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Wisdom Teeth Struggles

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 2,286

Warnings: None

Summary: You get your wisdom teeth out and Dean and Sam take this opportunity to mess with you… Or you mess with them. 

Author’s Note: This isn’t edited. I just wrote this a while ago and never looked at it until today so I am sorry for all the mistakes in it. 

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Dean was lucky to not have wisdom teeth. However, you did, and they were on their way to pick you up from the orthodontist.

“Remember when you got yours taken out?” Dean looked over at his brother with a smirk.

“Dude, I was 17 and I was hopped up on all those drugs.” Sam grimaced at the memory.

“You tried to kiss me and feel up dad. You thought you were at a gay strip bar.” Dean started to laugh.

“Yeah, yeah, can we not talk about that? That happened a long time ago and frankly, I don’t want to revisit my teen years.” Dean till laughed but he shut up about it and continued to drive. He got to the orthodontist a while later and walked with his brother into the lobby area.

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I Guess They Know

Anon: “Could I have a Mikey Way imagine please?”

A/N: Sorry this toook so long! I know, I suck. Anyways, this is what I came up with, lol

(Y/N)’S POV 

You sit at your desk, rapidly typing away at your computer at 11:45 pm. You’ve been on your computer for so long that your eyes were basically beginning to burn. This was nothing new for you considering you’re a pretty successful youtuber. You make about $2 Million a year with 7M subscribers making you basically internet famous. You spend a lot of time where you are right now, editing your videos in the office you share with your boyfriend Mikey. The thing is, nobody knows that you two are dating. You’ve been together for 2 years, live in the same house, you even have 2 dogs. But since you began to get famous, you both just decided to keep your relationship secret. If it eventually got out, you wouldn’t mind that much, but what’s the rush?

You’re just finishing editing your vlog from yesterday to post today even though it’s getting pretty late. Someone opens the door, letting light flood into the room. It makes you squint since the only other light source is the light from your computer screen. Mikey comes up behind you and drapes his arms over your shoulders.

“When are you coming to bed?” He whines tiredly. You chuckle but continue clicking away. You stop and spin your chair around to face him.

“A few minutes. I promise.” You give him puppy dog eyes.

“You said that an hour ago.” He smirks and you turn back around.

“I know, I know, I’m sorry. Final Cut crashed and erased a whole hour’s worth of work. I promise this time.” He nods and rubs his eyes before leaving you to finish your work. Once you finally upload the video to YouTube, you yawn and shut your laptop before going to join Mikey in bed.

The next morning, you wake up and roll over to be face to face with Mikey.

“Good morning, beautiful.” He smiles and cups you face in his hand, gently rubbing his thumb across your cheekbone.

“Morning.” You whisper, smiling back. You roll onto your back and stretch as you begin to really wake up.

“What time is it?” You ask through a yawn.

“About 12.” You nod and reach over to your nightstand to check your phone. Per usual, you have a ton of notifications from every social media account you have. You lock your phone and sit up, thinking about what you’re plans are for today.

“What do you have to do today?” You ask him and he shrugs.

“Nothing really. I figured I’d go spend all those gift cards I got for my birthday. Wanna come?” You sigh and rub your face.

“I do. But I can’t, I gotta film today. Sorry babe.” You give him a sad smile and wraps his arms around you, kissing your head.

“It’s fine. I’ll ask Gee. I think he wanted to go anyways even though one of those gift cards is from him.” You both laugh. 

Eventually, you drag yourself out of bed and get dressed so you could actually be productive. Since you probably weren’t going to leave the house, you vlogged your morning routine since it’s the most interesting thing that’s probably going to happen today. You carried around your little camera as you made breakfast, let the dogs out, did your hair, and talked about your plans for the day. Before you could even get started filming for main channel video which is a Q & A, Mikey was already back and he was excited.

“Babe, guess what I got!” You finish setting up your camera in front of the couch and look over at him as he sets his stuff down on the floor except for one box.

“What?” You ask curiously. He opens the small box and pulls out a mug. You just chuckled at his excitement over something so simple. He hands it to you so you can see it.

“This is actually pretty cool.” You smile and he nods in agreement as you give it back to him.

“Gerard gave it to me.” He says as he admires it again. You giggle, he’s just too cute! He sets it down on the table and picks up the rest of his bags and takes them upstairs as you start recording, pulling up questions on your phone. In the middle of filming, he comes back downstairs with his bass in one hand and his phone in the other, staring down at it and barely paying attention to where he’s walking.

“What are you doing?” You ask, scrunching your eyebrows together in confusion. He still doesn’t look up from his phone as he walks over to the table, resting his guitar against the wall.

“I’m going in the basement to work on a thing…. but I forgot to post about my mug on Instagram.” You playfully roll your eyes as he takes a picture and then sits in the kitchen.

“Are you still going downstairs or can I keep filming?” You ask. He finally looks up from his phone, suddenly aware of his surroundings.

“Oh, you can keep going. I got distracted.” You nod as he looks back down, rapidly typing on his phone but not making a sound so you could finish. You answer questions for about another hour, stopping once to ask Mikey how to pronounce a word which you both failed at and ended up asking Siri. Once you’re done, stand up, stretching since you’ve been sitting for so long. You leave the camera set up because you’re too lazy to take it down at the moment.

“Babe, can you let the dogs in?” You ask as you grab your laptop off the couch. You only put the dogs outside when you’re filming since they’re very loud and like to bark at everything.

“Yeah, one sec.” He replies as you head upstairs to the office to start editing.

It’s only 6pm so you should be done around 9:30-ish. You edit out all the parts where you stutter, when Mikey came downstairs, and when you re-recorded because you realized you had a piece of hair sticking out all crazy. You add music and sound effects and all the rest until you’re finally finished. Once you upload the video, you feel like you’re done but obviously you’re not. You have to tweet about it, post about it on instagram, and tell everyone on snapchat so you weren’t really done. It all gets tiring sometimes but at the end of the day, you couldn’t be happier. You make money doing something you love, you get to share your life with your amazing boyfriend, and you honestly couldn’t ask for more.

You go check the comments on your vlog from yesterday, giggling at the funny ones and just seeing what people thought. You almost scrolled past one of the second top comments but you caught a glimpse of the words ‘Mikey from mcr’ which made you do a double take.

“MIKEY!” You yell for him and after a few seconds he comes running the room.

“What happened?! What?!” He asks, clearly thinking something was wrong.

“Look at this!” You say, pointing to your screen. He squints at the screen for a second since he isn’t wearing his glasses.

“This one?” He asks in confirmation. You nod before he begins to read the comment out loud.

Did anyone else notice her shirt in the beginning is just like the one Mikey from mcr used to wear? lol” He reads then shrugs a little.

“So? Tons of people could have that shirt.” He says looking at you. You scroll down to the responses to show him what you’re talking about:

It has the holes in it and everything! omg XD’

‘I noticed another shirt that I recognized from mikey in another video but i forgot which one’

‘do they know each other?’

‘they met once at a show’

‘what if they’re friends?!?!’

We both start laughing at how much thought was put into this.

“That’s hilarious.” He comments raising his eyebrows.

“What if they figure it out?” You ask hypothetically, knowing that is nearly impossible. He responds with another shrug.

“Then whatever. It doesn’t really matter anymore, to be honest.” You nod in agreement. 

“We should go get ice cream.” He says, changing the topic and you stretch, finally done for the day. 

“It’s 9 o’clock but we really should. Let’s go.”

~~~~~~~2 DAYS LATER~~~~~~~

You’re sitting on the couch next to Mikey, checking emails and stuff as he watched some action movie. Suddenly, you receive a text from a friend of yours who’s also a pretty popular Youtuber. It’s a link to a video so you click it, wondering what it is. You guys were always sharing cool videos wth each other. Once the video finally loads, your eyes pop out of your head.

‘Proof that Mikey Way and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) are secretly dating!!!’

You lightly slap Mikey’s arm a couple times as the video begins.

“Yeah?” He asks looking over at you. You hold the phone up so he could see as you begin to watch in complete shock. The person, who was basically a gossip/drama account on youtube, had taken all the evidence that your fans had gathered and created a whole explanation.

Apparently, aside from the shirt incident (which there was a side by side for), people had noticed Mikey’s guitar in the background of your Q & A video as well as the mug on the table, which he had posted a picture of on Instagram that same day (these also came with side by side photos as proof). They even noticed that in some of his old Instagram photos, the comforter on the bed was the same as the one in your vlogs from forever ago.  And if all of that wasn’t crazy enough, they concluded that Mikey was the person behind the camera based on the few words he spoke while trying to help you pronounce the word in a question in your last video.

You were both left speechless as the video ended, staring at the phone screen with open mouths.

“How did they….”

“When did I even….”

“Is that even….”

“What the actual fuck…” Mikey says, being the first one of you two spit out a full sentence. 

You aggressively open up twitter to see if it had spread and it had, of course. There was already a trending hashtag which you clicked on. The most popular tweet with the hashtag was someone sharing the video. The tweet had 12.6k likes and 6.4k retweets. This account is a pretty popular fan account dedicated to you and you’ve definitely seen the username before because this person had so many followers and was constantly tagging you in stuff. You actually follow them and had replied to a couple of their tweets once which might explain why they’re so popular.

You both look at each other, unable to grasp how in such a small amount of time, the idea that the two of you even knew each other had turned into proof of you two dating. You start cracking up at how insane this all is. You both laugh until you have tears in your eyes from how ridiculously weird the internet can be.

“Oh my fucking god, I can’t….” He starts laughing again.

“I can’t believe that just happened!” You couldn’t even speak from laughing so hard, you just nod and wipe your eyes. Once you both calm down and just kind of recap everything that just happened in your mind you clap your hands together in conclusion.

“Well, I guess they know.” You turn to him and smile. He looks at you contently before he kisses your cheek and pulls you into his body, hugging you tightly.

“I guess they do. I can finally share you with the world now.“


Chris&Eva (requested) #5 (Skam)

“Bro, that’s the ugliest Christmas sweater I’ve ever seen,” Chris exclaimed as soon as William stepped into the living room. “Is Noora punishing you for something?”

“Very funny. I actually bought  two of these, so we both could match,” William said,clearly unbothered  by Chris’s comment.

“In that case, I like it very much,”  he said trying to look as earnest as possible, but bursting out into a fit of laughter a moment later. “Never took you for a romantic. Do you write her lover letter and leave them around the flat as well?”

“Did you know that Santa’s flying reindeer were inspired by Odin’s eight-legged horse? Noora told me that today. It’s actually quite inter-“

“No, no, no. Don’t change the subject, young man. Tell me, William Magnusso, when did you become such a romantic? Did Noora torture you by tying you to a chair and making you watch Love Actually 50 times, or what? Or did she play you one of Justin Bieber’s albums? And more importantly, is this romance shit contagious?” Chris asked pretending to look all concerned, but failing miserably. “We can seek professional help. I am sure doctors will know how to cure you,” he continued, patting Williams back. William swatted his hand away and shoved laughing Chris out of the sofa.

“Shut up. Love does that, it changes us. Trust me, I didn’t think it was possible for me to change, to become a better man. But, then I met Noora and, I was determined to become someone who was good enough to be seen with her.”

Silence settled between them. Chris was taken aback by William’s words. He didn’t think that their conversation will become so serious, so quickly.  As guys they didn’t usually talk about their feelings. Their conversations usually revolved around girls, parties, sports and other meaningless stuff. Well, for William it had become meaningless. For Chris those were still very relevant conversation topics.

“One day you’re going to meet someone, fall in love, and you won’t be able to imagine you’re life without that person.”

Chris being, well, Chris wasn’t used to having serious conversation, not with William, not with anyone, really. Somehow, he knew that William wasn’t going to let this conversation drop. So that left him one option, turn this conversation into joke.

“Seriously, Will? You sound just like one of the characters in that TV show that Eva and I watched a while ago. One Tree something. One chick said, and I quote, Six billion people in the world. Six billion souls. And sometimes, all you need is one,” he said, making his voice as high pitched as possible and wiping away fake tears,”After I started laughing she proceeded to smack me accross the chest, and rant for 5 minutes about how Lucas and Peyton were ment to be together since the first episode. Peyton is the girl who said that cringy line, by the way.”

“That must have been so horrible, how did you survive?” William asked, with amused look on his face.

“It was brutal, man. But I made her promise that next time we will watch From Dusk Till Dawn:The Series and she will get her own snacks because she always steals mine. So annoying,” he said. Every single time that they have watched some TV show ,Eva had managed to finish her snacks even before they had gotten to half of the episode and instead of getting up to get some more snack, she  always starts to munch on his.

“Yeah, Eva is so annoying. How do you put up with her?”William asked smiling, not even looking at Chris, but typing something into his phone, probably some sickly cute text to Noora.

“I didn’t say Eva was annoying, she’s far from annoying. She’s very funny . She doesn’t even get offended by some of the jokes I make. Few of the girls have bursted into tears because of them. Eva doesn’t. She just smacks me and calls me an asshole. And she’s really chill, you know? She doesn’t get worked up over some random shit, like ripping her tights or spilling a juice on her top. When we’re hanging out, I don’t have to talk to her or listen to her talk every second of every minute. We can both be in the same place doing our own stuff. Being with her is just…easy,” he said, feeling out of breath. Well, that was a mouthful..

“Wow, Chris. I didn’t things were so serious between the two of you,” William said with a  broad smile on his face.

“What are you talking about?”

“You do realize that you just talked about Eva the way I imagine, I usually look like when I talk about Noora,” he replied and gave Chris a playful shove.

“No, I didn’t. If I did, I would have been on meds against diabetes from all the sweetness,” Chris said with a grin.

“A wise woman once said, and I quote,Six billion people in the world. Six billion souls. And sometimes, all you need is one,”  William shouts halfway out of the door.

“Fuck off.And you better get your bro one of those ugly matching Christmas sweaters. We don’t want people thinking that we’re having trouble in paradise,”  he shouted back. Damn, was it nice to have his best friend back.

Suddenly, Chris phone lit up and text from Eva appeared.

So… my mom is out of town… You up to torture me with “From Dusk Till Dawn”?

An involuntary smile spread across Chris’s face as he typed.

Sure. I hope you will be wearing your sexiest onsie.

A few seconds latter a reply comes back.

I might just have one big enough to fit you. We will both match. ;) xx

Matching onsies… Chris read and reread the last sentence again and again.Matching onsies? They both will have matching onsies. Just like Noora and William both have matching Christmas sweaters. Oh, God… Were they both becoming like Noorhelm?

Certainly, they weren’t.

They weren’t even dating.

What were they doing?


Hello. So, I’ve got cold and feel like crap. Very sorry for how long this turned out. But, I am too lazy to shorten it. I could barely edit it. Nonetheless, I hope you will enjoy it.xxx

I don’t think I will post tomorrow. But leave your requests and I will try and write them, when I have time. Because this week is pretty busy since it’s almost the end of semester and I have tons to do. And I am preparing for my drivers test as well. 

Hope you like this little (ok, not that little) scribble.


Sorry, Not Sorry- Part 1

Imagine Y/n and Spencer are roommates. Y/n really likes Spencer, but Spencer is in a committed relationship. Y/n has no other choice than to get over her emotions or move out. She is then unsure if she should tell Spencer how she really feels. 

I pull into my driveway with a bunch of groceries in my trunk. This time of the month sucks, besides the other thing that girls hate, because it was my turn to buy groceries. 

Every month me and my roommate, Spencer take turns on buying the food. This month, as you can see, is my turn. 

I pop the trunk to retrieve the groceries. I take about ten bags at once and walk slowly toward the door. When I get there, I realize I left my keys in the car ignition. Great move smart one.

Without wanting to go back, I bang on the door with the groceries hoping that Spencer is here. He is always usually here around this time because his classes end at 4. Checking the time to see if I’m right, it’s 6:30. Little fucker.

Banging on the door harder, this time, he finally opens it. I rush inside to put the bags down. Dang, they were hurting my fingers. 

“Are there any more bags?” Spencer asks from behind me. I nod my head, my back still faced toward him as I put the bags on top of the island. 

I get items out of the bags and put them up. While putting the drinks in the fridge, I hear a loud thump causing me to jump and hit my head.

The thump came from no other than Spencer accidently hitting the doorframe with the bags.

Spencer laughs and drops the bags he had on the floor. He’s so damn destructive.

God damn boys.

“Spencer! I have cans in there!” I shriek while rubbing my temple.

He laughs louder, placing his hand on his stomach. “Yo-You should’ve seen the look on your face” his voice wheezy. 

I roll my eyes and throw an apple at him. He dodges and sticks his tongue out at me. 

I love how me and Spencer are so close. We didn’t really talk at first when we met but then it just changed one day. 

Around eighteen months ago, we shared the same Psychology class. Our Professor, Professor Martinez, thinks College is high school 2.0, so he gave us assigned seats.

He sat me and Spencer next to each other and we barely talked during the first semester. Only “What did he say?” or “Did you get the notes from the last slide?” were exchanged. 

Then one day, Professor Martinez assigned a partner book project to where we had to read an entire book and make a PowerPoint to see if we can discover pieces of information to who might be a sociopath, psychopath, etc.

Turns out, the book was Pride and Prejudice, which was my all-time favorite and Spencer was my partner. When we worked on the project, it appeared that was his go-to book as well.

We quickly bonded over the book and got an A on our project. Professor Martinez said we did the best in the class and spotted clues that he didn’t see.

Ever since then, we became really close. Late night sleepovers, introducing each other to new books, binge watching Netflix, you name it. 

Spencer and I then decided to move in together about 4 months ago. Best decision ever. 

I mean, getting to live on your own and share an apartment with your crush, I’m living the life.

I mean best friend. 

Well, I might as well tell somebody. 

Spencer has been my crush for about 9 months now and my feelings grow stronger each and every day. 

What’s not to like about him? He’s intelligent, funny, down-to-earth, gorgeous, has a sense of style, has a sexy voice, has sexy hair, and has the most perfect plump lips.

His smile makes my day as well. His perfectly aligned teeth exposed. Can make any girl swoon.

My thoughts were interrupted by him throwing the apple back at me hitting my boob. 

“Ow, you jerk!” I grabbed my boob and groan. He has an audacious look swept across his face.

“Don’t make me wipe off that look” I threatened. He throws his hands up in the air with the same expression.

I chuckle knowing he is going to be stubborn. His face in the little smirk of his makes my knees weak. 

“Just come and help me unpack the groceries, you dork”

He smiles and picks up the bags he dropped, he walks to the kitchen and places it on the counter. 

“Did you get the last of the bags?” I ask putting the rest of the drinks in the fridge. 

“I don’t know did I?” The sass in his tone was so forced. 

I look over to him with a Don’t-Mess-With-Me look. 

“Yes, I did. Gosh”  

I laugh and continue unpacking. I would take glances at him once in a while to see if he was putting the food in the right place. And to also see his face. His perfect jawline and face. 

I realize I each time I stared, it was about a good 10-15 second. He’s going to notice. (EDIT)

“What are you looking at punk?” 

Crap he noticed. I flushed and look at him abashed.

The way he says punk is so satisfying. I like the way he pops his P’s. Everything about him is just so perfect. 

“You.” I tease.  

He gasps and puts his hands over his chest in an overly dramatic way. “Oh my gosh, no way.” I walk over to him to slap his hand but he catches it and twisted it behind my back. Oh wow.

“Spencer! Let me go!” I struggle to get out of his grip. He twists my arm tighter causing me to whimper in pain. “No.” His tone sounding somewhat serious.

About 5 minutes later, I convinced him that if he let me go then he wouldn’t have to put up the groceries. He, of course, obliged to that and literally ran off into the living room to watch some educational show on the history channel.

Oh, he’s so adorable. I love how he is such a nerd for everything. The way his eyes dilate when he’s interested in something. How he bites his lip at a dramatic scene in a movie or TV show. All the little things that make me fall harder for him.

I finish putting the groceries up and head to the living room. I was about to plop myself down on the couch until I heard someone knock on our door. I grunt and drag myself toward the entryway. Without looking through the peephole, I simply open it to find the one and only, Spencer’s girlfriend, Jennifer.

I almost forgot about her. She didn’t appear in my mind prior and I wish she wasn’t in my head by any means. For, I hope she never existed.

I know it’s not good to say since she is one of my good friends.

She has shoulder length, blonde hair, her body is perfectly toned due to owning a Zumba studio, her fashion sense is goals and her nose is even perfect. I mean C'mon I might as well say her eyelashes are perfect. Even her name is pretty.

There are a million reasons to be jealous of this girl but the only main reason is that she’s Spencer’s girlfriend. Someone I will never be for as long as I live.

I mean who can compete with that? She is basically a walking goddess. 

“Hey Y/n” She greets me with a hug. 

After we pull apart, she lifts her hand up and I see that my keys are around her index finger. Crap I never went back to get them out of the ignition. 

“Be careful love, you could’ve been car jacked” She says as she hands me the keys. 

Jennifer was one of my good friends that I met in my English class. I then introduced her to Spencer and he swooned over her.

Sometimes I do regret my decision. Then other times, I’m glad he’s happy.

It’s not that I don’t like her, because I do. It’s just because I’m jealous. She has something I don’t have.

It does take a lot of courage to admit to being jealous of someone. People are so stubborn and hard-headed nowadays. 

I laugh at her comment and invite her in. “Spencer is right over there being a nerd.” She goes and sits next to him, surprising him. 

“Hey, baby.” 

Oh, my god. My knees jiggled from him saying that and it wasn’t even directed at me. I’m legitimately a weirdo. 

He leans in to kiss her and I immediately turn my body around to walk to my room. 

Yes, it hurts enormously to see your crush kiss another girl. It’s inferior when he’s your best friend because that is all he will consider you to be. It’s for and way more terrible when you can hear them “make love” in the room right next to yours.

Don’t you have that feeling where you can literally feel your heart rip out of your chest? The unpleasant feeling happens to me daily. Every time I see them together, it constantly reminds me that I will never be in that position. 

Never be able to sit on his lap. Never be able to kiss him and say “I love you.” Never be able to have an emotional or physical connection. He says I love you to me casually but I know it doesn’t have the same meaning as to when he says it to Jennifer.

I’ve wanted him to have more meaning behind those words ever since I realized that I liked him.

9 months ago


The holidays were around the corner and everybody was packing to go home. I, on the other hand, was not. I couldn’t retreat home, for I don’t have a good relationship with my parents and my siblings all live elsewhere. They don’t want me to be in their lives.

Therefore, I was lying in bed having to lie to my roommate as to why I wasn’t going home. 

 “My parents died when I was little.” was my response ever since I came to college here. Her face had a look of sympathy which I despised. 

 I know it’s terrible to say that about my parents but I needed something believable to explain to noisy people. 

 She left with a goodbye and Merry Christmas. Leaving me here to have another Christmas alone at the coffee shop surrounded by happy families and friends. 

 I take out Sense and Stability to re-read while the time passes to only be interrupted by a knock on my door. 

I get up and walk to the door to patent it.

 There lies my best friend, Spencer. “Hey” 

 I give him a wide smile. “Hey, I thought you were already leaving?” 

 He stays silent for a little bit. Putting his hands in his pockets. 

 “Why aren’t you leaving, Y/n?” His face has this look as if to know that I’m hiding something. I look to the ground with an ashamed look on my face. Can I tell him? He is my best friend. He won’t judge me. Right?

 “Y/n, you know you can tell me anything.” He reaches for my hands assuring me. I remove my hands from his embrace and sigh, walking back toward my bed.

 He follows me in and closes the door behind him. I sit down on my bed and put my head in my hands. He sits down next me and hugs me. 

 “You don’t have to tell me.” He says acquiescent. 

 I shake my head looking up. “No, I want to tell you. I haven’t told anybody and I think I may explode if I keep it in.” He nods signaling for me to continue. 

 I take a sharp breath before continuing. 

 “When I was 16, I went out with this 25 year-old-old guy named Dylan.” I stop, taking another breath. “He was the dreamiest guy and I felt so lucky to have him. My parents, on the other hand, didn’t like him very much due to his age. They thought he was bad for me and felt a very negative feeling when he was around. Me, being the typical 16-year-old, ignored them and thought they were just being paranoid, for he was my first boyfriend.” I look at Spencer and he looks concerned.

 “Everything was perfect for me and him. He would take me places, expensive dates, though I didn’t care for his money. I cared for him a lot. Then one day I came home really late, like 3 am late. I tried explaining to my parents what happened but they didn’t want to hear it. They forbid me to see him. They said if they saw me with him or even mention him, they would move me across the country to another state to live with my grandparents” I realize I’m dragging the story. “Sorry it’s pretty long” 

 He rests his hand on my thigh. “It’s okay, continue.” 

 I flicker my eyes across the room and let out a breath. “So, when they said that, I went rebellious and snuck out to see him every night. I started skipping school. My grades were dropping drastically. But I didn’t care. As long as I was with him my world was complete.” I smile at the memory. I remember being hopelessly in love. The way he made me feel so beautiful. 

 “Then, when I turned 17, we got intimate. He made me feel so beautiful and so loved. Until, I realized my parents were right about him.” I look down ashamed at my actions. My eyes are burning, tears threatening to fall but I don’t let them.

 “Turns out the first time we did it, he recorded it. I had no idea he did this until my friends told me that a video of me was going around social media. When I got my hands on it, I couldn’t stop crying. He had exposed me to everyone I went to school with, my parents, my siblings, and everyone in my city.” Tears fall from my face onto the ground. 

 Spencer puts his arms me and embraces me. “Shh, it’s okay. He’s not here to hurt you.” His hands run through my hair.

 “Worst part is, when I confronted him about it his exact words were ‘I did it for a bet of who can get into your pants and record it. Because you were such a prude and you needed some in your life’ I remember those words so vividly because it’s crazy how 29 words can ruin your whole perspective about a person who you thought you knew so well.”

 I can feel Spencer’s tears fall on my head. I pull away from his embrace with a puzzled look. “Why are you crying?” 

 He wipes his tears. “Because, it hurts me knowing that someone has hurt you in the worst way possible.” 

 I was in awe of how much he cared. Even though I know people have probably been hurt worse, but the sincerity was enough to make me smile.

 “If you don’t mind me asking, where did you go after that happened.” 

 “I moved to my grandparents for my senior year of high school. It sucked but it was better than being known as a slut or “porn star.” 

 He just nodded his head and formed his mouth into an “O” shape. 

 “Hey, why don’t come with me? Come and spend holidays with me and my family?” I thought about it for a second. Going to meet my best friend’s family and spend Christmas with them? Is it a good idea?

It would be the first Christmas in three years that I wouldn’t be alone. 

 “Sounds great,” I smile. 

 The look on his face made me smile so much. His eyes lit up and he gave me a wide toothless smile. 


When I went to his hometown I was amazed. I have never been to Las Vegas before and being here for the first time with my best friend was a great way to spend it.  

 I met Spencer’s family and they were total sweethearts. They thought I was his girlfriend at first and kept re-asking us throughout the night because they wouldn’t believe us.

 He would be my little tour guide and tell me the facts about this city as we pass by casinos or important architecture. The way he looked so proud to be here telling me about it was so adorable to me.

 The way he was there for me and by my side when I had nobody made me realize that I like him. The way he didn’t judge me about my past and brought me along with him. How he shared his emotions with me.

 Not many guys would do that. 

 But we all know that Spencer is a rare species. 


I throw myself on my bed and smile remembering the times me and Spencer have had. 

We still have good memories but we can rarely make some with Jennifer in the picture. He’s still the same guy but minus the time. 

When he first met her, he wouldn’t stop talking about her. He was constantly saying how beautiful she is and how is was going to make him hers. 

He got what he wanted. 

“Hey, Y/n” Spencer walks in without knocking. “You left your phone downstairs and it keeps going off.” He says throwing the phone on my bed before walking back to the living room.

I retrieve it and see I’m getting a call from my girl best friend, Emily. 

I slide the answer button. ‘Hello?” 

“Finally, you pick up bitch.” I laugh. Emily is my old friend that I met my senior year of high school.

“Anyways, how have you been? How’s Spencer hmmm hmmm.” Emily knows about Spencer and my crush for him. She was the first to know. 

“I’ve been good. Spencers been well. How are you? How long has it been? 6 months?” I say ardent. 

“It’s been 7!” She exclaims. “You never talk to me anymore.” Well, I guess she’s been good too since she didn’t give me a definite answer.

“I’ve been busy. School, Moving in with Spencer, Jobs…” 

I hear her shriek over the phone. “YOU MOVED IN WITH HIM?? ARE YOU TWO A THING NOW?” Her voice almost made me go deaf. 

I sigh. “No, but we decided to move in together so we can spend more time with one another.” 

“Sounds like he wants you alone.” 

I wish. 

“Well, I would've guess that too until he got a girlfriend.” I pull my phone away from my ear getting prepared to hear you scream again. I’m surprised when I don’t hear it. 

“Awe love. He’s retarded.” Ugh, I hate sympathy. 

“Eh, it’s okay.” 

“Where do you live at now? I want to see you.” I can hear her getting into her car due to the door slamming and hearing an ignition going off.

Wait, No. Does that mean?

“Oh my gosh! Are you in Virginia?” I exclaim. 

“You guessed right love.” 

I shriek again before giving her my address. I haven’t talked to her in 7 months so, god only knows how long I’ve seen her. I cannot wait to see her face again.

I run downstairs to wait for her arrival. My heart is beating so fast out of my chest I forgot what the hell I was down about earlier.  

I make my way to the living room to find Spencer and Jennifer having a hardcore make out session. 

Oh. That’s why.

So, I decided to make this into chapters. It may be only 3 parts but hey I write a lot into one Imagine.  

Hope you enjoyed. xx


Jungkook X Reader
Genre: Fluff (I think)

Scenario to the reactionJungkook’s reaction to you getting upset (feat. BTS)

Jungkook puts the last snack down on the table and joins me on the couch, I lift the blanket so he can sit down.

“Finally.” I say excitedly because it’s so rare that we get to spend time together like this. Just the two of us.

He grins down at me. “Ready?” Following my nod, Jungkook starts the movie but before the first scene can even appear, we hear the doorbell.

“Did you order anything?”

“No…” He pauses the movie and stands up to open the door revealing all the other roommates noisily talking among themselves. “You’re back already?”

“Yeah, and you won’t believe what we finally got. You have to see this.” The cozy atmosphere goes away and it’s back to being the usual boys dorm. “Hey, ________! Didn’t see you there.”

Bumped by our plan getting cut short again, I wave at Taehyung halfheartedly.

While I fold up the blanket, knowing that I won’t be needing it anymore, one after another they sit down on the couch, making it really crowded. As always they leave the space next to me empty for Jungkook, but it’s not able to sooth the boiling annoyance.

“Awesome! I thought it was sold out.” Jungkook sits down and I scoot over to give him more space. “Where did you get this?”

I peek around his back to see Taehyung unpacking some kind of action figure. Iron Man, probably.

“It’s some random shop we passed by and when I saw the other limited edition one, I thought they might have this, too, and voila there was and of course I had to buy it.”

I sit back and look down at my hands.

“What do you mean you bought it, I bought it because you didn’t bring your card, rascal.” Jimin clarifies while pointing at the cupcakes I made. “This looks good.”

I open my mouth but it’s too late, he had already taken a bite. I take a deep breath to calm my nerves and try to be understanding but even then I can’t help but feel frustrated at the boys for crashing our dates again and again.
Maybe, I shouldn’t have hoped for our three months anniversary to go as planned. 

Jungkook doesn’t seem to notice or mind, he is too focused on talking with Taehyung about the figure and somehow that makes it even worse.

“Are you watching a movie?” Hoseok asks and then the movie continues playing. “Oh, I’ve wanted to watch this, too. Perfect timing.”

And then it happens, something snaps in my head, when Hoseok, like Jimin, takes a cupcake and begins munching on it.
I stand up, wanting to voice my exasperation but one look at their innocent and happy faces makes my anger deflate. So, instead I sigh and go to the bathroom, upset with myself for not being more generous.

Sitting down on the edge of the tub, I feel embarrassment settling in. This is their home and I can’t expect them to stay away from it because I wanted to have some private time with Jungkook. At least it didn’t look like any of them noticed or payed attention.

Knock. Knock.

“________?” Or maybe they had. Moving to the door, I take a deep breath and open it slowly. As soon as Jungkook sees me, he moves closer to scan my face. “Are you not feeling well?”

I shake my head and avoid eye contact.

Jungkook puts a finger under my chin. “What’s wrong?”

Nothing is wrong anymore, but I don’t think he will let it go even if I tell him that. I look behind him and see the boys watching us with round curious and worried eyes. That makes me feel even worse.

Jungkook looks over his shoulder and a moment later, he takes my hand and pulls me out of the bathroom, walking into his bedroom.
I stand there awkwardly as he closes the door behind us and then sits down on his bed, patting the spot next to him. “Sit.” I hesitate a bit before doing so. “Now, tell me, what’s wrong?”

His eyes are encouraging me to tell him and while I don’t want to make a big issue out of this, I also don’t want to lie. He’s making an effort.

I shift to face him more fully. “Don’t tell the others, please.”

Jungkook blinks, frowns but nods. “I won’t.”

“It’s just, I was a little bit upset earlier.” I say slowly, looking down at my fiddling fingers. “I just wanted to spend some time with you, because we usually don’t get to… Especially today and…” I shrug. “I just got upset.”

I cringe at my own words and the long silence that follows. What a foolish and selfish reason.

Jungkook’s face suddenly appears in my vision as he bends down to smile at me. “Wait here.”

He walks back out of the door and I don’t know what to do with myself, so I just stay on his bed and wait like he told me to.

There is some talking and after a while when he still doesn’t return, I stand up to peek through the door he had left open and jump, startled, when he comes back, carrying the table in his hands with all the food on top.

“What are you doing?” I rush to help him but he is taking most of the weight anyway.

“Moving our date to here.” He leaves again and this time he is back a few seconds later, holding a blanket and the DVD. “This will only take a moment.”

I sit down like I had on the couch and watch him as he prepares the TV for the movie. “What about Namjoon?” I ask because Jungkook actually locked the door and this is Namjoon’s room, too.

“Don’t worry, I won. This room is ours for the next few hours.” He probably means ‘Rock, Paper, Scissor’, they always settle it this way.

“Oooook! Everything is ready.” I smile because his excited voice is so cute. Sitting down, he accepts the other side of the blanket and grins cheekily. “Don’t even think of doing anything funny on here, I will scream.”

“Shouldn’t I be saying that?” He nudges my arm and I nudge him back making us laugh. “Thank you, Jungkook.”

He crunches up his nose cutely. “You’re welcome, ________”

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Here it is guys!!! The beginning was rather hard for me to write because I couln’t think of anything that would be upsetting and I still don’t think this is very upsetting… or is it? I guess it could be if you’re in that situation… right? …idk 

Aaaanyways, hope you liked it ^^ 

(Update: I want to scream at Bighit for not releasing any teasers yet even thought they said that they are going to have 3 MVs for Young Forever… THREE MVS, MARK MY DEATH BED)


You may or may not remeber some time back (read: a million years ago) I posted half a list of quotations about the appearances of the characters in good omens blah blah blah

well anyway I’ve finished and its here. There’s a really good reason behind the huge gap of time between posting the two halves and that reason is I’m a terrrible person

You may also remebmer the last post was full of horrible typos and sarcastic commentary from me and im sure you’ll be happy to hear they have been gotten rid of. well you’re just going to have to stay unhappy then because they’re not only still there there’s more of them now. also i fucked with the formatting a bit

Same as last time I probably missed a few partly because I got some of them from the first edition which is missing some of the paragraphs that were added into later editions and partly because i have the attention span of a fly.

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Part One | Two | Three | playlist ♫

Part Four: Taste

AU SFW ± 2300

I’d risen this morning
determined to break
the spell of my longing
and not to think.”

– PJ Harvey


Running makes her feel free.

It’s a control thing, to some degree. Grace likes the brief illusion of being in command of her body parts which usually seem disconnected from her brain. And it’s nice to make her own choices as she goes; tiny dumb ones that are of no real consequence.

For Grace, the best part about jogging is the built-in dumbness of it all. Unlike quantum physics or, say, human interaction, it has almost no potential of going terribly wrong.

This morning she feels like jogging in the High Line, which doesn’t make a lot of sense. If she was more reasonable, she’d choose the comfortable paths along the Hudson River or the Central Park. But the thing is – she doesn’t have to.

So she settles for the narrowing paths of the High Lane, where she gets soon after the opening hour, before the park gets too crowded. Which means Grace is barely awake when she starts her run, looking out for the little curb things that pop up on her way every now and then, making the whole experience feel more like an obstacle course.

In return for these inconveniences, she gets to see New York wake up at her feet, the first rays of sun hitting the metal and glass of the city as she runs thirty feet above its streets.

Or, on days like this, the first drops of rain.

Today Grace doesn’t stop to admire the view. She stays focused on the path beneath her sneakers, moving faster and faster until her lungs feel like they’re on fire, and a dull ache settles in her right shoulder like every time she pushes herself too hard.

But she doesn’t slow down. This is what she needs to deal with the thoughts littering her mind. When they surprise her at random times of day and night, her heart behaves like a pet animal that’s not fully domesticated and forgets where it is for one scary second.

So she has to let them all out, at once. While getting sweaty and exhausted, because chemistry.

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Just Kiss Me ( Kendall Imagine ) ( Valentine’s Day Imagine )

Once again another Valentine’s Day going by when your single. You have recently moved to LA, and yes you have made some friends working in the studio, but no one compares to the BTR guys. You met Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan during an intern job a couple years ago and they begged you to move out to LA, so when you finished college a year ago you came out and got an apartment. 

You love the guys like family, they showed you around when you first got here, showed you all the great places to eat, and even helped you move in. The guys were on a break right now after there show, and you were helping Kendall record for Heffron Drive today. You asked him if Dustin was coming, but he just told you that he was coming to lay down some vocals.

You walk into the studio and the women at the front desk signed you in, “Look at these fabulous flowers that my boyfriend got me,” she gestures towards the huge bouquet of flowers to her left, “He’s also taking me out to this fancy restaurant." 

You roll your eyes when she wasn’t look, "That’s really awesome Stacy I’m happy for you,” you put on a fake smile and head to the room. When you open the door on the table there is a whole set up of Valentine’s day stuff, a giant stuffed puppy, a whole bouquet of white roses, and your favorite chocolates. You look around for a card or something but there is nothing. Why would you have a Valentine? You aren’t really that close to anyone, and thinking of that you double check the room to make sure you got the right one, and its right. You stare down at the stuff and you feel a pair of hands cover your eyes, “Guess who?” the person said in an extremely high voice. 

“Ummm, I don’t know, but you sound lovely,” you laugh knowing it was Kendall because you would know that voice anywhere you just wanted to see how far he would go, “Well I have beautiful green eyes, sexy blond hair, and a singing voice that could make any girl scream,” you laugh, “Well then you cant be Kendall because I’ve heard his voice, and it isn’t that great to make me scream.”

His hands drop and go to your sides and gives them a squeeze to tickle you, and you jump away turning around to see him smiling, “Did you do all this?”

“Yeah I didn’t have a Valentine, and I was spending all day with you,” he smiles, “and thought you could use one,” then he scratches the back of his head, “unless you already have a guy for your Valentine,” he says looking a little disappointed.

You smirk, “No Kendall I don’t have a boy or a Valentine. This is really sweet you didn’t have to do this,” you blush a little, “you know as lame as it sounds I’ve never had a Valentine, so this is really special to me.”

He grins showing his dimples, “I’m honored to be your first official Valentine. Now lets get recording, because I think we should have a beach day afterwards,” he smiles and goes into the booth and starts recording. He comes out when hes done with a few songs, and you are at the computer editing some stuff. He comes up behind you and leans over you resting his head on top of yours watching you put the song together, “Comfortable?” you ask him and you feel him laugh, “Yep…you?" 

You smile, "Surprisingly yeah,” you finish putting the song together and he kisses the top of your head and he kind of freezes, “Ummm thank you it sounds amazing,” you stand up, “Could you help me carry this stuff to my car?”

He smiles, “Of course,” he grabs the stuffed animal and the chocolate, and you grab the flowers in a vase. When you walk past the front desk on the way out the blond has her mouth gaped open staring at the stuff that Kendall got you, and you couldn’t help but giggle a little. You both put all the stuff in the back of your car, and you look in your trunk for a bathing suit. “Here I found a bathing suit so we can just go straight to the beach.”

Kendall gets into the passenger side, and you drive down to the beach. You change in one of the restroom down on the board walk, but put your clothes on over it. You help Kendall set out the blanket and the picnic basket which is for later, and you both head down to the water and swim around messing with each other splashing back and forth. When you guys get tired you come up and Kendall opens the picnic basket and hands you a sandwich and a water, “Thank you so much Kendall this has been an amazing day.” He smiles, “No problem. I mean you are one of my best friends,” you look out to the setting sun and blush a little, “Do you wanna go for a walk?” he asks and stands up. You nod and Kendall reaches for your hand, you grab it, and he pulls you up. 

You guys walk side by side, “So Kendall, why don’t you have a Valentine today?” He looks at you confused, “you’re my Valentine…,” you laugh a little and stand in front of him walking backwards talking to him. “No I mean you constantly have beautiful girls falling all over you. I’m not trying to pry, but why have you been single for so long. I mean I don’t think I’ve ever seen you with a girlfriend,” he sighs and looks down at the sand while you continue to walk backwards. 

He looks up at you finally, “I just have liked this girl for awhile, and I’m not really sure how she feels about me,” he bites his lip a little. You feel like your stomach just dropped, “Oh have you talked to her about it.” He nods, “Yeah a little I mean I keep dropping hints here and there, but I think I might need to come out and just say it because I think she is feeling like I do where she doesn’t know if I like her.”

You sigh, “I think you should. You deserve to be happy Kendall,” you try to smile and he smiles slightly, “Well alright,” he says your name making you look at him and he smirks, “I’ve liked you but I haven’t been sure how you’ve felt about me, but I want to try to take things to the next level with us.”

You eyes go wide with shock and you stop walking backwards, “What?” he runs into and you both fall into the sand, and you both laugh, “Sweetheart you’re beautiful, funny, smart,” he brushes a piece of hair out of your face, “and we both share the same love for music. I think we would make a great match. I mean you’re my best friend and I care about you a lot, and I promise I will never hurt." 

You blush and smile, "Will you just kiss me already?” You pull him down by his choose 180 necklace, and your lips connect. He leans his forehead against yours, and smiles, “Will you just be my girlfriend already?” You laugh a little and nod, “Of course I will."