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B99 + Childhood Friends AU: in which Jake attends each of Amy’s eleven birthdays at the planetarium.

  • 6 year old Jake alternates between pulling little Amy’s pigtails and running around exhibits with her older brothers. 
    • He tires himself out and falls asleep halfway through the afternoon planetarium space show. Mrs. Santiago has to carry him around the museum for half an hour after that, until he’s awake enough to walk around on his own.
  • 7 year old Jake makes it his personal mission to win every single party game that year. Any other kid might cry over how competitive (i.e. mean) Jake is being, but Amy stands her ground and manages to beat him in nearly every game. 
    • In the end, Jake’s the one who’s in tears. Karen has to pick him up early because he’s inconsolable after losing Pin The Ring On Saturn.
  • 8 year old Jake is on his best behavior through the morning (partly because Karen gave him a lengthy talking-to on the car ride over, but also because he’s been kind of subdued overall since Roger left a few months prior). He does go ham on lunch, especially when they bring out Amy’s blue cake. 
    • Mrs. Santiago has to cradle him in her lap during the space show because he has too much of a tummy ache. (The Santiago brothers make fun of him for at least a week after that, but Amy defends him with her life and also sends him a Get Well Soon! card.)
  • 9 year old Jake has just discovered Star Wars and spends most of the party trying to find planet models of Hoth and Tatooine. While the other kids just laugh at him, Amy informs him that Star Wars is both fictional and inaccurate then proceeds to tell him about how awesome the real universe actually is. 
    • The two of them unknowingly break off from the group at some point because Amy’s too engrossed in telling him about the International Space Station, and Jake’s just hanging on to every word she says. They’re officially lost for a whole 12 minutes, but Mrs. Santiago eventually finds them in the full-scale space shuttle replica, laughing and pretending to be space pilots slash jedi. 

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That Got Away: A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction Part 13

Inspired by: Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away”

 Bill Withers’ “Aint No Sunshine”

Featuring: Spencer Reid x Reader   Setting: Season 4   Rating: Mature

A/N: This is seriously hard to wrap up guys. I appreciate you all reading this far. Get those tissues ready! Warnings: Slightly public Smut and this is SUPER long. xoxo Stu

I do not own the lyrics, images or characters from the show.

Part 1   Part 10   Part 11  Part 12

This was the face you woke up to; the dewy-eyed relief of Dr. Spencer Reid. You felt like cotton balls had taken over your brain matter, but you were no longer in pain.

“Hi,” You said, sleepily. “What time is it?” You tried to sit up, but your body was so heavy. Spencer reached down and grabbed your right hand, sliding the remote for the bed’s hydraulic unit into your palm. Once you were nearly vertical, you took in the pathetic hospital room you had been granted.

“It’s nearly 6,” Spencer answered. “In the morning.”

“What a day, huh?” You tried to laugh, but your chest was bandaged. You rubbed your chest as the pain dulled, slightly.

“You have some bruising on your sternum, so that is why your chest is tender.” Spencer started to recite your chart. But you interrupted because that line was too good to leave there.

“But Sir-sir, I thought my chest was already tender.” You hummed at your self-amusement; drugs are nice. He rolled his eyes, sticking his tongue in his cheek at your raunchy pun.

“Yes, mon cher, it most definitely is.” Spencer sat down in the metal framed chair beside your bed. His face was serious now. “We have your aunt and Kurt Hansen, the bellhop, in custody.”

“And Michelle?” You asked, voice slightly hitching in alarm.

“She attacked Morgan and Prentiss had to stop her. I’m sorry, Y/N, but she’s dead.” Spencer rubbed along your forearm.

“Oh, good riddance,” You mumbled. You knew you should feel guilty about her death, but it just wasn’t coming to you. Not after all this.

“She was found with the murder weapon, Y/N,” Spencer continued. “It looks like she was the one who killed your dad. Miriam was probably the mastermind, but Michelle was the one.”

You yawned into your left hand, allowing all the information in. The past few days were a fairy tale in the earliest use of the phrase, dripping with viscous monsters and a speckle of unexpected romance. The surrealism of it was hitting you now. “Spencer, will you stay with me? I know I don’t deserve it, but will you be here when I wake up?”

He nodded, his brown eyes drowning in concern. “Of course, of course.” He bent over the railing on the side of your bed and kissed you goodnight. He sat back into his seat, pulling a tattered book from his satchel. You couldn’t read the title, but he did appear to be using an old scratch off as a bookmark. You smiled as the gentle hum of machines and the drips of their drugs whisked you away.

Hey, I oughtta leave young thing alone
But ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
Only darkness every day

The semester in Greece was a whirlwind. You had never been so possessed by your studies as you were walking the foothills and shoreline paths. The scenery was beyond all of your childhood fantasies. It wasn’t until your third week in Athens that you realized you had missed four phone dates with Spencer. Your stomach pitched as you realized how you would have felt if he had done that to you. How hadn’t you known how long you had been gone? What had you done?

You immediately left the cafe where you and your small group were eating lunch. You found a tourist cart and bought a postcard.  The rushed apology and quick small talk about his holidays were a weak attempt at atonement. It didn’t matter anyway; Spencer had moved and would never receive the letter.

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erasure of women: fandom collectively and conveniently forgetting or not mentioning it was SONJA who taught isak ‘minuut per minuut’ aka how to love even 

things that have happened to carl grimes

  • believed that his dad was dead
  • watched dead people come back to life and eat people he knew and cared about
  • lost his best friend, only to see her as a walker and then saw her get shot in the head 
  • lives with the knowledge everyone he used to know, all of his old friends, are dead
  • lost someone who was almost like a father figure to him and then had to shoot his re-animated corpse
  • blames himself for the death of dale
  • watched his mother die and then shot her in the head so that she wouldn’t come back
  • received no support after this bc his father went batshit crazy
  • shoots countless walkers and people in self defense, but imagine the psychological damage this would have on a kid
  • believed that his baby sister had been eaten by walkers
  • watched countless people he was close to and cared about die in front of him
  • had to care for his father while he was sick after the prison
  • was almost raped and watched his attackers beat up his father
  • got trapped by a community of fuckin cannibals 
  • never asked for help through any of this because he knew he was expected to act mature and strong 

what carl grimes says after all of this

  • everybody can’t be bad
  • we’re strong enough that we can still help people

even after everything that he’s been through so doNT U DARE TELL ME THIS CHILD IS NOT AN ANGEL

I don’t like to think about SKAM ending and I secretly hate when people count down the weeks until the end, but I came across this and had to share it. I’m gonna miss this show and cast so much. I might actually cry when it’s over and this is so weird for me because I don’t really cry over anything let alone TV shows​. Anyway, get emotional with me.

(credit: elskerdegskam - instagram)

Sorry this took so long @americananime26 but I finally finished it! Here’s a crying Aftermath Kai for you! (Sorry I got the color of the hair a bit wrong)

Kai still deserves love and happiness of what he did for Lloyd. But that’s a fanfic for another day.

Holy shit its a meta post on the worst mp100 villians.

Honestly every character in Mob Psycho is so relatable. Even the worst villains in the series are super relatable!!!! But the way they’re handled makes them so much more important than everybody gives them credit for!! 


Touchiro: “I have a Very Special Thing so I am Better Than Everybody.”

This is VERY relatable, especially if you’ve grown up as a single child or as some sort of ‘gifted’ program or had a very special talent or skill and were constantly praised on that!!!

The thing is, the way he ends up being defeated shows that He Is Not A God. It is not a good thing to find yourself relating to Touchiro, its a cautionary tale that shows that you still need to grow because Touchiro is a story of Hubris. Even the strongest people in the world have their weaknesses and in the end if you’re alone in your pretension and self-righteousness it won’t matter jack shit about how good you are at anything, because you’ll still lose in the end.


Mogami: “Everything in my life is shit so i’m gon be a shit person and drag the world down with me.” 

This is a very relatable feeling, especially when you’re under constant pressure or abuse or anything of the sort. Its Very Very easy to fall to your anger and bitterness and hatred and take out your feelings on other people!! Mogami to me is so incredibly relateable, but again his relatabilitly is not shown as a good thing!!! This is also shown in other characters such as Lapis from Steven Universe, but I feel like Mogami personally is the best character to show just how Bad this mindset can be, because its the absolute and most extreme version of it!!

When Mob goes through those six months of hell, the same bitterness ends up building in him and he does end up acting on it, and he almost does do something really bad because of it! But he was able to break out of that mindset thanks to Dimple and that shows us that It Is Possible to overcome your own hatred!! 

That is a really really important message to me!!! This entire ARC is incredibly important to me!!! ITS SUCH AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE!!!

Even Minori ends up realizing how shit she had been!!!

Its!! A!! Good!! Arc!!

If you only act on your hatred and bitterness, it will end up consuming you entirely and you won’t be able to recover from it, but if you actually do make an Active Effort to not let yourself be consumed by that, you will grow and change and become a better person!!!


Psycho Helmet/Broccoli: “This is all i’ve ever known so it must be right.”

Yeah I know i’m listing a sentient vegetable in a relatable villains list, but if you try and tell me he’s not a worst villain i’ll actually fight you. Rip Dimple ;w; but Psycho Helmet was made with the powers of a god, and then manipulated into a desire to take over the world as one. Then, when Dimple stopped and wanted it to end, Broccoli continued because he literally knew nothing else!!!!!


Don’t only get your information about things from one place!!!! While you hopefully won’t be dumped into the ocean to rot, you’ll still find yourself being made a laughingstock if the information you were given was wrong!!!


I just love ONE-Sensei’s writing so much. Is so important and I might actually cry over this. Perhaps I’ll do another one of these weird meta things, but i’ll leave it here for now. :D

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hey ya’ll i’m just sayin a.mnesia is 3 dollars on steam 🔪

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what do you think of scoups bringing up the tension b/w him and woozi bc of knowing eachother for so long and bc of other issues. Idk I just can't get passed it. I seriously think their might be srs issues between them because of the incredible pressure they both have and because of woozis "agressive" tendencies. I just can't seem to understand why he must bring it up on sukira and make everything so awkward.

This is my favorite kind of ask. The ones where I have to set it aside, make sure I have a full bottle of water, check the air conditioning, and pull my hair back so that I’m prepped for a really long response. 

First, let’s talk about Coups.

Being a leader means this. A leader means that if something goes wrong, you need to take 100% of the responsibility. But it also means that if something goes right, the praise needs to go 100% to the people you’re leading. Being a leader seems like a glamourous job, always out in front, the face everyone sees. But really, all a leader’s job entails is being the firing board. Taking the blame for mistakes. Taking the responsibility for keeping the ones under you in line. Communicating with those higher than you. Being a leader is mostly a thankless job, and a very hard one, and Coups carries that not only for his individual unit but for the entire group. 

As it is, from the beginning, Coups has always had a strong sense of responsibility. He really does act like a caring father. Always wants the members to be together, to be harmonious. He always wants to know if someone has been fighting because he wants it to be resolved. He always wants to be aware of the feelings and happenings in his group so that he can keep connected and take care of everyone. He wants health and happiness, and he’s willing to ruin himself for the sake of everyone else.

Now Woozi. I think originally, Woozi has a very artistic personality. This leads to things like the fact that he’s practically a genius. He puts his mind more seriously to pursue writing songs and reaches out for guidance and a year later, he’s working on producing an album he wrote almost all by himself. However, it also has pitfalls. Artists tend to be more withdrawn. It’s hard for an artist to express themselves to others, especially logistical people. Sometimes, they feel so misunderstood because they’re so abstract that they withdraw completely. Artists tend to be introverted, with little social skills and dependent on themselves.

Now put an artist’s personality into a group with 12 people. Suddenly, you have someone who has very few social skills in a very social environment. It can be awkward, and it’s very easy to be seen as easily angered or antisocial because interaction with people is foreign and exhausting. Woozi adjusted to it well, and carefully guarded his “original self”, his introverted artistic side.

But then he ends up being put in so many roles in the group. Suddenly, he’s in charge of his own sub unit, he’s in charge of writing songs for Seventeen, and then he gets put in charge of producing too. Which means he’s not only a leader, he’s in direct authority over all of them to tell them they’re not singing well enough or they sound like a dying cow. This makes him very easily disliked, and with all of the pressure of the responsibility suddenly put on him, he starts to get scared. All of that riding on your back. He’s not only the writer and producer of the songs, he’s the leader of the unit that people will see as the head unit, the most important. In his mind, he’s suddenly single handedly responsible for the failure or success of thirteen people plus an entire company that has put this project into his small hands. That amount of pressure, plus staying up all night composing and producing and writing, and suddenly it all starts to slip back. He’s suddenly the artist again, put in a place of awkwardness, of uncomfortableness, of responsibility with everyone staring at him.

Coups and Woozi both have this massive weight, this burden on their shoulders. Individually, they both suffer a lot. And then when Woozi looks at Coups, he sees a leader who he has to lead. He sees someone older than him who he has to be in charge over. And when Coups looks at Woozi, he sees someone he’s supposed to be leading that does more than him. Not only, now, does Coups feel irrelevant, he feels guilty that he can’t do what Woozi does, that he can’t take all of what Woozi has to do and take it off his shoulders.

The two have been together since the beginning. They’ve seen groups debut that they weren’t able to. They’ve seen bands fail together, they’ve seen bands succeed together. And now they’re both in a position of major responsibility and weight and suddenly, they have to adjust to their new roles as well as their new relationship. And like any relationship, Woozi is probably very awkward in it. He doesn’t know how the superiority is supposed to function. Is he supposed to lead Coups, or is Coups supposed to lead him? And Coups has to adjust to not knowing as well. Does he take Woozi in under his wing and support him, as is his habit? Or would that anger Woozi as not respecting his authority?

Honestly, Woozi and Coups have such a hard time in their relationship right now. And that’s definitely bound to be awkward after so long of being friends and knowing the other so well. But I think given time, they’ll find a place where they can both settle in to a harmony of give and take, of leader and follower, of responsibility and support where they can be comfortable again together. And I think that after this, their friendship will be even stronger.

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human!alphonse with #16, and/or the grim reaper from goblin with #10??

i  r e m e m b e r  everything. i was wang yeo.