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Starfleet’s moral relativism problem: is it ever ok to condemn another culture?

Central to all of Star Trek has always been the Prime Directive – that set of rules that governs our intrepid space explorers from Captain Kirk to Captain Janeway and everyone in between. Poor Captain Archer existed in a time before, and I’ve often pitied him for having to shoulder the burden of having to make some really questionable ethical decisions without having a Prime Directive to shift the blame to when it turned out his decisions really sucked.

At its core, the Prime Directive dictates that Starfleet cannot interfere with the internal affairs or development of alien civilizations. Some of the best Star Trek episodes involved our heroes clashing with the ethics of a rigid application of this doctrine, but there was always one implication of the Prime Directive that bothered me – the idea that we shouldn’t judge other cultures through the lens of our own because who’s to say what’s right and what’s wrong?

This philosophy of moral relativism argues that there are no universal moral standards – sentient beings are completely at the mercy of their own societies to impart a code of moral behavior and whatever it comes up with is “good enough.” There may be common themes among many societies in terms of morals – most seem to agree it is wrong to commit murder, for instance – but ultimately, what is “right” according one society is not guaranteed to be “right” for another. And let’s be honest with ourselves – even with the topic of murder, we still fiercely debate exceptions to the “no murder” rule such as war, capital punishment, or self-defense.

Our own society provides an incredible patchwork of thorny moral and ethical issues that we still have yet to decide upon. We debate things like abortion, torture, slavery, free speech, and more. We probe these issues by asking ourselves questions like, “At what point does life truly begin?” and “Is torture ever justified?” We explore them by posing philosophical experiments like the Trolley Problem and asking ourselves whether it is morally acceptable to kill one person to save the lives of two or more others. 

How does that line go again? Something about “needs of the many” or something? 

But at the end of the day, might (in terms of numbers) makes right in moral relativism. While I don’t subscribe to that theory, there are times when our beloved Star Trek characters do under the guise of defending the Prime Directive. On the surface, it sounds very peaceful and anti-colonialist. After centuries of watching many empires from the Romans to the British set fire to cultural diversity – and given arguments that many Western nations continue to do this today, just without being quite as invadey – this sounds like a nice change of pace. Live and let live. But this also creates a mind-boggling acceptance of suffering, genocide, exploitation, and oppression within Starfleet.

One of the first chronological examples of the faults of moral relativism is found in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode, “Cogenitor.” Archer and his crew meet an affable, three-gendered species called the Vissians, but we quickly learn that only two of the society’s genders have any real rights. The third gender is referred to as a “cogenitor,” and Trip Tucker ends up on Captain Archer’s shit list for teaching it how to read and putting ideas in its head. When the cogenitor later begs for asylum, Archer refuses. It gets worse – the cogenitor is sent back to the people who basically treat it as chattel and commits suicide, and Archer points out that Tucker’s interference led to its death and will mean the Vissian couple will probably never get to have a child. No winners in this ethical dilemma of an episode, only losers. Until you remember none of this would have happened in the first place if the Vissians had just treated the cogenitors like people.

In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, “Angel One,” we encounter the cringe worthy society of Angel I, a planet of misandric women who oppress men. We all got a few giggles at the ladies of Enterprise-D being suddenly held in higher regard than their male counterparts, but things get very dark when Beata, the Elected One of Angel I, decides some dudes need to die for spreading heretical teachings that imply men are equal to women. We get a sort of cop out solution in which Beata has a change of heart and decides to banish rather than execute these “heretics” after Riker makes an impassioned speech about basic rights, but Riker was more than willing to let things go bad if need be, because, “The Prime Directive” and “Just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s wrong.”

The 80′s were a weird time. That outfit is a few inches of fabric away from having a codpiece.

In another Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, “Symbiosis,” we’re introduced to the Ornarans and Brekkians and we find out that after an ancient plague, the Brekkians started peddling an expensive and addictive drug to the Ornarans and calling it a “treatment.” There’s no plague anymore – the Brekkians just control the Ornarans through their drug addiction. Dr. Crusher finds a way to synthesize this drug and offers to help wean the Ornarans off their addiction, but what does Captain Picard do? He tells her to mind her own damn business because it’s not the Federation’s place to tell the Brekkians that it’s wrong to deceive and enslave the Ornarans through an addictive drug.

This episode also gave us one of the weirdest brawls in Star Trek history. Like a Reefer Madness for the 24th century, if you will. 

And this is the most uncomfortable part of moral relativism – who gets to draw the line and where do we draw it? On one end of the spectrum, we have moral relativism which claims anything goes – societies should be able to torture animals, employ the slave labor of children, and oppress women as they see fit – just as long as enough people agree it isn’t wrong to do so. At the other end of the spectrum sits moral absolutism, a theoretical construct that would result in a perfectly unified, homogenous culture, but one that would also strip away many facets of culture that lead to human diversity. 

If Star Trek is supposed to serve as a guide for how we might become a more progressive society, it does a terrible job a lot of the time. Now, there are many instances of our protagonists saying “to hell with the Prime Directive!” and taking what most of us would agree is the more morally praiseworthy route. But there’s no rhyme or reason to it. Just look at how they treat the Borg. Why is it ok to let some societies oppress men or drug another species into submission but it’s not ok to let the Borg assimilate the galaxy in their ultimate quest for perfection? 

I’m going to guess the answer is that until the Borg decided to stick nanoprobes in a Federation citizen, the cheerful little robots simply weren’t the Federation’s problem. We might argue that the Prime Directive certainly has provisions for self-defense - how ridiculous would it be to consent to being annihilated or assimilated just because the Federation is afraid of offending another culture and refuses to draw a line in the sand where right stops and wrong starts? The slope gets slippery here though. We could say this mirrors the concept of large Western nations trying to police the rest of the world and impose their customs on other societies - but how many of us watched documentaries about the Holocaust in school and wondered why the hell previous generations allowed shit to get that bad? How many of us continue to stand by while people in Iraq and Syria live under the threat of the Islamic State? I doubt most people even realize what’s going on in the Philippines or Venezuela right now because hey, “Not my country, not my problem.” It is a huge gray area for what constitutes forcing certain customs on unwilling societies and trying to genuinely help people, but if we can’t agree that Nazi extermination camps and religiously motivated beheadings are bad and need to stop (even when they aren’t happening to us personally), I’ll be surprised if we ever make to the 24th century. It makes me wonder how exactly Earth “solved its problems” and created a utopian society in the first place with this attitude of moral relativism.

Let’s face it – we have no shortage of modern travesties that sound ridiculous in the context of this philosophical approach. The Chechen Republic has been reportedly rounding up gay men and torturing them in recent months, and moral relativism would have us shrug and say, “But their culture says homosexuality is a sin.” 

To anyone who actually thinks that, fuck you. 

Bacha bazi, a practice where adolescent boys are groomed for sexual relationships with older men, remains pervasive in many Pashtun societies. Moral relativism would tell us that we shouldn’t condemn predatory pedophilia because to do so would mean unfairly imposing our Western beliefs on their culture. 

Just because one culture says widespread sexual coercion is ok doesn’t make it so. 

I could keep going on, but this post is already long enough. The bottom line is, all too often, Star Trek lazily glosses over a lot of moral and ethical dilemmas by using the argument, “Who are we to judge?” June is Pride Month, and in honor of LGBT individuals all over the globe who all too often have less rights than their cisgender heterosexual counterparts, maybe we should avoid looking to the “progressive” future of Star Trek and instead ask the question, “Who are we to not judge?” 

While I can’t resolve one of the greatest philosophical questions ever devised, someone once gave me a great piece of advice that I think applies to this idea of moral relativism: no person’s belief is inherently worthy of respect, but every person is. 


Anyway Moriel shippers whining about Mor being gay can suck my dick lol.

Is it probably tokenism? Yes. Is it probably going to be lazy, last minute representation? Yes. Do any of you homophobes using these things for your complaints actually fucking give a shit about whether or not it’s tokenism? No! You’re just homophobic, so stop pretending like you actually care about the quality of gay representation!

I can’t believe some of you actually have the audacity to to say shit like “this is coming out of nowhere” and “Mor just doesn’t SEEM like she’s gay” and “but poor Azriel!” and “but I wanted Moriel to happen!” and “I’m not saying I don’t want representation, I just don’t think it should be Mor.”

First of all, if you’re straight (and most of the people complaining here are) how DARE you say anything about Mor “seeming gay” or not. How DARE you. What the actual fuck could you possibly know about it. Nothing. You could know nothing.

Second of all, of COURSE you don’t think it should be Mor. You CARE about Mor. Mor is beautiful, bubbly, funny, smart, outgoing. Her storyline is important to the main plot. She’s survived tragedy and emerged triumphant. You relate to her. And most of all, you want her to get together with a male character. And for her to be GAY? Oh no! Now this is ruined for you. Now she’s not perfect anymore. God forbid gay people have a gay character with positive traits they can look up to and relate to in a series. God forbid ONE character out of a TON of straights had to be made gay and now you can’t relate anymore.

I’ve seen multiple people say “I like the representation, but I thought Mor should be with Azriel and Amren should be gay. Why couldn’t it be Amren?” This. Is VERY telling. Amren is described as not overly beautiful, she has a more abrasive personality, and most importantly, she doesn’t seem interested in any kind of romantic relationship. At all. Her being gay would not get in the way of ANY of your straight romances/ships/plots. It probably would’t even be brought up a lot, because it’s doubtful she’d even be with someone. So people saying that Amren would have been a better candidate feels very much like “Ugh, the gays can HAVE that weird freak Amren, but it’s not fair they get that pretty girl! How can MOR be gay?? What about the boy I want as her boyfriend?”

So many people are shielding themselves from being called homophobic by saying “I want a character to be LGBT! I want there to be representation for LGBT! (Just not THIS character)” Well that’s bullshit, first of all because the way you say “LGBT” instead of “LGBT characters” or “gay characters” kinda reveals the way you view representation as some nebulous kind of check-the-box category to get over with instead something actually important, and second of all because the “LGBT representation” that you’re “all for” is a very specific kind of representation. It’s the kind that isn’t really representation at all.

You’re “all for LGBT rep,” but you never actually want characters you LIKE to be gay. You never want the characters you ship in straight relationships to turn out gay. You want the ugly characters, the evil characters (who are going to die anyway), the characters who never end up in relationships, (and the “smol bean xD” men who you fetishize and ship with other men, but that’s another issue) to turn out gay. That way you can pat yourself on the back for how good and diverse your series is while continuing to enjoy the main straight characters in their straight relationships. That way you’re never forced to invest in the humanity of gay people and their stories, because their “stories” are just a casual mention of their sexuality, or a side plot so tiny it might as well not exist (like in tog).

And as for “poor Azriel!” do I really have to tell you why that’s fucking dumb? I guess it’s not uncommon in this fandom to always prioritize men over women (re: “poor Rhysand when Feyre had to sleep with her abuser that must have been so hard for HIM!!”), but still. Listen to yourself.

On top of all of this, I find it pretty funny (I don’t. I don’t find it funny. At all. None of this is funny it makes me want to vomit) that straight people are throwing a tantrum and acting like it’s the worst thing ever that a ship they were passionate about couldn’t work out because of the characters’ sexualities. HAHAHAHAHAHA! The irony of it, honestly, and the fact that none of you realize it… wow. Do y’all. Have any idea. How many times that happens to gay readers? On a REGULAR basis?? The two characters are similar. Have good chemistry. Interact in a way that hints at a relationship. Would be perfect together. You care about them, you grow invested. And just when you think they might be endgame… oops! They’re straight, and they can’t be together. I don’t have an ounce of pity for people saying that they’re SO upset by this because they were in love with the ship and now it can’t happen because of sexuality. This is our LIFE. It happened to you one fucking time, and the relationship wasn’t even that developed; somehow I think you’ll be okay.

To sum it up, when I hear people complaining about Mor being gay because they thought she should be with Azriel, literally all I hear is “wait but gay people are fine only as long as they don’t get in the way of straight ships and characters :( why can’t they stay on the fringes of the plot where they belong and leave us straights alone :( we used to have 100% of the characters and plot and now we only have 99% :( life is so hard :(“

It’s honestly just really disheartening to see straight people responding so nastily to this, especially when this is just a tiny drop of real representation. Mor’s sexuality might not end up being well done in the book, but there are a lot of gay and bi girls who read these books and this could genuinely make a difference to them. And THAT will ALWAYS be more important than the success of a straight ship, especially in a series in which there is absolutely NO shortage of straight ships and characters. Go pick two of the other 10,000 straight characters to ship and leave us alone.

Why I want to stop watching the Blacklist (a.k.a., A Rant by Me)

This used to be my favorite show. Hands down. I would legitimately schedule things around it; I would leave events early to make sure I could watch it live; I would post about it on Tumblr and read other people’s posts the rest of the evening; I would search through multiple review site’s posts the next day.

I loved the dynamic between Red and Liz. I loved the mysteries and the little morsels of answers that we would get. I loved how, in the S1 finale, it felt like no one was safe: Meera got killed; Harold got attacked and nearly killed; Tom was shot and left for dead.

But, over the past few seasons, this show has become the bane of my TV-watching experience.

I would watch it, sure. But that was because I didn’t want the folks on Tumblr spoiling it for me. It was because I thought we were finally getting answers – which is what they teased us with every other week – only to feel so disappointed.

This last year, I made reaction videos for a friend of mine for every single episode. You know what one of the most commonly said things in those videos is? “Well, at least next week’s preview looks good.” Only to be disappointed in that episode, and to say the same thing about next week’s preview, and the cycle repeated itself until we actually got a half-way decent episode (which was usually some kind of finale or premiere, because that’s the only time actual shit can happen – during Sweeps Week).

Over and over again, both online and in person, I compared this to those scenes in cartoons where someone puts a carrot on a fishing pole in front of a donkey, and the donkey runs so hard to reach the carrot, only to never get there.

That’s how this show has felt the past season or two.

It’s only a shadow of what it once was, and I’m tired of it. I wish I could stop watching it.

So many other people I follow on Tumblr have said they’ve either stopped or thought about stopping. By comparison, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead seemingly increase their viewership every season; the Blacklist has been NBC’s lowest-rated show in the demo for the last year, IIRC. The ratings for the Redemption spin-off were so low, the showrunners tried to pass it off as a one-off miniseries, when it was ALWAYS intended to be its own full-length show.

I understand that the show does well in DVR viewership numbers, and it was the most expensive TV show that Netflix had purchased when Season 1 was released.

But, this show continues to disappoint me. There’s hardly anything I like about it anymore. Hell, even James Spader, who’s a master at his craft, seems to be bored with it. His monologues are becoming more and more cliche, and even his amazing performances can’t save this dumpster-fire.

Its protagonist, Liz, is all over the fucking place in terms of characterization. First, she was naive and learned her “husband” had used and abused her. Then, she went to the dark side, chained him up on a boat and said she’d never forgive him for what he’d done. Then, she apparently forgave him, slept with him, had his kid, tried to remarry the guy, and then faked her death to get away with him and is now living her happy dream life with her little girl and her ‘perfect’ husband.

What happened to the dark, morally questionable, grungy Liz? What happened to the Liz who was jaded and afraid after being on the run for several weeks, or months?

She just settled down with a guy who she used to hate and she’s living the dream.

What in the literal fuck?

And, for all the time that has been invested in Liz, she has made little to no progress in her characterization these past few seasons. In fact, she’s done more of a 360. She’s right back where she started, more or less.

Why should the audience give a shit about her journey if she’s not making any progress? Why should we care that, halfway through this show, she has everything she’s ever wanted?

The side characters, like Aram, Samar, Ressler, Cooper and others are there just to serve the plot. Any time there’s a semblance of some character development or plot progression, the showrunners regress everyone back to Stage One so we can do it all over again. Aram and Samar look like they’re making progress in their possible romantic relationship? Fuck that, we’ve got to make sure Aram runs back to his abusive girlfriend and string this thing along another season! Remember when Ressler got shot, had prescription drug problems, and was in Narcotics Anonymous? Yeah, me neither.

Mr. Kaplan, who was best when she was on-screen to sass and help Reddington once every few episodes, gets pushed into the spotlight for some made-up bullshit reason that had never been discussed or hinted at previous to the “Mr. Kaplan used to work for Katarina Rostova” storyline. And while Susan Bloomaert is a fantastic and underrated actress and did her absolute best to make those scenes between her and Liz feel emotional, I didn’t really care about their dynamic at all because it felt so forced, underdeveloped, and out-of-nowhere.

Whereas the relationship that I care the MOST about – that between Red and Liz – that has been the most built-up and developed over the course of the show keeps getting thrown under the bus as Liz does the whole “love Red, hate Red, forgive Red” song-and-dance routine. She claims she agrees with Red when he tells her not to go back to Tom in Season 2… only to go back to Tom later in Season 2. She’s totally down with asking Red to help her whenever she’s a criminal on the run… but the minute her wedding gets shot up, she yells at him and says it’s his fault.

And now, as far as the Lizzington fans go, which I count myself as one of them, the show has written itself into a corner. Because all the amazing chemistry and romantic tropes throughout the show feel incredibly creepy now that Liz believes Red is her dad, regardless of whether he actually is or not. I don’t care how they try to pull themselves out of the ginormous hole they’ve dug for themselves on that one – why the hell would a woman ever end up with a guy that she once thought was her dad, even if it turned out he actually wasn’t?

And the only real way out of it is the Impostor Theory – a well-written and well-researched theory, but one that makes people have to do fucking mental gymnastics for it to work. You have to assume a lot of people like Naomi and Reddington’s former roommate from the Naval Academy who’s now an admiral, are in on it. Whereas dudes like Finch or the Director aren’t…

Don’t get me wrong; I think it’s a wonderful theory and it explains a lot. But, if it ends up being true, it means one of two things:

1) The writers didn’t plan this from the beginning and lucked their way into it


2) The writers DID plan this from the beginning, which means they have the ability to be really good writers, but then they fell into all this other bullshit – like Liz’s weird arc and other things – which really means that they’re not that good of writers; they just had the one good idea.

And if the Impostor Theory DOESN’T end up being true, in some form or fashion, that means that Red really IS Liz’s dad, and this whole fucking show – Red’s entire characterization, his relationship and dynamic with her – has been a lie. Canon can be throw out the window to rot in the sewer and fuck itself in the interim, because the writers don’t even care any more.

Which, I realize is unfair, because I know there are hundreds of people who work really hard to make this show happen, and while it’s not, like, the worst show of all time, the fact that it had such potential and has fallen so far, almost makes it seem worse than a show that was so bad from the beginning I never invested time in it.

And what makes it even WORSE is that the showrunners continue to act like this is the most groundbreaking show on television, and put it on a pedestal On High, along with the likes of Game of Thrones, The Americans, and The Sopranos… you know, actually good shows.

That would be the equivalent of the Taken director demanding that his movie should’ve gotten an Oscar. It’s like, you know it was a fine movie, and I had a good time watching it, but like, bring yourself back down to earth. Taken is okay, but it is NOT Oscar-worthy material, so get off your high horse, dude.

I guess, if nothing else, it shows that the showrunners, writers and actors are so talented that they got me to invest in the show to the point where I can’t not watch it, even though it’s fallen so far and I feel like it’s nowhere near as good as it used to be. They hooked me and got me to care about these characters and their dynamics so much that, even though it frustrates me week in and week out, I will still keep watching it.

It’s just that, now, I might be doing it with a bottle of vodka, taking shots every time:

  • Red has a monologue that proves James Spader is too damn good for this show;
  • Liz is bitchy to Red for little to no reason, while continuing to be lovey-dovey with Tom;
  • Ressler survives a fight or car accident or some other action sequence with no injuries whatsoever;
  • Harry Lennix is completely underused as Harold Cooper in an episode, because he only tells his employees to do the obvious… and literally nothing else;
  • Samar and/or Aram take a step back from getting together, despite hints that they’ve liked each other since Season 2.

So, bottoms up, Blacklist fans!

Miserable Goodbyes Pt. II

Based on the song ‘Miserable at Best’ with a bit of a twist? Following up on Part 1 of ‘Miserable Goodbyes’. Please let me know what you think <3

Paring: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Angst, mentions of sex, possibly poorly written fic. 

It had been weeks since your last encounter with Tom. You hadn’t heard anything from him since that evening when you saw him leave through your door.

No texts, no posts, not even any instagram updates since then.

It didn’t go unnoticed by his fans. His sudden absence was an obvious clue that something had happened, but you did your best to stay out of the drama that was evolving around it online.

Your closest friends knew what had happened, but they promised to keep it under wraps until you deemed it necessary to tell other people.

It was a Friday night now, and you spent it sitting on your couch with a random Netflix series running in the background. You sat on your phone, scrolling through timelines of different apps, mindlessly reading tweets and posts about everything and nothing.

Little did you know that Tom was doing the same thing, but instead he was scrolling through your old posts.

He sat in the darkness of his room, thumb sliding down the history of your posts. Photos of the two of you together flooded his screen and he couldn’t help but feel the ache in his chest.

God he missed you.

Keep reading

Eva + Jonas

I might be in the minority (I’m not really sure), but I always thought that Jonas and Eva were one of those couples that got together way too young, needed to do a little growing up, and then one day would find each other again (be older/wiser) and would actually work out. Love was never an issue, but there were other variables that were.

Given that we won’t get to see the characters continue to develop as people, I’m glad the show ended with there still being feelings between the two. It gives me hope that they’ll continue to grow as people, learn from their previous mistakes, and one day get their own happy ending….together.

Remind me to never do this again. It was not fun, I don’t like looking back or indeed facing the likely fact that I haven’t improved as much as I’d like despite my best efforts. In the words of Edna Mode “Never look back darlin’ it distracts from the now”. I might also add that my posts may continue to be less regular, I really need to work keep working on some elements of my art and with that in mind a lot of what I do might not be so great to look at. In other more positive news: Supa Nova tomorrow! I look forward to seen my Perth based followers and taking in the atmosphere, gonna be awesome 😝 I need that fresh energy!!!

Voltron Legendary Defender-Season 4: A fuck up

im so sorry, actually no im not,

but they write voltron so horribly,…. they start the season of with keith ALREADY in the blade of marmora? with no explain? or the direct reason as to why? it’s a huge turning point and no galra keith information and we’re already 4 seasons in? That means they’re going to squeeze in everything so horribly in the future. I’m sorry but this show is horribly written. And this is my opinion so don’t give me any shit for it, I’m tired of this show not going through with a single idea but trying to do 15 ideas at once… voltron baby im so sorry they did this to u, it’s not what u deserve, DONT even get me started on other characters’ development

- first: they started doing fewer episodes and more seasons. that’s only just tricking us to make us forget the point of how stupid the episodes are. if you think about how many episodes in season 4 (WHICH IS ONLY 6 EPISODES) can you get good key points from the story as a whole? not many. if we’re gonna get less episodes per season I want those episodes to be in depth, not a whole fucking episode wasted on them doing shows and the coran thing. that lasted for not even 10 minutes and we only get 26 mins or so per episode? and what was the turn out of that? not really anything. so please give us a beach episode or something, not a useless slot to fill in for an episode. by in depth episodes i mean: galra keith, the kuron thing (is that just gone? it’s obviously still not the real shiro), more character development, narti? step your fucking game up vld writers, we don’t have many more seasons left to deal with your bullshit

- second: im glad they chose keith to join the blade of marmora and everything but was it really necessary to pretty much completely kick him out of the season as if he meant nothing and then surprise! he was about to commit suicide to save everyone? how can you spend countless episodes of development on a character just to completely get rid of him?  i mean if you’re gonna fuck up you might as well continue and not just half-ass it and then start fucking other things up.

- third: narti. bitch what? you kill off the most interesting of the bunch and then DON’T EVEN HAVE A REACTION. the only reaction we get is the girls shooting lotor blah blah. but NOTHING ELSE? idk if you’ve realized but the vld writers do not like to show reactions? When “shiro” came back. boom. not much of a reaction. the only REAL reaction was pidge and matt. I’m so glad they didn’t fuck that up.

- fourth: slav? is he just gone?

- fifth: allurance? look i hate to be the one to point this out (ESPECIALLY SINCE I DON’T SHIP IT AND I AM A KLANCE SHIPPER), but i think this is what they meant when lance was going to get something opposite from what he was going for. “In the beginning” he flirted with allura obviously knowing he wasn’t going to get her. so he had the mind set that he could as least try and obviously she rejected. and throughout this season not only did he get jealous about the whole matt thing, but he reassured her with her powers. She saved the balmera, she activated blue when they were stuck in season 3, she fought off Haggar earlier when she turned all purple and shit and throughout all of these she knew she could finish off strong. Allura is self assured. She realized lance was right when he had pointed that out. Thus the “no allura it was all you” but i honestly hope it doesn’t become canon. I’m just pointing this out… again i don’t ship it lol

- SIXTH: AGES?! Matt flirted with Allura. Allura is a teen. If Matt is Shiro’s age and Allura is a teen…. then uhhhh??????? just like s/////hallura, THAT IS CANCELLED. Behind this whole point, my MAIN point is that the writers never release anything OFFICIAL. Can we have anything official please?

- seventh: ….they made more hunk food jokes…. i seriously am so done. knock it off with that please

But in the end, the next season is just going to be horribly written, they’ll never give any characters development, Or they will begin to and THEN KILL THEM OFF (RIP NARTI?) On the bright side, I am so happy Pidge and Matt are together they wrote that part extremely well. And now we’ll just have to wait like 2 months and get a season with 5 episodes! yay! hint the sarcasm pls

ps. klance is cannon king 

and this is my opinion don’t fucking give me shit, you don’t agree? then don’t say anything, thanks!

alrighty it’s announcement time

I’m moving to another blog. short and sweet, reasons are as follows:

1. I’ve become too lazy to organize anything on here, which ticks me off a little since I don’t like messes! I always say I’ll do this or that, but I end up not doing it at all. I want the new blog to be more friendly, since I was hesitant to do a lot of things here.
2. before, I made myself believe it was a duty to continue posting no matter how shit the content was, and I was tired out from that. I want to get away from the stupidity I had while I was running this blog before.
3. don’t get me wrong – Komaeda is great – but him all the time is so stressful. I don’t want everyone to forget that there’s other wonderful characters in the dangan ronpa universe. also, I want to make some funnies for my other favorites in the series…
4. moving away from blogcentric points… lately my emotional state has gone to the gutter. it’s been hard to do everything and I can barely work on irl things without getting stressed, all personal problems. remaking this blog might be refreshing, and I think it might help a bit.

I’ll be using the same name, so later on the name of this one’s going to change. if you want to continue to follow my antics, please read the first post of the new blog here. and different from this blog – I actually have a theme! things are still under construction there… but more on that in the first post.

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[Ask RPedia] Characterization of Emotional Manipulators

numbertwooflorien asked: Advice to rp as a emotional manipulative character?

Well okay! This post is how to RP an emotionally manipulative character, and in general a manipulative character. Useful for villains, and grimdark settings, it may include some crap people don’t want to think about. In detail. Major detail. So fair warning, I’m gonna get into psychological shit, and describe what amounts to abuse tactics with lots of explanation so if this isn’t your cup of tea, keep running. You might be able to use this as a way to spot toxic relationships as much as you can use it to play fictional ones, and I hope it helps people one way or another. But remember, keep it fucking fictional! 

This is presented as a way to understand those mindsets as a writer, which is important, and not in any way shape or form something you should do in real life. I acknowledge if you wanna do shit like this you’ll find the details on how to be an asshole somewhere anyways though, so I’m not gonna let you ruin it for everyone who just needs some writing help to make their character’s manipulation/emotional crisis more realistic. Onto the cut.

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Sometimes it isn’t you at all, you’re just caught in the crossfire of some other thing. I was in a year-plus relationship and living with a fairly infamous trans woman game developer at a time when doing so might as well have painted a target on my chest. That brought a completely baffling amount of unwelcome attention, involving characters who clearly harbor some weird continuous boner for me – well after that relationship ended – that’s lasted for years now.

I also had a similar experience from a protest campaign, organized to shut down Harlot Media, a website I left a career in tech support to write for. Not only did they get most of our funding and ad revenue shut down, but there were attempts to get us blacklisted from the whole thinkpiece writing scene. That may sound funny to some people, but it’s like a band being kicked out of a music festival and then banned from the concept of music.

Even when people are clearly targeting you, their motivations are frequently a mystery shrouded in the anonymity they tend to adopt when doing so. Maybe they’re doing it because of a political belief. Maybe that person is a former romantic partner. Maybe it’s an ex-friend from drunker, rowdier times upset by “how you’ve changed” or whatever – someone punishing you for not maintaining the image they had in their head of you. You can drive yourself completely fucking bonkers trying to figure out what you did to “deserve” this.

Even scarier, it could be absolutely nothing at all. Sometimes these people have no investment in you whatsoever but just get off on making people on the internet upset for literally no reason. Think the crazy shooter guy from The Jerk: You’re both Nathan and the cans.

I’m A Victim Of Carpet-Bombing Online Harassment

The New PA - Tom Hiddleston Fanfic

Title: The New PA

Author: hiddles32eva

Tom character: Actor Tom

Word count: 820

Fic summary: You have just been blessed with being hired as Tom’s new PA. I quite like this relationship and think I could turn it into some sort of series but I like keeping characters unnamed and I’m not the biggest fan of using Y/N - which I might have to if I do continue, but I’d like to hear what you guys think if you read all that drivel.

enjoy :)

Other Parts: Part 1, Part 2

“I have your coffee Mr Hiddleston.”

“On the desk is fine thank you. And please, Tom is fine.”

You place the large cardboard cup on the edge of the desk trying to avoid the piles of books accumulating there. “So…Tom, is there anything else you need?”

“Not that I can think of, you can go if you have nothing else to do.” He has had his back to you during this entire interaction. Normally this would be considered rude but Tom was searching through his library and seemed to be very focused.

“Well if I’m going to be any use to you it might be better if I stay. Learn a little about you.” He finally turns to face you and looks at you over the top of his glasses. He gestures his hand to usher you into the room. Placing your bag on the floor by the desk you approach him avoiding the piles of book on the floor.

“What exactly are you looking for?” You ask looking around at the light wood shelves that covered the walls.

“Well I’ve got that livestream on Friday so I thought I could talk about my favourite books, but it’s just a matter of finding them…” he trails off. “I already have a couple on the desk but I just can’t find this last damn book.” He heads back to the desk taking long strides over the mess. He takes a swig of the coffee and looks back over the books on the desk. You glance over his shoulder at the small list he had made and at some of the titles he had already crossed out: 

Nicholas Nickleby

Any Human Heart

Anna Karenina.

“High-Rise and The Night Manager?” you question. He looks at you and cocks an eyebrow. “Tooting your own horn, a little bit there Mr Hiddleston.” You joke.

He laughs lightly, “A little self-promo never hurt anyone,” he replies, “And they are great books!”

“Everything here looks great what else do you need?”

“A book of poems, Prufrock, T.S. Eliot.” He sighs heavily and slumps into the leather chair, “but if I can’t find it I’ll just have to make do.”

You sink to the floor and gather up a stack of books and begin to put them back on the shelf one by one, “Maybe we should start to tidy up a little, you might have missed it already.”

Tom soon joins you, filling up the higher shelves. “It’s getting a little late, do you want to order some food?”

“Sure, I’ll get right on that for you.” You reply reaching for your phone.

“Go ahead and get yourself something too if you like… but you don’t have to stay of course if you don’t want to…” He adds sheepishly.

Admittedly he caught you by surprise but you had done things like this with employers before. “Well if I am staying I’ll get us some Chinese and we can reorganise all of your shelves so you don’t end up doing this again.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

It was approaching 1 am and you were both on the floor in an ever-shrinking fortress of books finishing the food that you had ordered earlier. Finally, you were packing up the last shelf. It was an enjoyable evening, after you eventually found the poetry book Tom had read and explained a few of his favourites in great detail and you had learned a lot about each other.

“So, you were Meryl Streep’s PA before me?” Tom questions in disbelief.

“Only as a temp though, her usual PA had a ‘family situation’ and had to leave for a while.” 

“So, what’s she really like?” He leans in.

“That, Mr Hiddleston, is confidential information.” You reply finishing your meal. Tom takes your plate and cutlery to his kitchen and you stand up and stretch before picking up the last few books to fill out the shelf. Tom comes back just in time to see you slot the last book into place.


“All done.” You gesture dramatically to the shelf.

“You have a real knack for this organisation lark. I’ve never been any good at it.” He admits.

“I guess that’s why you hired me.”

“Nah, I just need someone to put up with all my reading and give feedback, the coffee and scheduling is just a bonus.” He jokes.

“As fun as this was I should get going now,” you put on your coat and grab your bag. “My feedback and coffee recommendations get worse if I get no sleep.”

“Well it’s late at least let me give you a lift?” He offers escorting you to the door.

“No, its fine I drove here today. Thank you anyway.” You smile.

He holds the door for you as you leave. “At least text me when you get home? Drive safe!”

“Goodnight Tom.” You laugh turning the corner to where your car is parked.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Recap: 04/02/17

I was going to make this a short one but I think I failed… There was just too much to talk about! So without further ado, let’s do this. 

(Apologies for this recap being almost entirely about James Le Lacheur, Nicola Alexis, and Tom Mackley… I don’t know what to tell you. I love the covers and the ensemble.) 

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anonymous asked:

Hey, so why can't people do sin with pj. Not to be rude. Just curious


I understand of not being rude - but yeah I have answered this so many times on my blog and I keep pointing to my FAQ page right here.

I’ll copy the part focused on ‘sin’ and ‘nsfw’ to a read more on this post for those who cannot access the page for whatever reason, but TL;DR of it is two things.

One is that I want ‘7goodangel’ to be more of a family friendly name and if I get credit for a character that is within a sin story or picture, then does ‘7goodangel’ look family friendly anymore? No. It wouldn’t since it would be on a piece of sin writing or art. 

Second - I am super uncomfortable with seeing or even KNOWING that my characters are in sin art or fanfics online in public. I know I cannot control everyone since it is the ‘internet’ but I’m gonna try my dang hardest to not have any of that. 

Like seriously - my family knows my characters. And I do not want any little kid looking for PJ and finding sin. Just… no. That is not my focus on the character. At all.

It just kinda ticks me off that people kinda forget about respect and the other pillars of character at the moment they get an internet connection. So this whole thing might be sounding salty and I apologize for the tone but not the content. 

Just - respect the artists wishes - and for those wondering - PFF heck no I am not gonna let some little kids or people who disrespect artists get me to back out of being online. I will not stop doing what I am doing on here. 

(topic continued and faq points are under read more)

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Mental Shock: S.Coups (ANGST)

A story I made with @kpopaddicti0ns for our smol Midnight Fanfics series! (On Wattpad lol) Decided I wanted to post it here, though I might've signed my death contract with this. I’ll also include our author's afterthoughts of writing this at the end. BTW THE CHARACTER’S NAME IS YOUNGMIN (code for y/n lol)

WARNING: DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO TOPICS SUCH AS SUICIDE AND DEATH. Thank you. If you’re fine with these things, then please continue on.

I sat crying at the edge of Jeonghan’s hospital bed, Seungcheol on the other side, hugging Jeonghan’s lifeless body. I could still hear the beep of the flatline on the heartbeat monitor.

All of our friends were crowded around Jeonghan, crying. I still had tears streaming down my face when the doctor told us to clear out of the room.

Seungcheol stormed out, not saying a word. The second we walked out, he was gone. Joshua went to run down the hall after him, and left me in charge of anything important the doctors needed, and to make sure the others were ok.

Not that I could do anything. I was leaning against the wall, silently sobbing. Chan stood in front of me and I welcomed the poor maknae into my arms to hug.

He, and all the others, had just lost their “mom.” Jeonghan didn’t tell us until the disease was at it’s worst. He didn’t tell us his body was slowly deteriorating, until one day he couldn’t walk without holding onto something.

When we all arrived back to the dorm, Joshua was sitting curled up on the couch. He said quietly that Seungcheol had disappeared and he couldn’t find him. I would have ran out the door immediately if I knew where he was. But I didn’t. And everyone else needed comfort. So ignoring my own problems, I tried to find some tissue and made sure everyone was comfortable.

Once I left for home, I was a crying mess. I couldn’t sleep that night. All I could think of was Jeonghan. His incurable disease. Seungcheol. How he stormed out. How he lost his best friend.

How I lost my friend.

The next day, Seungcheol came in, and immediately we all knew that something was wrong. He was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans with hiking boots, which was normal; but he wasn’t acting normal. His hair was disheveled and his eyes were…empty. Soulless.

He was no longer the Seungcheol that I knew.

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                      ( ~ ♫ Everything concealed under the cut~!  ♫ ~ )

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Fallen (Stiles Romance Sequel) ~Chapter 8~

Originally posted by huiligomez

My eyes widened as the dark figure turned to me, its large metal head tilting to one side in curiosity before it began stomping its large feet toward me. Body shaking, I could feel my legs begging me to turn around and run the other way, but instead I kept my place. Fists clenching, I felt my jaw lock up. No. No more running. It was time to stop being afraid to fight back. Powers or not I still had my combat skills. The moment his hand began reaching out to me, I fought back, blocking before throwing a punch at his torso. This was enough of a distraction for me to crouch down and kick at his legs in order to bring him down. Quickly jumping back to my feet, I felt myself huff in relief and pride as the awful Dread Doctor dropped.

“C’mon, Adelyn!” Mrs. McCall cried out, keeping her hold on her son as she tried to hold the elevator doors open. I nodded before attempting run to them. However, I had only managed to take a single step forward before I came crashing down, a strong metal hand gripping at my ankle. The air in my lungs escaped with the blow my body took the moment I hit the concrete floor. I managed to flip my body around, keeping my eyes on the dark figure that had managed to raise itself and hover over me for a moment before reaching down. A sharp gasp ripped through my lips as his hand quickly shot to my neck, lifting me from the ground before pinning me roughly against the wall.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Do you have any ideas about this story I'm writing? It starts off with the character A wanting to kill character B for something they did in the past (B killing A's husband). As the story goes on, B starts to show that they truly regret what they had done. And as the story continues and they have to work together to complete missions, they start to like each other. Do you have any ideas for this story? Or more specifically, do you have any idea how i could avoid unrealistic romance? -GI


How to avoid unrealistic romance-

A is going to be mad at B for a very long time. Though A might have to deal with B in a level headed manner due to external reasons, A isn’t just going to let that anger die because of time alone. If A loved their husband, every time they miss him, the spark of hatred towards B will most likely reignite.

What I’m trying to say is that A liking B is going to be a long road. First, A will have to forgive B. If B actually has a good reason for killing A’s husband (ex. It saved people’s lives) that will greatly aid the process. Personally, even if I’d forgiven someone in my head for what they’d done, I haven’t forgiven them in my heart (Oo I like that line). B sacrificing something for A, saving A’s life, doing a lot of small but good things for A, proving their loyalty to A, doing good deeds in general etc. are some things that I think would make A see B’s good side.

I think my biggest tip is this: friend’s first. A is probably still grieving about their husband. B killed them for crying out loud. It doesn’t make sense for them to go from enemies to lovers. Even if there is friendship before the transition, I see a lot of writers rush it. I don’t like that. Friendships are really under utilized in stories as a step to a romantic relationship.

To sum up: the anger will last; B will have to give A a lot of reason to remotely like them; and make them friends first, preferably for awhile.


1) A, B, and A’s husband were all spies. A’s husband lost faith in the cause and was going to reveal the ruse to the enemy (endangering B and A), so B killed him. A and B have continue the mission they were sent on.

2) The trio were part of a cult of which A’s husband was the leader. H (husband) planned to sacrifice everyone, so B killed H to stop him. Now, B and A, as higher status people within the cult, must figure out how to proceed. Should they dismantle the cult? Do they still believe in it? What about the goal they were working towards?

3) A and H were the co-leaders of a tribe/ clan/militia/nation. B was the leader of a rival one. B killed H in battle. However, now the two forces must unite to defeat a greater evil.

4) H and B were best friends. They were in the military together and were taken by the enemy. B mercy killed H because H was suffering and doomed to die from torture. Fortunately, B is rescued. A joins the military (or is drafted) and has to work with B.

5) B was driving the car when a terrible accident occurred, and H died. A blames B and does everything they can to never see B again. A gets a new job because money is tight without their husband. B ends up working there too. Neither are in a financial position to quit.

anonymous asked:

idk i didn't have a problem with sam. edi in me1 and me2 defiantly had less of a personality than in me3 so there is hope he will progress and grow if they continue the series. i also felt like sam shouldn't have TOO much of an distinctive personality because some people might end up not liking them when that would be literally the worst thing because sam is stuck with you.

I think it’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.

I definitely feel Bioware’s pain with personalities. Any time they take a risk and make a character that’s “unlikeable” the fandom rages  (see reactions to Sera & Vivienne as a recent example). But avoiding it also causes problems - at least to me. Because SAM’s personality is so undefined, the other characters treat him like a tool instead of a comrade. Which would be fine if he was a VI interface but the game explicitly says that he’s an AI. There’s a side quest that attempts to develop SAM and Ryder’s relationship, but it falls flat because Ryder (again) just treats SAM like a useful tool. In the narrative SAM functions like a higher-powered version of SIRI. Which I wouldn’t have a problem with if that’s all he were supposed to be, but the game tells us that he isn’t.

And with regards to the original trilogy - I think the lack of development for EDI and Legion mirrored how the games handled organic/synthetic conflicts. In ME1 synthetics are strictly in the enemy territory, with little moral gray room. It isn’t until the second game when Shepard (and we as players) start to see the potential in synthetics as more than just monsters and as beings capable of complex thoughts and feelings. That’s also when we are introduced to more sympathetic AI characters. This isn’t the case in Andromeda because SAM is introduced and widely accepted right out of the gate.

I just really care about robots ok.