 

georgewoshington  asked:

I must ask this question... Have you ever felt like giving up on the comic?

Actually this is really funny because this is one of our inside jokes. Before we had Anna helping us with grammar/spelling, we usually spotted mistakes (and they were pretty big ones!) after posting a pageset. Which did cause some distress and a rush to fix it before it got too many reblogs with the mistakes on it. Our reactions were like this:

After the first two or so times, we started screaming “That’s it, we’re deleting the blog. I quit!” And it just became our joke for every time we made a big mistake.

We’ve had other inside jokes. But this one is probably my favorite just because of how stupidly dramatic we made it out to be.

((if you see a mistake on an old reblog, check the originals first. It might be one of those mistakes that weren’t found until it was far too late… but we fixed it anyway.))

But to answer your question, we never seriously considered quitting the comic. We want to see our stories through to the end. Or where ever we decide the end is!

On Writing “Better”

Anonymous asked: “Can I ask you for tips to improve my narration? I don’t like the way I’m writing and I think I need a little help.”

I don’t think there’s any one way to do it. When I’m not in love with my writing, I turn to a book of writing that I really admire and try to experiment with style. To some degree, a lot of writers will “hate” their own writing. 

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