i might color some of these


hey nyall it’s been,,, a while D: but I’m Back! It me, mod dino!

so uh basically I am in a lil bit of a pinch here concerning money??? stuff to repay and all that jazz :-0 I know my art might not be the Best but if u could help me out it would be hella Cool B)

Pics above are examples of stickers Feat my OCs Nao and Tayo! [which btw bottom pic, pink hair is for sale and comes w extra penguin :> ]

so I’m doin lil sticker commissions! each is about 1.5/2 inches long (might differ since I don’t draw based on the measurements) [might add some mini watercolor print but idk :3 tell me if that would interest you!]

Each sticker is hand drawn (bc I can’t do digital for my Life) and bust up.

Black n white w no color - $1USD per sticker
Lined and colored with copics - $2USD per sticker

Each sticker has one character on it, but if you would like to add another it’ll be $1USD an addition!

The price will be the price marked + (international) shipping!
All of them are laminated + hand cut :)
If you buy 5 b/w stickers, it’ll be $4
If you buy 5 colored, it’ll be $8
If you mix and match to have 5 stickers, I can cut a discount depending on ur order! No limit to how many u can ask for :>

I can draw characters, OCS, idols, etc. I will NOT draw furries, nudity, or extreme gore.

If you are interested, please email me at iwapuddi@gmail.com so we can discuss!

Thank you for your time! ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡


this is the way overdue part two of the starter crossbreeds/variations to celebrate the sunmoon release! my reasoning behind these was cats x cats… houndoom being the exception, since this whole thing was requested by (x) and its her fav.
i have extras i want to cross these starters with too, so you might see some strays here and there occasionally

let me know who your favorite is and if youd like to see popplio too!
litten ver.
rowlet ver.
popplio ver.


Look, I don’t mean to be dramatic, but Jerry’s and Annie’s pretty much have the same mugs.

Jerry x Annie was the hidden CP otp this whole time.


Drew some, colored some, so here’s some more sketchy stuff with the boys all modern-like. The top ones are just demonstrations of how bad of a roommate Genji can be (and how oblivious Jesse can be; his southern politeness tells him not to do anything because that would be unseemly, even as Genji is trying very hard to get his attention and incite a chase).

I might have more posted tonight. Depends on whether or not I decide to post this feelsy bit I’ve got written next or wait it out until I have something fluffy.


Super Lovers 2 
#5 black and white

Line drawing of Roswell from the Adventure Zone! I made their armor a little fancier than it probably should be, but any excuse to draw ornate plate armor. I might color this at some point!

I’ve been binge-listening to TAZ while I work on other stuff for the past two weeks and man, I can’t believe I didn’t check it out sooner.

This is done with microns, sizes 01 and 05. Unfortunately my sketchbook paper isn’t all that smooth or it’d be cleaner.

If anyone else wants to take a crack at coloring this, go right ahead! Please link back here if you do and send me a message so I can see your coloring job!

So I recently got around to color coding my gmail, and I thought it might be helpful to make a guide on how to do it! I find color coding email into certain categories to be helpful for finding things, as long as I don’t have too many categories.

Right now I have color codes for emails from my parents, from myself, about my new job, and of things that I need to do (for example if people email me tasks, forms, etc.) I was told at a seminar at my last job that keeping categories minimal is important, because otherwise you just have a large mess of colors. I know some people like only having “to do,” “doing,” and “done” categories, but do whatever works for you!

Now to the actual tutorial! (under a read more to keep this post short)

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harry shum jr appreciation meme: [1/3] favorite dancing videos ◆ if you are in a shell…
this is harry. as a boy, harry was very, very shy. some people might have even said that he was painfully shy, as if his shyness caused them pain and not the other way around.