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Forge a new path as Iden Versio, commander of Inferno Squad—an Imperial special forces unit equally lethal on the ground and in space. Encounter many of Star Wars ’ greatest characters in a story of revenge, betrayal, and redemption that spans 30 years.

This is a very spontaneous, uninspired follow forever! Today, February 1st, is my blog’s third birthday and initially, I didn’t want to do a follow forever or anything but then thought why not!!

The reason why I decided to make this is to tell you guys how much I missed you and how much I missed this place. As you might have noticed, I haven’t been very active since last year and the main reason why is collage and my hell of a life. It was like nothing but a curse throughout 2016 and it still is! I am trying to remain strong and positive but I think my activity will keep on declining. I honestly have no motivation to edit or to colour anymore. I have zero creativity and I always feel so uninspired and unwilling to do anything for this blog anymore!! I believe these feelings are not a joke this time. However, I am not willing to shut down this blog so please don’t interpret this as a goodbye message; I just wanted to say that I don’t know if I will be here another year or not!!

With that being said, I would like to thank every and each person who ever interacted with me, who hit the follow button on my blog for any reason, whoever put lovely tags on my edits, whoever said they liked my manga colourings, whoever considered me a friend, whoever included me in their follow forever, whoever dedicated a photoset to me, whoever made me think of my stay at tumblr a joyful experience. I love you all from the depth of my heart <3

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Percival Graves is (probably) a good man

Another instalment of my headcanon series…

  • Percival was on a secret mission when he got captured and detained by Grindelwald, which is why no one noticed his absence
  • Plus Grindelwald only took his place for a few days
  • He is still enraged when he is freed and understands what happened
  • People get fired when he comes back. Some get hexed too

  • He insists that Tina is promoted a few weeks later
  • They have an open-heart discussion about what happened while he was “away” and they end up being quite good friends

  • When he learns about Credence’s “death”, he’s the one to get funerals set up and to make sure there’s a place to go to mourn him
  • He also takes his dispositions to make sure every one of the kids that were helped by Mary-Lou is safe and taken good care of

  • Tina eventually tells him that Credence is actually alive and well and away
  • But she also insists that they can’t meet as it would probably traumatise both of them
  • He doesn’t like the idea but gets convinced by the necessity of preserving both Credence and himself
  • He still asks her to tell Credence he would like to meet him if he ever wants to
  • She does tell him, two years later, when Credence asks about the real Mr.Graves
  • They eventually meet and it’s painful and awkward but also offers them both a sort of closure

  • His favourite colours are bright orange and light green
  • Percival has the worst fashion sense
  • He goes to work all pretty and dressed up because he knows how to follow a trend
  • But when he’s at home he wears the ugliest jumpers ever
  • They’d burn your eyes if you looked at them for too long

  • He was a bit concerned when his hair started greying but when no one made fun of him at work he just started forgetting about it
  • Except when his colleagues annoy him. Then he blames it on them
  • He doesn’t have lots of friends, but those he has go back to school and he would trust them with his life
  • There was a rumour he was secretly married to Seraphina Picquery. They never laughed so hard together before the day they learned about it
  • They’re not even actual friends, but they do have a lot of respect for each other
  • They both think the other’s job is incredibly difficult and they wouldn’t want to exchange their places

Other headcanons :

Credence  Queenie  Newt  Tina  Jacob


To the Future Me

Thank you so much for always sending letters!  If possible, please choose something (maybe the envelope or the paper or the seal, something) and send it to the future me in ten or twenty years.  In the future, I want to pull out the letters I receive now and compare them to those I receive in the future, and I know they will definitely be a source of encouragement and courage!  …or so I think.

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things i’ve learnt from that episode of holby:

  • i could probs listen to bernie doing david attenborough impressions all day
  • i could probs watch bernie sitting back + just winging things + having bantz on aau all day
  • i love darla, 10/10, i’m a fan
  • i’m constantly genuinely surprised by how many ppl there r hanging around on darwin
  • every time sacha cries i also cry apparently
  • i’m here 4 the hoodies + tea intervention @ pulses
  • i love morven so much (the yellow sleeves/blue scrubs was gr8)
  • i’m actually lookin forward 2 ollie being on aau
  • jac + matteo continue 2 be a Mess
  • that old guy didn’t let me down bc he took the perfect opportunity 2 make a doctor who joke
  • 4ever a fan of hanssen looming

Considering my recent coming out as a transboy I was wondering if you guys could help me pick out a name by giving me some ideas based on what I look like (selfies are linked in bio)

Try using the phrase “non human animals” or “non humans” rather than just “animals” when talking about species other than humans. Humans are animals, we are a type of ape. We came from the same ancestor as all other animals of this earth. But we try our fucking hardest to distance ourselves from that. We try to put ourselves on a pedestal above all other animals in just our everyday speech. So much so that it is literally considered an insult to call someone an animal.

The biggest challenge you face when going vegan is not the food or finding vegan toiletries or even facing stigma from others. It’s undoing the thoughts that have been in your head since birth that humans are inherently greater and more deserving and more capable of suffering than other animals. That we aren’t animals, all other animals are animals…and that line of human supremacist thinking is so completely fucked and unjust and is exactly what allows us to abuse, murder, rape, and enslave other species of animals.

So just remember: humans ARE animals. Try not to separate humans from “animals” but rather humans from “non humans”.


Michael Phelps: swimmer, world record holder, greatest olympian of all time and instigator of hand holding on medal podia

designs for the transistor au idk


Aidan Turner as Dante Gabriel Rossetti making his preferences known in Desperate Romantics (2009)

Now you know what Simmons was mad about. That walking disaster we all know and love.

By the way, I forgot to mention this on my other two posts but you can use my pixel art for your blog if you’d like. Just be sure to credit me. A link would be appreciated so I can cry over it, but that’s not necessary.

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anonymous asked:

Here's a question. If casting had been different and Dylan had played Scott while TPosey played Stiles, would you still ship Sterek, or Derek and Scott?

Oh wow… ok, that is kind of an evil and amazing question, actually.

~This answer will probably come across as not being particularly Scott/P*sey friendly (though I don’t think it’ll be in any way harsh or hateful either), so just a heads up about that.~

So, alright. The thing about acting, and character development in TV shows vs say novels, is that character is a collaborative effort and so much of who a character is comes from the actor, acting choices, and so much of relationships comes from actor chemistry. So much of what we as fans have latched onto and fallen in love with about Sterek (and about Stiles in general) comes from elements that weren’t scripted –– lingering looks, subtle touches, hints of emotion and nonverbal reactions. Even with every line and every plot point the same, a Stiles played by P*sey would be an entirely different creature, establishing an entirely different dynamic with Derek. (And one that, I’ll be diplomatic in saying this, I believe would be far more straightforward, to script dialogue, with fewer layers.) While there’s plenty written into the characters, and plenty of lines and scripted moments, that lend to how well suited Stiles and Derek are for each other, none of that would add up to anything if the chemistry and unscripted character choices weren’t there.

So I can probably say with pretty good assurance that if P*sey were playing Stiles, I’d be unlikely to ship Sterek.

As for whether I would be shipping Sc*rek instead… it is hard to picture a world where I shipped that. Let’s just start off with that being clear. However, we would have Hobrien’s chemistry going for us, as well as Dylan’s subtlety and nonverbal acting choices, and –– as I said –– that is a huge part of character development, and would change the character of Scott, for better or worse, immeasurably. A Dylan-helmed Stiles handled Derek in season one with a mixture of fear, defiance, raging attraction, and the occasional spark of grudging respect. So picture those elements layered into Scott’s character, with him being afraid of what he was becoming and how it would affect his life (rather than generally annoyed about how it interfered with his dating and lacrosse). Even without changing dialogue, changing plot, the core chemistry between Dylan and Hoechlin would affect the entire development of that season.

Season two –– and the “Master Plan” finale, in particular –– is much more of a hard sell. Could the damning you may be an Alpha, but you’re not mine retort be salvaged with a softer tone or an apologetic look? Would Dylan have thought to reach out and catch Derek’s hand afterward, help him to his feet? Would there be some way to pull a relationship back from forcing a paralyzed Derek to bite his enemy?

The other thing to consider is whether Dylan playing Scott might have changed the actual script. I know I’ve been going on the premise so far that everything would be the same except the actors, but I do believe there’s a precedent for Dylan changing the intended script slightly. In “Echo House” (correct me if I’m wrong) the writers/Davis wanted there to be an actual sex scene between certain characters, and Dylan said he was uncomfortable with that so they agreed to fade to black? If that’s true, it’s possible that a Scott!Dylan would have looked at “Master Plan” and thought –– hey, um… this doesn’t exactly feel like a heroic move right here. This kind of makes my character seem like a huge dick.

And while I doubt the writers would go back and actually edit much of the finale arc because of actor concerns, I can definitely see them being persuaded to squeeze in a few seconds for an (incredibly necessary) apology.

If this was the case, and if Dylan and Hoechlin continued to make the kinds of acting choices with each other that they did in canon, I guess it could be possible that I’d ship Sc*rek instead. But this would be a very different Sc*rek, and a very different show, than the one we have now.