i might be the last person to see this but it made me laugh

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Sorry for bothering you but I saw a post on my twitter dash and it seems that some people are accusing Mashima of tracing their art or tracing his art (account is mutsuki123)

This ask made me left my bed in an instant so I can reply this as soon as possible!! So I tried to look it up if it’s true but I’m just laughing so much because this person (mutsuki123) started all of it by accusing Mashima that the Fairy Tail volume 59 cover was traced from his art.

Now you might be wondering why am I laughing about this person accusing Mashima. The reason why is simple, it doesn’t make sense at all, especially when he just started to accuse three well-known manga artists (Mashima included) last January 03, 2017. Also if you’re a fan of Fairy Tail and paid attention to Mashima’s works, we already see a lot of face-to-face drawings in his manga. Here’s an example:

Plus there’s like a ton of videos of Mashima drawing Natsu from scratch.

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I mean there’s like four videos of them when you search it up on youtube. So yup! There’s no way Mashima is tracing the art of this mutsuki123 person.

Besides, this person didn’t even tried to contact Mashima by tweeting/DM him, he just tweeted by telling his followers to tweet Mashima about it. Now this conclude that the accusation is just ridiculous -.- 

you are a different person from the last time I saw you. you might have a new freckle. your skin has shed itself and been made new several times. your hair has grown, your feet have acclimated to walking around your new city. you are different now, and, honestly, that scares the shit out of me.

because you were the most graceful, balanced person I have ever met. and I am terrified that might go away without me knowing it. that the world might not be blessed to see your smile when you wake up every morning.

but really, I don’t care about them. you are gone, you have been gone, and my feet are still the same shape. time has not passed for me here. your ghost is still holding me in her birdwing arms and laughing like a woodchime and forgetting to text back. at least you’re still forgetting to text back.

I miss you more than I am allowing myself to. every second that my broken clock ticks is another drop in the well. there is no one else like you. there will never be anyone else like you. I’m walking around looking for pocket change and a smile that looks like yours but I’m coming up empty. the well keeps dripping but it will never be full again. not like it was. not like you make it.

because when I’m around you, I don’t need to feel broken anymore. I don’t remember how to feel scared or lonely or hateful. you make all those feelings go away and I’m chasing the dust you kicked up that has long since settled trying to get a taste of what that used to feel like. how closing my eyes didn’t feel scary anymore.

but you are gone. you? are. gone; you! are? gone: (you) are. gone? you are gone. you are gone. you are gone and it will never be like your kind of sunrise again. it’s time I start saying goodbye, isn’t it? because if I don’t, I will never stop chasing the sun and the moon will always be left behind.

—  the way you left required an earthquake and I’m still left shaking, by windy sharpe