i might continue this and do other characters


Anyway Moriel shippers whining about Mor being gay can suck my dick lol.

Is it probably tokenism? Yes. Is it probably going to be lazy, last minute representation? Yes. Do any of you homophobes using these things for your complaints actually fucking give a shit about whether or not it’s tokenism? No! You’re just homophobic, so stop pretending like you actually care about the quality of gay representation!

I can’t believe some of you actually have the audacity to to say shit like “this is coming out of nowhere” and “Mor just doesn’t SEEM like she’s gay” and “but poor Azriel!” and “but I wanted Moriel to happen!” and “I’m not saying I don’t want representation, I just don’t think it should be Mor.”

First of all, if you’re straight (and most of the people complaining here are) how DARE you say anything about Mor “seeming gay” or not. How DARE you. What the actual fuck could you possibly know about it. Nothing. You could know nothing.

Second of all, of COURSE you don’t think it should be Mor. You CARE about Mor. Mor is beautiful, bubbly, funny, smart, outgoing. Her storyline is important to the main plot. She’s survived tragedy and emerged triumphant. You relate to her. And most of all, you want her to get together with a male character. And for her to be GAY? Oh no! Now this is ruined for you. Now she’s not perfect anymore. God forbid gay people have a gay character with positive traits they can look up to and relate to in a series. God forbid ONE character out of a TON of straights had to be made gay and now you can’t relate anymore.

I’ve seen multiple people say “I like the representation, but I thought Mor should be with Azriel and Amren should be gay. Why couldn’t it be Amren?” This. Is VERY telling. Amren is described as not overly beautiful, she has a more abrasive personality, and most importantly, she doesn’t seem interested in any kind of romantic relationship. At all. Her being gay would not get in the way of ANY of your straight romances/ships/plots. It probably would’t even be brought up a lot, because it’s doubtful she’d even be with someone. So people saying that Amren would have been a better candidate feels very much like “Ugh, the gays can HAVE that weird freak Amren, but it’s not fair they get that pretty girl! How can MOR be gay?? What about the boy I want as her boyfriend?”

So many people are shielding themselves from being called homophobic by saying “I want a character to be LGBT! I want there to be representation for LGBT! (Just not THIS character)” Well that’s bullshit, first of all because the way you say “LGBT” instead of “LGBT characters” or “gay characters” kinda reveals the way you view representation as some nebulous kind of check-the-box category to get over with instead something actually important, and second of all because the “LGBT representation” that you’re “all for” is a very specific kind of representation. It’s the kind that isn’t really representation at all.

You’re “all for LGBT rep,” but you never actually want characters you LIKE to be gay. You never want the characters you ship in straight relationships to turn out gay. You want the ugly characters, the evil characters (who are going to die anyway), the characters who never end up in relationships, (and the “smol bean xD” men who you fetishize and ship with other men, but that’s another issue) to turn out gay. That way you can pat yourself on the back for how good and diverse your series is while continuing to enjoy the main straight characters in their straight relationships. That way you’re never forced to invest in the humanity of gay people and their stories, because their “stories” are just a casual mention of their sexuality, or a side plot so tiny it might as well not exist (like in tog).

And as for “poor Azriel!” do I really have to tell you why that’s fucking dumb? I guess it’s not uncommon in this fandom to always prioritize men over women (re: “poor Rhysand when Feyre had to sleep with her abuser that must have been so hard for HIM!!”), but still. Listen to yourself.

On top of all of this, I find it pretty funny (I don’t. I don’t find it funny. At all. None of this is funny it makes me want to vomit) that straight people are throwing a tantrum and acting like it’s the worst thing ever that a ship they were passionate about couldn’t work out because of the characters’ sexualities. HAHAHAHAHAHA! The irony of it, honestly, and the fact that none of you realize it… wow. Do y’all. Have any idea. How many times that happens to gay readers? On a REGULAR basis?? The two characters are similar. Have good chemistry. Interact in a way that hints at a relationship. Would be perfect together. You care about them, you grow invested. And just when you think they might be endgame… oops! They’re straight, and they can’t be together. I don’t have an ounce of pity for people saying that they’re SO upset by this because they were in love with the ship and now it can’t happen because of sexuality. This is our LIFE. It happened to you one fucking time, and the relationship wasn’t even that developed; somehow I think you’ll be okay.

To sum it up, when I hear people complaining about Mor being gay because they thought she should be with Azriel, literally all I hear is “wait but gay people are fine only as long as they don’t get in the way of straight ships and characters :( why can’t they stay on the fringes of the plot where they belong and leave us straights alone :( we used to have 100% of the characters and plot and now we only have 99% :( life is so hard :(“

It’s honestly just really disheartening to see straight people responding so nastily to this, especially when this is just a tiny drop of real representation. Mor’s sexuality might not end up being well done in the book, but there are a lot of gay and bi girls who read these books and this could genuinely make a difference to them. And THAT will ALWAYS be more important than the success of a straight ship, especially in a series in which there is absolutely NO shortage of straight ships and characters. Go pick two of the other 10,000 straight characters to ship and leave us alone.

alrighty it’s announcement time

I’m moving to another blog. short and sweet, reasons are as follows:

1. I’ve become too lazy to organize anything on here, which ticks me off a little since I don’t like messes! I always say I’ll do this or that, but I end up not doing it at all. I want the new blog to be more friendly, since I was hesitant to do a lot of things here.
2. before, I made myself believe it was a duty to continue posting no matter how shit the content was, and I was tired out from that. I want to get away from the stupidity I had while I was running this blog before.
3. don’t get me wrong – Komaeda is great – but him all the time is so stressful. I don’t want everyone to forget that there’s other wonderful characters in the dangan ronpa universe. also, I want to make some funnies for my other favorites in the series…
4. moving away from blogcentric points… lately my emotional state has gone to the gutter. it’s been hard to do everything and I can barely work on irl things without getting stressed, all personal problems. remaking this blog might be refreshing, and I think it might help a bit.

I’ll be using the same name, so later on the name of this one’s going to change. if you want to continue to follow my antics, please read the first post of the new blog here. and different from this blog – I actually have a theme! things are still under construction there… but more on that in the first post.

that’s it, my dudes. if anyone has questions or whatever then you can message me… preferably on the new blog, though! say bye bye to this hell blog, and hello to the new one.

[Ask RPedia] Characterization of Emotional Manipulators

numbertwooflorien asked: Advice to rp as a emotional manipulative character?

Well okay! This post is how to RP an emotionally manipulative character, and in general a manipulative character. Useful for villains, and grimdark settings, it may include some crap people don’t want to think about. In detail. Major detail. So fair warning, I’m gonna get into psychological shit, and describe what amounts to abuse tactics with lots of explanation so if this isn’t your cup of tea, keep running. You might be able to use this as a way to spot toxic relationships as much as you can use it to play fictional ones, and I hope it helps people one way or another. But remember, keep it fucking fictional! 

This is presented as a way to understand those mindsets as a writer, which is important, and not in any way shape or form something you should do in real life. I acknowledge if you wanna do shit like this you’ll find the details on how to be an asshole somewhere anyways though, so I’m not gonna let you ruin it for everyone who just needs some writing help to make their character’s manipulation/emotional crisis more realistic. Onto the cut.

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Sometimes it isn’t you at all, you’re just caught in the crossfire of some other thing. I was in a year-plus relationship and living with a fairly infamous trans woman game developer at a time when doing so might as well have painted a target on my chest. That brought a completely baffling amount of unwelcome attention, involving characters who clearly harbor some weird continuous boner for me – well after that relationship ended – that’s lasted for years now.

I also had a similar experience from a protest campaign, organized to shut down Harlot Media, a website I left a career in tech support to write for. Not only did they get most of our funding and ad revenue shut down, but there were attempts to get us blacklisted from the whole thinkpiece writing scene. That may sound funny to some people, but it’s like a band being kicked out of a music festival and then banned from the concept of music.

Even when people are clearly targeting you, their motivations are frequently a mystery shrouded in the anonymity they tend to adopt when doing so. Maybe they’re doing it because of a political belief. Maybe that person is a former romantic partner. Maybe it’s an ex-friend from drunker, rowdier times upset by “how you’ve changed” or whatever – someone punishing you for not maintaining the image they had in their head of you. You can drive yourself completely fucking bonkers trying to figure out what you did to “deserve” this.

Even scarier, it could be absolutely nothing at all. Sometimes these people have no investment in you whatsoever but just get off on making people on the internet upset for literally no reason. Think the crazy shooter guy from The Jerk: You’re both Nathan and the cans.

I’m A Victim Of Carpet-Bombing Online Harassment

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Recap: 04/02/17

I was going to make this a short one but I think I failed… There was just too much to talk about! So without further ado, let’s do this. 

(Apologies for this recap being almost entirely about James Le Lacheur, Nicola Alexis, and Tom Mackley… I don’t know what to tell you. I love the covers and the ensemble.) 

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                      ( ~ ♫ Everything concealed under the cut~!  ♫ ~ )

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anonymous asked:

Hey, so why can't people do sin with pj. Not to be rude. Just curious


I understand of not being rude - but yeah I have answered this so many times on my blog and I keep pointing to my FAQ page right here.

I’ll copy the part focused on ‘sin’ and ‘nsfw’ to a read more on this post for those who cannot access the page for whatever reason, but TL;DR of it is two things.

One is that I want ‘7goodangel’ to be more of a family friendly name and if I get credit for a character that is within a sin story or picture, then does ‘7goodangel’ look family friendly anymore? No. It wouldn’t since it would be on a piece of sin writing or art. 

Second - I am super uncomfortable with seeing or even KNOWING that my characters are in sin art or fanfics online in public. I know I cannot control everyone since it is the ‘internet’ but I’m gonna try my dang hardest to not have any of that. 

Like seriously - my family knows my characters. And I do not want any little kid looking for PJ and finding sin. Just… no. That is not my focus on the character. At all.

It just kinda ticks me off that people kinda forget about respect and the other pillars of character at the moment they get an internet connection. So this whole thing might be sounding salty and I apologize for the tone but not the content. 

Just - respect the artists wishes - and for those wondering - PFF heck no I am not gonna let some little kids or people who disrespect artists get me to back out of being online. I will not stop doing what I am doing on here. 

(topic continued and faq points are under read more)

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FYI when I post stuff like this and don’t include Yurio, it’s not meant to be a slight against Yurio or even that I forgot him. In any other merchandise/official art/etc. posts I always include him. I’m just super not okay with any official art that looks like it might be sexualizing him, so I choose not to include it. Like all the YOI stuff so far has been pretty mild and fine for twenty-something adults like Victor and Yuuri, but it’s another story when the character is… fifteen. 

I realize this is like, sadly the standard for anime. Many, many popular shows featuring teens have art like this (and many other sports anime too), and in A LOT of those cases it’s much worse than anything we’ve seen, but that doesn’t make it more okay with me and as this is just a personal blog that sometimes posts YOI news/info as opposed to an actual news blog, I choose not to include those images. 

anonymous asked:

idk i didn't have a problem with sam. edi in me1 and me2 defiantly had less of a personality than in me3 so there is hope he will progress and grow if they continue the series. i also felt like sam shouldn't have TOO much of an distinctive personality because some people might end up not liking them when that would be literally the worst thing because sam is stuck with you.

I think it’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.

I definitely feel Bioware’s pain with personalities. Any time they take a risk and make a character that’s “unlikeable” the fandom rages  (see reactions to Sera & Vivienne as a recent example). But avoiding it also causes problems - at least to me. Because SAM’s personality is so undefined, the other characters treat him like a tool instead of a comrade. Which would be fine if he was a VI interface but the game explicitly says that he’s an AI. There’s a side quest that attempts to develop SAM and Ryder’s relationship, but it falls flat because Ryder (again) just treats SAM like a useful tool. In the narrative SAM functions like a higher-powered version of SIRI. Which I wouldn’t have a problem with if that’s all he were supposed to be, but the game tells us that he isn’t.

And with regards to the original trilogy - I think the lack of development for EDI and Legion mirrored how the games handled organic/synthetic conflicts. In ME1 synthetics are strictly in the enemy territory, with little moral gray room. It isn’t until the second game when Shepard (and we as players) start to see the potential in synthetics as more than just monsters and as beings capable of complex thoughts and feelings. That’s also when we are introduced to more sympathetic AI characters. This isn’t the case in Andromeda because SAM is introduced and widely accepted right out of the gate.

I just really care about robots ok.

anonymous asked:

what do you think might happen to Emma if the series is renewed? do you have any idea how they continue the story without her?

No, I don’t. And I hope they wont. I hope if they do anything Once related from here out it will be a spin off like Wonderland, or a prequel.

The ONLY, POSSIBLE, way, would be like, the premiere episode is Emma and Killian reading a book to their child, of stories we haven’t heard. Maybe short stories? Of other characters? And those stories are the ones we watch in the episodes. The only trouble with that is, Jen only promised one episode, meaning if she can’t come back for the finale when they close the book and stuff then it really doesn’t work. And tbh, what a weird way to end a great series. With random stories that have nothing to do with an entire 6 seasons of episodes. Nah. It doesn’t work for me.

When ABC decided to stop being dicks and actually give us an answer, I hope it’s the right answer. Let the show end at the end of the book. If you wanna bring the Once universe back, give us Once Upon a Time in Neverland.

Character Analysis: Terushima Yuuji

I often see Terushima getting reduced to the one moment he asked Kiyoko for her phone number and was rather persistent about it although she clearly rejected him. However, instead of immediately judging him for that and not even giving his character a chance I thought that his behaviour was actually very realistic. I’m pretty sure in real life there are lots of high school boys asking girls for their phone numbers and nearly begging when they get rejected instead of simply accepting it.

Not that I think it’s a good thing to do but I don’t think he had any bad intentions and maybe didn’t even realise how uncomfortable he made her. Moreover, I briefly want to mention the thing most people probably already heard: Nishinoya and Tanaka don’t show better behaviour at all. They basically glorify her and the things they frequently do would make me definitely uncomfortable too if I was her.

That being said, I think he is a character that’s just as interesting and likeable as every other character in Haikyuu. I mean, we don’t reduce Tanaka to his hot-bloodedness nor Oikawa to his fake cheerful self nor Iwaizumi to an angry brute nor Kageyama to a socially awkward simpleton (and I could go on with that for almost every character in Haikyuu) so why should we do that to Terushima? I know that there are lots of people who think like me but I never came across a full character analysis so here we go.

(complete analysis + manga panels below the cut because this got long)

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some-unoriginal-fandom-trash  asked:

*bounces up to Neagi and Hinata* Hiya! I won't waste time introducing myself, I'd run out of characters. Plus I'm not too important. But I baked cookies for everyone! Every cookie you can think of, just in case anybody was allergic to anything. And if you don't like cookies, I have a box of 2 dozen of almost every flavor. I've noticed everybody's been feeling a bit down, so I made these as an apology on behalf of the other users. It still might continue though... if so, *wails* I'm sorry!

It’s okay, don’t apologize for something you didn’t do.

Yes, but thank you for these. *takes the cookies*

the squidlys celebrate everyone’s birthday

((i’m happy for the two birthdays i get to celebrate today. firs–

is one of the best friends i’ve made in this fandom @theoctogellifamily; one of the single coolest people i’ve had the pleasure of meeting whom i’ve had nothing but fun with and love to pieces, and most especially love their whole family of characters. every single of them is most definitely awesome in their own way. i’m so glad to know them, i can’t say that enough.

next up is none other than @pink-inkling; someone i’m hoping with all my might they’re doing okay and hoping even more that I get to continue interacting with them and commissioning them. They are a talent and a presence unlike any other; a positive one that’s nothing short of sensational.))

((@original art by @askvincent)
Lee and Janine: someone has a birthday?!
*Lee starts to play a tune on his keytar*
Janine: it’s your birthday, make a mess!
Lee: it’s your birthday, wear a dress!
Janine: On your birthday, don’t settle for less!
Lee: Because on your birthday, no need to stress!
*both dance around before the next verse*
Janine: it’s your birthday, make a mess!
Lee: it’s your birthday, wear a dress!
Janine: because you’re the one we’re obsessed!
Lee: and now we must confeeeeess!
*Janine brings out a cake with sparklers on it*
Janine: Blow out the candles for great success!
Lee & Janine: Because on your birthday, you’re the best

Growing Up Aromantic: The Half-Read Book

I loved books growing up.  Reading was my absolute favorite thing to do, but I was bad at venturing out into unfamiliar territory, so would read the same books over and over and over.

But there were a few where, no matter how many dozens of times I went to read them, I’d sputter out about halfway through.  A few movies, as well–half a dozen VHS tapes were left at the same spot whenever I forgot to rewind them.

Always at the same parts: when childhood is left behind and the exciting world of romance opens up.

This was never about the romance itself–I adored love stories and, to a lesser extent, still do, but it was what these stories had to tell about what growing up meant to relationships that made my stomach curl up and prompted me to fumble for a bookmark and find something else to do.

For a specific example: Anne of Green Gables was in particular both a sanctuary and a source of discomfort so strong I could barely acknowledge it.  Anne and Diane’s friendship was everything I ever wanted and a hundred times more compelling to me than any romance stories I’d read at the time.  It was so perfect it was almost painful to kidlet!me because that was something that belonged to a character in a book and not to me.  But it legitimized that sort of intense love in friendship, and even had its own name for what we might call queerplatonic* friendships today.

And then the books continue and Diane fades away.  She gets married and grows distant, Anne gets wrapped up in assorted romantic plotlines (I do note: not just romantic plotlines, other types of relationships are still important to her) and that relationship between Anne and Diane that meant the world to me was just a fond memory of the past.  They grew out of it.  They moved on.  This is what being an adult means.  This is Coming of Age.

And no matter how strong a friendship might be, friendships are made to fade out.  That’s just how Real Life works.

It was things like that told a hundred times over that made the process of accepting my aromanticism so difficult.  I wanted lifelong love.  I didn’t want to be left behind.  So, I obviously wanted a romantic relationship, because that’s the only way to get that.  I didn’t want to be the unmarried friend who lost touch with those people she cared about before, or who meets up with them every few years to catch up and listen to stories about their new families.  I had plenty of evidence IRL that this is how things actually work, too–so many stories from adults about their best friends growing up, but where were they now?  When was the last time they talked to them?  I wanted to be the most important person (or an extremely important person) to someone and the only path set out for me to obtain that was to find a romantic partner.  So I spent a good twenty years forcing myself down that path because the loneliness of the alternative was too terrifying.

I don’t know if I would have ever stopped on my own.  I didn’t learn about aromanticism until already after I had been in a super close friendship for a couple years–it was a matter of realizing I was already as happy as I could want to be (except for geographical distance, grumble grumble) and didn’t need to keep pushing myself down that path towards a goal I never wanted in the first place.

But just because I got lucky there doesn’t mean that I’m ready to dismiss how harmful the pattern of these stories were to me, and how harmful they might be to other aromantic people, especially those still growing up.  Over half of the discussions I’ve had/read about how people came to realize they were aromantic describe feeling fear and even despair upon realizing it describes them.  I can’t count how many times I’ve read about aro people clinging to the hope that they’re alloromantic because they don’t want that life of lifelong love and acceptance–one that we’re taught belongs to romance–to be sealed off from them.  Aromantic advice blogs are flooded with messages like these.  We're afraid, and it’s a fear of the loneliness and abandonment that an amatonormative society has promised will be our birthright.

That’s why I get so excited about stories where people in romantic relationships still have strong, intimate friendships with other people, or stories where childhood best friends grow up and stay just as close, or with alloromantic people whose most important relationships are platonic–even if there aren’t any canonically aromantic characters in them.  It’s a far cry from representation, sure, but they’re life rafts in an ocean of amatonormativity.  

And it’s nice to be able to read a story all the way through.

(Note:  This post is not about asexuality; I plan to make another someday about YA coming of age stories and asexuality.  Please, please don’t reblog this with “but asexual people can want romantic relationships too!” like happens to every post I make about aromanticism.)

*Not a term I’m fond of and don’t use myself, but still find a need for a term describing that type of relationship.

anonymous asked:

Do you think you'll include ships in the second game? I mean, maybe i was reading too much into it, but there was definitely some gerita in the first game

(adm: Ah yes. Like, I’m pretty sure Tomoyoshi must’ve shipped GerIta because all I did was remake the game xD I did add a few comments in my ending, but that’s because it was more of a continuation of where Tomoyoshi left off.

Including ships in games might sound fun, but it’s actually very unfair because people likes all sorts of ships, and it’s unfair to focus on just one. Granted, the GerIta was pretty strong in HetaOni, but Italy interacted well with everyone else too so I guess everyone could kind of make out their own ships somehow, if they ship Italy with anyone at all lmao x’D

So what I’m going to do in the sequel is try to make good interactions between all the characters so you can see your ships talking to each other in a friendly way? Or maybe hint something more than that? But I’m most likely not going to openly make any ship legit because that’s just unfair :”) I’ll try my best so everyone is happy with it!!)

Whooo! Thursday Numbah Questions



Toss some numbers in my inbox and the character I should answer them for.

1. What is one thing others might find intolerable about them?
2. Do they have any annoying quirks? If so, what are they?
3. Name one or more of their bad habits.
4. Any addictions? (Food, sex, drugs/alcohol, shopping, power/control, etc.)
5. What is one thing they do that can negatively affect their relationship with friends?
6. Their romantic relationships?
7. What is the biggest mistake they’ve ever made?
8. What mistake(s) do they continue to make/have not learned from?
9. Name some of their major physical shortcomings.
10. Some of their emotional shortcomings?
11. What are their intellectual shortcomings?
12. At least one thing that they tend to overreact to.
13. In what ways might they be overly negative and/or pessimistic?
14. Is there anything they are too optimistic about?
15. How might they be ignorant or prejudiced?
16. Do they have any behaviours and/or beliefs that cannot be adequately justified?
17. When would they be too judgmental of someone or something?
18. Are they ever a pushover about something? If so, how?
19. Is there anything they refuse to budge on? What are they stubborn about?
20. What is a self-inflicted misery of theirs? (i.e. something they perpetuate themselves)

Let’s give this a try!

this means any of them:

art by:






anonymous asked:

Hey Amanda!! I really love OHK and you've inspired me to make my own manga as well! However I'm a bit lost as to how to start >.< Do you think you could give me some pointers (e.g. what program to use, how to go about planning, layout of manga pages or whatever you think a beginner would need to know?). Thanks so much and keep up the wonderful work!!!!

omg I’m super flattered you would ask for my advice! I’m not a pro or anything but I’ll do my best to tell you what I know (super long message with example images up ahead)

1. Keep it simple. Simple plot, simple characters. Don’t add a bunch of characters or details all at once or it’ll be hard to follow the story.

2. Explain everything. Don’t assume the reader knows anything. I’m a lazy reader so I like to have all the important stuff explained to me like I’m hella dumb lol.

3. Don’t jam in too much text. Split up speech bubbles with longer text segments and write fairly simple sentences. Again, I’m a lazy reader so this is just my own preferences.

4. Let the speech bubbles guide the reader’s gaze from panel to panel as much as possible:

I’ve found that horizontal paneling speeds up the reading pace while vertical paneling kind of slows it down, so think about that when you panel your pages.

vertical panels:

horizontal panels

5. Make sure the setting is obvious (e.g. school building, house, amusement park, etc.). A good way to do this is by starting off with a fairly big panel of the setting before you draw the characters. You can make the transition to the next panel smoother by adding a speech bubble that continues from one panel to the other. For example:

6. Write down every idea you get; even if you can’t use them now they might be useful later. I usually write a script so I have an overview of what’s going to happen in the chapters. Don’t worry too much about the details since they’re probably going to change later on to fit with the flow of the comic.


Actual page:

7. I use Photoshop CS5 for everything, but you can use any program you’re comfortable with. I know a lot of people who do their lines in Paint Tool SAI and use PS to add the tones and text later.

8. Draw on a bigger canvas and resize it later so the lines will look crisper and cleaner. I draw on A4 and resize it to 700px width.

9. Don’t stress and remember you’re doing this because you want to get attention   share your art   who are we kidding we’re doing it for the attention lol

These are just the things I could think of off the top of my head, I hope it was helpful and feel free to ask if you have any other questions!