i might cry rn

he-hey more Human Morro AU stuff because my heart hurts and this makes me feel better
  • Has so many piercings, but not in weird places
    ○ Ex. Spider bites, lip ring, eyebrow piercing, tongue piercing
  • Has the SUPER COOL ANIME BOY smirk that everyone low-key aspires to have and he doesnt even know it
  • has trouble using the sink because he’s worried it’s going to kill him, but he refuses to admit it
  • Kinda like w/ other Lloyd headcanons, when Morro gets angry or just has one major emotion other than happiness running, his eyes glow 
    ○ Once he was on a mission with the ninja, and he got so into it that his eyes glowed and his wind ability had like a boost and everyone was like “holy shit how”
  • Uses old memes from before he died all the time
  • ABSOLUTELY joins the ninja when it comes to pulling pranks sometimes
  • Once did finger guns while using his power and it blew someone across the room and he just looked so shocked because holy shit that’s the coolest thing he’s done
  • Actually lets his hair dye fade a bit before re-dying it because it actually looks pretty cool and it fits his edgy aesthetic
  • low-key tries to make up for what he did to Lloyd and the ninja, but it’s not really as low-key as he thinks it is and Lloyd is quietly proud of him
  • Morro treats Lloyd like the cousin he is and they’re just such dorks sometimes i love them aaagh
  • Morro probably has teefs (kinda like garmadad if u get what im saying) and Lloyd loves it because it makes him not the only one who has it
  • Definitely the hide-and-seek GOD because his wind ability gives him the hardcore advantage and everyone hates it
  • does the hood thing that Movie!Lloyd does bc it makes him feel safer
    ○ People treat him preeetty badly after what he did, so he just settles with flipping his hood up and ignoring it
    ○ Of course Lloyd is like “no it’s okay they’ll like you they just need to get to know you!” but even he knows that’s not gonna work after the whole possession thing
  • let his hair grow out once and hOO boy it’s pretty when he ties it into a ponytail
    ○He legit just looked,,, wowza best boy and everyone was like “hey what the hell”
    ○ He eventually cut it short again tho bc Cole and Kai wouldn’t stop pulling on it or making comments about it
  • def has a few scars but no one knows what they’re from
    ○ They look like burn marks, but they’re coloured like normal cut scars and everyone’s super confused
    ○ Has one burn-like scar on his left cheek and it took the ninja ages to actually notice it bc the whole ghost mist thing covered it
  • the type of friend to walk around the house and get a soda at 3AM and act like it’s perfectly normal
    Lloyd: Morro… it’s 3AM why are you awake…

    Morro: I couldn’t sleep and I wanted soda

    Lloyd: aaaat 3 in the morning..?

    Morro: Yes.
  • as soon as he steps out of range of Wu and the ninja, or into school, his voice switches to monotone and it’s still freaky to most people

My mind accepted that touken would be endgame back in 2014 but my heart braved on for hidekane



I might actually cry, I’m trying not to rn. I’m so happy they finally got to talk about UNICEF and talk about themselves and not all about their fav American artists. Finally someone told them they don’t have to make an album in English. I can’t thank Zach enough for this interview, the boys looked so happy

Starting off the new years with resolutions like 

i’m really really deeply proud of them, day6 appearing on sketchbook, we’ve reached a milestone here and there’s so many more we have to head towards to so let’s treasure every moment of their journey cause i’m all for them realizing and chasing after their dreams, they really deserve this

lmao who knows they might be crying with us rn too, i love day6 so much

i know june is gonna be my fave month because it starts on a monday like tbh all of june is just really aesthetically pleasing to look at