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Ok but like what if Erika(Gardienne) just runs away one day.

Like she’s trained enough in her guard to know how to fend for herself and she just leaves one day. She’ll have to plan it all out, pretend like she’s all good and forgiving but really she’s figuring out a way to sneak out of this prison.

So she does it the same way they would, with trickery. Subtle, seeming innocent requests that actually have the guards unknowingly help her escape.(I like envisioning a scene of her guard leader finding her sneaking out and they have like a stand off, with Erika aiming her weapon and saying that they can’t stop her without killing/hurting her, and the leader will sadly and reluctantly let her go) And it doesn’t really have to be that she’s totally with Ashkore but he helps her and Erika becomes this badass lone wolf with his training.

The guard has no idea what happened to her and after awhile they have to stop looking or whatever. Weirdly though, they get these bags of a crystal or 2 on their doorstep but they have no idea who sends them. But then theyre under attack and doing pretty badly and suddenly, a cloaked figure comes in and saves the day. That person is going to sneak away, but during the struggle the cloak is pulled down and BAM its Erika because she’s not cold hearted and isn’t ENTIRELY against them and yeah she’s been finding and sending the crystals.

So they’re all like omg your alive and you saved us this is great you can come back now. But Erika’s like no, i’m helping you from the shadows not because I love you as a family but because I guess I owe you for keeping me alive instead of throwing me into the wild. But I’m not coming back. Don’t look for me anymore. Don’t look out for me. I’m gone, I’m dead, and don’t you ever forget that. And then off into the shadows she goes again.

idk I’m like half asleep and I’ve been thinking of this for awhile. This isn’t even the full idea but I don’t have this to be too long and it already is.

im gonna be hospitalized for a while so i wont be online and i might just delete my blog. people who know how to contact me elsewhere can. ok thats all. bye

killing stalking, but for kids

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I will undoubtedly regret this in the morning but oh well, let’s do this.

And so he found his (new) mother??? 

The end????

I don’t normally engage in fandom discourse, but I see a lot of people saying “I don’t want blizzard to say who the canon lgbt characters are in Overwatch, because I think it’s better for fans to have their own headcanons.” And I 100% disagree.

Representation in a game that reaches people all over the world, many of whom are from a homophobic subculture that might otherwise not encounter any queer characters in any of their other media, is more important than your ships. 

Shipping is not why lgbt characters are necessary. They are necessary because real, actual lgbt people exist and now more than ever need to be normalized in media. Subtext alone is not enough. We need to be allowed to exist as more than a head tilt and a wink, as more than something that has to be coded and guessed at like we’re some sort of dirty secret.

basically, If your ship is more important than real life representation on a global scale, I really think you’ve missed the point, and maybe you should think about your priorities. :\


Giraffe Boy gets a Giraffe Mug for his rainy day at the café ♡

i have thought long and hard about what demons would be to people with mental illness; we who are used to referring to our own brains as filled with darkness. 

the girl who is in the haunted room and loves it. it’s quiet there, where others won’t tread. they leave her alone to paint and to read and they ask her: doesn’t it scare you to be in such a sad place? and she says - is it sad? it doesn’t feel different than usual here. 

the boys who go to kiss each other in hotel surrounded in snow. when the voices start one teaches the other the art of ignoring hallucinations; something he had to force down since his diagnosis at seventeen. and the voices scream but there is loud music and his lips are candy.

a demon in the shadows, but paranoia isn’t unfamiliar to the one it stalks. the teenager just closes their eyes and says that tomorrow will come. and who cares if it doesn’t, really, which sort of takes the sting out of the threat they’re facing.

her ocd means she never leaves the oven accidentally on. when weird things happen she takes control of them. the last time she had pasta for dinner she summoned the antichrist that’s living in her attic. the next day she has scrubbed every corner with holy water except for a little corner that she fills with pasta. if it’s contained, she knows where it is. the salt line around it never slips.

the ghost tells him to die already, but that’s nothing new, so he just turns on parks and rec a lot louder than usual. 

it would be nice, i think. to see ourselves as heroes for once. for the skills we learned while dealing with this to become skills we could use in the real life. these internal strengths that rarely are spoken of; the quiet victories of lives who learn how to fashion normal from nothing. the thing is that the illness isn’t pretty but the people who go through it are incredible humans.

the strength of someone who is used to whiplash, who falls from mania into a sudden depression they can’t shake - their dogged promise to themselves that it’s going to be okay. the strength to eat when one’s body wants to deplete itself. the strength of someone who is constantly talking down suicide beating the demon because, no thank you, i’m not going to go to a bridge and jump, it’s cold outside. 

because we are used to the fight. to the darkness close. to living with demons. and we are used to saying “no”.